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How long can HIV live outside the body?

How long can HIV live outside the body?

  • HIV can survive outside the body for weeks

  • There has never been a case of HIV infection from casual contact with contaminated surfaces of potentially infected body fluids

I often get this question or variations on it for example:

How long can HIV survive in air?

How long can HIV survive on surfaces?

Let’s look at the evidence available to us.

  • HIV is killed by heat. Temperatures of above 60⁰C will kill HIV.
  • HIV is NOT killed by cold. In fact, colder temperatures increase the survival time of HIV.
    • At 27⁰C to 37⁰C, HIV can survive up to 7 days in syringes
    • At room temperature, HIV can survive in dried blood for 5 to 6 days
    • At 4⁰C, HIV can survive up to 7 days in dried blood
    • At -70⁰C, HIV can survive indefinitely
    • HIV can only survive in pH between 7 and 8
    • HIV has been found to survive for a few days in sewage
    • HIV has been found to survive in organs and corpses for up to 2 weeks

You would notice that all these studies are done on blood. There is really no good evidence to determine how long HIV from semen, vaginal secretions of other body fluids can survive outside the body. One fact is that it is very difficult to culture HIV from semen. This indicates the low viral content and we can assume that the same timelines for blood apply to semen if not less.

In these experiments, the survivability of the HIV virus is determined by its retention of the ability to infect cells in cell culture.

We must be careful not to equate survivability to infection. In other words:

HIV infected surface/fluid + broken skin ≠HIV infection

This is because there are many other factors that influence infection for example, the amount of virus has to be high enough in order to cause an infection. Also, when live HIV virus comes into contact with broken skin or mucosa, it still has to undergo a very complex series of steps before it actually causes a HIV infection. The mechanism of HIV infection is a lot more complex and will be discussed in detail in another article.

You would also note that these experiments were all done in a controlled environment of a lab. Many other factors such as wind, rain, humidity, type of surface etc are not taken into account.

Most people ask this question because they have been exposed to some potentially infected fluids and are afraid of being infected with HIV.

To date, there have not been any cases of HIV transmission via casual contact with surfaces or contaminated fluids.

HIV is transmitted via sexual intercourse, blood transfusion and sharing of infected needles. There have also been isolated cases of HIV transmission from dental treatments.

In summary, if you have touched some surface or fluid that you think might be contaminated with HIV, do not worry. You will not get infected.

If you have any questions, visit our free online forum on sexual health, HIV and STDs.

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If not read more about HIV symptoms.

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  1. Hi, so i just want to inquire, if i were to use a male sex toy(Vagina sex toy) from another person who is HIV positive and the sex toy had not been cleaned properly, just rinsed the insides, but the person has not been used for about a month and just lent it to me. What is the likelihood of me contracting HIV from it?

  2. Worried

    Hi Dr Im asking for my friend who got an hair cut and got cut with the razor.The barber then took a cloth and wiped the blood,after he used some liquid to stop the bleeding and touched the sore directly with the tip of the bottle that didn’t look very clean, we dont know how many times he has done the same with other people(touching the sores/blood with the bottle tip) what is the chanses of transmission of HIV this way.

  3. I had a day old dried cut around my penis area. Cut was due to shaving.

    The next day i had protected sex with someone having light menstruation. Notice some light blood on the condom and skin area upon ejaculating.

    Is there any chance if i were to get infected if the person is having hiv?

    • There is always a risk, albeit low, with any kind of penetrative sex. Condoms are not 100% protective. If you are concerned, please visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

  4. noreen sax

    Dr. Tan,

    I have another question about an incident that happened to me almost a month ago. A man came to my house to fix my frig. and when I asked what the problem was with the frig, gave me the plastic knob he had Touched, and then when I touched it, it seems something slightly bruised my skin on the finger, and I could not see any blood on my finger or the plastic knob. Two days later, I got terrible stomach problems, which I still have,and later terrible flu like symptoms. I did a rapid 4th generation test, two weeks after the incident, and it was negative. I am scared because I never get stomach problems like this. Also I began to itch a lot, with red rashes coming and going in several places. It was really itchy. COuld this be HIV?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      There is no risk based on your scenario.

      • noreen sax

        Dr. What if the plastic piece had some invisible blood, invisible to the naked eye? because the repairman was touching it, and then I touched it. what if it had cut his finger on the same place I cut it? Again, this happened within seconds. But I could not see any blood. I am panicking here, with all kinds of symptoms, and they are all explainable.

  5. Gave someone a handjob, there was some precum but no release of semen. I then rolled on a condom on the person without washing my hands and we had intercourse immediately. Am i at risk of HIV? Also can I contact HIV from swallowing precum?

    • There is a fairly low risk of HIV transmission from protected intercourse. There is close to zero risk from swallowing precum.

      • My question is actually if HIV can be transferred from my palms to the condom.

  6. Joshua

    Hello doctor, basically I had a outercourse sex with diagnose hiv person. We just rubbing dick together plus I rubbing my penis his outside his hole then he cums his penis onto my chest. Eventually both of us have an infection probably Chlamydia in following days. We did a treament and test after 21 + days exposure. So he result was positive using Elisa AG/AB Test. Mine had 3 test (elisa at 22 days exposure, 3rd gen test at 24 days exposure and 4th gen combo at 32 days exposure which all of the test were negative. Now i’am at 53 days exposure and I still living good ways with no symptoms occurs. Is it a good sign i’m still negative persons? Is chlamydia diseases is easily transmitted than hiv viruses like my cases.

    • I would consider your testing conclusive. Chlamydia is much easier to transmit than HIV.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      With regards to your HIV test results, they are conclusive. As for Chlamydia infection, it is more common than HIV infection in general but you should get tested for it if there is any possibility that you may have been infected as in majority of the cases especially in males, they do not have symptoms.

      • Joshua

        Thanks for the fast response doctor..basically this is the 3rd times I got gonorhea/chlamydia infection. maybe i’m the carrier of the std to the partner…so in my case, hiv is not the thing, but the gonorhea/chlamydia things.

  7. Anxious

    Hi I would like know what are the chances of contacting HIV if I got pricked by a stray metal pieces protruding out of a table. I got a tiny prick wound on my finger, it’s too tiny for blood to actually flow out of the wound but just in case. Do I need to get a PEP therapy?

    • PEP would not be indicated in this situation as the risk is negligible (close to zero).

  8. Jessy

    Hi I recently got pricked by something that was under my table in school. I have a very tiny prick wound on my index finger that healed almost immediately the next day. What are my chances of being infected by hiv if someone else with the virus had their finger pricked the same way?

  9. Hello.I am sorry if this is a stupid question. I am high school student, and just learning about HIV. There is a lot of misinformation among my friends. So, we had food delivered and I took it from the driver (it was in a plastic bag) but the food itself was in a container. When I was throwing away the container I saw something which looked like a couple of red/orange drops on the carton where one closes the container. We ate some of the food with bear hands. So I am wondering if i touched those droplets when I opened the container, and then touched food with my hand and eat it…would it be a risk? I know it could be something else, not blood, but if we assume it was blood? Thank you

  10. Hello Doc

    Would like to enquire if having touched a plastic bill possibly contaminated with hiv blood before having one of my finger pierced with a lancet for a blood test,could it be possible for the virus to stay on the finger long enough and then enter the fingerprick wound therefore causing an infection?

    Thank you.

  11. Hi
    A friend had a fresh cut on his hand and then flipped through a book that they were giving me. I took the book and noticed a couple dried blood spots on the pages. Am I at risk keeping this book and could I catch something from the dried blood spots? Thank you for a reply!

  12. Tommy777

    Dear expert, I’ve recently done a finger prick test for HIV. The results were negative. However, an incident I’ve witness makes me wonder if Im potentially exposed during my routine check.

    During the process of the test, I didnt have time to check for the cleanliness and state of the equipment used on me at the clinic. To make the situation worse, the gum clinic was extremely crowded. Judging by the crowd, out of mistake due to the hectic crowd, the clinic might accidentally re-use the finger prick lancet on me, they also used a steel tray to hold all the equipment brought to me. Which chances are used by a previous patient and might have blood dropped on it for various reasons and not sterilized in time for use. The cotton wool I’ve used to stopped bleeding were on the steel tray when the test was carried out. If the cotton wool were to absorb any blood on the tray prior to putting on my finger prick wound. Am I in any danger? Im also unsure if the the lab technician changes her glove for different patient as she is attending to patient non-stop. Im worried sick, please advice. Could there be a chance where hiv positive blood went into my finger pricked wound in any of the above ways or the reused finger prick were previously used on a hiv patient prior to my usage? The part were the cotton wool accidentally absorb blood on the tray as well.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      It is not possible to reuse lancets. Thus there is no risk. With regards to your cocnern about cotton wool absorbing blood from steel tray, there will need to be a significant amount of blood which I’m sure you would have noticed if that occurred. Thus, I do not think you need to worry.

      • Tommy777

        Hi Doctor, when we talk about significant amount roughly how much are we looking at? 2-3 drops?

        • Dr. Julian Ng


          No one has done studies to see how many drops of blood would be significant risk of HIV transmission. If you are still concerned, please visit a doctor for further evaluation.

  13. Hello Doc

    Went to see a freelance sex worker yesterday. I did not have sex only a handjob and masssage. Of course i had a shower before starting.

    Im however worried about the bedsheets that i lay on. I have back acne. So can hiv be transmitted through bedsheets towels contaminated with body fluids?

    Am i at risk? Is pep required?

  14. Hello doc.

    I just finished a session but im terrified.

    I didnt have sex. Just a handjob and body rubbing. We had a shower before starting and i was wiped down abit to hard.

    My question is, can HIV be transmitted via dirty bedsheets or towels with infected body fluids(broken skin, non bleeding). Should i test? Should i go for PEP?


    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Based on your scenario, the risk of HIV transmission is virtually zero.

      • Hello doc. Even with dirty bedsheets? My risk is virtually zero?

        Also could guilt be a factor in my situation?

        • Dr. Julian Ng


          Unless the bedsheets are heavily soiled with fresh body fluids which I doubt you would be inclined to lay on it, the risk would be virtually zero.

          • Not sure how soiled the bed was. I was the third customer of the day. Also, how long does hiv lose infectiousness outside of the body?

            So am i right to say that i dont need pep or testing?

          • Dr. Julian Ng


            I would say that given you scenario, the risk of HIV transmission is virtually zero.

  15. Hello doc. I had a 4th gen test at 31 days post exposure and the results came back negative. Is this conclusive? Is any retest required?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Generally, 4th generation HIV test is conclusive after 28 days post-exposure. However, if you are still concerned, you may come retest again after 3 months.

  16. Donnie

    A little more than 2 weeks ago I visited my cousin’s house.i went into the toilet and realized a worn panties belonging to my female cousin. I then licked it.I then realized that I had a cut on my tongue when licking it.i clearly remembered that the part I was licking had moist vaginal secretions on it.I am also unclear of my cousin’s hiv status.Could I have gotten hiv in that way? I am very worried.

    • I do not believe there is any risk of HIV from this exposure.

      • Hi just to clarify is it because even if there was hiv in the moist vaginal secretion it dies very fast because it is outside the body?Just to add,the vaginal secretion was 95% dry.sorry for bothering you I’m just very worried

  17. Hello,
    I ate an orange and when I got to the last slice I noticed a bright red bit on the orange and am worried I contracted HIV I know it’s farfetched but just worried

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      I would consider the risk of HIV transmission as virtually non-existent.

  18. Dear Doctor
    I think I need help with HIV Phobia. I worry about getting HIV a lot, and yesterday’s incident got me worried to the extend it is difficult for me to function without feeling scared.
    I had a procedure called CO2 fractional laser resurfacing on my face. It left me with some red dotsall over my face that bleed if one presses on them.
    Because doctors said it would be better not to go outside (to avoid sun exposure), I ordered food in. It was delivered in a brown paper bag and as I lifted it, the handles of the bag touched my face for about a second or so.
    I looked at the handles (where delivery man was holding the bag) and it had some wet marks. I have no idea what left those wet smears on the paper bag’s handle. But my mind just clicked that instance the wrong way and a thought popped in ” what if it was blood and he was bleeding on the handles of the bag, that is why the handle was wet, it touched your face which has tiny wounds from laser, so now you may get HIV or HEP”. I started sweating, got very scared….
    I know it is very, very unlikely that the wet mark on the bag was from blood, but could you please help me to calm down (but an honest answer is what i need, of course) and tell me if I was at any risk of infection if we assume the delivery man was indeed infected and help me, please, to stop thinking about this.
    By the way, I touched the handles with my fingers almost immidiately afterwards and there was no visible blood transferred on my finger, but when i rubbed my cheek with a tissue, there were two tiny blood dots on the tissue. Probably from my tiny wounds due to laser.
    I am sorry if it feels like I am wasting your time, but this phobia has started to control my life. Thank you
    29 March 2018 12:53

    • From what you have described, your risk of HIV transmission is essentially zero. If you still have concerns, please seek professional help. You may visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

  19. Andrea Smith

    Dear Doctor
    I have bought cookies and cream ice cream the other day and as I was eating it something scratched my throat. I am not sure if it was a piece of a needle of something but if it was, can I get infected if it was contaminated with blood?
    Ice cream is stored at -18C temperatures and ice cream was produced more then a year ago.
    Thank you

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      It is more likely that your throat got scratched by the cookies in the ice-cream. However even if there is a piece of needle that you may have swallowed, the risk of HIV transmission is negligible. However consult your doctor for further evaluation if you believe that you may have swallowed a piece of needle.

  20. I was climbing out of a Tuk Tuk in Cambodia with luggage and accidentally brushed my arm against something sharp.

    It was probably part of a metal grill window or some metal wire that was hanging as part of decoration for the window. I don’t know exactly what it was as the Tuk Tuk drove off.

    This led to a 1.5cm long cut which started bleeding. I dabbed the cut with tissue and it stopped bleeding fairly quickly and dried. I am concerned about my chances of getting HIV assuming someone was cut before me on that object. Should I consider PEP?

  21. Roberto

    Hi Dr,

    I went a massage parlor and I was offered sex, the sex worker put on condom on me but it didn’t look new, all wrinkled and I didn’t see her take out of the packet. The condom was on me for about 2 minutes before I got really uneasy and told her to take it off. It didn’t like there was semen in it but i’m paranoid there might be precum.

    I was with the worker for about 30 mins before the condom was put on me… how big of a risk am i considering the condom was used, their was fluid in it from a positive person and that it was in contact with my penis?

    I’m freaking out so much and haven’t been able to sleep or eat for a week.

  22. Dear Doctor
    I went to a hospital the other day. I changed into a rob there ( i.e hospital gown) and was told to sit outside whilst waiting for an x-ray. A man was sitting 1 minute before I sat down. He was fully in clothes, however ( pants etc) . I was nervous, so i sweat a lot and then when I got up I could see the seat was wet. Probably from me, but I got worried. If it was his secretion, and I sat on the like 30 seconds later, and I have little anal fissures at the moment, am I still OK ( I was sitting there without underwear, but in a hospital gown, and 30 seconds earlier he sat there fully clothed. Is there a risk for HIV? Sorry if this sounds stupid.Thank you

  23. Im suffering for guilt.

    From 24 Dec till now there has been a total of 4 girls.

    There was no sex at all, only nipple licks, body kissing and unprotected handjobs.

    Am i at risk for hiv with just the information that i have given?

    I feel feverish for this past few days. Abit worried

    • Also i would like to add that i have been getting frequent stomach discomforts that lead to me going to the toilet. Please advice

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      If there is no penetrative sex, the risk of HIV transmission based on what you described is negligible. Please visit a doctor for evaluation of your symptoms as they are very likely not due to HIV.

  24. solomon

    Hlo doctor I went government hospital last week to check my stis in 3 months which result was negative while I find lot of hiv patients in that hospital and I was kept beside them .how far I think I haven’t touched anything like blood and other fluids. I had a small cut in hand a day before my hand and got eczema in right hand with no blood flow and got some skin infection with a bit wound beside my nerve which I have showed my doctor with same bare hand .if I have touched anything will there a risk of getting hiv and other stis. I am feeling some symptom like 1 swollen lymph nodes of left side even I can’t chew 2 feeling weakness with high fatigue ,from that day especially knee and joint pain 3 some red skin rashes 4 Headache with burning ear Doctors pls help me out I am moving abroad next week and got very anxious

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      The risk of transmission of HIV or other STIs based on your description is virtually none.

  25. You asked: 
    Hello doctor, in 93 days I made all stds test which came negative but I had a small cut in my finger day before my testing. Next day when I went in government hospital I find lot of hiv patients .and I was kept beside them .my cut was a bit open then the first day and how far I think I have nt touched anything like blood and fluids .if I have mistakenly touched any of them will I contract hiv and other stds through this exposure. Also I showed my skin infection beside my nerve to my doctor with same bare hand .I am too anxious I am moving to abroad

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      There is virtually no risk based on what you described.

    • Question

      Hello doctor, Two days ago i masterbauted in a bed when someone with hiv slept before but after that the bed sheets were changed. Am i in a risk of contracting hiv?

  26. Dear Doctors,

    I am concerned because I had an urethral dilator inserted into the penile head part of the urethra (so about an inch or so in). Prior to that the urethral dilator was sprayed with 90% ethanol alcohol, although not very thoroughly (not sure if the metal parts that touch the urethral walls received enough alcohol on it). Previously this toy was not used for at least 24 hours (possibly more) and the surfaces appeared to be clean to the eye (i.e. no dried up bodily fluids). I had it on for around 20 minutes pressing against the urethral walls. 1 hour after it was removed, I urinated, and then sprayed additional 90% ethyl alcohol on the penis head and into the urethra. Whether this urethral dilator toy was previously used on a HIV+ individual or how long ago is not known. Assuming however that it was used on a HIV+ individual more than 24 hours prior to it being used on me, and since then been stored in dry air at room temperature, and given the above (spraying it with alcohol but not too well), what are my chances of a HIV infection?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Assuming that the urethral dilator was cleaned after use and if dried properly, the risk of HIV transmission is virtually negligible.

  27. Hello doctor, After 93 days I made my sti test hiv 1 &2 antibodies rapid test: negative Hbsag rapid: negative antihcv: negative vdrl with titre: negative Is this result conclusive or should I need to test again for stds. Though my intercourse was protected but I shaved my pubic hair after 2 hr and had small scratch without blood flow in hand while inserting on her hole. 

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      I would consider your tests as conclusive.

  28. I was at an amusement park riding a ride at the time I didn’t realize it but I got on the ride 30 sec s after the person got off and I didn’t realize I put my hand insome fresh blood on the cushion on the bar of the ride 2 hours before this, my cat scratched me on the hand and now I’m afraid if the blood was hiv+ it got into my cat scratch and cause infection ?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      I would consider your risk of HIV transmission via that scenario as very low. However, please visit a doctor for evaluation of the cat wound.

  29. Hi sir,I had a cut on my finger and I washed the infected person’s pant what infected fluid can exist.So,Can I infect the HIV Virus?

  30. Doctor , would I get HIV if a street hooker kiss my testculus . And is the risk of getting STD high?

    If yes, how can I protect my girl friend and roommate…

    When can I have a STD/HIV test which can provide a conclusive result?…

    • No, you cannot get HIV from that exposure. The risk of other STDs is also minimal, but I suppose things like syphilis and herpes are possible if there was sufficient contact with an infected surface. If you are keen to get tested, please see us at one month post-exposure for an evaluation.

  31. Worried

    Hi Doctor

    A week ago I had a insident where a co worker that is HIV + cut him self and was bleeding. He covered his wound with a bandage.The blood was visible through the bandage. He handed me something and I touched the bloody bandage.I couldnt see any blood on my finger but did go rinse my hand with water.There was cuts on my finger but I do have small non bleeding cracks on my finger(dryness).Is there any need for concern?

    • Worried

      I meant no cuts on my finger

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Given your scenario, the risk of HIV transmission is negligible.

      • Worried

        Thanks Doc!!So I can stop worrying about it and move on?

  32. Anxietyboy

    Hi doctors i went to a massage parlor and the male masseur gives me a handjob. He lick almost entire of my body and suck my nipples. I’ve touched his penis but not the head to avoid touching his precum. We did not do oral sex, anal sex and even kissing. Do i need to have a hiv test? What if i have small cuts in the skin not visible to the eye does it put me to risk of acquiring hiv?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Given what you said, the risk of HIV transmission is negligible.

  33. Dijken al

    Dear Dr, 2 weeks ago I got a massage. my finger put into the vagina and got some fluid.I washed the finger when back home.about 1 or 2 hours later I use the finger to touch my teeth . I can feel some gum blood.I am very afraid that I get infected.Please help me, thank you so much.

  34. sir actually I had a sexual intercourse with commercial sex worker 2 month agoo .I had a protected sex .and also I shaved my pubic hair after 2 hours which made 5 nicks and made some bleeding and also I had inserted my finger on her hole my finger had winter frost with tore skin aNd what is the probability of getting posi

    • I would consider the risk fairly low as it was protected intercourse. If you are concerned, please visit us for a proper assessment and testing.

  35. What is the probability of getting positive result of hepatitis b and c in 3 months if I test negative in 2 month and what is the chances If I did p24 antigen in 1 month and antibody in 3 months… pls need help after 3 days I will complete my 3 months basis and I am going to recheck again…😀😀

  36. Tu Bieu Anh

    Hi Doctors. I have protected vaginal sex with sex worker. Before take out condom I spray hot water to my pennis (use shower faucet in hotel) around 10 seconds. Then I take out the condom by using index-finger and thumb (only touching the ring end of the condom to remove it)
    I checked condom status OK. After that I wash my pennis by hand. 1-2 minutes later intentionally I use my index-finger to rub my eye. Pls tell me Is there any risk in this case? tks so much

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Generally protected vaginal sex carries lower risk than unprotected vaginal sex. As to spraying the condom with hot water does not really achieve any use and may cause the integrity of the condom to be compromised. Based on your scenario, I would say the risk is low. If you are concerned, you should seek further evaluation with a doctor. If you like, you can visit us at: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/where-to-find-us/

  37. Hello doc. I had a session with a worker. I layed off from sex and hand a handjob. She kissed my stomach repeatedly. After the session i found red spots on my stomach like those normal red spots on the body. Im mostly afraid of blood in saliva entering the spots. Can you advice me on this matter?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      If you did not have penetrative sex (oral or vaginal or anal), and the only contact was as you mentioned where she kissed your stomach, then I would say that the risk of HIV transmission is negligible. Please consult a doctor if concerned. You may visit us at: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/where-to-find-us/

      • Hello doc thanks for the reply. Im mostly worried about there being blood in her saliva. Can you tell me more?

        • Dr. Julian Ng


          The risk of HIV transmission is extremely low.

  38. Hello. Prompt if the blood vich got in a plate with food and then in a stomach. What is the probability of infection? thank…

  39. Hi
    If my penis came into contact with wet semen on a bed sheets/pillow during masturbation could I get infected. Normally I check the sheets before i lay down on them but this one time I did not and I do not know the time period between the last time someone was in the hotel room before I got in.


  41. Sir i had protected sex after sex immediately with in 5 seconds i remove the condom while removing some vaginal fluids are touch my fingues with same fingures i touch pennis and fore skin immediately with in 5 seconds any risk is associated with this activity plz tell me i m scared sir help me

  42. sir actually I had a sexual intercourse with commercial sex worker 2 month agoo .I had a protected sex .but I had inserted my finger on her hole while my finger had winter frost with tore skin without blood flowing .can I get hepatities and hiv through that sir . I am feeling pain in my liver area from 2 weeks and the pain is ver y worse ..I am at risk of getting hepatitis sir. which test can I do in 2 months too know it

  43. Sir i contact one commercial sex worker two days ago with protection after sex immediately i remove condom but i touch extenal side that means i touch vaginal fluids outside condom with same hand i clean my pennis sir plz tell me any risk associated with this activity plz

  44. Sir i contact one commercial sex worker two days ago with protection after sex immediately i remove condom but i touch extenal side that means i touch vaginal fluids outside condom with same hand i clean my pennis sir plz tell me any risk associated with this activity plz

  45. hlo sir I shaved my pubic hair after 2 hr of intercourse.will shaving cuts contracts hepatitis B,C and herpes in the body .

  46. I had a razor cut in my hand which was used by my friend on previous day , am I at risk of getting HIV ??
    Thank you for your answer

    • I do not believe there is a significant risk from this exposure, but if you are concerned you could have your friend tested, and yourself.

  47. hlo doctor I did hiv 1 2 antibodies and p24 antigen test which was negative in 4 weeks is this conclusive sir ..should I need to test again in 3 months sir also I did hbsag and anti hcv test in same day will it detect hepatitis early pls help me out

    • I would consider your HIV testing essentially conclusive. Hepatitis testing may require up to 3 months for conclusive results.

  48. MathewLeo

    Hello Doctors , a few days me and my friend had clothes sex i mean no penetrated then he ejacualated in his short and then it got into my jeans then into my underwear a small wet spot of his semen i changed my clothes after 10 minutes will i have hiv from this situation and also i have done something weird after 6 hours i picked the jeans that have small wet drop of my friend’s semen then licked it with my tounge were dried i guess so please inform me if i had had any risk from above details and my friend is sexually active and his Hiv statue unkown. Thanks in Advance

  49. hlo doctor is dual combo Ag/Ab and 1&2 antibodies and p24 antigen test is same ..my doctor recommended me to do second one ang got negative result ..is this conclusive sir ..should I need to test it again in 3 months again

  50. sir as your consulation.I tested for some stds in 2 weeks of intercourse
    hepatities b and c: not reactive
    rpr : no reactive
    crp quantitative :5/l
    aso titre : positive
    is this test conclusive .shouldi need to go for other tests .can these test find other viruses such
    as herps and bacterial stds gonorrohea and chyalmadia .should I need to test again

    • At 2 weeks, your tests are not conclusive. You will need to repeat testing at 3 months for hepatitis and syphilis. Testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes are separate tests. Please visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

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