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  1. Dr, I’m an auto premature ejectulator. It’s happened since I was 19 years. Now I’m 24 . It still happening. When I ask my friends that whether they also eject or not. They answered NO. Therefore I’m getting worry about my problem. And what my friends advice me is I should cut my penis foreskin which I haven’t cut yet. They said it would help me to control my problem. Plz help me Dr.

  2. Hi doctor, I have had chronic pains in my prostate and rectal region for about 6 months with chronic pains in my right testis for many years, perhaps 8 to 10 years. I masturbated frequently for many years. I believed that I have had overworked my reproductive system thus causing these chronic inflammation and uti. At times I do get yellowish semen upon ejaculation. And recently I get slightly green semen upon ejaculation. I also had a major depression which I guess could have upset my system and cause easy infection and thus the green semen. There’s also once during this episode where my wet dreams actually burned my skin at my thighs. This is the first time that I have had such an episode. Then yesterday I visited the massage parlor where I received a handjob with lubricant after a massage. And now I am having a tingling sensation at my urethra which I m not sure could be caused by a placebo effect, sti or regular urethritis. I m very worried that I might contract some std. Is it possible to get a comprehensive screening as to what is causing the pains in my unrethra? Like whether is it one of the std, or perhaps e. Coli infection?

    • Dr Justin Sim

      It is unlikely you ‘overworked’ you reproductive system. You may have cause trauma, though. Yellow or green semen is not normal and is unlikely due to anything else except infection. I would definitely recommend a full STD screen to make sure you are clear.

  3. I had unprotected sex 1.5 months ago. There was not any discharge, or any pain during urination for the first 2 weeks. However, past few days, i noticed some itchiness at my bladder area, also i cant hold my bladder well. I know that some STD dont have any obvious symptoms at all. I had been diagnosed with gonorrhoea and treated before. I wonder if it is because of past bacteria still present in my body which would make any symptoms not so obvious this time round.

    I am considering to go down your clinic to do a urine test. My question would be:

    If the test turns out to be negative, does it mean that there is guarantee no STD bacteria left in my body especially at the bladder area.

    If the test is positive, and after treatment, how guarantee that there is no more bacteria left over in my body?

    How accurate would the urine test to detect any remmant of STD bacteria in the body after treatment?

    Thank you

    • Dr Justin Sim

      1) Yes, if the test is negative then there will not be any remaining STD.
      2) If a positive is found then we will treat and re-screen you 2 weeks AFTER finishing the antibiotics. This tests for clearance and if it is negative then you are successfully treated.
      3) Very accurate assuming there is bacteria remaining.

  4. Hello doctor, I am 20 this year. My problem is I don’t really look like 20 and I still look like a teenager age of 16. I do not have facial hair, whereas my dad has. So I don’t think so genetics takes place here. My friends who are younger having facial hair and looking bulk as I am looking like a small boy and it also affect my relationship with my girlfriend as her friends are saying that I look very young compared to her. I need your help doctor

    • Dr Justin Sim

      I can imagine that this will be quite concerning at your age. You want to appear more manly but believe me your youthful looks will be the envy of most when you get older! Unfortunately there is not much that can be done to increase facial hair. Bulk can be increased by diet and muscle building exercise. Some people may use testosterone or even steroids but for someone so young this is not advisable.

  5. Hi Doctor, Since a month, most of the time when i woke up in the morning, i saw a slight watery and sticky discharge from my penis. It is visible on my underwear. Last week, i visited Polyclinic and the doctor told me it is normal. My age is 46 yrs old. fyi…I never have sex with prostitute before. Please advice. Thank you.

    • The only 2 fluids that should come out from your penis is urine and semen. Anything else would be abnormal. I would suggest you get a STD screening done in view of your previous exposure with sex worker.
      Please come in to any of our clinics for a consultation and testing.

  6. Hi Doctor,

    Since a month, when i woke up in the morning, i saw a slight watery and sticky discharge from my penis. It is visible on my underwear. I have been to polyclinic last week and the doctor told me it is normal. Please advice. Thanks.

  7. Dr, thanks. My case is that I made love with a prostitute last Thursday afternoon. Most of the time was oral sex. And there was 20 seconds insertion to her vagina. All the time I wore condom. Despite no visual impairment on the condom, I am not sure about the quality of the condom as it is made by mainland china. The prositute said she was having a fever. And I have no background information about the prostitute. After that, I started having pep on Friday afternoon. Am I at high risk of infection? Is the pep effective? Thanks as I am very worried.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      With any sex worker there is always going to be a risk. Since you are on PEP you should finish the course and get testing at the end. The PEP is very effective so do no panic. Stick to the plan and get tested at the right time.

  8. i m hiv negative , if i start sleeping around with girls who are hiv negative and may be positive on something else , could the exchange of antigens make the level of antibodies increase inside the body and make my negative on .6 on border of .8 rise and become nearly false positive ? including the booster shots of vaccines in a few months or years , i am sorry for repeated and intriguing questions but i am anxious and desperate to know

  9. paranoid again

    sorry for repetition , my negative result with .6 on border .8 and positive 1.2 on hiv ab chemluminesense abbot architect is worrying me because of high value , i know it is qualitative screening and within normal range but why so high ? is it due to vaccinations or poor lab calibrations and controls ? if i donate blood , will the ab value go slightly down for my satisfaction ?

    • As long as the number falls below the lower limit of abnormal, it is negative. If you are worried, get yourself re-tested.

      • retest was also negative twice , i find it hard to swallow the previous result , it looks like a fake number , so said the lab quality manager , it read 0.6 , it should have been something like 0.58 or 0.62 if the test was really performed , standard labs give results upto two three decimals atleast , is that correct ?

  10. Hi,

    My husband of 28 yrs visited your clinic last Nov and you prescribe us with cialis. He is able to perform well but has pre mature ejec when consuming that product . He also went for a semen analysis and the report came out as low sperm count .

    What are his options since we want to conceive soon. Thanks

  11. Jason Michael

    Hi Doctor,

    I suspect myself have pre-mature ejaculation which then further caused me to have ED recently.
    I would like to get a consultation and even a check up if necessary.

    I know we need to get a clearer picture of my condition before you can tell me more of the details, but assuming I indeed got ED and treatment is needed, mind to let me know what’s the cost for the consultations, check up and treatments roughly would be so that I can be more financially and mentally prepared?


    • We have to do a thorough assessment of your health to determine if you really have premature ejactulation / ED, and if you do, what the underlying cause is. If a health screening and testosterone check is needed, it may range from $200-$400. Consultation is $45. Treatment varies from person to person, and it is approximately $80 – $300 per month, depending on what treatment is most suitable for you. Follow up is usually arranged in 2 weeks to 1 month. We also have more advanced treatment for ED, i.e. electro shockwave (ESW) therapy.
      You are welcomed to visit us to get a consultation and assessment.

      • Jason Michael

        Hi Doctor,

        Thanks for the response. I think I will visit the Bencoolen street branch on tomorrow.
        Can I just walk in or do I need to make an appointment?


  12. paranoid

    why do good labs give negative results with big margin and average labs give the same on very tight numbers ?

    • I’m unable to comment on this. Different tests have different range of results.

      • elisa reads two digits after decimal , eclia give three digits after decimal , what about cia ? is only one round digit after decimal read by the instrument ?

        • Please speak to your lab regarding your results. Every lab in different countries produces results in a different way. I’m not able to comment on this.
          In my opinion, if your results are all non-reactive, you do not have HIV.

  13. khadka

    Hi Doctor .

    Im 38 years old , I want to do circumcise ,so in this age its possible or not?
    Please advice me .

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Of course it will be possible but you should speak to a specialist about this and go from there.

  14. Eczema

    Dear doctor , if I suspect to have eczema on my penis , what should I do? It’s itchy especially around the foreskin area. I also have eczema on other areas such as the back of my knees and arms.

    • Hi Brendan,
      It might be safest to come in and allow us to assess the penile rash formally. You’re welcome to come into any of our clinics anytime.

      • Dear Doctor,
        I had experienced itchiness around my foreskin and testicle area. It did not occurs always but only once a month or two. Due to this I had no choice but to wash in a scratching manner that sometimes feel sensation upon exposure to water which will heal eventually

        • There are many possible causes of itching in the genitals. They can range from infections to allergies to skin inflammatory conditions. You should see your doctor to get a proper medical consult.

  15. Islam Saiful

    I have few pimples on my penis.

    • “Pimples” on the penis could well be warts or Pearly penile papules. If you are concerned, please visit a doctor and get it checked. You are welcomed to visit any of our clinics.

  16. William

    Dear drtan,

    Dr, I am 21 years old and I would like to ask u my problems. Last 2 weeks, I masturbated for a few time for about 3days. I noticed that my right side of the foreskin is painful & I saw a small white patch on my foreskin. If I touch this one, I feel painful and this look like a scar. After this happened, my right side of the testicle also become painful. Now I don’t get enough erection. I mean my penis is not erectile for long. My penis get soft after a few seconds even if I have a sexual stimulation. I saw that the base of my penis shaft bends downward when it starts getting soft. I am very worried about peyronie’s disease or ED? What could it be between these two?, sir. Could u pls reply me in detail.? , Dr tan. Thank you.

    • I think you should see a doctor to get your genitals looked at. It is impossible to advise you based on your description. But it does not sound normal at all.
      You are welcomed to visit any of our clinics.

  17. Used to masturbated quite often and now whenever im having sex, i’ll lose my reaction very quickly, like it cant stand tall anymore. And always before sex i’ll have a little liquid coming out. Pls help ty

    • Dr Justin Sim

      A variety of issues could be happening now. Firstly if there has been trauma to the blood vessels in the penis then it will not maintain its erection. This is temporary in that it will get back to normal but will take time. Other possibilities would include altered expectation of sex vs masturbation. Some men find that sex is not quite as they expected it and the anxiety can lead to erectile dysfunction.

      Best thing to do is speak to a doctor and discuss your treatments options. That way you can achieve the outcome you wish.

  18. Hi,

    I am 30 years old guy. My pennis is not going stronger. Earlier I never participated in sex and first time last month when I tried I observed it’s not going stronger. Then tried second time in this month the same thing happend.
    Please help me to cure it.

  19. Roofies

    Hi doc.

    My partner (woman) is experiencing abnormal discharge and sometimes with odour, and pain during intercourse. I suspect she may have Chlamydia. But i dont have any symptoms of it for man. We only have one partner but unprotected intercourse. Can unprotected intercourse cause Chlamydia? Should we both go for screening? Please advise. Thank you.

    • drtan

      Your partner’s symptoms definitely sound like they are caused by an infection and Chlamydia could be one of the possibilities. But if both of you only had each other as partners, then it is not possible for either of you to have any STDs or Chlamydia. Chlamydia does not appear out of thin air, you have to catch it from someone. Your partner definitely should see a doctor and get tested and treated as soon as possible. If she has an infection, it can only get worse if left untreated. We have 2 lady doctors who can attend to her. You can write in on our contact form and we will reply to you or you can visit our clinics.

  20. MR_LEONG


    I am a 29 year old Chinese male. Over this past few years, I noticed my sexual libido has been dropping and morning erections seem to be getting less and less frequent. It is getting more and more difficult for me to get erections, and even when I get them it’s not rock hard. I always get this feeling there don’t seem to be enough blood flowing to my penis. In addition to that, my penis seems to feel less and less sensitive. As I have a very hectic lifestyle, I only managed to get 5 to 6 hours of sleep every night. Lately, I have been suffering from sleeping difficulties and keep getting up after 2 or 3 hours of sleep. I have difficulty going back to sleep after that. I can’t shake off this feeling that my poor sleeping habits is somewhat related to my sexual problems. Any thoughts on this?

    • drtan

      Yes chronic fatigue can cause all your symptoms. But we are making a complete wild guess. These symptoms need to be properly assessed and investigated before a diagnosis can be made.

  21. Chun Kiat

    Hi recently my penis did not have any pimple 2 to 3 days ago. Today i discovered a red pimple on my penile shaft and it hurts a bit when i touch it. I tried squeezing it as a pimple but nothing like a secretion came out like when i press a pimple and pus comes out. I hope the pimple is just a result of body heat and will disappear after a few days or so. But just to be safe i hope that i can get professional advice about what this pimple is and if i need to do anything in particular to cure it.

    • drtan

      Sure you can. Please visit any one of our clinics. We unfortunately cannot give a diagnosis or advice over the internet.

  22. I have been having pain when having sex for the past few months. My gf sees a small cut (<1cm) on it and it has not been healing. Is it an infection?

    • It is difficult to comment based on a description like this. I would suggest you get yourself checked by a doctor. You are welcome to visit one of our clinics to get an assessment.

  23. Nathan

    Hi Dr Tan
    Recently, i noticed that when i am quite excited, and my penis is not in a fully erect state, i have a smooth colorless gummy discharge and it’s sensational and when i start rubbing it the liquid becomes a little creamy white.It can be quite embarassing when it happens in the office or public places; altho usually it occurs in the middle of the night.i am used to wearing g strings and so the discharge can be quite visible if I am not careful. i am single and used to masturbate frequently especially on my workout days. i don’t masturbate as often as i used to.Hope you can shed some light.On workout days it happens, thanks

    • Hmm. ED and discharge. If you are sexually active you should exclude infections. More likely this is due to a prostatitis. Whether or not the ED is directly related to the discharge we still do not know at this time.

      • Nathan

        Hi Dr Tan

        Thanks for the synoptic reply. I do not have a sexual partner and have not had sexual intercourse for many years.I am inclined to visit your clinic at Novena or Scotts very soon.

  24. Jackson

    Dear Sir,

    I previously have some infection on my penis head area. Through daily cleaning the infection is gone but now i cant pull down my foreskin at all as it is very tight. This has cause me to lose sexual intercourse with my wife. Do I need any operation to remove mu foreskin or what treatment do I need?

    • Dr Justin Sim

      A tight foreskin can be caused by many things, STDs, trauma, scarring, etc. But usually will need minor surgery to release. You should see a doctor and then it can be better assessed.

  25. Patrick

    Dear Dr Tan,

    Last night, I have this strange itchy problem around the head of my penis. That is the day after I move to my apartment.
    I read from the internet about redness penis problem and it seem i have an infection or inflamtion.

    Also a month ago. After intercourse, both partner and me having a slight pain and she has heavy white discharge. Read from the internet that she might have yeast infection. Does yeast infection trasnmitted?

    I am quite worried. I will travel to singapore next week. Can I drop by without appointment?

    Thank you

    • Yes I agree with you that infection/inflammation are the 2 most likely causes. Yeast infections are not classified as STIs. Yeast is not transmitted per se because most people have yeast living on their skin normally anyway. But if you are exposed to a heavy yeast load, this could overcome the normal skin defenses and cause an infection. You are free to walk into any of our clinics without an appointment.

      • Patrick

        Thank you Dr Tan,

        So far, I don’t see any strange issue on the foreskin but the head is still itchy. I was woke up by the itchiness in the middle of night yesterday.

        While showering, I carefully examine whether there is any strange mark or colour. I notice there seem like a mosquito bite after I put out the foreskin.

        Honestly, I am worried, there is still 3 days to go before I fly over, Is there anything that I need to be careful while waiting?

        Thank you

      • Patrick

        Dear Dr Tan,

        I have visited your clinic and get things treated. Dr Sim has been very helpful and most of the question has been addressed. During my last consulatation, I went to for different doctor due to time constraint. However, I would say, patient should stick to one doctor for all the record to avoid misunderstanding.

  26. smallballs

    is having small balls will cause infertility for men?

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Testicle size can vary greatly between men but as a rule of thumb normal size ranges from 4-6cm. Although smaller testicle may represent delayed or reduced development ((which can affect fertility) we will not be absolutely sure of your fertility status unless you get and ultrasound and sperm analysis done. Best to get those done first if you are thinking of starting a family and then we can advise from there.

  27. Hi Dr Tan..
    Currently this year I am 40. I have skipped about 2 body checkup. Can you suggest or propose any affordable men’s health checkup package?

    • Hi Andy. For more information on our health screening services please click HERE. Packages start from $200.

  28. Hi Dr Tan,
    I suspect I have both condition of ED and PE. I cannot sustain an election for long and before I can penetrate, it gets soft again. Some position helps but the other problem of PE kicks in and the activity is not enjoyable. Which clinic should I go to for better consultation? And how much would it cost (average range) to get treatment for both cause? Thanks.

    • Yes it does sound like you have PE and ED. From your history I suspect the PE is caused by the ED so if we fix the ED it could improve both. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak. Our consult charge is $60. If you need tests it could cost up to $200 for the tests (this may not be necessary). Medicines cost depends on what you need. Very rough average I would say $100 to $200 per month. You can see me at my clinic at Novena Medical Center. Use the contact form on the right to contact us and we will set up an appointment for you.

  29. Glorious

    Hi Dr,

    I have been following your website since 2011 and I must say you have been a great help so far. I have read that there are some STD clinics around charging exorbitant rates and yet do not try and educate their patients on what exactly their issues are resulting in confusion, anxiety and fear. Not sure how true they are but I must say I speak for everyone here when I say you are doing a good job of educating visitors and sharing of reliable information.

    I have some questions again and would like to seek your advice..,

    Back in 2011, I was diagnosed with prostatitis by a GP. At the same time, I was engaging in sexual activities which were all protected with the exception of oral sex which I thought was safe. How wrong I was. But subsequent follow up with a urologist and an STD clinic shows that I do not have any STDs (herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV), and all testings were done with the appropriate window periods noted. At the same time, my visit to the urologist shows no signs of prostatitis, and a prostate fluid urine test shows nothing at all.

    The problem was, somewhere before all these, I woke up one fine morning with a pain in my urethra, it was located on the right side and the pain woke me up. I tried urinating and it hurts. I went straight to the hospital A&E thinking it could be stones and they did a urine test for me and found nothing. X-ray as well. which led to all the visits to the urologist, STD clinic and eventually nothing was found.

    About a week after the pain started was my first visit to the urologist, he gave me 2 weeks of Cipro claiming that it could be residue inflammation, I wasn’t convinced but I took them anyway. 2 days prior to me finishing the 2 -week course of Cipro, the pain went away suddenly. I wasn’t sure if it was the Cipro working or it just went away on its own.

    The pain is like this, it didn’t really hurt except when I urinated. And it’s a brief momentarily kind of sharp pain felt on the right side of the urethra, just before the urine comes out, it passes by that “pain spot” and it hurts but during the flow of urinating, it doesn’t hurt. Ejaculating didn’t hurt as well. Only peeing.

    Eventually, after the pain went away and I completed the Cipro, I went for a final check-up at the STD clinic and they did a urethral swab for me. they found pus cell/white blood cells abnormally, indicating inflammation/NGU/NSU. They made me do another PCR urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhea but the results were clean. So they had me on 2 weeks of Doxycycline and when I went for the urethral swab after finishing the course, the pus cell/white blood cells count were mid-range.

    I thought it was ok. The final check-up with the urologist indicates no prostatitis and the prostate fluid test (they didn’t called me back, which means nothing abnormal was found). Then i put them all behind me. this episode ended in early 2012.

    That was 3 years ago, and on Monday morning 2 days back, I woke up as usual and when I urinated, the EXACT SAME pain happened! I was so shocked, the previous episode left a little trauma on me and it came back for NO reasons!

    I have not engaged in sexual activities for a long time and the last was petting with a female friend of mine with no oral sex or penetrative sex somewhere in the mid of 2014. I went for a check-up at the STD clinic for everything in September/October and everything was clear.

    So doctor, I would need some advice –

    1. Assuming it’s NSU again, can a single normal healthy male in his twenties gets NSU for no apparent reason? Like waking up in the morning? what are the possible causes for that?

    2. I have went to a polyclinic and did a urine test the next morning, the dr asked if there were blood or discharge and I said there weren’t. They did a urine test for me, just want to know, does that kind of urine test indicates NSU if any? I was told it was clean, no white blood cells, if there were any inflammation on any part of the body, while blood cells would appear, is that true?

    3. I was advised to take a mid-stream sample, but wouldn’t the bacteria or anything gets washed out by the starting stream?

    Dr, what would you recommend my next step? Should I wait it out and see if the pain goes away or is there really something wrong to wake up with a pain in the morning for no reasons? Does diet plays a part?

    Thanks doctor, looking forward for your reply…

    • 1. By definition NSU is sexually transmitted. Without a sexual exposure it is not likely to get NSU. Of course certain NSU organisms like Ureaplasma has been known to appear out of the blue. 2. You may find some white cells in the urine on the test you did but this is not specific for NSU. White cells may appear in the urine if there was inflammation somewhere along the urinary tract. 3. Yes. I think a first catch sample will be more appropriate. What you are asking amounts to medical advice which, I’m sure you understand, I cannot give over the internet. I have my own thoughts about your case but I will not disrespect your attending doctors by adding it into the mix. You may want to print out your post and show it to your urologist. I am sure he will appreciate such a detailed history.

      • Glorious

        Hi Dr,

        Really appreciate your quick reply,

        2. You may find some white cells in the urine on the test you did but this is not specific for NSU. White cells may appear in the urine if there was inflammation somewhere along the urinary tract.

        Q: So given that the urine test I did at the polyclinic indicated ZERO (is that even possible?) white blood cell, it means that I do not have UTI even? The attending doctor was honestly really relaxed about my situation after seeing the report, but that it made me feel any better…

        3. Yes. I think a first catch sample will be more appropriate.

        Q: The nurse didn’t even advised me, before I left the bathroom I took the initiative to ask her and she told me a mid-stream will be good. I then asked the attending doctor (after i took the test), her claim was that the first catch will wash out all the “random” bacterias that all of us have, and so the mid-stream will be perfect for testing if there’s any infection/inflammation along the urinary tract but isn’t the urethra considered part of the UT as well?

        Thanks doctor, looking forward to your reply!

        • I’m sorry this platform is really not for giving medical consultations. Your problem is obviously complex and you should continue to see your doctors to have it sorted out.

  30. A line with raised skin appeared on my left thigh and so some white patches where my scrotum meets the thigh. Some white lines also appeared on the skin of my penis and also the scrotum. The whole line is somewhat connected. The scrotum itches sometimes but not too much. It started itching more after I noticed it. Maybe it’s just my mind. Please help.

    • I’m sorry this platform is not for dispensing medical advice or providing a diagnosis. Please see your doctor to find out what is causing your symptoms.

  31. Hello doctor, i realize that this few days my underwear always have dry up yellow stain and its very smelly. and if i don drink water, my pee have some burning feeling. may i know what should i do? and how much does it cost to go for a check up

  32. Hi Dr Tan,

    I had noticed that on my left side of my face in between the front ear and jaw, has a hard lump and could feel a bit of pain when pressed and on my right face occasionally I could numb sensation.

    In your years of experience, have you seen this before?

    Also, any idea how much would a detail health screen cost? What is the procedure?

  33. Gwel Rana

    Dear sir i have sex provlom sir my penic smoll and sex power is low please i need your hellp please hellp me what i can do

    • Hi Gwel,

      Please do not post up your phone number on public forums such as this. With regards to your problems, feel free to visit any of our branches for a consultation so we can help you.

      • Hi Mr.Prem Kumar

        May I know your clinic address.
        since my marriage is on January I would like to discuss few things.

        • Dr Prem can be found mostly at :
          180 Bencoolen Street
          #02-20 The Bencoolen
          Singapore 189646

  34. Hi I have a problem with my testical recently. Right side on my testical become swollen and pain feeling uncomfortable , do you have any idea what happen ? Im 21year old by the way.

  35. Hi drtan, I have a question. My problem is I cannot ejaculate when I’m having sex with my girlfriend. I can ejaculate when I masturbate, and I used to masturbate a lot. I did have ejaculated twice before, but the rest of times I just can’t. I feel my penis is not sensitive enough. BTW, I have foreskin, is it because of this? Thanks

    • Having a foreskin should make the penis even more sensitive. If your foreskin is too tight and causing pain, that could be a reason. The fact that you can ejaculate when masturbating suggests that there is probably nothing physically wrong with you. Perhaps you are stressed out or have performance anxiety when you are with your GF.

      • Hello doctor , my skin have go back to how it was but i keep feel the left side a bit itchy and if i don drink enough water my pee will have a bit of pain feelings afterwards. what should i do now.

  36. Hi doctor , i am 17 and i sex with my girlfriend for the first time and my dick skin pilled behind and there was many yellow color smelly stuff inside. and my skin cant go back to the same as it was before. what should i do?

    • This is the first time you had sex or this is the first time you had sex with this girlfriend? Yellow colored stuff can be just smegma or it can be an infection. The fact that your foreskin cannot go back maybe para-phimosis. This can be very serious and you should see your doctor asap.

  37. Hello doctor.

    I am in a relationship with this girl we are not using protection she is telling me she is not having unprotected sex with nobody else beside me. Every time I have sex with her afterword my penis starts to swell and I notice I get bumps on it. What does that mean do I have an std or and I allergic to her?

    • If the swelling and bumps occur immediately after sex then it is likely to be an allergic to sensitivity.

  38. Hi Drtan,

    What test are available for genital herpes? how long does it take to get the results? whats is the estimated total cost of test and consultation in your clinic?

  39. mr scared

    Hello dr plz help me i m really scared i couldnt sleep plz and my english is also not good
    11days ago i sucked one breast of women and there was no milk and the teased was bad but i have cut on my lips corner .and i kissed her and she touched my lips with her lips and this is my first time in my life i m really scared plz help me plz. Do i m getting hiv plz need ur help

  40. santiyago

    Hi doc,
    I had an exposure one month ago,
    Had a negativeHIV 1/2 p24 combo test by Cmia method on 26 the day after exposure

    But its been a month, and from 2 days I have a salivary gland swelling .. My inner cheeks on both sides looks swelled, plus I have sewllon lymph h node also under my jaw.. I can feel the beans.. Fungul infection on my growing, for which I m having medicines and applying cream..
    All these symptoms are making me worry
    Doc what should I do?? Please help..

    • santiyago

      Doc please do reply

      It’s been 46 days post riskry exposure.. My knees are aching a lot and most importantly my mouth is not good.. My under tounge area feels aching.. I m going to get tested again. Why all these symptoms are there… Doc please help

      • So if you start having pain in your toes tomorrow you are going to link it to HIV also? What about if you sprain your ankle? Caused by HIV? Your anxiety is getting the better of you. You need to do 2 simple things. 1. Get tested for HIV. 2. See a doctor and get your symptoms diagnosed. Honestly, asking these questions are just useless.

  41. Hi Sir, i have a problem that my penis cannot erect straightly, it bends downward. Therefore, anyway to treat it effectively???

    • Sounds like Peyronie’s disease. Take a picture of your penis when it is erect and come see me. Call 63972095 for appointment.

  42. I have facing Erection and Premature ejaculation problem for few months.Shall i take viagra or cialis for that.Is these medicine cure my problem or just boosting my sexual activity only.i am drinking and smoking occasionally. initially i dont have any issue few months back i faced this of now i didn’t take any long the treatment time and am i need to consult the doctor before i take those medicine.please suggest.

  43. Daren chia

    Is required to take medicine for ED to cure life long or is curable.i have a problem for past few years how to cure it.

    • Hi Daren,

      It really depends on what the cause of your ED is. I’d suggest you visit one of our clinics for a review so we can recommend how to manage your condition.

  44. I think I have erection problem,my Pennies erection start to loose if I am not stimulate it.i can able to do sex only in standing position.if I sitting or laying my pennies start to loose its erection with in few pennies not getting erection when I lay/machinery position.very rare to getting morning erection nowadays.i don’t have smoking or drinking habit.i am married.i face this problem for few years.i need to know what is the problem in my health. Am I need to take medicine for life long or depend on the medicine forever.please advise and give me the appointment for consultation


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