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SD Bioline HIV COmbo Test

              • Rapid – results in 20 minutes

              • Accurate – Conclusive at 28 days post exposure

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We are using the SD BioLine HIV Ag/Ab Combo rapid test.

Multicentre clinical trials have shown 100% sensitivity and more than 99% specificity.

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This kit has been registered with Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HSA).

Public Enquiry – Singapore Medical Device Register (SMDR)_SDHIV Ag_AbCombo

Results take 20 minutes.

It only requires a finger-prick.

Cost $150 (Excludes consult and GST)

Just walk in to our clinic anytime during our opening hours. You do not require an appointment.

At the counter tell our staff you would like a Rapid Combo test.

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You will be given a number and asked to wait to see the doctor.

The doctor will conduct the test for you and let you know the results at about 20 minutes (more or less depending on the situation).

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Click on the picture for the latest information on the HIV testing Window Period








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  1. What is deference of combo and duo

  2. Paplo zety

    Good morning ,

    I am freaking out as i had low risky ( Handjob) & i Never had insertive sex with that csw lady that night 5 Months ago & the lady used her saliva and she Spit
    On my penis alot but never sucked it or put it inside her mouth at all ,

    i did HIV P24 Ag Abs Combo test 15 days back means after 125 days and i had to wait 2 hours till i recieved the result as of Non-Reactive , no symptoms but light grey lines under my 2 different nails thats all , no flu or rash ,

    What you think of my test which almost close to 19 weeks ??

  3. Good morning Dr am sule from Nigeria i hard an unprotected sex with my girl friend on 23 of November 2017, on 27 November she tested hiv positive and i tested negative my doctor gave me a drugs call avocomb to take for 30 days, after the completion of the drugs i tested negative using home test kit on 8 January 2018. Pls is that result conclusive? What is your advice. Also can i have sex with the same lady using condom? Please reply me.

    • Your result is a good indication but I would recommend a repeat at 3 months post-exposure for conclusive results. Condoms will reduce the risk of HIV transmission by up to 98% but it is not 100% safe still.

  4. Good day doctor,first forgive my English level ,I find the sex worker at 19/12/2017,no protect oral sex ,and protect sexual ,but when she lay and kiss me ,when my penis (glans)and her vagina have contact with the case did not wear condom at that time ,I’m am not sure if there is no contact with vaginal fluid if there is infection is hiv high risk ?a week later ,I found three red dots in my hand ..I’m very worry ..hope doctor can reply me soon

  5. Light cream

    Hi Sir ,

    I just need to know if a case of handjob and soft kisses without Saliva exchange would put me in a high risky getting to contract HIV ,

    CSW offered me a hot massage which already happened and after that she licked my balls and then i was very shocked and asked here to continue only with Handjob ,

    Ejaculation on her boobs thats all ,

    I did After that Hiv p24 ag abs Combo test after 5 months from thar expousre and result came back Non Reactive but i sm not sure it will look for hiv 1,2 or not all i know it was written HIV p24 Ag Abs Combo and the result as mentioned ,

    Please advise as she licked my balls and am afraid ,

    • Your risk is zero and your test is conclusive.

      • Light cream

        Doc ,

        Shall i go back to my life and stop using condoms with my wife , in fact in the past 8 years i didn’t have any intercourse except with my wife, do you think i should move on ?

  6. Hi I had 3 negative test 1 from DSC clinic 2 from Robertson walk but after 1 year lymph nodes has been I notice swollen lymph nodes on my right armpit and my groin area. Is it possible it’s false negative ? Please reply I’m panicking.

    • Your test results are conclusive. If you are concerned about lymph nodes, why don’t you have them properly assessed. There are many conditions that cause lymph node swelling that are not HIV or STD related.

      • Have check with doc on the lymph nodes at my armpit but now even my chest and groin have them. Is it 100 sure I don’t have to retest after 3 negative.

  7. Hi Doctor,
    I had protected sex with a female SW on 12th nov and then again with another one on 10th dec. The condom was intact and did not break. However On one occasion she performed oral sex on me without a condom. I did not have any symptom barring an itching foreskin on my penis, which the doctor told was normal yeast infection. The itching and mild redness on the top of penis went off in 2 days after medication. Is there something, I need to worry about … if yes what all tests on Hiv and STD do I need to take and when (considering the 21 day window) for the combo test … thanks

    • Your risk for HIV is very low, but condoms are not 100% protective. You would also be at risk of other STDs from the unprotected oral sex such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, etc. If you wish to test for HIV, the window period is 28 days for conclusive results, but 21 days is a very good indication. We can check for urinary tract infection at this point already. Please visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

      • Thanks Dr. Tan. I went to the Robertson Walk clinic today and got the Hiv combo test with Dr Deepa … My exposures as told to you was on 12th nov and 10th dec … so today was the 29th day. The result was NEGATIVE … Can I move on now, considering the test is conclusive ? Thanks ….

  8. Hi Doctor,

    My last risk exposure was on the 4th July 2017. I have tested on the 23rd October 2017 with 4th Gen combo test at Robertson Walk clinic, 1st Nov 2017 with ag/ab lab test and 3rd November 2017 with 3rd Gen test at Robertson walk clinic. All 3 tests came back negative. However, I have developed bad breath with white coating on tongue and 2 ulcers around 29 Dec 2017. I am worried the 3 tests I took were not conclusive. Please advise me if they are conclusive for me to stop worrying about the symptoms. Thank you very much.

  9. I took a combo 4th generation at 40 days!4 days later I got my result and it was non reactive. At 61 days I had a negative oraquick at home test. At 69 days I had a determin rapid finger prick test ag/ab first one was invalid second one negative.At 71 days another oraquick at home hiv test negative!!!Can I move on I’ve been having postnasal drip for almost a month and had muscle aches from here to there for 1 week. I’m going crazy 🙁

  10. Hi ,

    Merry Christmas to you guys , i would like to know if it is correct that the virus are not easy to be detected in the blood after HIV P24 AG ABS COMBO TEST AFTER 5 months from the expousre for protected oral sex in Thailand case , i have heard un-logical opinion says its not even easy to detect it in years ?

    • The test at 5 months would be conclusive. Detection rate is essentially 100% if the virus was contracted, so what you have heard is inaccurate.

  11. VIncent W

    Hi Doc
    Had a protected vaginal sex with condom with a CSW 2 weeks back..However very worried now due to articles over internet. Post That incident I have also had sex with my wife unprotected and worried if I have put her to risk..

    The sex was with durex latex condom which did not came out or got broken( visual inspection)

    Am I at risk ? If even lil how much?

  12. Dr,

    HIV combo test done multiple times over four years after exposure and tested negative But suffering from constant lower abdominal pain, sweeling of foot and having prurigo nodolaris in leg, body and scalp. Do you think it can be because of HIV . Is HIV pcr test required to rule to HIV??

    • No, I know for sure your symptoms are not due to HIV, as your tests are conclusive.

      • Ok sir. It is sure that I am suffering badly and all my symptoms matches with weak immune system. I am very scared to take PCR test and all the time I feel i am infected with HIV.

        Sir does the actual type of risk and source matters after having repetative negative combo test for 4 years?

        • And Sir I forgot to mention that I am having constant dark urine all this four years and it has not improved with medication also.

  13. Hi Doc,
    My last exposure was on 6th of Dec 2017. If I take the test on 27th Dec 2017 at your clinic, will the result accurate ? Or should i wait till 30 days of the exposure.
    Kindly advise, thanks.

    • A rapid 4th gen HIV test at 21 days post-exposure is a very good indication, but for conclusive results we would recommend a repeat at 28 days or more post-exposure.

  14. Hello Doc ,

    I want to ask if the body can develop swollen lympho nodes after infection with more than 6 months , i am using a condom every time with my lady since the last expousre i am afraid of with a csw which was only Handjob and i was fingering the csw as well but without insertive at all with the csw ,

    I did HIV P24 AG ABS COMBO TEST after 23 weeks with result non Reactive ,

    Please advise as am afraid i did something wrong to my wife .

  15. Hi ,

    Is the HSA Recall related to lots in Singapore only ??

    My case low risky protected oral sex with a lady and my test HIV p24 ag abs combo and result nonreactive after 24 weeks ,

    Is it affected the abs combonand ?

    Do I need to retest?

    • Please speak to the healthcare providers who have performed your tests to see if they are affected by any test kit recall. In any case, I would say your tests are conclusive and your risk was essentially zero in the first place.

      • Thank you Doc , i will ask the lab afain , but its freaks me out now ,

        One last thing , Assuming it was affected , is it only for the early Ag detection ,

        My test was after 23.49 weeks so any test in the world will only look for the abs ,?

        Give me please your opinion for my case considering the above,

        • Yes, you are correct. The recall was due to affected p24 Ag detection component. So your test is fine. And your risk is zero anyway.

  16. Doctor i do alere hiv ag/ab combo rapid test at 47 days after my last sex , my hiv test result alere hiv ag/ab combo rapid test at 47 days after my last sex is negative .
    My questions is :
    1) do you think my negative hiv test result alere hiv ag/ab combo rapid test at 47 days after my last sex is conclusive ?
    2)i should do hiv repeat test or not ?

  17. Doctor i do alere hiv ag/ab combo rapid test at 47 days after my last sex , my hiv test result alere hiv ag/ab combo rapid test at 47 days after my last sex is negative .
    My questions is :

    1) do you think my negative hiv test result alere hiv ag/ab combo rapid test at 47 days after my last sex is conclusive ?

    2)i should do hiv repeat test or not ?

  18. Hi,

    Will thyroid hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism affect HIV testing results?

  19. Rafael Suarez

    Doctor i am very nervous but in such a case that I touch blood or semen with my hand can something happen?

  20. I had two 4th generation tests 35 and 88 days post exposure. The tests results were 0.09 and 0.12 both non reactive.
    Does a rise in the index value pose threat?

    Thank you

  21. Hello doctor I really need help I’m a student in Malaysia and I’ve had a pcr for hiv 1 RNA qualitative after 36 day and it not detected . It’s written on the report ,by cepheid genexpert and also (95% confidence interval 253 to 305) I don’t know what does this mean and I couldn’t find the doctor he is sick could you please tell me is this result conclusive

  22. Rafael Suarez

    Hello doctor, my risk was to masturbate a penis of transvestite without ejaculation, I do not have wounds in the hand, I made a test alere combo 4th generation at 29 days and gave negative, I am 100% healthy of the hiv?

  23. Doc did the rapid antibody test before week 12 (11 week 5 days) conclusive?please i really need an answer

  24. Doctor i’m from malaysia . I do hiv rapid test at 4 december 2017 at the red clinic in kuala lumpur malaysia. My hiv rapid test result is SD bioline hiv ag/ab combo rapid test is negative , but i’m confused about SD bioline hiv ag/ab combo rapid test recall . It SD bioline hiv ag/ab combo rapid test also recall at all clinic in malaysia ?

  25. Hi Doctor,

    I had my RNA PCR on 8th day and virus was undetectable. I then followed up with combo test ( antibody and p24 antigen) CMIA test on 18th day, 22nd day and 28th day. All were non reactive with index value in range of 0.07-0.09. I finally had ELISA done on 31st day and it was also negative. Can I now believe that my tests are conclusive and I am not infected? i have read on multiple forums that combo test is conclusive at 28 days. Please advise and I would really appreciate.


  26. My HIV duo test negative (0.17/1) after 3.5 years from unprotected vaginal sex with married woman who is also test negative on recent test.am I safely rule out HIV infection or is any further testing is required please tell me doctor

  27. Hi Doctor,

    I did a 3 steps finger prick test at one of your clinic after a post hiv potential exposure of more than 45 days. I was tested negative. Is the result conclusive for both HIV 1 & 2?


  28. Doctor . What the meaning of hiv ag/ab test ?

  29. Hallo ,

    I had low risky as you mentioned in your previous comments ( handjobe) on date 3th Nov 2016 night and some soft kisses and that was all without any insertive at all , ejaculation on her belly and thats it ,

    I did p24 ag)abs Combo test on date 16th April 2017 means after 155 days and it took 2 hours and then i got the result Non Reactive ,

    Do i need to re test !?

    Is it reall reall high risky!?

    Do you think my test got affected with the HSA RECALL for that date ?
    I never got fever or flu or rash or dry cough at all

  30. Hi doc what makes a false positive for HIV?because i had a flu like symptom right now,im afraid that it would give a false positive result in my testing,i actually already tested in 5th week with ag ab test and the doctor recommend to take another test in week 12

  31. Hi Dr.

    Do autoimmune diseases extend the window period for 4th generation tests or it’s still conclusive at 28 days?

  32. Hi Doctor,

    What are the chances of HIV virus being entered into the body through broken skin on scortum and penis (ie. scratched skin due to itching from eczema)? I had condom on and had sex with a csw. Can you please advise?

    • Hi Doctor,

      Any advise? Any guidance will be much appreciated. Thanks!

      • Your risk is mainly from the penetrative sex, scratches or cuts from eczema or not. The risk would be very low for protected sex.

        • Thanks Doctor Johnathan. I am just wondering if the virus can entered into my body through those open scratches or cuts if any part of the vaginal discharge touches it. However, I did develop dry flaky skin and itch on my penis and scrotum which tends to be itchy at night coupled with multiple eczema spots on my body as well. Is it a call for concern of any other std or HIV?

  33. Hi,
    Looking for some advice. I had unprotected insertive vaginal sex with a sex worker in the UK. I’m a circumcised male and there was no visible blood or trauma.
    I spoke to her 4 weeks post exposure and asked her regarding her hiv status. She said she is tested monthly, her last test being 2 weeks ago (so 2 weeks post exposure) and that she was negative. Said she had certificate and documents from the hospital. Obviously I’ve not seen this and can’t say what she said is 100% the truth.
    I’ve had the following tests:
    14 days post exposure – Alere HIV Combo (antibody/antigen test) (20 min result) – Negative
    21 days post exposure – Alere HIV Combo (anti/antigen) (20 min result) – negative
    28 days post exposure – Alere HIV Combo (anti/antigen) (20 min result) – negative
    35 days post exposure – Alere HIV Combo (anti/antigen) (20 min result) – Negative
    38 days post exposure – HIV DUO Lab test (antibody/antigen) (next day result) – negative
    42 days post exposure – Alere HIV Combo (anti/antigen) (20 min result) – negative

    The doctor said to me that since I’ve not had any obvious HIV symptoms and that all the tests that I have had are negative I can forget about hiv.

    Just wondering if that’s correct advice or am I right to still be anxious?


    • Your tests are conclusive. Move on with your life.

      • Hi Doc,

        One more thing. Does the timing and accuracy of the duo/combo test depend on risk? Basically if the exposure was very high risk – would the duo/Combo still be accurate at 28 days or would this change?


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