Penile Discharge – Should I be Worried?

Penile Discharge-Should I be Worried

Unlike women, men do not normally have spontaneous discharge from the genitals. So when this happens, men naturally get extremely anxious and paranoid. Almost always, they would relate this to diseases they are most terrified of such as HIV and cancer. “Do I have HIV?”, “Do I have cancer?”, “What should I do?”, “Is it curable?”, “Where … Read more

Understanding Vaginal Discharge: What’s Normal and When to Worry

What's Normal and When to Worry

Many women are confused when it comes to vaginal discharge. However, often this isn’t a topic you would openly discuss with your friends or even your doctor. I see you’ve stumbled upon this article, and I can just imagine the whirlwind of emotions you might be feeling. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I totally … Read more