Throat Gonorrhea

Throat Gonorrhea is more common than previously thought.

It can be spread via deep kissing and oral sex.

Although it can cause severe throat pain, it is frequently asymptomatic.

Diagnosis is made with a throat swab.

What is Throat Gonorrhea?

Throat Gonorrhea (aka Gonorrhea of the Throat, The Clap) is an infection of the throat by the bacteria Neisseria Gonorrhea.

How do I know I have it?

90% of the time, Throat Gonorrhea has no symptoms.

10% of the time, it causes a sore throat, fever and swollen neck glands. This usually happens 2 to 10 days after exposure.

How can I catch it?

Throat Gonorrhea is caught when you have unprotected oral sex with a partner who is infected with gonorrhea.

It is much easier to catch Throat Gonorrhea via receptive penile oral sex (i.e. having your partner’s penis in your mouth) than through receptive vaginal oral sex (i.e. licking or sucking your partner’s vagina).

Symptoms of other STDs you can get from Oral Sex

If I have Throat Gonorrhea can I pass it to my partner?

Yes. If you have Throat Gonorrhea, you can pass it to your partner by having unprotected oral sex.

If your partner develops symptoms of Gonorrhea (pain passing urine, discharge) after having oral sex with you, you should have yourself checked for Throat Gonorrhea.

How do I check for Throat Gonorrhea?

See your doctor. He will take a swab from your throat and send it to the lab for a special culture. Please let your doctor know you are worried about Throat Gonorrhea. It requires a special swab. The normal swab for Strep Throat will not detect Throat Gonorrhea.

How is Throat Gonorrhea Treated?

The commonest treatment for Throat Gonorrhea is an injection of an anti-biotic called Ceftriaxone. If you are unable to take this injection you will be given pills instead. You might need to visit the doctor again to make sure the Throat Gonorrhea is fully cured.

How can I protect myself from Throat Gonorrhea?

Always use a condom when having oral sex.

Are there other STDs associated with Throat Gonorrhea?

Yes. If you have Throat Gonorrhea you likely will have Gonorrhea in other areas such as the Urethra (urine tube) or Anus. You should ask your doctor to check for these too.

Throat Gonorrhea is also associated with other STDs such as HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B.

Need more advice?

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  1. I face my boyfriend oral sex 2 days ago and today my tonsils have white patches on them and only my left tonsil hurts is this a sign of an std? Please answer back as soon as possible I would really appreciate it, thank u 🙂

  2. After giving girl oral sex, the glands under my tongue are now very swollen and red and sore. Just wondering if this is symptomatic of anything or if I just over did it and need to lay low for a while.

    • Swollen glands are almost always a sign of infection. You should see your doctor to find out what is causing your swollen glands and get it treated if necessary.

  3. hi i had a sore a throat 3weeks ago could not swollow had white patchs on the side bt then i took granpa meds for 3days it worked bt then my tummy got all sore cramping and so then later i got this lump just next to the top right side penis just next the the lining just was sore on the firs day i got it then no pain afterthat bt lump is still ther same size after 2weeks what be doc i have leakage of come or see threw stuff

    • I am not sure your sore throat had anything to do with the lump on your penis. There are many possible causes of lumps on the penis from warts to cysts etc. You should see a doctor to get it diagnosed.

  4. Dr. Tan, I believe that I have throat Gonorrhea, but I have not been to the doctor, and I am frankly scared to go. If I do not go, will the throat Gonorrhea go away on its own?

    • Nope. Please go see a doctor. There is nothing to be scared about. You will get a throat swab and some antibiotics. If you are afraid the doctor will be judgmental then you are welcome to come see me or one of our doctors. I assure you all of us are very professional and will never intentionally make you or any other patient feel embarrassed, ashamed or uncomfortable.

  5. Hi Dr Tan,

    Like to make an enquiry to know more about throat gonorrhea. I was treated for gonorrhea with ceftriaxone jabs, follow by a course of antibiotics, after tested positive with urine test. Was tested again and found the bacteria to be at the throat, urine is cleared.
    I like to know if this can be treated and cure?
    If it still does not cure, what will happen to me?

    Worried guy

    • Yes it can unless the Gonorrhea is resistant to all antibiotics.

  6. Hi doctor!

    I am too scared to talk to an in person doctor and have read your answers to the patients, so i thought, why not ask you something that has been on my mind.

    So I hooked up with someone on October 28th, which included me giving the guy oral sex and he finished in my mouth. Then that weekend was stressful because of halloween, so that included minimal sleep and walking from the club to the hotel in a tank top, while it was snowing, (yes, it snowed at 3 am on halloween in Toronto ontario). Anyways, I went to the doctor on November 6th, and asked them to check my throat because I have been having a cough and a soar throat. So he took a listen to my chest and said my lungs were fine, but took one look into my throat, and diagnosed me with tonsillitis. He then prescribed me to penicillin

    I have been googling and searching online, about gonorrhea. Could I possibly have that? Or are the symptoms of tonsillitis and gonorrhoea?

    Symptoms I have?
    – cough, trouble swallowing, very swollen tonsils, on my tonsils there are white puss pockets.

    I am very scared and would appreciate an answer back asap so I can figure out what to do. I know you can’t tell me what I have through the Internet, but it would be interesting to see what you have to say. Also, it was unprotected oral sex.


    • The symptoms of Tonsillitis and Throat Gonorrhea are identical. Really the only way to tell them apart is to get a throat swab and run some tests. Penicillin can work against Gonorrhea so in all likelyhood, you will feel better with the treatment. For your own peace of mind, you may want to get a throat swab from your doctor after you have recovered just to make sure you do not have throat Gonorrhea. If that test is clear, you can rest easy but you will never know if you ever had throat gonorrhea in the first place or not.

  7. G’day Doctor,

    I am a male who gave oral sex to a female sex worker, (deep french kissing and deep vaginal licking/sucking).

    After 2 days my throat became painful (dry, hard to swallow, light cough). the following day I came down with swollen lymph nodes in the neck, blocked nose and light joint paind. I decided to hop on codral orginal day and nigth tables….they helped with everything but the painfull throat was still there…so after 4 days of taking the meds all my other symtoms went away but i still have this sore throat…after day 4 i stopped the meds, it has been 2 days after i stopped taking the meds but my throat still hurts (i have no cough now, i have a wet mouth again but it huurts swallowing)

    what are chances of getting HIV and stds?

    thank you

    • No risk of HIV. However, it does sound very likely that you either have throat gonorrhea or chlamydia. You can also catch other things like Herpes, HPV, Syphilis etc but they do not present with your symptoms.

  8. Hi Dr. Tan, I totally respect your opinions and medical advice and I wanted to ask you about my particular situation… I tested positive for throat gonorrhea last week (9/24/14), and straight away my doctor gave me the shot (in the rear end), in addition to the one-dose pills. He advised no sexual contact for 7-days, which I’m adhering to… But since I’ve taken the medication and gotten the shot, my mouth has been feeling “tingly” and today (9/28/14) I awoke with a swollen tongue (well, the area underneath my tongue, is swollen). My fear is that the medication either isn’t working or maybe I’m having an allergic reaction?! Moreover, the partner that gave me throat gonorrhea is someone I gave fellatio to on 9/14/14… But before I was diagnosed with throat gonorrhea (on 9/24/14), I had an intimate sex encounter (deep kissing, condom penetration), on 9/23/14 with a different partner… So do you think that the 9/23 partner could have infected me with something else via oral sex/kissing which has made my mouth feel tingly/swollen tongue, or is it a general allergic reaction to the medication, or a combination of both the 9/23 partner infecting me with something new and the medicine is trying to react to that in addition to the throat gonorrhea from the 9/14 partner?? I’m so confused and slightly paranoid… Please help!!

    • Did you test for anything else aside from Gonorrhea? One possibility is you could have missed a diagnosis and there is another infection aside from gonorrhea that is not being treated. The other possibility is that the meds are not working. This is called treatment failure and is not uncommon for throat gonorrhea. Go back to your doctor for a follow up. Or come see us. Click here for location info.

      • Thank You for your initial reply, Dr. Tan… And yes, you can basically say that I’ve been tested for every possible STD/STI when they did the throat swab for gonorrhea…

        And since last week, all of my test results came back negative (including HIV/hepatitis/chlamydia/etc.), and I also received the shot for meningitis.

        But because I was so nervous about the recent tongue swelling, I visited the ER on 9/28/14, and they poked, proded and examined my mouth and concluded that the “gonorrhea was gone” and that instead I may have a slight case of salivial gland clogging/stones or something of that sort, where I haven’t been producing enough saliva, thus making my throat dry and the under-tongue swelling (post the gonorrhea exposure).

        They did not medicate me, but advised warm salt water gargle/rinse and biting into a lemon (any thing sour tasting), and that has definitely helped the swelling go down… I guess my final question would be how long does it take (in terms of days) for the actual gonorrhea to be “killed” and go away? since 9/24/14 of my receiving the shot and one-time pill dosage ??

        Moreover, my doctor said “no sex for 7 days” after 9/24/14, but my new dating partner came over yesterday 9/29 and we made out (deep kissing/oral and receptive/rimming with no condom/slight penile penetration) but no long session sex. But my other question is, is that a jeopardizing situation that I made out with this new guy?? By the way, the new partner just revealed to me that he’s HIV+

        Please help, Dr. Tan… I’m so lost and confused as this is my real life scenario 🙁

        • Dude, really? Life isn’t complicated enough? Treatment for Gonorrhea works very quickly. In most patients, symptoms go away within 1 day, maximum 3 days. We don’t really know when the bacteria is completely eradicated. Some say 1 week some say 2 weeks. The complication here is what you could have caught from your new partner, including HIV.

  9. Will suprax 400 mg 1 tablet per day for 12 days treat gonorrhoea and chlamydia?? If not what should I take more??

    • No it will not. Please see your doctor for proper advice on what meds to take. Please do not self medicated especially with antibiotics.

      • andrew

        Hey Doc,
        I did a PCR and I have gonorrhea in my throat. My doctor gave me 2gr of azythromycin and 500 mg of ceftriaxone IM. It has been 2 days and my throat is still red with white dots. Should I visit him again?

        • The antibiotics you received would generally be sufficient to treat gonorrhea of the throat. If you are still concerned, please speak to the doctor who treated you.

  10. I gave my boyfriend oral, and two days later i have white bumps on my throat and swollen tonsils and a sore throat that only hurts when i swallow. neither of us have had sex, and there was no ejaculation during oral. i have had strep throat before and this does feel very similar, but am still concerned about what this could be?

    • Certainly sounds like a throat infection. To determine what bacteria is causing it you need to get a throat swab. The penis contained many different bacteria and not just STDs. Best for you to see a doctor and get a throat swab done. You are welcome to see us. We have lady doctors who can attend to you if that makes you feel more comfortable. Click here for location info.

  11. Hi,
    I had protected sex with a guy but then we had unprotected oral sex. Later that night and the next morning i had a really sore through and left side of my neck hurts to when i push it against my shoulders. What do yout think it is?

    • You probably just abraded your throat and strained your neck. No infection will show symptoms so soon after.

  12. jessica

    Hi dr.Tan,
    I’m sexually active and after having oral sex I got a sore throat with white dots on it I was concerned about having gonorrhoea or chlamydia or any std either in my throat or vagina do I got a urine test and a throat rapid test in addition to a throat culture and all results showed negative and normal..does that mean I don’t have an std? Could these tests not be enough to show if I caught any std?
    2- if this is not gonorrhoea in my throat what could it be?
    Thank you very much for your help and effort.

    • jessica

      I’ve had oral and all forms of sex btw

    • Since I do not know exactly what tests you did, I really cannot comment on them. You should check with the doctor who did the tests for you. Also, I cannot diagnose you over the internet. There can be many causes of sore throat with tonsil exudates. Again you need to see your doctor to get diagnosed.

      • jessica

        I did a throat rapid test and throat culture in general not specifically for gonorrhoea. Plus ive taken antibiotics before I went and did the tests for around 1 week and they didn’t go away. Now im taking probiotics maybe that’ll help. What do u say?

        • If the culture does not specifically test for gonorrhea or chlamydia, they will not be picked up. Not all antibiotics are effective against gonorrhea and chlamydia. There are also many other causes of sore throat, some of which are not even due to infections. You really need to see a doctor to get diagnosed properly. You can welcome to see us. Click here for location info.

  13. marie sam

    I had oral sex with 2 guys the first cam twice in my mouth and the second didn’t but I felt the pre ejaculation I guess if that’s what it’s called.
    Anyways, after around 2 days I had a sore throat which is red and has white dots on it. Its quite disturbing and painful. No fever is present but I have a bad breath. I went to the pharmacist he prescribed for me an antibiotic called:klavox. I should take it twice a day for 1 week.
    I dont want to tell my parents or pharmacist that I had oral sex and I doubt having gonorrhoea I just wanna ask if these are the symptoms for oral gonorrhoea and will this antibiotic help it go away? Other than that am I supposed to abstain from having any form of sex? And will I have genital gonorrhoea ? Help please im so worried.

    • Yes you could have throat gonorrhoea. Whether or not it can go away with the antibiotic you are taking nobody knows unless you get a test. This is because of the high rate of antibiotic resistance of the gonorrhoea bacteria. You cannot get genital gonorrhoea from oral sex.

      • marie sam

        But I dont want to have the test or let anybody know I had oral sex.. if after one week my throat became clear and no swelling or dots were still there that means that I got cured right?
        Second,if this antibiotic doesn’t help after one week what can I take to make it go away?
        Third, can gonorrhoea become severely serious if I dont take care? And what are the circumstances?
        last, should I abstain from any form of sex?

        • You cannot rely on the resolution of symptoms to prove cure. In other words, you might feel all OK but the infection might be still there. If the antibiotic does not work, you need a different antibiotic. Yes gonorrhoea can become disseminated gonococcal infection and land you in hospital. When that happens, EVERYONE will know that you have gonorrhoea. You should abstain from any sexual contact until you are sure you are not carrying an STD. That is just being fair to your partner.

  14. Hi Dr. Tan

    I recently started see white pus coming from my penis along with pain while urinating with a frequent urge to pee. I got tested and it was confirmed I had gonorrhea, I was giving ceftriaxone injections and the symptoms cleared. Around (slightly before, not too sure) the period of the treatment I had what I thought (not sure anymore though) to be sore throat, after the gonorrhea treatment it continued and it’s gotten worse. Now I feel like there’s phlegm in my throat all the time and it’s gradually getting difficult to swallow. I just found out about oral gonorrhea that’s why I didn’t think it was important to notify my doctor at the time. It’s juz been 5 days since I completed treatment. I’ve not had any form of sexual contact since the gonorrhea symptoms began.

    My question is…

    1. Do you think it could be oral gonorrhea?

    2. Since I already have gotten treatment for gonorrhea, don’t you think it should clear the bacteria in my throat?

    3. Should I wait a couple more days to see if the antibiotics will eventually clear the symptoms in my throat?

    4. The reason why I haven’t gone for a test is because I feel the remnants of the Ceftriaxone treatment could affect the throat swab, what do you think?

    I know I’m asking a lot of questions here, but I really need to know considering potential effects oral gonorrhea can cause if left untreated. Please reply, thanks.

    • 1. Yes it could. 2. Yes it should. However, throat gonorrhea is notoriously more difficult to clear than urethral gonorrhea. So there is a chance it is still there. 3. That is medical advice which I cannot give over the internet. 4. That’s right. Usually we will test 2 weeks from the treatment. So the right thing to do is to wait 2 weeks then see your doctor for a throat swab (regardless of symptoms or lack thereof). Click here for more info on throat gonorrhea.

  15. Hi Dr Tan,

    Does any of the STDs can have symptoms, like skin itchiness or rashes?

    • Syphilis, Herpes, Molluscum, HPV, Gonorrhea can all cause skin symptoms.

  16. hi there doctors.
    i recently had unprotected oral sex after preforming unprotected anal sex with my partner two nights ago.
    yesterday, the day after i did that, i began getting a sore throat. this morning, two days after, i woke up with a strep throat.
    could i have gotten throat gonorrhea from, with-lack-of-better-word, tasting my own rectal ‘juices’ ? (without an enema.)
    me and my partner have been faithful to eachother for three years and have not been practicing sex on any other person.
    he was my first and i have not had sex with anyone but him.
    i am also std free especially because i know he is clean and healthy so i dont see exactly how i could have gotten it with me only having sex with him..
    i have quite some pain following swallowing my own saliva, water, etc.. i have no flu-like symptoms, no bloody feces or any blood where the white patch is in the back of my throat. nothing except painful swallowing/small white patch on the back of my throat, specifially the left side..
    what could possibly be going on ? just a case of strep throat ? or something more serious as throat gonorrhea ? also… if you catch gonorrhea or throat gonorrhea, do you have it forever ? even if treated and completely cured ? or are you just prone to get it easier than before.. sorry for all of the questions, but im quite scared, as i am 19 and am afraid to let my mother know that i need to get tested.. thank you.

    • If neither you nor your partner have gonorrhea, then it is impossible for you to get gonorrhea from each other. It is as simple as that. Gonorrhea does not appear out of thin air. You may have gotten some other infection of the throat by bacteria from the rectum (eg Klebsiella). You should see a doctor for swab tests and antibiotics. You are of course welcome to visit our clinics anytime. Click here for locations and opening times.

  17. Taylor

    If I have penile gonorrhea but not gonorrhea of the throat, can I give a blowjob without giving the person the clap?

    • Yes, but you’d have to test to make sure you have no gonorrhea in the throat. Most patients don’t have any symptoms with throat infection.

  18. Also forgot mention. I had blood test, urethral test and urine test and all test are ok no infection

  19. I have been tested for std’s in the last days and all my test were ok and gonorrhoea too.
    Is it possible to have gonorrhoea undetected in other parts of my body like throat or anus?
    (for extra info: I have no symptoms whatsoever. I rarely feel some sort or soreness after smoking only) but is nothing unknown for me as far for my smoking habit

    • Hi, yes it is possible to have gonorrhoea in your throat or anus if you have had exposure to those part of your body.
      You will need swab tests to those area to test for it.

  20. Drtan,
    I went down on a girl and had sore throat 2 days later. Saw the doc third day and tested positive for strep. My uvula was a bit tender and after 5 days of antibiotics the uvula was ok but when i swallow my throat still hurts… my question is if i tested positive for strep can i also test positive for gonnorhea or i just have strep? Thanks.

  21. Jenn ladowski

    I am amazed how you kept up with all of these messages! Dr tan I had received oral from a new partner and we kissed a lot what are the chances of me catching anything in throat or vaginal area?

    • Jenn ladowski

      And when is the best time to test?

    • I will assume that you received cunnilingus and performed fellatio. You are at risk of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, HPV and Mollusucm.

  22. Ray man

    Its been two days and my tonsil are swollen and neck is swollen my left tonsil has crypts and with stones my right side doesnt seem to be swollen but in my neck area it is and hurts and i have little lumps on the back of my tounge i gave my boyfriend oral sex and before eachtine we had anal sex but he cleaned it before i gave him head and i lick his anus area as well im kinda a little worriesd i could have gonorrea could you please help me so i could be less peranoid or should i see a doctor

    • Hi Ray man,

      In a large majority of people, gonorrhea in the throat may not cause any symptoms. You could be suffering from tonsilitis from other causes. In any case it would be best to see your doctor to see if antibiotics are warranted. If you do strongly suspect gonorrhea of the throat, a gonorrheal swab could be useful.

  23. Lauren

    So I just got back from vacation with what I thought was strep throat. However, the normal test was negative and so the doctor performed a culture test, and I’m waiting on the results. Due to what happened on the trip, I’m worried it could possibly be throat gonorrhea. Will a throat culture done for strep throat detect that? I will certainly go to a clinic and get it treated but I don’t want my doctor calling my mom to let her know her child has throat gonorrhea.

  24. Nathan

    I was diagnosed 3 days ago with rectal gonorrhoea. I had the shot of ceftriaxone and am currently taking a course of doxycycline. I don’t know if it was psychosymantic, but after the 2nd day I didn’t have the symptoms any longer in my rectum, the itchiness, soreness gone. Sadly it is back today. I’m just worried that this is because of antibiotic failure, as apparently the fight against (like any other disease) is getting harder and harder as it mutates. If it is antibiotic failure they should tell me when I go back in a weeks time. However, I’m just wondering what would be the protocol? More doxycycline? Or another syringe full of ceftriaxone?

    • Hi Nathan,

      You’re right in that antibiotic resistance is fast becoming an issue when dealing with gonorrhea. However, its’s hard to say if your symptoms are from resolving inflammation, psychosomatism or persistence of bacterial activity. I’d advise you to see your doctor after your treatment is completed. They may wish to confirm disease clearance with a follow-up rectal swab. You can also discuss about testing for antibiotic sensitivity should there be a need. Generally ceftriaxone is the recommended treatment for gonorrhea. If you’re having a persistent infection, they may need to increase the dose given or consider alternative antibiotics.

  25. Dr. Tan,

    I was recently diagnosed with throat gonorrhea and received treatment. I have not had sex for over 7 days and my doctor said to return in 3 months for retest. Now, 3 months is usually due to you possibly getting reinfected by the same partner but I am no longer with that individual and was wondering if I were to get tested before 3 months, would my results be accurate? Also because I was diagnosed with throat gonorrhea, can I have HIV too? Please help…

    • 3 months to get tested for throat gonorrhea or HIV?

      • For throat gonorrhea. 3 months seems long and since its almost been 1 month, if i get retested will the test be accurate?

  26. Doctor, thank you for such an informative blog.
    i have a few questions. 2 weeks ago I performed oral sex on a girl i didnt know. it lasted for a for a minutes.i used fingers in this also. i did not make her climax.
    i stopped myself having full sex and left. when i left the house, i walked up the street and put my fingers down my throat to make myself sick.
    i have discomfort swallowing and a really red inflamed throat but my throat is not sore.(yet?)
    is it difficult to get stds from a licking a vagina? and could bacteria still be on my fingers, nails A few minutes after?
    if i was extremely run down and anxious and had an infection, could it spread to other areas in my body?
    thanks for your time sir?

    • i meant add, that my eyes feel a bit dry and every now and then , a little iffy. thank you agai sir

    • It is unfortunately NOT difficult to get STDs from cunnilingus. You can get a variety of STDs in the throat including Herpes, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, HPV, Molluscum etc. I do not know if your symptoms have anything to do with your encounter. It will be best for you to consult a doctor. For more info on Throat Gonorrhoea, you can read:

  27. I have had chronic strep since I was about 8 yrs old, I am now 20. I had my tonsils removed when I was about 16. I started having an issue with canker sores and very dry lips and throat but no strep. I recently had the dry lips and throat issue occur and I performed oral sex on my boyfriend. Now he has small bumps on the head of his penis and he and I both have a sore throat that feels like strep. He has never been tested but I have been tested and cure of chyalmida about a year ago. Could I be giving him my strep virus since I’m a carrier?

    • Yes you could have. Better get a swab done and maybe get some antibiotics.

  28. sunshine


    I recently tested positive for gonorrhea in the throat. I already got the shot and pills today, however I recently started seeing someone and I perform oral sex, but it was quick less than a min when I stopped.this was before knowing I had an std. We’ve always use condoms expect for that one time and we also kiss a lot. Is it possible I given this person gonorrhea?

    Please advise.

    • drtan

      Yes it is certainly possible. The prudent thing to do is to notify your partner.

  29. Daniel Yeung

    Hi Doc,

    I have regular oral sex with my girlfriend. Afterward, I started to have terrible bad breath – so bad as if the lid was left opened in the garbage dump. It is really very obnoxious. Sometimes, there is a burning sensation, too. Could it possible that I have contract some common disease. DO you have any suggestion? Gonorrehea of the throat?

    • Usually bad smell is related to some form of infection. It could be related to the oral sex or not. You should see a doctor and find out what is wrong.

  30. Delilah

    Is it possible to get throat gonorrhea and not vaginal at the same time I only been with one partner my boyfriend of 1 year we had both vaginal and oral sex i was told by Dr i had throat gonorrhea but not vaginal. Is this right. I am getting treated and making sure he gets tested and treated too. Thanks

    • Yes it is very possible to have only throat gonorrhoea. You must have caught it from oral sex and fortunately did not catch it during vaginal sex.

  31. I have gonorrhea along with throat gonorrhea and genital herpes type 1.My boyfriend died 3.5 years ago. I haven’t had sex since then. Now since few months I am having throat pain off and on and all the gonorrhea symptoms are back. Can throat gonorrhea go way then come back again???? And does gonorrhea come bck again after I have finished the medication coarse??? I have done all the tests of gonorrhea and hiv in Singapore 1.5 year’s ago again. Gonorrhea was positive but hiv was negative.

    • Gonorrhea cannot come back after it has been treated. However, sometimes treatment fails. The most common cause of treatment failure is antibiotic resistance.

  32. Hey doc,

    About 2 months ago I had unprotected sex, and oral sex. Couple days later I got swollen tonsils, sore throat, and white tongue and red bumps in back of throat. Instill have all that today except my throat isn’t sore. I went and got blood work and it showed antibodies for mono iny blood from like 6-8 weeks ago wasn’t sure what the doc meant by that. The girl I had sex with promised me she got tested before our encounter and was clean.

    Do you think my symptoms, swollen tonsils, red bumps on throat and white tongue in back are from gonnerea ?

    • Could be. However, the symptoms of throat gonorrhea are usually more severe with pus on the tonsils. As we know, not everything follows the textbooks so although your clinical signs are not typical of gonorrhea, we still would remain suspicious until it has been conclusively ruled out.

  33. Hello Dr. Tran, i just have one question. Although i am almost certain i have gonorrhea i have all the symptoms and it makes sense. I had unprotected vaginal sex and oral sex just once with a new guy. I then returned to my long term partner and had unprotected vaginal and oral. I had the sypmtoms of vaginal bleeding and frequent urination about 10 days after the new guy. I thought it was just a uti. It went away after a while and after i got back with my long term partner the bleeding and urination came back about a week after sex with him, along with a sore lumpy throat. There was no sore throat after the first guy. Is it possible that i got throat gonorrhea from having oral right after vaginal with my long term assuming i was already infected? Meaning the infection went from my vagina onto his penis and into my throat. Of course he and i will be getting checked and treated i just want to know that one thing.

  34. Lucy love

    if I went to the doctor and tested positive for strep is it still possible that I have this? or was it most likely just strep?

    • If you had Gonorrhea you would test positive for Gonorrhea and not Strep. That said, your doctor has to tell the lab specifically to culture for Gonorrhea if not they may miss it.

  35. Two questions
    I am straight male, I like to suck my gfs nipples. However, when I do it really hard my throat hurts a couple days later, any idea why?
    The 2nd question is,
    I know a girl has ridges in her vagina about 1-2 inches in on the roof. However, my gf has something between that and her cervix that is a similar texture, any clue?

  36. Amy Yue


    My Dr taken blood sample and the results were:
    (a) Gonorrhea – negative; and
    (b) Chlamydia – negative.

    But the rash is still there. How can I convince the Dr that it is really the consequence of complicated Gonorrhea?

    • Blood tests for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are not accurate.

  37. Doc, I recently went down on a girl and 5 days later came down with a sore throat. I went to the doctor and tested positive for strep on the rapid test. He prescribed 500mg zithromax for 5 days/5pills. After telling him all the info above about the sexual encounter does the Dr. believe this could be strep and something else. I got tested for chla/gono but am waiting on the results. So I guess my question is, is this just strep throat or could it be a combination of both strep and gono?

    • We do not know unless you get tested. I hope your gonorrhea test is via a throat swab.

  38. Very good afternoon to you doc. I contracted gonorrhea unknowingly from my boy friend five years ago. Initially, the doc missed the symptoms and treated it as skin problems. Thoughout this period, I had taken 3 course of anti-bactic tablets to treated flue and other minor problems. After each course of treatment. the itchness went away for a while. And now all the rash has disappeared especially in winter. Can you advice me whether it would ever go away without taking further anti-boitic drugs?

    • It will not. Gonorrhea needs to be treated with antibiotics. Since your doctor knows it is Gonorrhea now, he can easily give you the correct antibiotics.

  39. I thought i had gonorrhea in the throat but the doctor gave me antibiotic pills and the pain and white puss and irritation are gone does that mean it isnt gonorrhea? Im scared to go back and find out.

    • I do not know. Only a throat swab can tell you for sure.

  40. What does hpv warts in throat actually look like? Would it be one or two growths of a certain colour? i cant see many photos on the web to compare, or could it be lots of shallow slightly enflamed looking patches like mine? the gum clinic staff i have seen insist they have never seen warts in someones throat before, so i cant really ask them if they think ive got signs of them, but looking at my throat they tell me i havent? One other thing about disseminated gonnohrea; you commented earlier about rolling around in agony from it, but symptonms must be less severe to begin with, how long would it take to go from ‘sore knee’ to ‘rolling around in agony’ needing crutches etc.? Could you have disseminated gonnohrea and test negative in the original site of infection ie throat?
    It’s over 3 months now and my throat is still the same!!! Wish I knew what it was



  41. Hi Doc, I’m a 30 year old male, and a year ago I had unprotected oral sex with a girl unknown to me, she might have had an STD but I don’t know. Since then ive oy been with my long term partner and theres no chance of any other exposure of an STD. No symptons or anything until 3 months ago when I developed a mild sore throat with red and slightly swollen tonsils, red patches of tissue on the back of throat. Doctor has said it looks like a viral sore throat, lots of blood tests, bit no sign of anything including a normal white blood cell count.
    I have been to two separate GUM clinics in UK, proper reputable NHS ones. Two sets of blood tests, two sets of throat cultures were they used 2 swabs each time (chlymidia and gonnohrea) but I guess that’s 4 chances to find an infectio such as those in theory. And 2 Urine tests for chlymidia and gonnehrea. Both done within about a month of each other. And every test has come back negative for HIV, hep b & c, syphilis, throat cultures negative in both cases, same with urine tests.
    My sore throat is still there and I can’t believe that I haven’t caught something in my throat thats causing this 3 month sore throat. I do feel very stressed, and depresses about it all as I have a long term partner who I cheated on. Doctors thinks this might be causing the sore throat.
    What are the chances of those throat cultures giving false negatives, and could throat gonnehrea be there for 9 months with no symptoms that then show up. Could disseminated gonnehrea have happened, I’ve got a sore knee and ankle on one side, but now not be present in the original site ie the pharynx? And not show up on a throat culture? Although that doesn’t seem to make sense as the symptom that started this off is my sore throat. Also I have been sweating excessively at times and sleeping very badly. Doctor thinks this is anxiety related.


    • First of all Gonorrhea does not take 1 year to start showing symptoms. Second of all, you already had multiple negative tests. Third of all, if you really have disseminated gonorrhoea you would be rolling on the floor in pain from the joints, not just have a ‘sore knee’. Overall, I tend to agree with your doctor.

      • Thank you for your reply, I do really appreciate it, and although I probably sound like an idiot to you over my concerns; in my very humble opinion I think the service you provide, for what seems to be no other reason but to genuinely help people out who are worried and need help or reassurance from an expert, is so commendable and you’re a credit to the medical profession as a whole………
        That being said. Would you you definitely think it a waste of time to go back and sneak a couple more throat cultures out of the NHS just to be sure? And the other possibilities of it being a viral std such as Herpes type 2 or genital herpes, or HPV in my throat seem to have been ruled out by the doctors/nurses in the clinic because they looked at my throat and said a) it’s not herpes and b) they don’t see warts in people’s throats in that clinic either. And i imagine they see a lot.
        Also if it was herpes it would have shown up sooner as the first outbreak usually occurs within a short period of time from contracting it.
        I’ve been such a horrible person doing what I did, and I just can’t believe I’d have something that could cause a sore throat for this length of time without it being something really bad like that.
        Any way thanks for taking the time to reply in the first place

        • Thank you. Throat cultures have a relatively low sensitivity. If you ask me if the first 2 cultures were wrong I would say that is possible but not very probable. If you have a lesion in your throat that you suspect to be caused by Herpes, you can swab it and send it for a HSV PCR test which is very specific for Herpes. Some doctors will swab the throat for a HPV DNA test but this is highly controversial. Herpes may show up within 8 days or may take months.

          • Hi Doc, both my local gum clinics have said they don’t swab throats for herpes, but have examined my tbroat and assure me that the raised bumps I am concerned about are not herpes related. In your experience would an outbreak of hsv-2 orally last 3 months? or in most cases would it have cleared up even without treatment in that time?
            I also discovered that they don’t just use a culture for detection, they do NAAT and culture combined. So my earlier infornation wasn’t correct. Apparently they believe the testing they do is very sensitive but they can’t say officially how sensitive as NAAT testing is not proven clinically in this country? They are very convinced at the clinic that as all tests for gonnohrea came back negative I haven’t got it, and I spoke about my concerns over deseminated gonnohrea and sore joints, to which they replied by sating one of the tests would have picked that up if it was that developed. Would you say that is true? They have taken one more set of swabs for reassurance purposes, but have said they will be the last ones; I’m probably costing them a fortune! They also did a general swab for anything else not STD related there that may be causing it.
            One more thing Doc- have you ever seen HPV related symptoms orally?, warts in throat etc, or is it silent until it causes something serious like throat cancer?


          • HSV 2 outbreaks do not usually last longer than 3 weeks. NAAT is very sensitive. I do not know which test they are referring to for disseminated NG. HPV can infect the throat and cause warts. I still tend to agree with your GUM clinic doctors. I think you are being unnecessarily worried.

  42. Hi doc. I have an oral sex with my gf less than two days later I’m having pains in my throat and d right side of my ear drum and sometime stomach worries… Pls. What could be wrong?

    • I do not know. It may not be related to the oral sex at all. Please see your doctor.

  43. Hi Dr Tan,

    My girlfriend and I had oral sex for the first time. I am not experiencing any symptoms, I feel great. I’ve never been sexually intimate with anyone before, and neither has my girlfriend.

    However, 4 days after oral sex, my girlfriend has a sorta mild sore throat (this is day 2 of the sore throat) and a realy stuffy nose that has made her head feel like it’s heavy.

    Is it possible that she contacted and STD? I have read that you cant get a cold via an STD so am I just worried about her and that she probably has a sore throat BECAUSE of her cold?

    It is also allergy season and she tends to get sick easily because she has allergies… so maybe I am worrying over nothing.

    • Well dude, the general rule about STDs is that you actually need to catch it from someone via a sexual act. So that fact that both you and your partner have not been sexually intimate with anyone else before, I really do not think there is any reason for you to be concerned about STDs.

  44. Dr Tan,
    I have a perplexing problem. I recently tested positive for throat gonorrhea (I tested negative twice in the urine tests). I was treated with a shot of Ceftriaxone and 1g Azithromycin. The treatment was done a week after I was exposed. Subsequent tests showed the infection was cleared.

    A few weeks after this, I developed pain in my testicles and a urologist told me that I had Epididymitis. He said it was probably a result of gonorrhea and he gave me antibiotics. The antibiotics did not work. The pain persists.

    – What connection is there, if any, between throat gonorrhea and Epididymitis?? It doesn’t make sense at all. I had no gonorrhea in my penis.
    – Why didn’t the antibiotics for Epididymitis work? Will this turn into a chronic pain?

    Worried 🙁

    • No direct connection. Having Gonorrhoea of the throat does not mean you have Gonorrhoea of the urethra. However, since you are likely to have had both oral and penetrative exposures to the same partner who gave you the Gonorrhoea, it makes sense that if you had throat gonorrhea you are at risk of urethral gonorrhea. However, 2 urine tests are unlikely to be wrong. I do not know on what basis your doctor suspected gonorrhea causing your epididymitis. If it was not gonorrhea, then it is no surprise that the meds given for gonorrhea did not work.

    • Steven

      How long did it take for you to get the results from your retest? Did you wait three months to retest?

      • drtan

        Usually I would do the test of cure 2 weeks after completion of antibiotics.

  45. Drtan,

    I went to the doctor with a sore throat with white patches on my tonsils. They said it could possibly be throat ghonorrhea because I had oral sex the week before. I got a urine ghonorrhea/ chlamydia test done. Is it possible for throat ghonorrhea to show up in a urine test?


    • Yes it is possible. Throat gonorrhoea will not show up on a urine test.

  46. A week ago me and my partner did oral sex and I gave him a blow job but I put his penis far to my throat. It’s been almost a week already and my throat still hurts. I tried to drink tea, take medicine to get rid of the pain in my throat. I’m thinking its just irritated or something. Could it be I have gonorrea? Please get back to me asap! Thank you !

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Whether or not you have throat gonorrhoea is unfortunately not a question I can answer on an internet forum. You need to see your doctor for that.

  47. HI Doc,

    Last week I had oral sex with a guy, today he says he was infected with oral gronorreah. He says it was trasferred frm me. But i dont hve any symptoms of it. Nw im afraid also. Were to go and check for this infection?

    • 10% of Gonorrhea infections do not show symptoms. Yes, please get checked.

  48. Hi Doctor,

    Does Throat Gonorrhea go away on its own, without antibiotic treatment? (i.e. self limiting) I’ve read on a few websites that it may go away without treatment. This article is one example.

    I’m asking because sometimes throat gonorrea has no symptoms and people would never know they need treatment.

    • I have answered this question before. That is possible but how do we prove it?


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