Asymmetric Vulva? Not a Problem

It’s not everytime that you look at your genitals in the mirror.

One of those few times you notice that one side of your labia minora (inner lips – folds found between the vulva, surrounded by two larger outer folds called labia majora) is actually larger than the other.

Well, every woman is different down there. So don’t be stressed up. This is normal. In fact, it is very rare to have these flaps symmetrical. One is always slightly larger/longer than the other. Some may notice them being larger than the outer lips.

When does this become a problem?

When the inner flaps are way much longer than the outer ones or asymmetry is obvious, cleanliness of the area can be difficult to maintain. Urinary stream becomes disrupted, itching and swelling are frequently experienced, wearing tight clothes can cause pain, and sexual intercourse can be painful. Some women tend to be disgusted by the appearance and have lesser self-confidence when it comes to sex.

Well, every woman is different down there. So don’t be stressed up.

What to do?

When there is infection, swelling, itching and redness is observed. A burning sensation may be felt during urination. Such discomfort can prolong for as long as a week or so if untreated. Topical antibiotics and anti-histamine creams often give relief. Moisture is the main cause that aggravates the condition, so it’s best to keep the area clean and dry. If this doesn’t resolve or instead worsens, talk to your doctor.

A severe degree of flap elongation may lead to the necessity of surgical repair. Pain and discomfort during sex and when wearing panties, and frequent episodes of infection are some of the main reasons to consider surgery. Some self-conscious women opt for what is called labioplasty (lip repair) for cosmetic reasons.

In short, one needs to note that it is perfectly normal to have asymmetric labial lips. This condition is deemed worrisome only when infections or sexual dysfunction set in.

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