Hematospermia (Blood in the semen / sperm)

What is Hematospermia?

Hematospermia is the presence of blood in the semen. It is sometimes also called ‘blood in the sperm’.

What are the 7 Common Causes of  Hematospermia?

There are many possible causes of Hematospermia.
They can be divided into:

  1. Infections including  Chalmydia, HIV, Herpes, TB or other STDs.
  2. Prostate problems like Cancer of the Prostate, Prostate Infections and Prostate Stones.
  3. Seminal Vesicle Cysts.
  4. Varicocoeles.
  5. Trauma.
  6. Systemic diseases like High Blood Pressure, Bleeding Disorders, Liver Disease and Lymphoma.
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What should I do if I have Hematospermia?

The best thing to do is to see our Doctors immediately. Most of the time the cause of Hematospermia is benign. Our Doctors will be able to advise you more.

What will the Doctor do when I tell him I have Hematospermia?

Our Doctors will take a careful history from you. Be sure to remember to mention any recent Trauma, Surgery, Family History of Diseases, Medications or other symptoms.

Our Doctors will then do a thorough physical examination including taking your blood pressure, looking for swollen lymph nodes, examining your scrotum and he may need to conduct a Digital Rectal Examination to feel for your Prostate.

Do I need to undergo any tests for Hematospermia?

Depending on what your Doctor finds, he might decide to order some tests to determine the cause of your Hematospermia.

This frequently includes urine tests to look for STDs. You might also need to undergo blood tests to look for bleeding disorders, infections or other diseases.

You might even need to undergo an Ultrasound Examination of your scrotum. Some patients also require a CT Scan or an MRI.

What is the treatment for Hematospermia?

The treatment for Hematospermia depends on what the cause is.

About 50% of the time, all the tests are normal and there is no identifiable cause for the hematospermia. If this is the case, do not worry. It might take up to 10 ejaculations for the blood to completely clear from the tubes.

If the blood is still present after 10 ejaculations, see your doctor again. You might need more tests.

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  1. Worried man

    Dear Doctor,

    I have ongoing blood in my semen for a few years now. I have taken antibiotics for 6 weeks last year on advice of my GP. I have seen 2 urologists. 1st said have a flexible cystoscopy but they won’t offer it under general anaesthesia. Testes and prostate appear fine on manual examination. 2nd urologist says due to seminal vesicle distension and rupture and to ejaculate at least 3 times a week but I have been doing this and still bleeding. 2nd Urologist also says as long as there is no blood in urine, they don’t need to see me. I’m sceptical. I think something might be wrong. Please help.

  2. hye dr im 20.. all hiv positif have hematospermia? or not? bcz today i blow job guy and he fu*k so hard on my mouth… and ejaculate in my mouth.. and i see blood in he p*nis.. i scare now.. but he is so fat.. and look so clean.. but i dont know he positive or not.

    • Haematospermia is not a typical symptoms of HIV. However, oral sex does put you at risk of HIV although the risk is low. If you are worried, you can get yourself tested.

  3. Timothy

    Thanks Dr sii, may i know which clinics can i go to?

  4. Timothy

    Hi im 17 and i have blood in my semen from wet dreams… And its been going on for quite some time what should i do? I sometimes keep feeling like urinating but cant

  5. My husband had blood during sex on the 8th day of my period. We thought it might be my period continue. Then we had sex after two days still blood was there after sex still we thought it might be my period which never had happen before. I was abit curious. But after two days again we came to know that its the blood that comes out of my husband after ejaculation then after three day days we use condom while sex but there was no blood. It was a clear seman. My husband and I dont stay together as we are post at different places. We meet alernate a month or two and stay for about 10-15 days together. Now my husband is so tense regarding the blood in the sperm. I ask him to see a doc but he resist. Now he’s so worrid thinking something very serious and accuse me of bad character which i sheldom have. My husband is about 47yrs . Please suggest.

    • Your husband should see a doctor. Blood in the semen is common and most of the time it is nothing serious. However, sometimes it can be due to an infection or cancer. Your husband should really see a doctor to get some tests to make sure there is nothing sinister causing his symptoms.

  6. sir,
    I am 21 years old guy.Recently i observed blood in my semen.I am scared, is the condition is serious

    • As the article discussed, most of the time it is not serious. However, you must still see your doctor to rule out infections and (rarely) tumours.


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