Throat Gonorrhea

Throat Gonorrhea is more common than previously thought.

It can be spread via deep kissing and oral sex.

Although it can cause severe throat pain, it is frequently asymptomatic.

Diagnosis is made with a throat swab.

What is Throat Gonorrhea?

Throat Gonorrhea (aka Gonorrhea of the Throat, The Clap) is an infection of the throat by the bacteria Neisseria Gonorrhea.

How do I know I have it?

90% of the time, Throat Gonorrhea has no symptoms.

10% of the time, it causes a sore throat, fever and swollen neck glands. This usually happens 2 to 10 days after exposure.

How can I catch it?

Throat Gonorrhea is caught when you have unprotected oral sex with a partner who is infected with gonorrhea.

It is much easier to catch Throat Gonorrhea via receptive penile oral sex (i.e. having your partner’s penis in your mouth) than through receptive vaginal oral sex (i.e. licking or sucking your partner’s vagina).

Symptoms of other STDs you can get from Oral Sex

If I have Throat Gonorrhea can I pass it to my partner?

Yes. If you have Throat Gonorrhea, you can pass it to your partner by having unprotected oral sex.

If your partner develops symptoms of Gonorrhea (pain passing urine, discharge) after having oral sex with you, you should have yourself checked for Throat Gonorrhea.

How do I check for Throat Gonorrhea?

See your doctor. He will take a swab from your throat and send it to the lab for a special culture. Please let your doctor know you are worried about Throat Gonorrhea. It requires a special swab. The normal swab for Strep Throat will not detect Throat Gonorrhea.

How is Throat Gonorrhea Treated?

The commonest treatment for Throat Gonorrhea is an injection of an anti-biotic called Ceftriaxone. If you are unable to take this injection you will be given pills instead. You might need to visit the doctor again to make sure the Throat Gonorrhea is fully cured.

How can I protect myself from Throat Gonorrhea?

Always use a condom when having oral sex.

Are there other STDs associated with Throat Gonorrhea?

Yes. If you have Throat Gonorrhea you likely will have Gonorrhea in other areas such as the Urethra (urine tube) or Anus. You should ask your doctor to check for these too.

Throat Gonorrhea is also associated with other STDs such as HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B.

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  1. Anonymous

    I had pain in my lymph node on my left side, and then I started having extreme pain swallowing on the same side (left). I also had white bumps on my left throat gland right behind my tonsil, and that tonsil was swollen according to my doctor. I had a slight fever, and I felt weak and had some nausea, but I had no other cold symptoms, and the pain never went to my right side. I went to the doctor to get tested for stds. She prescribed me antibiotics for my swollen tonsil on my left side. She thought it was either gonorrhea or strep. A couple of days after taking antibiotics, the throat gland with the bumps on it turned completely white. I thought I was getting worse, but the next day, my throat stopped hurting and there was no more bumps! My doctor just posted my std results online. I tested negative for both types of herpes and syphilis in the blood test. I also had a throat culture done. She posted that I had normal flora, but I’m not sure if that’s for both the strep and gonorrhea tests or just the strep test. I was wondering if you thought my symptoms sounded like gonorrhea or hpv and if it might take longer to get a positive test for gonorrhea. The bumps and pain completely went away with the antibiotics, which is what confuses me about my normal results. If it’s hpv (I think I have a wart on a finger), why did it go away with antibiotics, and can I still have it without the bumps or pain I had before? I’ve been off the antibiotics for about a week now, and I don’t have any more pain in my throat! My doctor went on vacation for 2 weeks, and I’ve been concerned about my health.

    • We cannot make or exclude any medical diagnosis without proper assessment – however, it sounds like a regular throat infection and I would not worry. HPV does not cause the symptoms you describe.

  2. Worried

    Hello Dr. Tan,

    I am French and I contact you because I really struggle to find clear answers concerning my problem.
    I am 28 years old and I am a man. I am married to a woman for 5 years now. My situation is terribly delicate. I’m sorry for my english.

    I will explain my problem:
    On 2017/01/10, I had the following relationships with a transsexual: I did an unprotected blowjob (without ejaculation in mouth) for just 5 minutes. He then sodomized me (with condom) to finally ejaculate on my body.

    I had an epdidymo-orchitis on2017/01/28 and my symptoms were the following: High pain and swelling in the left testicle (gradually) accompanied by high fever. No urethral discharge, no urination, no burns …

    On 2017/01/30, I go to the doctor who prescribes 15 days of ofloxacin and sends me to do urinalysis. So I did it directly just before the first antibiotic intake, with chlamydia PCR. Results: no leucocyturia, no chlamydia, no mycoplasma. I start to heal three to four days after starting the antibiotic.

    Between 2017/01/10 and 2017/01/28, I had an unprotected relation with my wife (penis / vagina) with ejaculation (it was around the 2017/01/13 or 14). Then, until 2017/01/28, several unprotected fellations with my wife (in the week of 23/01/2017, I’m sure there was no ejaculation in mouth).

    Today, I am well (physically), I have no more symptoms, the testicle is neither painful nor swollen. On 2017/02/20 I have for the first time (after the infection) a blowjob with my wife. On 2017/02/22, I did a complete screening for STI / STD (including chlamydia and gonococcus, in the urine) and all is negative. Yesterday (2017/02/25), another unprotected blowjob with my wife …

    My wife does not want to have a child so I may not have unprotected vaginal penetration with her for at least a year. So I would have fellations and vaginal penetrations protected (she does not want any other contraception). She does not know that I did the screening and she does not know what I did … I can not tell her, otherwise I lose all! In any case not at all for the moment …

    My questions are:
    Does the first analysis in urine by chlamydia PCR say I do not have it? Normally, even if it is not located in the urethra, with the number of ejaculations and relations that I had with my wife, we would have found it, no?

    Suppose I had one of these two germs orally, can they cause an orchi-epididymitis? Without urethral symptoms?

    Even sodomy protected, can it cause an orchid-epididymitis by E.Coli or other common germ? I say that I got pain and that I bled after, because I rarely get sodomized anyway.

    If it is an STI I had, my wife should be able to retransmit the germ by fellation no? (Especially since I had at least 5 unprotected oral sex during the incubation period). I intend to do a screening every three months for a year … I say this because, as I told you, I would not have unprotected vaginal penetration with her … If the results of my analyzes are always negative, I can sleep quiet not? I can not ask her to get tested, it’s impossible, I predict all!

    Suppose that the sperm has touched my anus (which is unlikely), can anorectitis cause an orchi-epididymitis? Same without symptoms at the ureter? or at the rectum.

    Finally last question, the unprotected relationship with my wife on 13 or 14 January, if I had an IST by the throat or anus I could have passed on to her as quickly? Would sperm be contaminated? I do not think so, but I may be wrong …

    Sorry to ask all these questions. I need to be reassured ! Please sincerely apologize. Thank you a lot !

    Good day to you.

    • Hi,
      The urine analysis for chlamydia PCR sensitivity and specificity is generally >90%, however you would have to check with your doctor on exactly what test was used and how the urine was collected. It is very unlikely that oral chlamydia or gonorrhea would cause orchiepididymitis, and the most common causes would be through sexual contact and the bacteria going through the urethra. However, bacteria can also be transmitted through anal sex, especially if there is a break in the skin/mucosa, as bacteria from your intestine (including E. coli) can enter the bloodstream there and infect the testes/epididymis. Based on your information, it sounds unlikely that your wife has an infection (such as oral chlamydia/gonorrhea) but there is still a low risk. If you are still concerned, it would be best to come down to the clinic or speak to the doctor who treated you.

  3. I am currently located in Cambodia. Can you advise what treatment regime do you for pharynx and rectal gonorrhea. Do you use the same treatment for disseminated gonorrhea or alliterative regime

    • Pharyngeal and Rectal Gonorrhea are both known to be more resistant to treatment compared to Urehtral Gonorrhea. Ideally, you should get a swab test, have the Gonorrhea cultured and determine antibiotic sensitivity. As empirical treatment, I still use Ceftriaxone and Azithromycin or Doxycycline. What is more important is the follow up test-of-cure to determine bacterial clearance.

  4. Went friday and had the injection for gonorrhea and the zpak 4 pills single dose things seemed to clear up until yesterday the seventh day after treatment found discharge not much then this morning i squeezed my penis and some more came out my question how long afer treatment does the discharge start havent done any sexual encounters to reinfect myself

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Even though you took one-off medicine (4 tablets and injection in can take up to 2 weeks for symptoms to subside). Did you get testing before you started antibiotics? If anything was shown as positive then it would be wise to check for clearance approximately 2 weeks after your antibiotics to see if the infection really has gone. But keep a close eye on your symptoms. If they are not getting better then please make some time to see a doctor in clinic for further assessment.

  5. Dear doctor,
    I performed oral sex with condom on Sunday early morning around 3 am and i got sore throat on the same morning. There was no other penetration. We did deep kissing. I checked that the condom seemed remain intact. Is the sore throat related to any std?

    • I did deep throat also. I am still having the sore throat.

      • It is very unlikely for any STDs to present with symptoms so soon after the exposure. More likely there was some trauma to the throat during the oral sex. This however does not mean that you are not infected. Please see your doctor if the symptoms persists or worsen.

        • thank you doctor. i noticed some irritation there. it could be trauma.

  6. About 2 days ago it have my boyfriend oral sex and now today my left tonsil hurts and I have white patches on my throat and I have no fever is this a sign of an std?

    • Yes it could be throat gonorrhea or chlamydia. Or maybe it is just a tonsillitis with no relation to the oral sex episode at all. The only way to know is to see your doctor. If it is an STD both you and your BF should get treated.


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