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Welcome to our new blog category on Women’s Health.

This category is dedicated to all sexual health related issues that relate to women only. Topics range from STDs and HIV to contraception, pregnancy and even female sexual dysfunction.

STDs can occur in either sex but have more severe consequences in women. They are more frequently asymptomatic in women leading to a delay in diagnosis which in turn can lead to severe, even life threatening complications. Undiagnosed and untreated STDs can also lead to fertility problems and raise the risk of ectopic pregnancies. HPV, a very common STD, can lead to cervical cancer.

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Contraception is a topic all women should be aware about. Even in our tiny island of Singapore, about 1 in every 4 pregnancies is aborted. Be aware of your options, risks and benefits of contraception.

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Female sexual dysfunction is fast capturing the interest of the medical community. For too long, sexual medicine has been focused on men related issues such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Now the focus is shifting towards women’s sexual health problems. In the APSSM (Asia Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine) Meeting that I will be attending in November this year, there will be a whole symposium dedicated to women’s sexual dysfunction issues. Look out for my updates on this site.

I hope everyone, layman and professionals alike, can contribute actively to this discussion forum.

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  1. breast milk has bin coming out of my breast for smtime nw bt it has bin corrected but do u tink that the longibility of it can delay child bearing

  2. A few months ago after sexual assault and a preventative antibiotic course I got very sick and had severe pain during pelvic exams, mild temperature, cervical motion tenderness and bi lateral tenderness, my vaginal culture came back negative for stds but with an unidentified gram positive bacalli. I was diagnosed with PID,non std related and out on medication, doxycycline and metriondizole then later amoxycillin clauvaunic acid.

    However I still have aching and symptoms that reflare up especially just after my period. The antibiotics seem to now make things worse I think I am resitant to them so they now just cause ‘super bugs’ to now grow. I’ve had PID before after chlymadia so think I built up resistance to them.

    How can I find out what this ‘gram positive bacteria is and what drugs will work to clear it up. I have asked my doctors to ask the lab to get it further tested but the lab refuse to test for anything other than stds.I live in NZ and there is only one lab and alot of doctors with no experince treating PID not caused by chlymadia or gonerhea which research suggests is not always the cause of PID. I am considering going overseas to try fix this problem.

    Is it possible to get cervical swabs taken again and try get a culture of this bacteria to find out what it is and then test it for drug sensitivity, the way a urine culture is done? Too me it seems simple but I’m being treated like I am crazy well left to deal with this ongoing flare up’s and pain.

    • I am sorry to hear what you had to go through. I agree with you that your initial symptoms sound very much like PID. However, these current symptoms may not be due to PID. It is quite challenging to culture a pathogen from the vagina because of the presence of normal vaginal bacteria. But I agree with you that we certainly should try to isolate any possible pathogenic bacteria. You will need a high vaginal swab. Do not take any antibiotics for at least 2 weeks prior to the test. Do not douche, use tampons also. Do not urinate 4 hours prior to the test. You will also need a pelvic CT scan. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  3. Hi Dr Tan,

    I am diagnosed with genital herpes 6 years ago. Unlike others who have an average of 4-5 outbreaks a year, i have it once every 1 or 2 months and have since been on the suppressive therapy.

    This yr, me and my husband are planning to have a baby. However, we are very worried that the herpes virus will spread to the baby while inside my womb as i tend to have outbreaks very often.

    Now, we are confused if we should have our child as we do not want to harm the innocent. I understand also that the virus is more commonly passed to the child during delivery thru the vagina and have since decided to do a C-section.

    The main concern is still if the herpes virus will be passed on to the baby while in my womb? If so, how high are the chances/%?


    • The Herpes virus will NOT pass to the child while he/she is in your womb. It is only dangerous for the baby if you have active genital Herpes lesions at the time of delivery. It will be nothing short of tragic if you decide not to have your child because of this. I beg you to reconsider. Parenthood is a beautiful thing.

  4. Hi, last 2 months my partner brought my attention to the fact that he tasted something while sucking on my nipples during foreplay. So while taking my bath I squeezed both nipples and some fluid came out from the both nipples (clear fluid sometimes and sometimes milky like breast milk) It actually taste like breast milk. So I and my partner concluded it was a result of sucking on them regularly and have stayed away from that for over 2 months but it has continued. Anytime i squeeze little amount of breast milk or fluid still comes out. Is it something to worry about? Thanks

  5. Hi Dr. Tan,
    I recently went to my Dr. for a pap. I told my Dr. about some symptoms I had been having while having sex with my husband. Sometimes I will bleed during sex and sometimes I will have pain durning or after sex that lasts for hours and hurts into my back and also hurts when I have a bowl movement. So while my Dr. was doing the pap she took another sample and said I tested positive for gonorrhea. I have never been with anyone else but my husband for 6 years. I got pregnant and I had a pap back in 2009 and they did a gonorrhea test then and it was negative. My husband swears that he never had an affair and we have had unprotected sex because we are married. So he also got tested and we got the results back today and they said he was negative. I am going back to get retested, I didn’t take the meds that were prescribed because I wanted to be sure if his came back negative that I could also be retested. My question, how often are these tests wrong? My husband and I are going to get a urine test done to check for gonorrhea and I am also going back to my Dr. to get another swab done. How accurate are the urine tests compared to the swab? Thanks, JP

  6. Lost Angel

    Hi Dr. Tan,

    I had drunken, unprotected oral sex (giving and receiving) 4 days ago. There was no ejaculate, nor did I notice any pre-ejaculate. I am uncertain of my partners sexual health. Which STDs should I be screening for and how long do I need to wait before testing?

    Needless to say I feel very foolish and am suffering from anxiety. I appreciate the help you’ve been offering people on this site.

    • Hi Lost Angel,

      Can I assume you are a woman? Let’s consider this in 2 seperate scenarios: 1. You used your mouth on your partner’s genitals. This puts you at risk of throat gonorrhea and herpes. Very small risk of Syphilis. No risk of HIV. 2. Your partners used his mouth on your genitals. This puts you at risk of herpes. Very small risk of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. There is no risk of HIV. Just as a matter of trivia, going down on you is more dangerous for your partner because if you are infected with HPV, and he gets infected, he actually has an increased risk of throat cancer. So in summary, I think you should get screened for gonorrhea both throat and vaginal. Also screen for vaginal chlamydia. I think everything else is too low risk to be of concerned except herpes which doesn’t matter cos its so common and has no health consequences.


      Dr Tan

      • Lost Angel

        Thank you Dr! I am a woman. I am not infected with HPV but should I be concerned that he infected me? Is there a way to screen for throat HPV for myself?

        • Hi Lost Angel,

          For reasons we do not quite understand, when a person uses his/her mouth on a man’s genitals, there is actually no risk of contracting HPV. There is no need for you to screen for HPV.


          Dr Tan

  7. Hi, I have recently tested for HSV 2 and it came back positive >3.5. How it came about was I had 3 small pimple (itched but no pain) like thing happening outside of my virgina. And i went to see my company doctor and had a igG test done.
    To be honest, i am quite despressed about it as I only have a single sex partner for the past 2 years. However, i do read about this herpes thing and I do understand it is not chronic and easily treated. My rash went away after 3 days of treatment and I felt its not as bad as some of the pictures showed.

    I will like to ask if I can consult a doctor in your clinic so that they can tell me more about this HSV. My doctor is not exactly giving me alot of information as i had to prompt about it (and i do not wish to keep prompting). I will like to know about how to treat myself in the future and perhaps minimize the freqency of a relapse? And are there any help group or anything that women with HSV/STD can talk about to help ourselves and each other mentally.

    Thank you and its great you have this blog thing going on

    • Hi JS,

      Thank you for kind words. You can see me at my clinic at Robertson Walk anytime during our opening hours. http://www.drtanandpartners.com/where-to-find-us/
      I am in everyday except Tue and Thur when I only come in after 2pm. I am unaware of any support groups. Perhaps youcan try AWARE: http://www.aware.org.sg/support-services/
      From a medical point of view Herpes is really no big deal. However, it really affects a person emotionally and mentally. The best way to overcome this is to understand the illness thoroughly so that you know exactly what to expect and what you can do to help yourself.


      Dr Tan


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