STD Symptoms in Women

This article will focus on the possible STD symptoms women can get when their vagina is exposed to possible infection. This includes allowing their partner to insert his penis into the vagina, allowing their partner to use his/her mouth on the vagina, allowing their partner to insert any objects into the vagina including fingers and sex toys. Click here for STD symptoms in receptive Oral Sex – i.e. using her mouth on the partner’s genitals or anus Click here for STD symptoms in receptive Anal Sex – i.e. allowing her partner...

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Pain during sex in women (Dyspareunia)

Pain during sex also known as dyspareunia, is surprisingly quite common in women and a lot of women would have experience sexual pain during sex at some point during their lives. Men can also experience pain during sex but it is much less common than in women. Dyspareunia is often more common in the young and inexperienced and also in peri- or menopausal women. This topic is usually not discussed or talked about with your friends, doctor or even sexual partner as it is still a taboo. Besides not being able to enjoy sex, it will also be...

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Foods to eat during pregnancy – superfoods!

What to eat during Pregnancy Welcome back mummies to be! In continuation from my previous article, foods to avoid during pregnancy, we shall now move on to the brighter side – which is food that you should be eating more of during pregnancy a.k.a pregnancy superfood! This is especially important when selecting quality food if you are still suffering from morning sickness, gaining weight too fast or not gaining enough weight – make every calorie and nutrient intake count. If you are already eating well, then the list below can be extra...

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Foods to avoid during pregnancy

First of all, congratulations on being pregnant! For most of you who have just found out you are pregnant, especially newly mums-to-be, you must have a lot of questions including what food should I avoid? What food should I eat to enhance the growth and wellbeing of my baby? Furthermore, you may already have advice from friends and families on what you should and shouldn’t be eating. It is important to eat a healthy and well balanced meal even more so when you are pregnant. This is because your baby will start absorbing the nutrients,...

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STD/STI Screening for Women

It is very important to get regular screening for STDs. This is especially so in women because many women who are infected with STDs do not show any obvious signs or symptoms. If left untreated, these STDs can lead to serious long term complications like Infertility and Cancer. International and Singapore standard guidelines recommend screening for Chlamydia and a PAP Smear at least annually for all sexually active women. What should Women Screen for? 1. HIV An infection that will lead to AIDS. Screening to be done at least annually for all...

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