Bleeding After Sex – When To Worry

naza-profile-photoBleeding after sex is no small matter.

This can easily affect you psychologically, having you worried after, or even during lovemaking.

Unless your periods are irregular or if you are 45 and above, infection is most likely the cause.

Infection often gives additional symptoms such as itchiness, bad odor and abnormal discharges, all of which may be noticed before one realizes any bleeding or pain (which may accompany) during sex.

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Irregular Menses

If you are experiencing irregular menstruation, this might answer the question. You might not realize that your menses have coincided with your sexual intercourse and might seem like the bleeding is because of intercourse. Get your calendar and pay attention to the characteristics of the blood. Other than lower abdominal pain in the first few days of menses, no additional pain should be felt when this happens.


Being in your late 40s is a criteria for regular gynecological check-ups. Bleeding at this age, with or without intercourse, calls for a doctor’s visit to determine the source of bleeding. Cervical cancer is the number one suspect which should be ruled out during your visit. Endometrial Cancer is rarer but also a possible cause.

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Abrasions and Injuries

Rough sex may also cause tears and lacerations of the vaginal walls. Should this happen, wash and apply antiseptic with alcohol or povidone immediately to prevent any infection. Strict hygiene should be practiced.

Friction may be experienced during intercourse when the vaginal walls are dry. This may cause bleeding and pain during sex. A decreased level of oestrogen in your body is a more common cause compared to severe dehydration; thus, women who are approaching menopause or after menopause might wish to apply lubricants prior to intercourse.

Sagging of the cervical/vaginal wall, also popularly known as a polyp, may bleed when slightly touched. Bleeding may be slightly profuse and may be accompanied by yellowish discharge at times. If bleeding doesn’t stop, vaginal packing (applying pressure on the vagina with a gauze) and immediate visit to a doctor is necessary.

Possible causes: – Infection – STDs – Cancers – Polyps – Abrasions – Others

What to do

When you are experiencing any kind of vaginal bleeding, it is best to abstain from sex for the time being until you see a doctor. This will get your bleeding controlled and allow you to monitor its characteristics – whether or not it happens after intercourse, its frequency, amount and its constancy. Besides, it will help prevent spreading of unknown underlying infection. If bleeding is profuse, as mentioned above, vaginal packing with mild pressure should be applied and immediately see a doctor.  Pain can be temporarily relieved by aspirin or diclofenac found at any pharmacy.

Be sure to practice a strict hygiene as any injury or abnormality of the vagina or cervix is a welcoming sign to infection. Washing after your visit to the toilet assures safety from gonorrheal or other bacterial infection. Be sure to consult Our Doctors before taking any over-the-counter antibiotics, as they may aggravate fungal infection if the fungus is the culprit. Watch out for other abnormalities and changes, such as pain, increased or continuous bleeding and any kind of discharge.

If the bleeding is continuous or stops then occurs again or is painful or you have a discharge, please see Our Doctors immediately.

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Dr (Ms) De Souza

MD (Russia), MMed (Obs&Gyn)


  1. Hi. i haven’t sex for almost six months but when i did it with my partner i feel a little bit discomport and pain, and when he become agressive there was a blood spot he decided to stop, i’m a little bit sore i think it just my period but it does not continue the next day.. i just get confused why i was hurt and there was blood spot. thank you very much

  2. Doctor,

    Everytime I have sex with my boyfriend it seems like 2 or 3 days later old blood comes out of my vagina. Everyone tells me it’s old period blood but many of those times are way after my period ends. This only occurs when my bf and I have sex. There is no pain but it’s just very weird that I bleed every single time. Is this normal? Most of the time Im either on my period or I have this brown blood coming out. It’s starting to distract my sexual life because my partner thinks it’s also very weird for it to happen all the time. We both have been checked and everything comes out normal.

    • Post-coital bleeding most of the time is very benign. But sometimes, it can be caused by something sinister like an infection or even cancer. You should see your doctor to find our exactly what is causing your bleeding.

  3. Hi, I’m 33 I’ve had normal Pap smears in the past had my last one 4 yrs ago which came out negative in the past 6 months It happened twice In different months I wiped and had a light pink blood just once, wasn’t expecting my period or had had sex. I was expecting my period yesterday usually get some kind of symptoms every month and it usually varies hadn’t had any symptoms this month. Had sex yesterday 10 hrs after I wiped and had fresh blood on paper just like when your getting your period wore a tampon and before bed I went to change and my tampon was clean. I have never bleed in the past after intercourse. Didn’t get my period but now that I wipe it’s a light pink again. Usually when I get my period my bleeding continues last 3 days and by day 3 hardly any at all. Should I worry. And advice I’m starting to get scared it might be cervical cancer because of the bleeding but confused as well. Thank you

    • You are right. In your case it would be very prudent of you to exclude cervical cancer/pre-cancer as well as uterine cancer. 4 years is a really long gap for a PAP smear.

  4. Just finshed period 2 days ago jad sex with my husband twice last night, 5 hours layer I had a bloody discharge which has continued threw today but only when I wipe – should I be concerned?

    • It is just probably some remnent blood in the uterus. Depending on your age, and if this persists, you need to rule out more sinister causes like cervical cancers, uterine cancers and ovarian cancers.

  5. Hi doctor. I’m just going to start with my age and a bit of medical history. Ok so I’m 20 years old and was recently diagnosed with PCOS, and my last period was late September of 2013. So 13 months ago approximately. Now for the past two weeks i had been feeling bad cramps in my lower abdomen, not on one side specifically but across both (kind of shooting from the middle out left and right. Then me and my boyfriend had sex Monday night and it was extremely painful and felt like something was being bumped. We didn’t change anything up we did it in the usual positions so i found it weird. After i used the bathroom and noticed a very tiny amount of blood but didn’t think much of it. The next day, as the day went on, i noticed more blood but mostly just light spotting it was just regular blood color not light or brown. Now today it is so heavy I’m using the most absorbent tampons there is and I’m still changing it every half an hour and its over flowing onto the pad I’m wearing as well. I’m still in a lot of pain and nothing really helps. I took Advil this morning that wore off in an hour. The pain has spread to my lower back and is starting to go to the tops of my legs now. I have a doctors appointment Friday but id just like to know what you think it most likely is.

    • The first thing that comes into my mind is cervicitis. This is an inflammation of the cervix usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. The bleeding could just be the shedding of the thickened endometrium brought on by the intercourse. I am glad you are seeing your doctor. Please update us on your diagnosis.

  6. Hello Doctor,
    About a week ago I had sex in a new position with my boyfriend, and he wore a condom. A little while later, we did it again, for about a minute without a condom, in the same position, and then stopped ourselves before anything happened. I noticed slight bleeding that night, and notice spotting every day since. When I “check” myself up there, I notice bright red colored blood, like fresh blood. This has been going on for about 8 days now. My period is due in over a week, and the bleeding started on my supposed to be ovulation day. I also don’t have regular periods, they have always been kind of irregular, as I never know when they are exactly going to come. And I have also had midcycle bleeding before. What’s going on?

    • I can’t be sure really. There are so many possibilities. You have irregular periods so it could just be that. It could also be mid cycle bleeding due to ovulation but that does not usually last so long. More likely than not, this is some tears or abrasions on the vagina. Of course it could also be more sinister things like cervical pre-cancer, polyps etc

      • Should I just wait it out and see if my period comes on schedule and this is just spotting leading up to the period?

        • And if its tears or abrasions on the vagina does it heal and go away on its own? Is it normal to have it for 8 days?

  7. Hi doctor, I had sex with my GF 2 days ago and 6 days ago. She suffers from pain every time so it always did not last for more than 5 minutes.Nothing happened after the sex that took place 6 days ago. Unfortunately both was an unprotected sex but I did not penetrate and it really did not last long. This is not the first time she had sex(she did not bleed after first sex) but this time is a bit odd because she had little spot after she got home and several brown bleeding the second day and a little bit the day after. Could it happened because her hymen breaks? Should I be concerned about a pregnancy?

    • She had no cramps, no nothing. Her period is due 2 weeks later so she is in the mid of the period. Could it be ovulation ? But it’s not as many as period but not as little as a few drops.

      • She suffers from pain every time you have sex? Does she have vaginismus? If she does, this could be causing abrasions in the vagina and therefore the bleeding. You are also right to point out that since she did not bleed after her first sexual experience, perhaps the hymen was not broke or not fully broken then and it is broken and bleeding now. You are also right to point out that since she is mid cycle, this could be a ovulatory bleed. Lastly, you did have unprotected sex with her mid cycle. That is super risky for pregnancy.

        • Thanks for the reply.I had done quite some research on internet.Her blood the night after sex was a bit dark than usual. From what I researched,if it’s implantation blood,it could only happen 10-14 days after sex and it happens a week before period.But this is her mid cycle. Even if it’s from the first sex, it was only 4 days later..Could it be a cause of hymen’s tear or some fiction? Yes unfortunately it was an unprotected sex but would the risk be much much lower if the penis placed inside for a very very short period of time and from what I found, precum doesnt contain sperm? Is there anything thing I can do to see if it’s pregnancy? or any prevention?

          • I am sorry, just last few questions which makes me really anxious and confused..
            Can you get implantation bleeding even after 4 days of sex(usually 8 from what i saw).Could it happened even 2 weeks before period(which normally a week or few days before period)?Should you feel pain because of implantation? because she had no pain and the blood last for 3 days now. I hope you understand why I am worried and appreciate your answer!

  8. Any time I have sex the following day I begin to get a brownish discharge that turns into a redish blood flow… This is 4-5th time it has happened. I did have an STI (chlamydia) which was treated and tested again for which it returned a negative result. It just seems to occur after I have sex, there’s no problem with lubrication I don’t think.
    I also have the implanon in my arm and have had it for almost 6 months now.

  9. kaycee402


    • beautyfullymade

      So I realized when using condoms its not me ! No blood on condom! What could this be then?? I’m worried for him

    • You have had HPV before and now you are having bleeding after sex. You must first rule out cervical pre-cancer and cancer. Please see your doctor for an internal exam.

  10. Had sex for the first time. Did not hurt however 2 days after I started to bleed a little. I don’t think it is my period since I had it a week before I had sex. When peeing, it hurts and there seems to be more blood. We used protection and at first thought it was due to tear of the hymen but now I’m worried.

    • When you are peeing where does it hurt? Does it burn? You might have a bladder infection which is very common for women especially after sex. The bleeding is very likely from the hymen tear.

  11. Hi doc I’m very dry down below I’m in my 60 s and don’t have much sex .but my husband. And I thought we would try it again .it did hurt as I was dry and bleed a little and 4 days later I’m still spotting a little I keep checking my pants as it worrys me nothing much at all just 2 spots a day as big as my small finger nail ,do I need to worry or is it just a small tear

    • We have been taught again and again in medical school: post menopausal bleeding is cancer until proven otherwise. So although from what you describe, to me it sounds just like a tear, you still must see your doctor to rule out any and all possible cancers. Cervical Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Ovarian Cancer. You might want to consider using some Premarin cream to help with the dryness.

  12. I’ve had unprotected sex with my bf. my period finished about a week ago but now I’m still bleeding a little on and off and I have pink discharge. Do u have any advice I’m not sure what it is

    • Vaginal abrasions or tears, ovulation bleeding, cervical polyps etc. There are many possibilities most of which are benign.

  13. Hi! On saturday my bf and I had sex and around 15 minutes later we decided to get more aggressive and rougher, he was wearing a condom but it felt kind of dry so it caused abit of friction and we were in the doggy position. after that there was some blood on the condom and it bled quick a lot but not too much, but when we still continued anyways but he was more gentle and there just small amount of blood stuck, after in the morning there was a little small stain of light brown blood.
    when we usually have intercourse it does not bleed but this is the first time we decided to be aggressive so is it something to be worried about? please i need advice because i’m quite worried

  14. Hello Doctor,

    A couple days ago I had sex with my boyfriend. I noticed that right after we did it, I was bleeding a little bit. The next day I started bleeding normal like if I had gotten my period which I was expecting. After 4 days my bleeding got worse and now it’s the 8th day and it still hasn’t gone away. Please,I need to know if I should go check it out right away or if shouldn’t worry as much. I am concerned!

    Thank you!

    • Sounds like a hormonal issue to me. This will likely resolve on its own. If you are older, you should see your doctor to rule out more sinister issues like cancer. Click here for our Women’s Health Blog to learn more.

  15. Hello. So last week at work my underwear felt wet so I went to the bathroom to check it. I had no liquid dishcharge, but there was a medium sized dark red/brown thing that looked like a clot of blood. That was all that was there so it seemed odd. Then yesterday me and my boyfriend had sex twice in a row. Ithe wasn’t painful or dry, but the second time there was a little blood. A few hours later at work I felt very sharp stabbing pains inside my vagina. It only lasted for a few minutes and I haven’t felt it since. Should I go see my doctor? And could they all be related?

    • Stabbing pain in the vagina is never normal. For that you should see your doctor.

  16. Hi, I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year, and we have been exclusive sexual partners the entire time. I had a Pap test and was tested for HPV and clymidia and I’ve also had the gardisil shots. Throughout our relationship sometimes after sex I spot a little bit. It’s usually after rough sex or when he goes in from behind. It’s just a few spots that I wipe away with tissue and then that’s it. No further bleeding, and it doesn’t happen if we have sex in the missionary position. I am also on hormonal birth control. Sometime it feels like I’m not “relaxed” enough when he goes in, but when I look in the mirror I can’t really see any visible tears. Sometimes I know it has to be from some tear because I can feel the pain when he pulls my legs apart too far or it hurts when he goes in because I’m not wet enough. I have my annual appointment in a couple of weeks and with this info, should I even bother bringing it up? Or just let the exam go as usual and only worry about it if I get a call back?

  17. The last time I had my period was a little over 2 months ago. It was regular. Then about 2.5 weeks after that, I had an experience of unusually rough manual sex. For the following 5 days, I bled black blood – enough to have to use tampons throughout the 5 days. Now I have not gotten any period, or any other staining, since then. However, I have had crippling cramping, so severe that I sometimes cannot move my legs. My breasts are sore, I’m bloated, and extremely fatigued with headaches – all the typical PMS symptoms I get. But still no period, and my cramps are even more severe than usual. I have a pending doctor’s appointment in a week, but wonder if you have and thoughts or advice. Thank you.

    • Probably some injury to the cervix. Explains the cramping and black blood. This stress probably put your hormones out of balance which explains all the other symptoms.

  18. Hi, I would like to seek your professional advice on my current condition. Last month, I started to have spotting about 10-12 days before my period was due. When my period was due, I had my period as per usual and everything was normal the next two weeks. But the same thing is happening this month. As of now, technically my period is due in 5 days but I still have discharge varying from brown to discharge with very tiny specks of blood. I have no other symptoms, no itching, no pain, no burning, no cramps, no increased lethargy or lack of appetite. Since my period is due in 5 days, I am not sure if I should get it checked now or wait until my period is over? What could it be and what sort of tests would I need to get and how much would it cost roughly? Thank you for your help.

    • There are so many possible causes of your symptoms. The common ones would be infection and hormonal changes. More sinister possibilities are cervical pre-cancer. Womb cancer is possible but rare in younger women. I am not sure what tests you will need. As a rough guide, screening for vaginal infections (including all STDs) $345. Ultrasound of the pelvis $156. Thin Prep PAP Smear $70. HPV tests $240. All prices before GST.

  19. I used metro gel then after 2 diflucan pills (3 days apart) then 2 doses of clitromitazole (I think is what it’s called) yeast infection treatment. I feel like finally my symptoms are starting to clear up, but now I have a little bleeding.I am a tiny bit sore too. I think the applicators kinda scraped my walls as they went in and that’s possibly why the bleeding. Could it be more serious?

    • There can be many causes of your bleeding. If it is related to this episode you had, it can very well be due to abrasions by the applicators. It can also be due to the yeast infection itself. If this is the case, it should clear up rather quickly. If it persists, it could be something more sinister and unrelated. You should then see your doctor.

  20. Hi on sunday my bf and i had rough intercourse,about 20 minutes later we decided to go for another round and this time was a little more roigher than before.. after we finished we noticed the condom had blood on it.when i finally had the chance to lee there was blood almost as if i started my period.the next morning i had urinated again and there was still very light bleeding, almost no bleeding but i could still see the light pinkish color of this something to worry about?

  21. Pls I have vaginal discharge dat does not smell..but it is sometimes mixed with a little blood and Ihave thick discharge some milky and some redish…I have burnig sensation when I want to urinate and get an uncomfortable feeling down there…am confused…taken drugs but its not workin

    • Certainly sounds like an infection. See your Doctor for some tests to find out what it is. Please do not self-medicate. It can only make things worse.

  22. Hello Doctor,

    My period cycle has been started form yesterday But Still blood isn’t properly discharged.

  23. Hi I had a misscarge when I was 18 then we dissuaded we would try for a baby when I was 19 but it not happening has test done and scans all clear so don’t know what to do I am 22 know still not pregnant can you help me plz thanls

    • You need to see a fertility specialist. There are many tests that need to be done to confirm ovulation, confirm ovulatory reserve, assess tubal patency and function, assess the uterine cavity etc Only when you find out why you are not getting pregnant can your doctor provide the right advice.

  24. Hi,I recently had sex with my boyfriend and I started bleeding. It’s has been 3 hours and I’m still bleeding and cramping.

    • There could be many causes most of which are benign. The intercourse could have stimulated a period. Or you have some abrasions of tears in your vagina. Most of these will subside on its own. Of course, if it persists, please see your doctor.

  25. rachel1

    hi. i had sex on monday .this is where i lost my virginity ,My boyfriend pushed his dick in but he didnt cum..I took the pill postinor right after 2 tables at once .on Wednsday we had sex again but this time we used a condom.I bleed on both occasions .I took another pill postinor single dose.This morning i am still bleeding but is light brown in colour ?i a confused please i need advice .


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