Throat Gonorrhea

Throat Gonorrhea is more common than previously thought.

It can be spread via deep kissing and oral sex.

Although it can cause severe throat pain, it is frequently asymptomatic.

Diagnosis is made with a throat swab.

What is Throat Gonorrhea?

Throat Gonorrhea (aka Gonorrhea of the Throat, The Clap) is an infection of the throat by the bacteria Neisseria Gonorrhea.

How do I know I have it?

90% of the time, Throat Gonorrhea has no symptoms.

10% of the time, it causes a sore throat, fever and swollen neck glands. This usually happens 2 to 10 days after exposure.

How can I catch it?

Throat Gonorrhea is caught when you have unprotected oral sex with a partner who is infected with gonorrhea.

It is much easier to catch Throat Gonorrhea via receptive penile oral sex (i.e. having your partner’s penis in your mouth) than through receptive vaginal oral sex (i.e. licking or sucking your partner’s vagina).

If I have Throat Gonorrhea can I pass it to my partner?

Yes. If you have Throat Gonorrhea, you can pass it to your partner by having unprotected oral sex.

If your partner develops symptoms of Gonorrhea (pain passing urine, discharge) after having oral sex with you, you should have yourself checked for Throat Gonorrhea.

How do I check for Throat Gonorrhea?

See your doctor. He will take a swab from your throat and send it to the lab for a special culture. Please let your doctor know you are worried about Throat Gonorrhea. It requires a special swab. The normal swab for Strep Throat will not detect Throat Gonorrhea.

How is Throat Gonorrhea Treated?

The commonest treatment for Throat Gonorrhea is an injection of an anti-biotic called Ceftriaxone. If you are unable to take this injection you will be given pills instead. You might need to visit the doctor again to make sure the Throat Gonorrhea is fully cured.

How can I protect myself from Throat Gonorrhea?

Always use a condom when having oral sex.

Are there other STDs associated with Throat Gonorrhea?

Yes. If you have Throat Gonorrhea you likely will have Gonorrhea in other areas such as the Urethra (urine tube) or Anus. You should ask your doctor to check for these too.

Throat Gonorrhea is also associated with other STDs such as HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B.

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  1. i did oral sex for a guy and he cum in my mouth what tests i should do….i cant visit dr to tel me but i can go direct to do tests so please help me and tel me the tests

    • drtan

      Hi Sameh,
      You need to test for HIV, Syhphilis, Hepatitis B, Gonorrhea (throat swab).
      You should always make sure you use protection even for oral sex.
      Please let me know the outcome of your tests. I may be able to give you some advice on treatment.
      dr tan

      • grace acera

        can I take ciprofloxacine?

        • Hi grace acera,

          I need some clinical context in order to give proper advice. Please provide more details. What are you taking Ciprofloxacin for?


          Dr Tan

          • Sunita Tamang

            Hi Dr Tan
            I have really cerious problem which rash mean e itching & sore. It’s really hurts me what’s treatment for cure?
            I am 46 years old woman.

          • I do not understand your question but it sounds to me like you need to see a doctor. This forum is not for medical consultations. If you wish to ask any more question please do so on

      • raquel

        Hi! Ok so I had swollen lymph nodes in my throat and went to see my doctor two days ago. He took a throat culture and called me today and said I have gonorrhea so I received a shot and pills. I haven’t been sexually active before I met my boyfriend and neither was he. We do have oral sex but never anal sex. Is it possible for me to have gonorrhea? And can it be passed through kissing? If yes, I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and a half but I’ve kissed a couple of guys before, can I have had gonorrhea for two years and not known it?
        Thank you very much for your time!

        • Hi raquel,

          A throat culture is really rarely (I would say ‘never’) wrong. So the fact is you had throat gonorrhea. The question to ask is how you caught it. The most obvious exposure, unfortunately, is your oral sex exposure with your boyfriend. I have never known anyone to catch throat Gonorrhea via kissing but I guess it is theoretically possible. The classical teaching tells us it takes 3 to 30 days for symptoms of Gonorrhea to appear. Most symptoms appear within 2 weeks. Of course 10% of patients who catch Gonorrhea do not exhibit symptoms. As painful as it sounds, I think the best course of action is to get your boyfriend tested for Gonorrhea.


          Dr Tan

          • raquel

            Thank you very much first of all.. I did tell him and he will go get checked but is it possible to develop gonorrhea even if I haven’t been sexually active before and neither was he? I mean, will the disease develop on its own in me because I gave him oral sex or does he have to have it first in order for me to catch it??

          • Hi raquel,

            Gonorrhea does not appear out of thin air (unlike Ureaplasma but that is another story that does not apply to you). So the sad reality is someone must have caught it from someone who then passed it to you.


            Dr Tan

      • brad spectre

        I recently got a positive gonorrhea test. After informing my primary partner, we both got treated with the same protocol on the same schedule. Most of the info I see on the net says to wait 7 days before fooling around with anyone again at all (my doctor says it’s more like 4 days).

        My question is, since we are both being treated by the same medications on the exact same schedule, could we have sex during this treatment before the 7 (or 4) days have passed, or will that risk reinfection or something?

      • Hi Tan,
        I am male 4 weeks before i had protected sex and unprotected oral with one sex worker.
        after a week i got throat infection . consulted doctor advise and treatment but i did not mention about the unprotected oral sex to him.

        10 days later i had sex with my partner(unprotected) other day both of us got infected.

        Currently i sometime feel some discomfort in my throat sometimes not. Do i really have to get tested ? or Is this HIV symptom please advise.

        • Sore throat is a symptom of HIV and also a symptom of throat gonorrhea. Sore throat is also a symptom of the common cold and tonsillitis and infectious mononucleosis and throat cancer and quinsy etc etc etc. I cannot tell your what’s you have over the internet neither can I give you medical advice. If your symptoms persists even after treatment the correct thing for you to do is to revisit your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

          • I need help! 2 years ago I engaged in oral sex with my girlfriend and I received strep throat. Turned out she had vaginal strep type B. After her taking medication I tried again and nothing happened. however, after several months later I got another throat infection and doctors could not figure out what it was. I went to an ENT specialist and was tested for throat gonorrhea,STD’s, etc… yet nothing. As a male I enjoy performing oral sex but I have re framed from it for the time being. Also, my partner constantly has UTI infections and this is perhaps a cause of my issues. Please get back at my as soon as possible, thanks!

          • I do not see a question in there. Please post any follow up questions on

      • Hi doctor tan i have a question can you get gonarrhea from fingering a girl then licking it if that girl has it

        • Theoretically that is certainly possible although I have not personally come across such a case.

      • Amanda

        I gave oral sex on satirday night and Sunday morning my stomach hurt and minday morning it’s hurting again. what do you thinks happening?

        • I do not think your symptoms are related to your oral sex exposure.

  2. I had oral sex with my girl friend and know when ever I make out with a girl I get a really bad sore throat what does this mean?

    • Hi Brad,

      Can I assume when you say you ‘make out with a girl’ you mean you have receptive oral sex i.e. your mouth in contact with her genitals? A sore throat following receptive oral sex can be the result of many things. Obviously, we have to rule out the more sinister causes such as Gonorrhea and Candida. But that said, the sore throat could just be due to inflammation caused by normal vaginal secretions. Best to see a doctor to make sure it is nothing.


      Dr Tan

      • brad spectre

        I recently got a positive gonorrhea test. After informing my primary partner, we both got treated with the same protocol on the same schedule. Most of the info I see on the net says to wait 7 days before fooling around with anyone again at all (my doctor says it’s more like 4 days).
        My question is, since we are both being treated by the same medications on the exact same schedule, could we have sex during this treatment before the 7 (or 4) days have passed, or will that risk reinfection or something?

        • Very intelligent question. Logically you are right to say that both of you very likely have the same strain of gonorrhea which should have the same anti-biotic sensitivities which means even if you reinfected each other (i.e from sexual exposures to each other prior to complete eradication of the infection), the treatment in your bodies should still kill off the strain. Unfortunately this assumes certain things that might not be true. 1. Both of your might not have the same bacterial strain OR the bacteria could have mutated or encountered a prion that changed it antibiotic sensitivity and resistance. 2. Even if a bacteria is tested to be sensitive to a particular antibiotic in vitro, it might not be the case in vivo. i.e. there is always a chance of treatment failure. 3. Depending on what regime of medication you are on, the medicine might not still be in your body in 3 days assuming that is when you start to be sexually active again. This applies more to the single shot antibiotics which are a very common treatment for gonorrhea. So in a nutshell, yes there is a risk of reinfection if you resume sexual activity before the bacteria is completely killed. I personally would advise 14 days of abstinence OR more ideally doing a test of cure first. Please ask any follow up questions on

  3. Hi Dr. Tan,
    I’m concerned because about 3 years ago, I performed oral sex on my husband (at the time) and later found out he had been unfaithful. I ended up with a “strep” throat not a few days later. When I went to Medimerge, they said I tested negative for strep, but they gave me amoxicillin anyway and it went away. I’ve always had tonsil stones growing up and still do. But today, I came across your site and got very scared. I made my first gyno appointment. Can the gyno do the throat culture, or do I rely on my regular dr to do that? Also, I havent really had “strep” symptoms, and since this was 3 years ago, do you think I would have the gonorrhea in my throat? I’m very worried. Friends have drank out of my glass before, can they get it if I have it? I’m very worried.

    • Hi Amy,

      It is really unlikely you have throat gonorrhea. Any doctor can do a throat swab for gonorrhea culture. You should get this done to get peace of mind. Even if you do have thorat gonorrhea it is very easily treated with the correct antibiotics. It is near impossible to spread gonorrhea via sharing glasses. Don’t worry too much and get the test done. From your history I am fairly certain you will be OK.


      Dr Tan

  4. Hi Dr. Tan,
    I have had chronic tonisilitis for about 4 months now, and have been treated repeatedly for Strep throat, but it keeps recurring. The first episode was after oral sex, but I have since tested negative for gonorrhea/chlamydia and pretty much every other STD. However, the testing just included blood& urine tests, not a throat swab. Is it possible that I could be positive in my throat but negative elsewhere?

    • Hi Cindy,

      Absolutely. Gonorrhea is very site specific i.e. if it is in your throat, you do not find it anywhere else on your body. If you suspect you have throat gonorrhea you absolutely need to get a throat swab and specifically tell the lab to culture for gonorrhea.


      Dr Tab

      • I actually had a throat culture done yesterday at the request of my ENT. Do I still need to ask that they look for gonorrhea specifically, or will that be tested on a general throat culture?

        • Hi Cindy,

          Yes you do need to ask them to look for Gonorrhea specifically. A regular bacterial culture will not pick up gonorrhea.


          Dr Tan

          • What are the symptoms of throat gonorrhea and what would ur throat look like?

          • Very severe sore throat, swollen neck glands. Pus in the throat.

  5. Guillermo Farinas

    Dr. Tan,

    With all due respect, why don’t you advise your clients to live moral lives and avoid any and all venereal diseases? It seems that you advise protection through the use of condoms, etc. but I have not seen any counseling which encourages abstinence.


    Guillermo Farinas

    • Hi Guillermo Farinas,

      I appreciate your comment. One of my key principles in dealing with patients who suffer from STDs is to be non-judgemental. I feel that at the point of seeing me, the last thing a patient would like to hear is a lecture on morality. The fact is most patients already regret bitterly what they have done and have an over-riding sense of guilt. They have come to the conclusion of ‘not doing something so stupid again’ (in their own words) long before I have the chance to tell them. I feel that I am in no position to impose a judgement of morality on my patients. But I sincerely appreciate your comment and would be very interested to hear your views on the matter.


      Dr Tan

    • Because he’s a scientist, not a preacher.

    • Mr. Farinas,

      With all due respect, why don’t you stop pontificating and become a member of the reality-based community?


  6. Hello. From 4 years ago i did give oral sex to a male. I did it again for two years ago. For the last year i have been with a girl. I have only protected intercourse with her. But i often give her oral sex ( not protected). And now i have got a std test and it shows i have gonorrhea in the throat. Who has infected me?

    I have had three hiv test 2 rapid and one lab all negative. But im affraid that if i had gonorrhea in my mouth from the male and its still there i must have som kind of weird immunsystem, and then maybe i am not prroducing antibodies to hiv and then they are negativ.

    Because is it ot really rarely to have gonorrhea in the throat for 2-4 years?

    • Hi Andy,

      There is no way to tell who infected you. It is definitely possible for a totally healthy person to have an asymptomatic Gonorrhea infection. I really do not think there is anything wrong with your immune system. Your HIV tests are definitely accurate for your exposure 2 years ago. What you need to do is first get your throat Gonorrhea infection properly treated. Do a repeat Gonorrhea test 2 weeks after treatment to make sure it is gone. And stop worrying about having caught HIV from your male partner.


      D Tan

  7. Okay thanks for answering. But is it really likely to have throat gonorrhea for two years. When i read other places they say it often go away after weeks.

    BUt thanks for answering.

    • Hi Andy,

      You use the words ‘likely’ and ‘often’. As you can see, nobody ever states anything conclusively e.g. no one ever says ‘you can NEVER have throat gonorrhea for 2 years.’ Similiarly no one ever says ‘throat gonorrhea ALWAYS goes away after weeks.’ The fact is in medicine anything is possible albeit not probable. There is really no point in you wondering where and when you got gonorrhea. The important thing is to get treated and screen for the other STDs.


      Dr Tan

      • hello! i had sex a week agofor the 1st time in my life and the next day i experienced an urgency to urinate, burning sensation that lasts about 5to10 seconds after urnination occurs, a throbbing sensation before and after urinationan in my pubic region, spotted pinkish color after i wipe. i brought a generic version of azo and it took away my urge to urinate and the throbbing sensation.however the burning still persists. i urinate on myself frequently. we used a condom vaginally but not analy or orally. we switched from anal to oral to vaginally regularly. i dont know if this is a uti or gohnorreah….im terrified and i need help.! thank you

        • Hi gem,

          Can I assume you are the female partner? I agree with your differential diagnosis of your symptoms either being either caused by a UTI or Urethritis. Unfortunately, I cannot make a diagnosis for you. Similiarly you should not be trying to diagnose and treat yourself. You need to see a doctor and get the appropriate tests done. Please do this soon. Untreated UTI can lead to kidney infections. Untreated Urethritis can lead to infertility.


          Dr Tan

  8. hey one last question.

    Okay i wrote to you before about gonorrhea in my throat. But here is the full story wich i think is a little weird.

    Well the first test were i was testet for all stds they used a culture for my throat to search for gonorrhea two times.

    The first was positive second negativ. Then i went up there, and i decided to have a retest (this is one week later). So they did. Again two times with a culture but more effectiv this time. A week later the hospital calls me and said i had gonnorrhea. I thougt this was because the retesting was positive.
    So i went up there to get my treetment. But acturly both my retest was negativ. The reason i have got treetment was because the made the gonorrhea form the first positiv grow, – so they were sure.

    But is it not strange that 3 out of 4 were negativ? Or have you seen it before?

    Best regards

    • Hi Andy,

      To help you understand the logic behind your doctor’s decision, I have to explain to you the science behind the test for throat gonorrhea. Please bear with me while I go through the dry scientific stuff. A test for throat gonorrhea is done by culture. In other words, we swab the throat and rub in on a special gel that will only allow gonorrhea to grow. If gonorrhea starts to grow on the gel, it MUST have come from your throat. This is because it is near impossible for the swab to have been contaminated with gonorrhea from anywhere else. Even is the swab accidentally touched your face or the physician’s glove or the table top etc etc, these are surfaces that contain other bacteria but NOT gonorrhea. So it is ‘impossible’ to get a false positive on a throat swab for gonorrhea culture. The reverse is also very true. It is all TOO EASY to get a false negative on a throat swab. This is because the amount of gonorrhea in the throat of a symptomless patient can be very low and thus either is not swabbed or not swabbed enough to grow on a culture plate. Also, it is a whole lot easier for doctors to ere on the side of safety and say you require treatment. This is because in our minds, the downside of getting an injection of Ceftiaxone is very minimal compared to the downside of leaving a gonorrhea throat infection untreated. I know this is not ideal but I’m sure you can appreciate the thought process. So although you got 3 out of 4 tests negative (No I have not seen this before), it is very difficult to ignore the positive test and it is very easy to just give the injection to ‘cover our assess’. Excuse my French. Hope that helps.


      Dr Tan

      • My partner exhibited symptoms of Gone-rhea of his penis dripping and he went to get tested for it, it came back positive with Gonerhea. I went the following day to get tested. We did not see each other for 7 days and in that week our results came back. He tested positive for it and I tested negative. I have been with this man for about 2 months. We have been having sex since late October and he had symptoms in November, swears to me that his last partner before me was oral sex and it was back in August. Could he have had this STD this long before showing the drip symptoms in his penis and didn’t give it to me?

  9. Hey dr. tan. Thanks again for answering.

    I understand that if the lab make it grow, there must be gonorrhea. I was thinking that the lab make a mistake with names, so one swab from another was in my test – swich, but i know thats a long shot too. But still i guess it is not common at all to have 3 negative and positive either.

    But it is not fun me, because i had a terrible time being so affraid of hiv that it destroid my life for a half yer. Now i had those 3 test but with all this gonorrhea i am still affraid. And have difficult to belive those test. And i know if i got gonorrhea fom giving oral to that man, it raised chance of getting hiv several.

    I know its two differents testing but stil..
    What do you know about people who never makes hiv antibodies or have delayed window from 2 to 4 years? And do a co gonorrhea infection something to do with that?

    Ps: the hiv test were two determine hiv 1 2, And a lab combi. All two years after the protected(no protected oral) sex.

    Sorry for all the questions.

    • Hi Andy,

      Of course misxing up samples is a possibility but as you said, it is extremely rare, at least in Singapore. There is no such thing as a delayed window period of 2 to 4 years. Do not scare yourself unnecessarily. You do not have HIV. You need to accept that fact. It sounds to me that your level of worry is reaching an unhealthy level. Have you ever considered speaking to a counsellor? Maybe worrying about HIV is a manifestation of a seperate issue?


      Dr Tan

  10. Hey dr. Tan

    Yes i know it is a problem for me. Keep searching for a reason that the test i had dont work. Me not producing antibodies, delayed, or test failer. And i know it is not healthy. Think i maybe will have one more duo and then try to forget it and live my life again.

    Best regards.

    • Hi Andy,

      I’m gald you realise the real issue and really hope you can overcome it. Please do not feel inhibited to seek professional psychological help if you need it.


      Dr Tan

  11. Can you get gonorrehea if you had oral sex for literally maybe five seconds at most, and the partner did not cum?


    • Hi Clarissa,

      It is certianly possible but highly improbable.


      Dr Tan

      • raquel

        Hi! Ok so I had swollen lymph nodes in my throat and went to see my doctor two days ago. He took a throat culture and called me today and said I have gonorrhea so I received a shot and pills. I haven’t been sexually active before I met my boyfriend and neither was he. We do have oral sex but never anal sex. Is it possible for me to have gonorrhea? And can it be passed through kissing? If yes, I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and a half but I’ve kissed a couple of guys before, can I have had gonorrhea for two years and not known it?
        Thank you very much for your time!!

  12. Hi doctor if Someone hasThroat Gonorrhea would it ever get so bad a person would have to get surgery?

  13. Hi Dr. Tan,

    I tested positive for strep b from a urethral swab and am now on a course of anti-biotics which will clear the infection.

    All the reading I’ve done on strep b doesn’t seem to say anything about the infection in relation to sex however I can only find information on the potential risk it poses to newborns from an infected woman, and information on serious strep b infections (which I don’t have) that sounds quite serious.

    My question is how I could have caught this, is it necessarily sexually transmitted (?), will the anti-biotics course clear the infection completely and are there any long-term health risks? And finally I only have protected sex with my partner, is there any risk of transmission from this and/or oral sex?


    • Hi Stephen,

      Good question. Strep B is a tricky topic. We know that Strep B is a commonly found commensal of a woman’s vagina. Occasionally it can cause vaginitis. Whether or not it is sexually transmitted to men is really up for debate. You can appreciate that it will be extremely difficult to conduct a scientific study to determine if every man that has Strep B in his urethra caught it from a woman with Strep B in her vagina. I lean more to believing it is not sexually transmitted. Strep B is very easily treated with standard antibiotics and ther are no long term health risks. Again, whether or not Strep B is sexually transmitted is really up for debate. The fact that you only have protected sex tells me it is highly unlikely you caught it from your partner. Or if you caught it from anyone at all for that matter. Why did you do a urethral swab in the first place?


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr. Tan,

        Thanks for your reply. I had the swab as part of a full STD screen, everything else was negative incidentally, which I usually have periodically as part of a wider health screen just to check I’m in good health. I was slightly confused about it being sexually transmitted so thank you for the information. Good to know there aren’t any long term implications as well.

        With an infection of the urethra tract is it normal to feel some discomfort/pain around the lower abdominal area (3 to 4 inches above the penis)? I’m getting this when I run, not when I pass urine, but attributed it to a lower abdomin or groin strain.

        Appreciate your help,


        • Hi Stephen,

          Cystitis (bladder infection) can cause pain the the suprapubic region (exactly the area you described). But cystitis is usually accompanied by irritative symptoms (pain passing urine, urinary frequency and urgency) though not all the time. Sometimes cystitis presents with only nausea and vomiting. Cystitis is also uncommon in men and can be associated with STDs, Prostate problems or stones. That said, it really does not sound to me that you have cystitis. Techinically speaking groin strain is in the groin and not lower abdomen. It could be a rectus abdominis strain. You might want to see your doctor just for a simple urine microscopy test to rule out any bladder issues.


          Dr Tan

  14. Dr. whats the cost of throat gonorrhea test in your clinic?
    And if one gets it (god forbid that) how much is the cost for treatment?
    I am having a neck pain on my extreme right side to the shoulder,since almost 2 months, and now its gradually going to my back, i am having an anxiety, i could have it, but i need to arrange the money before I go for the test, so can u give me a rough amount? Thanks

    • Hi Trey,

      Our charges: Consultation – $35, Throat swab for Gonorrhea Culture – $50, Ceftriaxone 250mg Injection for treatment of Gonorrhea – $20.


      Dr Tan

  15. Hi Dr Tan,

    I’m male and I had sex with a guy in a sauna about a week ago.

    We did French kissing (with lots of tongue contact) and I performed oral sex on him. As he had precum on his penis tip, at no point did I lick or suck his penis head into my mouth. I only licked and sucked on his scrotum and parts of his penis shaft. I believe my only contact with his precum was on my fingers when I was stroking his penis. After which, we had anal sex with condom on, with me being the receptive partner.

    I had a mild sore throat approximately 5 days later, with some ocassional light cough. Nose can be a little blocked at times. However it doesn’t feel like the typical common cold/flu that I usually get.

    I have colleagues who have been having cold/flu in the office. Could my symptoms be just a case of common cold/flu, or could this be a case of throat gonorrhea?

    Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    • Hi Brian,

      Sounds like a common cold but there is really no conclusive way to tell unless you get tested.


      Dr Tan

  16. Hi im just a bit worried as a couple of weeks ago i bought a thong and new underwear from a retail store….however when i got home i forgot to wash them before i wore them….is there any chance i could have caught at std like this?
    i have no symptoms.

    many thanx

    • Hi julie,

      I think you are being more worried than you need to be. Techinically, it is possible to get infectious diseases such as Molluscum and HPV from sharing towels and clothes. That’s why most stores have a no trying, no return, no refund and no exhange policy when it comes to intimate clothing. If you develop any growths in your genital region then you should see your doctor. But really this is unlikely unless you think the store is selling you used underwear.


      Dr Tan

  17. Thanx DR Tan, i know i may be a bit of a hypercondriact, but what if someone had tried them on? but the infected fluid would have been dry? can you still catch something this way as only vaginal secretions would need to be alive for a infection to be contracted….thankyou for all your help i could just be overeacting.

    king regards

    • Hi julie,

      You still can catch something from dried vaginal fluid. But it is not only vaginal fluid that can transmit disease, for example Mollusucm can transfer directly from the affected skin to the clothing.


      Dr Tan

      • oh ok thankyou dr tan…just one last questions, can you specifically catch gonnoreah like this?


  18. Kezametsuki

    Dear Dr Tan,

    i like ask you opinion,i am just married with a young widow. on beginning on december 2011 i did cuningus (liking her mrs V) but not made love, and then on 14 & 22 Dec 2011 i made love with her. on 23-29 December i began to feel somenthing weird on my urethra and get bad disuria. i did get pain, or burn sensation, or something out from my penis while pee but i feel discomfort on my urethra to anus.

    i met a doctor an he gave me :
    1. Thiamphenicol 500mg (7 tabs) , he commanded me to take it 7 tab as a single dose

    2. Urogenix 100 mg (12 tabs), 2 tablet directly at first, and then 3×1 for later

    3. Zibramax, 500mg (4 tab), take it 2x500mg as a single dose a day,

    HE DIDNT SAY WHAT HAPPEN WITH ME (I FORGOT ALSO), what happened with me Dr Tan?? did i get Gonorrhea?

    • Hi Kezametsuki,

      It sounds to me that you either had Urethritis or Cystitis. There is no way to know now as you did not get any tests done and have already been treated. If you have any worries I suggest you follow up with your doctor.


      Dr Tan

      • kezametsuki

        doc, last night i did “self serving” because i wanted to know how my semen was, surprisingly the semen is in yellow color, is this the side effect of the drug that have been taken 2 days ago??

        • Hi kezametsuki,

          There are many causes of discoloration of the semen. It is impossible for me to tell you what caused it. You should see your doctor.


          Dr Tan

  19. Kezametsuki

    edit: i began to feel somenthing weird on my urethra and get bad disuria. i DID NOT get pain, or burn sensation, or something out from my penis while pee….

    thanks dr Tan, i am going to see my doctor ASAP, now i feel better although still have disuria but its debit of pee is normal

  20. Kezametsuki

    Doc, i have been on a laboratory and this is the result, what is it mean??


    my wife:…56049088_n.jpg

    • Hi Kezamatsuki,

      I cannot see the images. Are you sure you want to publish the images here? Do they contain any information that can be used to identify you? I advise you to maintain your identity confidential on public forums like this.


      Dr Tan

  21. Hello dr Tan. I wrote to you in november about me having a positive and 3 negative culture. I got treated then. But today i went to the hospital to get checked after my treatment (and to get a new hiv test, still paranoid i guess). But here they told me that the lab has made a mistake and it was not gonnorrhea after all. But is there any bacteria that looks like gonorrhea, even when they were able to make it grow?
    But still funny they find out of the mistake because i have not phoned them or anything.

    But just to tell you i never had gonnorrhea.

    • Hi Andy,

      That is amazing. Maybe they mized up the samples. But I am very happy for you either way.


      Dr Tan

  22. Hello Dr Tan. I think I have throat gonorrhea because my boyfriend and I had oral twice and each time he cummed into my mouth and I sucked it… I don’t want to let my mother know because she will be disappointed.i have taken a pelvic exam yesterday. I have a sore throat and a thick yellow discharge. I don’t want my parents to find out. Is the results confidential? Since I am under 16, I have no idea what’s going to happen but I’m freaking out. I feel really stupid. Also, can I get treatment without my parents knowing and how much?

    • Hi Bao,

      Since you have already taken a pelvic exam don’t you think its a little too late to ask if the results are confidential? The legal age of consent in Singapore is 16. Having carnal knowledge of a woman under the age of 16 is by definition a criminal act. I am not sure if this applies to oral sex. However, in Singapore, having oral sex that does not end in vaginal sex is also in breach of the law. Any doctor who suspects that a woman under the age of 16 is having sexual intercourse is mandated and required to report it. Now to your medical question: Since you only had oral sex, then you should not be worried about the think yellow vaginal discharge. As long as you have not had vaginal sex, you can be sure you do not have any STD infection in your vagina. As for your sore throat, it could be throat gonorrhea. You need to see a doctor and have that tested. My suggestion to you (bearing in mind that I am also a parent) is to speak to your parents about it. I do not think you are at an age where you can handle all this on your own. If you need more help and counselling, I suggest you call up AWARE.


      Dr Tan

  23. Thank you but however. I’ve asked the pharmacist and they’ve said it was just a normal sore throat and there was no spotting in my throat found.

  24. Hello Dr Tan,

    Hope you can advice me a little.3 days ago i had (protected )sex with someone who told me just after 2 days that he has got throat gonorhea. i am really worried because we kissed and we also participated in oral sex, next day of this act i had sex with my regular partner which was unprotected, i am rally wondering about if i have caught the gonorrhea on me and if so then what are the chances of passing it to someonelse just after next day of being in contact with gonorrhea infected person.
    please advice.

    • Hi mark,

      Gonorrhea is very contagious. Unfortunately it is very likely that you caught it and it is very likely that you passed it to your partner. You really need to get yourself tested and treated. If you do indeed test positive for Gonorrhea then you should tell your partner to test also.


      Dr Tan

  25. Hello Dr. Tan,

    A friend claims he caught Gonorrhea simply from a prostitute using Saliva as lube – when giving him a ‘hand job’… I was wanting your opinion – if that is possible?
    He claims his GP told him that it is IF she has Throat Gonorrhea??

    • Hi jason,

      Yes it is possible if she has throat gonorrhea. His GP is absolutely right.


      Dr Tan

      • mmmm Interesting, so If the lady was to spit her Saliva onto his Penis or hand then rub his Penis, it is Possible to infect him?
        I find that interesting as I have read that the disease can not survive outside the infected area, and everywhere else I read other experts say it is impossible to catch it this was – Can you please give me more insight/info?
        Cheers, J

        • Hi Jason,

          It is very difficult to say something is ‘impossible’ in medicine. Th fact is Gonorrhea is a bacteria. It can infect the throat. Which means this bacteria can easily be found in saliva. And if saliva that is carrying the Gonorrhea bacteria manages to find its way to the urethral opening of the penis, it stands to reason that it can then infect the urethra of the penis.


          Dr Tan

  26. hi dr. tan

    last week i had an abortion b4 i left the clinic they gave me antibotics because they said i had vagnitis i got a call today and they said i had gonorrhea…my side been hurting lating i thought maybe from the abortion then my throat started hurting bad my throat glands is swelled can i have throat gonorrhea? im suppose to go 2mrrw to get the shot…but will it cure the throat gonorrhea to is it the same bacteria? im kinda scared

    • Hi kacie,

      It is imperative that you go get the shot for Gonorrhea. It will cure Gonorrhea in you no matter where it is. I am afraid the pain in your side could be a symptoms of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which has serious consequences for you. You really do not need to be scared or worried. The fact is you have a Gonorrhea infection. As long as you follow your doctor’s advice and get the treatment, you will be OK.


      Dr Tan

  27. Hello Dr Tan.
    its Mark and we have talked earlier. i was in contact with somebody who was tested gonorheoa, hence why i visited the clinic to get my test done, they took swap from my throat, anus and penis and i am still waiting for my results to come through, yesterday(3 days after the test) i called the clinic to get my results and found out that my swabs were negative but they cant be sure untill all the results from the lab come back for 7 more day.

    My question is- After being in contact with gonorheoa infected person what are the chances of passing it on to the next person i slept with next day if my swabs result are negative? i will have full result in few days though.

    Thanking you in anticipation

    • Hi mark,

      If your swabs are truly negative that means you do not have Gonorrhea. You cannot pass an infection that you do not have.


      Dr Tan

  28. Thanks Dr mark, I am still waiting for the lab results which may come in a couple of days, hopefully they all will be negative, from my understanding swab results come in 2-3 days which are neg :) so i believe i am going to be all fine and not infected somebody else as we had protected sex all i was worried was gonoehreoa .


  29. Dear Dr. Tan,

    If leave throat gonorrhea untreated (after performing oral sex), what will happen? May it cause serious problems or it may clear up on its own?

    Thank you very much!

  30. Hey Dr.

    I found out that I had gonnoreha, and I think my partner could have got it in the throat, is it possible that he can pass it on by kissing?

    • Hi De,

      It depends where your Gonorrhea infection is. Yes gonorrhea can be passed by kissing.


      Dr Tan

  31. I appreciate so much this forum. I may have just scared myself to death looking at symptoms on the internet, but I can’t help but be worried. I had unprotected oral sex with a man last week (I gave, but did not receive). The next night I had a bump on my lip which turned out to be nothing, I guess. It went away by morning. Over the weekend, however, I started to feel feverish. I had no temperature, but I just felt like I had one. Between Sunday and today I’ve started to feel fatigued, my eyes seem glassy and a little (not much) veiny (I really can’t attest to the coloration of the whites of my eyes because I don’t pay much attention to it, typically; in fact, those around me who I’ve asked said they couldn’t really tell either, but they could see what I may see). On Sunday my thumb knuckles (I don’t know what they’re really called so I just made that phrase up) hurt a lot, and after I popped them, the pain went away. Although they still seem tight, they don’t hurt anymore. Today it felt like I had slightly watery eyes, my throat is scratchy, and I have a lot of drainage.

    To add to the mix, I take Vyvanse for ADD, and my prescription ran out last Thursday. I spent the weekend without it (which, I guess, could have led to some of my fatigue). I also lost my glasses in October and haven’t gotten a new pair, which has led to my constant computer staring for work without them (which could be the cause of my eye issue, if it even is an issue).

    With the strange weather we’ve had lately, I guess these things could just be coincidental allergies that are driving me crazy while I look at STD symptoms. I don’t know.

    I don’t have any painful discharges or sores on my body. I have no rashes. I have a bump or two under my tongue, but I don’t know that they weren’t there before because I don’t feel them, they don’t hurt, I dip tobacco (so it could be leukoplakia), and I see those bumps even in normal mouths.

    Do I have anything to worry about? I don’t know if I’m just scared and chasing nothing or if I have reason to worry. Does any of this sound like STD?

    • Hi Jerrold,

      Those are a lot of symptoms. However none of them sound like STDs. Since you are obviously extremely worried, why don’t you go for STD screening and put your mind at ease? After ruling out your worst fears, see a doctor and find out what exactly is causing your symptoms.


      Dr Tan

  32. Hi Doctor, I was diagnosed with gonorrhea after a vaginal swab. I received treatment at a Gum Clinic (with an injection and 4 tablets for chlamydia as well). That was 4 days ago. I also had a swab taken in my throat but don’t know whether that tested positive or not. The doctor told me to wait 7 days before having sex again, but I wondered if I should wait longer (to check the results of the throat swab), or perhaps get a follow up test done to make sure the gonorrhea is gone.
    Thank you

    • Hi Jane,

      Those are very good questions indeed. My usual practice is to ask my patients to abstain for 14 days and return to sexual activity after a test-of-cure (a repeat test to make sure the infection is gone). The results of the throat swab are inconsequential as you have already received treatment for Gonorrhea.


      Dr Tan

  33. I just wanted to say you are an awesome Dr to be answering all these questions. I had throat gonorrhea a few years ago, and I thought I was dying! I couldn’t swallow anything! When I tried, it would come out of my nose! The pain was terrible and I had a fever of 103 as well as my neck so swollen it looked like I had the mumps! The first Dr I went to did a strep test, which came up negative, but gave me antibiotics that didn’t work. I got so sick from the fever I guess I began hallucinating. It was awful! If i.had found a website like yours I wouldn’t have had to go thru all that suffering. I was sick for Weeks, unable to even swallow a spoonful odd water st a time. Anyway, thanks four all you do

    • Hi candi,

      Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad you got through that experience OK.


      Dr Tan

  34. Dear: DRTan

    I had chlamydia 5 months ago but my partner and i got treated, after i was diagnose with chlamydia my throat started to get sore and it started to bothers me a lot, it had been 5 months since i had chlamydia and throat is still sore, it doesn’t hurt but it bothers me like if i have something in there, I’m worry because we had oral sex and I’m concern that i may had gonorrhea in my mouth even thought i didn’t have it in my vagina, i only had chlamydia or there’s a way i could get chlamydia in the throat?

    thank you a lot

    • Hi cristal,

      Aside from STDs, there are many causes of a lingering sore throat including and not limited to chronic tonsillities, post-nansal drip, acid reflux etc etc. Why are you so focused on STDs alone? The correct thing to do is to see a doctor and find out what is exactly causing your sore throat and get it fixed.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr. Tan. I performed oral sex on my girlfriend and four days later my throat began to get sore, she told me she was Std free as we discussed it before but I am a bit worried. Although, the weather has been freezing lately and a virus has been going around, a cold. I’m not sore anywhere else, I urinate fine, my genitals are fine, and when I look at my throat it looks fine, there are no red spots or white patches. It’s been a few days. I’m not sick.. so what do you think?

        • I’m sorry. I do not know what you want from me. This forum is not for medical consultations.

  35. I recently got a throat infection but it was and still is entirely painless. My symptoms were only that I had quite swollen tonsils and I was given amoxycillin. I was tested for strep and mono but the results were negative. A day or two afterwards I noticed that I had small bumps on the back of my tongue, and also there seemed to be bumps on the back of my throat. I went to another doctor who gave me chlorpheniramine aswell as an anti histamine and dissolvable apsrin to gargle. We did another throat swab but the results will take a couple days to get back.
    I’m very freaked out by this because I had oral sex on a girl who hasn’t been tested. She now has the same symptoms on her throat. Do you have any idea what this could be?

    • Hi Ellen,

      It is impossible for me to diagnose you via the Internet. There are many possible causes of sore throat aside from infection eg acid reflux, post nasal drip etc. It is best not to jump to conclusions. If you suspect throat Gonorrhea, you can ask your doctor to swab for it. Otherwise you have to trust your doctor to be able to reach a diagnosis.


      Dr Tan

  36. Hi Dr. Tan,
    Last year in July my doctor found out that i had a gonorrhea from unprotected anal sex and she gave me medicines to cure it. My partner gave me an oral sex while undergoing the medication and days after that he had a sore throat. I couldnt tell him that i just had a gonorrea instead i accompanied him to have a check up with a public doctor in his place. The doctor advised him to take clyndamycin and weeks after that the sorethroat is gone. Is it possible that the gonorrhea is totally gone from his throat from not taking a an advisable medication for gonorrhea?
    Thanks! Your response will be highly appreciated!

    • Hi Ivan,

      You had urethral Gonorrhea infection then your partner used his mouth on your genitals? In that case he is definitely at risk of throat Gonorrhea. The advisable thing to do is to get him checked for throat Gonorrhea.


      Dr Tan

  37. Hi Dr Tan,

    I perform an unprotected Cunillingus to a CSW 42 days ago. Protected Fellatio and Protected Intercourse. Went to your clinic, Did Combo test on 29 days and came back negative and also Rapid HIV Test on 41 day as well as Rapid Syphillis on 41 day and both came back negative. Decided to have a full STD check up which was done also on 41 days and waiting for result.

    Thing is on the 36 days roughly last thursday I experiencing sore throat and it is still going on till today (6 days). Can this be a possible throat gonorrhea symptoms even though it is 5 weeks after exposure?? I was told I dun need to worry about throat gonorrhea as such didn’t do the throat swabs. how about Chlamydia symptoms after 5 weeks??

    Thank you

    • Hi Taro,

      Not every symptom is due to STDs. Have you thought of seeing a doctor a out your sore throat? Maybe it’s just a cold.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        Thankyou for taking the time to reply.

        I did see 3 doctors so far. First 2 gave me anti inflammation some paracetamol and cough syrup.

        3rd Dr which I visit to get the STD check up, prescribed me with Erythro 250 MG.

        Hopefully it is just a normal cold.

        Just like to confirm. How accurate is the Rapid Syphillis test compare to VRDL ?

        Thank you

        • Hi Taro,

          The rapid Syphilis test has a higher false positive rate.


          Dr Tan

  38. Hey, i gave oral sex on Sunday morning, by Tuesday I had a mild sore throat accompied with a stuffy nose. Wednesday I notice three small red spots on the roof of my mouth.By Thursday my throat is still mildly sore, my nose is still stuffy and now my right ear hurts. Could I have contracted gonorrhea of the throat and it cause all this? Also I am take Amox-clov 875mg, could this be used to clear the gonorrhea if I have it?

    • Hi Jackie,

      Yes it could possibly be throat Gonorrhea. No amoxicillin clavulinic acid is not effective on Gonorrhea.


      Dr Tan

  39. Hey Dr Tan,
    I have recenty been diagnosed of throat and anal gonorrhea. My urethral swab tested negative but i have recently noticed symptoms- itching and mild burnning when urinating.
    Would the injection cure all of the gonorrhea infection or could it be possible that the anal and throat be cured and the urethral still be there?
    Shoud i ask for a urthral swab test when they are testing if the infection has gone in two weeks time?

    • sorry i should have said i was given the injection for treatment

    • Hi joe,

      The same injection should cure Gonorrhea in all areas. Of course we are assuming it is the same strain of Gonorrhea. The safe thing to do is to get a urethral swab when you go for your test of cure.


      Dr Tan

  40. Garret

    Hi mr Tan.
    I know it’s possible to catch throat gonorrhea by doing an unprotected blowjob. I’m just wondering,do you have an idea of the probability to catch it with ejaculation (pre ejaculation liquid) vs with ejaculation in the mouth?
    If the throat is sore after 3-4days, how long do i have to wait to go pass the tests?
    Once i took the medication and it’s gone, is it still in my blood? Can i pass it to my partner or it’s gone?

    • Hi Garret,

      It stands to reason that ejaculation in the mouth increases the risk of throat gonorrhea for the receptive partner as this exposes the receptive partner to a greater bacterial load. However, I cannot say that I am aware of any scientific proof of this. If you have had a sore throat for 3 to 4 days, the correct thing to do is to see a doctor. There are other non-STD causes of sore throat like Streptococcus that are just as nasty as Gonorrhea. Once treated, Gonorrhea is gone and you cannot pass it one to anyone else. However, treatment can be challenging due to the increasing antibiotic resistance of Gonorrhea. After treatment, I usually conduct a test of cure to make sure it is truly gone.


      Dr Tan

      • Garret

        Thanks a lot for the quick answer, it’s truly appreciated.

        • Hi Garret,

          Appreciate the appreciation. You are very welcome.


          Dr Tan

  41. Hi Dr Tan,

    A couple of months ago I went on a break with my commited partner. I took part in casual sex (oral sex, kissing – no anal) with someone else and did get a sore throat. This not uncommon for me because i do get them quite easily just from kissing. The doctor just treated me for strep throat (no test made- just looked at tonsils) and the issue went away and never re appeared and I was fine and healthy.

    I got back with my parter one/two months later and started the committed relationship again and we had sex with no protection. There were no signs of infection between us for nearly 3 months. He went on a working holiday, returned and we had unprotected anal sex. The next day I had burning sensation while urinating, 3 days later I had a discharge. I saw the doctor and after testing i was told it was gonorrhea.

    I am at the point where I am questioning my long term partners commitment… He says he didn’t do anything while away. I would like to believe him. But I experienced these symptoms immidiately after sleeping with him. I am the type of person who is symptomatic and will show any signs even when it comes to medication.

    Is it possible I picked it up from my casual sex partner while we were on break and had gonorrhea this whole time and it travelled from my throat to genitals?

    • Hi Bingo,

      Gonorrhea does not travel. It is a very localised disease. You had Gonorrhea infection of your genitals. It means your genitals was exposed to Gonorrhea. The classic teaching of when Gonorrhea symptoms appear is 3 to 30 days post infection. Most people develop symptoms within 2 weeks. As painful as this sounds, it suggests that you indeed catch it from your committed partner. The best thing to do is to ask him to get tested for Gonorrhea. If you are female he needs to test his urethra. If you are male he needs to check his anus and throat.


      Dr Tan

  42. Thank you for your response Dr Tan.

    • Hi Bingo,

      You are welcome.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        In another scenario – What if the strep throat was actually gonorrhea and I was carrying the whole time.. Is this a possibility? Going from the incubation period you mentioned I figured it would of been passed onto one another in the 2/3 months period via our genitals when we were having oral sex. Either one of us should has symptoms.. Is this correct?

        • Hi Bingo,

          Possible but the medicines for strep are rarely effective against gonorrhea. So the fact that you responded well and rapidly to the meds tells me that it is very unlikely to be gonorrhea. 10% of people who get infected with gonorrhea show no symptoms. So it is very difficult to draw firm conclusions.


          Dr Tan

          • I think the answer is obvious. I need to stop making scenarios and deal with the truth.

            Thank you again.

  43. Hey doc,
    I’m wondering,if i catch throat gonorrhea, and i have symptoms of it (sore throat, swollen neck glands etc), how long do the symptoms usually stay? Could bad breath and caseum be symptoms of it?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Mike,

      The symptoms usually persist for more than a week. It can then develop into a more serious Gonorrhea infection involving your joints or it can subside. Bad breath can defnitely be a symptom of throat infection, not just with Gonorrhea, but any kind of throat infection.


      Dr Tan

  44. Hi, I had oral sex on Saturday(performed and given)… on Tuesday I noticed a foul discharge… and my partner now has a sore throat and stomach ache…I was given metronidazole for an infection… can he have gonorrhea of the throat?

    • Hi jent,

      You are assuming your foul discharge is due to Gonorrhea. I agree that this is a definite possibility but you should not jump to conclusions. Furthermore, you have been given Metronidazole which is NOT the treatment for Gonorrhea. So obviously your doctor does not think you have Gonorrhea. I think you should find out exactly what is causing your discharge first. Then with this knowldege, your doctor can advise you on what tests your partner needs.


      Dr Tan

  45. Elisabeth


    A few days ago I noticed pain during urination. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and it has only gotten worse. My tonsils have white spots all over them. I am sexually active and use a condom during sex, however I have preformed oral sex without a condom. I was wondering what is the likelihood of this being gonorrhea? Or could this be due to something else?

    • Hi Elisabeth,

      Pain during urination is a sign of Gonorrhea. It is also a sign of other STDs like Chlamydia. It is also a sign of non-STD illnesses like Urine Tract Infection. Similarly, a sore throat and tonsils with white spots are signs of throat Gonorrhea. They are also signs of throat infections with other bacteria like Streptococcus. You definitely need to see your doctor to find out what is going on.


      Dr Tan

  46. Hi Dr,

    Refer to my question on the 6/3.

    My partner was tested and it came back negative. I’m confused how that this could be possible. A rectal,throat and urine sample was taken. Even if I was carrying it before hand, considering how contagious it is – I figured I would of at least given it to my partner?!?!?

    I’m very confused Dr Tan… I know my body… I picked something up that night we were intimate… I felt it the next day…. now I’m getting blamed for it. It just does not make sense. My partner was treated regardless.. I have been re-tested after treatment and I am STI free.

    If a rectal swab was taken, does the rectum need to have a discharge in order for it to show in tests? How does a rectal swab get taken? Could this be a mistake????

    • Hi Bingo,

      I empathise. That is a very unexpected result indeed. Unfortunately, since both of you have been treated, it is not possible to retest and see if there were any mistakes in the initial tests. There need not be an active discharge from the rectum for swab tests to be positive. Rectal swabs are done by inserting a small cotton tip platic swab into the rectum. I know it feels terrible to be blamed for something you did not do. I am unable to help you with that. What I can say is medically speaking, both of you are now fine. As hard as it is perhaps the best thing to do is to find a way to put this all behind you and move on.


      Dr Tan

  47. Dr. Tan,
    I am a female college student who had one night of “fun” that has haunted me for almost 4 months now. In early november I performed oral sex on a guy who I never spoke to again. We didn’t do anything else besides that, and I also haven’t had vaginal intercourse in about a year. I noticed before this incident that my throat felt abnormally dry, and I was getting terrible indigestion. I don’t know if this is a coincidence but about a week after that night, I felt a weird feeling in my throat, as if something was stuck in it. It also felt like a lump-like sensation. After I experienced these symptoms for a few weeks I began to burp up acid. I went to a gastro specialist doctor, eventually had an endoscopy done and he took several biopsies. The pathology came back COMPLETELY NORMAL. I was diagnosed with acid reflux and “globus” which is the lump feeling. I also suffer from bouts of anxiety which apparently does not help my GERD or the globus. I still have weird things going on with my throat and I can’t help but obsess over what happened that night. I’m too scared/ashamed to get a gonnoreah throat test done. Should I go to the doctor anyways? Thank you so much for your time.

    • Hi Marie,

      Your symptoms do not sound like they are due to throat gonorrhea. Acid reflux causing a globus sensation is very common and you are absolutely right that anxiety will make it worse. In fact, I have seen patients on Valium just to treat a globus sensation. If your symptoms do not abate with your current treatment (I assume you are on treatment for acid reflux) then the next step should be for you to see an ENT specialist. I would be very very surprised if you have throat gonorrhea given your symptoms.


      Dr Tan

  48. Hi. I have received a positive test for throat gonorrhea and have now had the antibiotic injection. I am bi-sexual and want to know how easy / difficult it is to pass this infection on to a male partner if performing oral sex on him and also to a female partner. In other words – is it easier to pass the infection from the mouth to the penis or vagina, or more likely for it to pass from the penis or vagina to the throat.

    • Hi Mick,

      Hmmm. I cannot say I know of good data to answer this question. Scientifically, it would make sense to say that mouth to penis transmission is probably higher risk than mouth to vagina transmission. Penis to vagina and penis to throat transmission is defnitely way higher than mouth to penis or mouth to vagina in terms of risks. However, I cannot confidently comment on the difference between penis to throat and penis to vagina. That said, there are obviously many many more cases of vaginal (cervical/urethral) gonorrhea infections than throat gonorrhea infections. Hope the answer helps.


      Dr Tan
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  49. Chris R

    Hello Dr. Tan,
    I made the biggest mistake of my life. I caught gonorrhea from a hand job with saliva from a source that I would assume to be HIV +.
    What are my chances of also contracting HIV?

    • Hi Chris R,

      Whoa man. Gonorrhea from a hand job? That is extremely unfortunate. I empathize and hope you got it treated. Fortunately, it is a lot harder to catch HIV. I would say your risk of HIV is extremely low. Nevertheless, you should get tested.


      Dr Tan
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  50. Hi dr tan, does your clinic provides gonorrhoeae and chlamydia throat test? Any other std related to throat that I can do at your clinic? I have no symtom but am concern. Are all your doctors train to take throat test?

  51. Sorry so many questions. Can i say if one did not give oral sex should not get throat gonorrhoeae and chlamydia ? Can kissing on the lips and no saliva can pass on to partner?

  52. i have gotten a sor throat before after eating my girlfriend out but it went away a few days later, and it has happened agian its not swollen or red it just hurts and i have a wierd tast in my mouth costantly whats wrong?

  53. Hello Dr. Tan

    I had oral sex with a male on on Feb 10th. Two days later I began to experience swollen tonsils which progressed to a really severe level 3 days later after the initial symptoms (around Feb 15th). At this time white bacteria began to grow on my tonsils with large red dark spots towards the back of my throat. I had no other severe symptoms, other than some joint pain, tiredness, and low grade sporadic fever. I saw a doctor, who prescribed me Augmentin 1000mg for 5 days. After I finished the course of the prescription the infection completely went away and I felt much better. However, 2 days later the infection came back i.e. swollen tonsils, bacteria on tonsils, and low grade fever. This time also I began experiencing my neck feeling a bit stiff. This time I immediately sought medical attention. Being in Turkey at the time, I requested tests but was rejected any swab or blood work and was thus promptly given another antibiotic (I believe some sort of 2nd generation cephalosporin) called Cefax 500mg for 5 days. After finishing this course of antibiotics (which was March 1st I believe), I felt much better, everything was gone once again. However, like last time the symptoms then reappeared 2 days later once again. Swollen tonsils, low grade fever, tiredness, but this time no Bacteria growth on my tonsils also no red spots. Also this time my neck was was beginning to feel really stiff. Any movement such as walking would hurt my head. It was this pain that started from the back of my neck and went up toward the top of my head. The mobility of my neck was drastically reduced. These symptoms lasted approximately 48 hours. So I went to see a doctor (this time in Europe). I requested a complete blood work, HIV test, fungus, and throat culture (for strep and gonorrhea). All the tests came back normal. I was negative for everything. So this time the doctor prescribed me Ceftriaxone 100mg, 3 times dailyor 10 days. Fluconazole (mouth wash, which I then swalllowed) 1 time per dayor 10 days. And Lastly, 40 mg prednisone 2 times daily for the inflammation for 4 days. I was also taking Bion 3, a probiotic, due to the fact that all my normal good bacteria was demolished in the past month. After taking these medications which I finished around March 19th, I felt much better. All my symptoms were gone and I felt very healthy. However a week later, I am beginning to feel a slight sore throat, but my tonsils are not swollen. It is just a slight pain as if it about to come back, which has been lasting for 4 days now. Also my Uvula has several tiny dark brown/ black spots on them, which I don’t believe is normal. I spoke with several doctors and one doctor brought up the idea of Herpes Esophagitis, which he mentioned he only saw once in a healthy individual who had the same exact symptoms as me. He also mentioned that nomrally Herpes esophagitis was only seen in Immunodepressed individuals (however, I am not immunodepressed, concluding from the blood work and HIV test).
    I asked my doctor if she could perform a Virus culture for my throat to test for Herpes, but she said it was impossible that I would have that so I was not able to receive one.
    I am quite confused and worried that this could be something more severe and that I haven’t completely eradicated the bacteria from my body. And if it is a virus such as Herpes I would like to know so I can seek antiviral medication earlier than later.
    I know you don’t have the answer as to whether it whether it is a virus or a bacteria, but I would really appreciate it if you could give me your thoughts on this situation. What you believe could have been the cause, and if you believe it could still be in my body. What are the next steps I should take?
    I appreciate your time and consideration.
    Thank you,

  54. hi dr.tan i have a check up early this afternoon and the doctor said i have a Gonorrhea and he give me a antibiotics
    *Cefalexin*500mg he said i should take 6 capsules in every 10mins i should do it for 2days

    and the other one is *Ciprofloxacin*500mg too 2 times a day i should take it for 10 days.

    i just want if is it necessary to take 6 capsule of 500mg antibiotic in every 10mins im scared to overdosed

    thanks dr.tan

  55. hi dr.tan i have a check up early this afternoon and the doctor said i have a Gonorrhea and he give me a antibiotics
    *Cefalexin*500mg he said i should take 6 capsules in every 10mins a day i should do it for 2days

    and the other one is *Ciprofloxacin*500mg too 2 times a day i should take it for 10 days.

    i just want if is it necessary to take 6 capsule of 500mg antibiotic in every 10mins im scared to overdosed

    thanks dr.tan

  56. sorry for my bad english

    hi dr.tan i have a check up early this afternoon and the doctor said i have a Gonorrhea and he give me a antibiotics
    *Cefalexin*500mg he said i should take 6 capsules in a drink a day i should do it for 2days

    and the other one is *Ciprofloxacin*500mg too 2 times a day i should take it for 10 days.

    i just want if is it necessary to take 6 capsule of 500mg antibiotic in 1 drink im scared to overdosed

    thanks dr.tan

    • Hi mark,

      This is a question you should be asking your doctor. I cannot comment on another doctor’s medical management especially when he has seen you and I have not.


      Dr Tan

  57. Dr.Tan I had oral sex with a girl(I’m male) about 2 weeks ago(It was not even long as i realized my mistake). About 2 days after we were done I began getting a sore throat which led to what seemed like a common cold. (yellow mucus stuffy nose and such) Now that the other symptoms are gone my sore throat is still here. I am worried and wonder if i have throat gonorrhea. Could it be passed down to the rest of my body as well? I know i should go get checked asap but I’m wondering what your thoughts are. Will throat gonorrhea heal itself after time? what are possible outcomes if it’s left untreated?

    Thanks, kevin.

  58. Hi Dr Tan,

    I am a gay male in a relationship for previous 3 years. I gave oral sex to a couple of men outside of the relationship and caught gonohrea which was confirmed about 6 weeks ago. I was treated about 5 weeks ago and they recommended coming back for a check up and retest to see if it had cleared up. I have two questions. Firstlly I have not given my partner oral sex for the past 14 months so assume that he is not at risk of catching this, is that correct? It was in my throat and we have only kissed although I have received oral sex from him.
    Secondly my throat has been aching a little at points in the last 4 weeks. Is it likely that the gonohrea was not treated and is still there? How effective are the injection and pills?

  59. Hello Dr. Tan,
    I am a male and I have received unprotected oral sex from tow female over past 2 and half month. I have no symptoms of gonorrhea or any other STD. I had regular unprotected sex with my partner of past seven years during these two and half months. Few weeks ago my partner developer a sore throat that is not going away. Please let me know if I can give throat gonorrhea to my partner without any symptoms of my own. Please advise.

  60. Santa

    hey Dr.Tan i`m a male who is having sex with this girl and after sex that same night my penis gland was bright red like a poured pepper on it, days later i developed a rash on the whole gland and foreskin began itching badly and became flaky,next weird thing is that i would wash it clean and dry and not urinate then an hour or 2 l8ter i would have this thick cheese like coating grow over the head but no discharge my cousin had this fungal cream for her skin which i then plastered all over it for a few days which seemed to work but still left some tiny buttons (not herpes)but then horror when my urethra at the tip starts to burn then i start seeing a discharge so i rush to the clinic were the give me 1 Fluconazole and 14 doxycycline so the burning stopped but still had a slight yellow discharge after i go back and i they give me 10 ciprofloxacin and 14 apo doxy (doxycycline) we had oral sex a good few times had a throat infection which i was given medication for then it when away cant remember the name. so is this medication ciprofloxacin potent enough to kill it in the throat or am i in trouble? its been months after and my hiv test is negative i did a swab test and the results arent back yet but i`m sure it gonorrhea or at least chlamydia.right now my throat feels fine and i just started taking the ciprofloxacin.i want this plague completely detroyed doc do you think it will kill the gonorrhea in my throat?

  61. Hi Dr.Tan,

    my partner and I, kissed…(1 hour before,I brushed my teeth that blood came out of my gum while brushing)

    he also touched his genital and pre-cum and he put that HAND in my mouth to suck.

    and with that hand again he touched my face and breast.

    that was all happened.I do not know his meical history. I though I saw small wart on his genital but I am not sure.

    is there any possibility that I might have any disease in this way?(wart,gonorrehae,chlaymedia,mono,hepatitis…)?

    shall I do any test or take any pill?



  62. How long after dong things mentioned above,I need to be tested and cured?

    Thank you

  63. I tried but this page can not be opened. I do not know why.could you please answer me here? the answer is so important for me to know. Thank you very much Dr.Tan. I really appreciate you.

    Warm Regards,


  64. andrea

    i wen to the dr today because my throat was hurting and because i asked about some sex stuff the dr asked if i preformed any oral sex n i lied n said no only because i was nervous but if the give me antibiotics but the are not the one that u listed n i do have n std will it still work for me

  65. 1.If some one has throat gonorrhae, should this person change her personal ,spoon,glass and toothbrush after treatment?

    2.could cefixim 400 be an absolute treatment for throat gonorrhea?

  66. Hi Dr.Tan,

    my partner and I, kissed…(1 hour before,I brushed my teeth that blood came out of my gum while brushing)

    he also touched his genital and pre-cum and he put that HAND in my mouth.

    and with that hand again he touched my face and breast.

    that was all happened.I do not know his meical history. I though I saw small wart on his genital but I am not sure. there any possibility that I might have any disease in this way?(wart,gonorrehae,chlaymedia,mono,hepatitis A B C E, herpes…)?

    2.shall I do any test or take any pill?

    3.How long after doing things mentioned,someone can start treatment for throat gonorrhea?



  67. Hi Drtan,

    treatment of throat , mouth and eye gonorrhea can be treated all the same with cefixime 400?



    • Hi Sara,

      If all the sites are infected with the same strain of Gonorrhea with the same antibiotic sensitivity profile and are all sensitive to Cefixime then yes.


      Dr Tan

  68. joana

    How long does it take for gonorrhea in the throat to go away?

  69. Hi umm i had unprotected oral sex with my partner a year ago he says he had this disease since he was born is it possible that i have throat gonorrehea if i gave him oral sex even though he didnt cum in my mouth

  70. Hi Dr:tan
    I am looking forward to your assist in regard to below matter which is bothering me since 25 days.
    I have lived a passing relationship with one of the girls on 13 June and after 3 days I saw a transparent viscous liquid comes out of the penis and urination become more.
    I went directly to the pharmacist’s who gave me 2 injections of Rocephin (ceftriaxone 1 g, and Ceprofluxasien 500 antibiotic for 5 days in anticipation of both of us that the injury is gonorrhea
    After that nothing come out of the penis but on the ninth day after intercourse with the girl, after the end of medication ceprofluxasien 500 I felt a pain in the urethra and prostate.
    So I took Doxycycline 100 for a 10-day treatment thinking it might be a Chlamydia or Mycoplasma , if any. Still the pain of the urethra and prostate
    During the fifth day of Doxycycline treatment i make some medical tests for the detection of the Mycoplasma /gonorrhea or Chlamydia
    Tests and did not show anything because of the treatment…
    I take the girl to the medical analysis laboratory and found positive for ureaplasma and gonorrhea
    i complete Doxycycline for the rest of 10 days then I went to a specialist and we have now made all medical tests and awaiting for results after 5 days of stopping Doxycycline
    I still suffer from very slight soreness in the throat and the pain is not constant.
    Sensed it from time to time and some muscles pain for a second some times in my arms.
    I need your opinion on this matter please

  71. Dr. I had oral sex with a prostitute. And 2 days later my throat hurts bad. and i feel very light. though it doesn’t hurt when i urinate. If i lick the vaginal part of her then can it be Gonorrhea?
    Please answer it soon i am very concerned.

  72. Juliet

    I had unprotected oral and vaginal sex about a week ago. Two days after I had a sore throat and two days after that I looked in the back of my throat with a flash light and I have very swollen tonsils that have white spots on them. I went into the ER and had a ton of tests done. The doctor at the ER said that it looked like tonsilitis. The symptoms in my vagina are very similar to a yeast infection, but no yeast showed up on the test. I am terrified that I have herpes and am hoping that it is gonorrhea, but I have to wait until next week for my test results. What does it sound like to you?

    • Hi Juliet,

      I cannot make a diagnosis over the Internet. You will have to wait for your results.


      Dr Tan

  73. Ashanti

    I had unprotected oral and vaginal sex 4 days ago. I started to have lower back pains, and a sore throat two days later. I went to the Er and was diagnosed with strep throat, but I wasn’t given a culture test. They prescribed me with amoxicillin and I started taking the medicine before making a doctored appointment to make sure I had strep throat. Although the medicine is working I am very concerned that it is not strep throat, and I cannot get tested because the test will not be effective since I already started taking the medicine. I want to know what my symptoms suggest to you and what is the best instruction on what I should do.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ashanti,

      I cannot diagnose you over the internet. There are multiple possible causes of sore throats. You really need to see a doctor and get properly diagnosed. Do not assume that it is due to your sexual exposure. please ask any follow up questions on


      Dr Tan

  74. Hi Dr Tan,

    I recently visited a gay sauna where some mutual sucking took place, no ejaculation occurred and no other sexual activities happened.

    I have an urge to pee often and recently had a stinging throat when I ate certain food (only lasted a couple of days), my glands are not swollen and it does not burn when I urinate.

    How likely is it I have a STD/STI?

    • Hi Will,

      I do not know. What I can say is oral sex can definitely transmit various STDs like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia etc etc. The only way to tell if you have been infected or not is to get tested. Please ask any follow up questions on


      Dr Tan

  75. hello Dr. Tan,

    I’ve been feeling a little woozy lately, I had a fever two nights ago, and my body was super sensitive in the sense that anywhere I was touched I would be incredibly irritable. My tonsils are also inflamed, only the left side and it was has a little white coating over it. It’s very hard to swallow and I initially thought it could be step throat, being that I’ve had it before but it was on both tonsils, so I decided to get tested for Strep just to make sure because it was odd that it was only on one side. Point is, I got tested for Strep and it came out negative. Then my doctor told me it could be “Kissing Disease” which can also inflame the tonsils and cause a sore throat. That also came out negative. Then he told me it’s possible that it’s Throat Gonorrhea. He prescribed Amoxicillin anyway, saying that it could be just a bacterial infection that should go away with that antibiotic… I have had oral sex recently with my boyfriend, so I guess it could be a possibility that it IS gonorrhea… but what other symptoms should I look out for to be a little more sure? I’m going to the GYN tomorrow to get tested. Is throat gonnorhea curable? and if I have it in the throat, does that also mean I have it elsewhere? Because I’ve also been having unprotected sex with him as well, so that would make sense. Thank you, look forward to hearing from you soon. Nae

    • Hi Nae,

      The only way to know if you have throat gonorrhea or not is to get tested. I am glad you are seeing your doctor for that. Also, I completely agree with you that if you have throat gonorrhea, you might very well have gonorrhea infection in your urethra also. Fortunately, the treatment for gonorrhea will cover all infected areas. Gonorrhea, regardless of site of infection, is very easily curable. Unless you are so unfortunate as to have a multi-drug resistant strain. Fortunately, that is still uncommon. Please ask any follow up questions you have on


      Dr Tan

  76. Today I sent to get tested for chlamydia and gonor. Unfortunately I. Will not get results for a week or two. I haven’t had any unusual duscharge or anything but yesterday my throat started bothering me and now I see white stuff in it. Its just sore and my ear hurt a little. How would I know the difference between a strep throat or gonorrhea of the throat?

  77. Hi doctor,
    Ok so this might be complicated and long to explain but umm so i think i have gonnorhea in both my ass in gential areas. About 4 months ago i started to notice when i would go #2 i would have some white stuff come out in the toilet and would see it everytime i went, and it would also itch, but i thought was from a hemmroid, btw im gay so i do have oral/anal unprotected. After awhile i noticed it wasnt going away after i took some over the couter hemmroid cream for a few weeks.. And now months later im noticing ive been itchig around my gentials but ther is no rash or redness and it dosnt burn when i pee, but the urnine can be foggy sometimes and my penis is always very itch (like the inside of my shaft)… The creamy substance dosnt really come out anymore from my anal and ive nver had the white substance come out my penis… I also had problems with my throat a few times where my tonisls grew alot and the doctor told me i had strep, but now i feel its all cause of tonsils went down but i still fear i have gonorrohea in both my throat and gentials beacuse of all the signs..sorry this was alot and i hope u got all that in..what shuld i do??

  78. And i wanted also to know if i do have gonorrhea, is it real bad that i migt have had for around 4 months now, cause i read if it gets ino the blood that its harder to cure but can be done

  79. And i wanted also to know if i do have gonorrhea, is it real bad that i migt have had for around 4 months now, cause i read if it gets ino the blood that its harder to cure but can be done.. Ohh and also when i pee its very short and i have to pee often but again there is no burning or rednes or rash on my penis jus itches alot and have to pee often

    • Hi Corey,

      Your questions look familar. I think I have attended to them in the forum already.


      Dr Tan

  80. Hi,
    I have a sore throat, its like its bruised.
    Is it possible i have throat gonorrhea?
    I havent been to the doctor yet because i have had a cold,
    Or so i thought.
    Im really worried! Pls help

    • Hi Belle,

      The symptoms of throat gonorrhea are usually much more severe. So your symptoms to not suggest it. Although the only way to be 100% sure is to get tested. You really should see your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on


      Dr Tan

  81. Hi Dr Tan,

    I had an unprotected oral sex with a guy recently who I do not know anything about his sex history. And this is my first time. It only last for 3-5 sec, and immediately split out the saliva and everything. There is no ejaculation, but may have pre-ejaculation. After that did rinse the mouth thoroughly.

    I actually quite worry and regretted. After reading much info, I am worry of contacting STD like HPV and others or HIV. What type of checkup should I do or should I wait for the symptom to appear?. I need an advice. Thanks.

  82. hi, i’m feeling this burning sensation in my throat.. is that on of the s/s of gonorrhea?

    • Hi fatima,

      There are many possible causes of a burning sensation in your throat. Throat gonorrhea is just one of the possiblities. Please see your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on


      Dr Tan

  83. Michelle

    Hi Dr.tan,

    I have recently broken up with my boyfriend of 3 years and have had vaginal and oral sex with a different man. In the two weeks since my encounter I have noticed a slight increase in discharge with an unusual odor, which I bypassed as a yeast infection. But now I have a small discomfort in my pelvic reigion and now I suddenly have a sore swollen tonsils with spots of white coating on them. I show no symptoms of a cold or flu. Could this be gonorrhea/gonorrhea of the throat? I am getting tested tomorrow

    • Hi Michelle,

      It could be although the symptoms of gonorrhea are usually much more severe. Could be Chlamydia though. Or could be not related to any STDs at all. I am very glad you are seeing a doctor for it. Please ask any follow up questions on


      Dr Tan

  84. Merterl

    What about if ur partner was infected but you nethier had oral sex or kissed. But did kiss / Lick nipples. I’m pretty sure I have it. Swollen throat, hard to swallow food.

  85. I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend and I had a burning sensation on my penis when i urinate. It lasted for a day and the next day i urinated a blood clot and it was all gone. Since that time i have been thinking i have STDs. i have done HIV test, Hepatitis B test and they were negative. Since then i have been feeling weak anytime i ejaculate. What could be wrong with me?

  86. hai doctor I am a 27 yr old male , two week back I noticed gonorrhea symptoms and visited a doctor I was given some drugs o took them and I felt better but of recent the symptoms seem to have come back and it feels worse although I had close contact wit my partner but without penetrating …………..please I need help

    the drugs I took were bactrim forte ,and naracin a norfloxacin drug

  87. I have been diagnosed with gonorrhea from the clinic but I don’t wanna go to the clinic can I get the treatment at my gp?

  88. i had sex oral sex with this girl and a couple days later i got a sore throat and a little cough and i’ve had it for a week now.. its a dry cough.. is that maybe a cold coming on or maybe something more?

    • I do not know. You should see a doctor. Please ask any follow up questions on

      • Hi dr tan

        I had unprotected sex with this guy and about two weeks later I found out I had gonorrhea before I found out that I had it I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and I gave it to him when I found out I had it I got rid of it with medication from my doctor I never told my boyfriend that we had it so he still has it and I dont we aren’t having sex or oral sex but we do kiss with the tounges and now ever sence we kissed I have an olser in my mouth and my left throut gland is swollen. So my question is can my boyfriends gonorrhea spread itself from his genitals to his throat and and if so how long does it take to spread to the throat


  89. Hi,
    me and my boyfriend had sex and oral sex friday morning and friday night and saturday morning but the first time we had oral sex was friday night. Well sunday morning my throat started hurting and monday Morning my throat started hurting really bad to where it hurts when i swallow and my tonsil seems swollen, it only feels like this on one side though. Could it be throat gonorrhea or another HIV?

  90. I contracted gonorrhea from a guy I hooked up with at the beginning of August. We didn’t have intercourse, just oral sex. Anyways, I got tested and took a single antibiotic dose soon after I saw symptoms. It was 2 grams of Azithromycin-Zithromax, taken all at once. Since then, I’ve had an off and on again sore throat, although very mild, along with some cold-like symptoms. Is there a chance I could still have an oral infection even after being treated with those antibiotics? Or are these symptoms likely unrelated?

  91. HI,

    I recently had gonorrhea but me and my new girlfriend were both treated myself 5 weeks ago, and her 2 weeks ago, I came home due to working abroad, and we had unprotected sex, no oral, since coming back abroad my throat feels abit funny and i am concerned again, there also are no std clinics here, things I had read up on say it takes around 10 days for symptoms, my throat came on 2days after intercourse could I have re caught this through kissing etc?

    I am thinking maybe my Girlfriend didnt have enough time for tablets to work.

    • Gonorrhea symptoms can come on as early as 2 days post exposure and as late as 2 weeks post exposure. 10% of people do not even develop symptoms. Unfortunately the only way for you to find out for sure if you have throat gonorrhea or not is to get a throat swab test. Please post any follow up questions on

  92. Three days ago I had oral sex with my boyfriend for the first time and yesterday I started feeling symptoms of a sore throat.should I be worried because this never happened to me before

  93. Dear Dr. Tan,
    Thank you for the precise and direct answers. I am confused and hope that you can help me figure this out.
    I went to my gyn for bladder issues and was surprised when the culture came back positive for both gonorrhea and chlamydia.
    A month ago, my 18 year old daughter’s laundry smelled bad and when I put it in the wash, I looked and three pairs of her underwear had a lot of yellow slightly greenish discharge; the pair she had just taken off smelled really bad. A few days later, she complained of burning during and after she used the restroom, so I told her to go get checked for a UTI. She was treated with two antibiotics (I just looked and one of the was 4 pills of azithromycin).
    My question is–could I have in any way gotten this from being careless looking at her laundry and not washing my hands right away?
    I have not been intimate with anyone for over six months, and he went immediately to the doctor when I called–his physical exam shows no symptoms and tests results so far are negative. I have no reason to suspect getting it from him (and yes, we use condoms).
    My throat and eyes are fine, but I feel like mild UTI symptoms and a few weeks ago thought I had a fever with lingering joint pain in my lower back and hands. I have taken 4 azithromycin pills will get a shot today and have another 14 day antibiotic to take.
    Thank you for your input and expertise.

    • That is truly an amazing story. First let’s establish the fact that your daughter most likely had Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. The mystery is how did it get from her to you? I have heard of cases of people getting Gonorrhea from hand-genital contact. So I guess this is a possibility in your case. i.e you got the bacteria on your hand from handling her underwear and used the same hand to clean yourself after using the bathroom. Do you share underwear with your daughter? That would be a much more direct transference of the bacteria. Of course the other possibility is that your partner from 6 months ago already got diagnosed and treated, maybe a few days before meeting you and therefore was still contagious. Perhaps this part of the history slipped his mind. It will unfortunately forever remain a mystery as to how you got infected. I think what’s more important right now is to focus on getting treated. Please post any follow up questions on

  94. Hey doc,
    I got gonhorrea on my private area and I was treated at the doctors about three weeks ago I got a shot and some pills. I have no symptoms now but I have a little itch down there should I go for a check up I think I’m just paranoid? Thanks.

  95. Or could it possibly also be pubic lice? I itch like I said from time to time but no rash or anything or visible things like i said I think I’m just paranoid but if I could get your feedback that would be great thanks.

  96. Hi Dr Tan,
    I dated a guy for about 3-4 months this year, and when we got intimate for the first time I performed unprotected oral sex on him. A few days later I was feverish and had a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. I did not think much about it and went to my GP. He mentioned that there was a coating around my tonsils and it looked like Mono, and gave me medication afterwards. After a few days it subsided. However subsequently, whenever I performed oral sex on that guy I did not develop any other symptoms.
    A few days ago I went for a full STD screening (blood test + vaginal swab) and am currently waiting for results. Now after coming across your forum, I’m concerned if I did/do have throat gonorrhea. Should I also go back and ask the doctor for a throat swab as well?

    Thank you very much.

    • Your symptoms certainly fit that of throat gonorrhea. A throat swab will defnitely be helpful. If for nothing else at least it gives you peace of mind.

      • Hi Dr Tan,
        My test results came back and I tested negative for gonorrhea. I will be going for a throat swab soon. But what are my chances me having throat gonorrhea since I do not have gonorrhea?
        Thank you.

      • Apologies, I would also like to add that I also had unprotected sex with him. Since all my test results came back negative, is it still likely that I have throat gonorrhea? Thanks a lot Dr Tan

  97. Hi Dr. Tan,
    I recently had oral sex with a woman whom i hardly knew. Two days later I developed a sore throat that visually appeared to be strep throat. I went to an urgent care clinic where they did a rapid test for strep which came back negative. the doctor told me that i had an infection which was not strep, and prescribed me a broad spectrum antibiotic, azithromycin to be specific. I have been taking them for two days and now believe my throat may be infected with gonorrhea. Would the azithromycin also work for gonorrhea, or perhaps another STI in my throat?
    Thanks a million for your honest, nonjudgmental advice.

    • Azithromycin will work for Chlamydia (which can also infect the throat) not for Gonorrhea. If symptoms persist, get another throat swab. Please ask any follow up questions on

      • Okay so I had oral for the first time last Sunday (the 16th)well probably more like early Monday. I’d also like to add that I haven’t had actual sexual intercourse so a “technical virgin” in fact this is the first time I did anything sexual beyond kissing and groping. Anyway by Tuesday morning I could feel a sore throat coming in and I started to feel scared. It is a bit complicated as the guy was sick with a sore throat at the time so now I’m really confused if its just a normal sore throat or not. He says he has no symptoms of gonorrhea but it is still possible right? Anyway I can’t seem to find a place that will give me a throat swab test. I went to plan parenthood on Wednesday and they told me that a urine test can’t detect gonorrhea of the throat and that they don’t offer a swab test of the throat. They also told me it seemed too early for symptoms to show up. When I went to and talked to counselor she said that they can detect it through a urine test and now I’m confused. And I’m really desperate to just get tested. I need to know if a urine test will work because that seems like my easiest option, and if it doesn’t are there any cheap places where I can get a throat swab done, I don’t have insurance so its hard.

  98. Okay so I had oral for the first time Sunday the 16th (or technically I guess it was early Monday) and I now have a sore throat. For the record I’m still a “technical virgin” and I haven’t done any other sexual activity other than kissing and groping. Anyway I’m a little worried because he was also sick at the time so I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid and this is just a normal sore throat of if I actually have gonorrhea of the throat. I went to plan parenthood on Wednesday and they told me they only offer a urine test and they can’t detect gonorrhea of the throat without a throat swab which they don’t provide. They said it seemed too early to have symptoms…I did start feeling the sore throat about a day and a half after words on Tuesday morning. When I went on the counselor told me that they can test gonorrhea of the throat using a urine test when I questioned her about it she kind made it sound rude and was talking about how she was an expert and that the service is FDA approved, but I’m just scared and don’t want to blow my money on something that won’t work. I guess I want to know is it likely I have gonorrhea of the throat, can it be tested with just a urine sample and where can get a swab test without insurance for an affordable cost?

    • Unlikely you have throat gonorrhea. Symptoms usually take 3 days at least to appear. I have seen symptoms appear in 2 days but very rarely. Also, your symptoms do not sound bad enough. Impossible to diagnose throat gonorrhea from a urine test. Unless they know something I do not. My clinic charges $50 for a throat swab for gonorrhea. Is that affordable?

      • okay that’s good to hear, my sore throat is nearly gone now. Does the sore throat persist long usually with gonorrhea or does it just appear as a normal sore throat and go away even if you still have the disease?
        And thank you I knew I was right about the urine test I suppose they care more about making money then helping people. In any case $50 is affordable for me and definitely worth it.

  99. Hey my girlfriend had gonorrhea and she didn’t know that she had it then we had unprotected sex she sucked my penis after we had sex does that mean she would have it in her mouth as well because I didn’t show symptoms untill 4 days after please help

    • You need to test yourself for Gonorrhea. If you have it then maybe your girlfriend has throat Gonorrhea also. 4 days may be too early for Gonorrhea symptoms to develop. Please post any follow up questions on

  100. Hey I don’t know how to work your other site out so can we please chat on here or email. I went to the doctors and told him my symptoms witch are stinging and burning while I pee and a yellow discharge every now an then. he told me to take doxycycline so I’ve started taking them how long untill my gonorrhea fully goes away? And what I was asking before what’s the chance of her getting throat gonorrhea because she sucked my penis like 10 minutes after we had unprotected sex but is it a chance that she got it even know I didn’t have symptoms. Please help

    • I have answered your question on the thread your started on the forum. We will follow up our conversation there.

  101. Brielle

    Hi doctor, I recently performed oral sex on a man that ejaculated in my mouth and 2 days later had a sore throat, fever, and the chills. I also noticed a white film on my tongue and white spots in my throat. Could this be a sign of an STD or flu symptoms? Also could this be spread by kissing? If this is oral gonnorhea is it true it can go away on its own?

    • I cannot diagnose you over the internet. Please see your doctor. Oral gonorrhea does not go away on its own.

  102. Dr.Tan, 2 weeks ago on a Saturday I ended up giving a guy I didn’t know a blowjob. Two days later my throat started hurting and it felt like there was a little ball at the back right hand side of my throat so I went to the doctors but I didn’t tell him about the unprotected oral I gave. He gave me antibiotics. A day or so later I ended up fingering myself and lubricating my finger with my soliva without thinking. My vagina started to sting a few days later and big white lumps ended up coming out of it from Time to time (they were on my knickers). 2 days before I was supposed to end my antibiotics my throat started hurting more then before . Now I’m on my last day and I will prob have to go to the doctor again on Monday but I wanted to see if you knew before I went because I’m really worrying . -Fire

    • There is no way I can tell if you have throat gonorrhea or not. You need to see your doctor for a throat swab. The discharge you have from your vagina sounds like a yeast infection probably due to the antibiotics you are taking. Please remember to bring this up to your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

  103. melissa jones

    I had given oral sex to a.guy and within a few days I began having sore throat. Common.sense told me he may have infected me with an std. Within a week a took a urine test for gonorrhea and the result were negative. I went to the e.r after I began to..cough also and the doctor gave me amoxicillin. When the med.were over he sore throat continued. I visited another doctor who gave me azithromycin 500mg but just three. I have developed these white spots behind my tongue and I’m wondering can I still have a chance that it may be gonorrhea? he sent me to get a throat swab is it still necessary to tell him my worries on it being gonorrhea. Im also thinking it could be thrush.

    • Yes it does sound like you could have been infected with throat gonorrhea. Since you are getting a throat swab anyway, it is easy to add a gonorrhea culture to the test. You should discuss this possibility with your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

  104. Hi Dr. I had sex with boyfriend on Saturday. . The week prior I was on amoxycillian for a root canal. 3x a day 500mg. I got a yeast infection and took the one day prescription on Wednesday. It dintt clear me. I had unprotected sex Saturday and aftewards there was a smell. It hurts to peer. Not the uretha but when the urine hits the left side of my vagina. It almost feels like a piece of glass in rthere. I went to the Dr Monday and had an exam. No yeast buy

  105. ..but BV. It feels like pressure down there. Printing more. It just hurts even to walk. I started metronidazole yesterday and it hasn’t helped yet. Could it be something else? I know its not a UTI because its not the uretha that hurts while peeing . Just the left labia , if that’s what you call it.

    • It sounds like a very local source of pain. Maybe an abrasion or a cut or Herpes. You can use a mirror and examine yourself carefully. There should be an obvious local source of pain. Once you find something suspicious, re-visit your doctor to have the diagnosis verified. Please post any follow up questions on

  106. Dr Tan. i have a question to you, i have a strep throat for almost 2weeks and i had my oral oral sex to my gf 2weeks before. i saw my throat and i have a pus.. heres my question, it is possible that i can have a throat gonorrhea?

    • You already said you have Strep throat. I assume the diagnosis is already made. Unless you are telling me the strep throat diagnosis is wrong. The symptoms of throat gonorrhea can be very similar to the symptoms of strep throat.

  107. dr tan,, what is the nearest sypmtoms of throat gonorrhea?
    thanks you very much doc!

    • Nearest symptoms? Nearest to what? The usual symptoms of throat gonorrhea are a very painful throat, swollen cervical lymph nodes and sometimes fever. Please post any follow up questions on

  108. Hi, I gave oral sex to a partner years ago and neither of us had ever been sexually active until then. But recently the past two years I have been getting this on and off throat pain. I’ve checked with school nurses and my doctor before and it always came up as strep throat (which I used to get all the time when I was little.) It tends to happen only whenever I am congested for more than two days. Could it be gonorrhea? Or am I just paranoid? Should I ask my doctor again?

  109. Hi Dr Tan,

    I have throat gonorrhea. Is it possible I’ve had it for more than a month?

    Also, if I have touched my throat (checking my sore throat) and then touched other things could I have passed it to other parts of my body?

    • Yes it is. If Gonorrhea is going to spread it will do so via your blood system. So it is pointless to worry about auto-inoculation via touch. Please post any follow up questions on

  110. Hi Dr Tan
    I gave oral sex to my partner and a bit in the back of my thoart hurt for 2 days , but now it has stopped hurting , will I need to be tested ?

    Thank you

    • There is no way to tell if you have been infected with Gonorrhea or not unless you get tested. Although your symptoms do not sound typical of throat gonorrhea, this is no guarantee that you have not been infected. Please post any follow up questions on

  111. I had my pap, and found out I had gonorrhea, I performed oral sex on my partner, could he get it?

    • Not unless you have gonorrhea in your throat also. Please ask any follow up questions on

      • Hi dr tan

        I gave oral to a guy last night and now tonight I have a slight sore throat no spots or fever just a little nag, could it be this std? And if It is if I kiss my partner could he get it?


        • Very unlikely for symptoms of throat gonorrhea to appear the next day. It usually takes 3 days. If it is really throat gonorrhea you can pass it to your partner via kissing. Please post any follow up questions on

  112. If you receive a hand- job from a women and she spits on your penise during can you contract gohnorria

  113. Hello,
    I had oral sex on the weekend and the next day my thoat hurt. I know you said that it doesn’t happan within the day but could it be some other form? My eye also swelled up this morning, does this have anything to do with it? Or would I just have strep, or at least hope?

  114. Hi Dr Tan,

    I keep getting treated for step throat. Sometimes the doc does a culture sometimes not. This has been going on for 9 months now. I have had about 6 cases of “strep throat”. I can’t figure out why this keeps coming back.

    I was involved with a man before I started to get sick.

    I am wondering if maybe I have had Gonorrhea of the throat all this time and don’t know it, since it is a special test. Could this be what is happening?

    • The next time you get a sore throat ask your doctor to do a swab for gonorrhea. There are many causes of recurrent sore throat aside from strep throat. You need to discuss this with your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

  115. In February of this year i gave oral sex to a girl. It must have been very brief, and i would say i was only giving oral for about 10 seconds. I have had no symptoms since but i am now worried that maybe there is a chance i have Gonorrhea. What are the chances of me catching it in this scenario? and if i do have it, would it have cleared by its self by now or do i need antibiotics?

  116. Hi I have a yellowish discharge I went to my doctor and she said it’s no big deal she gave to some anti biotic and it went away but everytime I have my periods it come back right after and it comes with the disgusting itch hat is causing it do I have gonorrhea?

  117. Hi I have a yellowish discharge I went to my doctor and she said it’s no big deal she gave to some anti biotic and it went away but everytime I have my periods it comes back right after and it comes with the disgusting itch what is causing it do I have gonorrheado I have HIV? what is wrong with is me?is anything wrong with me? And now I have a sore throatbut I have not been sexually active for going on 4 months can you help me please?

    • Yellow discharge is a potential sign of infection. Gonorrhea is a possiblity. Since it is recurring, the right thing for you to do is to revisit your doctor and get some tests done. Please post any follow up questions on

  118. Can ghonerhea symptoms appear after two hours? I have a couple of bumps on the back of my thoat after giving oral(about two hours later). I don’t know how long they’ve been there cause i don’t check my throat often.

  119. hello doc
    recently me and my partner engaged in oral sex vaginal and anal altho she was very clean i had symptoms of neck cramp the next day now i have sore throat chesty cough i also have 2 alcers on the side of toungue.. i have been to my walk in centre and they said its just that (alcers) i feel theres more to it. Have i got throat gonorrhea .

  120. hi drtan.

    A few days back i was having a protected sex with condom but not for oral sex and while i was showering yesterday i noticed a red bump on my pubic hair area. it only feels pain when i touched it else i won’t be really feeling it. I wonder what the red bump is?

    I’m also having a weird feeling at my throat area and doesn’t have much appetite too.

    Also, i had a small opened wound on my hand while i was jerking off the person and the person ejected the cum onto my hand without warning so, will this get me infected as well?

  121. Hello! Please I need help – have been to so many doctors but none could help. For some time now – more than a year – I have had painless red spots at the back of the throat and the tonsils arch, of about 3 mm length each – they have never given any trouble, not for the time being at least. But I’m afraid it might be something serious? Please, can I send a picture perhaps? I will appreciate your help so much – please guide me on the steps I should take! Than you in advance

    • Please do not send pics. This forum is not for medical consultations. My 2 cents worth – if you really want to know what these lumps are, get them biopsied.

  122. I have swollen tonsils and it feels like my throat is very narrow. I went to the doctor and they did an instant strep test which was negative. They prescribed azithromycin anyways and it didn’t help. It’s now a few weeks later.

    I believe gonorrhea of the throat is a possibility after performing oral sex on a female, but obviously I’m hoping that’s not the case. Does gonorrhea of the throat also give the typical symptoms of (regular) genital gonorrhea? Meaning does throat gonorrhea also cause burning urine, swollen testicals, colorful discharge, etc? I do not have any of those symptoms.

    • No. Throat gonorrhoea only causes throat symptoms and not genital symptoms. I certainly agree with you that you could have throat gonorrhoea. You might want to see your doctor for a throat swab test. Please post any follow up questions on

  123. About a a week and a half ago i started showing symptoms of Strep throat. Very sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, fever, chills, etc. The other day I had unprotected oral sex for the first time and a few days later i noticed red spots on the roof of my mouth and white bumps on my tonsils. I am unsure of whether these are symptoms from strep throat or whether there is the possibility that i have contracted throat gonorrhea. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell throat gonorrhoea apart from strep throat short of doing a throat swab. They have near identical symptoms. Please post any follow up questions on

  124. Hi Dr. Tan,

    Im a 20 year old female. And i had oral sex with my partner. During the course of it he NEVER cam in my mouth but he dip poke my throat in an awkward way and i was in pain for 3 days and it went away. But now it seems my throat is rlly congested and it feels like my tonsils are little bit swollen. should i get tested for throat gonorrhea??

    • I cannot tell you what you should or should not do. This forum is not for medical consultations. Your symptoms do not sound severe enough to be throat gonorrhoea but I think you should see a doctor to get checked out nonetheless. Please post any follow up questions on

  125. Hello. There is an error on your website, in the following paragraph. The words in parenthesis at the end of the sentence should read: “i.e. having your vagina licked or sucked by your partner.” You are confusing active and receptive oral sex here.

    “It is much easier to catch Throat Gonorrhea via receptive penile oral sex (i.e. having your partner’s penis in your mouth) than through receptive vaginal oral sex (i.e. licking or sucking your partner’s vagina).”

    • There is no error. There are 2 participants in oral sex. One is the receptive partner (i.e. the one using his/her mouth) and the other is the insertive partner (i.e. the one using his/her genitals). I know it is confusing but that is the terminology used. Thank you for pointing this out.

  126. a girl lick my penis for 2 seconds and it started burning hours later is that bad and i also had UTI in the past

    • What do you mean ‘is that bad’? You mean you think a burning sensation on your penis is not bad? How ridiculous is that? Please see a doctor. If you are worried about gonorrhoea you shouldn’t be. Gonorrhea symptoms do not appear in hours. Please post any follow up questions on

  127. how long that throat gonorrhea stay in throat? it is true that throat gonorrhea heal itself without treatment? I worried about my throat… pls help me thanks.

    • How long after you get gonorrhea in throat & body does it turn in to pelvic immflamartory , its been about 1 month and I’m really curious I haven’t had the time to get checked Pleaaaaaase help , please & thanks (:

      • Only gonorrhea of the urinary tract can lead to PID. How long it takes varies greatly between individuals.

  128. Anonymois

    So yesterday i gave my friend oral sex on hi penis and an now i woke up with sore throat. Could it be throat gonorrhea?

  129. so approcimately two weeks ago a male friend of mine gave me oral sex “licked me out” we have now stopped talking but i was informed by my next door neighbour who was also his boss that he told him he had “the clap” i dont think ive had any sympyoms but during this time off seeing eachother he fingered me aswell, should i be worried, im only 17 and im to scared to talk to someone?

    • If your partner had Gonorrhea of the throat and he used his mouth on your vagina, there is a chance you will get infected with Gonorrhea. 10% of women who are infected with Gonorrhea do not show any symptoms. I think to err on the side of safety, you should get tested.

  130. I recently had oral sex with a guy and the next day I had a really sore throat. Could it be that is was my first time giving oral sex and I’m sore or could it be gonorrhea? Should I get tested? As of now I have had a sore throat for 3 days.

    • The only way to know if it is throat gonorrhea is to get tested. I cannot tell you what you should or should not do. This forum is not for medical consultations. Please see your doctor. Please ask any follow up questions on

  131. Hi Doctor, My Question Is I Gave Oral Sex To A Friend In His Car. He Accidently Came In My Mouth. I Spit It Out A Couple Seconds Later Then Proceed To Start Back Kissing Him. I Haven’t Been Feeling Bad Or Anything Since Then But , 3 Days Later My Throat Is Feeling Sore Now. It Feels Like It’s Swollen & I’m Very Scared It Could Be From That. I Don’t Wanna Tell My Parents But I Would Like To Know If I Could Go To The Health Department & Get Checked Out. Please Respond Back !!!!

  132. Hello Dr. I have had pains during urinating for the past 5years and I am very shy in going to see the doctor, pls what treatment can I take to get my health restored

  133. Hi,
    I have just given oral sex to a male and I couldn’t continue because it tasted like poison and then within a few seconds my tongue and lips were burning. So I stopped and the burning didn’t go away until about half an hour later. What could have been the cause for the burning sensations in my mouth? Could I be infected with something? Extremely worried.

  134. Dr. Tan I performed oral sex 6 days ago and 2 days after I began to get a really sore throat and I am very scared that I contracted something. Although prior to performing oral sex I was slightly under the weather. Could that a be a factor? Please help me!

    • The only way to know if you have throat gonorrhea or not is to see a doctor for a throat swab.

  135. Dr. Tan I have read somewhere that oral gonorrhea can go away by its self. Is that true?

    • I don’t know. How would anyone know? Even if you had a sore throat that went away on its own, how can you be sure it was due to gonorrhea in the first place? And if a person actually has proven throat gonorrhea on a throat swab, why would the doctor not treat him?

      • You don’t know if it can go away on its own? You answer was alittle confusing

        • Yes I don’t know. If we do not know its there in the first place, how can we say it went away on its own. If we know it is there, why would we not treat it?

  136. Hi Dr. Tan..

    its been 4 days that i feel uncomfortable with my throat. I tried to search an image in Google that looks like my throat now and I came across to this image of throat gonorrhea.. I am very much worried. My question is, why i am affected of this? where did it came from?? if its from my boyfriend, is it possible that she got it from another person then passed it to me??? thank you. hope to hear from you the soonest. thanks


    • If you have throat gonorrhea then you must have caught it from your sexual partner who must have caught it from his sexual partner. That is how gonorrhea is spread.

  137. Hi Dr Tan,

    If someone has throat gonorrhea, is it possible for a male receiving oral sex from this person to get gonorrhea; or as with a women recieving oral sex, is this unlikely?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Gonorrhea is passed through direct tranference. i.e Person A has throat gonorrhea. Person A uses his/her mouth on person B. Person B is at risk of urethral gonorrhea.

  138. Kaylnn . M

    So me and my boyfriend had sex about 6 days ago and my throat is just
    Now starting to hurt. It somewhat hurts to swallow anything and it feels
    Kinda inflamed and it looks swollen ! Should i be worried ? Or can i just
    Have regular strep throat ? And i wanna go get a test done but i dont
    Wanna tell my mom she’ll kill me and im on my own now but still. We didnt
    Do anything else . So if i do have it can it go away on its own? Im really
    Concernd at this point!

    • Do not assume you have throat gonorrhea. Maybe you have strep throat or just have a common cold. See your family doctor for a diagnosis. Please post any follow up questions on

  139. Hello dr. Tan,

    here are my concerns: I had an encounter with a Sex worker with condom. The only thing is she gave me a 20 second blowjb first without condom. I did a urine culture test for STDS, they came out negative. But I drank a lot of water days before the test. Could the test be inaccurate due to the amount of water?
    Also, could I have caught HIV in this protected incident? even if a cheap condom was used? would it be noticeable if the condom did in fact break?
    thank you very much

    • Accuracy of sample collection is affected by many factors including how dilute the urine is. I cannot comment on the accuracy of the tests you did. For that you should be asking the doctor who did the tests for you. You are at risk of HIV even if the condom did not break. Please post any follow up questions on

  140. Nicholas

    Please I tested positive for chlamydia for five years, I was treated and got reinfected for lot of time. After some time, The antibiotic given me does not work at all Please what do I do?

    • There is no such thing as untreatable Chlamydia. I suspect that you are doing the blood test for Chlamydia IgG and given the wrong information that you are constantly infected. Please see a doctor trained in STDs and get some proper advice. Please post any follow up questions on

  141. HI Dr.
    I had unprotected oral sex with my boyfriend two days ago. We also had protected vaginal intercourse. My throat was sore not long after we had sex maybe like 1-2 or 2-3 hours later and I dont believe that I was doing it that hard for it to be sore. Its just mildly sore…very mild and its very less than that of the common cold sore throat. I was wondering IF this is throat gonorrhea, would symptoms appear that soon after?? I looked at the roof of my mouth and nothing out of the ordinary stuck out besides slight redness. I have been gurgling with warm salt water and drinking tea and its seems to be helping although like I said my symptoms are mild. How long should I wait before seeing a clinician??? If my sore throat goes away should I just forget about going, I though that I would wait at least one full week before going. My boyfriend assured me that he doesnt have anything, and when I checked before we had sex he didnt have any unusual white green or yellow discharge from his penis so I dont know. He says Im being hysterical but Im feeling really scared and alone. Please help!!

    Thank you so much for your help.

  142. Hi I had unprotected sex with this guy one time and about a week or two later he said he had gonorrhea and that he got it from me. So I got a culture test done and the results were negative but up to about a week before I got the tests done I was taking the antibiotic sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim for about 2-3 weeks. Is there any way that antibiotic treated the infection if I had it? Would it give me a false negative result of my test which would mean I still have gonorrhea? Or is there any way that I never contracted the disease from my partner? We also had oral sex as well.

    • I have not heard of Bactrim used to treat gonorrhea. Culture test have relatively high false negative rates. You might want to consider a PCR test. Gonorrhea transmission is not 100%.

  143. Benjamin


    I was unfaithful. I had sex with sex worker in 2008 and contracted Gonorrhea & chlymida. Treatment was easy with Anit-bactic. However, I passed to my partner. I kept getting it back – reverse infliction. No problem, anti-bactic always worked well. My partner developed skin leision and other problem skin problem. The Dr kept missing the cue and the lab result was in the negative. I suspected it could be incumbating period or something similar.

    Please advise.

  144. Dr Tan,

    Sometimes, I self-injected with intramuscular of Ceftriaxone (1g) and a 1000 mg oral dose of Azithromycin and other times I orally taken 1000 mg Azithromycin combined with a 400 mg Cefixime in a single dose.

    Please confirm medication.

    • Self medicating is very dangerous. Please see your doctor.

      • You are joking, right? If you consult your doctor, they will enter your personal particulars into the computer. The consequence, the record/data will be there forever and ever.

  145. I am a very worried girl I went and got an STD check and come to find out i have gonorrhea i cant even tell you how embarrassed i am about it. My doctor gave me a shot and some pills for Chlamydia just in case she said i did not have Chlamydia. I did have a sore throat and it went away but my biggest fear is if i have Gonorrhea in my throat can my kids catch it from drinking off of me or from me kissing them.. Please help me…

  146. Dear dr. Tan,

    Can I have your personal email?

  147. Hello Dr, I had unprotected sex sometime in January 2013 and i noticed i always having burning sensation when ever i urinate, also pus usually comes out from my penis, i went to the clinic and i was given two doses of intravenous injection, and six Azithromicin tablets to be taken for three days. I also got my partner treated, she was given two injections in the bottom and ten tablets of gaxin antibiotics to be taken for 5 days. Although i dont feel any symptoms again and my partner too, but recently, she complained of a sore throat. We have never had oral sex before, could the sore throat be a symptom of a gonorea?

    • From your history, it sounds to me like the sore throat has got nothing to do with STDs.

  148. I have had three guys in a row (over the past two years, all boyfriends people – don’t judge) but get a very bad sore throat that requires antibiotics after they have gone down on me.

    What could this be?

    I don’t have any symptoms of anything.

    Thank you in advance!

    • We never judge. I need to get this right. You said you get a sore throat after they go down on you? I do not see how the 2 are related. If you have a sore throat after you go down on the, then that is a different story and you might have throat gonorrhoea.

  149. hello Dr. Tan. i was recently diagnosed with gonorrhoea thru a urine test and the symptoms came a day or 2 later. on the 3rd day, i received a shot and my body overall seemed to feel slightly better but my throat still hurts and i cannot really lift my tongue too much, it hurts to move around as well. i have been treated and it has been less then a week but my throat/tounge still feels bad. will this pain go away? every article I’ve read about throat gonorrrhoea doesn’t really say anything about the tongue. please help. thanks

    • Do not assume that the pain in your throat/tongue is caused by gonorrhea. You have been diagnosed with gonorrhea in the urine not in the throat. Please see your doctor if your throat/tongue pain persists. Please post any follow up questions on

  150. me and my girlfriend tested positive for gonorrhea an was wondering if we share cigarettes or soda cans, if we might re infect ourselves again, we took pills and got a shot from the health dept.

    • I have not heard of sharing of cigarettes or soda cans spreading gonorrhea. Don’t worry.

  151. Hi dr tan I was recently sexually active with a male and also had oral sex. The next day it burned to urinate and itches and I had a bump or two spaced out from each other. I think my bartholin cyst is swollen as well. I went to urgent care and she said my urine looked okay but she also did a vaginal swab which I’m
    Currently waiting for results. She said she thinks I have bacterial vaginosis and I never had that but I decided to take this medicine. 3 days later I can barely swallow throat hurts when I try. It hasn’t gotten better at all. Should I go to someone else or just endure the pain and wait or the swab results,?? Thank you

    • It sounds like the ED focused their diagnosis and treatment on your vagina but did nothing for your throat. Please see a doctor about your throat. Do not assume it is an STD. Could be something else like Strep Throat.

  152. Hi Dr.Tan,
    I have had oral sex with a girl (licking) but now I have
    throat bad breath it comes from nasal sinus mucus(it looks like around vagina sweat smell,and I can’t treat this problem.
    Please advice me what drug to use.
    Many thanks.

  153. Treating uncomplicated Chlamydial

    Doxycycline 100mg orally twice a day for 7 days or a single oral dose of azithromycin 1,000mg; or alternative

    ceftriaxone (1g)injection into a muscle as a single dose

    Treatment of uncomplicated Gonorrhea

    A single dose of ceftriaxone 125mg given by injection into a muscle, or a single dose of oral cefixime 400 mg.

    Each of these treatment regimens should be accompanied by a treatment regimen for chlamydia (those treatments are discussed above) if chlamydial infection is not ruled out.

    After completion of course, please go online and purchase a Home Test Kit just in case.

    • Thank you for sharing. However, I must add that I do not completely agree with these treatment regimes.

    • I understand that you intentions are good. However, posting things like that could lead to excessive and unnecessary use of anti-biotics. Or wrong treatment drugs, duration of treatment or treatment dosage. This will contribute to the already very huge problem of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea. Already there are strains of gonorrhea that are resistant to multiple antibiotics. Again I understand that your intentions are good and you want people to have easy access to what is apparently easy treatment. However, in the big scheme of things, this could end up doing more harm than good. Again I thank you for your inputs and I hope you respect the point I am making here.

  154. Hey, I recently put my friends penis into my mouth and just sucked it for 5 seconds. And I don’t know if something else is the cause but a few hours later I don’t really have a sore throat but I feel like I do. What is this? Can it be a disease? Sign of a disease? And wanted to add to this I am only 18.And I wanted to know if I use a condom next time what are the chances of me getting any diseases, he will not ejaculate into my mouth, just wants it to be sucked.

    • The fact that your symptoms came on only a few hours later indicates that it cannot be due to an STD. Most STD symptoms take 3 days if not longer to develop.

  155. Hi doc just today I had a session with a freelance prostitute. Didn’t have sex but had protected blowjob. However:
    1) Had light French kissing with her
    2) She licked my scrotum but not alot
    3) When I was about to ejaculate I removed the condom and she sucked and prolly used her tongue to just lick my penis head (didn’t go any lower than the penis head) till I ejaculated in her mouth.

    Now based on all these, what do you think my risk is of catching an STD? And what could I possibly catch?

    Thanks so much:)

    • Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, NSU, Syphilis, Herpes, HPV.

      • What do you think are my chances of catching those doc? Do you think I should worry so much about it as exposure to these risks I would say was pretty short.

  156. Hi Dr. Tan,
    At the weekend I was in a night club and French-kissed this guy. The day after I had just a normal hangover but the day after that I have swollen glands, find it harder to swallow, and have a bit of a temperature. My pulse is 91 and my O2 sats are 98. I have been around people that are ill with the common cold and sore throats. I went to the doctor and she asked me a number of questions and told me I have yellow secretion at the back of my throat and said to me it was tonsillitis. I usually get tonsillitis a lot but this time it isn’t as harsh as it usually is and I don’t feel majorly ill. My friend joked and said to me I could have got throat gonorrhoea off the guy that night. Do you think she could be right? Many thanks.

    • Also my ears are itchy and producing more wax/discharge than usual.

    • It is certainly possible if the guy had throat gonorrhea. Your symptoms also match that of throat gonorrhea. However, your symptoms came on a little too quickly for a gonorrhea infection. I think you should not worry too much at this point in time. Stick with your doctor’s treatment plan and you really should get better. If you do not get better or get worse, then get a throat swab.

  157. Hi,
    I performed oral sex for the first time two days ago. The person i gave it to has never had sex, or oral sex before. My throat just feels congested. He did NOT come in my mouth or near it at all, and I don’t think i had any open cuts prior to this. Is it gonorrhea or could it just be irritated or maybe I’m just under the weather? Thank you please answer!

    • If your partner has never had sex before then it is hihgly unlikely that he has gonorrhea which means it is also highly unlikely that you have gonorrhea.

  158. one month ago I gave a guy a bj and a couple of days later I had white sores on the back of my throat and a sore throat. I thought it was odd and it hurt so bad I was in bed for three days and then it went away. so I gave him another bj a day n a half ago and now I have the same thing again!! white sores and extreme pain :( I have Oral Gonorrhea don’t I? why did it go away after three days? Did he give it to me again? or did I have it this whole time? can I do anything to get rid of it without going to the doctors? I don’t have a job or insurance. Thanks for your help

    • Could be. Or it could be some other bacteria causing the symptoms. Ideally you should see a doctor and get a throat swab.

  159. Dear Dr. Tan

    I had a french kiss with someone recently (about two weeks ago and then about a week ago again) and developed a sore throat.

    Do you think it is possible to get throat gonorrhea just through kissing?

    And what are some other STD’s that causes sore throat that I should get tested for? Can it be chlamydia or HPV?

    Also, do i have to get a throat swab? Would a vaginal swab not detect oral infections?

    Thank you so much for your help!!

    • It is possible to get Throat Gonorrhea, Throat Chlamydia, Herpes and Throat HPV through kissing. HPV and Herpes do not cause sore throats. Vaginal swabs do not detect throat infections.

  160. Jeremy Wilson

    I recently had oral sex with my girlfriend, she is a virgin and i now have tonsillitis but a couple of days before she had a sore throat, should. I am a virgin also and it’s our first time doing anything sexual, should i be worried?

    • Not for throat gonorrhea. Just go get your tonsillitis treated.

      • Hello,

        I went down on a girl and two days later my throat was hurting, pretty bad. Very similar to strep throat. Overall I felt a little sick (this is during winter times) and I could also feel my chest sort of sore…again, similar to a regular cold but, to be safe, I took 2grams of azithromycin, pill form. I took this because I read that the 2gr would be enough for gonorrhea…The soreness in my throat is still kind of there but it hasn’t even been a week. I was just wondering, if it was gonorrhea, would the 2gr kill it and how long would it take for the soreness to go away? If it wasn’t then I’m sure it’s just a regular cold and it’ll pass.


        • It is very dangerous to self treat. Please see your doctor and find out exactly what is causing your sore throat. It may not be gonorrhoea. 2g of Azithromycin is not a recommended treatment for Gonorrhea. Please post any follow up questions on

          • Dr Tan,

            Thank you for your comment. I guess I did it out of desperation and because I read all those things online that the 2g would work. I will try and go see a doctor next week…it’s just so embarrassing. The incident happened late Saturday night, more like 2am Sunday morning and I noticed the soreness Tuesday around evening hours. I read one of your comments that it takes at least three days for symptoms to show…Do you think I’m around that magic mark or would mine be too early. I did spend the whole week drinking and going out in a t-shirt during cold temperatures so I was thinking maybe I just caught a cold. Do you also think that I would get some pain during urination even if I only contracted it orally? I am not having any issues down there…

            Thanks again for your time.

  161. I gave oral to a guy a little over a week ago. When he was about to ejaculate he did it on my face and a little of his sperm got in my nose. A few minutes later I felt a warm sensation where the sperm got in my nose and if felt like that warmness started going down my nostril and finally reached my throat. The next day I had a sore throat that was a little red.(I thought it could have been from deep throating) Two days later I got a runny nose, mucus in my throat and started coughing and sneezing. My sore throat left after a week but my other cold like symptoms remained. It felt like I had a cold but after reading info about STDs and oral gonorrhea I’ve become paranoid. After taking vitamin C tablets my “cold” started to clear.
    Is this just a cold or could I have an STD? I asked my partner and he said he was clean. Should I be worried?

  162. Curious

    Hello. Ok so 2 days ago I gave my boyfriend a blow job for the first time ever. He did not “cum” We are both virgins too. Anyways a day after my throat was sore, then today (2days after) I feel like I have bumps on the back of my tounge on the left side. They aren’t really painful just annoying. My throat is still a tiny bit sore. I’m 16 so I haven’t told my parents and I won’t. However I’m worried. I have looked on many websites and some say it is normal some say its something terrible. Please help!!

  163. Hi Dr. Tan,

    i gave unprotected oral sex on a new sexual partner. I woke the next morning with a sore throat that hurt when i swallowed lasted about a week then got better, I had been out drinking that night so assumed it was probably dehydration, but now wondering if I should get a test??

    Would a sore throat from an STD appear the morning after??? Do I need to go get tested seeing as my throat is now better.

  164. John yue

    Hi, Doc,

    Recently, I suspected to have contracted mutliple STDs from sex workers. I didn’t know what to do, I was worried that my family might know. However, finally, I approached “a backstreet clinic” in Bangkok. The Dr took blood sample and swabbed my dick and mouth. Two weeks later, they gave me the following result:-

    (a) Urethral GC Culture: No Gonorreha
    (b) Gum Swab: No Gonorreha and CT
    (c) Gum HBV (core): Negative
    Gum HBV (Surface): Increase 100
    Guum HBV (Suface antigen)
    Gum Hepeatitis C: Negative
    (d) HIV: Negative

    But I still don’t trust them. Did they miss out on something else because I feel general unwell? Should I have more test done at your clinic?

    • If you do not trust them then the logical thing to do is to see a doctor that you trust. Please post any follow up questions on

      • John yue

        However, did it cover all the possibilities for a normal STD check? Did the clinic miss out on other STDs?

        • John yue


          I have waited for several weeks for a reply. Your comments , please.

          • John Yue

            Please answer my question?

          • John Yue


            You have been avoid answering my questions. are
            Can you please confirm the scope covered
            all aspect of check? A simple yes or no
            answer will alliegate my anxiety.

          • I cannot understand your sense of self-entitlement and your accusation of me avoiding your questions. Let me remind you that this is a free service and you are not entitled to anything. Since these questions of yours are so important and so urgent, I suggest you see a doctor and pay for a consultation instead of assuming that I owe it to you to answer your question. If you are a patient of ours and had your tests done at our clinic then come down to the clinic and I will review your results with you for no charge.

  165. My pee is foggy does tht mean I have it?? My throats sore but I havnt had sex in almost 10 months do I have it

    • Foggy pee indicates a possible infection in the urinary tract but it may not necessarily be due to gonorrhoea. There are many other bacteria that can cause a urinary tract infection. Please post any follow up questions on

  166. am a male, i had 1st time sex with a girl, on feb 25, both oral and sex without condom. after that i masterbated alone regularly with oil, march 14, wen i tried to masterbate using my usual oil, my penis shaft burned found that it was bit reddish, went to doctor he gave oientment and Hifenac / cifran ct tablet.
    its my 3rd day red rash seems gone but my penis skin is bit shrinking and still the shafy skin looks bit shrinking , where as if it gets big, it looks normal,
    should i go for std test ?

    • I really do not understand your post. Your symptoms do not sound like they are due to an STD however this does not mean you do not have an STD. You need to ask your doctor if you need tests or not. This forum is not for medical consultations. Please post any follow up questions on

  167. Tiffany

    I gave oral sex to a guy, he came in My Mouth, I have been hooking up with. We also had sex and I had a test and it came back negative for everything.
    But, the next day I woke up (5 hours after) I had a VERY bad sore throat. I’ve had this before with another guy and it went away after a few days. Its now been 1 week and my throat is still sore.
    Could I have an infection or is it just a cold?
    For the test, can I go to my local family planning clinic?

    • Gonorrhea symptoms take 3 days to develop. Due to the timing, it cannot be gonorrhea that is causing your symptoms.

  168. can you receive throat gonorrhea if you drunk off someone’s else’s drink and a week later they are telling me she had gonorrhea.

  169. sillyboy01

    Hello Dr Tan.

    2 days ago I received unprotected and gave oral sex (cunnilingus) with a sex worker, over a period of about 20-30 mins. We also had protected intercourse. I was assured by the bordello that the girls were regularly tested and there was nothing to worry about. This is the first time I have ever been with a sex worker by the way. Very silly of me I know.

    Today I woke up with a terrible sore throat that feels like it is on fire, even drinking cold water hurts. I haven’t been sleeping much at all for like 5 days so by now I’m feeling pretty run down.

    I’m guessing I could possibly have throat gonorrhea.

    The thing is, I’m currently on holiday in Germany! I have 9 days until I return home. So my question is this; Would it be dangerous to wait the 9 days until I get home and can see my doctor right away or should I seek a doctor here in Germany? I would much prefer to wait to be honest, as I don’t speak any german and I’m not sure if this would be covered by my travel insurance.

    would really appreciate your advice on this, I’m pretty worried. I have been using a lot of public transport as well so maybe I picked something up there and it’s just a coincidence.

    • Yes I agree that it is possible you have throat gonorrhea. Although given your history this could be any other form of throat infection. If it were truly throat gonorrhea, waiting 9 days is not an issue. It could however be a bigger issue if it was some other bacteria like strep throat. This could lead to a retro-pharyngeal abscess. As with all things in medicine, generally the sooner you get it attended to, the better. Please post any follow up questions on

  170. Hi, I have been found with gonorrhea a week ago and my partner and I got treatment from our doctor. When we got tested none of us crossed our minds to ask the doctor to be tested for throats gonorrhea as well. We did some unprotected oral sex as well and specially around that period of time. My question is: if we are having that type of gonorrhea too would it go away with the treatment we already took? And if we do have that, we would know…right? or should we just go back to the doctor?

  171. Hello, I performed oral on a girl about two to three days later I had a really sore throat. This has been a couple weeks now since it all started. My throat isn’t as sore anymore but I have a pretty bad cough and my chest seems very congested…very similar to a regular cold. Does throat gonorrhea (or even throat chlamydia) cause the cough and the congestion in the chest or is this just a really bad cold? It seems like a bad cold but I only worry because of the oral sex. I looked down in my throat and I can see some redness on the sides, all the way down but nothing too scary looking.

    Thank you for your time!

  172. Hello Dr. Tran,

    I have read all of the comments and replies, but I still have a question. What would gonorrhea of the throat look like? Would there be pus? Would it be white, yellow or grey?

    Three days ago I preformed oral on my partner. The next morning I woke up with a sore throat which continued all that day- it felt like something was “stuck” in or around my tonsil. This morning I awoke with ear pain, painful swallowing and general discomfort in my neck and throat and now my shoulders.

    I went to the walk-in clinic and they did a strep test which came back negative. They said my throat wasn’t really red or inflamed, but the pus on my tonsils is a greyish color. I am going tomorrow to get a culture done, but I would really like to know something sooner.

    Thank you.

  173. Hi,

    Hi, I had a sexual encounter with a new partner and he was very forceful and pushed himself into my throat harder than anyone ever has before and I felt him hit something or push something in order to open up the back of my throat. I have ‘deepthroated’ before and gotten a bit of a sore throat from it, but it always goes away and I figure it was just my throat overworked. This time it was much greater, the force and the feeling felt. The next day I had a huge pain in the back of my throat and swallowing was very hard. It got a bit better day by day but then started to get a bit sharper. I mean that it got better but then plateaued in terms of size and discomfort until it started to feel denser, like a golf ball in my throat.
    I have read about contracting std’s in your throat but I am not sure. I am not sure if the person just damaged my throat and perhaps it is healing. Or maybe he damaged my throat and in healing it got infected with something, or it could have gotten infected with an std. In anycase I am a McGill student and in the middle of finals, a trip to the doctor could take upwards of an hour and that is time I don’t have in one day. I also have my thesis due as well mind you. So, because I dont have time to see a doctor I checked to see how effective ampicillin was on strep throat, gonorrhea or chlamydia. There were mixed reviews but they said if it was a mild case it would be effective. I have been on it for a day and a half a feel a slight improvement. Given my situation do you suggest I continue using them as it could just be a wound that needs to heal? Or it could also be a wound that is infected with bacteria that is not of std origin. In this case ampicillin may be useful, and if it was infected with bacteria of std origin the ampicillin would maybe work as well. I wish I had time to see a doctor about this but I am so worried about getting into med school that I can’t afford to waver from my schedule from here until end of finals. I’m sure you remember how it was getting your thesis it and wrapping everything up. I’m also writing my Mcat a week after I defend my thesis then applying, I’ll see a doctor in that week between my thesis defence and my mcat exam, but until then do you suggest I continue what I am doing then evaluate based on results come a few days and if I think it is or is not working reassess a new plan of action (which probably means seeing a doctor)

    Also, in the event that the antibiotics appear to work (ie: no more sore throat), do you think I should still see a doctor immediately because it could come back or not have gone away completely in the first place. Or do you think with a full 10 treatment of ampicillin it is likely to have been cured and seeing a doctor could wait until after the mcat?

    • You prioritize your work over your own health? You will make a great doctor some day. OK. Analysis time. Fact 1: You developed symptoms the very next day. We know that infections take at least 3 days to develop symptoms. Fact 2: The most worrying thing would be physical trauma to the throat. Tears and lacerations in themselves can be huge problems and if they get secondarily infected as you have mentioned, it compounds the problem a hundred fold. But if this was the scenario, we would expect your symptoms to worsen day by day. Fact 3: Ampicillin might be OK against Strep assuming that it is not antibiotic resistant but is complete shit against Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. So the fact that you feel better with it means it probably is not an STD. Which also means you should complete the course. Fact 4: Please don’t see this guy again. He sounds like a maniac. Fact 5: All the best for you MCATs. As I said, you’ll make a greet doctor some day. Please post any follow up questions on

  174. After having an injection for ghonnorea in the throat, 4 days later I ate some of my own semen
    Am I at risk to reinfect myself?

  175. Ettienne Fox

    I went down on my boyfriend a few days ago and now believe I may be displaying the symptoms of throat gonorrhea,namely a sore throat that has lasted since the day after I performed oral on him and more recently white spots on one side . I believe I read that gonorrhea of the throat does not go away on its own. If the sore throat and white spots go away could that mean that I did not have the disease and it was something else? Or is it just possible for the symptoms to disappear and not the infection? I would also like to know if it is possible that my symptoms could have just resulted from irritation due to him being too rough or going too deep. Thank you for any information you can provide.

    • Symptoms of Gonorrhea take about 3 days to develop so highly unlikely what you have is due to throat Gonorrhea. Either way, having a sore throat and white spots on your tonsils mandates a visit to your doctor. Even if it is not Gonorrhea it could be some other infection that requires treatment. Please post any follow up questions on

  176. sir.i had unprotectd oral sex twise wit my girlfrnd nd i hv throat sore.ay serious problem.pls do rply me.

    • This forum is not for medical consultations. Please see your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

      • Thank you for guidance on these sensitive issues. I have given my boyfriend a few BJ’s in the past month and on 3 occasions, the next morning I have red spots on the roof of my mouth, way in the back and white pussy spots on the side. This recent time, I also have a bruise on my upper palat as he was thrusting too hard this time. There have been other BJ’s but he didn’t ejaculate. He is 70, so it is all pre-cum fluid and not full ejaculate. I have the exact symptoms of strep, but the strep test and herpes swab were neg on the first time. We will use condoms (I hope!) from now on, but what on earth is this?

        • The red spots are probably petechiae. This is spot bleeding under the mucosa that is caused by the penis hitting against the roof of the mouth. ‘White pus spots’ sound more like an infection. However it sounds to me like it does not bother you and fades spontaneously. If that is the case then it is probably not a infection. The best thing to do is to swab the white stuff and send it for tests. Could be fungus. Please post any follow up questions on

  177. Bella

    Hi Doctor, So this past Friday I preformed oral sex for the first time ever. However we were running late so he did not ejaculate sperm in my mouth and the whole process only lasted maybe like 4 minuets. On Monday I did not feel well and by Tuesday I had a fever of 102 and today, Wednesday, I went to the doctors and she tested me for strep but I do not have it. So my throat is sore and I have a fever and swollen things in the back of my throat (I forget what they are called) is there a chance I could have throat gonorrhea? I know he has been with many women in the past too. Should I try to go back to the doctors for a test? Thank you.

    • drtan

      Yes there are several points in your history that suggests throat gonorrhea. The timing, the symptoms and the fact that you tested negative for Strep are all sinister clues. I think it is very prudent for you to see your doctor for a test for throat gonorrhea. Please post any follow up questions on

  178. Hello,

    I started getting little bumps on my penis, I got it checked, and the dermatologist said it is Contagiosum Molluscum. I got them removed a week ago, I was wondering, after what time I will be able to have unprotected sex with my partner, how is definitely clean and what are the chances that she can get it from me!

    Thank you very much and would appreciate you help.

    • drtan

      All the lesions have to be completely removed and not recurr before you are considered to be not contagious. You need to go back to see your dermatologist for an all clear. Please post any follow up questions on

  179. hey okay so i went to my doctor and he gave me penecilin for my tonsils, they look just like tonsils, ripped and stuff with no white on them but then i got told that a partner that had his penis in my mouth said i gave them gonorrhea but im not sure how this is possible, they could have been with someone else and since then i have done the same with different guys and am ashamed to say if i have it, what are the chances i do have it? oh and it was 3 months ago i did the act with the one saying stuff…

  180. I performed unprotected oral sex 3 days ago, and have since developed a sore, swollen throat with white spots on my tonsils. I did not, for lack of a better term, “finish” the oral sex. It only happened for maybe a minute since it was my first time and I got uncomfortable. Is it throat gonorrhea? or more likely just strep throat? I have no other symptoms besides those mentioned above and have never been sexually active before.

    • I should also mention that I was having some problems with excess phlegm in my throat for days before the oral sex. I dont know if that will make a difference. The act happened in the middle of Thursday night, so technically very early Friday morning, and I first noticed a scratchy throat on Saturday. Today was when my lymphnodes started to swell and I noticed the white spots.

  181. I should mention that I was having some problems with excess phlegm in my throat for days before the oral sex. I dont know if that will make a difference. The act happened in the middle of Thursday night, so technically very early Friday morning, and I first noticed a scratchy throat on Saturday. Today was when my lymphnodes started to swell and I noticed the white spots.

    • drtan

      Hard to tell the 2 apart as symptoms can be very similar. The only way to know for sure is to get a throat swab. Please post any follow up questions on

  182. Hi
    I finally got my test results for my Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphillis back. For my gonorrhea and syphillis, the tests are in the negative. However, my chlamydia test stated to be “out of range.” What does that mean? Doc, do you have any idea what “out of range” meant, please post! I am very worried!!!!

    Ken Chung

  183. I was having intercourse with sex workers for about ten years now and I haven’t had any problems until the other night when I used saliva for lube. I have done before but this time was different as soon as I did I got a burning sensation around the foreskin. But 2 days later when I received an erection again I noticed the burning sensation again along with it was dryed skin on the foreskin, to the touch it feels like an open wound. I have no idea what this is can you help please….

    Jack Chung

    • drtan

      Does not sound like either gonorrhoea or chlamydia. Sounds like you may have abraded the foreskin. Apply an antiseptic cream and rest it for a few days. If the symptoms still persist then you really should see a doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

  184. What if some guy gets his own semen in his mouth and has a sore throat immediately after and lasts for a couple weeks but hasn’t gone away and has never had sexual contact with anyone

  185. Serena

    I fooled around with a guy and had oral sex 4 days ago (Saturday). Two days ago (Monday) I began getting that sore throat feeling, yesterday my throat was very sore, I was very fatigued, and I had a headache. This morning I woke up and my throat has not gotten any better but worse. Do you think it’s too early for symptoms of gonnorhea to appear this quickly? Or could it be something like strep throat?

    • drtan

      2 days a bit soon for Gonorrhea symptoms to develop but it is possible. I have seen it in my patients. Whether it is gonorrhoea or strep can only be determine with a throat swab. Please post any follow up questions on

      • Serena

        My throat is not alway sore but it is closed up a bit still, I’ve been having a lot of mucus buildup in my throat and sinuses, are these more symptoms? It’s been almost two and a half weeks.

  186. Chow Lai Ming

    Dear Doctor,
    I had gonnorhea a long time ago until it resulted to “Ulceration” on the tip of the head. A few months ago, I self-medicated with injecting 1g ceftriaxone IM, and taking 4 azithromycin twice a day for 2 days.It completely cured my symptom. Thereafter a couple of month,, I had sex and unluckily I felt I got a bonus again. The ulceration continued again. So after a few weeks, I went to a Doc and was tested. He prescribed ciprobay and doxycycline 2x/day for 7days.
    And on the 5th day, we had unprotected sex. Afterward, my girlfriend is now feeling painful urination and the ulceration on my penis isn’t subsiding as well. And my jock itch starting to itch again…
    I’m planning to take a 500mg IM of ceftriaxone and 4 azithromycin tablets again. Would it still be effective to girlfriend who appeared to have contracted gonorrhea and jock itch? Doctors in Indonesia are unreliable. As an overseas Chinese, I am placing my life in your hands
    Thank you, hope you can help me….

    • drtan

      Placing your life in my hands? Dude, talk about laying on the pressure. I am not surprised that the Cipro is not working. Honestly, Gonorrhea has been resistant to Cipro for ages. The only reliable cure these days is IM Ceftriaxone AND Zithro OR Doxycycline. Before we even get into that, I am assuming that you have Gonorrhea. The best thing to do is to get tested and know for sure. But assuming you and your GF both have gonorrhoea then taking the Ceftriaxone and Zithro is the right thing to do. However, this might make the jock itch worse. To treat the jock itch, you will need to use anti-fungal medication. You can get an OTC anti-fungal cream like Lamisil and if that does not work you will need to take an anti-fungal pill like Itraconazole. Please post any follow up questions on

  187. Hi Dr Tan, I have a few questions please!

    1.Will a urine test pick up any form of gonorrhea – i.e. throat or genital – or do you need to take swabs from each area to check? (And will the same treatment cure all forms?)

    2.Is it unusual for men to have no symptoms – even for a couple of years?

    3. Is it feasible that you could sleep with someone who has gonorrhea (without using protection) a couple of times but not catch the infection, then start using protection but a couple of years later (without that person having been treated) stop using protection and then get infected? (For the past 2 years my tests have been clear and then this year I got a positive result; so either my partner was infected before we met but didn’t know, or has got it from someone else since we met.)

    4. What is the likelihood of a “false negative” test result – i.e. can I rely on my last 2 negative results?

    Thank you!

    • 1. You have to test each area independently. Treatment will cure all infected areas. 2. 10% of infected persons will not show symptoms. 3. Yes but unlikely as Gonorrhea is rather contagious. 4. PCR tests have low false negative rates. Cultures have slightly higher false negative rates. Please post follow up questions on

  188. I did blow job on a friday night,I wroke up wit a sore throat I went to a phramacy to buy drugs(a day dose) after taking d drugs I was ok but d sore throat started again on friday night. Could it b dat I have bateria from d blow job or I was not given d complete dose of drugs.

    • Even if you did catch an infection from the encounter the symptoms would not appear the next day.

  189. Jackie

    I was treated for gonorrhea of the throat through an injection and antibiotics. I started feeling tons better but never stopped coughing. Throught the ordeal I never had a fever. Now it’s been about about two weeks and the cough has worsened, my throat is sore, my ears hurt again, and I have a fever. Is there a possibility I have it permanently now?

    • drtan

      After treating Gonorrhea it is always prudent to test for it again to make sure it is gone. Your symptoms actually sound like there is another cause and not Gonorrhea. You should see an ENT specialist.

  190. 6 weeks ago i had unprotectd sex with a guy. Also oral. A vew days later a got a throat infection. i didn’t think any of it then, because i have had many since childhood. The guy had a really bad breath. He used my toothbrush. Since that time a have the same bad breath that i cannot get rid of. My gums also got infected. I never had that before. Could this also be a sign of throat gonnorea? Monday i’m going to be checked. i also got symtoms like painfull urination and itching since a week and a half. so i already know the outcome. and praying that’s just it. I was just wondering about the extremely bad breath being a sign.

    • drtan

      Yes it does sound like Gonorrhea. Infected gums will cause bad breath also. Don’t worry, a nice strong course of antibiotics will sort you out.

  191. I recently had sex and a couple days later had itching and burning around my mouth. I went to the dr. and she told me I had gonorrhea. We used a condom but it came off in me for about one minute. I think we realized right away it came off. I did perform oral sex on him. Is it possible that I got gonorrhea from when the condom came off for that short time or is it possible to have oral sex and the gonorrhea show up in my urine? Also, I’m really concerned about HSV2 and HIV. I’ve had a lot of pain in y pelvic area and I thought for sure that I had HSV2. My blood test showed 0.42 and they said I should be retested in 3-6 months. I’ve been taking a bunch of anti-viral supplements in hopes of boosting my immune system and hopefully warding off any viruses. I’m not sure if the burning pain I feel is from the HSV2 or the cyst on my ovaries or my paranoia… What exactly does that 0.42 mean…was I exposed and HSV2 is possible infecting my body?

    • I forgot to mention time frames….i had sex Friday night/Saturday in the early am. Started to get the buring/itchiing Sunday night….went to go get test Tuesday afternoon.

      • It is possible to get gonorrhoea even if you used a condom and it did not come off. The machines used to test HSV 2 often mistake other Herpes antibodies for HSV 2 antibodies. This is called anti-body cross sensitivity. An arbitrary number is set where if the amount of anti-bodies cross this, we assume there is a higher chance that the person is truly HSV 2 positive. Anyway, it is much too soon to do a test for HSV 2. Ignore this result. If you develop painful blisters or ulcers on the skin, go see your doctor for a swab test. This is way better than a blood test in terms of specificity.

  192. anonymous

    Im a female and yesterday i gave oral sex to my boyfriend and today I saw on top of my mouth yellow stuff also my throat. No he did not cum in my mouth. But what does this mean. Should I be worried ?

    • Gonorrhea symptoms take at least 2 days to develop. So you can be sure your symptoms are not due to throat gonorrhoea.

  193. hello dr.tan.i have throat pain on back my throat( posterior pharyngeal wall).i was taken 2g ceftriaxone sodium injection plus 2g azithromicin.but it not it gonorrhea?.if it is gonorrhea why it not cured.or it may be other disease?

    • If what you really have is Gonorrhea, the medications you have taken would most likely cure it. It is possible but very rare to find strains of Gonorrhea resistant to Ceftriaxone. The best way to find out if this is Gonorrhea or not is to take a throat swab. If it is, the lab can do a anti-biotic sensitivity test and find out if it is resistant to any anti-biotics.

  194. Ccharlie

    Hi. I have been tested with gonorhea and im under treatment. I took a vaccine shot and pills. My gonorhea should be gone in few days now. My question is: is it possible that i give myself gonorhea back? I rubbed my penis while masturbating and licked my fingers afterward. Can i catch nmy gonorhea again? I have been tested with gonorhea anal and oral.

    Thank you

    • Not possible. The treatment will cure gonorrhoea no matter where it is in your body.

  195. Jake White

    Dr Tan,

    I realize you are very busy, but I am in a dire situation and I need advice that my doctors have yet to be able to answer. I’ve heard and read that you are the most knowledgeable on these topics so here is my situation:

    I am a male who 6 months ago had oral sex both receptive and giving with two other high risk (they were gay and it was anonymous) males. Around that time I had 2 instance of heterosexual intercourse with 2 females. I was in a horrible place in my life. I however found the woman of my dreams and asked her to marry me recently. We don’t participate in sexual acts as we are waiting until marriage. I obviously don’t not want to give anything I possibly might have to her, can you help me out?

    I was tested at 4 months by quest diagnostics and everything came back negative including herpes both 1 and 2. This was an 8 panel blood and urine test.

    However I have experienced some yeast skin problems such as tinea veriscolor. I also have discomfort in testicular (vas deferens) region. The doctor told me this is probably a vericocele and to not be alarmed. No burning urination or discharge.

    I have also had sinus drainage issues and constant clearing of throat (no sore throat).

    I think I might have an oral std that would not show up on a urine test. Who gives throat swabs? Are they accurate? Can I still be treated with antibiotics successfully after 6 months of carrying gonorreah, chlamydia, or syphillis? Could an std cause me some sort of PID symptoms even though I am male?

  196. Dr. Tan,

    I realize you are very busy, but I am in a dire situation and I need advice that my doctors have yet to be able to answer. I’ve heard and read that you are the most knowledgeable on these topics so here is my situation:

    I am a male who 6 months ago had oral sex both receptive and giving with two other high risk (they were gay and it was anonymous) males. Around that time I had 2 instance of heterosexual intercourse with 2 females. I was in a horrible place in my life. I however found the woman of my dreams and asked her to marry me recently. We don’t participate in sexual acts as we are waiting until marriage. I obviously don’t not want to give anything I possibly might have to her, can you help me out?

    I was tested at 4 months by quest diagnostics and everything came back negative including herpes both 1 and 2. This was an 8 panel blood and urine test.

    However I have experienced some yeast skin problems such as tinea veriscolor. I also have discomfort in testicular (vas deferens) region. The doctor told me this is probably a vericocele and to not be alarmed. No burning urination or discharge.

    I have also had sinus drainage issues and constant clearing of throat (no sore throat).

    I think I might have an oral std that would not show up on a urine test. Who gives throat swabs? Are they accurate? Can I still be treated with antibiotics successfully after 6 months of carrying gonorreah, chlamydia, or syphillis? Could an std cause me some sort of PID symptoms even though I am male?

    • I really cannot reconcile your story with your ‘dire situation’. In what way is your situation dire? You had a complete negative STD screen at 4 months post exposure. You have tinea and varicocole both of which are completely unrelated to STDs. Why are you tormenting yourself? You really gotta chill and stop beating yourself up about what you did. It’s over, let it go. As for your questions: Sure I can do throat swabs for Chlamdydia and Gonorrhea. Yes they are very accurate (PCR tests). Yes you still can be treated successfully. Males cannot get PID.

  197. hi dr.tan i have red dots with mild pain on back my throat(posterior pharyngeal wall)for past two months.neck glands are not it possible this symptoms is pharyngeal gonorrhea.

    • Unlikely. The symptoms of pharyngeal gonorrhoea are usually much more severe. Also it is unlikely for gonorrhoea symptoms to persist for 2 months.

  198. maxvell

    Hi Dr,

    I performed oral sex on a man a year and a half ago. I thought nothing of the throat infection that I noticed a few months later.

    Since then, I had tried peniccilin twice, and co amoxiclav and nothing has worked. I will be trying a throat swab for chlamydia / gonorrhea next week.

    My question is, can either of these cause a painful neck or back? My upper and lower back is in pain, and my neck is very painful – it has been gradually getting worse for a few months.

    Also, how likely is oral gonorrhea to go away on it’s own? Surely a throat / tonsil infection for 1 and a half years should have gone away?

    Thanks a lot for any answers.

    • Painful neck – yes. Painful back – not that I know of. I am not aware of any documented cases of oral gonorrhoea going away on its own. Non-STD tonsil infections can be very persistent/recurrent and hence the need for tonsillectomies.

  199. I sucked someone’s penis without a condom on the friday and it’s now two days after i have a sore throat should i be worried about Throat Gonorrhea?

  200. Hi Doctor:

    A friend of mine had sex with a condom. Afterwards, she took of the condom and performed oral sex on me. (I’m a man). Then we kissed. Am I at a high risk for an oral STD? My thoat has been sore for 2 weeks. I was perscribe Amx 875mg for 10 days and it help alittle. I also have a nasal drip, ear pressure and a headache on one side of my head which feels like a sinus headache. My nose has been somewhat stuff too. Also have have next pain. Is this consistent with an STD or an sinus infection?

    • I don’t get it. She performed oral sex on you then kissed you. And you think she transferred Gonorrhea from your penis to your throat? The only way to be sure if you have Gonorrhea or not is to get a throat swab.

      • Well Dr., my question is would I be at risk for any STD “orally” from her after having sex with her (protected) and afterwards, she performing oral sex on me then kissing me? I have no STD nor am I positive for any virus during this encounter. However, after this encounter, I have been having a sore thoat for 2 weeks, next pain, a nasal drip, ear pressure and a headache on one side of my head which feels like a sinus headache. My curiousity makes me think that remnants from her virginal fliud could have been transferred to me after she performed oral sex on me; then kissed me should she have something. Not sure if I would be at risk for Clamid, Gonn, Herps, of the thoat.

  201. Hi Doctor,

    Does Throat Gonorrhea go away on its own, without antibiotic treatment? (i.e. self limiting) I’ve read on a few websites that it may go away without treatment. This article is one example.

    I’m asking because sometimes throat gonorrea has no symptoms and people would never know they need treatment.

  202. HI Doc,

    Last week I had oral sex with a guy, today he says he was infected with oral gronorreah. He says it was trasferred frm me. But i dont hve any symptoms of it. Nw im afraid also. Were to go and check for this infection?

  203. A week ago me and my partner did oral sex and I gave him a blow job but I put his penis far to my throat. It’s been almost a week already and my throat still hurts. I tried to drink tea, take medicine to get rid of the pain in my throat. I’m thinking its just irritated or something. Could it be I have gonorrea? Please get back to me asap! Thank you !

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Whether or not you have throat gonorrhoea is unfortunately not a question I can answer on an internet forum. You need to see your doctor for that.

  204. Drtan,

    I went to the doctor with a sore throat with white patches on my tonsils. They said it could possibly be throat ghonorrhea because I had oral sex the week before. I got a urine ghonorrhea/ chlamydia test done. Is it possible for throat ghonorrhea to show up in a urine test?


  205. Dr Tan,
    I have a perplexing problem. I recently tested positive for throat gonorrhea (I tested negative twice in the urine tests). I was treated with a shot of Ceftriaxone and 1g Azithromycin. The treatment was done a week after I was exposed. Subsequent tests showed the infection was cleared.

    A few weeks after this, I developed pain in my testicles and a urologist told me that I had Epididymitis. He said it was probably a result of gonorrhea and he gave me antibiotics. The antibiotics did not work. The pain persists.

    – What connection is there, if any, between throat gonorrhea and Epididymitis?? It doesn’t make sense at all. I had no gonorrhea in my penis.
    – Why didn’t the antibiotics for Epididymitis work? Will this turn into a chronic pain?

    Worried :(

    • No direct connection. Having Gonorrhoea of the throat does not mean you have Gonorrhoea of the urethra. However, since you are likely to have had both oral and penetrative exposures to the same partner who gave you the Gonorrhoea, it makes sense that if you had throat gonorrhea you are at risk of urethral gonorrhea. However, 2 urine tests are unlikely to be wrong. I do not know on what basis your doctor suspected gonorrhea causing your epididymitis. If it was not gonorrhea, then it is no surprise that the meds given for gonorrhea did not work.

    • Steven

      How long did it take for you to get the results from your retest? Did you wait three months to retest?

      • drtan

        Usually I would do the test of cure 2 weeks after completion of antibiotics.

  206. Hi Dr Tan,

    My girlfriend and I had oral sex for the first time. I am not experiencing any symptoms, I feel great. I’ve never been sexually intimate with anyone before, and neither has my girlfriend.

    However, 4 days after oral sex, my girlfriend has a sorta mild sore throat (this is day 2 of the sore throat) and a realy stuffy nose that has made her head feel like it’s heavy.

    Is it possible that she contacted and STD? I have read that you cant get a cold via an STD so am I just worried about her and that she probably has a sore throat BECAUSE of her cold?

    It is also allergy season and she tends to get sick easily because she has allergies… so maybe I am worrying over nothing.

    • Well dude, the general rule about STDs is that you actually need to catch it from someone via a sexual act. So that fact that both you and your partner have not been sexually intimate with anyone else before, I really do not think there is any reason for you to be concerned about STDs.

  207. Hi doc. I have an oral sex with my gf less than two days later I’m having pains in my throat and d right side of my ear drum and sometime stomach worries… Pls. What could be wrong?

    • I do not know. It may not be related to the oral sex at all. Please see your doctor.

  208. Hi Doc, I’m a 30 year old male, and a year ago I had unprotected oral sex with a girl unknown to me, she might have had an STD but I don’t know. Since then ive oy been with my long term partner and theres no chance of any other exposure of an STD. No symptons or anything until 3 months ago when I developed a mild sore throat with red and slightly swollen tonsils, red patches of tissue on the back of throat. Doctor has said it looks like a viral sore throat, lots of blood tests, bit no sign of anything including a normal white blood cell count.
    I have been to two separate GUM clinics in UK, proper reputable NHS ones. Two sets of blood tests, two sets of throat cultures were they used 2 swabs each time (chlymidia and gonnohrea) but I guess that’s 4 chances to find an infectio such as those in theory. And 2 Urine tests for chlymidia and gonnehrea. Both done within about a month of each other. And every test has come back negative for HIV, hep b & c, syphilis, throat cultures negative in both cases, same with urine tests.
    My sore throat is still there and I can’t believe that I haven’t caught something in my throat thats causing this 3 month sore throat. I do feel very stressed, and depresses about it all as I have a long term partner who I cheated on. Doctors thinks this might be causing the sore throat.
    What are the chances of those throat cultures giving false negatives, and could throat gonnehrea be there for 9 months with no symptoms that then show up. Could disseminated gonnehrea have happened, I’ve got a sore knee and ankle on one side, but now not be present in the original site ie the pharynx? And not show up on a throat culture? Although that doesn’t seem to make sense as the symptom that started this off is my sore throat. Also I have been sweating excessively at times and sleeping very badly. Doctor thinks this is anxiety related.


    • First of all Gonorrhea does not take 1 year to start showing symptoms. Second of all, you already had multiple negative tests. Third of all, if you really have disseminated gonorrhoea you would be rolling on the floor in pain from the joints, not just have a ‘sore knee’. Overall, I tend to agree with your doctor.

      • Thank you for your reply, I do really appreciate it, and although I probably sound like an idiot to you over my concerns; in my very humble opinion I think the service you provide, for what seems to be no other reason but to genuinely help people out who are worried and need help or reassurance from an expert, is so commendable and you’re a credit to the medical profession as a whole………
        That being said. Would you you definitely think it a waste of time to go back and sneak a couple more throat cultures out of the NHS just to be sure? And the other possibilities of it being a viral std such as Herpes type 2 or genital herpes, or HPV in my throat seem to have been ruled out by the doctors/nurses in the clinic because they looked at my throat and said a) it’s not herpes and b) they don’t see warts in people’s throats in that clinic either. And i imagine they see a lot.
        Also if it was herpes it would have shown up sooner as the first outbreak usually occurs within a short period of time from contracting it.
        I’ve been such a horrible person doing what I did, and I just can’t believe I’d have something that could cause a sore throat for this length of time without it being something really bad like that.
        Any way thanks for taking the time to reply in the first place

        • Thank you. Throat cultures have a relatively low sensitivity. If you ask me if the first 2 cultures were wrong I would say that is possible but not very probable. If you have a lesion in your throat that you suspect to be caused by Herpes, you can swab it and send it for a HSV PCR test which is very specific for Herpes. Some doctors will swab the throat for a HPV DNA test but this is highly controversial. Herpes may show up within 8 days or may take months.

          • Hi Doc, both my local gum clinics have said they don’t swab throats for herpes, but have examined my tbroat and assure me that the raised bumps I am concerned about are not herpes related. In your experience would an outbreak of hsv-2 orally last 3 months? or in most cases would it have cleared up even without treatment in that time?
            I also discovered that they don’t just use a culture for detection, they do NAAT and culture combined. So my earlier infornation wasn’t correct. Apparently they believe the testing they do is very sensitive but they can’t say officially how sensitive as NAAT testing is not proven clinically in this country? They are very convinced at the clinic that as all tests for gonnohrea came back negative I haven’t got it, and I spoke about my concerns over deseminated gonnohrea and sore joints, to which they replied by sating one of the tests would have picked that up if it was that developed. Would you say that is true? They have taken one more set of swabs for reassurance purposes, but have said they will be the last ones; I’m probably costing them a fortune! They also did a general swab for anything else not STD related there that may be causing it.
            One more thing Doc- have you ever seen HPV related symptoms orally?, warts in throat etc, or is it silent until it causes something serious like throat cancer?


          • HSV 2 outbreaks do not usually last longer than 3 weeks. NAAT is very sensitive. I do not know which test they are referring to for disseminated NG. HPV can infect the throat and cause warts. I still tend to agree with your GUM clinic doctors. I think you are being unnecessarily worried.

  209. What does hpv warts in throat actually look like? Would it be one or two growths of a certain colour? i cant see many photos on the web to compare, or could it be lots of shallow slightly enflamed looking patches like mine? the gum clinic staff i have seen insist they have never seen warts in someones throat before, so i cant really ask them if they think ive got signs of them, but looking at my throat they tell me i havent? One other thing about disseminated gonnohrea; you commented earlier about rolling around in agony from it, but symptonms must be less severe to begin with, how long would it take to go from ‘sore knee’ to ‘rolling around in agony’ needing crutches etc.? Could you have disseminated gonnohrea and test negative in the original site of infection ie throat?
    It’s over 3 months now and my throat is still the same!!! Wish I knew what it was



  210. I thought i had gonorrhea in the throat but the doctor gave me antibiotic pills and the pain and white puss and irritation are gone does that mean it isnt gonorrhea? Im scared to go back and find out.

  211. Very good afternoon to you doc. I contracted gonorrhea unknowingly from my boy friend five years ago. Initially, the doc missed the symptoms and treated it as skin problems. Thoughout this period, I had taken 3 course of anti-bactic tablets to treated flue and other minor problems. After each course of treatment. the itchness went away for a while. And now all the rash has disappeared especially in winter. Can you advice me whether it would ever go away without taking further anti-boitic drugs?

    • It will not. Gonorrhea needs to be treated with antibiotics. Since your doctor knows it is Gonorrhea now, he can easily give you the correct antibiotics.

  212. Doc, I recently went down on a girl and 5 days later came down with a sore throat. I went to the doctor and tested positive for strep on the rapid test. He prescribed 500mg zithromax for 5 days/5pills. After telling him all the info above about the sexual encounter does the Dr. believe this could be strep and something else. I got tested for chla/gono but am waiting on the results. So I guess my question is, is this just strep throat or could it be a combination of both strep and gono?

    • We do not know unless you get tested. I hope your gonorrhea test is via a throat swab.

  213. Amy Yue


    My Dr taken blood sample and the results were:
    (a) Gonorrhea – negative; and
    (b) Chlamydia – negative.

    But the rash is still there. How can I convince the Dr that it is really the consequence of complicated Gonorrhea?

  214. Two questions
    I am straight male, I like to suck my gfs nipples. However, when I do it really hard my throat hurts a couple days later, any idea why?
    The 2nd question is,
    I know a girl has ridges in her vagina about 1-2 inches in on the roof. However, my gf has something between that and her cervix that is a similar texture, any clue?

  215. Lucy love

    if I went to the doctor and tested positive for strep is it still possible that I have this? or was it most likely just strep?

    • If you had Gonorrhea you would test positive for Gonorrhea and not Strep. That said, your doctor has to tell the lab specifically to culture for Gonorrhea if not they may miss it.

  216. Hello Dr. Tran, i just have one question. Although i am almost certain i have gonorrhea i have all the symptoms and it makes sense. I had unprotected vaginal sex and oral sex just once with a new guy. I then returned to my long term partner and had unprotected vaginal and oral. I had the sypmtoms of vaginal bleeding and frequent urination about 10 days after the new guy. I thought it was just a uti. It went away after a while and after i got back with my long term partner the bleeding and urination came back about a week after sex with him, along with a sore lumpy throat. There was no sore throat after the first guy. Is it possible that i got throat gonorrhea from having oral right after vaginal with my long term assuming i was already infected? Meaning the infection went from my vagina onto his penis and into my throat. Of course he and i will be getting checked and treated i just want to know that one thing.

  217. Hey doc,

    About 2 months ago I had unprotected sex, and oral sex. Couple days later I got swollen tonsils, sore throat, and white tongue and red bumps in back of throat. Instill have all that today except my throat isn’t sore. I went and got blood work and it showed antibodies for mono iny blood from like 6-8 weeks ago wasn’t sure what the doc meant by that. The girl I had sex with promised me she got tested before our encounter and was clean.

    Do you think my symptoms, swollen tonsils, red bumps on throat and white tongue in back are from gonnerea ?

    • Could be. However, the symptoms of throat gonorrhea are usually more severe with pus on the tonsils. As we know, not everything follows the textbooks so although your clinical signs are not typical of gonorrhea, we still would remain suspicious until it has been conclusively ruled out.

  218. I have gonorrhea along with throat gonorrhea and genital herpes type 1.My boyfriend died 3.5 years ago. I haven’t had sex since then. Now since few months I am having throat pain off and on and all the gonorrhea symptoms are back. Can throat gonorrhea go way then come back again???? And does gonorrhea come bck again after I have finished the medication coarse??? I have done all the tests of gonorrhea and hiv in Singapore 1.5 year’s ago again. Gonorrhea was positive but hiv was negative.

    • Gonorrhea cannot come back after it has been treated. However, sometimes treatment fails. The most common cause of treatment failure is antibiotic resistance.

  219. Delilah

    Is it possible to get throat gonorrhea and not vaginal at the same time I only been with one partner my boyfriend of 1 year we had both vaginal and oral sex i was told by Dr i had throat gonorrhea but not vaginal. Is this right. I am getting treated and making sure he gets tested and treated too. Thanks

    • Yes it is very possible to have only throat gonorrhoea. You must have caught it from oral sex and fortunately did not catch it during vaginal sex.

  220. Daniel Yeung

    Hi Doc,

    I have regular oral sex with my girlfriend. Afterward, I started to have terrible bad breath – so bad as if the lid was left opened in the garbage dump. It is really very obnoxious. Sometimes, there is a burning sensation, too. Could it possible that I have contract some common disease. DO you have any suggestion? Gonorrehea of the throat?

    • Usually bad smell is related to some form of infection. It could be related to the oral sex or not. You should see a doctor and find out what is wrong.

  221. sunshine


    I recently tested positive for gonorrhea in the throat. I already got the shot and pills today, however I recently started seeing someone and I perform oral sex, but it was quick less than a min when I stopped.this was before knowing I had an std. We’ve always use condoms expect for that one time and we also kiss a lot. Is it possible I given this person gonorrhea?

    Please advise.

    • drtan

      Yes it is certainly possible. The prudent thing to do is to notify your partner.

  222. I have had chronic strep since I was about 8 yrs old, I am now 20. I had my tonsils removed when I was about 16. I started having an issue with canker sores and very dry lips and throat but no strep. I recently had the dry lips and throat issue occur and I performed oral sex on my boyfriend. Now he has small bumps on the head of his penis and he and I both have a sore throat that feels like strep. He has never been tested but I have been tested and cure of chyalmida about a year ago. Could I be giving him my strep virus since I’m a carrier?

    • Yes you could have. Better get a swab done and maybe get some antibiotics.

  223. Doctor, thank you for such an informative blog.
    i have a few questions. 2 weeks ago I performed oral sex on a girl i didnt know. it lasted for a for a minutes.i used fingers in this also. i did not make her climax.
    i stopped myself having full sex and left. when i left the house, i walked up the street and put my fingers down my throat to make myself sick.
    i have discomfort swallowing and a really red inflamed throat but my throat is not sore.(yet?)
    is it difficult to get stds from a licking a vagina? and could bacteria still be on my fingers, nails A few minutes after?
    if i was extremely run down and anxious and had an infection, could it spread to other areas in my body?
    thanks for your time sir?

    • i meant add, that my eyes feel a bit dry and every now and then , a little iffy. thank you agai sir

    • It is unfortunately NOT difficult to get STDs from cunnilingus. You can get a variety of STDs in the throat including Herpes, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, HPV, Molluscum etc. I do not know if your symptoms have anything to do with your encounter. It will be best for you to consult a doctor. For more info on Throat Gonorrhoea, you can read:

  224. Dr. Tan,

    I was recently diagnosed with throat gonorrhea and received treatment. I have not had sex for over 7 days and my doctor said to return in 3 months for retest. Now, 3 months is usually due to you possibly getting reinfected by the same partner but I am no longer with that individual and was wondering if I were to get tested before 3 months, would my results be accurate? Also because I was diagnosed with throat gonorrhea, can I have HIV too? Please help…

    • 3 months to get tested for throat gonorrhea or HIV?

      • For throat gonorrhea. 3 months seems long and since its almost been 1 month, if i get retested will the test be accurate?

  225. Nathan

    I was diagnosed 3 days ago with rectal gonorrhoea. I had the shot of ceftriaxone and am currently taking a course of doxycycline. I don’t know if it was psychosymantic, but after the 2nd day I didn’t have the symptoms any longer in my rectum, the itchiness, soreness gone. Sadly it is back today. I’m just worried that this is because of antibiotic failure, as apparently the fight against (like any other disease) is getting harder and harder as it mutates. If it is antibiotic failure they should tell me when I go back in a weeks time. However, I’m just wondering what would be the protocol? More doxycycline? Or another syringe full of ceftriaxone?

    • Hi Nathan,

      You’re right in that antibiotic resistance is fast becoming an issue when dealing with gonorrhea. However, its’s hard to say if your symptoms are from resolving inflammation, psychosomatism or persistence of bacterial activity. I’d advise you to see your doctor after your treatment is completed. They may wish to confirm disease clearance with a follow-up rectal swab. You can also discuss about testing for antibiotic sensitivity should there be a need. Generally ceftriaxone is the recommended treatment for gonorrhea. If you’re having a persistent infection, they may need to increase the dose given or consider alternative antibiotics.

  226. Lauren

    So I just got back from vacation with what I thought was strep throat. However, the normal test was negative and so the doctor performed a culture test, and I’m waiting on the results. Due to what happened on the trip, I’m worried it could possibly be throat gonorrhea. Will a throat culture done for strep throat detect that? I will certainly go to a clinic and get it treated but I don’t want my doctor calling my mom to let her know her child has throat gonorrhea.

  227. Ray man

    Its been two days and my tonsil are swollen and neck is swollen my left tonsil has crypts and with stones my right side doesnt seem to be swollen but in my neck area it is and hurts and i have little lumps on the back of my tounge i gave my boyfriend oral sex and before eachtine we had anal sex but he cleaned it before i gave him head and i lick his anus area as well im kinda a little worriesd i could have gonorrea could you please help me so i could be less peranoid or should i see a doctor

    • Hi Ray man,

      In a large majority of people, gonorrhea in the throat may not cause any symptoms. You could be suffering from tonsilitis from other causes. In any case it would be best to see your doctor to see if antibiotics are warranted. If you do strongly suspect gonorrhea of the throat, a gonorrheal swab could be useful.

  228. Jenn ladowski

    I am amazed how you kept up with all of these messages! Dr tan I had received oral from a new partner and we kissed a lot what are the chances of me catching anything in throat or vaginal area?

  229. Drtan,
    I went down on a girl and had sore throat 2 days later. Saw the doc third day and tested positive for strep. My uvula was a bit tender and after 5 days of antibiotics the uvula was ok but when i swallow my throat still hurts… my question is if i tested positive for strep can i also test positive for gonnorhea or i just have strep? Thanks.

  230. I have been tested for std’s in the last days and all my test were ok and gonorrhoea too.
    Is it possible to have gonorrhoea undetected in other parts of my body like throat or anus?
    (for extra info: I have no symptoms whatsoever. I rarely feel some sort or soreness after smoking only) but is nothing unknown for me as far for my smoking habit

  231. Also forgot mention. I had blood test, urethral test and urine test and all test are ok no infection

  232. Taylor

    If I have penile gonorrhea but not gonorrhea of the throat, can I give a blowjob without giving the person the clap?

    • Yes, but you’d have to test to make sure you have no gonorrhea in the throat. Most patients don’t have any symptoms with throat infection.

  233. hi there doctors.
    i recently had unprotected oral sex after preforming unprotected anal sex with my partner two nights ago.
    yesterday, the day after i did that, i began getting a sore throat. this morning, two days after, i woke up with a strep throat.
    could i have gotten throat gonorrhea from, with-lack-of-better-word, tasting my own rectal ‘juices’ ? (without an enema.)
    me and my partner have been faithful to eachother for three years and have not been practicing sex on any other person.
    he was my first and i have not had sex with anyone but him.
    i am also std free especially because i know he is clean and healthy so i dont see exactly how i could have gotten it with me only having sex with him..
    i have quite some pain following swallowing my own saliva, water, etc.. i have no flu-like symptoms, no bloody feces or any blood where the white patch is in the back of my throat. nothing except painful swallowing/small white patch on the back of my throat, specifially the left side..
    what could possibly be going on ? just a case of strep throat ? or something more serious as throat gonorrhea ? also… if you catch gonorrhea or throat gonorrhea, do you have it forever ? even if treated and completely cured ? or are you just prone to get it easier than before.. sorry for all of the questions, but im quite scared, as i am 19 and am afraid to let my mother know that i need to get tested.. thank you.

    • If neither you nor your partner have gonorrhea, then it is impossible for you to get gonorrhea from each other. It is as simple as that. Gonorrhea does not appear out of thin air. You may have gotten some other infection of the throat by bacteria from the rectum (eg Klebsiella). You should see a doctor for swab tests and antibiotics. You are of course welcome to visit our clinics anytime. Click here for locations and opening times.

  234. Hi Dr Tan,

    Does any of the STDs can have symptoms, like skin itchiness or rashes?

    • Syphilis, Herpes, Molluscum, HPV, Gonorrhea can all cause skin symptoms.

  235. Hi Dr. Tan

    I recently started see white pus coming from my penis along with pain while urinating with a frequent urge to pee. I got tested and it was confirmed I had gonorrhea, I was giving ceftriaxone injections and the symptoms cleared. Around (slightly before, not too sure) the period of the treatment I had what I thought (not sure anymore though) to be sore throat, after the gonorrhea treatment it continued and it’s gotten worse. Now I feel like there’s phlegm in my throat all the time and it’s gradually getting difficult to swallow. I just found out about oral gonorrhea that’s why I didn’t think it was important to notify my doctor at the time. It’s juz been 5 days since I completed treatment. I’ve not had any form of sexual contact since the gonorrhea symptoms began.

    My question is…

    1. Do you think it could be oral gonorrhea?

    2. Since I already have gotten treatment for gonorrhea, don’t you think it should clear the bacteria in my throat?

    3. Should I wait a couple more days to see if the antibiotics will eventually clear the symptoms in my throat?

    4. The reason why I haven’t gone for a test is because I feel the remnants of the Ceftriaxone treatment could affect the throat swab, what do you think?

    I know I’m asking a lot of questions here, but I really need to know considering potential effects oral gonorrhea can cause if left untreated. Please reply, thanks.

    • 1. Yes it could. 2. Yes it should. However, throat gonorrhea is notoriously more difficult to clear than urethral gonorrhea. So there is a chance it is still there. 3. That is medical advice which I cannot give over the internet. 4. That’s right. Usually we will test 2 weeks from the treatment. So the right thing to do is to wait 2 weeks then see your doctor for a throat swab (regardless of symptoms or lack thereof). Click here for more info on throat gonorrhea.

  236. marie sam

    I had oral sex with 2 guys the first cam twice in my mouth and the second didn’t but I felt the pre ejaculation I guess if that’s what it’s called.
    Anyways, after around 2 days I had a sore throat which is red and has white dots on it. Its quite disturbing and painful. No fever is present but I have a bad breath. I went to the pharmacist he prescribed for me an antibiotic called:klavox. I should take it twice a day for 1 week.
    I dont want to tell my parents or pharmacist that I had oral sex and I doubt having gonorrhoea I just wanna ask if these are the symptoms for oral gonorrhoea and will this antibiotic help it go away? Other than that am I supposed to abstain from having any form of sex? And will I have genital gonorrhoea ? Help please im so worried.

    • Yes you could have throat gonorrhoea. Whether or not it can go away with the antibiotic you are taking nobody knows unless you get a test. This is because of the high rate of antibiotic resistance of the gonorrhoea bacteria. You cannot get genital gonorrhoea from oral sex.

      • marie sam

        But I dont want to have the test or let anybody know I had oral sex.. if after one week my throat became clear and no swelling or dots were still there that means that I got cured right?
        Second,if this antibiotic doesn’t help after one week what can I take to make it go away?
        Third, can gonorrhoea become severely serious if I dont take care? And what are the circumstances?
        last, should I abstain from any form of sex?

        • You cannot rely on the resolution of symptoms to prove cure. In other words, you might feel all OK but the infection might be still there. If the antibiotic does not work, you need a different antibiotic. Yes gonorrhoea can become disseminated gonococcal infection and land you in hospital. When that happens, EVERYONE will know that you have gonorrhoea. You should abstain from any sexual contact until you are sure you are not carrying an STD. That is just being fair to your partner.

  237. jessica

    Hi dr.Tan,
    I’m sexually active and after having oral sex I got a sore throat with white dots on it I was concerned about having gonorrhoea or chlamydia or any std either in my throat or vagina do I got a urine test and a throat rapid test in addition to a throat culture and all results showed negative and normal..does that mean I don’t have an std? Could these tests not be enough to show if I caught any std?
    2- if this is not gonorrhoea in my throat what could it be?
    Thank you very much for your help and effort.

    • jessica

      I’ve had oral and all forms of sex btw

    • Since I do not know exactly what tests you did, I really cannot comment on them. You should check with the doctor who did the tests for you. Also, I cannot diagnose you over the internet. There can be many causes of sore throat with tonsil exudates. Again you need to see your doctor to get diagnosed.

      • jessica

        I did a throat rapid test and throat culture in general not specifically for gonorrhoea. Plus ive taken antibiotics before I went and did the tests for around 1 week and they didn’t go away. Now im taking probiotics maybe that’ll help. What do u say?

        • If the culture does not specifically test for gonorrhea or chlamydia, they will not be picked up. Not all antibiotics are effective against gonorrhea and chlamydia. There are also many other causes of sore throat, some of which are not even due to infections. You really need to see a doctor to get diagnosed properly. You can welcome to see us. Click here for location info.

  238. Hi,
    I had protected sex with a guy but then we had unprotected oral sex. Later that night and the next morning i had a really sore through and left side of my neck hurts to when i push it against my shoulders. What do yout think it is?

    • You probably just abraded your throat and strained your neck. No infection will show symptoms so soon after.

  239. I gave my boyfriend oral, and two days later i have white bumps on my throat and swollen tonsils and a sore throat that only hurts when i swallow. neither of us have had sex, and there was no ejaculation during oral. i have had strep throat before and this does feel very similar, but am still concerned about what this could be?

    • Certainly sounds like a throat infection. To determine what bacteria is causing it you need to get a throat swab. The penis contained many different bacteria and not just STDs. Best for you to see a doctor and get a throat swab done. You are welcome to see us. We have lady doctors who can attend to you if that makes you feel more comfortable. Click here for location info.

  240. Will suprax 400 mg 1 tablet per day for 12 days treat gonorrhoea and chlamydia?? If not what should I take more??

    • No it will not. Please see your doctor for proper advice on what meds to take. Please do not self medicated especially with antibiotics.


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