What is Anonymous HIV Testing?

The Ministry of Health in Singapore recognised that many people were afraid to undergo HIV tests because they did not want their particulars to be captured and reported to the the government.

Therefore, in 2008, a handful of clinics were selected to have a special privilege to conduct anonymous HIV tests.

Our clinic at Robertson Walk was mandated as an Anonymous HIV Testing Center.

Patients can come to our clinic and have a HIV test without giving us any of their details.

We do NOT need their Identity cards, passports or any kind of document.

They can just come to our clinic and have the HIV test without ever having to mention their name.

Come to our clinic at Robertson Walk for a HIV test with complete peace of mind.

Protect yourself and protect your loved ones. Come see us for your HIV test today.

Anonymous HIV Testing is available Daily!



We are a fully certified Anonymous HIV testing and screening clinic in Singapore. We use Gold Standard tests in accordance to latest international Standards and Guidelines.

 Type of Testing  When to Test  Prices
 1.) Rapid HIV ORAL SWAB TEST (Antibody Test)
Rapid Oral Saliva HIV-1/2 Antibody Test (Oraquick)RESULTS: 20 mins
 from 90 days
after exposure.
(GST Included)
2.) Rapid HIV BLOOD TEST (Antibody Test)
Rapid Finger prick Blood HIV-1/2 Antibody TestRESULTS: 20 mins
 from 90 days
after exposure.
(GST Included)
HIV Combination P24 Antigen/Antibody Test
(HIV Duo Test)RESULTS: 20 mins
from 28 days
after exposure.
(GST Included)


You do not need to fast or do any kind of special preparation before the test.

Come to our clinic at Robertson Walk and tell our staff you would like a “3-Step Test”

Have a discussion with our doctor as to which test is right for you.

There are 3 different tests that can be used for ANONYMOUS HIV TESTING:

1.) HIV Combo test
2.) HIV Antibody test (Blood)
3.) HIV Antibody test (Saliva)
The doctor will conduct the test and you will have your results in about 20 minutes.


1.) Just walk into our clinic Robertson Walk.
2.) Let our staff you are here for the “3 step test”*.
3.) You will be given a pamphlet & AHT Registration Form
4.) The form does not require any personal details from you.

5.) The doctor will see you in his or her room.
6.) You will have a private consultation with the doctor.
7.) Doctor will proceeds with the “3 Step Test”*.

8.) After 20 minutes your results will be ready.
9.) Assessment on the results of your HIV test.


You may print the Anonymous HIV Testing form and pass it to our Staff  Print AHT Form

Anonymous HIV Clinic Location

Dr. Tan and Partners @Robertson

11 Unity Street,
#02-07, Robertson Walk,
Singapore 237995

Telephone: +65 6238 7810

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday
8.00 am – 9.00 pm

Saturday & Sunday
9.00 am – 2 pm

Public Holiday Closed


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