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  • Men
    • Discharge from the penis
    • Pain when passing urine
    • Itch in the penis tube (Urethra)
    • Pain/Discomfort in the Scrotum
    • Itching, Ulcers, Blisters, Lumps or Growths in the pubic or anal region.
  • Women
    • Abnormal or smelly discharge from the vagina
    • Abnormal bleeding especially bleeding between periods or after sex
    • Pain when passing urine
    • Itch in and around the vagina
    • Itching, Ulcers, Blisters, Lumps or Growths in the pubic or anal region.
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HIV Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Sore throat especially with throat ulcers
  • Swollen neck lymph nodes
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  1. Margino

    Hello ,

    I had recieved a blowjob on date of 4th Dec 2016 from a CSW and i ejaculated inside mouth and then i noticed she has some blood in her mouth and i asked her she answered she was fine ,

    I did my test on 15th April 2017 and my test was HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test and it was non reactive and i asked the doc about it he said he think i am fine ,

    Is it conculsive or i should repeat test , i have lympho under my lower jaw sInce 3 months .

    What u think

  2. Alvin Lim

    Hi…. i am here to ask some question about HIV test negetive after 1 week or more symtoms…..

    cause i am actually working in pharmacy as a storekeeper & i happen to prepare some E-kit & my finger get prick by some injection ampoule glass shard….. then i went to A&E for some consultation & blood test as well ~ & the CDC doctor said my blood test is negetive from hep B, C & HIV but i am on window period ….. the doctor even mention that my risk is <0.001% which is NO NEED TO WORRIES about…. but i forget to ask that ~ in this few week ~ what should i look out for? like symtoms or something? i am so worries now…..cause i need to wait for 6 week for another blood test again …….

  3. i had unprotected sex 3 weeks ago and now my meatus is swollen and red . what is the possible reason to it ?

    • Unfortunately we cannot make a medical diagnosis over the internet. Please come down to our clinics for a consult and evaluation – we would be happy to provide advice and treatment as necessary.

  4. First Time

    Hi Dr.

    27th Apr – had intercourse with irregular partner

    30th Apr – Penile Discharge (yellowish + abit of blood stain) and swollen at the tip of penis.

    1st May – Went for STD clinic and dr suspected both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and had injection of CEFTRIAXONE (1 amp) and prescribed with AZITHROMYCIN 500MG (2 tabs)

    Currently, the symptoms seems to be reduced. No more burning sensation during urinating and discharge has reduced drastically.


    1. Do I still need to go through STD test? If yes, when should I go for test to confirm that all the bacterias have been removed?

    2. Possibility of getting HIV? Test required? If yes, when would be the right time to test?

    Looking forward to your reply and thank you for your advice.

    • drtan

      1. Yes. 2 weeks after completion of treatment.

      2. Yes possible if your partner is HIV +ve. Test at 28 days post exposure with the 4th Gen Combo test.

      • First Time

        Thanks for the reply.

        May I know what is the total cost would be for these 2 test? It seems that test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea is not shown on your website.

  5. Wang Lee

    Hello Doctors,

    I visited a massage parlour yesterday (27/4) and had a protected sex. Before that, she gave me an unprotected oral sex. After going through relevant articles and discussion on your website, I think I might be at risk of some STDs infection. At this moment, I have not acknowledged any abnormal symptom. I would like to do the tests but are concerning when is the best time for them? Can I do it now or wait for one or two weeks later?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    • drtan

      Yes you certainly are at risk of STDs. The best time to test is 1 month after exposure. Or earlier if you develop any symptoms. Click HERE for an article on STD symptoms.

  6. unitedz

    Hi Dr,

    Have unprotected sex with hi-risk community 20th March.

    4th April Done std testing for gonorrhea, chlamydia, hiv and syphillis, all negative.

    5th April, pain when urinating but no discharge, went to poly and normal antibiotic(cotrimoxazole) for UTI given. Cured after a week.

    Shall I retest for other std in this case? except hiv and syphillis which i know i shall retest after 6 weeks.

    • Hi, if your symptoms have resolved, it is less likely we will pick up anything from further testing. However, if you are still concerned, please drop by our Robertson Walk clinic for a proper consult and evaluation.

  7. Hi Dr,

    I had protected sex 2 weeks ago. My partner just told me that she has gonorrhoea. There was no times that I felt a slight burning sensation when I urinate. Wanted to check what would be the pricing for just a Gonorrhoea test and is the information confidential?

    Thank you.

    • Hi,
      A urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhea will be S$188 before consult/GST. It would be best to check both as there is always a risk once there is a concurrent STD and we would not want to miss anything treatable. Of course, all medical information obtained during the consult with our doctors is confidential. Please visit our Robertson Walk clinic for testing and treatment.

  8. Hi Doctor,

    My boyfriend’s results for HSV type 2 IgG Ab dame back positive (> 3.5). We had unprotected sex.
    1) Does that mean that he has a STD?
    2) How high are the chances that I could be infected?

    • Hi,
      Based on your boyfriend’s results, he most likely has an HSV-2 infection. Risk of transmission is highest when he is having an outbreak (ulcers/sores present), and much lower if there is no outbreak (4-10%). Risks can be reduced by wearing a condom and with antiviral medication. Please speak to your doctor for more information.

  9. Last year October, I found out that I had chlamydia. Treated with doxy but wasn’t feeling better after that and start to feel cramping on my pelvic area, abnormal pale yellow discharge and menses also frequent urination at times so did other tests:pap smear, swab test, blood test, urine test, pelvic ultrasound, transvag ultrasound and was prescribed with other meds like moxiclav, cipro, and cefalexin.

    After completing everything, all the results came back negative however I’m still ocassionally experiencing abnormal discharge. My doctors couldn’t tell me what’s wrong and asked me to monitor my menses for 3months and said it could be hormonal imbalance.

    My next appt will be early next month, however should I still be worried because could it be possible that I have smth that’s undetectable?

    • It is rather difficult to comment on your case as we do not have all the details. For example you mentioned “swab test” but we do not know exactly what was tested for. I think in your situation, you have to put your trust in your doctors. They obviously have already tested you extremely thoroughly and are confident that there is nothing sinister about your current symptoms. If you still feel insecure, feel free to seek a second opinion from another ObGyn.

  10. I have infected syphilis and done my treatment with penicillin.The rpr was 1:2 .How was possibility to turn to negative after 1 year ?

  11. doctor i have contact with my partner when i have period and he got infected do i have std?

    • Hi angle,

      Having your period doesn’t prevent you from catching an STD, it only reduces your chances of falling pregnant.
      If you’re concerned, please come by clinic to have yourself tested for STDs.

  12. Anonymous

    Hello dr. Tan… Is the test for foriegn qorker for chlamydia can be anonymous? Thanks

    • Tests for Chlamydia in Singapore cannot be anonymous regardless of the patient’s nationality.

  13. dr

    one week before the rashes appears i slept with my partner and after that the rashes come out all over my body in my neck…tummy…arm legs back and buttocks..i’vebeen with 5 different doctors but they give me anti histamine and cortisone..am worried bec its been going to 2 mos and i read about syphilis the incubation period is 9-90days…am i affected doc?

    • You cannot get a secondary Syphilis rash 1 week after infection. You need to see a skin specialist and get properly diagnosed.

      • Thankyou for the reply doc…in your clinic doc is there any skin specialist doctor available?

  14. I experience condom break, it’s risk of infection?

  15. I had protected sex, but unprotected oral for only awhile.

    In less than a week only I got flu, body feeling hot, tired and quite a bad diaherrea. Is my body very heaty due to the weather and diaherrea due to eating too much rubbish? Or is it possible I had hiv?

    • That is such a strange question. What are you asking? Are you asking if it is possible that you get HIV from protected sex? Yes it is possible though unlikely.
      Or are you asking if your symptoms are due to a HIV infection? I don’t think so because it came on so early after the exposure. However, please see a doctor.

  16. Hi… I want to know how muvh you will charge for pap smear alone for a foriegner… Thanks

    • Consultation $37.40 to $64.20
      Thin Prep PAP Smear $74.50

      • Worrymanvn

        Help me, I so worry
        I have 3 tests hiv at 5 weeks exposure: combo ARC 1,25 positive, determine hiv 1/2 neg, combi pt 0,3 neg.
        Doctor asks me comeback after 2 weeks. I so worry and I go to another hospital ( the biggest hospital in viet nam). I have 2 test: combi pt NEG, PCR neg (<250 copies).
        And then, I have a test hiv at 7.5 weeks ( 53 days) exposure with combi pt Roche: NEG.
        I want to ask 2 question:
        1/ do you think I DO NOT hiv? This is conclusive
        2/ do I need test hiv at 12 weeks.
        Please help me, i so stress, I so worry

        • Yes I think you do not have HIV and that your first test was a false positive. Please continue to follow up with your doctor.

          • Hi Doctor,

            Please kindly advise me because I’m so worried. I had unprotected sex with my man a few times but no ejaculation. My period is late for 21 days and white discharged instead of period. But now only light-yellow discharges.

            My private area is so itchy and burn. I did pregnancy test once after my period is late for 10 days and the result was negative.

            May I have any infection? What could be the problem here? Please help me. Please please. I’m so worried.

            Thank you so much!!

          • Hi,
            Vaginal itch and discharge is a common symptom of an infection. It would be best if you came down to the clinic for a consult and evaluation so that you can be properly treated.

  17. How accurancy the blood test result of hsv 1 and 2 after 6 weeks unprotected oral sex wihout any symptom for the moment? May i know hsv will cause diarehha, fever or vomit?

    • It depends on what type of test. Please check with the doctor who ordered the test for you. HSV may cause a fever but does not cause diarrhea or vomiting.

  18. Hi Doctor,

    Can I purchase a home hiv test kit from your clinic?

    • HIV test kits cannot be sold over the counter in Singapore. They are only to be used in Doctor’s offices.

  19. Hi Doc,
    I had protected sex with a sex worker 2 days back. However, unprotected oral sex was performed on me. Further, I also have mouth ulcers/sores.
    a) Please let me know, when I should go in for a comprehensive HIV & STD test and cost?
    b) What are my chances for HIV?
    c) What are the chances for STD?

    • 1) It is best to get yourself a full screening after 28 days. You can find the cost here: Cost of STD/HIV tests
      2) Your risk is low.
      3) Protected sex reduces risk of STD/HIV significantly. However, unprotected oral sex can transmit certain STDs. It is best to see a doctor to get yourself tested.

  20. Hi Doctor, I heard the window period for HPV is up to 8 months, is it true? When can I test for HPV to get a conclusive result? Does the Female Comprehensive test includes testing for HPV? What specimen is needs for the Female Comprehensive test?

    Thank you.

  21. Hi doc,

    I had an encounter a month ago, a condon was used for vaginal sex but not oral sex,
    My scrotum is tight, it doesn’t hang loose anymore. I’m not sure if it was like that before. Could this be a symptom of an std? Thanks

  22. My sex life is quite active. I had sex with several people with and without the use of condoms. I’ve lost count of the post exposure but its been afew months i guess. Recently, i notice tiny white pimples near the outer rim of my vagina opening. I popped it. Afew days later, it kinda spread. Now the pimples grew bigger and there’s more. But its not itchy. Could it be herpes or just infection? Does hiv/std screening really necessary?

    • From your description, it sounds like Molluscum Contagiosum. It is a skin virus but not dangerous. You should see your doctor to get it treated. Since you have an active sex life, regular HIV and STD screening is always a prudent thing to do. This is regardless of whether you have symptoms or not.

  23. henry wayne

    Just an added point to my question already posted…the first test I took was a Gen Prob RNA HIV early detection test.

    • plea see my other reply

      • What’s the different between pee in the cup or penis swab?And anal swap and rectum swab?Is it the swab is faster but not that accurate.However the pee in the cup and rectum swap usually takes a week but more accurate?

        • It really depends on what test you are running. For the tests we run, there is really no difference between the urine sample and urethral swab sample. Also, there is no difference between an anal swab and a rectal swab.

  24. Feeling dumb

    Received unprotected oral sex from a commercial sex worker three days ago (nothing else). Understand that highest risk with this is Gonorrhea and Chlaymidia. I assume testing for these two (urine test) two weeks after exposure then do a blood test four weeks after exposure (for Syph and HIV, just in case). 1. Does this all sound correct? 2. I leave Singapore 25 days after exposure and will be gone for three weeks so i think although 25 days after exposure for blood test is not fully conclusive, it’s probably close enough to maybe be ~99% conclusive? Or would a blood test at 25 days be pretty useless?

    • 1) Yes you can do that. However, oral sex may also put you at risk of herpes. You can do herpes blood test 2-3 months from exposure.
      2) Day 25 may be a little too early but it is as good as conclusive.

  25. Hi Doc,

    For the past 4 months, I started to have protected sex 3 times with different ladies, last being in late September. Before that I wasn’t really sexually active as I had only 1 partner and our last activity was in Feb.

    Since late September, I’ave abstinent from any form of sexual activities and monitored for any symptoms which none was present. I’m thinking of having a full std screening at your clinic to be sure and also to be responsible for my actions to my partner.

    1)Will the test results be accurate enough now or do I need to wait further before doing the test?
    2)How long will it take for the results to be out?
    3)Do I need to abstinent from sexual activities with protected sex further if the results are negative? (with my partner only)
    4)If there is any “bad news” will the results be shared among gov clinics or will it be anonymous?
    5)Do I need to make an appointment before heading down or can I do a walk in at Novena?


    • 1) Yes. You can get yourself tested now.
      2) About 3-5 working days.
      3) If all your results are negative, I do not see why you should abstain yourself from sexual activities. Of course protected sex is always safer.
      4) STD screening is not anonymous but it is confidential and will not be shared among other clinics. However, for HIV, you can opt for anonymous HIV test.
      5) It is best to make an appointment if you want to visit Novena clinic to avoid waiting time.
      *Please note that anonymous HIV is only available at Robertson clinic.

  26. Hi dr, my husband and I had both oral and intercourse on Wednesday.
    The next day I felt ill like having flu and sore throat.
    Now it’s Saturday. Both of us are down with sore throat and itchy cough. Am I having any sex virus or HIV symptom?
    I did a $50 rapid prick blood test last month. It’s my 8 weeks after sex test.It’s negative.
    I did a probe Virginia swab test its clear.
    Am I consider hiv free and std free?
    Thank you so much!

    • Rapid HIV antibody test is only conclusive after 3 months. Vagina swab only test for certain STDs. Other STDs such as syphilis and hepatitis can only be tested with blood test. Therefore, based on your description, you are not considered HIV free and STD free. However, I do not think you should relate your symptoms with STDs straight away because they are very non-specific symptoms.

      • But… I gave birth a year ago.
        Did a HIV test and it was clear.
        I have no other partner except my husband.
        Test result still not conclusive enough though I did a $50 test last month it’s negative?

        • I mean I’m with my husband for 10 years, within these 10 no other partner except him

          • Well, if you think you are not at risk of HIV or STD, why are you still worried? Sore throat and cough are signs of respiratory tract infection. You should see a doctor to get yourself treated.

  27. Hi, can I know if 79 days of STDs blood test are conclusive? Thanks!

  28. Sridharan

    Hi Doctor
    I recently visited to ur site and I am really thankful for having such a wonderful site.
    Sir I am 34 male ,a foreigner I had unprotected sex with my girl friend in 2010 then got infected ( I testles got bulged and I c a doctor he give some antibiotics)
    Then later after abt 6 to 8 months later when I urine I had a milky white colour discharge along with urine mostly during my mid or post mid stream. Then I saw some doctor in India for VD and reported nothing and taken some medicine. After then I got married I my wife got some irritation when v had sex and she got infected. Then she got few time infection. We see doctor and suspected some urinal infection.after that I see a doctor in India ( Hiv & VD ) specialist and tested and he say I am ok don’t know what test.
    Now recently I went to India and me and my wife had sex now she say she has s white discharge coming out from her vigina.
    I also having some raches and a white layer is forming between my penis head and skin.
    I want check my self is I am infected with STD
    And what kind of test I should do please advice me …
    Awaiting ur reply

  29. Hi. Really appreciate some help on this as I’m a 28 year old male virgin before visiting a prostitute in Thailand for the first time.

    I had protected oral (given by her) and vaginal sex with a young Thai prostitute. There was also brief vaginal fluid contact as I fingered her briefly a few times. There was also vaginal fluid on her breast as I made contact after fingering and had oral contact on the breasts. I also self masturbated without a condom after our session. 

    I have a few questions:

    How fast can HPV, HIV or other STD Symptoms appear? Would I be at risk of any? I experience the following symptoms within a week after the encounter. (72 hours to be exact as I’m typing this) :

    I do feel some sore (similar to post workout) on the arms and thighs. 

    A single small slight bump also appeared around the pubic area (similar to a mosquito bite)

    Loss of appetite (though I do get this even before my sexual encounter if I’m seriously worried about stuff)

    Vomiting after food (might be being overly worried)

    It’s been 3 days so far and I’m getting rather worried. Thank you for all your help.

  30. Hi. Congrats for your site. After 30 days of risk exposure I made vdrl blood test for syphilis and was negative. Is that conclusive or I must repeat it and when?? Mention that from day 22 I took cipro for prostatitis.

  31. Hi. 10 days after risk exposure I made semen culture fro mykoplasma tricho etc. and hsv1&2 blood tests and was negative. Are they conclusive? If no how many days after exposure must I repeat them?

    • Dr Justin Sim

      10 days is too early, particularly for HSV. You need to repeat at 3 months. We don’t do semen culture for mycoplasma, we use urine tests so I cannot comment on that test.

  32. I received anal rimming from a masseur. Worry abt hsv 1 n 2. Got myself tested at 5 days;
    Hsv 1 more than 3.5 pos
    Hsv 2 0.15 neg
    Was told by my doc that hsv 1 was earlier infection.

    Did another test at 9 weeks:
    Hsv 1 more than 3.5 pos
    Hsv 2 0.16 neg.

    Could antibodies be developing in my body since I had 0.15 at day 5 and 0.16 at 9 weekz?
    Hw sure am I that I do not hv hsv 2?
    Will a later test say at weeek 10 or 11 show hsv 2 at 0.9 pos?
    Thanks for ur advice.

    • Hi doc,
      Just to add on, how confident can I be with my 9 weeks negative result for hsv2 ?

  33. how much is the possibility of a false test result on an hiv ab test for a person with hbv vaccination recently ?

  34. Hi
    After 14 days of exposure i made semen culture for ureoplasma, mikoplasma, gonnorhea, chlamydia and tricho. All was nemgative. Are these tests conclusive or i must repeat them. Also at 24 days after exposure i made 4th generation duo hiv test, HBsAg, HCV and vdrl blood tests. Are they conclusive too?

    • 1) Yes they are.
      2) 4th generation HIV combo test is only conclusive after 28 days. You need to repeat it. HBsAg, HCV and VDRL are conclusive.

  35. arsheikh

    december 2014 anti hiv chemiluminesense value .6 borderline .8-1.2 positive 1.2 , its negative but the lab manager said report is bogus , still the number worries me over and again , lab quality is hardly average , february 2015 hiv 1/2 ab/ag electro chemiluniesence value .210 cut off 1 , negative for sure , this one was international standard lab , no unprotected sex or iv drug use history , what is the difference between being negative on low numbers and that on high numbers just below the threshold ?

  36. Andrew C


    I am a foreigner working in Singapore. I have been tested positive for HIV for 1 year already. I would like to check my cd4 count and viral load and see if I require ART. is there a way to have an anonymous test for this?

  37. Unknown

    Hi Dr Tan, previously i was diagnosed with the CLAP around November last year and i have taken the full course of GRANDUDOXY and CEFIXIME and the yellow discharge has stopped since. However recently i spotted yellow discharge from my penis again, could it be a re-occurrence after so long ? and by taking the same antibiotic helps ?

  38. worried

    Hi Dr,
    I received unprotected oral sex from a prostitute 7 days ago. The day after, I was prescribed clarithromycin for 5 days (1 tab of 250mg 2 times a day), which I just finished yesterday. Do I need to wait to get the Chlamydia and Gonorrhea because of the antibiotics I took? How about syphilis? I read on your webpage that it is as good as conclusive after one months, but that it is recommended to take the test again 3 months after exposure? So I have the same question, will the antibiotics I took alter the result of the test? Thanks for your reply Dr.

    • The medications you took may alter the results. However, you should get yourself tested if you have not already done so. Sometimes it may be partially treated, in which case you need further treatment.

      • worried

        Hi Dr,
        Thanks for your reply. I got tested for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea 8 days after the exposure and the result came back negative. However, this was only 3 days after I finished the clarithromycin. Is my test conclusive, or do I need to re-test at a later stage? Can a negative test at 8 days become positive later, due the antibiotics I took? thanks a lot!

        • It is difficult to comment on whether it is conclusive or not in this case. If you are worried, you should get yourself tested again in 1 month


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