Bleeding After Sex – When To Worry

Bleeding after sex is no small matter.

This can easily affect you psychologically, having you worried after, or even during lovemaking.

Unless your periods are irregular or if you are 45 and above, infection is most likely the cause.

Infection often gives additional symptoms such as itchiness, bad odor and abnormal discharges, all of which may be noticed before one realizes any bleeding or pain (which may accompany) during sex.

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Irregular Menses

If you are experiencing irregular menstruation, this might answer the question. You might not realize that your menses have coincided with your sexual intercourse and might seem like the bleeding is because of intercourse. Get your calendar and pay attention to the characteristics of the blood. Other than lower abdominal pain in the first few days of menses, no additional pain should be felt when this happens.


Being in your late 40s is a criteria for regular gynecological check-ups. Bleeding at this age, with or without intercourse, calls for a doctor’s visit to determine the source of bleeding. Cervical cancer is the number one suspect which should be ruled out during your visit. Endometrial Cancer is rarer but also a possible cause.

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Abrasions and Injuries

Rough sex may also cause tears and lacerations of the vaginal walls. Should this happen, wash and apply antiseptic with alcohol or povidone immediately to prevent any infection. Strict hygiene should be practiced.

Friction may be experienced during intercourse when the vaginal walls are dry. This may cause bleeding and pain during sex. A decreased level of oestrogen in your body is a more common cause compared to severe dehydration; thus, women who are approaching menopause or after menopause might wish to apply lubricants prior to intercourse.

Sagging of the cervical/vaginal wall, also popularly known as a polyp, may bleed when slightly touched. Bleeding may be slightly profuse and may be accompanied by yellowish discharge at times. If bleeding doesn’t stop, vaginal packing (applying pressure on the vagina with a gauze) and immediate visit to a doctor is necessary.

Possible causes: – Infection – STDs – Cancers – Polyps – Abrasions – Others

What to do

When you are experiencing any kind of vaginal bleeding, it is best to abstain from sex for the time being until you see a doctor. This will get your bleeding controlled and allow you to monitor its characteristics – whether or not it happens after intercourse, its frequency, amount and its constancy. Besides, it will help prevent spreading of unknown underlying infection. If bleeding is profuse, as mentioned above, vaginal packing with mild pressure should be applied and immediately see a doctor.  Pain can be temporarily relieved by aspirin or diclofenac found at any pharmacy.

Be sure to practice a strict hygiene as any injury or abnormality of the vagina or cervix is a welcoming sign to infection. Washing after your visit to the toilet assures safety from gonorrheal or other bacterial infection. Be sure to consult Our Doctors before taking any over-the-counter antibiotics, as they may aggravate fungal infection if the fungus is the culprit. Watch out for other abnormalities and changes, such as pain, increased or continuous bleeding and any kind of discharge.

If the bleeding is continuous or stops then occurs again or is painful or you have a discharge, please see Our Doctors immediately.

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  1. Natasha

    Hello, my husband and I had intercourse this week and notice a blood clump when I went to the restroom afterwards. I was curious to see if this is normal. I’m suppose to start my cycle this week and am also in birth control.

    • Dr. Grace Huang

      Dear Natasha,

      Bleeding after intercourse is not usually normal and can be due to multiple different causes including infections, or more sinister causes. If you are worried or if this has become a recurrent problem, I would suggest you come down to our clinic for consultation.

  2. I had a sex with my boyfriend ,during the sex I felt so pained, burning after that I bled severly..the bleeding continues for 3 or4 days even m not in periodic cycle..also do not have an irregular periods ever before,but it burns still while me..

  3. Josie

    Hi so I am 22 and had sex for the first time 1 week and a half ago and I have been spotting dark red/brown. I’m kind of freaking out. Help?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Please see a doctor to get yourself assessed if you are concerned.

  4. Lilly Damon

    Hey I hav lost my virginity recently and had sex numerous times with my partner ( at least ten times) and every time I seem to bleed but only a little. How long will it take for me to hav sex without bleeding and is it normal to take this long for my hymine to break.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      I would suggest for you to visit a doctor for further evaluation as post-intercourse bleeding could have other reasons.

  5. I was with my boyfriend yesterday afternoon and he fingered me. It hurt a little more than unusual, but I didn’t think much of it. Now a day later, when I went to the bathroom, I noticed I was bleeding. I’m on birth control and I’m not supposed to be on my period. I’ve also had sex before and nothing like this has ever happened before. I asked my bf, if he noticed blood yesterday and he said no but it explained the red spots on his bed. I have no idea what is going on with me.

  6. I just had sex for the second time and I have been heavily bleeding for 4 hours since that time. What’s wrong with me?

  7. I had sex (protected) for the first time about a week ago and didn’t bleed but now it’s a week after so and we were doing things and I bled just a little. Am I just sensitive right now? And is that okay?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      By “doing things”, you meant sexual intercourse?
      If penetrative act is involved, it is quite common to have bleeding especially if your hymen was still intact. However, if you have any concerns, please see a doctor for an assessment.

  8. Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced many periods a few days after having intercourse. Since my husband and I have been together and have had intercourse regularly it seems that everytime we do a few days and have had intercourse regularly it seems that everytime we do a few days afterwards I seem to have a mini period. is this common?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      If you are concerned after bleeding after sex, you should see a doctor for an assessment.
      You can find us here : Locations

  9. Hi im 23 i have been with the same man for 3 years i went for a pap test and came back i had high grade squamous lesions dat had been tested for cancer had been removed, me and my husband have sex all the time im off depo shot 6months now well lubricated had all our normal positions and style its been twice that ive been bleeding

    • It is best to get a proper assessment with your doctor.

      • I had sex yesterday and about 3 hours later when I went to pee their was blood and I have been bleeding continuously. Does this mean I started my period?

  10. I had rough sex with my bf for my very first time and i bled a lot and have been bleeding kind of heavily continously for a week now, my periods were irregular before but I feel no pain at all and there is no blood in my pee I’m just worried.

  11. I saw an unclear stain in the evening after sex.js spot. What does it indicate?

    • We cannot make a diagnosis just from this description. If you have concerns, please get assessed properly by a doctor.

  12. I am 21 married mother of a 5 month old baby. I have irregular light periods. Had rough sex with my husband little over 12hours ago and it was defenantly wet and didn’t hurt until I stood up it felt like my guts got stirred up and strong cramps would come and go on both the left and right(at the same time) sides of my lower abdomen. A few minutes later I went to pee and noticed dark red blood with little clots not heavy but enough to be there with more than one wipe. It bleeds now still when I wipe and leave spots in my unders still dark red but I don’t notice clots. Just had a pap and she said there is no cervical cancer.and I took a prego test and not that either. My guts ache a little now and then but not often. am I freaking over nothing? I keep reading it’s possible that it’s just a menstrual triggered by sex. Should I monitor it for a few months before I go to the doc? Or should I wait to see if the bleeding stopps, and if it doesn’t go in? Also I am asking you because I have no insurance and no money so please don’t just tell me to go see a doc like you tell everyone else on this site I understand that you probably have to say that and you can’t make a diagnosis.. but please don’t leave me empty handed here and give some good advice and possible causes

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Pain and bleeding after sex is abnormal. Unfortunately, we cannot give medical advice over the internet.
      You should consult a gynaecologist to get a proper assessment done.

  13. A couple weeks ago i went to doctor and found out i had an uti and bladder infection i took the medication for it but. Last week me and my boyfriend had intercourse shortly after i felt as though i had to pee and when i went to bathroom and it was a lot of blood as if I were on my period and i bled for 2-3 days i dont know what that could possibly be can somebody please tell me

  14. Destin R

    Ive Been On The Implanon For A Year Now And Havent Had A Period Since. I Havent Been Sexually Acvtive Since I Found I Was Pregnant With My Son Who Is Now 1. Recently Me And My Boyfriend Had Intercourse For The First Time In Almost 1 year And A Half On The 14th And I Just Stopped Bleeding On The 24th. What Does This Mean?

  15. Kayla

    Hey I’m 6 weeks post partum and just turned18. I also just got cleared for sex by my OB . When me and my s/o tried and he hit my cervix it was so painful I cried and noticed the slightest spotting after. Is this normal?

  16. renee

    i have been having black discharge for 3 weeks now non stop and after intercourse there is a lot of blood. what is this? im trying to get in to see my doctor but its difficult seeing that she has a long waiting list.

  17. So me and my bf had sex abt a week ago Tuesday I bled lightly afterwards , it was a little rough and there’s no pain afterwards I’m fine I bled like bright red for 3-4 days and then it went light like old blood brown and every time I think I’m done there’s still some more coming Shou I wait to have sex. Is it normal.

    • drtan

      Both tests are equally good if done at the right time. RNA PCR test after 10 days. 4th Gen Combo test after 28 days.

  18. Refilwe

    Hi Doc.i have been axperiencing pain when i go to the small romm it gets a bit stingy when i tri to urinate…..should i be worried?

    • Hi, this can be a symptoms of a urinary tract infection, so it would be best if you came in for proper evaluation and treatment.

  19. I had sex with my boyfriend after my mentratiom and dat was my first time of having sex my still bleeding after urinating what we I do

    • In my opinion your symptom may be due to a torn hymen or a urinary tract infection (if there is painful urination and frequent visits to the toilet).

      There are many possible causes of post coital bleeding which includes : cervical polyps , ecropion , cervicitis , STI also endomentrial and cervical cancer.

      Your symptoms should warrant further medical examination and advise in view of persistat bleeding and bleeding post urination.

      Please visit us for a formal consultation . click here for the location.

  20. Hi, My husband and I are trying for a baby. I have regular periods and my last on finished on 26th. We had sex last night and I was fine but this morning I’ve woken up went to the toilet and found blood in my discharge after I wiped. This happened last month when we were trying to. Could it be the remaining period blood or is there something wrong with me. Please help.

    • There are many possible causes of post coital bleeding which includes : cervical polyps , ecropion , cervicitis , STI also endomentrial and cervical cancer.
      In my opinion your symptoms should warrant further medical examination and advise in view of persistat bleeding .
      Please visit us for a formal consultation . click here for the location.

  21. I had sex with my partner i and the following day when I take NY bath I realize that I was bleeding heavily and feel sharp pains

    • There are many possible causes of post coital bleeding which includes : cervical polyps , ecropion , cervicitis , STI also endomentrial and cervical cancer.
      In my opinion your symptoms should warrant further medical examination and advise in view of bleeding and pain .
      Please visit us for a formal consultation . click here for the location.

  22. I had sex with my boyfriend and he noticed the blood it was really light at first then it became heavy for like 2 days to where I needed a pad now I don’t need a password because it’s really lite I’m wearing a liner now. It’s not even close time for my menstrual. My menstrual just came on last month at the end of the month like the 20th. It seems as if it came on a couple days early.

  23. I had sex with my boyfriend 3 days ago though it wasn’t the first time n it was a really rough one and suddenly I started experiencing a sharp pain in my lower abdomen and i rushed to the bathroom n i noticed i was bleeding bad we stopped and i kept on bleeding very bad for almost 1 and half hour. And was unconscious for about 15 minutes in between followed by feeling cold . I saw a gaynae and was given medicine to stop the bleeding and iron tablets. I was asked to get an ultrasound done and reports would be comin soon and i have scheduled an appointment with the doctor but i just wanted to have an idea what can be the problem with me . It had been three days but still there is mild bleeding with little clots an dark maroon blood and little pain in the lower back at times please give me a little idea of what can be wrong and what should be done next

    • Shouldn’t you be asking your gynae this? I’m afraid if your gynae cannot give you that answer after seeing you and doing and ultrasound, then it would be impossible for us to give you an answer too. My very vague guess is that you probably injured your vagina or cervix during the intercourse. Please follow up with your gynae.

  24. Me and my prtned had sex it was rougher than usual and i wasn’t wet like other times when we stoped we noticed I was bleeding a lot, it didn’t hurt while having sex, I’ve been bleeding for 2 days now, its like a light red or pinkish color and it isn’t heavy it’s really light, soul I be worried?

  25. I’m a 53 yr old that has had some irregular periods for the past year. Over the past three months every time I have intercourse with my husband I bleed for 7-10 days afterwards. example: period for 5-7 days, no period for a week and have intercourse with husband and bleeding starts, heavy enough to use multiple pads (4-6) in a day.I have been bleeding for 10 days now. Last month when this happened I went to see my gynecologist and she had an internal ultarsound done but did not do a physical exam. She just said I must be having “extra” periods because of my age. I had my FSH levels checked last spring and gynecologist said I’m not in menopause. Is this normal?

    • The first thing I thought of after reading about your symptoms was womb cancer. However, I read on and noticed that your ObGyn did an internal USS for you which was normal. So this effectively rules out womb cancer. Cervical cancer does not usually give such heavy bleeding but given your age you should get a PAP smear. During the PAP smear your ObGyn can also look for cervical polyps. Again, polyps don’t usually bleed this much. Bleeding this much is more likely caused by fibroids (the internal USS should have picked this up) or hormonal issues. So all in all, I think you need to get your hormones checked again.


  27. Hello Doctor,

    I was visiting my bf from out of state and we had 3 days of extremely rough sex. I have been bleeding on and off for 7 days now. Should I be worried? I don’t have any pain associated with the bleeding.

    • Also the bleeding is not heavy. It’s spotting here and there. A lot of it is brown and sometimes it’ll be red.

      • See my other reply.

      • Innocentia

        I haven’t had sex in 3 years, last night l had sex and l was bleeding, l noticed that there was blood. Should l be worried about this. He used his fingers as well.

        • Bleeding during or after sex is usually a concern. You should see a doctor to get yourself checked.

          • Hi Doctor,

            My period this month started on the 11th of december and ended on the 15th. I had an unprotected sex on the 16th. He didn’t cum inside me, he pulled it out and was cumming later. I didn’t bleed during the sex eventhough it was my first time. I bled on the next day which is the 17th. Then 5 days after, on the 22nd I was bleeding that I need to put a pad. Is it possible that I am pregnant? I did take morning pill on the 17th morning. Please help…

          • Very unlikely. However, if you are concerned, please see a doctor to get yourself assessed. Bleeding after sex can be due to other problems.

    • Bleeding after sex is always a concern, regardless of whether the sex was rough or not (rough is also very subjective).
      I suggest you see a doctor to get yourself assessed properly.

      • I also have this same experience we also had rough sex and caused pain. The only difference was we did it only once and it happened 3 days before my ovulation period (wednesdays). The next day (thursday) I notice spotting and that continued for 7 days. Is the bleeding due to rough sex and thereafter that bleeding ovulation bleeding occurs?

  28. I had rough sex with my boyfriend like two nights ago and now I’m bleeding a lot .. I’m really scared I had cramps but I don’t now . I have no pain or itching everything is normal no color change or growth . Just straight blood and blood clots . I also have irregular periods. Should I be worried ..

  29. Payton

    Hi doctor, three weeks ago the guy I’m seeing and I were hanging out and it led to sexual things. We didn’t have sex, but he did finger me, and it was rough. I’ve had sex plenty of times before so it wasn’t like He popped my cherry. He pulled out and his hand was covered in blood and so were my sheets. I went to the bathroom and I had some cuts down there (most likely from his nails, I could feel it cutting me but it didnt hurt too bad so I didn’t tell him to stop). It also hurt to pee only when it hit the cuts. I’ve been bleeding ever since then. Sometimes I don’t bleed for a couple hours but sometimes it’s just like I’m at the peak of my period. Sometimes it’s bright new blood and sometimes it’s brown old blood. The cuts are gone but I’m getting really annoyed with the bleeding and am wondering why I keep bleeding?? Thank you!

    • drtan

      If the cuts are already healed and you are still bleeding then you really need to look for another source of bleeding. It could be from your cervix. Maybe he damaged a cervical polyp or maybe you have pre-cancer of the cervix. It also could be coming from higher up like the womb. I think from the way things sound, you should be seeing your doctor to find out where the bleeding is coming from. You are welcome to visit our Women’s Health Center @ Bencoolen. Click HERE for location info.

  30. Erika

    Hi ,
    I’m 20 years old and had rough and really long sex with my bf Sunday night *note I am not on BC. When I went to go to the bathroom I was bleeding a lot. Up until now I am still heavily bleeding and I’m not sure what to do. I have an irregular menstration cycle and I have no pains going on but I am a bit scared. Please help!

    • Hi Erika,
      Bleeding after rough sex can happen, but there are some important conditions that should be considered. These include infections and cervical cancer.
      Please visit a doctor to have this investigated. You are welcome to see a female doctor at our Women’s Center at Bencoolen Street – The info to our clinics can be found here

  31. Hannah

    Hi Doc,

    My menses are regular and normal. For two days, I have sex with my husband. Could be I wasn’t lubricated well, it hurts but was pleasurably hurtful. Until the night of the second day, my tummy was hurting and my vagina was very painful. Now, my vagina is not painful but whenever I pee, it’s hurts. I just saw a few drops of blood in the toilet. Could it be the vagina tore?

    • drtan

      Yes that is certainly possible. However, you could also be having a bacterial bladder infection. You should see your doctor.

  32. I’m 18 years old my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for almost 5 months but two days ago we were having sex we weren’t even being rough but for some reason it hurt when he went in all the way like he hit my cervix and so he went slower after i went to the restroom I noticed I was bleeding but not much it wasn’t dripping or anything so I didn’t think much of it until later it was worse It’s really dark red and kindve heavy there’s been small blood clots and I’ve been cramping my periods not suppose to be here for another 2 weeks and I’ve never had much cramping or this heavy of bleeding I’m setting up an appointment with my OGBYN but do u know what could be wrong?

    • Most likely you tore the upper part of your vagina or cervix. At 18 it is unlikely that there is anything more sinister. Anyway, sinister causes of bleeding like cancer are not usually associated with pain. Assuming both of you are mutually monogamous, there is no risk of infections.

  33. Havent had period since june 10th took test this month it was negative i had rough sex last night befor afterward i was having bad cramping on my lower right side in when i went to bathroom i wiped in was bleedin in saw to small dark clots on tissue then the bleeding went awy in i took otc pain pills for pain what should i do

  34. Hi.
    I recently came on my period 2 weeks ago.
    I have had sex with my boyfriend afterwards for few days. Periods are irregular. I have noticed slight bleeding after urinating. Is this common. Nothing hurts.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Have your periods always been irregular or is this a new change. Irregular periods however are very common and can occur at any time. If there is slight bleeding when you urinate then maybe you have a urine infection. Best to get seen by a doctor to check.

  35. xmusicx15


    I am 21 years old and had sex for the first time. I know I was not wet when penetrated and the sex was rough. We stopped and noticed I was bleeding – a lot.
    For the first few hours, I continued bleeding a lot and it hurt to use the bathroom or sit. After resting the whole day after, it did not hurt to use the restroom or to sit and my bleeding was little. A week later now, I’m still bleeding. Why is this? My vagina no longer hurts, I’ve checked. It was a light blood color at first but now it’s darker red (old blood?). What should I do? I am keeping it clean too. Please help.

  36. Hi Doc, not sure if is the rough intercourse or the shaven hairs that cause abrasions. I’ve been having stinging pain sensation on my vulva area. It hurts when i sits. There’s also mild bleeding but not sure if it’s pre-menses as they are ard the corner. Pls advise on the stinging pain if it’s needed to be treated or is common and will go away after few days. FYI, it’s been 2days. Thks!


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