Bleeding After Sex – When To Worry

naza-profile-photoBleeding after sex is no small matter.

This can easily affect you psychologically, having you worried after, or even during lovemaking.

Unless your periods are irregular or if you are 45 and above, infection is most likely the cause.

Infection often gives additional symptoms such as itchiness, bad odor and abnormal discharges, all of which may be noticed before one realizes any bleeding or pain (which may accompany) during sex.

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Irregular Menses

If you are experiencing irregular menstruation, this might answer the question. You might not realize that your menses have coincided with your sexual intercourse and might seem like the bleeding is because of intercourse. Get your calendar and pay attention to the characteristics of the blood. Other than lower abdominal pain in the first few days of menses, no additional pain should be felt when this happens.


Being in your late 40s is a criteria for regular gynecological check-ups. Bleeding at this age, with or without intercourse, calls for a doctor’s visit to determine the source of bleeding. Cervical cancer is the number one suspect which should be ruled out during your visit. Endometrial Cancer is rarer but also a possible cause.

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Abrasions and Injuries

Rough sex may also cause tears and lacerations of the vaginal walls. Should this happen, wash and apply antiseptic with alcohol or povidone immediately to prevent any infection. Strict hygiene should be practiced.

Friction may be experienced during intercourse when the vaginal walls are dry. This may cause bleeding and pain during sex. A decreased level of oestrogen in your body is a more common cause compared to severe dehydration; thus, women who are approaching menopause or after menopause might wish to apply lubricants prior to intercourse.

Sagging of the cervical/vaginal wall, also popularly known as a polyp, may bleed when slightly touched. Bleeding may be slightly profuse and may be accompanied by yellowish discharge at times. If bleeding doesn’t stop, vaginal packing (applying pressure on the vagina with a gauze) and immediate visit to a doctor is necessary.

Possible causes: – Infection – STDs – Cancers – Polyps – Abrasions – Others

What to do

When you are experiencing any kind of vaginal bleeding, it is best to abstain from sex for the time being until you see a doctor. This will get your bleeding controlled and allow you to monitor its characteristics – whether or not it happens after intercourse, its frequency, amount and its constancy. Besides, it will help prevent spreading of unknown underlying infection. If bleeding is profuse, as mentioned above, vaginal packing with mild pressure should be applied and immediately see a doctor.  Pain can be temporarily relieved by aspirin or diclofenac found at any pharmacy.

Be sure to practice a strict hygiene as any injury or abnormality of the vagina or cervix is a welcoming sign to infection. Washing after your visit to the toilet assures safety from gonorrheal or other bacterial infection. Be sure to consult Our Doctors before taking any over-the-counter antibiotics, as they may aggravate fungal infection if the fungus is the culprit. Watch out for other abnormalities and changes, such as pain, increased or continuous bleeding and any kind of discharge.

If the bleeding is continuous or stops then occurs again or is painful or you have a discharge, please see Our Doctors immediately.

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  1. Hannah

    Hi Doc,

    My menses are regular and normal. For two days, I have sex with my husband. Could be I wasn’t lubricated well, it hurts but was pleasurably hurtful. Until the night of the second day, my tummy was hurting and my vagina was very painful. Now, my vagina is not painful but whenever I pee, it’s hurts. I just saw a few drops of blood in the toilet. Could it be the vagina tore?

    • drtan

      Yes that is certainly possible. However, you could also be having a bacterial bladder infection. You should see your doctor.

  2. I’m 18 years old my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for almost 5 months but two days ago we were having sex we weren’t even being rough but for some reason it hurt when he went in all the way like he hit my cervix and so he went slower after i went to the restroom I noticed I was bleeding but not much it wasn’t dripping or anything so I didn’t think much of it until later it was worse It’s really dark red and kindve heavy there’s been small blood clots and I’ve been cramping my periods not suppose to be here for another 2 weeks and I’ve never had much cramping or this heavy of bleeding I’m setting up an appointment with my OGBYN but do u know what could be wrong?

    • Most likely you tore the upper part of your vagina or cervix. At 18 it is unlikely that there is anything more sinister. Anyway, sinister causes of bleeding like cancer are not usually associated with pain. Assuming both of you are mutually monogamous, there is no risk of infections.

  3. Havent had period since june 10th took test this month it was negative i had rough sex last night befor afterward i was having bad cramping on my lower right side in when i went to bathroom i wiped in was bleedin in saw to small dark clots on tissue then the bleeding went awy in i took otc pain pills for pain what should i do

  4. Hi.
    I recently came on my period 2 weeks ago.
    I have had sex with my boyfriend afterwards for few days. Periods are irregular. I have noticed slight bleeding after urinating. Is this common. Nothing hurts.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Have your periods always been irregular or is this a new change. Irregular periods however are very common and can occur at any time. If there is slight bleeding when you urinate then maybe you have a urine infection. Best to get seen by a doctor to check.

  5. xmusicx15


    I am 21 years old and had sex for the first time. I know I was not wet when penetrated and the sex was rough. We stopped and noticed I was bleeding – a lot.
    For the first few hours, I continued bleeding a lot and it hurt to use the bathroom or sit. After resting the whole day after, it did not hurt to use the restroom or to sit and my bleeding was little. A week later now, I’m still bleeding. Why is this? My vagina no longer hurts, I’ve checked. It was a light blood color at first but now it’s darker red (old blood?). What should I do? I am keeping it clean too. Please help.

  6. Hi Doc, not sure if is the rough intercourse or the shaven hairs that cause abrasions. I’ve been having stinging pain sensation on my vulva area. It hurts when i sits. There’s also mild bleeding but not sure if it’s pre-menses as they are ard the corner. Pls advise on the stinging pain if it’s needed to be treated or is common and will go away after few days. FYI, it’s been 2days. Thks!


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