Education helps to reduce HIV Risk

It has been more than 30 years since HIV was first discovered. We have come a long way. These days, HIV patients are living a normal life like anyone else. However, till date, HIV-related stigma and discrimination still exist in every corner of the world. Why? This comes down to the very basic of human nature. We fear things that we do not know about. We shy away from things that we do not understand. This is a fundamental problem that needs to be addressed. And how do we do that? The answer is very simple: Knowledge and education. This is why...

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MediShield Life to provide insurance cover for HIV +ve Singaporeans

The much anticipated MediShield Life will kick in at the end of this year.   It is promised to cover “pre-existing” illnesses which immediately begged the question “will it cover people living with HIV?”   This is a very fair question given the health insurance climate faced by HIV +ve people in Singapore. In a nutshell, there is no insurance policy that provides coverage for a non-occupational HIV infection and most insurance policies actually have a clause that they will become void if a person becomes infected with...

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If there is only 1 aesthetic treatment you do it should be……

You are considering having something done to your face. But you don’t want to look like a plastic Barbie. Neither do you want something so drastic everyone in the office will be badgering you with questions. You also don’t want to have to take MC and have to stay home for a few days to recover from it. You just want to look less tired, fresher and younger. What is that one treatment that can achieve all of this? Ready for it? Ready? Confirm ah? Midface Fillers!! Stay with me here. Go look at a baby. In fact, Google the words “baby...

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Could a new cancer drug be used to help cure HIV?

Hidden HIV reservoirs exposed by potential new cancer drug. Interesting news from a BBC article claiming that researchers from UC Davis School of Medicine in America believe a cancer drug they are testing can ‘flush’ out hidden HIV reservoirs, which could be a stepping stone towards a cure.   First a bit of explanation: When HIV first enters the body it moves to the blood stream and targets CD4 cells, which are part of our immune system. Once they attach to these CD4 cells, they enter and begin replicating eventually bursting the...

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How to Spot and Help a Suicidal Person

Recently there was a story in the local news about an old lady who had to go through the unthinkable ordeal of her grand-daughter committing suicide then, shortly after, her daughter (the mother of the girl who killed herself) committing suicide too. The young girl was only 16 years old and decided to kill herself because she scored 2 B’s instead of her usual straight A’s. Her mother blamed herself for her daughter’s death because she was putting too much pressure on her daughter to do well in school. So much so that she decided to kill...

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