Vaginal discharge – do I have to worry?

Li KunMany women are confused when it comes to vaginal discharge.

However, often this isn’t a topic you would openly discuss with your friends or even your doctor.

You may have questions such as “ Is it normal discharge? Why does my discharge always vary in amount and colour? Should I see a doctor? When should I be worried?”. These are perfectly common and normal questions to ask as vaginal discharge varies from individual and they can be quite confusing.

Usually there is really nothing to worry about unless your vaginal discharge is associated with itching, pain or bad smell. Having vaginal discharge is normal in all women. But of course, it will be helpful to know what normal discharge is or looks like.

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Vaginal Environment

Before proceeding any farther, let us realize that a normal healthy vagina is never free from a type of bacteria known as ‘lactobacillus’. When balanced in amount, it is a ‘friend’ and ‘protector’ of the vagina. Its role is to protect the vagina from infection by releasing certain proteins and maintaining a vaginal pH of 4.5. Once the bacterial count decreases, vaginal pH changes and various infections of the vagina can occur. Green, yellow, gray and white, thick, cottage-cheese like discharge, usually with odor, itching and pain are signs of infection.

normal discharge

Normal and ovulation discharge

Clear, whitish, thin or thick odorless discharge are usually normal and shoudn’t be alarming. It can happen at any time during your menstrual cycle. This discharges means your reproductive organs are ‘cleansing’ the vagina and cervix, getting rid of dead cells and bacteria which is being transported by these discharges.

Somewhere around the 14th day of your cycle (i.e when an egg is released from your ovary -termed ovulation), you may notice clear colourless and elastic discharge resembling egg white. It is usually much more in amount than your usual vaginal discharge. This is a good sign for those who are trying to concieve as this when you are most fertile.

Sometimes, white and more watery discharge can be found after heavy physical activities, when you are sexually excited or sometimes when you feel extremely tired.

Common causes are Infections, Hormonal Imbalance, Vaginal Environments Changes and maybe it’s just Normal Discharge!


Menses discharge

Besides having bright red blood discharge during menses, you can also have dark brown discharge which usually occurs towards the end of your menstruation or 1-2 days after menstruation.  This is the leftover menstrual blood in the vagina which was not completely cleared. It is brown as dead blood cells turn brown. Sometimes, this dark brown discharge can also be seen during your mid cycle when ovulation occurs and is normal.



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Bacterial vaginosis (vaginal infection caused by bacteria) is one of the most common causes of gray, foul fishy-smelling vaginal discharge. Redness of the vulva, itching and burning sensation during intercourse may accompany. Green, thick fishy-smelling discharges are commonly caused by gardnerella infections.

Gonorrheal infections are manifested by cloudy yellow discharge often accompanied by pelvic pain and frequent urination.

Trichomoniasis (a parasitic infection) gives yellowish frothy discharge with bad odor. This is usually transmitted through unprotected sex. These infections are commonly treated with over-the-counter antibiotics, most effective one being metronidazole in forms of tablets, vaginal gel/creams and suppositories.

White, cottage-cheese-like discharge often accompanied by itching is due to yeast infection known as candidiasis.

Other type of infections that you could get which could cause abnormal vaginal discharge includes chlamydia, ureaplasma and mycoplasma.

If you are pregnant, consult a doctor before taking any medications. Pay attention to your personal hygiene. Changing your panty liners frequently, keeping your feminine area cool and dry by avoiding tight clothing and linen panties may help prevent from such infections.

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We must not overlook some other simple facts that may lead to changes in normal conditions of vagina. Decreased bacterial count and an increased vaginal pH more than 4.5 are the main culprits causing infection. You may not notice that using fragrant soaps, vaginal douching and frequent bubbly baths may be some of the causes. For those who are sexually active, sticking to one partner is the best prevention, as STDs are often associated with such infections. Pregnancy and menopause may sometimes lead to imbalanced vaginal conditions due to hormonal changes. It is then best to maintain a good personal hygiene.

Although less frequently red discharge or spotting is a more serious case. When this is noted, question yourself: Have you had any unprotected intercourse recently? If yes, this may be a sign of pregnancy and you might want to do a pregnancy test. Spotting during early pregnancy may mean miscarriages or threatened abortion. Some other reasons are vaginal tear and lacerations during rough intercourse, and, if you are more than 40, it may be due to cancers. This is the time when you should be worried and tell your doctor.

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Dr (Ms) De Souza

MD (Russia), MMed (Obs&Gyn)


  1. Hi Dr,
    A month ago, i was diagnosed with ureaplasma urealyticum and also finished the antibiotic course.. Should i get it check again just to make sure its really gone as my symptoms are still present.

    • Hi Girl,

      You definitely should. Also speak to your doctor about other possible causes for your symptoms.


      Dr Tan

      • hey doc i have been seeing sum discharge from my vagina where it have a yellow color with spotted blood in it giving abdominal pain an back pain where am uncomfortable at all times feel pain everyday it smells bad i have been to the doctor where i was requested to a gyno do the test she said she dnt seee anything but a litte infection an its not serious got cream it did’nt work am here dnt knw what the other step to take am confuse am tired of going to the doctor cuz am not been help doc help me please give me a quick response as possible…

        • are you on birth control? I had similar symptoms to yourself. I realised that it was the birth control that was causing this to happen. I also had really bad vaginal smell which went away after I got off the pill. Making sure the vagina is kept completely dry and cool helped in making my vagina smell clean and fresh.

          • So there’s no need to go to the drs office? Cause im also on the pill and im having the same thing to do is get off the pill?

          • jamie

            Hi doc, I just wanted to confirm if taking pills can make you susceptible to infections. I have been having recurrent bv infections and it doesn’t clear up completely. I still get occasional discharge which smells bad. I can tell when i get discharge because my vagina would expel some air and then it would be accompanied by very little discharge which smells bad. But it doesn’t happen frequently. It would do this like twice or 3 times in a day and i’d need to rush to the restroom to wipe so it doesn’t get absorbed by my undies. I just got treated for the 2nd time 2weeks ago with flagyl and now it seems to be starting again. Just not so much yet. I’m in a monogamous relationship and i got my first bv infection 10months ago and i was still a virgin that time but already taking pills to control acne. I’m getting frustrated already. Any advise? Thank you.

          • drtan

            Maybe your acne pills are contributing to the problem.

          • Hi i am running from a bad virual infection on my throat and causing me to cough badly and green phlegm which stink. What i observe is my vaginally has a green discharge that is really green and smelly. I am shocked. Went to see a doc and after few days start the one day fungal treatment . The next day my menses came.i am afraid and need advise. 1) my menses is not normal.. It is lumpy and sticky and big patches. . It’s shock me. Can you I need to be concern. Be messes is 3 days late
            2) is the infection cause by my lower respiratory infection

          • Green smelly vaginal discharge certainly sounds like an infection that is NOT yeast. I would be thinking more along the lines of Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trichomonas and BV. You need swab tests to identify the infection and treat it quickly before it causes any complications. You are welcome to visit us anytime. Click here for our Women’s Health Services.

        • PLEASE HELP!!! Worried…let me begin by saying I have not symptoms of burning itching or any of that. I missed my cycle in Oct. My last cycle was Sept. 17. Had my tubes tied in 2009. my cycles regular, lasting six days. I spotted pink and a bit brown for a day in Oct. But many days before my cycle was due. This month it came five days early. Bleed very heavily for two days and soaking my clothes. It was bright red with a few clots. I had lower abdominal and back pain…sort of achy and dull.alzo nauseousness. Now I have extreme lower back pain and since the heavy bleeding spotting. And sometimes pink when wipe. Let me add that I was in car accident end of Oct. And I had been sexually active exclusively twice with love of my life. Also negative pregnancy urine test. Shoulx I get a blood test…could it be ectopic..did I miscarry or something else?

        • Hi,
          I wonder if you could help! Please!
          I am 26 have never been a day late for my period and it is now 58 days since my last monthly period. I have been taking oral contraceptives yasmin for a year previous to this I took microgynon 30. I have a perfect 28 day cycle usually. 1 week before my first missed period I spotted once when I wiped a very small amount, the week my period was due I experienced stringy egg-white type discharge with tiny amounts of brown/pink colouring this happened for two days. I did a pregnancy test at 5 days late which was faintly positive and following this I have had numerous negative tests including hcg serum blood test. I have been tested I have no uti or std but a few pregnancy symptoms I have been referred for an ultrasound scan which will take 4-6 weeks as my doc states I cannot b pregnant. Two weeks ago I sought emergency care due to being crippled with abdominal pain I was told to go away and see my usual doctor as I was not pregnant. Today 58 days since lmp I noticed stringy discharge again with slight brown elements in it, I am now experiencing pink watery discharge when I wipe. I was diagnosed and treated via laparoscopy for endometriosis in October last year. My doc has suggested possible flare up, missed miscarriage or ovarian cists but I have to wait up to 6 weeks for a scan – any advice?

      • Last Tuesday I underwent a cystectomy on my right ovary. Previous to the surgery, I was told by the ER doctor’s (two weeks prior to surgery) that I had a UTI, which they treated, though I was feeling none of the symptoms. My boyfriend is visiting from out of town and we tried having sex last night. Afterwards, I went to clean myself up and noticed pink, cottage-cheese like discharge on my legs and around my vagina. My urine has been a bit cloudy lately and there is a slight itching and burning sensation. Is this a yeast infection, combined with another symptom from the surgery? Also, can men contract yeast infections in any way from intercourse?

      • Hi my name is Katrina Im 18 and had my son on August 18th 2012. Me and my finace are sexually active but I am not on birth controll. I have been having this dark brown (not blood) vaginal discharge for about a week now and i had my period a few weeks ago. My son is cranky right now and I do not have any one to watch him while i goto the doc. Plus it will take forever to get in. I dont know what to do what is this brown stuff it doesnt really smell but it happens a few times a day and i need this to stop. HELP ME

        • Congratulations on the birth of your son. Does not sound like anything serious. Probably your body still recovering from your delivery. The other possibility is that you are pregnant. I think you should be patient and give your body some time to right itself.

          • Hi drtan,

            I’m having a problem I need help with. I had unprotected sex about a week or 2 ago on Feb. 8th I believe. My period is do to start on the 19th of Feb. which is tomorrow, but today I went to the bathroom and had a thick yellow discharge with streaks of blood is doesnt smell bad but my urine smells strong but not fishy, i feel sick, and im cramping..Is this normal I have never had this before can you please give me an answer

          • Not normal. Sounds like an infection. I would first rule out a UTI before investigating the discharge. Please see your doctor.

          • Hi doc I had a question. I got my tubes tied and recently found out one is healed. Now I am have a clear discharge with white streaks in it. I am suppose to start today but I did have a period but not a normal one it is much shorter and less than normal 10 days early. I was wondering if I could be pregnant.

          • When you say ‘one is healed’ you mean it re-patented? i.e. it opened up again? Yes, I assume the bleed you had 10 days ago could have been an ovulatory or implantation bleed.

      • hi dr.tan im 12,i have been having vaginal discharge scince june and now its starting to become darker should i be worried?

      • Doctor ive had vaginal discharge nd itchng i took clot?rimazole nd it helped for a little now it still itches and the gyno said im fine, what do i do

      • Teenage Girl

        Dear Doctor drtar
        For the past month I’ve had white stringy things in my urine . Therese no pain and it came back negative as a UTI. Negative with a pregnancy test. My pediatrician set it to the lab and found nothing. I need to pee frequently even when I haven’t been drinking! I’m losing sleep due to having to pee every 5 second in the night and having little drops come out. Please help I don’t know what to do anymore!

      • Pls doc, I’m around my ovulation and I’ve just noticed this brownish spotting in my pant and notice it also when I wipe immediately after sex .I have been TTC for over a year now. What could this be?

        • Ovulation bleeding? Cervical lesions? If it persists please see your doctor.

      • Southernbelle

        Hi Dr’s! I have been having several issues that I can’t seem to get any solutions or answers too. I have a constant bacterial vaginosis that doesn’t clear up, I have UTI’s with Group B Strep that keep occuring every month, and ovarian cysts that get big and then rupture..I keep having cramping and bloating and yellow cottage cheese like sticky discharge and nauciousness…The Dr’s have done ultrasounds to check the cysts and say it’s normal, they think I have endometriosis but I am afraid to get the surgery to check that, I am seeing a urologist this week to check on the Group B strep in my urine…But I am so upset..I want to feel good again, and normal!!! Could any of this be something else that they aren’t looking at? What can I do? They keep putting me on antibiotics for the UTI’s and I don’t want to keep taking them! I keep reading about PID and other infections…Is there anything else I can do, or ask my Dr to check? Please help me!

      • i have just been told i have strep b i have been bleeding for almost a month i am also on the implanon and i cant understand why this is happening, i am waiting for my smear results im really worried could this just be the strep making me bleed?

        • Not likely. I would think it is something affecting the implanon and hormonal levels in your body. However, it could also be a local source of bleeding. Your doctor would have noticed this during the internal exam.

      • jenna79

        hi there I had a laproscopic cystectomy 5/2/13 my scars are healing but my stomach still looks swollen and I feel very bloated could this be something to worry about?

        • It is quite natural for the intestines to take some time to get back on track after abdominal surgery. As long as you are going to the toilet normally and not in pain we are generally not too worried. Try taking more pro-biotics and fibre. This could help.

      • im taking an anti biotic (amoxicillin)for a sinus infection. My vagina is much more moist than usual, this is uncomfortable and there is moist soft peeling. When i look at the area with a mirror the uncomfortable area looks redder than my usual skin colour…what is this an how should i treat 15 and have not ha sex. should i have my mom take mt to the doc.?…respond ASAP please im worried.

        • Dr Elaine Loh

          A common side effect for women taking anti-biotics is a fungal infection of the vagina. This should resolve when you stop the anti-biotics. Alternatively, you can try using an anti-fungal cream. The other possibility is that you are allergic to amoxicillin. If you have rashes anywhere else on your body then you should let your doctor know immediately.

      • Hi dr , I am having an unusually long brown discharge after my period for about 1 week plus , what could be the cause ? Do I need to worry ? It’s light brown discharge and in very small amount a day

        • Dr Elaine Loh

          It could be hormonally related. If you are sexually active, you will need to check for infections and do a PAP smear just in case.

      • Anxious

        Hi Dr,
        Today I am 12 dpiui and for the last couple of days I have been having a thick, white, crumbly/pasty discharge. That is the best way I can describe it because when I rubbed it between my fingers it did not become lotion like at all. About 3 days ago there was a HUGE amount, but each day less. I have been taking progesterone gel since the day after the iui. I know that it is not a yeast infection because I have no itching, it has no spell and is causing no symptoms at all. What could be causing this? Could it be the progesterone? Could it be the mucus plug forming? I just don’t know so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

        • answer?


        • drtan

          It still sounds like a yeast infection. Not all yeast infections are itchy. It could also very well be due to either the IUI or the progesterone. Why don’t you try some OTC yeast treatments first and see if that works.

    • Dr Tan,

      During my menses, the normal flow is 3 days and it will be followed by another 2 or 3 days of brownish or pinkish small patches of discharge, can i also count them as menses days? Also i’m 37 and have been trying for pregnancy for the past 4 mths, what are my chances? pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey doctor
      Ive recently had vaginal itching so I kinda figured it was BV or a yeast infection so i began taking over the counters called Clotrimazole and then i was fine but occasionally it still itches and ive been to the obg yn and they said everything is fine, but im still itch with a discharge so what do i do ?

    • Hi doctor

    • someone

      Hello dr.
      Well this Is pretty embarassing and thats why I didnt mention my name. So I hit puberty at 12 this year. I thought it was pretty early for me. I kept bleeding (not so heavly) for 3 days -this was in january- and I havent had a second period yet! Im worried. However I still have discharge. Loads of it. Which is weird. But please tell me what the case might be??


      • Getting your first period at 12 is not early at all. In fact, it is very normal. It is also very normal to have irregular periods for the first few years after you have started your periods. Your body’s hormonal system has not fully matured yet. Having a discharge is also very normal as long as you do not have any pain or itch. You are going through a time in your life when your body is going through a lot of changes. I am sure this worries you but you really need not be worried. Speak to your mother or a female adult you are close to and they can guide you through this.

    • Ive been tested hes been tested and we both dont have anything. Im on a birth control and me and him werent thinking and had sex with out a condom. (It was my first day back on birth control) and that was yesterday. He didnt cum but pre cum can have sperm and i am really sore in the stomach adomin area and thw croth area. And today i douched and i pulled out white clumps and. Then i i kepp pulling out alot of thick yellow discharge. Im scared really badly right now.

  2. Dr tan,
    When are you going to be back to the clinic? I would like to areange an appt with u.

    • Hi Girl,

      I will be back on 26th Feb. Am currently on military training.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi I been having a pink discharge and it smells It’s always 2 weeks before my monthly I have no itching burning cramping help I don’t know what it is I went to get it checked out and all my test came back Rhinefine as I waited for test results I was given an antibiotic to treat me as if it was a sexual transmitted disease but that wasn’t it either what can it be any ideas or suggestions

      • worried girl.

        Hi Dr I’ve been having this ‘discharge’ for 3 days after having sex. this is embarrassing but as it says in the information “unless it come with itching, pain and bad smell then there’s nothing to worry about”
        well i get itchy and hurts ‘down there’s and it smells every now and then.
        should i see the doctor? Or shouldn’t i worry? PLEASE HELP!

        • Hello, worried girl.

          Yes, you should see a doctor. Itch and smell is enough a combination to suspect infection. However, which infection has caused this remains unclear and a vaginal examination is advisable at a doctor’s. You might want to apply antihistamine vaginal cream for the meantime to soothe itching.

          Dr De Souza

      • hello doctor,

        i had a period on September 7th 2012 and didnt get one all October but just resently my boyfriend came in me twicewhich was on a Friday then on Monday i started slightly bleeding its the time of my period but the bleeding was scanty and its was a bright pink/red that would come and go through out the day and then today Thursday i had woken up and wiped i had a dark brown spot on the TP now im back the the very light bleeding this isnt normal at all whats your thought? i really want a baby.

        • ame exact thing happened to me and i would like someone to respond to santanas question please.

      • Dr. Tan, I was 5 days late for my period. I spotted brown only when wiping bled 2 days, not normal for me now having ewcm. Negative urine pregnancy test, having tingly achy breasts, lower back pain, nausea with some vomiting headaches and flutters/movement in lower tummy. Should I request a blood test. Took the urine test before my somewhat period showed up

    • I’m 15 & I had sex in july for my first time with a condom… I ended up getting my period on July 26 which I normally get it in the beginning. I have had sex without a condom after that like twice or three times qnd every time, before he ejaculated he pulled out… but what worries me is that after he pulls out he sticks it back in.. I haven’t got my period in 2 months… I already took two pregnancy test and they appeared negative…. now I have really bad cramps & when I whip I have a brown spotting … should I be worried? please answer…

      • I would say your pregnant and deffinately see a dr as soon as possible!

      • i had the same problem and freak out taken 3 home pregnancy test for like 3 mths i even went to the clinic i wasn’t pregnant but i still had massive cramps the doc say I’ve anemia i was to take iron pill that only seems to make my period darker so i stop taking them

  3. Thanks Dr Tan.

  4. Hi Dr, I’m having brown watery discharge. I can feel it when the discharge is coming out from the vagina. It feels warm, and a bit like “leaking urine”. It has been happening for around a week. It started on the 2nd week of my menstrual cycle (after my period is cleared). It feel a little lesser today than few days before. No cramps, no pains at abdominal area. No itch, rash and redness at that area. What is happening to me? Is this normal?

    • Hi, Yvonne.

      Brown discharge can mean there is bleeding somewhere, not a profuse one, though, so not to worry. If you are somewhere in your late forties, the first suspect is always fibroids or any abnormal cells growing on your cervix. You might want to check for infection as well, since this can sometimes cause slight bleeding, even if you’re symptom-free. If you have had sexual intercourse recently, you might want to check for pregnancy. When a fertilized egg is being implanted in the walls of the womb, slight bleeding can occur. The fact that it’s watery might be due to the ovulation which happens on the 14th day of your menses if your periods are regular. This might sometimes be mixed with implantation bleeding, or blood caused by infection, fibroids, polyps of the cervix or injury of the vaginal wall which might have happened after intercourse. There are many other causes which are not limited to the reproductive tract. Having less discharge by the day is a good sign. If you are not pregnant and have this discharge on your next cycle, it’s best for you to see the doctor for thorough investigations.

      Warmest regards,
      Dr De Souza

      • Ok I have a problem I am worrid about. In may 2weeks after my period I had spotting for one day, then in june when my period was due I was nearly 2weeks late then when I finally came on it was brown discharge for 6 days then went red for another 4days. ( I’m usualy only ever on for about 4days not light but not heavy either) I took a pregnancy test when I was late and it was negative so I just passed it off as a strange period for that month but now in july I had the spotting again 2weeks before I was due then I was 3days late and when I came on it has been brown discharge again and I have just been to the toilet and when I wiped it was brown but with two small red blood clots. I’m quite concerned now as none of this has ever happened to me before. I’m always on my period on time. I am 22 years old, I don’t do drugs or drink I’m not stressed and also I have been trying for a baby for the past year now with my partner. Can you tell me what is going on with my body please?

        • Hello, steph.

          You might want to do a check-up at your doctor’s since there is a sudden irregularity in your menstrual cycle. Other than pregnancy, there is a suspicion of either a cervical polyp (a benign growth of the cervical lining) or imbalanced hormones.

          Imbalanced hormones may cause difficulty conceiving. There is an imbalanced ratio between progesterons and oestrogens which might alter the menstruation and ovulation date. You might want to do a blood test to confirm the levels of hormones. Hormonal therapy might be prescribed by your doctor if necessary.

          A cervical polyp is a more complicated cause. If any, this may also cause difficulty conceiving as the polyp blocks the cervical pathway and sperms fail to pass through. Polyps might or might not bleed. This may be the reason why there are fluctuations of brown to red discharge with some clots. Causes is unknown, though high levels of oestrogen hormones play a role.

          You might want to repeat a pregnancy test to rule it out totally. The first test might be too early when there are too little pregnancy markers to be detected.

          Dr De Souza

          • Hey doc I’ve been on the birth control tri-cyclen and ever since I’ve been having very weird discharge it has a really bad oder to it and light bleeding but not dark bleeding I also have back pain and miner cramps im a little worried! Plz get back to me as soon as you can, thank you

      • hey doc,i had sex immediately after my periods and it was unprotected sex,but he didnt ejaculate inside me.and i have been passing white liquid bit thick nowadays,and it pains slightly when i urinate and there is no smell nothing in the fluid n my vagina.what do you think about it?and i did pregnancy text 4-5 days after havinf was negative.what do you think.i am not pregnant or anything?and what is up with dicharge?

        • Wanting2conceive

          Hello,I am 36 years old. I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2004.Me and my husband have been ttc for about 6 years now. I started my period on June 11 and had sex with my husband my period lasted until June 16. I then had sex twice with my husband on June 17. On Saturday the 21 I noticed a jelly like discharge with some blood streaks and the same thing on Sunday and again on Monday and a little on Tuesday. Had some slight cramping not bad.Could this be implantation bleeding? Please help

          • Dr Elaine Loh

            Brownish vaginal discharge during early pregnancy can be normal but at the same time it could be a sign of something more serious especially if blood stained with abdominal cramps. If you had a missed period, I suggest you do a UPT. If UPT is negative, repeat again in 1 weeks time. If it turns out positive, best for you to make an appointment with your obstetrician for a dating scan.

  5. Doc,
    I had unprotected sex day ago it last for about 10secs. He didn’t ejaculate inside me. I’ve learned about pre-ejaculation, its my 13th day after my last period. I also learned that pre-ejaculated sex might carry sperms from previous ejaculation if not flushed by urination. He told me that his last ejaculation was day before we had sex but he certainly urinate. I’m now having white discharge and been suffering from acid reflexus since my last period (Btw, am fat. What are the chances of me being pregnant. Thanks. Hoping for urgent response.

    • Hello, teng.

      Chances of pregnancy in your situation is, of course, lower when compared to other unprotected sex, but not impossible. Remember that when a man is sexually aroused and penetration begins, a small leak of sperms happens even without ejaculation, whether or not he had urinated after his last ejaculation. Seeing that it happened on the 13th day of your cycle, my advice is for you to get a pregnancy test done to confirm that you’re not pregnant. White discharge and acid reflux are not specific signs of pregnancy. Body weight, though, does not make any difference on whether you can be pregnant or not, unless you have had several irregular menstrual cycles. It’s always best to have protection during sexual intercourse, especially when you’re somewhere in the middle of your cycle (i.e. 14th day +/- 3 days).

      Dr De Souza

    • The last day of my period was on the 28th of July. I had sex the 3rd and 4th. We had Unprotective sex. He pulled out but I was still worried. The next day I had a weird clear jell like discharge when I wipped. I read online that it means ur ovulating but it’s only been a week sense my period. And the next day it was basically gone.. What does this mean?! Should I be worried about getting pregnant?

      • Hello, Ally.

        Ovulation day depends on the first day of your last menses rather than the last day. For example, if your periods lasted for 7 days, then your first day of menses should have fell on the 21st of July. If your periods are regular, ovulation is estimated to happen on the 14th day after the 21st of July. If this is so, then yes, you might have been ovulating then, and the discharge you have just described might mean ovulatory discharge. This is not at all a sign of pregnancy. It makes the risk of pregnancy higher, though, if sex happened somewhere around day 14. It is advisable to get a pregnancy test done and monitor your next cycle closely.
        Consult a doctor should you experience any breast tenderness, vomitting, spotting and other early signs of pregnancy.

        Dr De Souza

        • Doc,
          My last period was on September 7, 2012 i didnt have one all October than on Novenber 2nd my boyfriend figured i was pregnant being i didnt have a period and he came in me twice. then Monday the 4th i started having scanty bleeding which wasnt normal i usually have a heavy flow changing tampons ever couple hours but now is just a bright pink/red color sbleeding that comes and goes throught out the day i dont even fill a pad. todays the 8th and i was supposed to start my period and i wiped this morning and there was a dark brown spot on the paperthen i just got the light scanty bleeding . i really want a baby is there a a chance i can be pregnant?

  6. Hi doctors, I really enjoy your website. I think it’s noble and generous that you freely give your advice to the public, and post so many educational and informative articles. Really admire you both for your dedication.

    I would like to seek your advice on my embarrassing problem. Lately I’ve been having clear, watery and runny vaginal discharge with a bad odour. Otherwise, I do not experience any pain, discomfort or itch.

    Should there be a cause for concern?

    • Hello, Jill.

      Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate your interest in our articles and will continue contributing more articles to educate the community as much as we can.

      As for the problem you are facing, the bad odour gives us a clue to the presence of bacterial vaginosis (bacterial infection of the vagina). Don’t worry. This is not as bad as other cases of STDs. In fact, bacterial vaginosis can also be found in virgins. What happens is that the normal vaginal bacteria is imbalanced and has favored other bacterial infections to occur. In this case, you should start applying antibiotic cream. Wash and wipe dry the area before doing so. Always keep the area clean and dry. Avoid douching as this will worsen the condition. Look out for other symptoms (itch, pain, color change of discharge). If condition worsens, your doctor might want to run some tests and prescribe you more suitable antibiotics.

      Dr De Souza

      • Hi Doc,
        I have had the same problem as jill, and was just wondering from your response what type of antibiotic cream you would recommend?

        • Hello, Jess.

          A metronidazole antibiotic cream will be effective, but always consult a doctor prior to treatment.

          Dr De Souza

          • Shy girl

            Ok so I have the same problem as Jill and it kinda smells like bread? But some days it smells different? An I’m too embarrassed and scare to tell my mother anything or to tell anyone.. Is there anyway to make it go away without any special creams like change in diet or home remedies?

          • If what you have is a yeast infection, you can try taking high doses of probiotics and reduce yeast (bread, beer etc) and sugar consumption.

  7. Caribbean queen

    Lately I’ve been having some heavy vaginal secretions. I’m aroused more than usual, I have to change my liners more than usual. I have irregular periods and I was on birth control but I’m not consistent and me and my boyfriend have sex unprotected all the time. We are each other’s only sexual partners. The colour of my secretions are light pink really really light pink some times beige like not white and not yellow. There is no odor, no itching, no redness, also no color change in discharge. Just the amount gets uncomfortable I have to check to see if it’s my menstrual. I did have a few cramps nothing bad a few days ago just an instant cramp would come and go…. What do you think maybe wrong if there is anything wrong?

    • Hello, Caribbean queen.

      As you have irregular menstrual cycle with birth control pills taken irregularly, it is, of course, difficult to estimate your ovulation date. Why is this important, though, is because pre-ovulation period (a few days before the 14th day of your cycle) produces more discharge than usual. Nevertheless, abundant discharge also happens during sexual excitement. Do not worry about the frequency of your sexual excitement. This is totally normal.

      Considering an irregular cycle, irregular consumption of birth control pills and regular unprotected sex, the very first thing you might want to rule out is pregnancy. Get a pregnancy test done. Pink discharge happens when an egg gets implanted in the lining of the womb and produces slight bleeding. The cramps you have might add on to the suspicion. If the test is negative, the next thing to think about is a possible menstrual bleeding made irregular by the pills. In this case, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Just start taking the pills regularly as directed by your doctor to avoid further confusion. Consult your doctor if bleeding increases, if you notice any changes in the discharge or if you experience itching, pain and odor.

      Dr De Souza.

      • Okay, I was fixed after my 3rd child, 9 mo. later found out I was pregnant with my now 4th. I wanted to be re tied due to early pregnancys and one has cerebral palsy. SO the tube that grew back into the uterus they said they just clamped then the other side they cut out completely. This was 8 yrs ago. Well I had what I thought was a period only bleed 3 days (Not ususal) Then just 2 wks later I gushed blood, a wk after this Im now leaking completely CLEAR watery fluid….You literally cannot see it, theres no smell, no itch, just clear and running like im peeing myself to where I have to wear a pad everyday and when I wioe its kind of like gooey but still thin watery clear. What is this do u think? Im afraid maybeI was or am pregnant again plz e-mail me back thank you,

  8. Hello,

    For the past 6 months or so my periods seem to have changed and I am wondering if I should be concerned and get checked out for any serious issues. My periods continue to be regular, last about 5 days, but it is the first few days that present beige/yellowish discharge, accompanied by relatively heavy cramping. I have also noticed that a week before my period I feel feverish, have extremely sore breasts and feel very tired. The discharge usually occurs on the day I am expecting to get my period and cramps begin 2-3 days before my expected period. There is no odour and actual bleeding does not begin until about the 3rd day. I am not on any birth control medication and have one sexual partner. About 12 years ago I had an abnormal pap test and had to get colposcopy and have had regular check-ups since (no issues since my procedure). I am 33. 2 years ago I had an abortion, and for a year after that I had an IUD that had to be removed due to heavy cramping. Should I be concerned? Thank you for any information or advice.

    • Hello, Jen.

      Fortunately, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. This is a typical description of premenstrual syndrome, especially sore breasts, fatigue and cramping. Although you haven’t had such experience previously, PMS can be experienced at a later stage due to hormonal fluctuations. PMS starts as early as two weeks before bleeding occurs. It is normal to have cramps 2-3 days before your menses. For some women (2-6% of women), cramps are more intense due to their high sensitivity to pain and/or higher levels of prostoglandins (a substance which causes cramps, which in turn causes pain). This can be relieved by over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, typically diclofenac. Of course, a beige/yellowish discharge is not considered a symptom of PMS. In fact, it is a normal discharge women have during their cycle. As long as there is no change in colour or odour of the discharge, you have nothing to worry about. Do, however, keep a menstrual diary and jot down characteristics of your menstrual cycle. This, in a way, makes it easier to recognize any abnormal changes you face. Once bleeding becomes irregular, talk to your doctor.

  9. Scarlett

    Hello Doctor,
    i am a 21 yr old female,suffering from spasmodic dysmenorrhoea since 6 years,and a year ago i started on mefenemic acid 500 mg TID,before which i used hot fomentation to relieve pain.meftal has given me relief.but,since 7 months approx.i have been experiencing mid cycle bleeding with cramping pain in abdomen (mittleschmerz i guess) but this month,i got a regular period and i have brown thick sticky vaginal discharge 13 days later,which has been going on for 5 days,reducing though.hoping you could tell me what it is,and what needs to be done.

    • Hello, Scarlette.

      As how you’ve described it, thick sticky discharge is a typical sign of ovulation which normally happens on the 14th day (+/- 2 days) of your menstrual cycle considering that your cycles are regular. However, this ovulation discharge should vary from colourless to beige/yellowish. A brown discharge is a sign of bleeding. Seeing that you have a regular menstrual cycle, it’s advisable to get a pregnancy test done to rule out pregnancy if you have had unprotected sexual intercourse recently (as brownish/red discharge on the 14th day of menstruation might mean implantation bleeding). Do watch out for any intensifying bleeding with pain, any itching or any changes of character of discharge as infections can also express themselves as brown/red discharge.

      Dr De Souza

  10. Hi dr.
    I was wondering what causes a light brown discharge, it has a odor, but I have to constantly whipe it’s been here for about two weeks, see I was on the depo shot for a year and I just stopped taking it January, I’ bled for two days but it was like spotting. Can you please help, in scared I have had inprotected sex with my boyfriend and I’m worried.

    • Hello, Bunny.

      Considering the depo shot you had makes it very likely that your cycles will be irregular after you’ve stopped taking it. 55% of women who had stopped depo experience irregular/unpredictable bleeding or spotting. Irregular menses may vary from spotting to heavy bleeding which may last up to two weeks or so. Menstruation may stay irregular for up to a year after taking ceasing depo.

      Depo-provera is a contraceptive which ‘re-regulates’ menstrual cycle. Once you are off the shot, the body tries to understand and re-balance hormonal levels and that takes time. The fluctuation of the discharge depends on which hormones are being produced more.

      Having unprotected sex widens the scope of possibilities and, yes, pregnancy can be one of them. Do have a pregnancy test done to be on the safe side. Otherwise, brown discharge is common after depo. However, if this is accompanied by intensifying cramps, do talk to a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

      • It’s like a yellowish tan color, I’ve taking test after test they all are negative , I’ve been gaining weight. Sometimes this discharge has blood in it?

        • Since all the tests are negative, this heightens the possibility that they are side effects once you are off the depo shot. Streaks of blood may appear during the re-adjustment process (i.e while the body is adjusting its hormones). Depo-provera increases one’s appetite, thus resulting in weight gain. After ceasing depo, it takes time for these effects to subside. Some may continue gaining weight before losing. Exercising is the best way to, at least, maintain your weight. You might want to run a test to check your hormonal levels to have a peace of mind. If bleeding increases and cramps start, do talk to your doctor immediately.

          • I’s the discharge normal? Im a little scared,

          • There’s nothing to be scared of, Bunny. This is a normal effect after stopping the depo shot. Do give your body time to re-balance its hormones. It may take up to a year before your cycles become regular. Watch out for any lower abdominal pain, increased and continuous bleeding for more than 2 weeks, itching and absence of menstruation for a long period of time.

            Dr De Souza

  11. Hello Doctor!
    I am here in a slightly desperate state. My period was 2 weeks late last month. I had brown discharge start a week after my period was due and continue for a week then I bled clots for 2 days then regular blood for 2 days. Now, its 2 weeks since Any blood && I woke up this morning with brown spotting like old blood. It’s a little different than usual in that its slightly stringy, with what kinda looks like tissue?? Also, about 4 days ago, me and my fiance had sex and when we finished, he had cottage cheese looking discharge from me on him. It only happened once && I didn’t have any before or after and no odor or itching. I also haven’t had a regular period since March, when I had brown spotting a week-2 after my February period ended. We don’t use protection and obviously aren’t concerned about getting pregnant or not but I’ve taken 3 at home PTs and went to the local hospital for a pregnancy test and ALL were negative. I have a pap smear scheduled in 2 weeks with my regular doctor but it seems like forever until then aand I’m really anxious to get some input!

    Thank you so much!

    • Hello, Elise,

      Seems to me that there could be a slight hormonal imbalance which caused the release of some blood clots. Some women tend to encounter sudden changes in hormonal levels. Though, the cycle should return to norm after the episode.

      However, I wouldn’t want to leave out other possibilities such as fibroids (benign growth in of the womb), polyps of the cervix, endometriosis or injury of the vaginal walls (although these stated situations are often accompanied by pain).

      Seeing that you are sexually active and do not use protection, there is also a possibility that this was a miscarriage (medically known as spontaneous abortion). The first brown discharge could have been an implantation bleeding, followed by miscarriage which comes out as a clot, and then continues as brownish discharge as the uterus slowly shreds off excess blood.

      Whatever it is, the most important thing is to talk to your doctor and run a screen to exclude any cancers.

      And don’t forget, a peaceful mind helps improves your health, so do not be too desperate or anxious. Thanks to modern technology, methods of diagnosis and treatment are at their highest levels.

      Dr De Souza

  12. Hi Dr.

    I am a single parent and have recently for the past 3 month sexually active.
    I have had no issues so far but just 2 days back i noticed a watery green discharge.

    • Hello, Baby.

      You most probably have an infection. Although green discharge is typical for trichomoniasis (a parasitic infestation which usually manifests as green discharge,sometimes frothy), it’s always advisable to get a test done (a sample of the discharge will be taken by your doctor to be sent to the lab for confirmation). Do check for other STIs to be on the safe side. Early treatment with metronidazole is recommended.

      Dr De Souza

  13. Pebble

    Hi Doc,

    I’ve been having a yellowish green discharge for about 1.5 weeks now. There isn’t any bad odour, nor itch, nor pain. It is not watery either.

    I used to have whitish / yellowish discharge which i believe is normal and the only factor which could have caused the changed was after having oral sex with my boyfriend. We have not had real sex though.

    Is this a cause for serious concern? What could it possibly be and can over-the-counter medicines solve the problem?

    Thank you!

    • Hello, Pebble.

      It is good that you have expressed your concern about a slight change in the discharge colour. Yes, whitish/yellowish discharge is normal. A yellowish green discharge might be a start to something fishy. This might be a sign of mild infection although there are no itching or smell. This might probably be a vaginal ‘trich’ (trichomonas – a kind of protozoa) infection. Other causes of greenish/yellowish discharge are cervical infections caused by gonorrhoea and chlamydia. Though, chlamydia and gonorrhoea seems unlikely as these are more severe and are often accompanied by pain during intercourse. At this stage (seeing that the signs are so faint and unpredictable), the best thing to do is to talk to your doctor. He/she will take samples of the discharge to confirm the main culprit. Otherwise, over-the-counter metronidazole cream might help. If there’s no effect or condition worsens, consult your doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  14. hi doc… i had unprotected sex with my partner 9 days ago. a took a morning after pill (i pill) after that.
    i am experiencing some abnormalities since then there was bleeding two times, then frequent urination, headache and now i am having some greenish yellow discharge with redness like blood in it..
    can u plss help whats the matter….

    • Hello, Janey.

      While unexpected bleeding and headache are some of the possible side-effects (although not common) of an emergency contraceptive pill (ECP), the other symptoms you have gives a possibility of either a urinary tract infection or vaginal infection. You might be having bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis. An STD screen and a urine test is highly recommended to confirm these. For the meantime, do abstain from sexual activities to prevent spreading of infection if any. Not to worry, treatment will be highly effective once the main culprit is found.

      Dr De Souza

  15. Marie

    Is it normal to have cramps and brown discharge when I wipe 2-3 days before my period. I am 32 years old. My husband and I had intercourse on 6/22 and 6/20 would have been ovulation. I am due to start on 7/4.

    • Marie

      So yesterday (2 days before period) I had some heavy cramping and a couple of clots then starting bleeding. I am usually very normal. It has been like a normal period, enough to fill a tampon after a couple hours. Bright red and dark. COuld this be my period early? Is it possible to have your period a couple days early and still be pregnant?

      • Marie

        Now it is two days later (the day I was supposed to start my period) and it seems that it has really slowed down to the point of stopping. I took a test and it came back negative. I had a miscarriage a couple of months ago so I am wondering if that could have screwed up my cycle a bit. Does this just sound like an irregular period or possible pregnancy? I may go get blood drawn at the doctor to be sure.

        • Hello, there, Marie.

          Yes, it is normal to have a brown discharge a few days before your period starts. It marks the beginning of the shedding process in your uterus. A normal menstrual period is 28 days +/-. So if you’re 2-3 days early, that’s okay. Menstruation is sign that you’re not pregnant. A missed period is a sign of pregnancy instead. It’s not possible for one to have menstruation and be pregnant at the same time. As pregnancy does, miscarriages also tend to alter your menstrual cycles (it usually takes 4-6 weeks before the cycle normalizes). Since your bleeding lasted for only a couple of days and, as described, fills a tampon, there is a very slim chance that you’re pregnant. Implantation bleeding is not as heavy. Often, a spot of blood (resembling a coin) is seen. This usually subsides after a day or two. You might want to repeat a pregnancy test after a month for a piece of mind if there is no menstruation occurring by then. If it still turns out negative, keep a menstrual diary to monitor your monthly menstruation. It might have been affected by the miscarriage, but should normalize after a month or two.

          Dr De Souza

          • Dr.I’m 42 year.s old and taking fertility blend for woman.For 4 week’s today.Yesterday when I went to the bathroom I noticed a thick sticky white discharge.Could I be pregnant.

          • Hello, carol.

            A sticky white discharge has a wide spectrum of possible causes. It is, thus, not a specific sign of pregnancy. However, vaginal discharge might increase during pregnancy as a defense reaction of the body. If you are experiencing breast tenderness, missed periods and other early signs of pregnancy, a pregnancy home test can confirm if you are pregnant or not. HPT is best done 2 weeks after possible conception for accurate results. Meanwhile, do watch out for other early signs of pregnancy (e.g. breast tenderness, morning sickness etc.). Monitor your periods closely.

            Dr De Souza

  16. Hi doc,

    Quite confused about my situation your suggestion will really help. Me and my hubby are trying to have a baby for the past year and a half.

    In Jan this year, I visited the doc since I used to have slight bleeding the day after intercourse (the 10-16th day after periods). On examination it was found that I had a lot of white discharge and cervical polyps after which a small surgery was done to remove them. A biopsy was also done to check for cervical cancer but the result turned negative.

    I have always had regular periods and mine is a 28 day cycle. After the surgery, for about 4 months I did not have any kind of discharge after intercourse. But for the past 2 months again I have been experiencing the slight brown discharge again. It so happens that between the 12-14th day I feel extremely tired and exhausted with a lot of body pain. What could be the reason for this?

    We’re trying to have a baby this month too and so my husband and I last had intercourse on the 8th day after which I did not experience any kind of discharge. But yesterday(which happened to be my 13th day after periods) there was some watery brown discharge more than usual. We have not had intercourse after the 8th day. What could be the reason for this.

    Your suggestions will really help me.


    • Hello, JP.

      While intercourse on the 8th day is far from ovulation (thus, far from getting pregnant), a brownish discharge on your 13th day might suggest that there is a recurrence of cervical polyp. Since you are trying for a baby, a pregnancy test should be done first to exclude pregnancy, after which it would be already safe to run a check-up to search for any remnants of the polyp. A routine follow-up examination is advisable after a polyp removal to exclude any recurrence.

      Dr De Souza

    • Thanks so much doc for your quick reply. It helped me at my current situation. Now some additional information that me and my family had forgotten because of negligence.
      In 2008 I did a general ultrasound scan of the abdomen and then it was found that my endometrial lining measured 18.5mm and that it was abnormal. I had not consulted this issue with a doc at that time since I did not have any menstrual problems (they were always regular). It so happened that my family members came across this report at home recently. I did not have the opportunity to discuss about the endometrial lining in Jan early this year too when the cervical polyp was removed since the fact about my endometrial lining did not occur to me/family members.
      Now that this report was found I did an ultrasound again this week and the endometrial line measures 16.8mm now but I got a report saying that all was normal. I visited the another doc today for an opinion and she said that this thickness was actually abnormal. She has advised me to take a transvaginal scan 3-4 days just after after my periods are over to determine if there are any more polyps/or other reasons that is causing mu present situation.

      I have some questions doc:

      1. What is the normal thickness of the endometrial lining at the start of a menstrual cycle and a few days before periods?
      2. What are the causes for endometrial thickness?
      3. How can endometrial thickness be treated?
      4. Will the transvaginal ultrasound be painful?
      5. Is the endometrial thickness the reason for me not being able to conceive?

      Do I have to worry because of this? Please help me, I feel very discouraged.

      Thanks again,

      • Hello, JP.

        1. What is the normal thickness of the endometrial lining at the start of a menstrual cycle and a few days before periods?

        The normal thickness of the endometrium just before the menstrual cycle is approximately 15mm, whereas after periods is around 2-3mm. How severe the thickness is depends on which day of the cycle the endometrium is measured. If measured right before your menses, 16.8mm is considered slightly thicker than normal and, yes, a repeated measurement should be obtained just after menstruation. If measured in the middle of the cycle (e.g on the 7th-14th day of your menstrual cycle), then 16.8mm is considered very thick and a D&C followed by an endometrial biopsy is advisable.

        2. What are the causes for endometrial thickness?

        Usually it’s the hormones (too much oestrogens or too little progesterons) that cause this. Oestrogen-replacement therapy or other conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome which produces more oestrogen hormones are some examples.

        3. How can endometrial thickness be treated?

        Depends on the age of the patient and what is found on biopsy. For patients who are looking at pregnancy in the future, hormonal therapy with progesterons are usually recommended.

        4. Will the transvaginal ultrasound be painful?

        Almost never.

        5. Is the endometrial thickness the reason for me not being able to conceive?

        Might be. While high levels of oestrogens or low levels of progesterons lead to thick endometrium, ovulation fails to occur in such conditions.

        Do I have to worry because of this? Please help me, I feel very discouraged.

        You don’t need to worry about it. Well, at least not until your next ultrasound. Even then, if any abnormality is detected, it can be treated at its earliest stage (which is our prior aim for effective treatment).

        Dr De Souza

        • Hello doc,

          Wanted to update you – I had the transvaginal scan yesterday (which is my 5th day after periods) and it turned out that my endometrial lining is 6mm now. The report also says that the ovaries seem to be fine.
          I consulted the doc after this and she said that the brownish discharge was a sign of ovulation and not polyps as she doubted. She has put me on medicines for 3 cycles:

          1. For ovulation (5th-9th day) – T.Siphene
          (Clomiphene Citrate)
          2. To hold the pregnancy (19th-25th day) –
          T. Duphaston

          How do these medicines work? If nothing seems to be wrong with my system then what are the other chances that does not allow be to conceive? Because my husband too has taken the necessary tests and he seems to be fine too. So we both are confused.

          Waiting eagerly for your feedback.

          • Hi doc,

            Looks like you’ve missed my earlier email. As a continuation to that..
            I started taking the pills that was prescribed by the doc and the last day when it was over I started developing side effects.
            Is side effects possible for:

            1. For ovulation (5th-9th day) – T.Siphene Clomiphene Citrate)?

            I developed heat boils on my scalp,shoulder,chest. And also have mouth ulcers. Can this be because of the medicine?

          • Hello, JP.

            The medications you are taking balances the hormonal levels in your body depending on the day of your cycle. The first stimulates ovulation and allows fertilization while the second prepares the womb for implantation should there be any fertilization.

            Side effects of these pills should have been explained to you by your doctor before they are prescribed. Boils and mouth ulcers are not related to the medications though. Infection, instead, causes these. You might have a decreased immunity which is, again, not related to the medications you’re taking.

            Dr De Souza

          • Hi doc,

            Can you please tell me what is done at follicle study.
            What is the procedure?
            Is it an ultrasound?
            Will it be painful?

            Thanks in advance!

  17. Debabs

    hello Dr Tan
    i very much appreciate the free helpful advice and responses you give to those who ask questions on your side.
    I too have some some health concerns which are really stressing me.
    last month june i had my period from the 4th-7th(i normally have my period on the 5-9 of each month).i had unprotected sex with my partner on the nite of the 25th then the next morning (26th)i had cramping and started to bleed very lightly but for abt 3days then continued to today with spotting mixed with yellowish discharge that has a very foul odour.i have no pains but i do experience some itching outiside my vagina often.
    i saw a doctor yesterday who asked me to do some tests.
    though he told me it was nothing serious, i still worried while waiting to run the tests.this is the first time its happening to me and my partner and i are in a monogamous relationsip and do ve unprotected sex most of the time.
    your suggestions will really help me.

    • Hello, Debabs.

      Your doctor is right. It is advisable for you to run some tests. Seems that you have some sort of infection (most probably a parasitic trichomoniasis, gonorrhoea or bacterial vaginosis). The purpose of the tests your doctor recommended is to find out what is causing the infection. Do not delay. The earlier you know which is it, the easier the treatment and the faster the recovery. For now, I would suggest you to have protected sex, best still is to abstain from sex. It is advisable for your partners to undergo such tests too. Whilst, you can get over-the-counter lidocaine gel will help relief the vaginal itching. Keep the area dry and exercise extra-hygiene (e.g washing the area and wipe dry after urinating/bowel movements, avoid using fragrance soaps as these may increase itching) to prevent worsening of the condition. Your doctor will give you proper treatment once the results of the tests are out.

      Dr De Souza

  18. worried

    Hi doctor, my period came on the 9th June and on the 21st of June my bf used only the shaft of his penis (not the head) to rub my vagina. we both were standing up, he behind me. He ejaculated shortly after at a wall. the head of his penis and his shaft was not in contact with my vagina when he ejaculated, but my vagina was still nearby because I was standing in the same position. he bent down to ejaculate which was why I mentioned his penis did not come into contact with me (both head and shaft) when he ejaculated. There was no penetration whatsoever, nor a previous ejaculation. I don’t usually keep track of my periods nor the number of days but they seem to be quite regular. following a normal menses cycle of 28 days , my period should come on the 6 of July which is tomorrow. somehow I feel that my periods do come earlier than the normal 28 days.. so I’m wondering: 1) what are my chances of getting pregnant? 2) Could I get pregnant by pre ejaculation/ can one get pregnant if semen touched the outside of the vagina? [im just asking because though I know that my vagina wasn't in contact with my bf penis, I'm not sure if some accidentally flew and touched me] I’ve lost weight from 48 to 46 kg in the last few months, possibly because of exam stress. 3) could stress lead to irregular periods? The past week or so I’ve been getting very mild cramps and pimple breakouts (what usually happens to me before my periods) but yet I don’t see any period coming. Please advise doctor, it would be a great help!!

    • Hi, worried.

      In such cases, your chances of getting pregnant is very very slim, almost zero. The stress you have right now has a higher chance of what’s causing your late periods. Having semen outside the vagina makes it almost impossible (not totally impossible) for any sperms to reach the womb, especially in a standing position. Your exam stress explains the irregular periods. What is meant by a regular period is 28 +/- 3 days. As long as it is within the range, it is considered regular. Loss of weight also contributes to irregular periods. Do not worry. Try to relax and have a proper diet as much as possible. Do monitor closely the characteristics of your current menses and the one after it. If it is late for more than a week, do get a pregnancy test done for a peace of mind. If it turns out negative, do talk to your doctor. She might recommend a blood test to measure your hormones.

      Dr De Souza

  19. Hi,

    I felt my cervix a couple of weeks ago with an unclean finger and 24hours after I had heavy yellow dischage without a smell and no pain. It lasted for about 5days. Could this be BV?

    Learnt alot from your website thankyou
    Best wishes

    • Hello, Lucy.

      Yellow is always a confusing colour for a discharge. The colour of a normal discharge ranges from colourless-white-beige(most are confused between beige and yellow). Yellow discharge is a sign of probable trichomoniasis or gonorrhoea infection, both being transmitted via sex. These are almost always accompanied with pain/itching, rarely foul smell (so you don’t need to worry). Having an unclean finger introduced into the vagina gives more chances of a BV, which, on turn gives a foul smelling white/grayish discharge, frequently accompanied with itching. In your case, the signs of infection are still unclear. Do look out for pain/itching. If the discharge becomes smelly or turns out frothy, do talk to your doctor. You might have to run some culture tests.

      Last but not least, my little advice to you, never do that again. The cervix is an opening to the uterus which is totally sterile and is prone to infection once any unclean object is introduced. Although the vagina is not as sterile, it is also prone to infection.

      Best regards,
      Dr De Souza

  20. Thanks Dr De Souza,

    Is the colour change due to the unclean finger? Will my discharge soon go back to normal or can you suggest something to take to help?

    Thanks again

    • No. Neither trick (trichomoniasis) nor gonorrhoea is transmitted by an unclean finger unless you have had infected urine on your finger while touching your cervix. It is advisable for you to have a swab test (swab from the cervix) done for early detection of infection if any. How fast the discharge takes to normalize depends on what we find from the test results and how early the treatment is done.

      Best regards,
      Dr De Souza

  21. michelle

    hi doctor i have been having a lot of yellow/hint of green discharge lately and saw the doc about it and he prescribed treatment for thrush since inserting the pessary ive noticed its a lot better but still have the odd tiny bit could this mean it wasnt thrush or just that i need more treatment the other symptom i have which might not be linked but i reacently had the contreceptive implant taken out and had one normal period i am now 2 weeks late but have all the symptoms that im due on sore breast ect ive took a pregnacy test and it came back negative im worried everything is going wrong down there help

    • Hello, michelle.

      Yellow-greenish discharge usually gives us a clue of either trichomoniasis or gonorrhoea. Thrush usually gives a white cottage-cheese-like discharge. Since the treatment improved your condition, you might have had thrush despite other bacterial infections. It is advisable to first complete the course of treatment and repeat a swab test before proceeding with additional treatment.

      The sore breasts you are experiencing might probably be connected to the hormonal imbalance or premenstrual signs rather than vaginal discharge. As you have just stopped the contraceptives, there is a sudden change of levels of hormones and your body is trying to adjust to the environment. Also, this might be a sign that your period is coming soon. The breast swelling should subside once your menstruation starts. At this time, it is recommended that you keep a diary of your menstruation to monitor its regularity.

      Dr De Souza

  22. Person

    i just got off my period3 days ago but i have a heavy, thick yellow discharge with itching andd slight burning. is there something wrongwith me? if so, what could it be? i am quite worried.

    • Hello, Person.

      You have very typical signs of vaginal infection. Yellow dishcarge gives us a clue to either trick (trichomoniasis) or gonorrhoea. This is the best time to get a swab test done since you still have discharge. Meanwhile, you might want to apply some antihistamine cream or lidocaine gel to soothe the itching. You do not need to be worried as treatment can be initiated once the culprit is identified. The earlier, the better.

      Dr De Souza

  23. Hi dr. I’m a 32 year old woman. I recently got careless with ♍Ɣ boyfriend on the 6th day of ♍Ɣ cycle; after which i took postinor 2. I got careless again ( even though he barely penetrated me before pullin out n getting a condom) on the 10th day of same cycle , took postinor 2 again and had some bleeding a few days later. This was in June. I’m s’ppsed to get ♍Ɣ next period on the 12th but it hasn’t come; rather, i’ve been getting a thick n heavy, odourless white dischrge for the past 4days. What does this mean? Could i be pregnant? I’m S̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ worried! Thanks Dr

    • Hello, chichi flo.

      Morning-after pills may sometimes cause what is known as ‘progestogen withdrawal bleeding’ a few days after taking them. This might probably be the cause of the first bleeding you have experienced, especially after taking 2 courses. A temporary disruption of menstrual cycle is another common side effect, but should normalize by the second cycle. I would recommend you to do a pregnancy test to exclude any pregnancy.

      You might be having a fungal infection which typically causes white discharge, with or without itching/pain. This is not a sign of pregnancy in any way. You might want apply some over-the-counter antifungal cream. It is, however, advisable to do a swab test before doing so for confirmation.

      Dr De Souza

      • Hello dr,

        Thanks for your answer to ♍Ɣ previous questions. I appreciate ur help..As follow up to ♍Ɣ first question, I expected ♍Ɣ period on the 12th of july but it hasn’t come. On the 14th n 15th , i did 2 home pregnancy tests with ♍Ɣ early М̤̣̲̣̥̈̇ό̲̣̣̣̥я̲̣̣̥и̲̮̣̥̅̊ɪ̣̝̇и̲̮̣̥̅̊G̲̣ urine but both turned up negative. Could i be pregnant? ♍Ɣ breasts r sore n it often feels like am going to get ♍Ɣ period but it still doesn’t come. What do i do?! Am freaking out here! Pls help. Could it be the effect of postinor2 which i took twice(d same week) on the 8th n 10th days of ♍Ɣ previous cycle? Am S̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ worried

        • Hello, Chichi flo.

          Since you have taken 2 courses of postinor in one cycle, a temporary disruption of the cycle (delay of menses) might be more of a suspicion rather than pregnancy. Pregnancy is not totally impossible, though. Since symptoms still persist after 2 negative pregnancy tests, a blood test for pregnancy is more accurate and advisable at this stage. Blood has higher levels of pregnancy markers compared to urine. Do talk to your doctor and have a blood test done.

          Dr De Souza

  24. Female

    Hi Dr. I’m 16 years old, and I’ve had a normal looking discharge for a couple of years. I recently used a thrush treatment as I thought this may help, but it didn’t. I get it all the time there’s no pattern really. Also I don’t itch so it doesn’t seem like an infection? I haven’t had sexual intercourse, but if I was to, would my discharge make any difference or is it completely fine? Thankyou.

    • Hello, Female.

      If there is no perculiarity in the discharge and no itching then it is considered normal and there is nothing to worry about. The colour of discharge just after your menstruation should normally vary from colourless to beige, sometimes white with a slimy consistency (not too thick). There should not be any itching, burning or bad odour. Discharge should stay normal even if you have had sexual intercourse unless your partner is infected. In such cases, you might get infected afterwhich you may experience itching, pain and smelly discharge. A thrush treatment is not recommended if there are no signs of fungal infection. In a normal healthy vagina, there is a number of good bacteria which protects from infections. Antifungals might interefere in this normal balance of bacteria and put the vagina at risk of different infections.

      Dr De Souza

  25. hello doctor,
    I am having white thick discharge with bad smell along with itching and burning sensation. Do I need to worry?

    • i’m a 15 year old girl and till now i have never visited a doctor regarding this problem

      • Hello, katie.

        I’m afraid to say that you might be having fungal infection. White, thick, cottage-cheese-like discharge with bad smell and itching are very typical signs of a fungal infection. You should see your doctor and get some tests and treatment done. You might want to apply some over-the-counter antihistamine gel or cream to soothe the itching for the meantime.

        Dr De Souza

        • but is this a serious problem?

          • Well, not a serious problem, but treatment is highly advisable to prevent worsening/spread of infection. You just need to have a swab test done and complete a week of antifungal course (tablets) afterwhich a repeat swab test is done if necessary.

            Dr De Souza

  26. I miscarried three weeks ago and just started birth control. Yesterday i had a small thick discharge during sex and i took another pregnancy test last week and i want pregnant so could this be ovulation?

    • Hello, katie.

      What a discharge might mean depends highly on its colour, consistency, pattern of appearance and when it happens (which day of one’s menstrual cycle, its relation to sex and menses, etc.) Discharge during ovulation is usually colourless and slightly thick resembling egg white and does not have any connection whatsoever with sex. If you are looking at future pregnancy, it is advisable to have at least 2 to 3 normal periods after a miscarriage before trying to get pregnant again. This is to be sure that the womb is fully prepared and hormonal levels are back to square one.

      Dr De Souza

  27. Hi Doctor

    I was delayed with my period about 10 days,I had cramps,back pain,sore breast,headache.Now I’m on period and is two days now,First day my period was very weak/light than usual and now I only see dark red clots.Do you think I’m pregnant?

    • Hello, Pumla.

      If your periods are regular and you have had sex somewhere around your 14th day of cycle, then yes, these might be signs of pregnancy and the bleeding (I’d rather call it ‘spotting’) might be implantation bleeding. Otherwise (if there was no intercourse and your periods are irregular), these signs might also be that of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). If you suspect pregnancy, this is a good time to get a pregnancy test done. On the other hand, if you think pregnancy is impossible, do monitor you menses closely (e.g keeping a menstrual diary is of great help) for another cycle or two. If irregularity persists, consult your doctor. Causes of irregular/’scanty’ bleeding at menstruation are variable. Hormonal imbalance, low body weight, heavy exercise and hormone replacement therapy are some to name a few.

      Dr De Souza

  28. karenlbs

    Dear Dr.,
    I miscarried (at 6 weeks) and had a normal period at this time (some red and grey clots – but nothing painful). Then mid-cycle (at 18 days after miscarriage/period began) I began to have black/brown/dark red blood for the past week. It is now 1 week before my next period is due and I am still having this discharge, there is no pain or odour.
    What would be causing this?
    Thank you for your time.

    • Hello, karenlbs.

      It is highly advisable for you to consult your doctor. Brown/dark red blood is a sign of old blood. You probably have some tissue remnants left in the uterus following the miscarriage, especially if you haven’t had a D&C done after the miscarriage. Your doctor might want to prescribe some medications or do a dilation and curettage (D&C) to remove any remaining tissue. This has to be done to avoid continuous bleeding and future infection. A follow-up is highly recommended 2 to 6 weeks following a miscarriage.

      Dr De Souza

  29. monics

    i’m a 33 years old woman with one child aged 9 yrs , i have had a white smelly white discharge immdiately my period ended on 25 days ago. what could be the course

    • Hello, monics.

      A smelly white discharge gives a clue of a vaginal infection, probably bacterial vaginosis or fungal infection. Do get a swab test done while discharge is still there.

      Dr De Souza

  30. Hi Dr,
    I had sex for the first time 4 days ago and now have quite a lot of thick yellowy discharge, which has been brownish but has now turned yellow. I also notice it when peeing. I also have occasional stomach cramps, and the discharge is a bit smelly! The sex was protected with a condom. Just wondering if this is my body cleaning up after sex or if it is something to sort out?
    Thanks :)

    • Hello, Anon.

      While yellow discharge gives us a suspicion of either chlamydia or gonorrhoea, accompanying abdominal cramps (typically on the lower abdomen) and foul smell give higher suspicion of gonorrhoea (a bacterial infection which targets the urinary tract and cervix). You might want to do a urine test for confirmation and treatment. Not to worry, though. Symptoms usually start 2 to 14 days after exposure, meaning that the infection, if any, is in its earliest stage and treatment will be much easier and cure will be faster.

      Dr De Souza

      • Thankyou for getting back to me, really helpful! The discharge has lessened now, and is now clear/white and the smell isn’t very noticable. I still have the odd stomach cramps and only really notice the discharge when trampolining or peeing! Will it continue to clear itself up or should I see my doctor?! Thanks in advance.

        • Hello, Anon.

          It is always best to see a doctor and get yourself tested to confirm the suspicion. If anything is detected, treatment can at least be initiated at its earliest stage. A piece of mind plays yet another role.

          Dr De Souza

  31. Dear Dr,
    The last couple of days I have noticed a change in my discharge. After my periods, two days later i noticed a slight different discharge, its brownish/yellowish but it has blood and smelly. I assumed it was probably a yeast infection and I got some meds for it, but the blood has continued, I am not in any pain but it makes me very uncomfortable, because it is watery, I have mt change my pants every now and then. I am so worried and I’m not sure what is worry with me, I haven’t had sex for almost 3 weeks (before or after my periods). Do you think I should go and have myself checked?

    • Hello, Mags.

      Brown discharge means old blood. This can be a sign of either infection (although rare) or can be merely due to remnants of menstrual blood (which is normally expected 2-3 days after menses). Yeast infection typically shows as white, thick, cottage-cheese-like discharge rather than yellowish/brownish discharge. Smell is another sign of infection. You might want to talk to your doctor about a swab test if your discharge continues more than 3 days after menses or worsens with itching or burning. It’s advisable to discontinue the medications you are taking for yeast infection until tests are done. If there is no yeast infection, continuing antifungals (medication against yeast infection) might alter the normal ‘good’ bacterial balance in the vagina which will, in turn, open doors to welcome other infections. So, it is best to do a test at your doctors to find out the main culprit of what’s causing your discharge before any treatment.

      Dr De Souza

  32. Miss Mimi Nigeria

    Dear Doctor,
    Lately, and this has never happened to me- I have noticed that my womanhood just gets wet for no reason. The discharge is clear, not smelly at all, no itching and yes I feel so sexually excited. I have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend… Do you think I could be pregnant?

    • Hello, Miss Mimi Nigeria.

      What you have just described is a typical feature of a discharge produced when a woman is sexually excited. This discharge is produced by what is called ‘Bartholin glands’ – a pair of glands located at 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock of the vagina as well as lubrication by the vaginal walls during sexual excitement. As long as there is no weird colour, no foul smell or no itching, it is normal for one to have such discharge. Though, this discharge is not a specific sign of pregnancy. If your periods are regular and you have had unprotected sex somewhere between the 10th and 17th day of your cycle, then you might want to get a pregnancy test done to check for pregnancy. Engorgement of breasts, morning sickness, brown spotting and bloated abdomen are some of the early signs of pregnancy.

      Dr De Souza

  33. Amanda

    I have a sometimes greenish dischage also sometimes brownish. I also have a lot of discharge and it’s has a bad smell. I don’t get any pain or itching at all but it concerns me because I can smell it and I’m afraid other people can a swell I also wipe down there a lot and when I wake up in the mornings lots comes out it’s quite watery help please

    • Hello, there, Amanda.

      Greenish discharge combined with smell and blood (which causes the brownish discharge) give us a suspicion of trick (trichomoniasis – a parasitic infestation). It is advisable for you to see a doctor and have a swab test done for confirmation and treatment.

      Dr De Souza

  34. Hello docs,
    I have Yellowish green discharge but I have no itching or tenderness. Also, my period is 2 days late. I’m a virgin so it’s not an STD but is it an infection?
    Should I go see a doctor?

    • Hello, Cathy.

      Seeing a doctor might not be necessary. A yellow/green discharge is usually related to STD (which you are very unlikely to have). In addition, STDs and infection usually cause foul smell and vaginal itching. A lot of women get confused between a normal vaginal discharge (ranges from colourless-white-beige) and those that are caused by gonorrhoea. Do, however, watch out for any weird/foul smelling discharge and burning sensation. In this case, a swab test done at the doctor’s is advisable.

      Do not worry about your late period. If it is regular, a late or early period by 2-3days after/before the expected date should be normal.

      Dr De Souza

  35. Hi Dr,
    I’m a 14 year old girl and I’ve never had any sexual intercourse. For about 6-7 months now, I’ve had a heavy, light yellow discharge. It has a foul smell associated with it. I don’t have any itch or discomfort whatsoever. What could be the cause of this?


    • Hello, Megan.

      You need not worry about it. If you have reached puberty within a year or two recently, then this should be normal. The body takes time to stabilize its hormones after puberty strikes. It may take a year or two before the hormones become stable. This will cause fluctuations in the characteristics of your discharge. Do see a doctor if discharge gets frothy and itching or pain starts.

      Dr De Souza

      • My discharge is sometimes white as well; it alternates depending upon where I am on the cycle. I’m worried I could have bacterial vaginosis?

  36. Nicole

    Hi I was on trifeme for 5 years but I stopped taking it a few weeks back for a week then I got my periods so I started levlen Ed on the sugar pills I took them for 5 days then had unprotected sex with my partner and about a week later I had bad cramps one night but didn’t last long only a few mins and I had this sticky looking clear discharge a few days ago.. I’ve been still taking my pill.. Could I be pregnant ?? I also had sex last night and today I had a bit of sticky discharge again..

    • Hello, Nicole.

      Since you have had sex after re-starting the pills, pregnancy should be of a slim chance. These birth control pills prevents the attachment of the egg to the uterine wall and thickens the cervical mucous, thus, making the sperms less easier to pass through. A clear sticky discharge is not a sign of pregnancy. This might be remnants of semen together with vaginal discharge during sexual excitation. You might want to get a pregnancy test done for confirmation. Although rare, birth control pills might cause yeast infection as a side effect. If discharge gets thicker and colour turns white with itching and pain, do talk to your doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  37. I’ll say as many others have, your advice is invaluable! Your time & care is greatly appreciated!!

    I’ll start with a brief history. I had a tubal 12 years ago. I’m married/monogamous, diagnosed with herpes 9 years ago (after 2 years of marriage, got it from husband). I’ve always had heavy, irregular periods & am 38.

    3 months ago I started having cramps very low in my pelvic area & a watery pink sometimes brighter red, very fowel smelling discharge that began a 2 or 3 days after my cycle stopped. It continued off & on until my next cycle & has continued sporadically since the inset. Even when there isn’t a noticeable discharge the odor is still present. We had sex a couple days ago when I thought things were ok & the odor was so bad I couldn’t continue. There’s no itching, burning, rash or pain with intercourse. However last week a lower back pain started in addition to the pelvic cramps. The back pain feels similar to when I had a miscarriage 14 years ago, yet not as severe.
    I’m a bit concerned about an std. However am hoping it’s an infection that just occurs naturally.
    I have an appointment with my gyno, but ilthe wait is driving me mad!

    Any help or questions I should ask my doctor is greatly appreciated!

    • Hello, Britt.

      Thank you for your feedback. We are more than happy to help out and educate the community as much as we can.

      You might be having some vaginal infection. Yes, traces of blood sometimes occur if there is an infection, but it is not a specific sign of any of them. Thus, it is hard to predict which. A swab test of the discharge is the best choice. Do get it done early. The pelvic cramps you have might be a sign of eiher pregnancy (if you have had unprotected sex and no birth control methods are practised) or spread of the infection. If you are planning to have a baby, a pregnancy test should be done before treatment of infections if any.

      Dr De Souza

  38. Kaylee R

    Hey, Doc,
    I’m fifteen, almost sixteen. I haven’t had my period for about 2 and a half years because of low hormones. I got blood tests and everything and they found out I couldn’t produce enough hormones to have a period. I took a pill a while ago, probably almost a year ago, and it didn’t help me, it just made me mad all the time. I got off that pill as quickly as the gynocologist said I could and haven’t had it since. But, just yesterday morning I got lots of brown and slightly red spotting in my underwear. Throughout the day, I had a little brown spotting here and there, but no more red spotting. Now, a day later, there is no spotting in my underwear, but there was a little bit of brown discharge when I wiped about half an hour ago and a little bit of brown things in the toilet, like yesterday, but way less and smaller. It almost looks like dust or dirt or something. Now there is almost no brown discharge and I’ve had virtually no cramps and have NEVER had sexual intercourse. What is going on? Am I having my period, or am I going to have my period? PLEASE HELP! I really want to know! I’d really appreciate your answers.
    Thanks for your time, and thanks in advance.

    • Hello, Kaylee R.

      The spotting and bleeding you are experiencing might be the start of your menarche (very first menstruation). Yes, difficulty producing hormones is the main suspect if menarche is delayed. You have, however, done a right decision in seeing your doctor early before you are 16. The spotting might be highly due to hormonal imbalance. This is a sign that your hormones are starting to balance themselves, but are still in confusion. It is highly advisable to kep a menstrual diary. You might want to repeat a blood test to see how your hormones are getting along. Close monitoring should be done by the doctor thereafter.

      Dr De Souza

  39. Hi! Im 22 years old and have a year and a half old son. Well almost two months ago i had a miscarriage and i still havent gotten my period. Now im having heavy whitish clear discharge. Almost filling up the whole bottom of my panties. I actually had just a few questions : 1. How easy is it to get pregnant after a miscarriage and 2. Is this normal to have so much come out of me? I am married and my husband and i do have intercourse on a regular basis.

    • Hello, erin.

      The discharge you are experiencing might be due to the reparation process of the uterus after a miscarriage. After a miscarriage, the womb tend to get inflamed as a defense mechanism, producing a number of white blood cells, mucus and epithelial cells which are then released as a whitish discharge. This should be normal. Do, however, talk to a doctor if discharge gets frothy and smelly. This may mean infection.

      It is advisable to wait for a few menstruation cycles after a miscarriage before you try for a baby again, preferably 2-3 cycles. Most women opt to wait for at least 6 months after miscarriage. This leaves the uterus time to repair and prepare itself for the next pregnancy. Waiting for a few months also decreases the chances of a second miscarriage.

      Dr De Souza

  40. payton

    well i have been having discharges for a week now each day it is a different color.The only colors i have is brown and different shades of white please help.

    • Hello, payton.

      A brown/white discharge may be normal or abnormal depending on the day of your cycle, regularity of the discharge and whether it is related to sex or not.

      A normal brown discharge is normal 2-3 days before and after menses. It happens as a sign of implantation bleeding as well if you have had unprotected intercourse somewhere around your ovulation period and your menses are regular. Infection can sometimes cause traces of blood in a discharge as well.

      In a normal cycle after menstruation, colours of discharge may range from colourless to white/beige, sometimes seen as light yellow depending on the day of cycle. Abnormal discharge (as a sign of infection) are accompanied most of the time by froth, awkward smell and vaginal itching and burning.

      Dr De Souza

  41. Dear Dr, I have been having a lot of dischatge lately. I was treated for BV twice but it doesnt seem to help. I have been tested for all STD’s and the results are all negetive. The discharge is clear and sometimes white, but it does carry an odor. What could the problem be? Could this be signs of cancer? I am only 31!!

    • Hello, nikki.

      I’m pretty sure it might be BV since you have had such episode previously without proper cure. This might be a second attack. A white discharge with odour is never a sign of cancer. Cancer, instead, shows itself as bloody discharge. You might want to get a swab test done for confirmation and proper treatment. A Pap’s smear is, however, recommended for women who have started intercourse.

      Dr De Souza

  42. Lindsay

    Dear Dr.
    Firstly I would like to say that I hope all is well with you and that I appreciate this service you are providing to the general public. A little background on me: I am a 22yr old and married w/ a 5mo old baby. I have only had one sexual partner in my lifetime, my husband (and the same goes for him). This past week I have been having unusual discharge. Some days it is tinged w/ blood, others it is more of a brownish color. It began two days after the last day of my menstrual cycle. Initially, I thought it might have been irritation of my cervix as my husband and I had sexual intercourse (unprotected) the two days following my cycle, but it has persisted. There is no bad smell, itching or redness, and I have been relatively pain free w/ the exception of a random, weak cramp here and there. Although I haven’t taken a pregnancy test, I do not believe I am pregnant as I did not note any cervical fluid on the days I had unprotected sex. Also, I did experience implantation bleeding w/ my first child and it was nothing like this. What is the likely-hood of me having cancer or an infection (I’ve never had either)? How much longer should I wait before going in to see my primary care provider? I am very concerned as I have never experienced this, but I would hate to go in if it’s nothing. Thank you in advance.

    • Hello, Lindsay.

      Thank you for your feedback. I hope our services help prevent most of our humankind from suffering in silence.

      As how your description goes, there are a few possibilities that can be predicted as a cause of the discharge. This might be as simple as mere irritation during sex, which causes slow bleeding, thus causing the discharge to fluctuate from red to brown. On another occasion, there might be a change in hormonal balance causing an unexpected spotting.

      Although there is a low chance of being pregnant since sex occurred 2 days after your last menses, this does not totally nullify pregnancy. Different pregnancies have their own different features although rarely. It is always safe to get a pregnancy test done for confirmation.

      Cervical cancer is also possible, especially if you are in your mid forties or have a family history of cervical cancer. If you are in either category, it is advisable to have a Pap’s smear done.

      Cervical polyp (sacs protruding from the cervical lining) is another possibility. This often accompanied by pain during intercourse.

      If you are on contraceptives, this might be a possible side effect.
      The best is to at least wait for your next menstrual cycle and see how it goes. Monitor closely and take note of any changes. If bleeding persists and worsens, see a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  43. Goodmorning Dr,
    I’m 30 yrs old, and I had unprotected sex with my partner a week ago, he ejaculated inside me the last time after we had sex about 5 times that day. I noticed a thick white discharge the next day and frequent urination. That day was the 14th day of my cycle. I’m wondering if I could be pregnant since my partner had already ejaculated 4 times before ejaculating inside me, and also what is the cause of the white discharge and frequent urination. I also have this tingly feeling on my vagina, like I’m horny.

    • Hello, Dumo.

      I’m afraid to say that there might be a very high chance of pregnancy in your case. If you are not on any birth control method, unprotected sex around the 14th day of your cycle is all it takes to get pregnant. Multiple exposure to semen just heightens the probability. The discharge you have might be due to ovulation. Frequent urination might be a sign of pregnancy. These might also be a possible sign of infection. A horny feeling increases suspicion of possible pregnancy. It is highly recommended to have a pregnancy test done for confirmation. If negative, get a culture done to exclude any infection.

      Dr De Souza

  44. Hey Doc, i need help because my period ended 2 days ago and it started last thursday, but i’m having like pink discharge, help. and i am not sexually active

    • Hello, Liz.

      This is probably remnants of menstrual blood. This is normally experienced 2-3 days after menses end. I would advise you to monitor your discharge closely. Unless bleeding prolongs or intensifies, you need not worry about it.

      Dr De Souza

  45. OMG...

    The other day i had sex and it was protected until the condom broke now My virgina is itchy and there is a runny discharge but its grey what could this be?

    • Hello, OMG.

      This highly suggests bacterial vaginosis. Get a swab test done and antibiotic therapy initiated. Abstinence from sex is advisable for the meantime.

      Dr De Souza

  46. tnspebblez88

    I think im preg but not for sure. I did a home insemination where I injected sperm in me. Its been two weeks now. I’ve been having stomach pains towards the middle of my stomach, bad bad headaches,been very very tired and sleepy, breast was really hurting only one times,breast have gotten bigger than usual then at 8 and 10dpo pinkish discharge and at 12dpo brownish discharge. After one wipe the discharge will go away.could I be preg im so confuse

  47. tnspebblez88

    And also I have been thirsty more than ever. I have very
    Irregular periods it comes on like every 2 to 3 mos not every mos like it suppose.
    Im just hoping all this isnt in my head cause I really really
    Want to be this will be my first if I am. All my preg test keep
    Coming up neg that y its confusing me.

    • Hello, tnspebblez88.

      This is a combination of signs that you might be pregnant. Blood pressure usually rises to help push blood to the forming placenta which might be the cause of your headaches. Meanwhile, your breasts prepare themselves for lactation. Breast pain is also common at PMS which, in both cases, due to hormonal changes. The discharge you are having is most probably implantation bleeding. Implantation may sometimes cause cramps. These are typical signs of pregnancy. So, yes, you might be pregnant. The previous pregnancy tests, if done with urine, might be too early. The earliest a urine pregnancy test detects pregnancy markers is about a week after a missed period. Since your periods are irregular, a blood test would be a good decision.

      Dr De Souza

  48. Hi Doctor,

    I’m 23 Years old just had my first child about 5 months ago. About 2 months ago my OB told me that I was hpv+ and ascus high risk. I used a vaginal gel that she prescribed to me that I used for 5 days 2 times a day. Lately I’ve been having pelvic pain constantly accompanied by a clear and slightly whitish discharge. Its egg yoke consistency ( odorless). I exclusively breastfeed my daughter and use no birth control. Just wondering what this might be. Thank you

    • Hello, Edith.

      Your discharge described sounds like a normal vaginal discharge women have. Your pelvic pains might not have any relation to the discharge. HPV infection does not produce any discharge. Though, it is advisable for you to see the doctor regarding your pelvic pain. You might want to check for any abnormalities of the cervix and do a repeat Pap’s after 6 months from the last Pap’s. HPV draws our attention to progressing cervical cancer, so this should be ruled out. There is no need to worry, though, as chances of a cervical cancer in a 23-year-old is not high. Young women tend to clear off from HPV on their second or third Pap due to strong immunity.

      There are many other reasons behind a pelvic pain. If it is close to your date of menstruation (a day or 2 before menses), it is normal if pain precedes. A normal pelvic pain can sometimes be felt during ovulation as well if you are ovulating. Other reasons related to the female reproductive system includes adhesions in the pelvis, infection of the ovaries or Fallopian tubes, fibroids and menstrual abnormalities. Strong infections of the vagina and the cervix may also be felt as a pelvic pain.

      Other reasons which are not related to the female reproductive system are pain caused by the urinary bladder (e.g stones), bowel (e.g irritable bowl syndrome) and appendix (appendicitis) to name a few.

      Do talk to your doctor for a thorough check-up.

      Dr De Souza

  49. Tina904

    On the 14th of july 2012 I took the morning after pill, but then it was a massive mistake because we do actually want to have a child now. Then on the 21st of july 2012 I had my period for 6days and then I had unprocted sex 3days ago on the 26th of july 2012 and on the 28th I had some really red discharge… Please help :(

    • Hello, Tina904.

      Morning after pills usually cause unexpected spotting/bleeding for some time and should normalize after 2-3 periods. Do monitor the pattern of discharge. If bleeding is accompanied by sharp pelvic pain/foul smell/vaginal itching or it still perists after 3 menstrual cycles, talk to a doctor. He/she might advise you to do a swab test (if there are signs of infection) or hormonal blood test if necessary.

      Dr De Souza

  50. HI Dr.
    I m a virgin of 30 yrs of age. I had a red discharge(spotting) on 10th day of menses. My periods are normal & on time. Is it serious & any indication of cancer?

    • Hello, Pia.

      At the age of 30, I would suggest you to do a blood test to detect cancer markers to be on the safe side. However, if your periods are regular, this might sometimes be a sign of ovulation (although rare).

      Dr De Souza

  51. Hi dr.
    My periods lasts for only 1st 3 days.& frm more than last 10 yrs, I got blood-clotting in my menses. I’m 30 yrs old virgin, often do masturbation. Also, from last 3 months,my lower tummy & breasts gets increased, before that I had a super-slim tummy.Is this serious & how can I flatten my tummy again.Also,is there any danger of having cancer or any other problem if I remain virgin for lifelong & only involves in masturbation with myself.Can anyone get pregnant by mere doing masturbation also?Plz help me at the earliest.

    • Hello, Pia.

      Blood clots in menses should be normal. Weight gain has various causes related or unrelated to the female reproductive system. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of a few examples which causes weight gain. But this is usually accompanied by irregular or suppression of menstruation (menses becomes very seldom) and male type hair growth. Exercise and a healthy diet is the best way to keep fit.

      No studies have proven that masturbation affects the health of one, and NO, it will never cause pregnancy as long as there is no contact with semen. Remaining a virgin, on the other hand, may cause some health problems in older age such as breast cancer, fibroids and hormonal imbalance to name a few. For example, studies have shown that pregnancy and childbirth have an indirect protective effect against fibroids and breast cancer.

      Dr De Souza

  52. Ashcott

    I am 27, and had a hysterectomy in Jan 2011, as treatment for cervical cancer. They removed my cervix and uterus, I still have both of my ovaries. Everything has been fine since the hysterectomy no complaints. I have had light “normal’ discharge, but for about the last month off/on I have been noticing a light brown discharge. My cancer doctor released me back to my normal OBGYN, but I’m not due to see them until Oct. I wasnt sure if this is something I needed to bring to their attention before my Oct. appt….any thoughts on this or cause for the change in color?

  53. Ashcott

    I should have mentioned that I was not having the “light brown” discharge when seeing the Cancer doctor. So they are not aware of it either.

    • Hi, Ashcott.

      When hysterectomy is done with removal of the cervix, a surgical stump is formed by sutures replacing the cervix. In your case, you might want to check with your doctor regarding bleeding or infection of the stump formed before checking for any other causes. Spread of cancer is possible, but rare after a total hysterectomy. Your doctor might want to do an examination to exclude this. Other causes might be lacerations of the vagina after rough intercourse or vaginal infection.

      Dr De Souza

  54. Hi, I am having a white cheese like discharge, at times it may be yellowish green. I an having a bad asking of pain in my vaginal area. The pain is even worst during sex.

    • Hello, Honey.

      These are very typical signs of a fungal infection. Do see a doctor for a swab test and some antifungals. Meanwhile, you might want to apply some anti-histamine or lidocaine gel you can get from the pharmacy to soothe the itch.

      Dr De Souza

  55. Hi i am 19 and i am sexually active. Well not so active. I have had yellowish discharge with itching in the clit area. But i dont really fell the burning when im peeing. It does have odour but i myself dont know if its a foul smell or not. Thought of consulting a doctor but i am afraid of the result. Any advice on this?

    • Hello, 19.

      A yellow discharge with itching might be a sign of gonorrhoea, but this is usually accompanied by burning during urination. If you have had protected sex, chances are low. Though, studies show that 50% of women do not encounter obvious symptoms when infected with gonorrhoea. A gonorrhoea PCR test is best done for confirmation.

      Dr De Souza

  56. Anne F

    Hi Doc!

    A few weeks ago I was fingered roughly and two days later I had a burning sensation that came on AFTER I urinated and wiped myself. The burning is not as bad now but still there. However, I have also been having excessive watery white/grey discharge that has NO odor but does seem to irritate my vagina. It seems to feel worse at night. Could this be BV even though there is no smell?

    • Hello, Anne F.

      Vaginal irritation and greyish discharge is enough a combination to suspect BV even without smell. This might be a mild one. It’s advisable to get a swab test done for confirmation and treatment.

      Dr De Souza

  57. Stephanie S

    Hi doc,

    well I had unprotected sex two days ago & it was my first time as well . The next morning I see a yellow discharge . Is that normal ?? I’m pretty scared .

  58. Stephanie S

    It’s doesn’t smell btw

  59. Stephanie S

    Well it’s more of a darkish beige, sorry !

    • Hello, Stephanie S.

      A darkish beige discharge is a typical feature of BV. This can appear as early as 12 hours after exposure. It is advisable to get a swab test done and antibiotic treatment started for you and your partner. Abstinence from sex for the meantime is recommended until treatment (a 2-week treatment) is complete.

      Dr De Souza

  60. I have one sexual partner and we have unprotected sex often. We haven’t used a condom in almost a year. He doesn’t complain of any itching or burning or pain. We went about a month or two without sex and then I developed this thick white, chunky discharge like a yeast infection with a fishy odor once or twice. Since I’ve had these symptoms for about a month, I remember twice where the discharge was like a light green color, but usually is either thick and white creamy discharge, or clumpy white discharge like cottage cheese. We’ve had unprotected sex a couple of times since then and when we’re done he has this chunky white discharge on him. I am worried about the two times where it was green after I’ve showered. I don’t have any abdominal pain, slight itch, no burning or frequent urination. Just the discharge. What could this be?

    • Hello, Telly.

      As for the white clumpy discharge, this is a very typical sign of yeast infection. It is advisable to see your doctor to start some antifungal treatment.

      A green dishcarge, on the other hand, likely suggests gonorrhoea. Since there is no other gonorrhoea symptoms, a test is best done for confirmation.

      I would recommend you to abstain from sex for the meantime until the treatment course completes.

      Dr De Souza

  61. brianna

    my period usually stays on for 3 to 4 days, however it stayed on for 4 days and i spotted for 3 days. about 3 or 4 days after my cycle was over, i had unprotected sexy. 2 days later had somewhat of a yellow slimy discharge, it was very little. when i got up this morning the same thing happened…”

    • Hello, brianna.

      A yellowish discharge might give us a clue on a gonorrhoea infection. If so, I would say that your symptoms are still mild to totally predict the culprit. More severe symptoms are burning pain during urination and pelvic pain. You might want to get a swab test done for confirmation after which an antibiotic course will be administered.

      Dr De Souza

  62. Hey doctor,

    I haven’t had sex at all (still a virgin) but about 5 weeks ago, my boyfriend fingered me and there might have still been some sperm on his hand. He rinsed and wiped his hands before fingering me though. 2 weeks later, after that incident, my period came. And it lasted 6 days, as it normally does. During the last two days though, there was slight light brown discharge (which I assume is normal) and then it stopped.

    However, yesterday night, about 2 weeks after the end of my period (it came on the 13/7), I masturbated and had some light brown discharge afterwards. This morning too. The discharge is light brown in colour, gooey, and isn’t particularly smelly or so.

    Is this anything to worry about? I can’t be pregnant, can I? Since my period came even after that incident and the timing isn’t right for any implantation bleeding. My period is due to arrive in about 2 weeks too. Is this somehow related to ovulation? Since I am in the midst of my current cycle now.

    • Hello, Jenn.

      Fingering with a hand which is rinsed after being in contact with semen has a very very low risk of pregnancy, close to zero.

      When menstruation happens, this proves that you are not pregnant, so it is definitely not implantation bleeding. Typical features of discharge during ovulation are colourless with egg-white consistency (stringy) and sometimes (rarely) spotting. Since the discharge appeared somewhere in mid cycle, this might most probably be due to ovulation. The gooey consistency might be a result of streaks of blood mixing with ovulation discharge.

      So, you don’t need to worry. Do, however, continue monitoring your colour and consistency of your discharge.

      Dr De Souza

  63. I have been having some reddish brown discharge for the last few days and I haven’t had a full on period since June. I had sum spotting in the middle of July. I am currently on Ortho Evra and have been for 8 years. I had unprotected sex about two weeks ago it wasn’t full on sex though just a little penetration that lasted a few seconds and I decided to stop. I know I am not pregnant because I had an ultrasound today for sumthing unrelated but I mentioned to the doctor what was going on. She said everything looked normal the lining wasn’t abnormally thick just to wait it out. I haven’t had itching, odor or pain other then sum slight cramping. My periods are usually very regular and this isn’t normal for me. What could it be? STD? Infection? Should I see my reg Gyn about it?

    • Hello, Shay.

      The symptoms you have does not typically suggest infection and doesn’t nullify it either. This might be a side effect of the contraceptives you are taking which sometimes cause unexpected spotting. Do monitor the discharge in your next few cycles (3-5 cycles). If spotting persists throughout, or lasts for more that a few days, do talk to your doctor. He/she might want to check for any lacerations of the vaginal wall, cervical polyp or infection.

      Dr De Souza

  64. Stephanie S

    It is the 3rd day & now when I wake up it’s white w. clear . My period ended Last tuesday

  65. I have been ttc for 7 months. This month I had watery (almost sperm like) discharge 2 days after intercourse and roughly 5 days after ovulation. Could there be a specific reason for this?

    • Hello, Tif.

      Although an increased white/colourless watery discharge (also known as ‘white flow’) is not a specific sign of pregnancy, there are reported cases that women who are pregnant experience such discharge in early pregnancy. When one is pregnant, an increased amount of such discharge is produced due to high levels of oestrogen at pregnancy. Oestrogen increases blood supply to the womb and vagina and the vagina produces extra discharge. In addition, the cervix prepares itself by producing more mucus to form a plug to protect pregnancy. You might want to confirm with a pregnancy test.

      Dr De Souza

  66. i have been having a thin white discharge and some abdominalpain what could this mean?

    • Hello, td.

      If your periods are regular and this happens on 2 weeks before your next expected period, then this is a sign of ovulation. Ovulation can sometimes cause lower abdominal pain in some women.

      Dr De Souza

  67. Hello dr.
    I am really hoping to get some kind of answer. I am 20in years old i have had 4 sexin partners only. Me and my fiance were trying for a baby we had a eptopic pregnancy th ree months ago. Well about two months ago i was discovering pain during intercoarse the outside of my vaginal hole was red and tender. I also bleed everytime i had intercparse. I let it go and dealt with it. Kuly 2nd i went to my obgyn and had gotten tested for clamodya i was clean.. i also had a strong fishy odor and white dishcharhe on my bf shaft after sex i had bv and took flagyl i was also not having good bowl movements so the rectum was pushong up un my vagina so i take powder stuff in my drinks and got put pn birth control for 15you days to thicken my vaginal lining which caused the full out blood everywhere during intercoarse. I took the flagyl three times a day it went away but its two weeks later amd ots back again.. it itches and smells .. could my foance and i be passing an infection back and forth?? I also had spotting realy loght a week ago.. we been trying for a baby or could it be i stopped with the 15drama day nirth cpntrol? Please help me

  68. Sorry for the misspelling. Also could i be allergic to his semen thats when stuff starts going wrong. After sex im in secere crampy pain too

    • Hello, lovely.

      Yes, this is a typical sign of BV recurrence. Your partner might be having the infection as well, which explains the recurrence. When there is infection, vaginal walls tend to swell. They become sensitive and bleed easily (especially with irritation during intercourse), which might be the reason why you are spotting. This may sometimes lead to pelvic cramps. It is best to get it cured before conceiving. Infections often cause weak pregnancies. Do get your partner tested and treated as well. Abstinence from intercourse is highly recommended until treatment is complete to avoid spread of infection.


      Dr De Souza

  69. Hi doc.
    Im 20 my fiances 27 i have pain and excessive bleeding during intercoarse and was itching and had a strog fish odor.. i took bc for 15 days to thickin the lining of my vaginal walls and was prescribed flagyl for my bacteriosis.. but its been two weeks and its back. Can woman live with that for the rest of there life? Is it possible to pass infection to my partner? Is that why it may be back. Im free of stds. Also is there such thing as a woman being allergic to a mans seman? We have been trying three years for a baby no luck. I know its not him he has 5to kids with his ex.. so its me. But the gyno says everything looks normal overies cervix everything…

    • Hello, shawna.

      Bacterial vaginosis is of course curable with antibiotics such as Flagyl. Recurrence may occur due to variable causes. Low immunity, low hygiene and sometimes can be transmitted repeatedly by one’s partner if he is not treated (it is possible to pass the infection to a partner and condoms do not always prevent the transmission). In your case, your partner might be having the infection too (most men do not experience any symptoms). It is advisable to get your partner tested as well.

      I have never come across anyone who has an allergy to men’s semen so far. But, of course, in medicine, everything is possible. The itching, however, is due to the BV you are having.

      As for conceiving, if your periods are irregular, then this might be the cause. Irregular menstruation is commonly caused by imbalanced hormonal levels. You might want to have your blood tested to see if your hormones are okay.

      Dr De Souza

  70. Doc? U answer everyones? But mine. Also can o ho yo the gyno while on my period

    • Hello, shawna.

      Since you are seeing your gynae regarding an abnormal discharge, it is best to see him/her after your periods. This makes it easier for your doctor to see the discharge and examine the vaginal walls.

      Dr De Souza

  71. abbyluv

    I had miscarrige in Nov n had a d&c from then I ve been having my menses for 5dys and 6 day brown discharge in apirl they found a polyps less than 1cm and they had a hyrestoscpy and took it out the next month my menses did the same thing the Dr end up giving me birth control pill and it help cos together it lasted for 7day but 3days later I eat a chocolate chips cookie and I saw blood again they did biopsy and everything was negative also did hormonal text n everything is normal but yet my mense is not coming out normal wht is happening to me pls

  72. jazmynn123


    I had unprotected sex 18 days ago. I had it various times throughout the course of 2 days. My last period started on the 1st of last month, and I got off of birthcontol over 6 months ago but it caused my perriod to start near the end or the beginning of each month. But im suppose to start my period in 4 days. On the 5th of this month.
    But I was just wondering if it was possible for me to have started feeling pregnancy symptoms by now. I have been having to go poop and I’ve been gasy alot but i’m just assuming that’s because i’ve been eating a lot more then usual

    • Hello, jazmynn123.

      Yes, you might be having early signs of pregnancy. Having unprotected intercourse close to your ovulation heightens the possibility. Though, it is not yet a good time to conclude that you have a missed period. You might want to monitor your next menses closely. Tender boobs, increased white watery discharge, frequent urination and vaginal spotting are some of the many early signs of pregnancy. You can refer to the article on to further understand what happens at early pregnancy. A pregnancy test is advisable a week after your expected period (i.e. the 5th of this month).

      Dr De Souza

  73. abbyluv

    I m 28yrs thx Dr wht is the next step do u think I take

    • Hello, abbyluv.

      This might be a side effect caused by the contraceptives you are taking. These pills usually give unexpected spotting as the body tries to regulate the hormonal balance. If you are taking progeterone-only pills, this might be a very likely cause as progesterone thins the uterine lining, thus, lessening menstrual bleeding and, in some cases, menstruation can sometimes disappear entirely. In such cases, you might want to try taking each pill at the same time everyday to obtain a stable level of hormones. It is advisable to monitor the pattern of your menses closely for a few more cycles. You might want to keep a menstrual diary so as to get a clearer picture. If menstruation is still irregular/absent, talk to your doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  74. Hi I am 26 have had three c sections and during my last I had a tubal where they clampt my tubes well my worries are big unprotected. Sex happened. Once I had an STD check that came out normal thow it was done only a week after. Well my issues. Are vagina fluids I had white discharge thick then pinkesh n I noticed. Last time I pee’d yellowish with pink I only see it when I wipe. Should I be worried what is this… I also. Wonder is it possible it could be cancer down there. Help please.

    • Hello, aimee.

      Since you have had your tubes ligated, menstruation tend to become irregular and unexpected discharge comes in the way. Infection, on the other hand, is not totally excluded. You might have had the STD test done after infection has resolved.

      Cancer also gives pink/bloody discharge. A Pap’s smear, at the moment, is the best thing to do to exclude this.

      There is also a probability that there is an inflammation of the ligated tubes which might cause slight bleeding; thus, the discharge. This is suspected if the operation was done recently. Watch out for pelvic pain and increasing abnormal discharge.

      Dr De Souza

  75. Hello Doctors,

    I’m on birth control, and I had last week what I think was a period on the last day I felt extremely dizzy and nauseous to the point where I had to lay down. It went away in about 15- 20 min. I had intercourse with my fiancé and everything was fine until this past Monday the same feeling happened again at work but this time I actually vomited… Then I felt fine again… The next day I had a very small amount of a pinkish white discharge no odor or other symptoms… Can I be pregnant?

    • Hello, Lynn.

      Unless you are not taking contraceptives regularly, there is a slim chance of pregnancy. These symptoms are typical side effects of the birth control, and this might be the cause. Birth control also causes unexpected spotting as a side effect. Do monitor the discharge. If spotting persists and side effects worsen, talk to your doctor. He/she might want to replace your contraceptives with one which is more suitable for you.

      Dr De Souza

  76. Hi Doc,
    I had my mense on 15 July. My mense are quite regular, with 27/28 days cycle.
    So, I am expecting my mense to be ard 12/13 Aug. But on 30 July, I noticed brown discharge. The next day it didn’t appear, so I brush it off as old blood.
    But on 1 Aug and 2 Aug, it came again. Its not heavy, just spotting.
    Should I be worried?
    Hope to hear from you.

    • Hello, carol.

      If you haven’t had any unprotected intercourse in your mid-cycle, such discharge might highly suggest ovulation. Although rare, ovulation does cause spotting in some women. This should subside after a 2-3 days. If it still persists throughout your cycle, do talk to a doctor. Hormonal imbalance might be a possible cause. Watch out for increased bleeding, foul smell, different unusual colour of discharge, vaginal itching and pelvic pain, all of which may suggest infection.

      Dr De Souza

  77. Hi doc,
    I’m 19 and I’ve been on the nueva ring for about 2 years… My periods have always been irregular my whole life, I don’t always change the nueva ring after 3 weeks, I just wait until I get my period and them after my period is over I will change it.. Sometimes I go 2 months without having a period and then my period will last about 2 weeks.. My period just ended 4 days ago, (after being on it for 2 weeks) during my period my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex in the shower, we always have unprotected sex tho.. But the 2nd day after my period ended I had a really water brown discharge with no odor, but I have been kind of cramping and now I’m having a really thin, cloudy white discharge.. I have 2 cysts on my ovaries.. I was wondering what’s causing the unusual discharges and if my cysts or irregular periods could keep me from becoming pregnant?

    • Hello, CS12.

      A brownish discharge 2-3 days after your periods should be normal. This is old blood (thus the brown colour). After menstruation, there will be a bit of blood left in the uterus and this is released as a brown discharge.

      Unless there is itching or foul smell, a thin white discharge should be normal after menstruation. The vaginal walls and cervix secretes some discharge to ‘clean off’ the vagina from dead cells and bacteriae, keeps the vagina moist and lubricated and maintains the pH of the vagina. This shows as the discharge you are experiencing. NuvaRing increases the amount of this discharge.

      Leaving the ring for 3-4 weeks will still protect you from pregnancy. However, leaving straight for 2 months will reduce the hormonal contents in the ring and contraceptive effects lessen. Pregnancy might be possible in this case. Pregnancy is not totally impossible if there is sex during menstruation. You might want to run a pregnancy test at home for confirmation.

      Dr De Souza

  78. Thank you so much!! I was worried!!!

  79. Hello Doctor

    I went off my cycle two days ago. My boyfriend and I tried to have sex a day after but I could not get aroused so we used a lubricant. I went to the doctor today for my annual and everything was ok. she prescribed a medicine for an yeast infection but I notice before I took the medicine that I am having a brown-ish discharge. Is there anything to be worried about?

    Hope to hear from you soon..
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello, nicole.

      It is too soon to worry about the brownish discharge. This is normal 2-3 days after menses and should subside thereafter. If spotting persists for more than 5 days, do talk to you doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  80. Hi doctor,

    On the last day of my period I had unprotected sex. I took the morning pill the next day. A week later I had another period that lasted 6 days. I’ve been having abdominal cramps and an egg white like discharge. Is there any chance that I could be pregnant?

    • Hello, amanda.

      The risk of pregnancy is very very low if sex happened on your last day of menses. If your periods are regular and your menses before sex lasted for approximately 7 days, ovulation is too early to have occurred then and pregnancy is unlikely. Since you have taken the morning after pill, this makes the risk even lower. The 6-day menses you had after taking the pill could be the side effects. Emergency contraceptives may cause what is known as progestogen withdrawal bleeding if taken before ovulation. If you have abdominal cramps and discharge somewhere around the 14th day of your cycle, ovulation might have just occurred.

      Dr De Souza

  81. Hi Doctor,

    On the 18th of May I had unprotected sex with my, now off, partner. On the 23rd of May- I went to get a full STD swab test and was given the morning after pill Ella. All of my results came out negative, and the arrival of my period about three weeks later signalled that I was not pregnant either. However, about a week after my last period which finished on the 17th/18th of July- I have had constant spotting. It started off as slight pink discharge, however has become a bit heavier since then. I have noticed a small amount of reddish/pink blood present in the mucus discharge. A panty liner is more than sufficient, however upon wiping I can tell the discharge is a bit heavier. I have no other symptoms; no itching or foul odour. My question is whether or not I should be concerned? About a year ago, after a full STD test- I was told that I have endometriosis, however after doing further readings, have discovered that it is not possible to diagnos endometriosis by a simple STD swab test?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Hello, Jemma.

      If bleeding continues to increase and haven’t subsided, it is advisable for you to see a doctor. There is a very slim chance of endometriosis if red discharge is the only problem.

      Of course, a simple swab STD test is not a direct way of diagnosing endometriosis. However, your doctor might have done it to exclude any STDs instead of diagnosing endometriosis. This is preferably done to avoid misdiagnosis.

      Unless the lesion is examined with the eyes, having only reddish discharge which increases by the day might not confirm endometriosis. Pelvic/back pain and heavy bleeding during menses, painful intercourse and during exercise are some other symptoms. Red bumpy spots can be directly seen on the vaginal walls during examination if endometriosis appears on the vagina. This might have led to your doctor’s diagnosis. Colposcopy and ultrasound confirms this.

      Other possibilities of increased vaginal bleeding are cervical polyp, inflammation of the vagina/cervix, hormonal imbalances and can also be as simple as injury of the vaginal wall. Do watch out for pelvic pain, pain and bleeding during sex and heavy menstruation.

      Dr De Souza

  82. Hey, im cutrently being trested for bv clindsmycine vaginal.. im having watery clear discharge comming out sometime a fecent amount is this normal.. i have jad cysts in past

    • Hello, amy.

      A watery colourless discharge should be normal unless it causes itching and burning sensation. Cysts have no direct relation to vaginal infection.

      Dr De Souza

  83. Lilly47

    Hi Doctor,
    My period ended on Tuesday the 31st. It was a regular period and started on the day it was supposed to, since I’m on birth control and its always the same, and it lasted for 5 days. Since its ended, I’ve noticed a light brown color on my toilet paper within my urine and only after wiping. Its also not always present. I am sexually active and extremely worried of what this could be… I took two pregnancy tests, both in which were negative, but I’m extremely scared that they could be false negatives. I could be extremely paranoid, in which I am but I just want to know whats going on. Please help

    • Hello, Lily47.

      As long as you are taking your birth control medications regularly, your risk of pregnancy stays very low. On the other hand, since your periods are regular, there is a slim chance that ovulation has occurred and pregnancy is impossible.

      If there is brown discharge the next day after your period ended, this should be normal. Brown discharge right after periods mean that remnants of old menstrual blood is being discharged. This might take 2-3 days and should normalize thereafter. Consult a doctor should the discharge prolong more than 5 days.

      If you have just started birth control, the chances of unexpected bleeding may sometimes occur temporarily as a side effect.

      Unexpected spotting might also be due to a slight hormonal imbalance, when oestrogen becomes more, or progesteron lessen for an unknown reason. However, if it causes prolonged/heavy bleeding or happens on a regular basis, this should be a concern and a doctor should be consulted.

      You might want to do a blood pregnancy test to at least have a peace of mind. Blood test, compared to urine test, is more accurate in earlier stage.

      Dr De Souza

  84. Hey doctor,
    I had unprotected sex a few days ago and since then i have been having a yellowish discharge with slight spotting. There is no pain or odor associated with it! What do you think the problem may be?

    • Hello, Lisa.

      If you have had unprotected sex on around the 14th day of your cycle and your periods are regular, you might want to have a pregnancy test done. Pregnancy is possible if this is the case.

      A combination of yellow discharge and spotting is not enough to predict infection as a likely cause. However, there are some women who have infection and stay on without any symptoms. Yellow discharge might suggest gonorrhoea. Although rare, spotting is also a sign of infection. Do watch out for additional signs such as pain, vaginal itching and smell. If discharge worsens or prolongs for a week or so, get a swab test done.

      Light spotting might also be caused by injury of the vaginal walls after rough sex. Consult a doctor id symptoms worsen.

      Dr De Souza

  85. Okay dr.desouza I had a miscarriage last month and after my first period I began to discharge greyish yellowish with a foul fishy smell I had no pain or anything its been going on for about five a week.

    • Hello, Dai.

      Bacterial vaginosis is highly suspected in your case. A miscarriage, especially if proceeded with D&C, raises the risk of infection. Do consult a doctor for treatment before infection spreads. Five weeks is quite a long wait I should say.

      Dr De Souza

  86. hey doctors ,
    my bf fingered me last sunday i think he had dirty hands . the night on that day my stomach was hurting and my legs was crampping me . the past 8 days ive been haveing uncomfortable abdominal area it feels like im on my period but its due on the 21st plus my back and hips ankles legs been hurting . two days ago i found out i had milky liqiuod whit discharge . now i have a yellowish clumpy discharge is this normal ? but do i have a infection im worried ?

    • Hello, Haley.

      Having fingered with dirty hands heightens the suspicion that you might be having an infection, either BV or fungal. Your abdominal cramps, if lasted only a day or two, could be due to ovulation. If it lasts longer than a week, then it might be due to the infection if you have any. You might want to run a swab test to confirm. Do watch out for vaginal itching and worsening of the discharge.

      Dr De Souza

  87. Hey doc,
    I ve been on the pill for w couple Last Sunday I kind of had sex first we used a condom and it hurt to the point that I had to stop. Literally 3 minutes. Then for like 2 minutes we didn’t use a condom but he was no where near coming and we stopped rite after. The next day I wiped and had blood when I went to the bathroom. 3 days later I started getting dark brown discharge when I wiped and I wear a panty liner. Could I be pregnant?

  88. Months*** Or is it breakthrough bleeding?

    • Hello, Dee.

      If your periods are regular, sex happened somewhere around the 14th day of your cycle and there was penetration or contact with semen, then pregnancy might be a possibility. However, either vaginal lacerations or cervical polyp are of greater suspicion since you had painful intercourse after which there was bleeding.
      Vaginal lacerations might occur when vaginal walls are a little dry and friction happens. Rough sex also contributes. A cervical polyp, on the other hand, might show off as bleeding, pain, white/yellow discharge after intercourse and sometimes heavy menses.

      You might want to do a home pregnancy test to exclude pregnancy. If bleeding persists every time you have intercourse, prolongs or pain worsens, do consult a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  89. im 20, i have brown dicharge 2-3 days before my period all the time is this normal i also had unprotected sex on july 30th and i was ovulating and 3 days later i had greyish discharge can i be pregnant it has no foul oder or burning so when can i take a test thanks.

    • Hello, tina.

      A regular brown discharge 2-3 days before periods should be normal. As you are approaching your menses, there are changes in hormonal levels which might cause a little blood to be released before stabilizing during menses.
      An unprotected sex up to 3 days before or after ovulating still makes pregnancy possible. However, it has nothing to do with a grey discharge. If the discharge is of egg-white consistency, this might be a sign that you’re ovulating. If it causes itching, burning and has a foul odor, then it is advisable to consult a doctor. This strongly suggests BV.

      Do have a pregnancy test done for confirmation. Meanwhile, watch out for signs of itching and foul smell.

      Dr De Souza

  90. Hey doc,
    I ve been on the pill for a couple of months. Last Sunday I kind of had sex first we used a condom and it hurt to the point that I had to stop. Literally 3 minutes. Then for like 2 minutes we didn’t use a condom but he was no where near coming and we stopped rite after. The next day I wiped and had blood when I went to the bathroom. 3 days later I started getting dark brown discharge when I wiped and I wear a panty liner. Could I be pregnant? Or is it breakthrough bleeding? I get my period in 10 days.

    • Hello, Dee.

      Please refer to my reply to the comment you have posted earlier. Additionally, a 10-day period should be normal. You might want to get a pregnancy test done once your period is missed, for it is too early to have it done now. In the meantime, do watch out for breast tenderness, morning sickness and other early signs of pregnancy. Vaginal lacerations or cervical polyp might be more of a suspicion.

      Dr De Souza

  91. Special One

    I had a hysterectomy in 2010 and have suffered with dryness since then.. Recently I have become more sexually active and have notice that after my sexual intercourse with my boyfried I become irritated & red down there. I also will have a thin yellow discharge no oder at all… I will also go through a little spotting as well.. I can say that when we are intimate we normally a little rough and we have sex about 3 – 4 times in one night… WHat could be causing these issues..

    • Hello, Special One.

      You seem to have either an infection of your post-operative wound or vaginal lacerations. These two may cause inflammation and redness, and when it gets infected, the vagina tend to let out a yellowish discharge with streaks of blood as a defense mechanism. Since you have had a hysterectomy, a doctor’s check-up is highly recommended to exclude any tear or infection of the wound.

      Dr De Souza

      • someone

        Hi Doctor, I am a 47yrold woman and suffer from very heavy periods to the point of giving me anemia. I also have fibroids. I have an ovarian cyst which I was told is normal and not to worry about that. My concern is after this one heavy flow this month I have a slight sickly headache and feel woozy… more than usual, even when I take my iron pills. (2 a day) I now have been getting a clearish non smelling liquid after this particular period almost everyday since just coming off my period. Is this normal and could this be related to feeling sickly and a headache each morning after my heavy period?.

        • Hello, someone.

          The intensifying headaches and weakness might mean that you may need a higher dose of iron pills. Sometimes one tend not to notice that the amount of menstrual bleeding increases. This may lead to a more severe anaemic state. This is about the best time for you to consult your doctor and to have your medications adjusted. The clear discharge you experience after a heavy period might be mild inflammatory fluid which may be caused by strenous cramping of the uterus during menstruation. Do see your doctor before symptoms worsen.

          Dr De Souza

  92. samantha

    Hi Dr, I am going to be 20 this month. I am not on borth control, havent been for about a year. But For a while now I have had irregular periods. My cycle has gone from 19 day, next month 24 days, next month 21 days,next month 28 days, and bac to 19 the next. I was do suffer from yeast infections and BV often. Can me not taking care of them right away affect my cycle? Or what can be making my periods like this?It is just totally off course.

    • Hello, samantha.

      An advanced Happy Birthday to you from all of us at Dr Tan & Partners!

      If you were referring to the length of your cycle, then this might mean that your hormonal levels are imbalanced making your cycles go haywire. You might be having what is known as ‘dysfunctional uterine bleeding’ – a condition when menses become irregular due to unknown reasons which may lead to hormonal imbalance. This happens when ovulation and uterine lining growth are not proportionate to each other, which makes bleeding independant of ovulation.

      Irregular bleeding might also be due to STDs, often more serious ones such as chlamydia or herpes. BV and yeast do not often cause irregular periods.

      Cervical or uterine growths (e.g. endometrial polyps, cervical polyps, fibroids) can also cause irregular bleeding. These are normally accompanied by pelvic cramps during menses, bleeding and pain after intercourse and sometimes intermenstrual bleeding.

      Endometriosis may be another culprit. It is a condition where endometrial lining at sites other than on uterine walls. Common features are prolonged, heavy and sometimes painful menses.

      DUB, in your case, is most likely a cause. As for the infections, it is rarely related to irregular menses. Treating it at its earliest, however, is good to prevent spreading of infection. Do talk to your doctor regarding your menstruation. A blood test is advisable to see how your hormonal levels are. He/she might want to prescribe you some hormonal medications if necessary.

      Dr De Souza

  93. Lovely1

    It started last month with my menstrual lasting for eight days. This is a problem because this unusual for me. My menstrual cycle was only 3 to 4 days for as long as i had a period. I will be forty this year. My concern is this month my boyfriend and I had intercourse well two days later I thought my menstrual was about to start because when i wiped there was a light pink. Mind you I had some discharge dark brown in color and a little fishy yeasty odor. When I peed some blood released and a small amount of clotting. Now its four days later and I have not had a menstrual yet but i still have the pinkish color with a thick mucus discharge when I wipe. My pad has a blackish tent like dried blood but it’s a small amount. I also have small red bumps on the lips of my vagina that a bit sore. What do you think is happening?

  94. Lovely1

    Hi doctor,

    Sorry I did not speak.

    • Hello, Lovely1.

      Normal menstrual bleeding takes about 7days +/- to clear off. The 8-day menstruation you have had for the fisrt time last month might be due to a slight hormonal imbalance. However, if this repeats for the next 3 periods (i.e fluctuates from 4days to 8days and then again back to 4days), hormonal imbalance might still be the possible cause, but it is advisable to check for any cervical polyp or endometrial polyp. Your doctor might want to do a blood test to check your hormonal balance as well as a blood count and check for any signs of polyp.

      As for the pinkish discharge, a foul odor is a typical sign of infection. This might affect the lip surrounding the vagina an cause inflammation seen as bumps. Do have a swab test done and get some treatment. You might want to apply some antihistamine gel you can get at the pharmacy to soothe the vulval pain.

      Meanwhile, do continue monitoring your menstrual cycle.

      Dr De Souza

  95. Im 24 and i had an iud put in a year and a half ago after having my second child. I had went about six months without a cycle. About a week ago i started spotting dark brown would go away for day or two and start again. But now for two its been more often and more at a time. Its gotten so thick that when i feel i have to go clean it cause it doesnt absorb into my liners. There is no smell though. Im cramping and feel the need to throw up.

    • Hello, Sarah.

      IUD causes a variety of side effects. Some of the typical ones are heavy bleeding, weight gain, crampings and acne.

      As IUD contains hormones, these might cause some hormonal imbalance in the body resulting in bleeding or spotting. Spotting when using IUD may also give us a clue of infection if pelvic pain arises. Foul smell might also follow.

      Do consult a doctor if nausea and cramping gets worse, or foul smell is noticed. Your doctor might want to run a blood test to see if everything is okay.

      Dr De Souza

  96. Hi Doctor,
    I’m 19 , an me & my fiance have been trying To conceive for the last five years and currently still trying but , out Of the years Of trying never any luck. My doc said I’ve had multiple cyst On my overies since I was 15 an tht I have less chance Of conceiving. I’ve had numerous excrutiating stomach pains during my periods tht would cause me To faint, dizzy, unbearble pain, blackout, ect. I dnt have regular periods at all, nor do I take Birth control anymore. But for the last two yrs Or so I get the stomach pains without being On my period an have no idea wats causing the pain, I recently switched my doctor.. an the told me tht I don’t have multiple cyst anymore only one But Its gone an tht they are not sure what’s causing my pain, they said tht I could have the hpv viruis/cervical cancer an tht their going To do test for Its.. also, I have been discharing abnormal, I discharge every single day, sometimes more than I should an Its usually clear But when Its more frequetly It swhite and thick sometimes Its clumps up. I thought discharge was normal, But I’ve been disharging everyday for bout five Or so years now. Wat should I do? Do you kno wats wrong?
    Thank you in advance,

    • Hello, Rae.

      You might be having either an infection or endometriosis. The latter is more of a possbility.

      Endometriosis is the growth of uterine lining cells outside the uterus. Growth (seen as red spots) can be found on various sites, namely vaginal walls, cervix, ovaries, intestines or urinary bladder. Heavy and prolonged menses with severe pain, sweating, chills, nausea and fainting are some of the signs. This is one of the very typical causes of difficulty conceiving.

      Fungal infection causes clumpy white discharge, usually foul smelling, but doesn’t cause irregular menses unless the infection is severe. Severe infection may crampings, fainting, sweating and fever if infection has already spread upwards to the uterus and tubes. But this is unlikely in your case as infection of such type is usually an urgent case which might take you to an emergency unit right away.

      Since you have been experiencing these above symptoms for almost 5 years, it is about time you see a doctor to check for endometriosis.

      Dr De Souza.

  97. Dear Dr,
    Found some white cheese like discharge from my wife’s vagina from last 2-3 days.While doing the intercourse she is having a burning sensation, but she is not having any pain/itching/any bad smell for the discharge.Also be informed 3 days back we used some normal cream as a lubricant.Iam worried, pls advise us it should be consulted to a gynecologist or advise us with any medicine/preventive measures. Tankx

    • Hello, Alia.

      These are very typical signs of fungal infection. Miconazole or tioconazole cream twice daily combined with antihistamine cream might be effective (you can get them at any pharmacy). Strict personal hygiene is highly advisable. Abstinence from intercourse should be exercised until your wife is totally cured to prevent any spread of infection.

      Consult a doctor (a GP will do) if symptoms persist or worsen for more than 2 weeks for proper antifungal therapy. There is no necessity to visit a gynecologist at this time unless symptoms worsen, pain is felt constantly in the vagina or the lower abdomen and treatment show no effect.

      Dr De Souza

  98. Hi Dr.,

    I have had a cottage cheese looking discharge with no itching, burning or odor for about 2 weeks now and just used Monistat 1 cream on Sunday. My question is how long will it take for the discharge to go away?

    • Hello, JoJo.

      Cottage-cheese-like discharge is typical for fungal infection. The time taken for any infection to subside depends on the type and efficacy of treatment, level of immunity and many more. If this prolongs for more than a month, see your doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  99. Dear doctor,

    Im 33yrs of age. I didn’t have any sex activities for four years now. Recently i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for 3 consecutive days (once daily since aug. 4-6). After having sex last aug 6, i noticed after a few hours or so i have a vaginal discharge of yellow in color. My usual vaginal discharge prior of me having sex is clear or white in color. Yesterday it was still the same, a yellow vaginal discharge slight thick in consistency but does not have any foul smell, no burning sensation during urination, no itching but i frequently urinate.. My urine is clear although after i urinate i see a yellow discharge when it joins my urine it turns out to be cloudy..Now my vaginal discharge is still yellowish in color but not that thick in consistency still there is no pain, no burning sensation, no itching whatsoever…just yellow vaginal discharge.. Should i be worried? Do i have infection? What medication should i take? Or do i need to see an ob-gyne? By the way, i should have my period on the 10th of aug. I have a regular 28 days menstrual cycle. Will i be pregnant? Need help.. Any info/ advice will be helpful…thanks in advance!

    • Hello, March.

      If such discharge lasted for 2-3 days and clears off, this might be normal seeing to the fact that you haven’t had sex for four years. Having sex after a long time might cause slight inflammation of the vagina and white blood cells are released which may be seen as light yellow discharge.

      However, if discharge becomes thick and clumpy with foul odor and you start to experience lower abdominal pain, vaginal pain, sore vaginal lip, bruning sensation during urination or symptoms prolong for more than a week, do consult your doctor. This might be a sign of either gonorrhoeal or trichomonal infection. Medication for infection depends on the culprit. It’s best to do a swab test at the doctors and treat accordingly. If you are experiencing vulval/vaginal pain or itching, these might be relieved by applying anti-histamine or lidocaine gel you can get at the pharmacy for the meantime.

      Dr De Souza

  100. HI I’m 25 and I ‘ve been having clear watery discharge before and after my menses and occasionally in between. I know clear discharge is generally normal, however it is quite fishy scented recently and I’m worried. I’m sexually active, but use protection. I also have an IUD (mirena) and am not sure if that may have something to do with it, when I first got it installed it really changed the scent of my vagina but wore off after a month. I have no itchiness or burning during urination although I do occasionally have mild uterine cramps in between menstruation.

    • Hello, Misty.

      A clear discharge should be normal. When the vagina clears off dead cells and bacteria, it shows as clear discharge. Since you have an IUD inserted, this will cause slight inflammation of the uterine lining (slight swelling) and discharge will be released. This is a normal reaction. Uterine cramps are one of the most common side effects of IUD, so there’s no need to worry.

      However, if discharge turns smelly and cramps intensify, do consult a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  101. hi Dr,i gave birth 7 month ago through a c-section and since i resume my period i have being leaking a watery yellowish discharge wish makes me use 3 pantie liner a has no smell but just that a day to my period it is heavier.THANKS!

    • Hello, Bongo.

      Since you have had a c-section done, your uterus tend to swell up and white blood cells are produced as a reaction to the swelling as well as to the post-surgical wound on the uterus. This might be the cause of the yellowish discharge. This is known as ‘lochia alba’ (purulent inflammatory fluid). However, this should subside a month or two after the operation. Sometimes it may happen that there is an excessive flow of this fluid. This might be a sign of infection or probably the womb is not healing properly. It is advisable for you to check with your gynaecologist regarding this situation since 7-month post-caesarian is quite a long wait.

      Dr De Souza

  102. Stephanie

    Hello, so I have been wondering if this is normal or not. I have just finished my period only two days ago and as soon as I finished it I have been having a yellowish brownish colored discharge. Normally this would not bother me but it also has the odor a bit like rotten potatoes? I’m not sure what the odor is but that is what it smells like to me and it was quite strong the first day. It has lessened today but I also have what feels like ovary pain on both sides as well as being more emotional than normal. This is the second period I have had this…it feels as if I am ovulating but it’s only two days away from my last period. I’m not 100% sure if the pain is in fact coming from my ovaries but the pain feels about right and is located in the right spots. I have never had sex and have not changed anything really diet wise or hygiene wise. I also do not douche or do anything that I feel would mess with my natural cleaning…I’m just unsure if I should see a doctor.

    • Hello, Stephanie.

      The symptoms you have described are typical signs of infection. Infection can sometimes present as streaks of blood, which would give you the brownish discharge. Which infection, however, is not yet clear until a swab test is done. You might want to talk to a doctor as pain in the ovaries might mean that the infection has started spreading. Although rare, infection can happen even without having had sex. This is triggered when the number of normal ‘good’ vaginal bacteria lessen and defense in the vagina becomes poor. It is advisable to see a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  103. Mahleeah

    Awhile back i had unprotected sex with somebody 4 times over the course of a month and hes the only person ive been active with in over a year. A few weeks later i realized that after my period something was unusual. My discharge was white and frothy and had a foul smell to it I started researching and thought maybe i had trichomoniasis but i had no burning, swelling, or itching and my discharge wasnt yellowish or green and after about 5-7 days everything went back to normal so i put it off. I just recently came off my period a few days ago and realized that again something isn’t right however this time the discharge is VERY light pink it has an odor to it but its not nearly as bad as it was the last time its barley noticeable this time and again there is no burning, itching, or swelling. I talked to another person i know he had been sexually active with before and after him and I had sex and she said shes noticed nothing different. Could this be trichomoniasis or am I just worrying to much?

    • Hello, Mahleeah.

      Yes, frothy discharge either white or green may indicate trick infection (trichomoniasis). This is usually accompanied by vaginal itching, burning or pain. The typical frothy discharge and foul smell, however, makes trick infection the main suspect. The pink discharge you had the second time is typical bleeding/spotting which can also occur at any infection. It is highly advisable for you to see a doctor to start a course of antibiotics/antiparasitics. Do abstain from sex for the meantime to prevent spread until treatment is complete.

      Dr De Souza

  104. I have yellow discharge no itching it does not smell and I had a doc look inside and he could not see anything no bump lumps or even the yellow discharge. ALthough when I first spotted the discharge I took a mirror to look down there and almost seemed as if I had to strain a bit for the yellow to come out could this be an infection in my ovaries or higher up.

    • Hello, kris.

      Do not worry. This might be a normal dried discharge. Many women are confused between a normal discharge and one that is caused by infection. A normal discharge is white or colourless which looks light yellowish when dry. An infected discharge, on the other hand, looks very yellow, sometimes green with foul odor and sometimes itching and burning sensation in the vagina. Reddening of the vaginal walls is seen on examination. Infections which happen in the ovaries or higher up may cause pain as a typical sign and rarely cause discharge unless infection has originated in the vagina and spread upwards. This is almost always accompanied with sharp pain in the lower abdomen.

      See a doctor once you experience smelly discharge, sudden change in the colour of the discharge and vaginal itching or pain.

      Dr De Souza

  105. Hi! I’m a 39 year old mom of 3. Complete hysterectomy with removal of cervix and ovaries 5 years ago, and am on estrogel. I started noticing a change in color in my vaginal discharge to a yellow/green. Went to the dr. and she took swabs, and all came back negative. The discharge persisted with itching. Went back, my ph levels were a 7, so I was treated orally. The discharge never went away, and went back again and got vaginal cream. She did tests, did a pap, took swabs, and performed a pelvic exam, and all came back negative, and I just had a pelvic CT scan a few months before, and all came back clear.
    I felt fine when using the vaginal cream, then about 5 days after last treatment, large amounts of green discharge appeared in the mornings. I just did another treatment of flagyl vaginal cream, about 3-4 days after last treatment, the discharge reappeared. Mostly larger amounts in the morning, and minimal during the day (small to nil amounts). There is no pain, no smell, and no discomfort except for the fact that I am very annoyed. I read this is a common side effect of the cream, and am just wondering if I am ‘normal’.

    • Hello, Jane.

      Yellow/green discharge with persistent itching, a pH level higher than normal and effective antibiotic treatment are typical signs of infection, most probably bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis. Results of the swab test you have done might either be false negative or done at a time when the infection was least active. You might want to talk to your doctor about prolonging the course of treatment to 14 days or replace with stronger medications. Do go for regular check-up to ensure that the surgical stump of your vagina is healthy.

      Dr De Souza

  106. pavi
    AUGUST 10, 2012
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    ma gf had her dates on 24th july to 27th july and we had a little intercourse due to ma fault during her 14th day , that’s the day of her ovulation. i had ma sperm coming out but i was dressed completely and i did not remove ma pant when ma sperm came out. i was fingering her a quite a lot times but i am sure that i had no pre-ejaculated sperm in ma hand. but later i touched her vagina with ma pennis in a standing position, the sperm was semi dry i guess, but not sure. i am not sure whether i inserted into her vagina or not because i dint feel anything. i just guess that i rubbed her outer vagina with ma pennis. and for now she says that her CM ( CERVICAL MUCUS )is not flowing from her vagina as before. i’m more worried that why is her CM not being as before??????? IS THERE ANY CHANCE OF MA GF GETTING PREGNANT??????? I DON’T WANT HER TO GET PREGNANT, BECAUSE SHE IS JUST 18 AND ME 19……. MORE WORIED DEAR DOC. PLEASE DO HELP ME OUT AT THE SOONEST AS POSSIBLE…….

    • Hello, pavi.

      Cervical mucus flows out naturally once a lady is ovulating. This happens to ease the flow of sperms into the uterus. In most women, ovulation happen around the 14th day (e.g 1-2 days before or after the 14th day) rather than sharply on the 14th day every month. If she haven’t noticed any cervical mucus yet after intercourse, there is a possibility that her cervix is still plugged when intercourse happened. This, however, does not nullify her chances of getting pregnant as sperms have a lifespan of 3-5 days in warm and moist environment (i.e. in the vagina). A pregnancy test is highly advisable for your girlfriend. A blood pregnancy test may help if you are very worried. Watch out for any nauseousness or breast tenderness. Be more careful in future and always have protection whatever the situation is if pregnancy is unwanted.

      Dr De Souza

  107. BBJones

    Hey Dr.

    Well my periods are very irregular since i can remember. Im more worried about my white thick sticky discharge its clumpy too no foul odors. I had sex 2 days ago and Im worried. Ive only got one ovary and my fiance always pulls out before he ejaculates. I was wondering what the discharge is?? Is is serious or something I shouldnt worry too much about. I work alot and Im worried something is wrong. THanks BB

    • Hello, BBJOnes.

      Normal discharge can vary from a paste-like sticky texture to clear watery. If you are experiencing one which looks like cottage cheese in appearance, this would probably mean yeast infection. However, this is frequently accompanied by vaginal itching or pain and foul smell. Unless you have these symptoms, you need not worry. You can also get a swab test done for peace of mind.

      Dr De Souza

      • hi doc,
        you can call me Flower, me and my fiancé making love at least three times a week. sometimes he used condom sometimes not. the other day, I shaved my vagina and noticed that the opening of my vagina and the the inside is white color. I have a discharge and it’s clear to white color.. it’s odorless but itchy. I’m not so sure if because of the growing hair or really itchy. now I’m a lil worried about mine if what is happening..can you please help me about this matter. thanks..

        • Hello, Flower.

          While infection can be a cause in your case, vaginal itching is commonly present on the inner vaginal walls rather than the hairy parts. Vagina is limited to its opening, whatever is beyond that is better known as the vulva. Shaving the vulva can also cause itching and irritation if it is too dry. You are right, growing hair can cause itching but should subside after a few days. Do not scratch. Keep the area clean and some moisturizing cream might help. If itching becomes intense and more felt inside the vagina rather than at the opening, do consult a doctor for proper treatment.

          Dr De Souza

  108. Hi Dr,

    Your site is awesome and very educational in terms of helping women who had a problem!!! =)

    I want to share my situation to you Dr. and also to your follower…

    I have a PCOS and taking provera and metformin for about 5 months and everything is normal, I had my period every month without a delay. This month Auugst 11, I was so worried that I had this brown discharge to think that my period will be on 27th of August, is it possible that I am pregnant?

    Thank you so much!!!!


    • Hello, anna.

      Thank you for your feedback. We are doing our level best to contribute and help others.

      If you have had unprotected sexual intercourse somewhere around the 11th of August, then there is a chance that this is an implantation bleeding. However, other possible causes include ovulation bleeding (which happens rarely) and breakthrough vaginal bleeding as a side effect of provera.

      It is best that you have a pregnancy test done. If positive, immediately inform your doctor as this medication is not recommended during pregnancy.

      If negative, then this might be either ovulation bleeding or breakthrough bleeding. Continue to monitor the pattern of your menstrual cycle. Keeping a menstrual diary might help. However, watch out for early pregnancy signs closely and repeat a pregnancy test.

      Dr De Souza


    I have a foul odor/white discharge coming from my vagina and it is also accompanied by cramps I haven’t yet received my menstral cycle yet and I am not on any kind of medications. I am 21 years old and it’s kind of embarrassing because my brothers say I smell like cream cheese :( I shower on a regular/daily basis and I powder my pooch as well. I don’t know what is going on if you can help me please and tell me what is going on I will appreciate it. Thanks

    • Hello, VIRGIN GIRL.

      This is a common sign of infection, most probably yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. If discharge is clumpy resembling cottage cheese, then antifungals are what you need. If discharge is slimy and does not clump, this might probably be a bacterial vaginosis which can be relieved by a course of antibiotics. You might want to apply some metronidazole (antibiotic) cream twice a day. If symptoms persists for more than a week, talk to a doctor. Stronger medications might be prescribed and swab is preferrably done.

      Dr De Souza

  110. hi .. doc i am worried about the yellow discharge at my liner 4days ago .. and now i have some spot of bleeding after i urinate..

  111. me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex,but i’m using a pills since 8 months now.

    • Hello, april.

      A yellow discharge may indicate gonorrhoea infection. A trick infection (parasitic trichomoniasis infection) is also possible, but the former seems more of a probability since you’re experiencing bleeding after urination. Frequent urination is another sign. Since you are on pills and taking them regularly, you need not worry about pregnancy. However, a visit to the doctor’s is advisable to have a swab test done and start treatment at its earliest stage. Watch out for other symptoms such as lower abdominal pain and pain during urination.

      Dr De Souza

  112. Hi dr. I have some ?’s. I had my period 21 days ago and during my mid cycle day 13-16 I always have a lot of clear discharge but this month none. And I just feel pregnant have nausea, very tired tender swollen breasts, areolas are darker and just have that feeling I’m pregnant. My pregnancy test was negative I took 3 days ago. Could I be pregnant?

    • Hello, Lisa.

      If you have had unprotected sex around the 13th to 16th, then yes, pregnancy is possible. Plus, darkening areolas and swollen breasts are typical signs of pregnancy. Absence of plenty clear discharge is not a sign of pregnancy. The test you have taken might have been a little too early to detect pregnancy markers. Do repeat the test after 2 weeks.

      Dr De Souza

  113. Hi you are doing a great job. May GOD bless you.
    I also have a question I am 24 years old i had my first baby 2 and a hlf months ago. I had an emergency c-sec. What I want to ask u is last month I had periods twice like 1st one on 10 of July and second on 30th of July. Now I dnt know when to expect my next period? Secondly on 10 Aug when I was expecting my period I started having white coloured odorless discharge which I think was normal but now since yesterday I have been feeling period like pain with colorless and odorless discharge. Is there anything wrong? Plz do reply

    • Hello, Sawi.

      Thank you for your kind feedback.

      Since labour happened recently, your womb is undergoing repair and your body is re-balancing your hormonal levels. During this time, your periods are expected to be irregular for several cycles. Most women should expect regular menses 8 to 10 weeks after labour. So, it is very difficult to predict when your next menses will be. Keeping a menstrual diary might be helpful. Since you are 2 and a half months post-delivery, your menses should start to be more regular and you may expect your next menses to be somewhere around early September.

      The white discharge you had should be normal if not accompanied by any vaginal itching or foul smell at the time. The colourless discharge might be a sign of ovulation. Remember that at this period of time, a woman can ovulate even without periods, especially when she breastfeeds. So monitor the pattern of your menses. If pain persists or increases, you should talk to your doctor to exclude any infection of your post-operative wounds. Have yourself regularly examined to see how well your wounds are healing.

      Dr De Souza

  114. I’m 16 and for as long as I can recall I’ve had an ongoing persistent discharge which is usually fairly runny and whiteish-clear but can be white and thick aswell. I did take some thrush treatment a while back but it didn’t seem to have any lasting effect. This may sound weird but I hope its an infection and not normal because I want to be able to get rid of this! Such a pain. What does it sound like to you? Also I forgot to mention it does itch sometimes..but only sometimes. Thanks.

    • Hello, Her.

      This might be frustrating for most women. But the very last thing to do is to hope that you’re unhealthy. Although infection may sound common and easily treated, there are always risks of spread, recurrence, ineffective treatment and other complications that may lead to unwanted results. However difficult the situation seems to be, remember that being healthy is always a blessing to every individual.

      Every woman has different hormonal levels. Some may have more hormones which may cause abundant flowing discharge which might change at different days of the cycle. As long as the regularity of menstruation is not affected and there are no weird bleeding/spotting in between cycles, this is considered normal. However, if itching persists or increases and discharge worsens with foul smell, becomes really clumpy or there is any weird change in colour, do talk to a doctor. Infection might be possible then. You might want to have a swab test done for peace of mind.

      Dr De Souza

  115. Jennifer


    My boyfriend fingered me last week (his hands were clean) and in the two days or so after I had some white discharge (looks normal and doesn’t smell. No pains or anything). It didn’t appear after those two days. Then he fingered me again this weekend (again clean hands) and I’m having the same discharge. Should I be worried or see my doctor about this?

    • Hello, Jennifer.

      You need not be worried for as long as there is no vaginal itching, pain or foul smell. This might just be a normal discharge, especially after sexual stimulation.

      Dr De Souza

  116. Doc, I am a nearly married woman, two days after finishing my menstruation I have started discharging some colourless fluid like water.I am becoming worried if this can be the symptom of any condition that will prevent me from becoming pregnant when am ready to do so. Please help me.

    • Hello, Dor.

      There is nothing to worry about. This should be normal. If your periods are irregular, this can also be a sign of ovulation when plugged mucus from cervix are released as clear fluid to allow sperms through during intercourse. This can also happen when one is sexually aroused. It can also mean that the vagina is releasing unwanted dead bacterial cells while cleaning itself. In some women, different hormonal levels might cause discharge to be more watery or sometimes less watery. Unless discharge is foul smelling, causes vaginal itching, spotting or changes to a weird colour, this should be a picture of health.

      Dr De Souza

  117. Sorry, I mean a newly married woman

  118. Worried ger

    Hi Dr,
    I need your help. I have been encounter with greenish discharge on and off.. Thick and have a “fishy” smell. No pain when urinate, this discharge will occur when I took medicine like pain killer or flu tablet. Will last few days, I have UTI and yeast infection before but I also have unprotected sex all time. It is a case of STD? I am worry, do help.

    • Hello, Worried ger.

      I’m afraid to say that this might be an STD. This typical picture indicates either trichomoniasis (a parasitic infection) or gonorrhoea (bacterial infection). Both are transmitted sexually. Not to worry, though, as this should be a mild infection and can be easily treated. It is advisable to have a swab test done and an antibiotic treatment started at the doctor’s. Abstinence from intercourse is highly advisable until treatment is complete.

      Dr De Souza

  119. HI, AM worry i just had my period..And on the last discharge it was brownish Gray.
    It was itching while the discharge was coming out.. i have this tiny bumps in my vagina hole they not paintful neither itchie…until now that i had my perioud. They told me it wasnt warts. But the bumps still there for 7 months already. I had unproctected sex.
    And right the next day the bumps came out. They tell me its normal but its been 7 months
    That happen.. can youtube please tell me whats going on.

    • Hello, brenda.

      If these bumps are located at 5 or/and 7 o’clock of your vagina, then this might probably be a Bartholin cyst (a clogged up Bartholin gland). Bartholin gland is situated at these two locations. They are responsible for fluid secretion at sexual excitement. Once clogged, continuously secreted fluid tend to accumulate inside the gland and this becomes a cyst which grows. This is more noticeable after sexual activities when the glands become active. In most cases, these cysts subside spontaneously. Some do not and long standing cysts which does not subside might get infected and turn to abscess.

      The greyish discharge and itching you had is a typical sign of infection (most probably bacterial vaginosis). Vaginal infection can cause the vaginal walls to swell up. This might have caused swelling at this opening of the Bartholin glands which, in turn, caused the clog. You might want to apply some anti-histamine or lidocaine cream to soothe the itching for the meantime.

      Another cause of vaginal bumps (with no special locations as that of Bartholin) is syphillis which is soft at touch, clogged sweat glands (happens on the hairy area) or genital herpes (blisters which might burst an become an ulcer), all of which are low possibilities in your situation.

      It is advisable for you to see a doctor to exclude any serious conditions since it has been 7 months which is quite a long wait. A Pap’s is advisable too.

      Dr De Souza

  120. I’m 25 years old and In March I had an ectopic pregnancy. I was 5 weeks pregnant (my first ever pregnancy) and ended up having to get surgery. Fortunately the damage to my fallopian tube wasn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be so I didn’t have to have it removed.
    I recently messed up on taking my birth control and stopped for the month so I can start a fresh new pack the Sunday after my next period. Well my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex Friday (Aug 10) and Saturday (Aug 11). My period was on July 14 – 20 then had another one from messing up my birth control from July 27 – aug 1.
    It’s now Aug 15th and I am noticing a light pink discharge when I urinate. What could this possibly be? If it’s a possible pregnancy, should I be worried about another ectopic? That was the scariest experience ever and I don’t want to go through that again.

    • Hello, KK.

      Since you have lost count of the sequence of pills you should take, ovulation period is quite difficult to predict. though, there is a chance of ovulating somewhere around the 10th when you have had intercourse. A pink discharge might mean Implantation bleeding. This, however, stays unclear since there is a lost of count of your menstrual days. Your chances of another ectopic pregnancy is estimated to be around 10%. Fortunately, studies have shown that 90% of women who have had their first ectopic pregnancy conceived normally thereafter. Recurrence also depends on the treatment of the previous ectopic pregnancy.

      Monitor your menstrual cycle closely and, at the same time, watch out for early signs of pregnancy. Get a pregnancy test done at least 2 weeks after possible conception. If results return positive, consult a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  121. Ashlynn

    Hi Dr.

    10 weeks ago I gave birth to my first baby(all natural, vaginally). 5 weeks postpartum my bleeding (lochia?) had lessened to a very light brown discharge, and then from there a watery, slightly yellow and sticky discharge that I am still having. I am breastfeeding and I’m 22, and there are no signs of infection. I feel fine, no itching, burning or horrid smell, and everything down there feels fine, except for the annoying watery discharge. They checked me at my 6 week postpartum appointment and said everything looks great. Is this watery discharge normal? I did have a brown discharge again for 3 days just this last week, but it stopped and I have watery discharge again. I am just curious if it is normal and if it will eventually subside. Thanks

    • Hello, Ashlynn.

      This is normal pattern and characteristics of post-partum lochia (inflammatory fluid). Your uterus is undergoing repair just fine without any signs of infection. The repeated Brown discharge you had for 3 days should be normal since the uterus is trying to ‘clean up’ itself slowly after labour. The brown discharge means there were still remnants of old blood being discharged. This is a stage of ‘lochia alba’, when dishcarge becomes yellowish and stays watery until around 2 months post-delivery. Watch out for prolonging lochia. If this does not subside 3 months after delivery (i.e. early September), consult your doctor to see if your uterus is healing well. Periods should resume around 3 months after delivery since you are breastfeeding.

      Dr De Souza

  122. Hi Dr.Tan,

    First of all thanks for this amazing page.. it is really insightful to read all the cases and your comments about them.

    So my bf and me had unprotected sex 15 days prior to when my period was due. One day before my period was due i started having a slight colorless watery discharge which then developed into a slightly yellow discharge. i haven’t been urinating much more than often but am sure drinking much more fluids than before. am already 12 days late and the discharge is fainting away.

    we are not really looking to get pregnant now as we are still not ready. may you please help me ? am i pregnant or not ?

    P.S: so far i didn’t show any pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness or tenderness in the breasts or anything.

    Please help ….

    • Hello, KKK.

      Thank you very much for your kind feedback and support. We are more than happy to help our fellow mankind to better understand health issues.

      If your periods are regular and you are not on any contraceptive methods, unprotected sex somewhere near the 14th day of your cycle is all that it takes to get pregnant. Thus, since pregnancy is unintended, a pregnancy test is highly advisable whether or not there are signs of pregnancy. A yellow discharge is not a specific sign of pregnancy. However, at pregnancy, yellowish vaginal discharge happens and increases. Thus, this might indicate pregnancy depending on its character. Again, if your cycles are regular, a 12-day delay of menses should be considered a missed period, one of the typical signs of pregnancy. Get a pregnancy test done. Talk to a doctor for some helpful advice if you are too worried. It is always best to exercise protected intercourse if pregancy is not part of the plan yet. Continue to look out for early pregnancy signs in the meantime.

      Dr De Souza

  123. Ada Shi

    Hello Dr.,

    I am 2 weeks pregnant, but a few days ago i suddenly started bleeding. It wasn’t like dark red or clotted or anything, not like what other women on other sites that I’ve read have described. There was no pain, and it only lasted for that day. Before that, I had a pinkish discharge for a few days.

    Is it possible that I may be at risk of miscarrying?

    • Hello, Ada Shi.

      This is most probably implantation bleeding since you are only 2 weeks pregnant. Implantation bleeding usually subsides after a day or two and does not repeat itself. However, if you experience continuous recurrence of bleeding, increasing in amount of blood, lower abdominal or back pains, visit a doctor immediately. These are typical signs of a threatened miscarriage (meaning miscarriage may happen if left untreated). Try to have a lot of bed rest for the meantime.

      Dr De Souza

  124. Hi Dr. I had my first child in Feb 2012 and went to the doctors last week b/c I found something hanging down there. Dr. said I have a cystocele and also a mild bacterial infection. The day after I started the metronidazole for the bacterial infection I got my first menstural cycle. I was surprised, since my baby drinks only brestfed (mostly pumped b/c i work). My menstrual cycle ended 3 days ago and now I have a little bit of a pinky cottage cheese like discharge!! Could I have a yeast infection now, afer the bacterial? How crazy is that?!! Should I go to doctors again? Can’t believe all this stuff happened in the last 2 weeks. Thanks for your help.

    • Hello, Viv.

      Yes, it does sound crazy to have a yeast infection directly after a bacterial one. Believe it or not, this is possible. In fact, antibiotics can sometimes welcome fungal infection. This is the very reason why a swab test is best done before prescribing any treatment to confirm the culprit of an existing infection. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the vagina should have a normal balance of good bacteria to defend against any infections be it bacterial, fungal or parasitic. Antibacterial medications can sometimes attack this good bacteria, a condition which welcomes fungal infection. This can additionally be contributed by a pH level lower or higher than normal, a poor immune system, poor personal hygiene or spread of infection from a partner.

      Breastfeeding does not totally cease menses. It only delays the first post-delivery menses by a few months. So this should be normal.

      It’s best for you to visit your doctor to run a swab test. Necessary treatment can then be initiated. Try to abstain from intercourse until treatment is complete. This helps to avoid spread and further recurrence of infection.

      Last but not least, remember that everything is possible when it comes to health. So one has to expect the unexpected.

      Best regards,
      Dr De Souza

  125. Hi,

    Here’s my situation I’ve been having some itching “down below” since the8th. My period came on the 9th a day late and I used tampons which I never do. My period was really light and ended the very next day at the same time it started. I was spotting for a day. After that I had really bad intense itching both anal and outside but inner lips vaginally. I had sex on the 3rd or 4th. Anyway I have used tea tree oil 2nights ago and the itching has calmed down since. I’ve taken 2pregnancy test one when my period ended 24hrs after it started it was negative and the other tonight negative as well. I’ve been having some watery discharge that has at one point in time soaked through my pants. From watery it has turned to this yellow tint foul smelling discharge. It isn’t strong but at times if I’m kneeling down (I work In a hardware warehouse) I can smell it through my clothes. I called my doctor and spoke with a nurse and she said it sounds like a yeast infection.

    Help. What do I need to do from here? I’m taking a 3day equate monistat brand to see if that will help.

    • Hello, Tika.

      This sounds like either a bacterial vaginosis or a trichononiasis infection. Discharge at BV is typically thin, watery and greyish in colour with foul smell but can sometimes show a yellowish hue. Trichomoniasis has a strong fishy smell with discharge varying from greenish to yellowish in colour. Froth is another typical character of the discharge. You might want to apply some metronidazole cream and antihistamine vaginal gel for the meantime. Tampons by themselves increase the risk of infection since they are directly introduced into the vagina and should, therefore, be avoided. The spotting you had might be caused by the infection itself or due to hormonal imbalance. However, if this comes with recent unprotected intercourse and menstrual delay for more than a week, pregnancy should be suspected. Since you have had intercourse way beyond your estimated ovulation period, your chances of pregnancy is quite low. A pregnancy test might be useful for a peace of mind.

      Continue to monitor the pattern of your menses. Should there be prolonged delay, watch out for early pregnancy symptoms and repeat a pregnancy test after a few weeks. If the situation gets doubtful, consult a doctor. You should see a doctor as well if the discharge and itching continue or worsen even after applying the suggested creams.

      Dr De Souza

  126. Hellow Dr.

    Four weeks ago, I was almost four weeks pregnant and for some reason I had an abortion (surgical). I was prescribed with some medication which I took them as told. Followed all the other ‘don’ts’ too like not to swim, bath, have sex or bath, use douches or put anything into the vagina up to now.

    But few days ago, I noticed a watery state with a bad odor coming out of my genital area. Yesterday I saw some white cottage like discharge with a fishy like smell, its large in quantity and it worries me very much. And I’m an comfortable due to the smell and the itchying.

    Arbortion is illegal in my country, hence I find it hard to explain to the doctors here of what really happened to maybe cause all this. I really need your help; what could this be? And possible solutions to it.
    Thank you.

    • Hello, Nina.

      The picture you have described is a typical feature of a yeast infection. Yes, illegal abortion gives a very high risk of infection due to the use of improper instruments which may be improperly sterilized and inefficient post-surgical management. Discharge being large in quantity shows that the infection might not be mild enough to be treated with over-the-counter medications. You might, however, want to apply some antifungal vaginal gel and antihistamine creams for a few days. If condition persists or worsens after a week, talk to your doctor. Do be more careful in making decisions in the near future.

      Best regards,
      Dr De Souza

  127. Hello Doctor,

    I developed a UTI on August 3rd, I contacted my GYN and was prescribed a medication to take for 7 days, twice a day. Last Saturday, August 15th was my last dosage. I had sexual intercourse with boyfriend on Saturday night and felt okay. Last night I noticed a brownish red discharge, with a foul smell. I haven’t had any pain or any other symptoms. What do you think this could be?

    Thanks for any advice.

    • Hello, Quincy.

      There are variable causes of vaginal bleeding. A foul smell that comes with it, however, suggests possible vaginal infection. Since bleeding/spotting is not a specific sign of any infection, the culrpit of the existing infection is unclear. You might want to apply some antibacterial vaginal cream (metronidazole is often recommended) forna few days and see how it goes. If bleeding persists or change in character of discharge develops with vaginal pain or itching, consult a doctor for a swab test and appropriate medications.

      Dr De Souza

  128. hey doctor,

    i didnt quiet have unprotected sex 2 nights ago, he put it in for a second and then out again because we didnt have protection. i now have a fishy smell down there, with a bit of liquid discharge, but he didnt ejaculate so why is this happening? i am also just of my period 3 days and was on antibiotics for a week before that. i didnt really know this guy and an std test will have to be done anyway, how long should i wait?. but it was only really for a min it was in thats all, ther is no possible way he ejaculated. im on the implanon too.

    • Hello, girl.

      A fishy smell with a weird discharge generally suggest vaginal infection. If the discharge is greyish and watery., this might indicate a BV. A yellowish/greenish discharge, on the other hand, might suggest trichomoniasis or gonorrhoea. Although there was no ejaculation, some leakage of semen happens when a man is sexually aroused, even before he penetrates or ejaculates. Implanted contraceptives do not protect one from infection, nor do other methods of contraception except condoms and biological methods. This might also be a recurrence of the previous infection you had if features were somewhat the same. Tests can be done and treatment initiated since you already have symptoms. The infection sounds mild, however.

      Dr De Souza

  129. katelan

    Why am i getting watery discharge?

    i had unprotected sex the other day and no sperm came out of my virgina that was weird as the sperm always use to come out of me straight away and the following morning i got up and i felt all water come from my virgina and my nickers was covered in watery discharge and every since then iv been getting it in tiny amounts is this normal before a period or late on your period and why so much watery discharge literally it wet all my nickers ?

    • Hello, katelan.

      If you have had intercourse very recently, then this might be a slow outflow Of semen and should be normal. Watery discharge sometimes happen in some women due to slight hormonal changes. As long as the discharge does not cause any itching and does not have a weird colour or smell, this should not initiate medical alert.

      Dr De Souza

  130. Hi doc!I’m 24 and I had sex with my boyfriend during my pill free or sugar free days.I took my last pill august 10 and waited for my withdrawal bleeding which came out last agust 16,we had sex august 17!and 18 was my first day to take pills!will I get pregnant I’m very nervous I don’t know what to do!

  131. Hi!I’m 24 yrs old. I took my last pill agust 10 and then my withdrawal bleeding came out august 16. My boyfriend and I had sex august 17 and he actually came inside of me. On august 18 I took my first pill!iv been using pills for 11 months!will I get pregnant?I’m really nervous!pls help me!

    • Hello, july.

      The reason of the sugar free interval is to let out a normal menstrual flow when the uterus is ready. Thus, having unprotected intercourse during this interval has a very low chance of pregnancy, provided that you are taking the pills regularly and as directed. You need not be too worried for as long as you do not experience any weird intermenstrual discharge, morning sickness, breast swelling or other early signs of pregnancy. A pregnancy test can be done for a peace of mind.

      Dr De Souza

  132. Wht should I do:(

    I’ve had a brown discharge for 4 days inn headache for 3 days with itching
    should I go to the doctors

    • Hello, Wht should I do:(

      Brown discharge and itching, although not a very specific sign, might suggest vaginal infection. You might want to apply some antihistamine cream to soothe itching and metronidazole cream you can get at the pharmacy. If symptoms persists for more than 14 days or worsen, consult a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  133. hi i’ve had irregular period all my life and i am not on any birth control however i’ve missed my period for 4 months and about a week ago i had very clear thin liquid for a week and now for 2 days i been having a brown discharge but there is no smell however i am also having frequent urination at night as compared to the day time….can someone please advise me also i took hpt and they were all negative

    • Hello, bagga.

      If it has been 4 months and pregnancy tests are still negative, then you might be having some hormonal imbalance. This can prevent you from ovulating or makes ovulation irregular. When this happens, the uterine lining is not properly cleared off during your last menstruation. Bleeding or spotting can happen when the uterine lining not cleared off for a long period. You might want to consult a doctor and have some hormonal pills prescribed to bring on your periods more regularly. Frequent urination might or might not be associated with the irregular periods. You might want to proceed with a blood pregnancy test to be very sure that it’s not a pregnancy before proceeding as an early threatened miscarriage might also give a negative result of a HPT. Frequent urination can also be caused by urinary tract infection. This often comes with pain in the lower abdomen and sometimes fever.

      Another possibility is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). This happens when ovaries fail to ovulate and form fluid-filled sacs within themselves which may grow larger with time. Enlargement can cause pressure on the urinary bladder which explains the frequent urination. PCOS also comes with irregular periods, spotting, weight gain, male type hair growth and sometimes lower abdominal pains. Check with your doctor if you notice these additional symptoms.

      Dr De Souza

  134. Hi Dr,

    I have had yeast infection last month and it comes back after period. After a Diflucan, lots of probiotics and monistat this month, it seems to have gone away. However when I was putting in the monistat, I seem to scratch ‘something’ inside, a little blood came out with applicator. After 2-3 days finishing the monitstat, I have no more itch or cottage cheese like discharge. Seems like the yeast infection is gone. But now I have yellow discharge that has hints of blood occationally and cramps, no itch and no semll though. Might I have gotten bacterial vaginosis? :( If so, if I need to get antibiotics, how do I prevent yeast infection strike back?

    me and my husband are Christian and married virgin, so STD are highly very unlikely.

    Much appreciate your response! Thank you thank you!

    • how come all but mine question get replied? :(

      • Hi, midada.

        I regret to say that there is a quite a large queue of questions posted earlier. We are trying our best to answer earlier questions first.

        Dr De Souza

    • Hello, midada.

      The vaginal walls are not easily scratched off due to continuous lubrication unless the walls are inflammed (swelled up) and this makes bleeding easy to light friction. This could be an infected wound which may produce inflammatory discharge or pus with streaks of blood (a secondary infection). Though, this would be a local bacterial infection rather than bacterial vaginosis which affects the whole vagina generally. Starting with a low dose of antibiotics and increasing the dose thereafter might prevent yeast infection recurrence. However, how low the starting dose is should always be discussed with a doctor before hand.

      Dr De Souza

  135. Hi Doctor,

    I have a question. About two weeks ago i had sex for the first time, but it hurt so much we had to stop after about 5 seconds. We weren’t protected. I bled for two days after and every day since I’ve been having white discharge. Is this normal? There’s no smell, itching, or burning. I’ve been on the pill since the beginning of the year. Is this discharge normal? Thank You.

    • Hello, Lealah.

      After a first time intercourse, spotting is often expected due to hymen tear. This is often painful. This should subside after a day or two. Thie vaginal walls usually swells up. It then discharges white or yellowish inflammatory fluid due to swelling. This should be normal and should not repeat itself after some time.

      However, if you are referring to bleeding instead of spotting, there is a wide spectrum of causes that comes with it.

      Painful sex can be due to infections. This often follows an episode of vaginal itching, pain and weird discharge. In your case, signs of infection is mild and chances are low.
      Cervical polyp can also cause pain and bleeding after/during intercourse. The polyp can get inflammed and white fluid is discharged as an inflammatory reaction. If you experience the same after every intercourse, do visit a doctor to exclude this.
      Endometriosis is another possible cause which is always accompanied by long, heavy and painful menses. This may also cause bleeding after sex and, rarely, pain. This is, however, a rare culprit.

      As long as white discharge stays white without becoming clumpy, smelly or changes colour, thiis should be normal. If vaginal itching and pain starts even without intercourse, you should get a doctor’s attention. Monitor the discharge and future episodes of intercourse. Talk to a doctor should you notice any intensifying symptoms.

      Dr De Souza

  136. Joelyn Ladner

    Hi Dr. I had my period two weeks ago now all of sudden three days ago i started having a black discharge now it is solid red today

    • Hello, Joelyn Ladner.

      A very dark brown/black discharge is with clots between periods can be a sign of cervical/uterine polyp or a mere hormonal imbalance.
      If you have had unprotected intercourse recently and experience abdominal pain, breast swelling or light-headedness, this might either be implantation bleeding or a miscarriage.
      Infection is another possibility if this is accompanied by pain/itchy vagina and smelly discharge.
      Vaginal injuries also happen during rough intercourse which might lead to vaginal tear and bleeding with pain, but this should not be heavy and should subside after a few days.
      Consult your doctor if discharge continues or intensifies.

      Dr De Souza

  137. Heather

    Hi, I’m trying to find an answer. First, I am not currently sexually active. I haven’t been since April, so no pregnancy. I should be starting my period in about a week. I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that no matter what I eat or drink my urine is a dark yellowish, almost orange or brown…and has an unpleasant smell (not the regular pee smell) also, the past two time I’ve used the bathroom, I’ve noticed that when I wipe, there’s a clearish-white discharge that looks like it has tiny red veins shot through it. Any idea what this could possibly be? (also, no pain or cramping has happened)

    • Hello, Heather.

      A normal urine can get too orange with a strong smell when it is too concentrated due to dehydration. This should subside after drinking plenty of water. Another possibility is UTI. This iften makes urine very foul-smelling, cloudy (which can be due to being mixed with white discharge) and sometimes bloody. This is often experienced with frequent urination, burning sensation during urination and lower abdominal pain.

      You might want to rehydrate yourself drinking plenty of water. The white discharge might also be a normal vaginal one. If symptoms persists and pain or burning sensation develops, see a doctor immediately for proper treatment.

      Dr De Souza

      • Hi I have a question i have had unprotected sex for the last 3 months. first time being july 4. My period was like a day late. I even took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. Second month i had sex and got my period.And third month had sex and currently waiting for my next period. But i have began to notice that i have been getting a tummy. Is possible that I can have my period and be pregnant at the same time?
        (my period usually lasts 5 days.)

  138. Hi drs. I am having watery almost clear like discharge that is sticky to the tough. It almost feels like I’m leaking, but it does not smell like urine, and is a bit thicker, but still watery. any ideas? No itching, burning or irritation. I did have a baby 3 months ago. Any advice would help!

    • Hello, Lady.

      If this happened somewhere around the 14th day of your menstrual cycle, it might be a sign of ovulation which normally shows as egg-white-like clear discharge. Since you are 3 months post-delivery, your uterus tend to repair itself. The womb is slightly swells up after labour. When the swell subsides, such discharge is expected as the uterus releases inflammatory cells. Continue monitor your discharge. If weird smell is noticed or pain starts, consult your doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  139. Worried


    I had a colposcopy done last week (tues 14th) and during it the dr removed what he said was a cervical polyp (more of a mucus growth upon inspection he said).
    I was given a metronidazole vaginal gel to use for 5 days presumably to stop infection. A day or so after using the gel I have noticed a watery brown (sometimes slightly red) discharge. Is this normal at this stage? my period isn’t due for another 3 days

    • Hello, Worried.

      This should be normal a few days after the procedure. The wound takes some time to heal. It usually takes about 3 to 4 days before spotting totally subsides. However, this should lessen by the day. If you notice increased spotting/bleeding or intensified pain, consult your doctor. This is a sign of either infection or post-operative bleeding.

      Dr De Souza

  140. Starry sky

    Hi. I’m 30 and has been trying to conceive for the past 9-10mths. I found that the day after I have sex with my partner, the disharge is seen to be rather light greenish in color. Is it something worrisome?
    I also have spotting before my menstruation starts, sometimes is 2 days before, sometimes is 6 days before. I was just asked by the doctor to apply cream due symptoms of low progesterone from my chartings. I have done checks that my cervical mucus is normal and no polyps or growth despite this.

  141. Starry sky

    To add on, the greenish discharge that i experienced has no foul smell. But i felt bit of itchiness once or twice after sex. And I also felt some tinges of pain on and off since morning. I am at 11th day of my cycle. It seems weird and with the spotting issue with me for so many mths… Appreciate your reply soon. thank you.

    • Hello, Starry sky.

      A greenish discharge with itching gives us a clue of either trichomoniasis or gonorrhoea infection. The former is more of a possibility since gonorrhoea tend to be accompanied by other severe and worsening symptoms. A trick infection is a parasitic infection which can be transmitted sexually. Metronidazole in forms of gel, pessaries or tablets are used as treatment. In your situation, however, infection seems mild and may be relieved by topical antibiotic cream. Antihistamine cream may help soothe itching.

      As for the spotting you have been having, a slight imbalance between the ration of oestrogen to progesterone levels might have contributed to this. As long as it works well with the progesterone cream, you need not worry.

      However, if greenish discharge increases and beomes frothy and foul smelling with intensified itching, consult a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

      • Starry sky

        Hi Dr De Souza

        Thank you for the reply!
        I have started applying the natural progesterone cream this month. But I just found today that I have spotting again.. It is more of reddish brown discharge that is very light, and I will get to see slightly more when I have bowel movement. Sometimes in other months it will come as redder type, sometimes is more brown. I also noticed for the past 1-2 months that my cervical mucus will be creamy then turn yellowish green and the spotting will starta few days after that. Not sure whether does the green discharge has to do with the spotting or not..

        I would like to check, will it take a long time for the progesterone cream to take effect? Today is day 25 and I have applied since day 14.
        I have not experienced this spotting issue before I tried hard to conceive 10 months ago. Before that, my menses just come as the red bleeding type and spot at most for 1-2 days then the bleeding will start. What is the likely cause of this inbalance on the oestrogen & progesterone levels? Is there anything that I can do to cure this inbalance other than applying the cream?
        This spotting issue has been haunting me for very long… Pls help!

        Thank you!

  142. First off thank you so much for the article and your personal responses to everyone’s inquiries- this is so great helpful and appreciated. I read through almost everyone’s questions and it was very helpful but my situation is a bit peculiar so I was hoping to be able to ask you more:
    I am 21 years old and experiencing severe pain (with traces of blood) during urination for a few days. I am also sore in that area at all times and have been having extremely bizarre outflow of watery (a LOT of liquid and again tinged with blood) vaginal discharge. I am without access to a physician (but have access to a pharmacy with need of prescriptions because I am traveling abroad). I get back to the US in a week but cannot stand this pain until then! I have already taken a two day course of cipro because I felt certain it was a uti but I am not improving and have no idea what to do to help me before I get back to the states- please help! The discharge was alarming since it was liquid and I mean a lot of liquid and I am definitely bleeding though i am taking birth control pills and my periods are extremely regular.. Thanks for any help I am really nervous I have chlamydia and would want to go get the treatment ASAP !!

    • Hello, Wahine.

      Thank you very much for your kind feedback and support. We greatly appreciate your interest in our website and will continue to imrpove the best way we can.

      These features sound typical of either UTI or chlamydia (if you have had intercourse some three weeks ago). A definite diagnosis can be done after running a swab and urine test. The abundant watery discharge might be caused by inflammatory discharge from cervical infection due to chlamydia, or might be because of unnoticed urine leakage due to UTI. Blood is a general sign of infection.

      Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer online consultation and prescription through this website. What we offer is basic medical opinions and suggestions. For the meantime, you might want to take some painkillers to ease the pain. Mefenamic acid, diclofenac or other anaelgesics might help. Drinking lots of water might help flush out the causative bacteria. Drinking bicarbonate soda mixed in water is also helpful to neutralise the urine acidity, thus causing less pain. it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Lidocaine or antihistamine vaginal cream can soothe vaginal discomfort. Talk to a doctor once you have the opportunity to do so for proper tests and treatment.

      Dr De Souza

  143. Worried Lady

    My menses delayed 2 days after taking postinor2 for the first time 3 days before my menses. I normally menstruate for 5 days and this time after the 5th day i have been having abdominal pain with bleeding mixed with whitish discharge. Please what might be the problem. Am in the 8th day and still experiencing this, please help me.

    • Hello, Worried Lady.

      Postinor 2 or any other morning after pills have some side effects, abdominal discomfort and disrupted cycle being amongst the commonest ones. Since you have taken the pills after your estimated ovulation day, your next period is expected to be delayed. Irregular periods are expected for a few cycles and should normalize thereafter. As long as bleeding and white discharge are not accompanied by vaginal itching and foul smell, this should be normal. If irregular menses prolongs for more than 3 cycles, or if you notice any perculiar discharge with foul smell or itching, consult a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  144. Hello Doctor :). I have a few questions for you. I have been on tri sprintek birth control for years. Recently I was given glenmark brand birth control. I have been on this for 60 days. I always have my period regularly. This month was different. A week after my period ended I started getting really thick tan discharge for about 3 days… Im getting dark brown with some red discharge and brown stringy mucus. No strange odor…. Just the regular period odor.I have been having this for 10 days now and have had to use tampons because its not spotting. When I change the tampon the majority of it is covered. Could this be due to the birth control change. I have had some abdominal pain and some dizzy spells as well as nausea. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Birth control pill is my only source of protection from pregnancy and I have had to take two pills in one day because I had forgotten the day before.Please help and thank you so much in advance.

    • Btw I am about to be 29 years old in october and I have never been pregnant.

      • Hello, Mary.

        Since you have changed Birth control recently, it is normal for you to have temporary impairment of your menstrual cycle. This, however, should normalise after some 3 to 4 cycles. Breakthrough bleeding can also be experienced as a side effect. Most birth control pills have this as a common side effect in addition to nausea, vomitting, breast tenderness, abdominal cramps and lightheadedness. Should these side effects persist for a longeriod of time or become bothersome, inform your doctor.

        Dr De Souza

  145. Hello Dr.,

    I’ve been trying to conceive for over two years now. I believe my main obstacle is hormonal imbalance. I stopped taking birth control about 3 years ago. I usually get pretty regular but fairly short period, 24-5 days, However, it’s very scattered, mostly brownish color and lasts for 3 days at the most. I also start getting brownish spotting about 5 days before my period. It starts out with a feeling as my uterus starts pushing out or produces air and then I get that weird scratchy feeling inside of my uterus and then the spotting stars. I have been tracking BBT and at the time of my ovulation BBT temperature does’t just change radically as they usually show in the examples but it slowly rises over period of few days. I have been to a few doctors. I had biopsy, ultrasound, acupuncture done. I’ve done cleanses, raw food diet, no meat diet/diary. As of this moment I am taking femera for a second month now. I do see the changes in my body. I was able to have a full 5 day period, I still get some clattering but I also get a lot of red type blood as well. My cycle got extended to 31 days as well. The first month I started taking femera I still got brownish spotting but it was 3 days before my period. This month I am right around the 22 day of my cycle and this is when I usually would start spotting. So far nothing of it except I still got same feeling as my uterus trying to produce or pushes out air and that weird scratchy feeling inside. I also got yellowish discharge… I realize this is my second month on femerra and I know I should be a bit more patient but any comments appreciated very much.

    • Hello, Lana.

      It generally takes a good 2-3 months for the body to re-adjust your body’s hormones. Seems like your hormonal balance are improving well. That’s a sign of health. The scratchy feeling you described sounds like uterine cramps which releases out air during the process. The yellowish discharge should be normal as long as it does not produce any vaginal itching or foul smell. This may be due to the changed hormonal balance which stimulates more vaginal discharge. Normal vaginal discharge turns yellowish upon drying. Continue monitoring your menstrual pattern, preferrable with BBT monitoring too. In some women, it may take longer than 3 months for hormones to be well balanced. Do consult your doctor should if menstrual cycle gets haywire or stays imbalanced for more than 6 months.

      Dr De Souza

  146. hey dr
    i am new to this but kind need to know if i have anything to worry about i have found these spot things inside my vagina there kinda pebble like and don’t hurt but give tingling sensation when touched this is only for the ones that are siting in the hole just above that bit of stretchy skin t the bottom (don’t know what its called sorry) and i do shave hear a lot so i don’t no if it to do with that its also kinds itchy and sour or what but would like your advise i do get very worries about these thing and make my self sick because i worry so much

    • also my bum has been kinda itchy as well so i was thinking its to do with the over shaving but would like to no what u thing

    • Hello, chew.

      This sounds to me like a Bartholin’s cyst. Bartholin glands are those which produce vaginal fluid during sexual excitement. This pair of glands are located at 5 and 7 o’clock in the vaginal opening just above the perineum (stretchy skin as you have described). Once clogged, the fluid produced by theses glands tend to accumulate and form a cyst (fluid-filled pouch) which may be felt as a lump with a finger. The tingly sensation might be due to the tightness of the cyst. In most cases, these cycsts resolve spontaneously. If cyst is longstanding for a few weeks, it can get infected and turn to an abscess. This should be surgically drained to prevent spread of infection.

      Try to exercise a strict hygiene. Keep the area cool and dry. Avoid wearing tight panties. Cotton ones are preferable. Antihistamines or lidocaine gel or creams can be applied to ease the pain and itching. If these persist or worsen, or if fever develops, consult a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  147. Worried

    Hi, I am currently on my 2nd day of a thick dark brown vaginal discharge. My last period ended 2 weeks ago approx and it was my first period since using Norethisterine For 2 weeks (I have used this many of times never caused any problems before). I have never had sex so STDs and pregnancy are off the cards (I am 18, began period age 13) my periods aren’t regular I have had 2 periods in a month before or not one for 2 months ect. I go on holiday again in 9 days so if this is not a full period I will use the Noreisterine tablets again or will this do more harm then good?
    Please help!
    Kind regards.

    • Hello, Worried.

      This looks like a breakthrough bleeding as a side effect of the pills you’re taking. While the pills try to re-adjust its bodily hormones, there might be a time where the ratio of oestrogen to progesterone is not balanced and this might cause a breakthrough bleeding or progesterone withdrawal bleeding. Do continue taking your pills as directed on a regular basis. Changing the scheme of these pills might, again, alter the hormonal balance and the body might again take time to re-adjust its hormones. If this continues for more than 6 cycles and periods go haywire despite taking the pills, or side effects worsen, consult a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  148. hi dr. i had my period the first week of august then i had unprotected sex yesterday during twighlight hours and again in the morning now a day later i see pink thick discharge i just took the plan b to try not to get pregnant he pulled out but i know there is such thing as pre-ejaculation but i am worried because of all the info related to this on the internet saying it could be he has internal bleeding in the penis, or it could be and std or pregnancy, or rough sex, what should i do? i just got checked a month ago and came up clean and now im scared because he is my old partner that had had many partners and if he does it without a condom with me he might of with these other women in the recent past also he won’t go get checked i feel stupid i went back to him and he insisted on unprotected sex even though i had made him have sex with a condom to ensure my safety during my period…help…and thank you.

    • Hello, Leela.

      Bleeding from the penis might give a pink vaginal discharge, but chances are very, very low. On the other hand, your partner might have experienced pain or burning sensation if there was penile bleeding.

      STD and rough sex may also cause bleeding. The former is almost always accompanied by itching, pain and weird discharge with streaks of blood. The latter may cause bleeding and pain but should subside thereafter. However, if spotting had occured after taking plan B, this might be a sode effect of the contraceptives. These pills have a number of side effects, spotting being one of the most common ones, also known as progestogen withdrawal bleeding. This should subside after 2-3 days. Irregular cycles are also expected after taking these pills. This should normalise after 2 or 3 cycles.

      Continue to monitor your cycles and discharge. If itching, pain or foul-smelling dischiarge appears, consult a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  149. concerned

    I had surgery at the beginning of the year and had many complications from it. About a month or so ago I started having a terrible smell down there as well as sometimes a whiteish discharge. I had a papsmear done around the end of july and as usual got tested for all things like gonorrhea and chlamydia. I never heard back from the doctor except to schedule an appt unrelated which usually meant a good sign from past check ups. Anyways I have noticed this. I have no itching or unnormal pain (once again past problems), just the new discharge and smell. Im only sexually active with one person and have been for many years. What could this be?

    • Hello, concerned.

      Infection should always be suspected if discharge is foul-smelling. If the white discharge you have experienced is clumpy resembling cottage cheese, this might suggest a vaginal yeast infection. If discharge is watery, this might be a BV. If you have had a vaginal or uterine surgery, this might be a secondary infection. However, since surgery was done a few months ago, chances are low. Do continue to monitor your discharge. If it worsens or intensifies with pain and itching, consult a doctor. You can also get a swab test done earlier for a peace of mind. Vaginal infections may or may not be an STD. A slight change of pH level of the vagina or a changed level of good vaginal bacteria can welcome infections, even in virgins. So, you need not be too worried. If infection is detected, treatment is almost always effective.

      Dr De Souza

  150. anu prince

    hi dr, i had whit cheezy colour discgarge 3 months ago and i had been treated for fungal infection after that i developed lower right pelvic pain with discharge but no ithching and smell i consulted one gyne dr she adviced me to miconozole vaginal suppository and ciprofloxacine and metronidazole after one more menstruation again little with discharge started again went dr and adviced metronidazole doxycyclin ang nystatin vaginal suppository after that i put cotrimazole vaginal suppository after dose again i felt pain when bladder get full again i consulted dr she adviced for metronidazole and one urinanary tract infection medication its my third month i got usaul menstruation after 1 -2 days again littile pelvic pain with little itching ang yellowish discharge scanty present. Now i am really afraid please give me your valuable advice.

    • Hello, anu prince.

      Since infection happens repeatedly, this might be the best time for you to do a urine/swab test for gonorrhoea/chlamydia and other UTIs. A yellowish discharge might suggest gonorrheal infection which usually affects the inner lining of the cervix as well as the urinary tract. Discharge can be either from the tract itself or from the cervix. A culture and sensitivity test is best done with it to see which antibiotic suits you the most.

      Dr De Souza

  151. Kaitlynn

    i had a question. I had sex with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago. And, this really light / kinda yellow liquid keeps coming out of my vagina. It’s been like that since a week ago and today it started itching. I don’t know what it is, but now it’s kinda freaking me out.

    • Hello, Kaitlynn.

      A yellow discharge with itching might suggest gonorrhoeal infection or trichomoniasis. The former often comes with frequent urination with burning sensation and painful bladder. The latter is a vaginal infection caused by trichomonas vaginalis, a parasite transmitted sexually and gives a yellowish-greenish hue to vageinal discharge and, by time, makes it foul-smelling and frothy. It is about time you get a swab test done and proper treatment prescribed. Test for other STDs is highly recommended as well. BV is also a possible cause.

      Dr De Souza

  152. Kaitlynn

    Sorry, but I felt like I should be more descriptive with what’s been happening to me. I’ve been “leaking” brown/ yellowish discharge. It has odor and now it itches and causes discomfort. I’m really concerned now. I need help!

    • Hello, Kaitlynn.

      This sounds like a bacterial infection of the vagina. It is best to consult a doctor and have a swab test done for proper treatment. Antihistamine gel can help ease itching for the meantime.

      Dr De Souza

  153. shantelle

    Hi, Yesterday I started my period with no cramps, but today was thin yellow discharge no itch, Smell, pain, or rash.I just want to be sure as to what is going on. I still haven’t seen any blood since the first day.

    • Hello, shantelle.

      As long as discharge is not smelly or causes itching, this should be normal. A normal white discharge turns yellow when it dries up. You probably have a slight hormonal imbalance. A woman usually experiences this episode at least once in her lifetime. Do continue to monitor your upcoming cycles. If this happens in the following 2-3 cycles, consult a doctor to have yourself checked.

      Dr De Souza

  154. Danielle

    I had unprotected sex at the end of last month. I took the Plan B pill the very next day but I forgot to take the second pill until 17 hours later instead of 12. I had a period as usual about five days later. I am due to have another period here soon and I’m having stomach cramps and a thick white vaginal discharge occured a few days ago. I did take a pregnancy test the other day which came back negative. I’m not having any other signs of pregnancy but I’m still letting my anxiety get the best of me. I don’t want to become pregnant at this time. Do you think I’m safe? Please help! Thank you!

    • Hello, Danielle.

      A pregnancy test done as late as 3 weeks after possible conception should be accurate. You don’t need to worry about pregnancy since chances run low after taking the ECPs (as long as the second dose is taken within 24 hours from the first although effect might be lower). As all other contraceptives do, the pills you have taken might have delayed ovulation and this is where the cramps and vaginal discharge occurs late near your periods. There might be slight disruption of your cycle but this should normalize after 1-2- following cycles. Consult a doctor for a peace of mind.

      Dr De Souza

  155. Paranoid

    Hi Doctor,
    2 months ago my boyfriend at the time and I were having sex and out method of protection failed. I took the morning after pill however now I am getting worried because I’m finding a somewhat watery brown liquid coming out of my vagina. I’ve been doing research and saw that it could be linked with pregnancy. My last 2 periods have been normal but my mother had her periods for the first 3 months after conceiving my sister. Could that be whats happening to me? Any other ideas what might be going on?

    • Hello, Paranoid.

      Vaginal bleeding/spotting is known to be one of the side effects of morning after pills. These pills may also cause irregular periods for some 1-3 cycles. It is advisable, however, to get a home pregnancy test done. Periods do not happen during pregnancy unless one has a double uterus, which is very, very rare. Do continue monitoring the pattern of your cycle. Side effects of morning pills are the most probable cause in your case.

      Dr De Souza

      • I had a miscarriage in feb 2012 and I was 12 weeks my baby heart beat stopped. I have been trying to conceive again and still have not. My period was on a 28 day cycle and then in June it never came but came on July 2nd and then Aug 1, So my cycle changed to 32 days, so I thought. But my period still has not came for this month, I took a pregnancy test on the 5th but it was neg and I had what I thought implantation bleeding on the 19th and 20th and it stopped came back again for a few days but shows still not pregnant. It has also always been hard for me to get pregnant, can u please give me some advise on what is happening to my body.

  156. Hi,
    I’m 16 and I had unprotected sex 3 days after my period. and two days later I started to get dark brown discharge. I think there’s a little bit of blood too. I don’t know what to think right now? Should I be doing something about this or is this normal due to my recent period?

    • Hello, Omgk.

      This might most probably be remnants of your menstrual blood. If your periods are regular and last for 7+/- days, then this is too early for implantation bleeding to happen and chances of pregnancy is low. Ovulation bleeding is also a possible cause. However, if your periods are irregular, there is a chance of pregnancy and you might want to get a pregnancy test done. Hormonal imbalance and infection might also be some of the many possible causes of vaginal spotting. Hormonal imbalance may cause bleeding when progesteron levels fall below normal or oestrogen levels rise higher than normal. This should be normal if it subsides after a day and doesn’t repeat at each and every cycle. If discharge turns foul-smelling, changes color and causes vaginal itching and pain during intercourse, infection should be suspected. Seek a doctor’s sttention should you experience any of these in future. Meanwhile, watch out for other signs of infection and monitor your menses.

      Dr De Souza

  157. Im on implanon and have been for a year. Well I finished a 3 week period a week ago. I have a white watery discharge with no odor but I am itchy should I be worried?

    • Hello, keira.

      Weird vaginal discharge and itching always brings on suspicion of an infection. In your case, you might be having a BV. However, your symptoms sound quite mild and you might want to apply some antihistamine cream or lidocaine gel to soothe the itching. In some cases, mild infection resolves spontaneously. If you notice a weird smell, increased itching, greyish discharge or clumpy white discharge or if the present symptoms persist for a long time, see a doctor to get a swab test done and proper treatment prescribed.

      Dr De Souza

  158. Concerned

    Dr De Souza,
    My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant for 9 months. I am 31 years old. My last period started 15th of August. We had intercourse on 20/22/24/26/28 of august. Today I had some very light brown, very watery/wet discharge. It happened twice today but the second time felt very wet. I have no cramps, no odour. What could this be? Could this be something stopping me from getting pregnant? I had an abortion. When I was 19. Could this be effecting my chances of getting pregnant?

    • Hello, Concerned.

      If your periods are regular, then, except for the 28th of August, all the other dates are too earlynfor fertilization to occur. If you have regular periods, your estimated ovulation day should be somewhere around the 30th of August. The discharge you have might be an ovulation discharge which can sometimes cause spotting. Since you have had intercourse on the 28th, chances of getting pregnant are really high. Do watch put for your next period. If you miss your next period, get a pregnancy test done after a week. Meanwhile, watch out for early pregnancy signs such as breast swelling, nausea, vomitting, lightheadedness and abdominal cramps/bloating.

      Dr De Souza

  159. Dear doc,

    I have quiet the same problem like the other. I have a vaginal or clotoris itching for a week by now. Wheneverr I do try to sooth the itch, It turns out to feel a burning sensation. I realised there is a tissue paper discharge. What could this be related to? I have a PCOS before and unprotected sex . Thanx

    • Hello, Mj.

      Your symptoms sound like a typical yeast infection. By ’tissue paper discharge’, do you mean clumpy? If so, then you might want to apply some mild antifungal vaginal cream such as tioconazole or miconazole cream. Antihistamine creams may help soothe itching. Avoid scratching as this may help spread infection. Keep the area dry and avoid wearing tight panties. If itching persists for more than a week, consult a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  160. hi doctor..

    i just want to know if it’s normal fo a girl 21 years old and 1 11months baby have a c,s for having a 2weeks spot only of brown bloods and a bit stomach pain??hope u can answer me as soon as ucan thanks i am realy worried for my condition

    • Hello, gracia.

      The symptoms you have described is quite unclear. However, for a 21-year-old lady, 2 weeks of mere spotting might be dupe to hormonal imbalance or can be said as scanty menses which is medically termed as hypomenorrhoea depending on when the spotting happens. Infection can also be a cause, but this is most commonly followed by intesifying symptoms such as itching, foul discharge and weird colour of vaginal discharge. Thus, infection is less likely to be a cause. As for a 11-month old baby, spotting is, of course, not normal. Since it has been 2 weeks of spotting in both, consulting a doctor is highly advisable.

      Dr De Souza

  161. I had written in my previous post to you that I had a pcos as well as a burning sensation. And I forgotten to tell you that I found there is an odor during the discharge. Moreover, a week or 2 ago, I had a over discharge of urine and it felt ticklish after urination. Could these symptoms be connected with each other?

    • Hello, Mj.

      An additional foul odor just adds up to the suspicion of infection. A fungal infection is highly suspected in your case. Burning and painful urination is typical for a urinary tract infection. This might or might not be connected to vaginal infection depending on the bacteria which causes the vaginal infection. Gonorrhoea or chlamydia infection may be accompanied by painful or burning sensation during urination. A fungal infection might have also spread around the clitoris and urinary tract opening which might have caused the ticklish sensation. A swab is highly recommended in your case since it has been bothering you for 2 weeks.

      Dr De Souza

  162. Hi, my boyfriend came at my entrance, not in. out enough that i could see it. still i used postinor 2 some 48hrs later. 5-6 days later, i’m having a very dirty brown discharge. i usually have brown discharge a day to my period but this is the 2nd day and my period hasnt come and am not getting the meses odor that tells me its my pre-menstrual discharge. could this be because of the drug?

    • Hello, Melissa.

      Yes, this is most probably due to the medication. Emergency contraceptives have a few side effects, withdrawal bleeding being one of the most common ones. When the body flushes out this progesterone-containing drugs from the bloodstream, there is a rapid decrease of progesterone level which may cause what is termed as progesteron withdrawal bleeding and causes a delayed menstruation. A withdrawal bleeding should subside after 2-7days and a delay of menses should be expected.

      Dr De Souza

  163. hey
    I am having brown discharge with some blood clotting, i have also been experiencing some itching
    I am on the implant but dont use a condom i have been on this for 2 years and never had a period
    Can you tell me what this could be am i pregnant

    • Hello, worried.

      As long as you are on the implant, chances of pregnancy is very, very low. However, a brownish discharge with itching might suggest an infection. Which type of infection stays unclear until a swab test is being done. Vaginal infection, although rare, can cause bleeding or spotting. This, however, is almost always followed by vaginal itching, foul-smelling discharge and changes in discharge colour. Unpredictable bleeding or spotting also happens as a side effect of an implant due to imbalanced hormonal level. However, this should not be experienced with itching. If itching persists or intensifies, do talk to a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  164. Ronie (Girl)

    Hi Doc.,

    Kindly give me some advice,i have a history of ovarian cyst but it’s gone now as the result of my last trans-rectal ultrasound indicated and I had a sex almost 3 weeks ago, since then i noticed that there’s yellowish sticky liquid comes out from my vagina,i noticed that it’s not usual for me,since that day it happens everyday,and after 2 weeks from the day of my intercourse i experienced few drops of brownish sticky liquid,i thought my period is coming but i’m expecting my period this coming second week of September, and i remember i experienced some itchiness but every time i wash my vagina it disappear. is this serious signs of any disease or something?please reply this message! thank you!


    • Hello, Ronie.

      A yellowish discharge might with itching might suggest a trick infection or gonorrhoea, both being sexually transmitted. The former usually turns greenish and foamy with foul smell. Gonorrhoea usually comes with frequent and painful urination. A swab test can be done at a doctor’s to confirm between the two.

      Dr De Souza

  165. Dear Dr,
    My periods are regular & usually lasts 7 days. For Aug, the first day of my cycle was 18 Aug. Yesterday (31 Aug), I started having spotting and red discharge with small blood clots in the morning which lasted till about 8 at night. When I woke this morning, there was no such discharge overnight. However around noon today, the discharge came on again. I did not have sexual intercourse and hence it would not be implantation bleeding. What else could be the cause of this? I am surprised and worried as this hasn’t happened before.
    Just for info but I don’t think it matters in this case, I delivered by c-section 6 years ago.
    Hope to get some advice from you real soon! Thanks lots!

    • Hello, Snowy.

      You’re definitely right. This shouldn’t be an implantation bleeding since there was no recent intercourse and it would be way too early for an implantation bleeding even if there was intercourse. According to your calendar, your ovulation day is estimated to be somewhere around the 2nd of September. This would mean that spotting might most probably be due to ovulation. This should be normal. Another cause of unpredicted bleeding is hormonal imbalance. Every woman should experience this at least once in her lifetime. This, however, should not repeat too often. If bleeding or spotting persists throughout you intermenstrual days, or intensifies with further itching or foul-smelling discharge, consult a doctor. Meanwhile, it is best to closely monitor your menstrual cycle for a few cycles.

      Dr De Souza

  166. Stephanie

    Hello. I have been going through a great deal of emotional stress for a few days. During oral sex with my boyfriend I can almost feel a slight burning sensation. Usually for a few days after I end my cycle, I always experience an increase in irritation after intercourse; so I thought nothing of it. However, after intercourse I experienced a pretty bad burning sensation while urinating. And for the last 2 times that we’ve had intercourse, after I urinate I noticed a strange coloured discharge. This yellowish brown discharge only occurs after intercourse, never during the day. Is this just a sign that my naturl vaginal ph is off? I was checked for stds upwards of 6 months ago. Not sure if these symptoms are synonymous with any stds. Your help is much appreciated!

    • Hello, Stephanie.

      A yellowish discharge with burning sensation at urination give us a clue of a gonorrhoeal infection a sexually-transmitted bacterial infection. A pH lower or higher than normal can be a possible cause which heightens the risk of infection, incuding STIs. Gonorrheoa often affects the cervix as well as the urinary tract lining. It makes urine more acidic which explains the burning sensation. Burning sensation during urination can also be caused by other infected which is not related to sex. Do get a urine test done at a doctor’s and proper treatment prescribed.

      Dr De Souza

  167. Hi Dr.,
    For the past 4 or 5 days, when my husband and I have been sexually active, we noticed that I have been secreting very thick white discharge. Not chunky, just white and very thick and sticky. I have no other symptoms such as itching or burning so that leads me away from thinking it is an infection. My last period started on the 5th of August. So I’m thinking maybe it’s just ovulation? I don’t know I’ve never had this before. Also, my husband ejaculates inside of me. I don’t know if that would have anything to do with it? Thank you in advance!

    • Hello, Hale.

      If your periods are regular, ovulation would have taken place somewhere around the 19th of August. If you have irregular periods, then this might have been caused by ovulation. Anyway, a white, sticky discharge without a foul smell or itching shouldn’t cause be alarming. Semen is usually watery and, thus, might or might not be a cause. If vaginal itching or foul smell follows with perculiar changes of the discharge (e.g. discharge becomes grey, greenish, brownish or becomes increasingly chunky), consult a doctor. This might be caused by infection.

      Dr De Souza

  168. Basically I’ve had my first ever shot of depo-provera and I was wondering if it was normal to stop your periods straight away? because I had unprotected sex in the week I wasn’t supposed too. so I’m just a tad worried and also recently I’ve been getting constantly wet. is that a symptom of depo or because I’m technically on my period (I think) im just discharging instead of bleeding? I’m so confused :(

    • Hello, missk.

      A depo shot usually takes time to cease menstruation. It usually starts off with irregular menses and sometimes scanty menses, and then slowly subsides. Half of women who have received depo shots experience total ceasation of menses after a year. This is one of the many side effects of depo shots. These shots also alter hormonal levels which might cause increased vaginal discharge at times. You don’t need to be too worried. Your menses might have been delayed instead of being ceased totally as these shots lessen the frequency of periods with time. If you have started the shots recently and are worried about possible conception, or if any side effects of depo bothers you increasingly, consult your doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  169. hello i had intercourse yesterday, when i woke up this morning i saw inside my vagina had a egg white thick residue, i have been having unprotected intercourse everyday for some time now, what does this mean

    • Hello, vicky.

      If this occured somewhere around your estimated ovulation period, then this might be an ovulation discharge. This discharge is usually colourless and has an egg white consistency. As long as the discharge is not foul-smelling and doesn’t cause any vaginal itching, you don’t need to worry. See a doctor if discharge becomes weird or smells awkward with itching and pain.

      Dr De Souza

  170. I am a 65 yr old and had cervical cancer 5 yrs.ago. I did not need to have chemo or radiation and for the past 5 yrs have received clear tests. For the last few months I have been using fragrant soaps to shower. In the past few weeks I have noticed a very slight discharge, yellow in color that shows up occasionally and an odor…fishy. Now I am freaking out afraid something is going on…what should I do?

    • Hello, melinda sheets.

      This probably suggests a trick infection. This infection usually gives a foul smelling discharge with hues of yellow-green. Discharge may turn frothy by the day. Do get a swab test done and proper treatment prescribed at the docotr’s. Avoid fragrant soaps as these can increase itching. You need not be too worried, however, as this has got nothing to do with your previous cervical cancer.

      Dr De Souza

  171. I have been experiencing a clear gel like discharge when aroused. Although, I have been on drop for 3 months & I am due for my next shot in 8 days. My cycle was irregularthats why I’m on depo. Is this normal?

    • Hello, aly.

      Yes, this is Should be normal. When one is aroused, the vaginal walls as well as Bartholin glands situated near the opening of the vagina will secrete abundant clear discharge to lubricate the vaginal walls and prevent friction during intercourse. It is not connected to the contraceptive shots and should happen in all women after puberty.

      Dr De Souza

  172. Wondering

    I am 56 and a week ago, just had sex for the first time in 2 1/2 years. I havent had a period in years. Now every day since, I have been leaking clear, odorless fluid. Sometimes it is gushing out. I also see some spots of blood when I wipe. I have never had this happen to me before. Why now and should I be concern? Will this eventually stop?

    • Hello, Wondering.

      A clear fluid without any weird smell or colour should be normal. This might either be discharge released upon arousal. Blood can be due to friction. When one hasn’t gotten period for years (menopause), the vaginal walls tend to get dry. This can increase chances of friction which can, in turn, lead to vaginal tear. If this is so, spotting should stop after 2-3 days, sometimes less. If you experience prolonged or increased bleeding with or without intercourse, consult a doctor immediately. Also, it is highly advisable to get a regular Pap’s done to exclude any serious pathologies.

      Dr De Souza

  173. had unprotected sex.and took a emergency contraceptive within after a day. am having a white thick discharge with a fish odour no itchy it any sign of pregnancy.what can it be?

    • Hello, sen.

      These are typical signs of vaginal infection, not pregnancy. You might be having a bacterial vaginosis. Metronidazole cream might help. If symptoms worsen after a week, consult a doctor for proper treatment.

      Dr De Souza

  174. Hello! Me and my DJ have been trying to conceive for a good while now. (5yrs) my periods has been pretty regular maybe a day or two early or late. Last month I took fertility blend for women for 31 days exact. It suppose to regulate your cycle and promotes a healthy reproductive system. Well it did put my cycle at exactly 28 days I had my period the 18th of August which lasted for 7 days as usual. Today is day 16 of my cycle and I’m not due for another period until September 15th.

    My concern is for the past two days my discharge has been clear watery and has no oder and feels as if I’ve peed on myself. Could this be a sign of pregnancy or just another case of wishful system thinking?


    • Hello, Rynea.

      According to your menstrual calendar, your ovulation is estimated to be somewhere around the 1st of September. The watery discharge you have experienced might be an ovulation discharge. When ovulation happens, the cervical plug tends to become watery and unplug the cervical opening to allow sperms to pass through. The consistency resembles egg-white. Whether or not you are pregnant remains unclear as discharge is not a specific sign of pregnancy. Monitor your menstrual cycle and watch out for pregnancy symptoms. Once you notice a missed period, you can have a home pregnancy test done to confirm.

      Dr De Souza

  176. got my periods back 6 months after giving birth. Sincethe ni havehad 5 re
    ularg periods 28 day cycles i finished my last period on the 18th Augustand now the 2nd of September i am having a brown slight dischargr mixed with a little red blood I am still breast feeding my baby and i have vagibal pain like period but am jot due for my next period tilk the 14th. Should i consult a doctor? Manythanks for your response.

    • Hello, Kay.

      Since brown discharge occured somewhere near your estimated ovulation period, this might have been due to ovulation. In some women, there can be a release of brownish discharge at ovulation, sometimes with mild abdominal cramps.

      If you have had unprotected sex recently, pregnancy can be another possibility. In this case, implantation bleeding should be suspected. If this is so, watch out for early pregnancy signs and get a pregnancy test done a week after for confirmation.

      A brown discharge can also be due to infection. If so, you might experience vaginal itching or pain some days after. However, brown discharge does not specify the type of infection and the culprit remains unclear.

      For the meantime, monitor the pattern of your cycle, the start of your next period, character and colour of discharge and also watch out for early signs of pregnancy if you think suspect this in any way. If you experience increased or prolonged bleeding or lower abdominal pain, consult a doctor immediately.

      Dr De Souza

  177. Kayleigh Stewart

    I have been with my boyfriend for a while now but we have only had sexual intercourse for the last 7 days every day, I have suddenly felt very tired and sick, I have bad pains in my pelvic area to the left, pain in my back, headaches and have felt really hot all day no matter what I did about it. The other thing that is worrying me is every time I orgasm then next morning I have a watery clear fluid that leaks out of my vagina but throughout the daytime I have brown discharge. I think I may be experiencing a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy or just simply pregnant? I have the IUD device so what do you suggest?

    • Hello, Kayleigh Stewart.

      Of course, with an IUD, the risk of pregnancy is very low, but is never zero and is always worth a pregnancy test a week or two after having the symptoms. A miscarriage may give false negative results, but is almost always accompanied by clotting bloody discharge. An ectopic is almost always an emergency case which gives very sharp pain in the lower abdomen, sometimes with fever amd vomitting. Ectopic pregnancy should give a positive test. All the above stated possibilities can cause bleeding or spotting, each with their own characteristics. Infection is another possibility. This is usually followed by vaginal itching, weird character and smell of discharge. These might also be side effects of the inserted IUD, abdominal cramps, intermenstrual bleeding and heavy periods being some of the most common ones.

      Do monitor the progress of the discharge. If bleeding worsens and pain intensifies, consult a doctor immediately. Shift of location of the IUD might also be a possible cause. Otherwise, continue to monitor your cycle and watch out for progressive pregnancy symptoms. Have a HPT if you suspect pregnancy. If results turn out to be positive, contact your doctor and have your IUD removed immediately.

      Dr De Souza

  178. Hi doc … Im very worried … My last period started around aug 8th & ended around the 15th of aug latest 16th i had protected sex the 18th but then on the 24th he didnt ejaculate that i know of & he says he cant recall but believes he disnt that night i went home & i had foamy discharge until the next afternoon & couple of days go by & i get a heavy period for two days & i just put a tampon thinkin i had my period well i would change it of course everyday but come the 3rd day i went to clean up & the tampon had nothin on it so i didnt put another tampon !!! That same day that i noticed my ” period ” had gone away i was having creamy cloudy i assumed i was ovulating but im curious as to why i bled for those two days & im hoping to be possibly pregnant but im not obsessing over weather i am or not im just curious as to what may be goin on ?! If you could please help me understand id greatly appreciate it !!! Ive been feeling fatigue & ive been snacking alot idk if its two early for ” pregnancy syntoms ” please help asap !! Thank you !!!

  179. I meant to say the 18th i had protected but the 24th i had unprotected !!!

  180. It was more of a foamy discharge very bubbly !!

    • Hello, Lauren. 

      A foamy discharge is not a sign of pregnancy. However, having had unprotected intercourse on the 24th of August (your ovulation is estimated to happen on the 23rd of August provided that your menses are regular) makes the chances of pregnancy really high. Bleeding, if happened approximately a week after intercourse, might have been due to implantation. This explains the increased fatigue and tiredness you feel. 

      Foamy discharge might have been due to infection, especially trick infection as it’s very bubbly. Since this is followed by a creamy, cloudy discharge, either a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis can also be suspected. A doctor’s advice should be sought if you notice an increased or continuous bleeding, foul-smelling discharge with weird colour, vaginal itching, early symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, vomitting, weight gain or nipple swelling. A pregnancy test is recommended to confirm pregnancy. 

      Dr De Souza

  181. Hi Doctor, thanks for providing free advices for everyone. I have something to consult you.
    I have been having yellow vaginal discharge with a foul smell for a long period of time, it doesn’t stop within a few days but keeps on going. I’m a virgin. Is there anyway to cure it without visiting a doctor? I’m afraid of telling my mother.

    • Also, I had my first menses at the age of 11 and I’m already 17 this year. I didn’t worry about it since I do not feel and pain or itchiness while having the yellow discharge. But now that it had been years, I’m starting to get worried about it. Please advice, Thankyou.

      • Hello, Worried.

        Thank you for your kind feedback. First and foremost, do keep in mind that a normal vaginal discharge varies from colourless to white and often turns yellow upon drying. Most women often get confused between an abnormal yellow discharge and a normal white discharge which has turned yellow.

        As for your symptoms, since foul-smell is present, bacterial vaginosis might be a possible cause. A BV normally causes grey, white or yellow discharge with a foul odor, often with vaginal itching. However, since the symptoms you have are not specific, the culprit remains unclear until swab tests are done. I would recommend you to have a swab test done followed by proper treatment. Topical vaginal antibiotic cream might help, but, seeing that you are a virgin, this form of medication is best avoided. Tablet forms should be prescribed by a doctor. Do not worry about telling your mother. BV as well as fungal infection sometimes happen in virgins as well due to a change of the level of good vaginal bacteria. This welcomes infection.

        Dr De Souza

  182. Junior3157


    Am Junior from South Africa, my girlfriend is 9 weeks pregnant with our first child, my girlfriend has been having yellowish like dischage every morning, the smell is not good, the discharge increses everytime we have sex.

    As a result i have also developed sone irchy ringworms on my penis, which seem to be developing in a high volume, i went to see the doctor who gave me a cream to apply on my penis, the cream is not helping at all.

    What should i do now, am in desperate need of help as my girl is pregnant

    • Hello Junior3157.

      First and foremost, try to avoid intercourse for the meantime until treatment is done. A yellowish discharge your girlfriend has gives a clue of either a trick infection or a bacterial vaginosis, the former being more likely. Since she is pregnant, an obstetrician’s visit is very necessary. Any vaginal infections can spread to the baby during labour and we don’t want anything like this to happen in future. Have your wife checked and treated as soon as possible.

      You can see a doctor regarding your penile infection as well. Increasing the dose or changing the medications might help.

      Dr De Souza

  183. Very Worried

    I have a yellowish discharge frequent urination bleeding during intercourse i have done test my doctor said i had endometriosis and a yeast infection i did a endometrial ablation and he suggested over the counter medication for my yeast infection it cleared up for about a week the symptoms came back so i still have the itching,the yellowish discharge and bleeding during intercourse so i still have all my symptoms i’m scared cause i don’t know what’s wrong and i did do a cancer test i need your help

    • Hello, Very Worried.

      This is most probably a recurrent infection. Endometriosis may also repeat itself after treatment. Hormonal medications can be taken in addition for more efficacy. If you have not done a swab test on your previous visit, you might want to do it on your next and see which medications suits you more. The causative germ might be resistant to the medication you have used previously. Do continue regular cancer check-up every 3 years. This is highly advised.

      Dr De Souza

  184. mrs.december

    Hi doc,
    For about 2 1/2 weeks, since i ended my period, ive had a horrible odor and slight grey disharge. We noticed while having intercourse, he was covered and i was as well. The smell and odor have continued, to this day. Earlier i was having a bowel movement, and i swear i pushed something out. Bigger than a half dollar and brown. I now no longer have the grey discharge, its now a yellow color. I was diagnosed with hpv last year in august but was told in january of this year i was in the clear and my body had healed itself. I also have genital herpes, which gives me no trouble. I should start my period around the 20th, but my breasts are already so sore. Nervous and embarrassed of course, any thoughts?

    • Hello, mrs.december.

      The discharge you had gives a clue of a possible BV. When you say ‘pushing something out’, do you specifically feel it coming from the vagina? If so, this might be probably a blood clot which is worth a check-up at the doctor’s if it keeps repeating. Might have been caused by bleeding during intercourse. The vaginal walls tend to swell up when infected and slight friction can cause bleeding. Miscarried pregnancy can also be a cause, but chances are very very low due to protected intercourse. Sore breast happens due to an imbalanced hormone which can happen post-ovulation. However, if you feel any lower abdominal or back pain, do visit a doctor.

      Dr De Souza

  185. hi doctor

    i had a D&C June 14,2012…. My husband and I are trying again.. this would be my 2nd period from the D&C but my last period was spotting for the 1st three day than heavy the last two days… now im have tan pinkish brownish discharge… Do I need to go see a doctor? Is it something bad?

    • Hello, kaliyah.

      It all depends on why D&C was done previously and which date of your cycle the spotting began. Since you are trying to conceive, spotting might be due to implantation bleeding, which almost confirms that you are expecting. The pattern of your previous period, being light in the beginning and heavy towards the end, may be due to the fact that the injuries from the D&C procedure are healing slowly and shedding might be a little difficult at first. Have a home pregnancy test done after a week. Monitor your cycle and look out for early signs of pregnancy. See a doctor if discharge prolongs for a period of time even after expected menses.

      Dr De Souza

  186. Hi Dr
    I just came across this website and I wanted to let you know I admire what you do. I think it is very thoughtful and caring of you to answer peoples questions.
    Thank you!

    • Hello, tati.

      Thank you very much on behalf of Dr Tan & Partners. Our highest appreciation for your kind feedback. We will try our level best to keep improving our services, help and educate people to understand their body better.

      Thank you for your support.

      Dr De Souza

  187. Hello Dr. I have PCOS and my last menstrual period was on 8/25. I used clomid on days 5-9 of my cycle (this is my second cycle of clomid). I am now on CD10 and have been having egg white cervical discharge for the past few days. I usually ovulate between CD14-CD17. I’m also checking basal temps and using a fertility monitor/Ov kits (which show negative for ovulation so far). Seems that CD7 is too early to be producing egg white cervical mucus. Also to note…my husband and I didn’t have intercourse around the time I initially discovered the discharge. If I’m not ovulating, can there be something else causing the egg white cervical mucus? Can the clomid use cause it? I’ve used clomid to get pregnant with my daughter and have never had this issue arrise.

    • Hello, KristK.

      You are ovulating fine. You might probably have ovulated earlier. Of course, clomid does not always promise a fixed date of ovulation due to possible interference of natural hormones. Temperatures and ovulation kits might have been applied a little earlier. Otherwise, discharge might have been just a normal one, being more abundant due to slight hormonal change. As long as the discharge is not clumpy, smelly or causes itching, this should be fine. Clomid does not make a normal discharge anymore slimier. Instead, it might decrease the quality of the cervical discharge, making it thinner as a side effect. If the effects of clomid continues not to coincide with your cycle for some 3 to 4 cycles, it’s best to talk to your doctor. Re-adjustmnent might be necessary.

      Dr De Souza

  188. I have had this problem for as long as I can remember. I’ve never had sex (22). But I have White/clear discharge that dries yellow, and turns goopy on my panties. It gets worse right before my period. It doesn’t smell like anything, and yes I take it right up my nose. It doesn’t itch, it doesn’t hurt when I urinate. I don’t use scented products, since I shower daily, I just use water to clean. I had an ultrasound 2 years ago, there were 1 or 3 cysts on one of my ovaries, PCOS, but the doctor said it wasn’t bad at all, and I shouldn’t have problems with getting pregnant. I have irregular periods but I’ve never skipped more than a month without one. So maybe 5th in June, and 15th in July etc but I sometimes have earlier periods as well. I also had a yeast infection test the same time, and it came back negative. But the discharge thing is really annoying, is it normal??

    • Hello, Ruby.

      This sounds like an absolutely normal, healthy discharge. You just have an excess of it, medically known as leukorrhoea. Some women do experience this and find it annoying at times. Hormonal imbalance (higher oestrogen levels) is known to be a cause of this. Excessive exercise may also be a probable cause if you are an active person. This is also a defense action of the vagina to release dead cells and waste products of the vagina. Do not be too worried. Exercise good hygiene and change pads/pantyliners regularly.

      Dr De Souza

  189. Hi Dr,
    For the past 2 months, I haven’t really gotten my period. I’ve been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend and have the mirena. After sex, I go to the restroom and I pee out the cum and it’s a like pink/red color. Not bright red. I have tenderness in my breasts, I took a test yesterday to ease my mind and it came out negative. No odor or pain. And I also am losing Alot more hair then usual and have a bald spot since this has occurred. Idk what it is. I’ve had my blood drawn, everything normal. No infections or anything.

    • Hello. shay.

      This might be a side effect from the IUD. Mirena causes periods to become less frequent and scanty by time in most women. This may have caused the spotting. Breast tenderness might have been a sign to the start of your expected period. Another possible side effect of this IUD is formation of ovarian cysts. This should subside spontaneously. However, if they fail to subside, PCOS might occur which may elevate a hormone called androgen which may cause hair loss. Do visit a doctor to check on your health status. At the same time, make sure that you are not pregnant at the doctor’s as recommended when using mirena.

      Dr De Souza

  190. I have been having a large increase in vaginal discharge the last 2 months. It looks like normal discharge but its just a lot lately, where it often runs down my leg. It has never had any smell, or itch, or burning. I am not pregnant, and i know this for sure because i done a test and just ended my period. I had 2 different sexual partners, but got tested for STD’s and everything was good (no STD). I did, however, have sex with 1 of the men about 2 weeks after being tested. what could this increase mean??? It is quite annoying.

    • Hello, kay.

      Not to worry. As long as discharge has no foul smell, weird colour or does not cause itching, this should be normal. The amount of discharge depends on how much the vagina is acting in defense (releasing dead and unwanted cells). This, in turn, might be caused by a change of hormonal levels (usually due to increased oestrogen) or heavy exercise (happens if you have been very active lately). Some women have this since puberty. Pads/pantyliners should be changed regularly to keep the area dry as much as possible.

      Dr De Souza

  191. Hello Dr.,

    I am 21 years old and have been on birth control since age 12 due to endometriosis.However the past few months I have not been extremely consist with taking the pill. I had unprotected sex last month so i took the morning after pill, my period came as usual with brown discharge starting 3 days before the start of my period (this has always happened with me) however, I had unprotected sex the day after my cycle ended, I have taken my pill as normal and he pulled out. My period began on August 13th ended on the 17th. the intercourse happened on august 18th. I have taken two pregnancy tests, both have been negative but I have had brown discharge and am not due to start for another 5 days..Could I be pregnant?

    • Hello, Michelle.

      Pregnancy is of a very low chance in your case seeing the fact that you have had intercourse right after your period ended (ovulation might be way too early to have occurred then). Though, risk is never down to zero when it comes to unprotected intercourse. A brown discharge might be a side effect of the pill you have taken. This might disrupt the menstrual cycle temporarily, bringing it forward or delaying it. A breakthrough bleeding is also expected. Continue to monitor the pattern of your cycle. Have a pregnancy test done should suspicious signs appear. If positive, inform your doctor immediately.

      Dr De Souza

  192. Hello Doc,

    I need help… The other day I saw blood with water discharge but it stopped in the evening. Today, I have this brown discharge that looks like odorless gray colored cream after sex. I’m irregular and wanted to get pregnant, its my first time to drink anmum milk to help my eggs grow mature and after a week I feel dizzy and my nipples hurt while my left nipples itch inside (cant find where). Please let me know if this is just normal or my period is coming? Thank you so much doc :)

    • Hello, Mimiko.

      Since your periods are irregular, there is no clear cut sign to distinguish if you are pregnant or your next period is near. However, a dizzy feeling and weird nipple tenderness which are not usually felt every month might be a sign that you are pregnant, and spotting might have been an implantation bleeding. Have a pregnancy test done for confirmation after a week.


      Dr De Souza

  193. hi there
    i had unprotected sex, i did notice i had bled a little at the time but for the next 2 days i had a thick brown discharge. I hadnt had sex in about 6-7 weeks. i am on the pill nad have not taken it incorrectly. I did a pregnancy test on the 3rd day after having sex and it came up negative. 1 week later my period comes on time but it is very light and is brown for 2-3 days.
    I am overseas in europe and am not sure what could be wrong. I will not be home for another 3 months. I am going to do a pregnancy test again after my period has finished. what could this be?

    • Hello, jb.

      The spotting you had might have been due to irregular taking of the pills. As these pills contain hormones, they might have affected the natural cyclic hormones and, in turn, affected the shedding process. However, unprotected sex always comes with the possibility of pregnancy if no other protection is exercised or incorrectly exercised. Having a pregnancy test done 3 days after intercourse is way too early. Continue monitoring the pattern of your menses and watch out for pregnancy symptoms. Accurate results can be obtained if a UPT is done at least 2 weeks after intercourse. You might want to talk to your doctor regarding re-adjustment of your pills.

      Dr De Souza

  194. dr,

    im 18 years old and im having this so called brown vaginal discharge for almost 3 weeks already, i felt pain in my stomach maybe before it happened.. do i have to worry ?

    • Hello, gwen.

      There is a very wide range of possible causes of bleeding between menstruation with pain. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, uterine or cervical polyp, infections, low thyroid function and fibroids are some possible causes. Other causes can be as simple as stress and changed hormonal level. Since it had been going on for 3 weeks, it is best that you consult a doctor to have yourself properly examined and hormonal levels tested.

      Dr De Souza

  195. Hi Dr.
    I have irregular Periods cos I have been diagnosed with doctor had prescribed meprate last month to induce periods and then put me on clomid. on 14th day of my cycle, my doctor performed transvaginal scanning and found no sign of ovulation. And hence advised to jump to higher dose combined with injection. and told me to forget gettng pregnant this month..but me and my husband din’t give up and kept trying to conceive. I have observed an egg-white + milky white discharge just 2 days before my periods were supposed to be. Its 8 days since I dint get my periods and now I feel the symptoms of pregnancy. light-headed, tiredness,frequent urination,bloating, light fever and menstrual cramps….but got a negative urine test.

    my question is
    1.was that discharge a sign of late ovulation?
    2.If that was the sign of ovulation then do I have to wait for few more days for my periods to come? there any possibility that I might have ovulated lately and have successfully conceived after having intercourse on that day??
    4.should I take another home test after a week???

    wiating for your reply soon. Will be very grateful to U

    • Hello, FSH.

      Considering your condition,

      1. yes, ovulation might be a high possibility, especially with an increased dose.
      2. yes, it usually takes some time after ovulation for the uterine walls to shed off. When ovulation happens, the follicle which has just released the egg would form what is called a ‘yellow body’. This secretes hormones to maintain the thickness of uterine walls just in case fertilization takes place. This is why ovulation might delay periods.
      3/4. yes, again. It only take unprotected sex near ovulation period to get pregnant. Chances are very high. The UPT you have done might have been too early and appeared negative. The earliest possible time for accurate reading is 2 weeks after possible conception. Do repeat the test again.

      Dr De Souza

  196. Ive had this problem for a while im unregular n when i pee i clean myself n the tissue has a spot of blood… When i have sex with my partner i see his part n he has blood n i wipe n i know its me is he hurting me or is there a problem. We been trying to have a bby for a yr now n i havent been able to consive could it be related to that??? Should i worry?

    • Hello, nikkole.

      Spotting after intercourse can be caused by a variety of reasons. If this is experienced on every occasion of intercourse plus the fact that conceiving seems difficult, this narrows the list of causes to possible polyp (either cervical or uterine), endometriosis (often comes with heavy, prolonged and irregular periods) and cervical dysplasia (precancerous lesions that line the cervix). These can cause difficulties in conceiving by blocking the cervix and preventing sperms to pass through. However, having irregular periods by itself is enough to make conception difficult. You might want to try having intercourse every week if ovulation day is difficult to predict. This will decrease chances of missing the ovulation. If spotting increases and becomes disturbing with pain and discomfort, consult a doctor for a proper check-up.

      Dr De Souza

  197. i stopped my periods 2 yr, ago then a few months later started a light pinkish discharge having it every day now for a few months ,im 55yr,old could it be menapause

    • Hello, billie.

      Since menopause has happened, a check-up is important to exclude any serious abnormalities on every occasion of post-menopausal bleeding. Too much oestrogen can also cause unexpected bleeding. So does cervical or uterine polyp as well as uterine atrophy (uterine lining becomes thinner after menopause) and uterine hyperplasia (thickening of uterine lining due to abnormally high oestrogen hormones). It’s highly advisable for you to have a check-up at the doctor’s.

      Dr De Souza

  198. Confused & Worried

    Hi i am looking for some advice… Two months ago i had a miscarrage. I didnt have any scans or a d&c once it had happened. I also havent had any further checks. When i miscarried they told me there was blood present in my urine, which was never talked about again. Now 8 weeks later im suffering with abdo pain (aching/cramping) i also have a bit more discharge than usual accompanied by increased sensitivity down there accompanied with mild itchiness. What could this be? Thanks in advance.

    • Hello, Confused & Worried.

      This seems like a vaginal infection. Which type of infection stays unclear since you have no clear cut signs. Spotting and vaginal itching are unspecific signs of infection. Injury (vaginal tear) after rough intercourse might also be a possibility. If you have had frequent and painful urination, cervical infection might also be possible. I would advise you to have yourself checked again to confirm that your urine has no more blood. This could have been a urinary infection. Mild stone formation can also be a cause. Have a swab test done to exclude vaginal infection as well.

      Dr De Souza

  199. Two days ago I had really rough, protected sex. We went for three hours, used toys, etc. Today, I’ve felt uncomfortable, like there is a very slight pain in my vagina. It feels a little bit like I have to pee, but I don’t. I also noticed a strange, unpleasant odor to my normal white discharge. I’m wondering if I might have a possible vaginal injury? Or maybe it’s due to a change of hormones? I stopped taking birth control about two months ago and my skin has been breaking out all over. My skin feels oily. I’m 24 years old and hadn’t had sex in over a month before having this rough intercourse.

    • Hello, Worried.

      This seems like you have had a vaginal tear due to rough sex. This might have gotten infected which explains the bad odor. Change of hormones is an indirect cause which might lead to a changed pH and secondary infection. However, this is of less possibility compared to vaginal injury in you case, since hormonal changes take some time for infection to develop and may cause frequent episodes of vaginal itching. Antibiotic vaginal cream might help. Try to avoid intercourse until infection is totally treated. If infection persists for more than a week or worsens, consult a doctor for proper treatment.

      Dr De Souza

  200. Extremely frustrated

    Hi Dr
    I have been reading previous comments and you always seem so helpful so thought I would ask as maybe you will know a solution to my problem …

    For the past 8 months or so I have been getting recurrent itchiness around the vulva. When it first began I treated it with canesten duo OTC treatment for external and internal infection . It eased off and was itch free until about 3-4 weeks later .

    Finally after 4 occurrences in 5 months I had had enough and consulted my gp I was given antibiotics to clear it as he said I may have a reserve ! Worked wonders but now a day before I am due on my period I have severe itching again !

    I noticed it is just before my menstrual cycle reaches my period everytime could this be the cause of it as I am monitoring my diet , eating live yoghurt, swapped tights for stockings , maintain good hygiene but don’t over do it , haven’t changed any detergents recently ?

    I have tried everything and no idea what the cause is … I am 20 years old, chlamydia free , only one sexual partner in the last 8 months and am on Yasmin birth control ! I should note when I was treated for thrush with antibiotics my partner was as well !

    Any explanation or advice would be greatly received !
    Thank you !

    • There are many possible causes of vaginal itching. Also, I think what your doctor gave you was an anti-fungal and not an antibiotic (which is used to treated bacterial infections). So the first thing you need to do is to determine that the cause of your itching is truly due to a yeast infection and nothing else (eg dermatitis, folliculitis, scabies etc etc). If it is, then you need to ask yourself why you are having recurrent yeast infections. Could you and your BF be passing it back and forth? Do you have candida syndrome? Do you have Diabetes? Hopefully this helps you with your discussions with your doctor.

  201. Hello doctors, My periods typically come every 26 days and last about 5 days. Occasionally I will have a small discharge for two days after this. Last week on the seventh day, what I thought was the end of my period, I notice I was leaking a watery thin pinkish discharge. I was not immediately alarmed, until days later it continued. It had a foul, loud smell. By email research I concluded it must be bacterial vaginosis. I spoke with a friend in the medical profession about natural methods to treat this condition and did more research on-line. I purchased a probiotic and have been taking it consistently. The smell has subsided considerably, but the discharge has continued. It is now day 7 since this all began. I am not a fan of antibiotics, and I am sure the doctor will want to put me on them. Do you believe this is serious enough for me to see a doctor, or do you think that the reduction of the odor is an indicator that the pro-biotic is working?

    • You are asking a doctor whether or not you should see a doctor? Although I agree with you that your symptoms are most likely due to BV, it is not an assumption that I or anyone should make without confirmatory tests. I think since your symptoms are persisting despite your attempts at OTC cures, it makes sense to see a doctor to make sure that there is nothing more sinister going on.

  202. Ms. Lovey

    Hi. Dr. I seem to have brown discharge after my period and it seem to smell. Can this be from me having my tubes tied. Also no itching, no burning. Please help me because if I smell this old blood I know someone else can.

    • Tying your tubes should have absolutely nothing to do with vaginal discharge. There can be many causes of a maldorous brown discharge. You need to see your doctor for some tests. Please make sure you get a PAP smear at the same time because pre-cancer of the cervix can also cause such symptoms.

  203. I have a yellowish discharge frequent urination bleeding during intercourse i have done test my doctor said i had endometriosis and a yeast infection i did a endometrial ablation i got medication for my yeast infection it cleared up for about a week the symptoms came back so i still have the itching,the yellowish discharge and bleeding during intercourse i’m scared cause i don’t know what’s wrong i did a cancer test along with other test but no result as to what’s wrong i’m worried

    • Your symptoms are actually quite worrying. Aside from vaginal infections, you should discuss with your doctor the need to screen for Urine Tract Infections as well as STDs like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Also, when you say you did a ‘cancer test’ I assume you mean a PAP smear. This tests for cervical cancers. I think you should also discuss with your doctor the need to screen for cancer of the womb.

  204. Forgot to mention I have a thick white creamy discharge now for about two weeks, has no oder. Do you know what that can be?? Thanks

  205. Hello doctor,
    I am 22yrs nd i have irregular periods from the beggining itself. Nd right after my last period i am having some problems in my vagina area. I get some white or yellow thick discharge, and have itchy feeling some times. Me and my husband had sex about two months ago and i also have had my periods after that. I wont be able to visit a doctor for about two months because my husband is on a business trip and he will be back after two months. I am worried about the thick liquid thing i get and was wondering if you could recommend me any medicine or somthingfor the meantime till i can see a doctor.

    • This forum is not a substitute for medical consultations. I cannot recommend any medicine over the web. You really need to see a doctor.

  206. Hello doctor, im really hoping you can calm my mind. I have had a couple irregular periods in the past where I was off by a couple of days or not bleeding as long due to stress and what not but nothing like this!! This month my period started off strong as normal with all the symptoms I normally have, but then after only two days I stopped bleeding and spotted for not even half a day then now just have a brown discharge. Ive also been getting abdominal pains weeks before my periods but just chalk that up to my body preparing or whatever. Im still having cramps, breaking out, feeling super bloated and breast are swollen. All things that normally come along with my period, but the cramps are lighter and my moods haven’t been as crazy. Ive had some headaches and have been feeling nauseous and peeing a lot and more bms. I really dont think I am pregnant and my boyfriend and I have used a condom everytime, but its still a worry. I was also wondering if there is anything else I should be worrying about?

    • Condoms are not 100% foolproof. Sounds like you might have had a spontaneous abortion. If these symptoms continue, please see your doctor. You might need a scan.

  207. Yesterday I woke up with red spotting like mix with clear mucus. Cramps are bad. Back is hurting and came close to throwing up and a few time did in my mouth.  I stopped my period this monday which is like 3 days ago. Yesterday I’m bled with cervical mucus by afternoon and evening was pinkish. My lower stomach cramps as if im going to start my period again and my lower back is still hurting as well. I’m always tired and weak and feeling sick to my stomach. It even hurts to touch my stomach Both. Lightly and when push. Feels like sharp pain. I even feel like stomach is twisting and I occasionally feel like gas bubbles are in my tummy like movements or a kick like but can’t be pregnant if hi just ad my period. My periods have been abnormal for at least 3-4 months now and would spot anywhere between 2 to 5 days after my cycle. When I’m on my cycle I feel like I’m 6 months preg and my stomach would get hard and hurt so bad to touch. I have to wait it out til it passes. It’s really weird! I just know my body is acting up. Idk what it is or what’s the cause. Just know its not right! Right now I think I’m still kinda spotting. Color has changed from red mix with clear mucus to pinkish to pinkish/brown/orangey looking… Should I be worried? I was told last year around January that I have an ovarian cyst and I have abnormal pap smears. Please help! I’m worried.

    • Your symptoms sound really serious. To add to the problem you have had abnormal PAP smears before. Your symptoms could be due to Endometriosis or even Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Either way you really should be seeing a doctor as soon as you can.

  208. Hi, I think im 2 weeks pregnant. I have nausea, tiredness, cramping and sore breast. But WHEN I PEE LONG STREAMS OF BLOOD COMES OUT BUT NOT PEEING BLOOD ITS MORE LIKE IM ON ON MY PERIOD BUT IM NOT? What does this mean?

    • Let me get this right. When you urinate, you get bleeding from your vagina. And you are 2 weeks pregnant. This is called early pregnancy bleed also known as threatened abortion. Stop any sexual activity, get as much bed rest as you can and see your doctor.

  209. Good Morning doctors,

    Today this discharge is no longer pink, but simply looks like blood. It has been 15 days since my actual period began and I had started to leak fluids. I am a bit alarmed and will be calling a doctor today to make an appointment.

  210. Worry wart

    Hi doctor, i’ve been having a whitish/yellow discharge for a while now, it comes and goes and is sometimes foul in odor, it’s not really fishy, but I can smell it, for the last three days I have had really bad abdominal pain, i’ve also noticed a a small pea size bump on my labia major after taking off tight underwear, the bump has not burst or does it itch, but every time I wear any kind of underwear or anything fitting I get a bump, I have also been getting cyst like bumps under my skin in my buttocks and it is uncomfortable to sit, I went to the DR and had an STD screening and everything came back normal and he even asked me what was the scarring (bump on my labia majora) I was appalled, because that was my question to him, can you help?

    • Let’s talk about your discharge first. It’s good that you do not have any STDs but did you also screen for BV and Candida? Secondly, there are many possible causes of bumps on the labida majora. Do not forget the fact that the area is made of skin and can be affected by any skin problem like sebaceous cysts or folliculitis etc. I would also mention Bartholin’s cyst but these are found under the labia minora. It is impossible to diagnose these bumps without seeing them. You should consult another doctor.

  211. Hi,It was on my last day of my period -day 7- june20th ,that we were fooling around, he did not ejaculate, but I’m freaked out if any pre-ejaculation was there.I had my next period on time,and so the next one,I had 2 pregnancy tests that came out negative,went to the doctor for an ultrasound on sept 3rd,and there is nothing.can I be sure that I’m not pregnant?I know it’s silly but I’m so paranoid about it.can the ultrasound detect pregnancy

    • 1. You could not possible have ovulated on day 7. 2. You have had 2 normal periods since then. 3. You have had 2 negative pregnancy tests. 4. You have had an ultrasound that showed you are not pregnant. Seriously, how much more convincing do you need that you are not pregnant?

  212. Hi Doctor,

    I am 29 years old, currently trying to conceive and stopped taking hormonal BCP in April. I had been on it for 5 years. I had a regular 5 day period in May exactly when I expected it, but in June all I had was pinkish/tan/brown discharge for 2 weeks straight. In July I had a regular 5 day period when it was expected (if I had had one in June). Now I am 50 days into my cycle and have been having the pinkish/tan/brown discharge again for about a week and a half and this morning it was bright red, but now its back to the same pinkish/tan/brown. Should I be concerned about this ongoing discharge? Is this my body just trying to figure itself out after BCP? Is it possible this will affect my ability to conceive? Do I have some sort of infection?


    • Although theoretically you can be fertile immediately upon stopping you BCPs, most women take about 3 to 6 cycles to really settle down. During this time, you will not be as fertile as usual. So, yes, it might affect your ability to conceive. Since these symptoms have been going on for a while, it does make sense for you to see your doctor for a PAP smear and High Vaginal Swab test just to rule out any other sinister causes.

  213. Hello Dr.
    For the past three months my periods have been irregular, which is not normal for me. My first off period was 4 days late. The next month it was 2 1/2 weeks late. About a week after having my period I had unprotected sex and took plan B the day after. About 4 days after taking plan B I got my period again. It was slightly lighter than usual, but sometimes that happens. I had unprotected sex on Sept. 1st, about 12 days after the start of my last period. Now two weeks after my last period and days after having sex, I’ve been sporadically spotting very faint pink blood for 3 days. Also there is very watery discharge that I cannot see, but can smell. The texture and smell has happened before and it was vaginitis. I have read that vaginitis can come back easily. Now I am concerned though because of the spotting.

  214. Hi, I have never had sex before but a month ago was fingered by my boyfriend and I missed my period 2 weeks ago I started having cramps like on my period a few days ago. I also have a a thin brown discharge and do not know why. I have been under a lot a stress with school starting back and my grandfather passing away 3 weeks ago. Can you please help me I don’t know what is wrong and why this is happening I’m 16 and scared.

    • And also on top of all of this I had 3 cortosone shots in my lower back right before I was suppose to have my last period.

      • That is alot to deal with. I really empathize. First of all, it is impossible that you are pregnant unless your BF had semen on the finger that he put into you. I am not too concerned about your missed period. With all the stress that you are going through this is really not unexpected. I am more concerned about the thin brown discharge. This is because you can get STD infections from finger-gential contact. If this persists especially if you develop any pain passing urine, you should really see your doctor.

  215. Peace-blooded

    Hello Doctors.

    Me and my husband have been trying to have a kid for 3 months now. But Every time i feel like i am getting pregnant but i don’t get pregnant or is it my mind? My biggest concern is this discharge, I am getting this colorless slippery discharge after my period for like 6-7 days a little little pain/pinch on the left side of the stomach, but in august i didn’t get any colorless slippery discharge, but i got a little white discharge and my periods got very irregular after we started to conceive like it was on the 18th and then jumped up to 13 and then in august again 5 days early on the 9th and then happened on 30th i.e. twice in august, I am confused i don’t know what to do.And i wanted to ask if period date changes , ovulation dates changes too?

    P.S I went to gynecologist and she did some scanning and radiology she said there is a small cyst but it will heal so i don’t really have any pain now, and she did pop-smears but there was no infection or anything, And also i used to get my periods very regular, like if i get on 18th of this month then in next month on the 16th and then on 14th so on.. If you give any advice/help, i would really appreciate. Thanks.

    • There can be many causes of irregular periods. If this is also associated with problems getting pregnant it could be PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Ovulation dates will change with change in period cycles. The best thing to do is to get an ovulatory predictor. Takes the guessing out of the picture.

  216. Hi Dr!

    I’m confused. For the last few days or
    So I’ve had brown discharge. Only a spot or so on my panties if that. see it mostly when
    I wipe but sometimes there isnt anything. I’m kinda sore sometimes but i have pretty rough sex 8-10 a week. I’ve been with
    My boyfriend for about a year. My last period was about 8-10 days ago. My bf and I are
    Monogamous soo we have unprotected sex. I had a pap done yesterday. No smell, no itch
    She said my uturus looks good. My pregnancy test came back negative. But could i still be
    Pregnant? I’m just scared my brown discharge could be something bad. Im constantly tired but
    I work 50-78 hrs a week in a high stress position too. My lower back hurts and I’m cramping. But working at a residential treatment facility for at risk youth an we take the worst of the worst clients my physical pain could be from that. Idk I just want everything to be ok. My bf has no discharge or itch or anything. So I’m confused. Maybe you can help?

    • Also he doesn’t ejaculate inside
      Me. Well, he did once near the end of my last period… Like day 5. And then twice my period before but that’s it.

      • Pregnancy tests can be wrong early on in pregnancy. So in order for you to know how accurate the pregnancy test was, you need to know when it was done in relation to your last period. I think you have to consider infections as a possible cause of your discharge. These infection might or might not be STD related. Lastly, maybe you have vaginal trauma from freqeunt rough intercourse. This could result in some bleeding and thus the brown spotting.

  217. Hi Doctor… I need your help, I´m 33 years old, never been pregnant. Last month my period was on 11,I had unprotected sex on 19, four days later I had light red and brown spots for about seven days, then stopped. I took for 8 days metronidazole (tablets). My period was due for this week, and now I have the little brown spots back (they’re really small).
    What can I do? Is too early to take a pregnancy test? Could I be pregnant?

    • Yes you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test if your period is 2 weeks late. There could be many possible causes for your brown/red spots from something as serious as pre-cancer of the cervix to something as benign as a cervical polyp. For that you need to see your doctor.

  218. im ,55 stoped my period 2 yrs ago then a few months after that ,ive been spotting lightly everyday with a thick clear dicharge with little blood been doing this a few months could it be ending menapause

    • You said you stopped your period 2 years ago. That means you had your menopause 2 years ago. Bleeding after menopause is a very serious symptom and cervical/endometrial cancer has to be ruled out. You really need to see your doctor.

  219. Hi I have been having a greenish dis charge with a very bad smell I did have clymidiyah (not sure how to spell) & I took the medicine for it but didn’t finish the dose because the taste & now I am having blood in the discharge with itching & I also am on the depo shot & I don’t have a period because of it could u tell me wat is going on could I still have the std or something more

    • Becasue you did not complete your medicines, we need to seriously consider the fact that your Chlamydia was not completed cured. Also, because you were on antibiotics, this could have caused a vaginal yeast infection which can also explain your symptoms. Either way, you need to see your doctor and get tested.

  220. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend about two days ago, and ever since then I’ve been having alot of discharge, and now its yellow; is this an STD?

  221. 33&holding

    Hi Dr!
    I was very glad to find this site. I hope you have a few moments to read over my issues.
    I am in my mid 30s, a little overweight.
    My period have always been 28 days since day 1 until recently.
    My last period was 7 days late and somewhat light in flow as compared to other months.
    My husband and i had sex 2 days after the end of my period.
    My concern began today…3 days after my period ended, i began to have light pink and now dark brown discharge.

  222. 33&holding

    My period was late and light. Once it ended, my husband and i had sex 2 days later. W days after that i began to see light pink watery blood and now a few hrs later drk brown blood. Could i be pregnant or

    • It is highly unlikely that you would have ovulated just 2 days after the end of your period. I doubt you are pregnant. There are many possible explanations for your symptoms from pre-cancer of the cervix to cervical polyps. You really need to see your doctor for a checkup.

  223. Hi Dr, I was hoping you could help me like you have so kindly all these other women.
    I am 30 years of age and recently started trying for a baby. I usually have some brown discharge about 5/6 days before start of period but this month it has been from the middle of my cycle just after ovulation. I have also noticed on two occasions vagunal bleeding following bowel movements( certain it is not from the rectum) . This bleeding has only been after bowel movement and has not continued. I have been more tired than usual have had some cramping but nothing requiring pain relief and sensitive breasts which is not normal for me. I was putting a lot of these symptoms down to potentially being pregnant but my period had started this morning and now I am worried about what all my symptoms mean. I can’t get to see my dr for a fortnight.
    Any help would be greatfully received
    Thank you

  224. Hi Doctor,

    I’ve been having white discharge, sometimes a bit yellowish… but there seems to be a sour smell… or rather like a yoghurt smell… but i dont experience any pain/itch/ burning sensations…Im abt one week away from my next menses…

    Just wondering if it is normal?

    • Sounds like vaginal candidiasis. You can try some over the counter antifungals but if your symptoms do not disappear rapidly, you should see your doctor.

  225. I should also add that sex can on occassion be painful. I have not taken contraceptive pill for 4 years now. My partner struggles to ejaculate inside unless I am on top of him which is a new position for us over the last month. Although I thought I started my period, it appears to have stopped. Lots of fibrous discharge this month. Really going there are no problems with my fertility. Before we stopped using contraception we both had an Sti check so are both clear of infection.
    Thank you again
    Would you suggest Angus cactus as a herbal option to assist?

    • Hello, Kate.

      I do agree that a thorough examination of the cervix be done. Do specify what you mean by ‘fibrous discharge’. Although this website is not meant for marketing products or recommending different brands of medications, I would like to highlight that the medication you have mentioned is more towards managing a PMS or hormonal imbalance, which are unlikely in your case.

      Dr De Souza

  226. hello Dr.

    i have a greenish yellowish discharge and it burns/itches alot. it smells strong and every time i wipe, it burns. is there any medication i could take? im a month pregnant and i dont know what to do. :(

    • Sounds like you have an infection. I definitely do not think you should be popping random pills when you are pregnant. See your doctor and get a swab test to see exactly what is going on and treat is accordingly.

  227. Lovely Lola

    Hi Doctor,i had unprotected sex 3 days ago. A few hours later i noticed a light brown/light red discharge. it only last a few hours then the next dat i had protected sex (with the same boy) then a few hours later a light light pink discharge. Now today i had a lighr yellow / cream colored discharge but its slowly stopping. Should i be worried at all oe is this normal??? Please hurry.

    • Defnitely not normal. You need to see a doctor and get some tests. Could be cervical polyp or pre-cancer or the cervix of cervicitis etc etc.

  228. Abnormal?

    Hi, I have a question in regards to vaginal discharge color & possible infection- About a month ago my bf accidently scratched one side of labia minora with his fingernail (very minor bleeding for a few days, but took almost 2 weeks to feel fully healed- wiping seemed to interfere with “scabbing”) then everything was fine, except that my vaginal discharge seemed thicker & not usual color. Then a couple days after the last day of menses I felt like I had a yeast infection- mostly had itching but also noticed discharge may have been somewhat cottage cheese like, so I used otc medicine & it felt much better (this was about 5 days ago). Last night my discharge seemed thicker & very white or almost yellow & today it was very solid yellow/ green (almost phlegm like), only once on wiping. There is no odor whatsoever and no pain or itching. I have exclusively been with the same person for almost a year; I am on the pill. My last annual was 6 months ago & everything was normal. I have never had an std, ever. I don’t believe this person has been with anyone else either, the only exception may have been before he & I began to have sex. We used condoms at first & during that time I had my annual. We haven’t been using condoms for 5 months. I really don’t know what to make of what is going on (the disturbing discharge color) & any light you could shed would be greatly appreciated.

    • I do not think the scratch you had on your labia has anything to do with the discharge but thank you for the detailed history. Maybe your yeast infection was not completely cleared or maybe you have developed BV. From your history, I guess we can safely rule out STDs.

  229. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and I have a vaginal itch and a light brown discharge no odor and I missed my period for about two or three weeks now am I pregnant?

  230. I have a white-ish, yellow-ish egg white looking discharge that showed up the same night my period ended for the month of September. I recently moved into my own apartment 2 months ago, and different things have been happening to me lately, including this. Doesn’t have that bad of a smell to it, and I still continue to be feeling cramps even after my period has ended. I was wondering if I should be worried? Also if you happen to know, what it could be?

    • I would say it sounds like a vaginal yeast infection. Of course if you are sexually active it could also be an STD like Trichomonas. Persistent lower abdominal pain is a worrying symptom and could indicate Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Best for you to see a doctor and get some tests done.

  231. Hi Doc!
    I am sexually active with my boyfriend and I am not irregular but now it seems the other way around. I supposed to have August 11 and until now nothing. I do pregnancy test 3 days after missed and it results negative. I experienced also vaginal discharge. What can you advise to me?
    thank you.

  232. Sorry for typing august 11 is my last menstruation and my cycle average is 28.please help me.I am not ready to be a mother.

    • Pregnancy test done 3 days after a missed period might not be accurate. Of course there are many other possible causes of missed periods like illness, emotional stress, biochemical pregnancy etc etc. You should get another pregnancy test done if your period is 2 weeks late.

  233. hello dr.

    I’ve recently been having some white chunky cottage cheese like discharge. most of it doesn’t come out but when i clean my self out it comes out on my fingers. there is no smell or anything to it so i was wondering if it could just be a yeast infection? about a month and a half ago i was treated for chlamydia and i never had these symptoms when i first found out i had that so i was wondering if it is probably a yeast infection or i could still have the chlamydia?


    • ‘Cottage cheese’ is the textbook description for vaginal yeast infection. You could try some over the counter antifungal medication. But you should see your doctor if the symptoms do not abate rapidly with the medicine.

  234. Hello doctor my partner and I have been ttc for a year no but no luck this month my period came 2 days early and I had moderate bleeding 1st and 2nd day but it became light 3 and 4th now it’s 7th day and whenever I wipe myself I can see fresh blood coming out of the vagina my periods always last for 7 days and they should have stopped by’s v light almost like spotting only when I urine can I c blood coming out of vagina it’s v fresh red blood I m v scared whats going on?
    Pls help!

    • There are many causes for persistent vaginal bleeding. It varies from hormonal imbalances all the way to cervical lesions. I think your symptoms have gone on long enough for you to see a doctor and get yourself properly examined.

  235. Hi,
    I’m very confused about what’s going on with me. I had unprotected sex about 12 days after my last period, and by a week or two later was experiencing symptoms that could be tied to pregnancy. (Bloating, frequent urination, nausea, stomach and back ache, sensitive breasts, etc.) Then a little less than two weeks later, I noticed some light spotting. I think it might have been red at first, but it lasted nearly two weeks and was brown the majority of the time. Then, just a few days ago, it started being heavy and red. I thought it was my period at first, but it’s much heavier than normal. What does this mean?

    • Could be a spontaneous abortion. Most of the time this clears spontaneously and you will have a normal period next time round. However, if the bleeding persists especially if it is associated with lower abdominal pain, you should see your doctor.

  236. Hi,
    I am 12 week pregnant. During our first intercourse post pregnancy there was lot of discharge which was odorless and like plain water. But there was no pain and any other feeling.
    Is it normal?

    • Yes sounds quite normal. Sexual intercourse is quite safe in the second trimester.

  237. Hi! For a couple of months I have had a white smelly discharge. I have been to the docs who took swabs and there is no infection. For the last year I have been taking microgynon 3 packets back to back with a week off befofe I start the next 3 for endometriosis. I have stopped taking these only a couple of weeks ago because I want to give my body a break. Apart from the smelly discharge there is no pain or irritation. I am worried though… What do you think?

  238. I forgot to mention I dont bleed between periods or after sex either and have no pain during sex

    • As long as your swabs are normal I do not think there is anything for you to worry about. This could be due to the Microgynon. Perhaps you can discuss with your doctor the option of switching to another medicine like Visanne for your endometriosis.

  239. Hello Dr.

    It’s been a week and about four days after the day of my period that I have had sex with my boyfriend. I’m getting clear watery discharge that would wet my underwear. Within that week I’ve been having back pains, breast growth, coughing, and a headache. I’ve also taken pregnancy test twice and it came out negative. I am very concern that If I am not pregnant then what does that mean or am I pregnant and it is just way to early to tell? What does the clear watery discharge mean?

    • Pregnancy tests can be inaccurate if done too early. If your period is 2 weeks late you should repeat the pregnancy test. I really do not know the significance of the clear watery discharge. For that you need to see a doctor and get examined.

  240. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. On August 1st I started my period. It was lighter than normal, but still enough to require using tampons. On August 14th I started bleeding again. It was vey light. In fact it was only there when I would wipe. Not even a panty liner was needed. It is now September 12th, and I have noticed a very unusual clear sticky discharge with no odor. I continue to take at home pregnancy tests, but they are always negative. Prior to trying to conceive I had very regular periods. I am frustrated as I now don’t even know how to calculate where I am in my cycle. Can you give me any clues as to what is going in with my body? Is it possible to be pregnant when the at home tests are negative? I am an otherwise healthy 29 year old. I have noticed other possible pregnancy signs, but I’m afraid I’m just psyching myself out. Your help is appreciated!

    • Trying too hard to get pregnant can really stress you out. Your body might respond to this stress by changing your hormonal balance which cause period problems. Your light bleeding mid cycle could be an indication that you did not ovulate for that cycle. Home pregnancy test kits can be inaccurate if done too early. The stress of getting pregnant can also get to your husband and lead to erectile dysfunction. That is why we always advise couples who want to get pregnant to relax and not stress about it. Better yet go for a holiday. To know when you ovulate you might want to get an ovulatory predictor however, this might just add to your stress. Remember: Make love not make babies.

  241. Paranervous

    Greetings Doctor,

    Last weekend was the first time I had sex in over a year and it was with the same partner. After sex I smelled something more so like latex and I figured it was the condom (not normal). My partner told me I have a metallic taste now which I did not before. I have a discharge which is white, creamy, but no smell. Every now and then I might have a slight itch. Also after a shower I have what seems to be a very lite yeasty smell. Please note, I recently started taking birth control pills a few months ago.


    • Sounds like a vaginal yeast infection. You can try an over the counter treatment but please see your doctor if the symptoms persist or worsen.

  242. Hello, I am 21 with a very irregular period. July 21-28 was my last cycle and before that was feb. I had unprotected sex around aug 12 or 13. A week and a half after, I started to feel different. I am not too sure if it is from a major change in my life or if it is because i may be pregnant. Also, i am unsure of when i should be taking the test, because before february was july of 2011. I have been get really hungry and eat less than a child, but end up feeling like i have to throw up. I have been having mild cramps, I have been gassy,and I am always tired. ( i am taking 3 hour naps and i don’t nap) Headaches in the evening, (my headaches are very rare), i recently lost weight and get constipated and at random times through out the day i just feel nauseous. I can’t tell if my nipples are getting darker, from a distance in the mirror it looks like dark rings around them. My breasts are not swollen or at least i don’t think so. I am not too sure if I am or not. I even started sleeping with air condiditoner and a fan, when before i did not need to. I took 4 hpt’s and all came out negative, took the 4th one this morning. Today is sept 13 where i am, I bought another set of test and was wondering if i should take it or not. I am so confused, but I do need to know as soon as possible. any advice. Honestly, i did start feeling better the other day but i am just not sure and i am scared to take any risks. Should i just wait longer and take another? Are my Hcps just really low?

    • also, about an hour after taking the test i had creamy almost milk like vaginal discharge no smell or anything it just shocked me as i thought i was getting my period.

      • The fact that your periods are so irregular means that there is really no way to tell when you ovulate. So whenever you have unprotected sex, you are always at risk of getting pregnant. Some of your symptoms definitely are suggestive of pregnancy. You said you did a pregnancy test but you did not tell me the result of the test.

        • My tests all came out negative. As of Sept 20, i have been spotting. I have another but i am not too sure when to take it. Other sites suggest that i wait at least 10 weeks because of the irregularity of my periods. I just don’t know what to do and i do not want to have to take a blood test. I live on an island and there is not always an OB available. Plus prices are sky high.

          • Hello, Lulu.

            You do have typical signs of pregnancy. In such cases, a blood test is, of course, the best option as it is more sensitive to pregnancy markers and can detect them earlier than a HPT. Otherwise, you might have to wait for at least a month to have a repeat test since it is difficult to predict when exactly implantation occurs in an irregular cycle.

            Dr De Souza

  243. Hi I had an abortion three weeks ago I had sex two days after my abortion and have been having sex from then continually. I stopped taking my anti biotics because they wre making me I’ll now it’s been three weeks I’getting a discharge like q brown yellow colour and the smell is awful I’m so conscious about it like can other people smell it please help me thanks

    • I apologize if this comes across as judgemental but what on earth do you think you are doing? There is a very good reason why doctors prescribe antibiotics after an abortion and that is because the risk of getting a womb infection is really high. Womb infection can be very serious. You might even lose your womb completely. If the antibiotics were making you ill the right thing to do is to ask your doctor for an alternative. Your symptoms sounds like you have an infection. You best see your doctor ASAP.

  244. Hi Dr.,
    Please help calm my stressing mind! I’m having a white filming discharge that seems to cover my vagina. When I wipe it off, it clumps together like little balls. There is a slight itch and burning (which is bothering my thoughts!). Now intercourse is painful and unbearable at times. It’s becoming more and more frustrating.
    I started taking an antibiotic about a week and half to two weeks ago. It did start happening close to this time. I’m also on birth control and we always have protected sex still. I have an appointment to get tested for STDs Wednesday. But I need some sort of something information wise to give me a heads up or let me sleep at night.

    • Sounds typically like vaginal yeast infection. However, the symptom of dysparuenia (pain during sex) is not typical. It’s good that you get some tests done.

      • Ive had two UTIs In the past 3 months. I just started that symptoms again. Could it be a misdiagnosis of a yeast infection

        • Hello, Rae.

          UTI and yeast infection have nothing in common. So, a misdiagnosis between the two is not a case to be considered. UTIs do not cause a clumpy vaginal discharge while yeast infection do not spread to urine.

          Dr De Souza

  245. Hi Dr: I had a miscarriage in Feb, I was three months. I had a dnc done and have been ttc again but have not been able to. My cycles were 28 days then went to 32 days. I should of had my period on 2nd of sept. but it still has not came. I have taken pregnancy test but are neg. On Sept 19 and 20th I had light pink blood when I wiped. Then again around 23rd. I thought it was implantation bleeding, cause I did that last time I was pregnant but hpt show neg. I also have a creamy white discharge around my cervix with no odor and my cervix is soft and high and is just barely open. If I am not pregnant what is going on? I don’t work and I am not stressed and my periods just keep getting later, I have no clue when they are due now or coming and I am trying ttc. I am 30yrs old, am I to old to get pregnant? I have always had a hard time getting pregnant, is there a reason for that?

    • 30 years old is definitely not too old to get pregnant. There are many problems that can lead to subfertility. They are too numerous too go into here. If you have been unsuccessfully ttc for 1 year you should see a fertility specialist. With your other symptoms, it sounds to me like you might have a problem with hormonal balance such as PCOS.

  246. I have been trying to conceive for some time now I have a child already but for the past 5 years I have not been able to. I alter discovered that I have uterine fibroid and that may be preventing me from conceiving. I am getting them taken out because I bleed a lot and have developed anaemia which is corrected now. I am 100% healthy now just waiting for the myomectomy surgery. I also get that watery discharge like water is breaking during pregnancy it is just clear and I have to use 3 liners during the day. I had spoken to my doctor and she said it is normal. What are my chances now of pregnancy.

    • That is an extremely big question. Since you got pregnant before we can assume that everything is working fine and the only problem was the fibroids. Since the fibroids have been taken out that means the problem is solved. So logically there is nothing stopping you from getting pregnant. Keep trying, don’t stress about it and all the best to you.

  247. Hello doc,

    I am 20 years old and I have been having a thin, white, sort of sour smelling vaginal discharge frequently for the past 6 months. There is no itch or irritation. It started happening after I was treated for a UTI. I have tested negative for Bacterial Vaginosis. What could this be??

    Additional info:
    I do not get periods regularly. Anywhere from 2-5 months in between periods.