Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome Andropause

If there is one hormone that makes a man a man, it has to be testosterone. Testosterone is produced by the testis and is responsible for all male characteristics including beard growth, chest hair, muscles, deep voice, sperm production, aggression, energy, stamina and all the other good things that make us scary hunters. So you can imagine when a man has insufficient testosterone, all sorts of things can go wrong. What causes Low Testosterone? Most of the time, it’s age. As we men get older, the production of testosterone starts to...

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AMS Questionnaire – Self test for Testosterone Symptoms

Think you have Low Testosterone? Feeling down, feeling tired? Maybe it’s jus the job or maybe your Testosterone level. Take this simple test to find out! Which of the following symptoms apply to you at this time? Please, mark the appropriate box for each symptom. For symptoms that do not apply, your score is ‘0’. Symptoms: 1.none__2.mild__3.moderate__4.severe__5.extremely severe Score = 1 2 3 4 5 1. Decline in your feeling of general well-being (general state of health, subjective...

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Read our new article on Testosterone Replacement Treatments. We often hear of the horrid effects menopause has on older women. With men approaching their senior years, is it also possible that they experience similar effects as well? Doctors do not really like the term ‘andropause’. It generates certain misconceptions that it is simply ‘male menopause’. There are some very important differences between andropause and menopause. First, unlike menopause, andropause does not automatically occur in all men when they reach a certain age....

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