Lactate Threshold Training Zones

Zone 1: Recovery

It is also known as Overdistance. Intensity level is very low.

This is the easiest zone to be in. It is normally used to promote recovery after long and hard workouts. It is also being used for recovery period when doing intervals and long slow distance (LSD) runs.

Lactate Threshold: 65%- 84%

VOMax 55%- 65%

Max Heart Rate: 60%-70%


Zone 2: Endurance

It is also known as Extensive Endurance. The intensity level is moderate.

This zone is used to build and maintain Aerobic Endurance. Ideal for long distance endurance workout.

Lactate Threshold: 85%- 91%

VOMax 66%- 75%

Max Heart Rate: 71%-75%


Zone 3: Lactate Threshold

It is also know as Intensive Endurance.  Intensity level is slightly above moderate.

Mostly used for Tempo Workout.

Lactate Threshold: 92%- 95%

VOMax 76%- 80%

Max Heart Rate: 76%-80%


Zone 4: VO2   Max Intervals

It is also known as Anaerobic Threshold / Race Pace. Intensity level is equivalent to your race pace.

Good for tempo workouts, hill work and interval training. Training at or slightly below this zone will enable your body to better manage lactate production and raise its threshold level.

Lactate Threshold: 96%- 100%

VOMax 81%- 90%

Max Heart Rate: 81%-90%


Zone 5a: Threshold Endurance

It is also known as Super Threshold. Intensity level is high.

It is used for intervals, hill and tempo work. Good progression from Zone 4. Workouts done in this zone is relatively short with sufficient recovery period. It is difficult to maintain this intensity for any length of time.

Lactate Threshold: 100%- 102%

VOMax 91%- 93%

Max Heart Rate: 91%-93%


Zone 5b: Anaerobic Endurance

It is also known as Speed Endurance. Intensity is high.

Mainly used for intervals and hill work for improving your Anaerobic Endurance. Intervals done in this zone can have a work-to-rest ratio of 1:1. For example, you can do a 20 seconds sprint immediately followed by 20 seconds recovery/rest.

Lactate Threshold: 103%- 105%

VOMax 94%- 98%

Max Heart Rate: 94%-98%


Zone 5c: Anaerobic Capacity

It is also known as Power Endurance. Intensity is very high.

It is used for very short sprints. Intervals done in this zone must incorporate an extending recovery/ rest period. Recommended work-to-rest ratio is 1:2 or more.

Lactate Threshold: 106% and above

VOMax 98%- 100%

Max Heart Rate: 98%-100%


Darren Foo
Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant