Smart TV Internet Hacks: 5 Tips for Enhancing Speed and Reliability

Smart TV Internet Hacks

We can all agree there are not many things that are as annoying as having internet problems. Staring at the buffering wheel always seems much longer than it is. Seconds can last like minutes and so on.

In a situation where you connected your TV to Wi-Fi trying to watch a match or a movie, the scale of nervousness peaks. There are many reasons why something like this can happen.

It is not common, but the problem can lie in the internet provider you have chosen. If this is the case, then you will need to find an alternative.

If you do not know where to start look for the one that will meet your needs and preferences, visit this site. Today, we want to provide you with some useful tips on how you can improve the speed and overall reliability of your internet connection while you use it on your TV.

Buckle up and let us go.

1. Run an Internet Test

Before you think about the internet connection as a source of the issue, it is important to conduct an internet test. If the result of the test doesn’t match the average speed you pay for, then you should reach out to the provider and see whether they can resolve the issue.

Sometimes the result may be just fine, but the speed doesn’t match it at all. In that case, you just might need to seek another way to solve it. When everything performs right, except, well, the internet, see whether your TV has an Ethernet port.

If it does, this just might be a solution to the problem. But even in that case, the gear you have may be outdated.

Therefore, the solution is to reach out to the provider and ask for a replacement. Naturally, the provider will inspect whether is it your fault or theirs.

2. Reset the Router

Resetting the router is the first thing many people do, and in some cases, it is not needed at all. That’s why we’re placing it as a second entry in this list of ours. But generally speaking, resetting the router is a highly useful thing.

The reason why many do this is that it can dispel potential hacking attempts. Furthermore, it helps increase the speed since it will close potential clogging. Still, it is important to reset the router properly.

Doing a factory reset will erase all the settings you placed and it will start from the beginning. Unplug the router from all the connected devices.

Leave it like that for a couple of minutes. After this period has passed, then you are ready to plug it in again. If the problem you face is a minor one, then this is the way you will resolve it without any doubt.

3. Prioritize Work Traffic

Prioritize Work Traffic

The next thing we want to touch upon is prioritizing work traffic. Imagine a situation where all the members of your household are home and they all use the internet. Surely, you cannot expect the connection to be as strong as it is when only one person is using it, right?

If the connection to the TV is rather weak, then you can try to enhance it by prioritizing work traffic. There are two main available options.

Most routers operate either on 2.4 or 5GHz. The first one ensures a better range, while the second one will provide a much higher internet speed. Regardless of your choice, you can open a guest network where you will limit the speed that can be used.

By doing so, you will ensure the needed speed for your needs and other users need to be patient with their usage.

4. Block Ads

There is probably no provider that doesn’t display ads constantly. No matter where you look, there’s always going to be countless ads, videos, and images. Sure, this is not a problem for most users. However, we would like to say that this might harm your internet connection.

The thing about this is that many do not understand this. For that reason, we believe you should try it out to see whether this is the case. Since smart TVs come with a browser, you should install an ad-blocker. By doing so, you will minimize the internet speed wasted by these ads.

5. Move the Router

Move the Router

Last but not least, we would like to discuss something that might seem too simple to be effective. We are talking about moving your router around the house. If it is located in a closet or at the place in the corner of the house, then you should move it to the location of your TV.

Chances this will improve the reliability and speed of the internet connection are quite high.

The more walls you have between the TV and router, the weaker the signal will be. If you have some router antennas, they might prove themselves to be of significant help in this case.

The ideal position for them would be to have a horizontal and a vertical one. Of course, the ideal thing would be for the streamer to have a direct connection with the router. Sadly, this is not always the case. Another thing you should take into consideration is getting a Wi-Fi booster.

Or you can get a second router and use an Ethernet cable to connect two the TV to a router.

Of course, this might be somewhat problematic since it will create a bulk of cables inside your home. In any case, the position of your router plays a vital role in enhancing internet speed and reliability. That’s why you should consider it in your time of need.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are several tips you can use to make your internet speed much more reliable when you use it on your TV. Everybody knows just how frustrating this problem can be. Here, you can find the most efficient ones. We are certain you will find this insight to be of utmost help in those situations.

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