Many factors comes into consideration when we discuss the type of contraception that best suits the patient such as efficacy, safety, noncontraceptive benefits (for example regulating menses or reducing heavy menses), cost, side effects and personal medical history.

As we all know there are various form of hormonal contraceptions and routes of administration available. Therefore, choosing the most suitable one may require you a short visit to the doctors for a better discussion. In this article, I will concentrate on the hormonal contraceptives which are available in our clinics.

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Hormonal contraceptives

Hormonal contraception is a popular choice of contraception. It consist of either a combination of estrogen and progesterone, or progesterone alone which can be administered via oral, injection into the muscle, patch or inserted vaginally. The amount of estrogen and the type progesterone used determines the potential side effects.

Different brands of Contraceptive Pills



Oral (COCP):

Combined oral contraceptives are highly effective in preventing pregnancy. It works by preventing ovulation, and when taken correctly, efficacy is up to 99%. Failure rates are attributed to patient compliance (i.e. you gotta remember to take it everyday!).

If you missed 1 or more pills and you are unsure what you should do, do speak to a doctor for advice to ensure you are still protected from pregnancy.


–          Makes menses more regular and predictable

–          Reduces heavy menses

–          Freedom to manipulate cycle to avoid menses during certain events (for example during holidays/vacations)

–          Reduces risk of ovarian and uterine cancer up to 40%

–          Helps improve skin condition such as acne ( anti androgenic effect)


–          Common side effects include breast tenderness, nausea, headache, breakthrough bleeding

–          Does not protect against STD

–          Requires daily compliance

–          Problems with missed dosage/pills

–          Risk of clot formation in blood vessel ( DVT) in the first year of use – risk is much higher for patients who smoke, and obese ( BMI >25)

–          May increase blood pressure up to 5%

The association of oral contraceptive use with cervical and breast cancer in young women is controversial and not proven. However, it is recommended for ladies on COCP to undergo annual pap smear.



Contraceptive Patch:

The combined contraceptive patch is an alternative for ladies who do not like the idea of having to take the pills every day. Each box contains 3 patches. Each patch lasts for 7 days. Hence, the patch needs to be changed weekly for 3 weeks followed by a patch free week, during which your menses will occur. The best sites to apply the patch are: the lower abdomen, upper arm, buttock or upper chest (excluding the breast area). Avoid placing two consecutive patches over the exact same area. Efficacy is 99.1% if used correctly and consistently.


–          Very convenient, only requires weekly change of the patch

–          Better compliance

–          Less nausea and vomiting


–          Possible skin irritation

–          May be removed unnoticed for example during shower

–          Slightly higher estrogen exposure compared to COCP

It is important to note that rates of DVT with combined contraception are still significantly lower than DVT rates seen in pregnancy.


Nuva Ring:

This is a monthly contraceptive vaginal ring that contains both estrogen and progesterone. It is relatively small and flexible and easy to insert vaginally, similar to a tampon. The difference is with Nuva Ring, you leave it inside for 3 weeks, thereafter you remove it then put in a new one 1 week later. Hence, it is a good choice for ladies who have problems with pill compliance.

The efficacy rate is similar to the combined pill when used correctly. Most women do not feel it once it is in place. Best positions to insert the Nuva ring include lying down, squatting or standing with one leg up.


2) PROGESTERONE ONLY PILL (POP, or ‘mini pill’ eg Micronor)

This choice of contraception will be suitable for women who are breastfeeding and women with contraindications to estrogen use for example those with history of deep venous thrombosis, high blood pressure or high sugar, known breast cancer; active liver disease or heart condition. Failure rates with typical use are estimated to be 5- 7% in the first year of use.


–          Suitable for breast feeding mothers ( no adverse effect on breast milk) 

–          Also helps reduce heavy menses


–          Occasional irregular bleeding and spotting even with correct Use

–          POP requires the woman to take the pill at the same time every day ( if the pill is missed by > 3 hours, extra protection with condom is necessary for the   next 7 days)





Some of you may have heard about this mode of contraception. It is actually synthetic progesterone that is injected into the muscle, usually over the upper arm (deltoid muscle). It acts by inhibiting ovulation.

For ladies who have problems with daily pill compliance, this is definitely a suitable choice for you. First injection is given on day 1-5 of menses and is repeated every 3 months. It is an extremely effective contraceptive option with only a failure rate of 0.3%. It is not affected by any concurrent use of other medications for example antibiotics.


–          No adverse effects of estrogen as mentioned above, hence suitable for ladies who cannot take estrogen products

–          Helps reduce painful periods

–          Reduces risk of ovarian and uterine cancer

–          Safe for breastfeeding mothers


–          Up to 40% of women reported disruption in menstrual cycle and irregular bleeding

–          May cause delay in return to fertilty

–          Few have reported weight gain and mood swings

–          Reversible bone density loss (long term use basis)



Implanon is a small single-rod implant that contains both hormone estrogen and progesterone to prevent pregnancy.

The rod is inserted usually into the inner aspect of upper arm, near the axilla. Before the injection, we will numb the area with local anaesthetic injection or numbing cream. Once inserted, it lasts for 3 years and protection begins within 24 hours of insertion if inserted during the first 5 days of menses. The efficacy of implanon is comparable to that of surgical sterilization with efficacy of 99.8%.


–          Lasts for 3 years, good for ladies who have difficulties with compliance

–          Prompt return to fertility state once removed

–          No adverse effect on breast milk production


–         Requires a simple removal under local anaesthesia

–          Some side effects include : Irregular bleeding, headache, mood swings, and occasionally acne





Intrauterine device is another highly effective method of contraception. The IUDs available are copper or progesterone relasing form (Mirena).

Mirena consists of a small T-shaped frame that contains levonorgestrel, a progesterone. It is inserted through the neck of the womb (cervix) into the womb cavity. Once inserted, the contraceptive effect lasts for as long as 5 years. Efficacy is up to 99.9%.

Advantages of mirena :

–          Reduces heavy menses, resulting in lighter periods

–          Helps with painful periods

–          Up 50% of women experience little or no menses ( amenorrhea)

Disadvantages of mirena :

–          Does not protect against STD

–          Possibility of being expelled unnoticed : rare

–          Possible injury to womb cavity during insertion : rare

–          Spotting

For ladies who prefer non hormonal contraception, the copper IUD is a good and extremely effective alternative. It is a T shaped frame that is wrapped with a copper wire. It is approved for contraception up to 10 years, after which the device must be removed and replaced with a new one if patient wishes to continue this method. Copper IUD is also effective as an emergency contraception if inserted within 5 days of unprotected intercourse.

Both mirena and copper IUD  are as effective as female sterilization in preventing pregnancy.  They are best used only for women who have had children. Ideally IUD should be inserted day 4-5 of menses. This is to ascertain that patient is not newly pregnant. A urine pregnancy test may be required prior to insertion. It is common to have some mild pain during insertion.  Up to 30% may experience some cramping days to weeks after insertion. It is advisable for you to consult the doctor to have a prior discussion before the day of insertion.

There is insufficient evidence that IUD increases risk of pelvic infection or pregnancy outside the womb (ectopic pregnancy). However, it is definitely not recommended for ladies who have a history of ectopic pregnancy, active pelvic infection or previous history of pelvic infection, undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, and known cancer of the womb and cervix.



Last but not least, for ladies who are not keen on hormonal contraception or IUD, the alternative is using mechanical barrier such as male and female condoms. It is important to bear in mind that even with consistent and correct use, the failure rate of male condoms is estimated to be approximately up to 10%.. This can be due to several reasons such as failure to use condoms at every act of intercourse, poor withdrawal technique causing condoms slippage, incorrect placement of condom on the penis and improper use of lubricant. The use of female condoms is very rare because it is difficult to place in the vagina. It may also cause discomfort and increases risk of urinary tract infection. Risk of failure is up to 15%.


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  1. Hi Dr, I’m considering these LARC options but quite undecided which one to go for due to the various side effects that I’ve read up about.

    -Hormonal IUD: my concern is the pain as i read that some ladies have experienced pain even during normal days (and of cos, the discomfort my spouse will experience too)

    – Copper IUD: my concern is the heavy period associated wif this option since all this while my period is very regular and normal (no cramps)

    – Implanon: this seems by far the more comfortable one, except my concern on the weight gain!

    Maybe my understanding of the above side effects are not so accurate, so your advice will be very much appreciated!

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      What you mentioned with regards to the different kinds of contraception is correct. However, I think you should see a doctor to get a proper consultation and assessment to determine what suits you best.

      You can find us here: Locations

  2. Hi,

    Can you please advise the cost of Implanon?
    Can it be done on the same day visit and during menstruation?

  3. I have had my Implanon removed 23 days ago and my last period has ended 18 days ago. I have been experiencing spotting of brown and red blood. Is this normal?

    • Hi, after Implanon removal it may still take 1-3 months for your cycle to normalize. Usually it is nothing to worry about, but if it persists or you have any further concerns, please visit us for an evaluation.

  4. Hi dr, how much is a box of Yasmin? The clinic I normally get it from has ran out of stocks and I need to get some for my next cycle.

  5. hello, dr Tan. A friend of mine would like to ask you that she needs a new product of contraception implant to replace the obsolete one, which it is quite urgent. it is because she is now in china. However, she may come to SG visiting your center if you could provide her with the proper service and product she needs.
    Hence, there are several questions she wants to ask:

    1. how long does it take them? (she’s interested in the new version-nexplanon)
    2. which brand do they insert?
    3. how much does it all cost?

    Besides, you also could leave a contact number she really needs, as she has failed in calling you many times. Thank you.

  6. Eileen

    Hi … I have my iud about 10 years ago after my 1st child and I want to remove it because I’m planning to have 2nd child . How much does it cost for the removal ?

  7. Hi,
    I got my 2nd Depo shot on 26/1/17 (11weeks after 1st shot). I have not gotten any period since my first Depo shot however I am now suddenly having mild bleeding. Is this normal?

  8. Hi, I was wondering how serious the weight gain is from the Depo shot? I’ve read that it’s not actual fat gain, but more to do with water retention. Is this a common side effect?

  9. Hi, would like to know the IUD removal fee for foreigner, including consultant fee, thanks! 🙂

  10. I currently have a Mirena which is due to be replace. What is the cost to replace?

    • There are many types of Intrauterine device in our clinic including : copper IUD and hormonal IUD (such as Mirena) . Price of different devices may vary .

      please visit us for a formal consultation . click here for the location

      Our Doctors will email you directly .

      • Verra Dacao

        HOW MUCH THE PAYMENT OF IUD REMOVAL? Your answer is very appreciated thank you.

        • Dear Verra Dacao

          IUD removal excluding doctors consult would be $ 80 SGD .
          However, if you are planning to have a new IUD inserted after an IUD removal in one same sitting- the doctors consult fee will be waived.

          please visit us for a formal consultation . click here for the location.

  11. Hi,

    I used to be on Yasmin pills. Just to check if your clinic carries it and how much does a box cost?
    Would I need a consultation with a doctor in order to purchase it?

    • Hi Irina,

      Yes, you’ll need a consultation for initial purchase of the pills. Our clinic does carry Yasmin, you’re welcome to come by for your pills.

  12. Joanne Lee

    Contraceptive Injection

    Hi Doctor

    I am 50 year old female single. I am visiting my bf on 31 jan. I would like to know if I have the contraceptive injection tomorrow, will I be protected against pregnancy from 31 Jan? How much is the cost?
    My last menses period 31 Dec 16 – 4 Jan 17.

    Also can I also take the delay menses pills after the injection?

    Appreciate your advise.

    • Yes, you will be protected after 1 week. Depo-provera injection is $45 before GST.
      Depo injection itself will potentially stop your menses. You should not be taking menses delaying pills because they contain very similar hormone to the injection.

  13. Katherine Foong

    Hi doctor, I 52 now and I premenopausal now. I currently had iud for 5 year+. I would like to remove my iud and replace a new one. I went to NUH in dec for scanning of fibroid. The gyne ask me to leave it still I reach menopause. But I prefer to insert a new one cause I afraid of getting prepnancy at this age. Kindly tell me price of consultation and removal, a new mirena. Thank you.

    • Hi Katherine,
      Thanks for the enquiry.
      The new mirena device costs 600 dollars.
      I’ve written you an email with further detailed breakdown of all the associated costs.
      Hope that’s useful.

  14. Hi, do I need to see a dr to get Diane 35 or can I just buy it at the counter? I’ve taken it for months so don’t want to keep paying to see a dr. Thanks

    • If you have been taking it with no issues, you can buy it at the counter.

      • Cheryl

        When you say at the counter, it would be at the clinic or can I get it from the pharmacy? I’ve been on Diane 35 for a couple of years and have recently moved back here from Australia so would rather not have to pay for consultation again. Thanks!

        • You will need to consult a doctor in Singapore to get the prescription of Diane 35 in Singapore. Once you have consulted our doctor, you can purchase it from our clinics subsequently.

  15. Hi, is NuvaRing available at your clinic? If yes, how much is it & consultation as well.

  16. Hello, how much is your consultation fee for foreigners and estimated price for the COCP?
    And Depo injection?

  17. Hi! How much does Ella costs?

    • $48 with GST but excluding consultation.

    • Hi dr,
      I need to remove my iud n replace new.
      Hw much the total cost and when is the best time to insert. How long does mirena and copper iud lasts? Currently i hve copper iud.

  18. Hi,

    How much does Implanon cost to insert?

  19. I’m interested in the Depo injection however my period finished about a week ago, will I still be able to get the jab?

    • It would be best to wait until the first 5 days of your next period to get the Depo injection.

  20. Hi Doctor,

    I am interested in removing my implanon which is expiring next month and inserting a new one. Do you offer these services at your clinic?

    What would be the cost? You may send me an email regarding the cost.



  21. Is the morning pill called Ella available here?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Yes we have Ella. You can either call any of our clinics for appointment ( preferably) or walk in for the consult.

  22. Hello Doctors,

    I would like to enquire about the brand of the copper IUD and how soon can the procedure be done should the patient decides for it?
    Regardless of IUD type, can the insertion be done the same day if the patient is on her 4-5 day of menses, if not, does the patient need to pay for consultation again if she just comes back on the appointment for insertion?

    Hope to hear from you soon


  23. Hi. Does the cost of mirena include medication? Thanks.

  24. Hi. Can i check if copper iucd still available in your clinic? How much does it cost in total including first time consultation?

  25. Cecilia

    Hi, Can Implanon be inserted any time? Whats the total cost to have it done at your clinic? What about removal cost?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Hi Cecilia, Implanon is best inserted within the first 4 days of menses to be sure a patient is not pregnant. Implanon costs $480. Removal is done after 3 years and it costs $ 80 but if you reinsert a new one, we will waive the removal charges.

  26. Hi Doc,
    There’s something bothering in my mind, i have my IUD from August 2010 until now, but i dont know my IUD expiration, i don’t know my IUD is’t copper or mirena? and im active with sex. And im feel fine im not pregnant as I’ve knew the IUD can last only 3 to 5 yrs or it depends the kind of IUD. Doc your reply is highly appreciated and its a big help for me thanks a lot.

    • Yes IUDs last for 3 to 5 years depending on what type it is. You really should have your IUD removed if not it can lead to infections. If you still require contraception you can have a new IUD put in place or go on an alternative form of contraception (Pill, Patch, Implanon etc)

  27. Hi Doctors,

    I’m interested in the Depo Injections since I’m not too disciplined to take the birth control pills everyday. How much do you charge for the Depo injections with consultations etc..? How do we go about doing the first shot at your clinic?


    • Hi there. Depo injection is $45 per injection. Consultation is $35-$45.
      You can pay us a visit at any of our branches for a consultation. It is best to come in during your menstruation. Injection can usually be done on the same day visit.
      Our Locations

  28. Hi, can i know your pricing for implanon.
    Can be paid by medisave?

  29. Samantha

    What is the cost of the patch ?

  30. Hi Doctors,

    I will be going on holiday soon and will be doing water sports. I was wondering if i were to visit the clinic, is there any pills that you would prescribe me to delay my period for just one week?

  31. siti nur aiin

    Hi,if I would like to change my iucd I’m currently using mirena,and it time for me to change..can I use medisave to make payment?

    • Hi. You are welcome to see any of your lady doctors. However, you cannot use Medisave for Mirena at our clinics.

  32. Hi Doctor,
    I have a simple question.
    Could you please let me know if progesteron only pills are available in Singapore or not.
    If they are available please let me know the brands and some relevant information.
    Just relocated from London,would like to consult you,was on mini pills before.A quick reply will be very much appreciated.

    • Yes the POP is definitely available in Singapore. The brand we use is Micronor. You can visit any one of our clinics to get it.

  33. Hi what is the cost of copper or mirena iud insertions now including consultations.

  34. Is diane-35 available at all clinics?

  35. Caring BF

    Hw much the cost of depo provera injection for work permit holder?? Thank you

    • The depo provera injection cost $45 before GST and consult.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Our Depo provera injection cost $45 each plus GST and consult.

      • Hi, is the depo jab $45 before gst and consultation or together with gst and consult? There’s 2 different answers here. And I am 5months postnatal and my menses has not returned. Can i still take the jab?

  36. Hi, I’m taking Yasmin but I’ve been getting nauseous and cramps. My GP said if my body is sensitive to Yasmin, most hormonal-induced preventive contraception will probably give me similar issues, because Yasmin is the mildest. He suggested IUD – but I understand there are two kinds, hormonal and non-hormonal. If I decide to use the non-hormonal, are there any painful side effects?

    Thank you!

  37. Hi, I would like to know how much does a Mirena cost? I had one in me and is due for removal this october.


  38. How much does a copper IUD cost?

  39. pari rajpoot

    hello dr i m in big depression plz tell me i sex with my b.f yesterday without condom he just enter his penis top in my vagina for some seconds i m afraid to get pregnant my last period date was 9 march 2015 i sex on 16 april now is 17 april and there is no sign of perids i m 23 years old…is it possible to get pregnant like this…and when will my periods will come please doctor much answer my question i m waiting i shall be very thankful to u is u answer me properly….

    • You had unprotected sex and your period is late. I think it is safe to assume that you could be pregnant. Get a home pregnancy test done but remember they can be inaccurate until your period is 2 weeks late.

      • Good afternoon doctor, please advise on contraception and the rates as well..

        • There are various forms of contraception ranging from pills to patches to injections to intrauterine devices and hormone- releasing implants. Each having different side effects and duration of action. The price for each type of contraception is very variable. Please organise a proper consult with your doctor or with one of our doctors to have a thorough discussion about this so as to ascertain the best form of contraception for you.


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