Penile Discharge – Should I be Worried?

Warning: this article includes graphic image some readers may find disturbing.

Abnormal discharge from the penis is something that many men are terrified of.

Unlike women, men do not normally have spontaneous discharge from the genitals. So when this happens, men naturally get extremely anxious and paranoid. Almost always, they would relate this to diseases they are most terrified of such as HIV and cancer.

Do I have HIV?”, “Do I have cancer?”, “What should I do?”, “Is it curable?”, “Where did I get this from?

These are some of the most common questions men ask when they come to see us. Of course, Google is our best friend these days. Most people would have already done some internet search and had some ideas of what it might be before they speak to a doctor. Unfortunately, as human beings, we always think of the worst case scenario. Let us explain penile discharge in details so you have a better understanding of this symptom.

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What is penile discharge?

The small opening at the end of the penis is called urethral opening. Urethra is the tube that carries urine and semen out of your body into the environment. Yes, only urine and semen comes out from there. If you have a fluid other than urine or semen that comes out from your urethral opening, it is abnormal. This is when you know you have penile discharge. It is the result of inflammation of the urethra. An abnormal discharge may be watery (clear), white, yellow, green or even bloody. 

I also have other symptoms. Are they related?

Most likely. Along with penile discharge, you may also have:

    • painful urination
    • frequent need to pass urine
    • rash in the genital area
    • swollen lymph nodes in the groin

What causes penile discharge?

You are right. Penile discharge almost always is a sign of infection. Before thinking too far and relating this to diseases such as HIV, let us look at the common infective causes of penile discharge.

See: Abnormal Vaginal Discharge


This is one of the most common STDs around. It always manifests as white/yellow/green discharge from the penis, and painful urination. 

See: Penile Infection Treatment

Unlike men, only 10-20% of women with gonorrhoea have an abnormal discharge. It is curable with antibiotics. See: Symptoms of Gonorrhoea 

If left untreated for a period of time, it may lead to infertility. It may also enter the bloodstream and cause problems to the skin and joints. 

 Abnormal Penile discharge is almost always caused by STDs

Non-specific urethritis (NSU) or non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU)

These two terms essentially mean the same thing. Urethritis basically means inflammation of the urethra (refer to “what is penile discharge”). NSU/NGU means urethritis that is caused by anything other than gonorrhoea.

Rapid Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Screening (Next Day Result)

NSU is caught during sex. Therefore, it is also a part of STD screening. It is, in fact, the most common cause of penile discharge. Men aged between 20 and 35 years are most commonly affected. Several different organisms can cause NSU:

    • Chlamydia trachomatis 
    • Mycoplasma genitalium 
    • Ureaplasma urealyticum 

These names may sound very complicated but a full STD screening would be able to detect these organisms and pinpoint the cause of the penile discharge. However, no cause can be found sometimes. 

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

UTI is a common term used to describe infection in any part of the urinary tract (ureter, bladder, urethra). It could be STD or non-STD. Non-STD bacteria that cause a UTI include E. coli, Klebsiella and Staphylococcus saprophyticus. Again, these fancy names may sound scary but they can be easily detected in a urine sample and treatable with antibiotics. 

UTI is not common in men. If diagnosed with a UTI, they will require further investigations such as an ultrasound of the urinary tract system to find out the underlying problem. 

What should I do?

See a doctor

As mentioned earlier, penile discharge is not normal. Consult a doctor for a proper assessment. The doctor will definitely speak to you about your sexual history. You will also require some tests to find out what the culprit is. STD screening is essential because most penile discharges are related to STDs. You will most likely be advised to have a comprehensive STD screening done to rule out all possibilities. 

See a doctor, get tested and treated!

Abstain from sex

Hold off all sexual activities (including oral and anal sex) until your test results are out and you have been adequately treated.  It is best to wait seven days after you have had your treatment course. This is important because if you have been infected with STD, you may potentially infect your partner(s) and cause more problems. If you REALLY have to engage in sexual intercourse, do use a condom, although condom is not 100% and you may still infect your partner(s).

Inform your sexual partner(s)

This is called contact tracing. If your penile discharge is due to a STD, your sexual partner(s) may have been infected as well – you may have got it from your partner(s), or vice versa. This includes your sexual partner(s) for the past 6 months. 

Tell your sexual partner (s) to see a doctor to get tested even if they do not have any symptoms.

As you can see, HIV and cancer are not mentioned anywhere in this discussion. That does not mean that you should take penile discharge lightly. We would like to stress again that penile discharge is NOT NORMAL. If you have this symptom, it is important to get yourself assessed and treated properly so you do not run into more severe problems later on.

As long as you are sexually active, you are at risk of STDs. This is why you should undergo comprehensive STD testing regularly. As is true for most STDs, a large number of men with these infections do not experience any symptoms, so routine testing when you are sexually active is very important.


Need more advice?

Come down to Our Clinics for a discussion with Our Doctors, or call our clinics for more information.


  1. Dear doctor,

    my last sex encounter was in july 2018. In between then and now, I went for chlamydia and gonorrhea tests, both results came back negative. Then I went for syphilis and HIV tests after 1 month exposure period, both also negative.

    But I realised each time I ejaculate, there is this relatively thick, jelly-like lump that comes out together with my semen. Other times, I do not see any other visible penile discharges. Is that jelly formation normal?

  2. Anand kumar

    I had protected sex with a call girl, after the intercourse I removed the condom but eventually while removing condom,sperms had an contact wit penis I am worried is there a possibility of sti

    • While the risk of STD with protected sex is low, condoms are not going to be 100% protective. If you are concerned, please visit a doctor and get yourself tested.

  3. believe

    I was treated of this abnormal penile discharge a few times now but it keeps coming back again.Besides these antinmbiotics there’s no other permanent treatment?

    • It depends what is causing the discharge. There are many types of infections that can cause penile discharge, and they may require different types of antibiotics. There may also be non-infectious causes of discharge. If you are having symptoms, please visit us for a proper consultation and assessment.

  4. Curiously

    Hey, I’ve come to notice that sometimes after I’ve had an erection, regardless of whether I have masturbated or not when I urinated there is sometimes a sticky yellowish discharge that comes out. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it has happened enough times to get me worried. Is there any information that you could give me?

  5. Pls Dr I need your advice.. I try to enlarge my penis with the hand methods.. and am experiencing a watery clear discharge from my penis without any pains… sometime in the morning when I wake to pee I see pus … what could this be?

  6. Hey, doc.
    Recently there is a pimple like bump(or what do I call it)
    On top of my genitles….
    And my penis is producing yellow like fluids with unbearable pain while taking a piss or ejaculating….
    I get the constant need to go to the toilet after i ejaculate and it has immense pain…
    I searced it on the internet and it might probably be penile discharge, im still 18 but I dont know why I have the STD….
    Im feeling embarrased to share it with my mates, cause I dont live with my family, and I should probably see a doctor if I could, but I have no funds…
    Cause im still a high schooler
    Any advise? What if it is left untreated? Or is there any medications to be taken at home?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Based on your description, you are most likely having an infection. You should see a doctor to get a proper assessment, testing and treatment done.

      Click here to contact us

  7. Hi Dr Tan & Partners,

    I got married in past with no problem of penile discharge. Now i got married again to another girl and since last 10 months, i suffered 5 times with yellowish penile discharge which leads to painful bleeding during urination. I consulted with doctors here in KSA, they did the urine test and found puss, they did UTI and all were OK, and recently they did the swab test and now waiting for results. I have no other relationship with any other woman and never involved with any paid sex worker. However, I am worried for my future and looking for expert guidance. Please advise and if possible, i will try to visit you in near future.

    • Sounds like an STD, likely chlamydia or gonorrhea. These should be checked by your doctor and treated if positive. Your partner would need testing and treatment as well if you have any positive results.

  8. Ritesh Patel

    Hello Dr Tan,

    I m from India, aged 35 years, i m suffering from penis discharge from last 10 years. My history was during nightfall semen has been accumulated over back skin of penis, which i couldn’t realize at that time and couldn’t clean it up.

    Same i came to know after few days after i feel very weird smelling & some white discharge from penis. I consult local practitioner, he gave me with some Antibiotics, but relief was for short period of time only.

    I m facing the same problem today also. same has not been cured 100 %, i m now married (3 yrs ago). Can this be contagious to my partner ???

    Has hair loss problem connected with this penis discharge ???. because i have lost my hair from forehead and my partner also suffering from hair loss.

    I have conducted urine test now but there is no sign of infection.

    kindly consult me what could be exact problem for white (watery) penis discharge ??? and what is remedies and how much time it will take to recover ??

    And which doctor should i consult ??? ( urologist / sexologist etc) i have already consult many urologist but of no use.

    Your reply to this will have great help in right direction of treatment.

    Thanking you.

    • As much as I empathize with your predicament, the fact is I cannot diagnose you or give you medical advice over the internet. In my opinion the best person to see is a urologist. Maybe you would like to ask him to check your prostate.

      • Ritesh Patel

        Thank you Dr Tan for Your Reply,

        I wanna know is this sticky & watery fluid coming from penis, is this due to infections ??? If yes then, i went recently for urine test where there is no sign of infection found (PUS Cell) in urine.

        I wanna know, is this contiguous disease ?? can it affect to my partner ??? is this discharge can affect my hair ??? as i m suffering from hair fall

        Kindly advise me for treatment & test and which Doctor to consult (urologist / sexologist / MD etc..)


        • Ritesh Patel

          Hello Dr.Tan

          I m waiting for your reply


  9. Now one

    Dr I have transparent sticky stuff coming out of the head of my penis is this bad ?

    • Hi, penile discharge is usually indicative of an infection, most commonly sexually transmitted. You should come down to our clinic for evaluation and treatment.

  10. Hi,

    My name is Sumit 30yrs and I am from india. I am searching for the solution of my problem and I came to your website I want to share my problem with you OK when I was a kid I rubbed my foreskin again and again and that time the tickling on my Penis gave me a orgsm type of feeling. Now for the last 15 yrs a fluid continously coming out of my Penis when I get erected, wdream about sex or anything relate to sex it makes me arouse but a thick whitish liquid comes from Penis in a big aquantity. It won’t hurt me but I am unmarried I never ever had sex with anyone in my life never. When I aroushed this liquid started flowing out of my Penis heavily. There is so much tickling, tingling in my Penis because I rubbed my foreskin so strongly in my childhood. I feel the orgsm not by sports, semen coming out but because of this thick liquid. It gave me the orgsm, tell satisfaction. I know that this liquid is not normal. I’ve read it on website that any liquid apart from urine, semen is not normal I know this is not normal please help me how to start a treatment and get away from this problem.

    • First of all please let me remind you that this website is not for dispensing medical advice. You should see your doctor for a formal medical consultation. As a simplistic guide, I can tell you that you may have prostatitis. Perhaps this can be a starting point for further discussion with your doctor.

  11. I had irritation inside my penis in my urethra and due to excessive rubbing of my penis I started feeling pains wen ever I urinate but previously I had no pains wen I urinate…after three days I started getting discharges too in my it because of the excessive rubbing that caused the urinal pain or its something else…

  12. Hi doctor, are the std test anonymous?

    • Only HIV test (at Robertson branch) is anonymous. The rest of the STD tests are not anonymous, but we ensure that they are discreet and confidential.

  13. Help 28M

    Hi doctor,

    My last sexual encounter June 2015. Now, I’ve had this discharge in my butt area. My butt crack will feel very wet (like a sweaty wet) and when I go to wipe it there’s this faint yellowish looking sticky liquid. Could it be Proctitis?

    In the mean time , I also have discharge coming out of my penis. The are cloudy white.

    Could I have multiple STI? What could it be?

    • Discharge from the anus and penis is not normal. It is a sign of infection. You could have been infected with STI. The only way to find out is to get tested. Please consult a doctor to get yourself assessed, tested and treated. You are welcomed to visit any of our clinics.