How Many Casinos Are in Las Vegas? Exploring Sin City’s Gambling Scene

casinos in las vegas

There’s no other way to talk of this subject – when you say Las Vegas the initial association is gambling. That’s fine. That is great in fact. The Mecca of gambling and casinos is a location worth mentioning. People from every corner of the world have heard of LV and its gambling establishments. It is a place of a thousand lights.

Of nice memories and great losses. Great happiness, and the biggest disappointment. Sin City is in the middle of many great tales, and the best part is that it’s a never-ending story.

If you haven’t written your chapter there, you must know that Las Vegas is waiting for you. You can either go there, visit hotels and their amazing casino rooms, or you could even simply try what they offer from home in terms of both gambling and sports betting.

The two go hand in hand these days, and to confirm that you can check for more info at In case you want to go there in person, all you need to do is to decide which casino to visit first, and how many to check out while in Nevada.

The previous notion brings forth one of the biggest questions tied to the city of Las Vegas – the number of casinos in the gambling Mecca. Aren’t we glad you asked? We are, and this is a question that requires a little bit of digging around and finding the most recent data tied to casinos in Las Vegas and Nevada in general.

After all, this is not only the city that never sleeps (yes, we know it’s New York but LV is pretty awake all the time), it is a city that doesn’t stop growing.

Las Vegas doesn’t only accept millions of tourists from all over the world and the United States during the year. It also has a never-growing community. Many people decide to settle permanently in this city.

The expansion has been on for years now and it shifted to another gear since the city became a home for an NFL franchise, Raiders, one of the most storied franchises in the National Football League. They also possess an NHL team in LV Golden Knights and soccer and baseball in Aviators and Lights respectively.

Another thing that is growing in Las Vegas is the amount of gambling locations. As this is the main subject of our article for today, let’s finally answer this question.

Las Vegas and Casinos – How Many Are There?

Las Vegas and Casinos

This is not an easy question to answer. As we said, their number is always on the rise. Also, the fact how you define a casino matters and how far are we allowed to stretch the city of Las Vegas. First of all, to receive the title of a casino, an establishment is required to own at least 15 gambling machines. These are quite low standards to put it that way.

But, who are we to argue with the Nevada Gaming Control Board? By the standards they have set, the number of casinos in LV stands at approximately 150. The thing that matters is how strictly you desire to follow the rules set by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

To put this number into perspective you must know that Sin City is a record holder in this department. When you view the number of casinos per square foot LV is bigger than any other place on the globe in this department. This city has come a long way since the early days at the start of WWII and the early 50s.

Back in 1941, they celebrated their 24th casino opening. As years have passed the number kept growing, and we have the number we listed above today.

This number keeps on growing as we said, and a new casino in this city pops out now and then. The entire state of Nevada is dedicated to expanding its entertainment influence all over the US and the world alike.

If you desire to go down into details, the number is near 150, but some sources, such as Gamboool argue that there are exactly 143 casinos in the entire Las Vegas. They gained this number by counting together all the establishments that are located in the LV Strip, North Las Vegas, Boulder Strip, and Downtown Las Vegas.

As such, the Strip has 60 gambling establishments. It is closely followed by Boulder which has 43. The list is finished with North and Downtown which have 17 and 23 casinos respectively.

Being that we are people of numbers, we have searched further. As you know, LV is a city that is located in Clark County. This county is located in the southern part of Nevada. So, when we take places such as Primm, Laughlin, and Mesquite, all located in this part of Nevada and Clark County, the number of casinos grows.

All of these places combined are home to 228 casinos. When you take into account that the entire state has a bit over 2.3 million people, this is quite a high number of casinos. But, it could also be higher, right?

The Biggest of Them All?

high number of casinos

With this high number of casinos, it would be only fair to talk about the example that holds the title of the biggest house around. With 15 gambling machines, you can call yourself a casino. But, the biggest locations of this kind in Las Vegas go far beyond the lowest mark.

We are talking about Encore At Wynn Las Vegas. These are hotels/casinos that share a resort complex. We are speaking about 240 gambling tables available. More than 1800 slot machines. All of it is located at 110,000 square feet of ground. This is a casino in all of its glory. Places such as these are what put Las Vegas on the world’s map.


Now you know it. While the exact number is a bit vague, we have brought you close to the truth. Las Vegas is home to many casinos, and their number is going to grow in the future for sure.

Online gambling is slowly taking over, and for this, you will need good internet speed. But nothing can compare to the charm and the lights of a city such as Las Vegas. It remains one of those places you need to visit during your lifetime if an opportunity arises.

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