Circumcision Clinic in Singapore

Circumcision is the term used to describe the surgical removal of the excess foreskin.

When is it done?

The circumcision procedure is usually indicated in patients with phimosis (tight foreskin opening), recurrent foreskin infections, such as balanitis, and for religious reasons. Around 1,900 cases are performed yearly in Singapore in both private and subsidised institutions and all of them are done as day surgery. This figure excludes cases done in the GP setting for religious purposes.

In our clinic for circumcision, we mostly deal with adult patients that present with phimosis or  recurrent foreskin infections.

Circumcision clinic singapore

Circumcision for adults (>21 years old) is currently available at 

  • DTAP Clinic @Somerset
  • DTAP Clinic @Holland V
  • DTAP Clinic @Novena
  • DTAP Clinic @Siglap

The surgical cost for the circumcision procedure is and inclusive of follow up review.

This procedure may be eligible for Medisave and/or Insurance claims, please email us for more information.

Does the patient need to fast before circumcision procedure?

As this is done under local anaesthesia, there is no need to fast. In fact, the patient is advised to have a light meal before the procedure.

Is the procedure painful?

The excess skin will be removed under local anaesthetic and stitches along with glue will be used to close the incision. In other words, you will only feel the prick of the needle which is used to administer the local anaesthetic. After surgery, the patient will be prescribed oral painkillers. As absorbable stitches are used, there is no need to remove them a week after the procedure.

Will I be able to pass urine normally after the procedure?

Male circumcision is a common and usually safe procedure. Some patient may experience mild discomfort when passing urine right after the procedure. This is normal and will usually ease off over the next few days.

What are the things I need to look out after the circumcision procedure?

There is a chance of bleeding more than usual or the wound getting infected. This is minimised by stopping the bleeding during surgery and completing a course of antibiotics after the procedure. Besides that, males usually get multiple erections at night while asleep, and if this happens right after the surgery it may cause your sutures/adhesive to break and cause your wound to open up. You can apply a frozen bag of peas on the penis when an erection occurs and causes a lot of pain. This complication is uncommon and if this happens, you will need to consult your surgeon.

Will I be able to live an active life right after circumcision?

You are advised to avoid any activities that may cause pressure or friction at the surgical site for 2 weeks. It’s is advised to put on a brief to hold up the penis and reduce swelling.

A medical certificate is usually given for 1 to 2 weeks to recover.

When can I start being sexually active?

Usually after 4 to 6 weeks.

What is the cost of Circumcision in our clinic?

Circumcision for adults (>21 years old) is currently available at 

  • Dr Tan & Partners @Somerset
  • Dr Tan & Partners @Holland V
  • Dr Tan & Partners @Novena
  • Dr Tan & Partners @Kovan
  • Dr Tan & Partners @Siglap

The surgical cost for the circumcision procedure is $1926 and inclusive of follow up review.

This procedure may be eligible for Medisave and/or Insurance claims, please email us for more information.

Before deciding if this procedure is for you, please come and visit our clinic so the doctor can answer your doubts and explain in detail the entire procedure.


Need more advice?

Come down to Our Clinics for a discussion with Our Doctors, or call our clinics for more information.


  1. Dear Doctor,

    Do you do laser circumcision? what it the advantage of laser vs conventional cut?


  2. Richard Tan

    Hi doc

    May I know after the opt can I still be able to drive home .

  3. can i know if you use any stuture device or shang ring for this traditional method ?

    • Dr. Taufiq

      No devise is used. I perform using conventional method using surgical scissors and absorbable stitches.

  4. Hi Doctor,

    Possible to do it for personal reason? Will the consultation be the same day as the surgery?


    • Dr. Taufiq

      Dear Andy,

      Yes you may do it for personal reason. Consultation will be different day from the surgery. Please contact my clinic (Somerset branch) at 62620762 to make an appointment or if you have any further questions.

      • what is the cost of consultation?

      • Hi sir this is reddy ..i alredy remove foreskin done in Malaysia last Friday i can’t to go again ..but the dr never remove frenulum and near frenulum few minutes yellow drops …i can see u sir pls

  5. Will this be laser circumcision or traditional method?

  6. Hi Doctor,

    is it possible that I could arrange a session for consultation for now and book a possible date like in MAY or JUNE to proceed with the procedure?

    Can all the consultation and procedure be done on weekend?


    • Dr. Taufiq

      Dear Dan,

      Yes you may get a consultation now and arrange for a later date for the procedure. Consultation can be done on saturday but the procedure can only be done on a weekday afternoon.

  7. May I know the latest price for Circumcision?

  8. What’s the cost for an adult over 21 years old

    • Dr. Taufiq

      It is $1100 including first consult and review after the circumcision. This promo price will end in Dec2017.

  9. i was circumcised last year but am not happy with the result as it ended up being a low and loose cut. Do you perform re-circs?

    • Dr. Taufiq

      i will have to assess it first before i can advise you. i would suggest you come in to see me at the Somerset branch.

  10. Hello Doctor,
    May i know if my AVIVA insurance will be able to cover the costs ?

    • Dr. Taufiq

      You will have to check with your insurance on this matter. It depends on your coverage.

  11. Hi Doc,
    Do your side provide adult laser circumcision or planning to do so in near future?

    • Dr. Taufiq

      No we do not and will not be providing it anytiem in the near future.

  12. Lawrence

    Hi Doctor, will it be very pain?

    • Dr. Taufiq

      It will be done under local anesthethesia. The pain will be like an ant bite from the injection. After which you will not fee any pain. Can contact somerset clinic at 62620762 for an appointment and discuss with me before you go for the procedure.

  13. Can you do circumcision for my 14 year old son. If yes What would the estimated cost be.

    • Dr. Taufiq

      Please come for initial consult with me at Somerset branch. I will assess first to see if we can go ahead with the procedure. Can contact us at 62620762.

  14. Ramkumar

    Hello Doctor,

    I don’t have Phimosis problem. But I would like to do this for Hygeine purpose. Is it possible to goto office after 1 week from the procedure?


    • It is possible to be back in the office after 1 week, as long as you are not doing any strenuous physical activities. Full recovery may take 3-4 weeks for all the bruising and pain to resolve – you will be prescribed painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infection as well.

  15. Stanley

    Hi, just to find out if the procedure is able to be covered by medisave?

  16. Jun wei

    Hi, is the circumcision being done by laser?

  17. Hi Doctor,
    Any subsidiary or Medisave can be used on the circumcision bills?

  18. TANG CL

    Hi Doctor,

    How long is the circumcision operation?

  19. Kenny LOW

    Hi Doctor,

    I’ll like to do the circumcision for personal reason,
    is this operation done in your clinic or have to go to hospital?