Vaginal discharge – do I have to worry?

Li KunMany women are confused when it comes to vaginal discharge.

However, often this isn’t a topic you would openly discuss with your friends or even your doctor.

You may have questions such as “ Is it normal discharge? Why does my discharge always vary in amount and colour? Should I see a doctor? When should I be worried?”. These are perfectly common and normal questions to ask as vaginal discharge varies from individual and they can be quite confusing.

Usually there is really nothing to worry about unless your vaginal discharge is associated with itching, pain or bad smell. Having vaginal discharge is normal in all women. But of course, it will be helpful to know what normal discharge is or looks like.

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Vaginal Environment

Before proceeding any farther, let us realize that a normal healthy vagina is never free from a type of bacteria known as ‘lactobacillus’. When balanced in amount, it is a ‘friend’ and ‘protector’ of the vagina. Its role is to protect the vagina from infection by releasing certain proteins and maintaining a vaginal pH of 4.5. Once the bacterial count decreases, vaginal pH changes and various infections of the vagina can occur. Green, yellow, gray and white, thick, cottage-cheese like discharge, usually with odor, itching and pain are signs of infection.

normal discharge

Normal and ovulation discharge

Clear, whitish, thin or thick odorless discharge are usually normal and shoudn’t be alarming. It can happen at any time during your menstrual cycle. This discharges means your reproductive organs are ‘cleansing’ the vagina and cervix, getting rid of dead cells and bacteria which is being transported by these discharges.

Somewhere around the 14th day of your cycle (i.e when an egg is released from your ovary -termed ovulation), you may notice clear colourless and elastic discharge resembling egg white. It is usually much more in amount than your usual vaginal discharge. This is a good sign for those who are trying to concieve as this when you are most fertile.

Sometimes, white and more watery discharge can be found after heavy physical activities, when you are sexually excited or sometimes when you feel extremely tired.

Common causes are Infections, Hormonal Imbalance, Vaginal Environments Changes and maybe it’s just Normal Discharge!


Menses discharge

Besides having bright red blood discharge during menses, you can also have dark brown discharge which usually occurs towards the end of your menstruation or 1-2 days after menstruation.  This is the leftover menstrual blood in the vagina which was not completely cleared. It is brown as dead blood cells turn brown. Sometimes, this dark brown discharge can also be seen during your mid cycle when ovulation occurs and is normal.



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Bacterial vaginosis (vaginal infection caused by bacteria) is one of the most common causes of gray, foul fishy-smelling vaginal discharge. Redness of the vulva, itching and burning sensation during intercourse may accompany. Green, thick fishy-smelling discharges are commonly caused by gardnerella infections.

Gonorrheal infections are manifested by cloudy yellow discharge often accompanied by pelvic pain and frequent urination.

Trichomoniasis (a parasitic infection) gives yellowish frothy discharge with bad odor. This is usually transmitted through unprotected sex. These infections are commonly treated with over-the-counter antibiotics, most effective one being metronidazole in forms of tablets, vaginal gel/creams and suppositories.

White, cottage-cheese-like discharge often accompanied by itching is due to yeast infection known as candidiasis.

Other type of infections that you could get which could cause abnormal vaginal discharge includes chlamydia, ureaplasma and mycoplasma.

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If you are pregnant, consult a doctor before taking any medications. Pay attention to your personal hygiene. Changing your panty liners frequently, keeping your feminine area cool and dry by avoiding tight clothing and linen panties may help prevent from such infections.

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We must not overlook some other simple facts that may lead to changes in normal conditions of vagina. Decreased bacterial count and an increased vaginal pH more than 4.5 are the main culprits causing infection. You may not notice that using fragrant soaps, vaginal douching and frequent bubbly baths may be some of the causes. For those who are sexually active, sticking to one partner is the best prevention, as STDs are often associated with such infections. Pregnancy and menopause may sometimes lead to imbalanced vaginal conditions due to hormonal changes. It is then best to maintain a good personal hygiene.

Although less frequently red discharge or spotting is a more serious case. When this is noted, question yourself: Have you had any unprotected intercourse recently? If yes, this may be a sign of pregnancy and you might want to do a pregnancy test. Spotting during early pregnancy may mean miscarriages or threatened abortion. Some other reasons are vaginal tear and lacerations during rough intercourse, and, if you are more than 40, it may be due to cancers. This is the time when you should be worried and tell your doctor.

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Dr (Ms) De Souza

MD (Russia), MMed (Obs&Gyn)


  1. I’m trying to conceive. Dec 11 I had my period it ended dec 15, dec 16 I wiped and it was pinkish but no real bleeding… Dec 16 my husband and I had intercourse and dec 19 we had intercourse again.. I’m trying to figure out my ovulating schedule.. Everyone is saying the 21st but today I had a clear elastic discharge . Could i ovulate so soon after my period? I’m a little lost if you could shed some light on my problem.. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you

    • Calculating ovulation is a tricky business. You can never be 100% sure. You can ovulate as soon as Day 10 of your period (so 21st is correct). However, ovulation is usually around Day 14 (assuming a 28 days cycle). The best thing to do is to go to your friendly neighborhood pharmacy and get yourself an ovulatory predictor. Pee on the stick everyday from day 10 (21st Dec). One day, you will get a smiley. On that day AND the following 2 days at least, you and your husband have to work real hard (that’s a euphemism for you-know-what). All the best to you. Hope you get preggies real soon.

      • BTW the pinkish you see on 16th is most likely just some remnant period blood mixed with mucus.

  2. Doctor, i had sex on december 10 and i ovulated on december 12 . I went to the clinic to take a urine and blood test but my urine came out negative . Im just waiting on my blood test. Do u think i took it to early because i been having white discharge lately and that ussaly dont happen to me . My body tempature increased my boods feel soar nd i need to go to the bath room more often. What do u think it is.

    • You mean a pregnancy test? Yes it does sound like you tested way too early. Your period is not even due yet. Wait till you miss your period then go take a pregnancy test.

  3. Hi Dr, I have a question my period came a day early well idk if actually my period I am having this light mucus blood only when I wipe and has no odor . there is no actual period going on I did had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago

  4. Hi, I experience itchiness in my vagina and there’s some discharge after having brazilian ipl session. Done that for about 7 times and this is the first time I experience this. I’m not sure if there’s normal.

    • The itchiness could be due to folliculitis, dermatitis or even a mild burn from the IPL. The discharge probably has nothing to do with the IPL at all. Or maybe all you have is a fungal infection causing both that so coincidentally occurred after you IPL session.

  5. Chloe Walker

    Ok so ive had my last period on 11/22 and than on 12/3 had intercourse but he didnt ejaculate inside me but exactly 10 days later i had a light pink discharge when i wiped and now 4 days later im having a Milky white discharge that has no oder or anything my next period isnt due until 12/20 what could this be???

  6. Hi doctor i had my period on the 1st of december and ended on the 7th and yesterday on the 15th i had brown with a little bit of blood discharge it was a little bit and today dec.16th it was the same but less and lighter what can that mean?

  7. Hi doc,I had unprotected sex on 6th took postinor2 10mins later(in a single dose)had mild cramps 4days later,my period is due today(14th) I had severe menstrual cramp as usual but lil blood came out (it can only be seen when I wipe off.pls can I be pregnant?

    • Postinor is taken as 2 doses 12 hours apart. Why did you take it as a single dose? Postinor may delay your period or make the period lighter. So these may be side effects of the Postinor. Of course, even if taken correctly, sometimes Postinor does not work and you could still be pregnant.

  8. The end of my period was on November 11th. I also had sex that day for the first time. He said he didn’t cum at all Nov 27th I had sex and there was precum and on November 30th . I’ve been cramping since dec 1st and dec 6 I had sex again and I bleed and thought I started my period he also came inside me .I know I didn’t start my period cause I bled not even and for long. I went to bed and woke up the next day . When I went to pee And there was spots of blood. I still cramp and my boobs hurt almost all the time. I also crave food a lot more and that’s not normal for me cause picky at eating now I don’t care what I eat as long as I feel full

    • You could be pregnant. You could also just have tears or abrasions on the vagina.

  9. Hi Dr. I have had an abortion about 2 years back. Have had regular menses with occasional use of norethisterone and morning after pills. I am sexually active. Menses last came on 9 Nov. Have been experiencing slight twinges of pain at my lower right abdomen for the past few days. Today I noticed that I have some brown discharge that doesn’t look like a normal menses. My vagina also does hurt a little. Just last month after my menses had ended I was diagnosed with a yeast infection and given medication to be inserted into my vagina. Finished the course of medicine and felt as if I had recovered. I took a preg test on 8 Dec which was negative.

    Any idea what’s happening? Could I be preg or is there any other more serious condition I should be looking at?

    • Yes you could be pregnant. The pregnancy test you took is a tad early to be accurate. But it could also be due to hormonal changes. I’m thinking maybe you have a persistent corpus luteum. I doubt it’s anything too serious.

  10. Hi Dr I am not due to start my period until the 12th of December but started cramping on my right side and light pinkish to peach tinged bleeding with mucus discharge I took a early pregnancy test that says detects as early as 7 days before missed period and got a faint positive on the 9th should I take another test to be sure this is a pregnancy? I had a miscarriage in August so very worried about my bleeding if this is a pregnancy.

    • started light pink bleeding on the 9th which was same day I took the pregnancy test.

    • Hi Tammi, the light pink bleeding could be due to early pregnancy such as implantation bleeding but on the hand it could also be due to an early miscarriage. I would advice that you repeat your pregnancy test. If the pregnancy positive line is getting stronger then it would be suggestive of an early pregnancy and would advice that you repeat your pregnancy test again after 1-2 weeks after your missed period.

      • Thank you so much for your response I am just afraid of another miscarriage had one back in August and my bleeding then started light and didnt know I was pregnant until my bleeding lasted 8 weeks and I went to the ER for that thinking it was just a infection or something since my bleeding started then the day it was due I never suspected pregnancy thinking it might be best to call my GYN tomorrow after I do another test.

  11. Hey DR so I came on my period on the 7 of November nd I only stay on for about three days my last day was on the 10 or November I had unprotected sex that same night.about two weeks later I start having white discharge nd lots of cramping in my lower back I didn’t think to much bout it cause I work so much but it got bad nd the discharge got more so I want to the doctor they took test for STDs HIV nd yeast infection nd thy took a pregnancy test nd it all came back negative so now I’m two days late nd I’m never late nd I’m now having ah white milky discharge with bad cramping could you try nd give me an answer?

    • So it is not an infection (your doctors tested for that). It is not likely that you are pregnant (cos you had sex on Day 4 of your cycle). Which leaves some sort of hormonal issue. Perhaps you did not ovulate. That can explain your symptoms.

      • Thank you so much! One more question how long do I have to wait to take a pregnancy test?

        • Okay now this morning I had some spoting pink nd still some white do I need to go back nd see my doctor?

          • So it’s that okay if I don’t ovulate nd wat does that mean for me not to be ovulating

  12. clair nicholls

    I have been spotting since the 28th of november this year and i was not due to come on till the 5th of december this year and the spotting was pink then went brown then back to pink but has now turned a bright red and it is watery aswell plus i have had other symptons to go with it,i have also had a metallic taste twice and a tingly sensastion in my left breast what could of this mean

    • Wow. It could mean a whole lot of things. Pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, cervical pre-cancer etc. Time to make that trip to your ObGyn..

  13. Hello Doctor, I have a question. Two days ago I had little cramps, yesterday I had a red bright vaginal discharge, it wasn’t much and today, it turned to a brownish color. I suppost to have my period until the 15 of this month, so in 7 more days, could it be due to implantation? Are there any other causes of this besides that?

  14. i took a pt test as a joke for someone and it come back positive and the lines are really dark….. my period isnt late yet. what does this mean

    • Hi, if the pregnancy test comes back as positive, it means that you are pregnant. It is very rare to get false positive for pregnancy tests.

      • i know that but what im asking is. is there a chance i could be having twins if both the lines on the test are super dark… some people said thats what it means

  15. Dear dr i had my period on October 31 & i cramp alot i am on my period & bleed alot the 2nd day & i had my period till november 4 i last 7 days on my period but i had sex on the 4 of
    November when i was on my period but wit protection but then a week later i had unprotected sex & a week later after that i had unprotected sex again & in December 1st i had a little crampy but not much so i went to the restroom clean myself it was light red so i weared a pad their was no blood on pad only when i clean myself & i had light blood for 3 till for days not covering the pad at all i knw its not my period cuz i bleed a little heavy & last 7 days on it i been feelin nausea feelin lik throwin up when i see food i throw up yellow in the morning wit bubbles when i eat my food takes a long time to digest i get heart burns & pains on my lower back & sides & my stomach hurts on top tired & sleepy i unirate lik after i already pee & my breast hurts bad when it gets hard for lik 2 days now i took pregnancy test yesterday it came out negative i dnt knw if i should wait till the end of this month or i am not pregnant

    • The home pregnancy test may take up to 2 weeks after the missed period to be accurate. You bleeding could also be due to a spontaneous abortion that you had.

  16. Danica Swartz

    Hi there I have a question I am currently on ortho tri cycle and just stopped my period two weeks and two days ago me and my finace had sex last Saturday morning and for the past two days I have noticed a very light pink tinge to the mucus can you please tell me what it could be and my back is killing me thank you

    • Ovulation bleeding? Infection? Tears/Abrasions? These things come to mind. If the bleeding stops on its own after a few days, don’t worry. If it does not, see a doctor.

  17. Hello i had sex a couple weeks ago unprotected and my hip was hurting and now my pH is almost clear and not coming out how it used to what does that mean I am literally stressing everyday now

    • I do not quite understand. I thought pH is a measure of acidity. I do not know what “pH is almost clear” means.

  18. Hi doctor,
    Im 14 weeks pregnant and yesterday I woke up to a bad stomach cramp and bleed alittle bit. I also had pinkish peach colored mucus looking discharge. The bleeding only lasted a few minutes. But now I’m having brown discharge. Did I lose the baby or is it a threatened abortion?

    • Sounds like TA. Please see your ObGyn asap. Avoid sex and strenuous activity. Stay in bed as much as you can. Take folate.

  19. Hi, the past 2 days or so I have had very thick dark and light brown discharge. There is some occasional burning but only after I wipe. I’ve never had my period and I’ve never been sexually active. What does this mean?

    • I don’t really know. Brown discharges usually mean some sort of bleeding. Better go see your ObGyn.

  20. Hi I had sex with my bf 3 days ago I have a yellowish discharge with some blood . It has no smell. I am pee more than I usally do. I had unprotected sex. I am cramping and my breast are sore. I’m support to have my period in about 2 weeks.

    • Yellowish discharge and urinary frequency are both symptoms of infection. You should see your doctor for some tests.

  21. Had unprotected sex 6 days before last period. Boyfriend came inside me 3 times. I got my period and two weeks later I have had two days of light pink – blood tinged mucus discharge. could i be pregnant?

    • Yes you could. Maybe the “period” you had was not a period at all but an early pregnancy bleed.

  22. Crusanthiah

    Hi DR me and my boyfriend had sex one day after my periods and the next day i had a yellowish discharg with bad odor and some stomach cramps does it mean am pregnant or coud it be an infection

    • Sounds more like an infection. But this does not mean you cannot be pregnant.

  23. Hi doctor! I’m worrying because I have a yellow discharge with burning urination and a lot of itchiness. A few days ago however I had white Clint discarge, but now I’m having yellow discharge. I’m confused to what’s going on because I have had NO sexual intercourse ever. I’m freaking out. I would appreciate your help!

    • It does sounds like you have an infection. Since you are not sexually active, it is not likely to be an STD. There are however, non-STD infections like Candida, Gardnerella that you can have. You need to see your doctor to get a diagnosis.

      • Hi doc my problems are a little similar to hers except iam sexually active and I had unprotected sex but I have no burning during urination I just have itchiness and yellow white discharge. What could it be im terrified

  24. Citlally

    Hello doctor just have a quick question what does it mean if you feel something pop.out of your vagina and you touch it to see what it is and is some type of weird looking blood with white watery milky stuff but doesn’t smell bad?

    • I honestly cannot picture what you are describing. I think in this situation it is best to see your doctor for a diagnosis.

  25. my last period was nov 8 and i had sex the day after i got off and now im having thick white dischrage, more then normal. what should i do. what does this mean

    • It could mean a number of things. Maybe you have a yeast infection. Maybe some other type of infection. Maybe you are pregnant. Best if you see your doctor and get diagnosed.

  26. Hi I am pregnant it is 5th week of pregnancy but i have brown discharge with some pain in my bach and my abdominal it has been 4 days what should i do please help me I am really scared of having miscarriage it is dangerous or normal?

    • Congratulations. Please see your doctor immediately. This could be a threatened abortion.

  27. Morgan Rogers

    Hey doc; I’m 22 weeks pregnant. I’m having a discharge that looks a LOT like the first picture shown here. But it’s not as thick and not as much in one strand as that. It’s often a few thin strands. I’ve been sick; and have been coughing vigorously; and am concerned I may be losing my mucus plug?? Do you think it could be that or would you say not likely?

    • Not likely. That said, vigorous coughing can cause uterine contractions. Better get that cough fixed.

  28. Hello, start of my last period was october 23, its now november 28 and i havnt had my period. my nipples have been sore past 2 to 3 weeks. light off and on cramping and sharp twinges on right side started around the 17 of november and still happening and only on right side not uncomfortable but i notice it when it happens . major mood swings and yesterday feeling itchy and alot of creamy discharge with very faint light pink . i checked my cervix in the mirror and its very low and when i push i get alot of discharge. sorry TMI so sorry but just really wonna know what is going on possibley. TTC with fingers crossed. PLEASE help.thanks alot. .

    • Yes it seems you have the symptoms of pregnancy. I really do hope you are pregnant too. Take your folate regularly and hold strong. I have my fingers crossed for you too.

      • thank you DR Tan!…so i had blood test done yesterday and have ultra sound for tuesday… i did have uti showing in my urine test so the Dr rX me Macrobid cause its safe she said if anychance i may be pregnant ….she did urine test for pregnancy and test came neg. :(…. i am waiting to see what the blood test shows . thanks again.

  29. I received a D&C on Halloween. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant again. 23 days after my procedure I started to have brown spotting. It lasted a day and it stopped. It started one day later with brown discharge and stopped. I only had to wear a liner. Today I had snot like mucus after I passed a bowel movement. Could this be implantation bleeding or my period.

    • What was the D+C for? It is highly unlikely for you to be pregnant so soon after a D+C. Your endometrial lining will be very thin. The brown spotting could be your period but since the lining is so thin, it only appears as a brown discharge. The other thing to be careful about if there was anything left in the womb after the D+C. This can cause an infection and present with discharge.

  30. i haven’t gotten my period this month and I just had some elastic thick yellow-red discharge come out my vagina…I want to know if its anything to worry about and if I need to be seen for it.

    • I honestly do not know. It is very difficult to picture what you are describing. To err on the side of caution, you should see your doctor.

  31. Hi Doc,

    I usually have my period 28 days after last menstruation. But this month, it’s already 30 days ( First day of my last period was 26 Oct). For the last 5 days, I have intermittent pinkish spotting. Not really a discharge coz I can only see the pinkish liquid when I wipe. Could I be pregnant? I have no pregnancy symptoms at all.


    • Sounds like you want to be pregnant. And I hope you are. Delayed period and pink discharge can be due to pregnancy. But there are many other possible reasons for these symptoms, including hormonal changes. So keep your fingers crossed and get a pregnancy test after 2 weeks if you still have not have your period.

  32. Hi Doctor,

    im having on doutt. actully today on my vagina i sawed some bacteria like white color one it will be 3mm size . my vegina started to itch and some thing i felt and i sawed wts happening suddenly one bacteria i sawed. im very scared about this wt is the problem can u tel me something.


    • I really do not understand your question. You cannot see bacteria with the naked eye and bacteria are definitely not white and 3mm in size.

  33. dr I had a misscarige a week ago and since then have a clear discharge, just today I peed yellow/orange . why would that be ?

    • Having a discharge after a miscarraige is quite normal. I am not sure about the peeing yellow. Maybe you are just dehydrated or maybe there is an infection. If you have pain passing urine or a fever please see your doctor.

  34. Good day Doc. I am sick with worry. I am a mom of a six month old boy. I only had my periods just after he was born and never had them again. I recently had sex with my partner using a condom and without one. I took a morning after pill just to be on the safe side. Now five days later I noticed pink discharge and I am still breastfeeding. Could I be pregnant again or is it something else. Please help desperate..

    • The “periods” you had just after he was born were probably not proper periods. I would guess they were more just lochia. The pink discharge is probably just a sign of your periods coming back or the side effect of the morning after pill. I think the chance of you being pregnant is really remote.

  35. Last night I had sex with my bf twice… The second time I wasnt as lubricated.. Well this afternoon I noticed I have a brownish-pink discharge. I do currently have bv… Could that be because of bv? (I dont have any pain)

    • It is probably a combination of factors. BV will cause your vaginal epithelium to be more fragile and the sex could have abraded the epithelium causing the bleeding. If you are an older lady, you should be aware of more sinister problems like cancers. Click here for our Women’s Health Blog to find out more.

  36. My period started on the first and continue until the third of November, since the bleeding has stopped my mucus has creamy, brown, red, egg white color to it and has been constant. What does this mean??

    • It sounds like there is still come bleeding going on. Better see your doctor to find out what it causing it.

  37. Chloe Jarratt

    Hi, I had sex lastnight and today I’m loosing a yellowish greens discharge? And hurts when I wee.

  38. anonymous female

    I have a really dark brown discharge that looks like old blood I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend two days into my period we also had sex every night since then. We didn’t have sex for two nights. I stopped bleeding and didn’t bleed again thenext the discharge just started yesterday and I’m a little worried can you help me?

    • I’m sorry. Your post is quite confusing. You need to be clearer on the timelines.

  39. Hey Dr I had a yellowish discharge which was fowl at times this discharged turned into a lighter discharge without the smell an some abdominal pain started it has me worried I had a baby 7 mths ago talk to my fren an she told me it cld b a infection my bf went BT the Dr for the same discharge Cuz he noticed it coming from his penis an they told him it was runnings I have no burning during sex either while urinating so I jus want to no what these symptoms could be.

  40. Doc is it possible that I am pregnant?or those are just symptoms of pregnancy?

  41. My boyfriend and I had sex yesterday and immediately after I began bleeding a bit. I assumed that it was just that he had been a bit too rough and maybe tore something so I ignored it for the time being but the bleeding has intensified (albeit not by much) and I also am experiencing cramping similar to my period and yet I just had my period 13-14 days ago. I tried a new birth control for a couple days (about four) but quit taking it about four or five days ago because a friend gave it to me instead of my doctor and I wanted to double check with them before continuing it, but I don’t think I took it long enough for it to really influence my body. What could be causing this strange bleeding and what should I be looking out for? Thank you!

    • Sounds like the birth control pills to me. First of all you took them about 1 week into your period which is the wrong time to start. Then you took it for only 4 days then stopped. This can really mess up your hormonal system. Of course, there can be other causes like cervical polyps, cervical pre-cancer, HPV infections, ovulation or as you said, tears and abrasions.

  42. two months delayed, sore breast,yellowish discharge with fishy smell, burn during urination, low appetite doc what this may cause?

    • Before of yellowish discharge a very light blood is present sometimes it s brown just like the end of period

      • Definitely sounds like an infection. Please see a doctor asap. You are welcome to see us if you wish. Click here for location info.

        • Thank you for the reply doc.Doc, should I go an OB-gyne? Or what

        • Hi. Me and husband had sex when i ovulated and before and after that. My period is to start on 16 november, but last monday i began to feel nauseous and very moody until that thursday and then it went away but i am still very moody. But today i started getting cramps and when i came home from work tonight i saw light pink discharge and a bit of cramping. And this is not my usual period pains. This morning i took a clear blue test but it was negative. What does this mean

          • It is not yet November 16. Your pregnancy test will not be accurate. Repeat it in 2 weeks if you still have not had your period.


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