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Anonymous HIV testing and Counselling

oclogoGetting a HIV test done can be a scary affair.

That is why we do everything we can to reduce the barriers to HIV testing.

Now getting an anonymous HIV test done is as easy as seeing your neighborhood GP.

Waiting for the results can be equally as challenging.

I often tell my patients that those are the longest 20 minutes of their lives and I am not joking.

To make the process even more tolerable, we have teamed up with the counselors from Oogachaga to provide free counselling while you wait. The counselling is free however cost for the HIV test still applies. 

These are professionally trained counselors who will be able to offer your guidance of a variety of topics including HIV, STD related issues, sexual health issues, personal issues and more. Sometimes, it is just nice to be able to chat with someone to take your mind off the HIV test. It makes the 20 minutes go by a lot faster.

This service will be available every Friday from 6pm to 9pm beginning 11th July 2014 at our Robertson Walk branch.

3plus1You do not need an appointment. Just walk in and tell the counter staff that you would like a 3+1 test.

We will take care of the rest.

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  1. Hi doc,i had intercourse with prostitute with condom,but i have somthing like small wound on my penis base,in its not covered by condoms,how its risk doc,thanks

  2. Hi doc, i saw those comments below related about massage parlour. Its somehow similar to my situation and i just went thrice. So i assume the risk is negligible? i dont do any penetration or oral as well too doctor since im trying to stay away from those penetration risk.

  3. Hi doctor, i would just like to ask if its important for me to check as this situation. I been going like 14 to 16 times within 6 months. The lady just give me a handjob. sometimes body to body and also fingering (not until the inside, only outside). I do not have penetration at all with her including anal. oral or any insertive position. Is there any risk i should take precaution of since i went to like 14 to 16 times?

    • There is no risk of HIV from these exposures. If you are concerned about other potential infections, please come visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

      • Thank you for the time to reply doctor. May i know what kind/name of an infection are we talking about here doctor?

  4. Hi doctor. Recently i been to massage parlour twice. Only body to body, and hanjob she gave. No oral or insertive or genital to genital situation. Any risk for stds like especially hsv -2?

  5. rrrraaaa

    Dear Doc,

    I received a handjob and touched her boobs in a massage parlour. She had healing cuts on her hands but not on palms. is there a risk of hiv? do i need to test.?

  6. Dear Dr, like to share one incident happened 4 days back at massage palour. No sexual activity no kissing. Just outercourse or body to body massage and fingering. No cuts or Crack on fingers at that time. Gentile touching for 5-6 seconds. No penetration.
    Your valuable comment on this activity.

    • There is no risk of HIV transmission from kissing and skin to skin contact . You can click here to read more on HIV and how it can be transmitted.

      please note that this is not a medical advise.

      However , I recommend you getting tested for STD as you had unprotected sex.

      please visit us for a formal consultation . click here for the location.

      • Dear Dr Tan, I did not have any sexual intercourse. Just body to body massage with some fingering.

        • Scabies/Pubic lice which is considered as STD ; is a contagious skin infection can be transferred through skin to skin contact .


    Dr. Tan,

    you said that i posses negligible risk from fingering to acquire Hiv. please look at the damaged cuticle or hangnail whatever it is called and please comment on the risk.




    • The risk of getting a HIV infection from this is negligible.


        Dear Dr.

        Do you recommend HIV testing for the situation i described above.


          Dear Sir,

          Please reply….Do you recommend HIV testing for the above incident ?

  9. Hi doc,
    I was tested negative on Feb 2016 with rapid test. On July, I became pregnant and tested HIV, and it was reactive.
    I did the confirmation test (Western Blot) which came out positive. I didnt do any risky behaviours nor my husband. I’m so depressed right now. Btw, the pregnancy ended as it was mola hydatidosa. Appreciate your advise, doc. Thank you.

  10. Hi Docs!

    Last year dec, I took HIV testing at one of the clinic .

    The result was negative . I don’t have any sexual interactions till now .

    So, does my test is conclusive ?

    • If your HIV test at that time was done at the right window period, then yes.

      • Hello Dr.

        Eh actually no . Cause, i was not in the window period . But, the exposure was like more than 3 months already . I took the test after 3 yrs ltr.

        So… still conclusive ? since the result was negative i took last dec..

        • Sorry ah doc. I forget what is the test name already. But, i rmb the cost was already 75$ one . I was tested by Dr. Justin Sim . 🙂

  11. Antony.

    hello Dr, i want to do anonymous hiv test at your clinic. this is 100% private confidential or what?.

  12. Dr,
    I have an unprotected oral sex and ejacted into the sex worker mouth 18 days ago. Am i at risk of having the hiv? What test should i take?

  13. Dr Tan, I had a fingerings episode 2 months back. I do not remember any cut/bleeding or wound on my finger at that time. What r my chances of get hiv.
    Do I need to go for a test?


    • So I assume that what happened was you inserted your finger into someone and now you are worried about getting HIV. The good news is there is not risk of contracting HIV from fingering that we know of.

    • Thanks Dr, I just your view of my anxiety or stress which is creating problem in my day to day life. Also I see vivid hiv dreams. Most of my time I think or search for hiv.

      Are my dreams irrational? Or its due constant thinking of hiv all the day.

  14. Dr, I visted a massage plaoure, there I get involved in some fingering episode for 10-15 seconds. No other activity .

    What r my chances of getting Hiv. Do I have to go for test.

    • In my opinion you cannot get HIV from fingering.

      • Dear Dr, Today I took hiv antibody test-immunofilteration, came negative after 3 months. I am also taking antibiotics for tooth problem. 1000mg per day. I have some queries. Pl resolve.

        1 Does antibiotics alter test results.
        2 Is my test conclusive?

  15. doc i fingered a vagina of csw and then i had torn cuticles after 13 months i got tested by cmia and it came back non reactive 0.3 should i need to retest again can late seroconversion is possible and can cmia detect hiv 2 as well

  16. Hi Doc,

    I did massage with hand job, fingering for 15 minutes but no kissing. Am i risk for hiv?

  17. Hi Dok,

    I did fingering pussy around 10 minutes, hand job from her and no kissing. Am i risk for hiv?

  18. Hi dr tan can you assess my risk from geeting h8v from csw handjob? Thkd

  19. Hi doc,

    May I ask if my queries is reflected in this page?

    I’m not able to see what I wrote earlier.

    Thank you.

    • All new users have to have their posts reviewed before they appear. This is to prevent spamming.

  20. Hi doc,
    On 27 oct(Monday) ,I had a sexual encounter at a massage parlor that lead to sex. She did oral and vaginal on me with the condom on.the whole session took about 10 mins. I couldn’t recall if she applied any ointment on the penis.i do recall that I offload in the condom.the condom did not slip or break..That same night I start to freak out and started checking myself.i started scratching myself thinking I have the symptoms.

    this continue till 1st nov(Saturday) I went to sentosa to play at the beach and have a swim.i was using a used pants for workout which I have not wash.that same night I experience itching along and around groin area,penis shaft and penis corona(circumcised). I did went for testing and I was tested negative for HIV on the 22 nov. 24 nov I have also tested negative for the following : Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea PCR, Monilia, Trichomonas, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Urine microscopy and culture.

    Since then I have experience itch at the back of my penis shaft and around the corona.i did not encounter any bumps, sores or rash.I share with the doctor that I noticed three small pimple like dots on the right side of my penis along the corona.he inform me that it’s just penile papules.however I am recently experience mild pain at that area whenever I walk and when the underwear brushes it.

    At this moment I’m still freaking out and losing lots of sleep. Im not very sure if the itch is cause by anxiety/guilt or there is something that I have to be concern with.

    That was my first and last experience I want to ever go through.please help me.
    I apologies for the long message
    Thank you

    • Come and see us at our clinics. That is the only way we can examine and test you to make sure you do not have HIV or any other STDs.

  21. Hi!! I wanted to ask if fingering with an open cut on finger allows any stds to transmit? Will the immune system prevent the virus from entering? So will i get any stds and do i need to go for test?

    • Btw i juz finished an operation on my belly button two days before my fingering encounter with a prostitute, am i at risk? Please help me im very worried

    • Even if you did not have a cut, you can get various infections like Syphilis, HPV, Herpes.

      • I read on the internet and they say i wont get it!! The std experts said it!! Im confused

        • Will you get hit on the head by a piece of satellite falling from space while walking down the street? Possible right? Unlikely right? Same concept.

  22. Hi dr tan.i had a fatal exposure first week of november,i took finger prick rapid test on 21 February ngative, but till date am still having terrible pain behind my neck and sharp pain in throat,i am in serious panic of retesting after 6months as prescribed by some doctors.but before this exposure i never had neck pain in my life,but i have one illness which has been present for the past 7years(terrible chest and back pain),i dont know if it is this pain that is spreading towards the neck or if its hiv i cant really tell,i have done x-ray,ECG,scan and nothing was found.pls i appreciate your reply,u can email me and lets work together.

    • Your HIV test was done more than 3 months post exposure. In my view this is conclusive. You do not have HIV. Please note that this forum is not meant for dispensing medical advice. Please continue to see your doctor for your symptoms.

  23. Helo dr. Why do i feel like there is a bulging rope like in my left pelvic area and my lowerback is painful for almost three mos.already

  24. diamond

    Dr. Tan
    My boyfriend had a high risk exposure through drug use. He shared a needle with someone. It was his first and only time using drugs. We have been testing weekly using the rapid test by oraquick as well as having test done at the doctor at ten weeks post exposure for HIV and all std which came back negative. He tested at 12 weeks negative. Should he and I test up to 6 months using the oraquick rapid due to the risk of his exposure or is it conclusive? He has been stressed and developed rashes that look like heat bumps. Doctor say its not related to HIV but my boyfriend is freaking out. Please help?

    • Hi diamond,

      Regardless of method of exposure, most people will have developed antibodies within 3 months of exposure. The fact that he (and you!) tested negative is very reassuring. His symptoms are likely due to something else, not HIV. Just get him to relax and follow your doctor’s advice.

  25. Hi Dr Tan,

    I visited a female sex worker on 05 July 2014, i requested for oral sex with latex condom, after 1 minute or so when i got fully erected, she applied some lubricant which seem like Johnson baby oil on the same condom from oral sex and vaginal sex was performed for about 5-10 mins.

    After the intercourse, condom doesn’t seem to break or leak as i saw my semen fully contained within the latex condom.

    Please advise my risk of catching HIV.

    • drtan

      Oil is known to compromise the integrity of condoms. There might be micro-leaks or tears that you will not be able to see with the naked eye. Even if there was not, the fact is condoms are not 100% effective in preventing a HIV transmission. So overall I think your risk is very low but not zero.

      • Dr tan,

        Would u suggest pep treatment for such case?