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Dr Tan and Partners is a GP clinic with a special focus on providing comprehensive HIV and STD/STI screening for people in need.

We provide a private and comfortable setting for you to discuss your problem with our doctors.

For lady patients who prefer female doctors, we have 2 dedicated female Doctors to attend to your medical needs.

Your are welcome to visit Our Doctors at Our Clinics anytime during our opening hours.

We have 6 locations conveniently located at 

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Services Offered:

Comprehensive HIV Testing

Comprehensive STD/STI screening

Anonymous HIV testing

Early and Fast HIV tests

STD Treatment

STD Vaccines

We offer professional evaluation of your STD, HIV/AIDs symptoms, comprehensive testing and effective treatment.

We are a walk in clinic. You can walk in anytime during our opening hours without an appointment.

We are Open on Saturdays and Sundays.

STD/STI Testing / Screening

We are a fully certified STD/STI testing and screening clinic in Singapore.

We use Gold Standard tests in accordance to latest International Standards and Guidelines.

Types of STD Tests available

Blood tests for:

Swab / Urine tests for:

DNA swab tests for:

Results for STD tests will usually take between 3 – 5 working days.
All STD/STI tests done are strictly private and confidential. We will not disclose your identity or reveal your results to anyone. 
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HIV Testing and Screening

We are certified by the Ministry of Health to conduct Anonymous HIV tests in Singapore. We offer a full range of HIV tests for fast and accurate results. Do the right test at the right time.
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If your Exposure was 10 to 12 days ago, do the HIV RNA PCR test.

Results usually take 1 to 2 weeks.
The lab can expedite the results within a week for a surcharge of $100.

If your exposure was 28 days ago, do the Rapid Anonymous HIV Combo test.

Results in 20 minutes.

If your exposure was 3 months or more ago, do the Rapid Anonymous HIV antibody test.

Results in 20 minutes
This test can be done with either blood or saliva.
Results for all HIV rapid tests take 20 minutes only and are performed in-clinic.
All HIV tests done are strictly private and confidential. 
For Anonymous HIV Testing, tell our staff that you want the 3-step test. No names or registration details are required.

HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) / HIV Prevention

Have you been exposed to HIV?
Did you contact any potentially infected fluids?
Did your condom break?
Have you had high risk sex with a high risk partner?
Do not panic. There is still a chance of preventing a HIV infection with PEP.
This treatment must be given within 72 hours of exposure.
Do not hesitate. The earlier you start PEP treatment, the more effective it is.
Come to Our Clinics now. We are Open on Weekends.
We are a fully certified clinic to provide advice, counselling and dispense HIV PEP medicines to prevent HIV infections.
We use the latest recommended medicine with much lesser side effects and much better efficacy.
All medicines we use are original and approved and recommended by the World Health Organisation and the US CDC.
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HIV PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

Do you have a lifestyle that is putting you at risk of HIV?
Is there something you want to do but the fear of HIV is stopping you?
HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is a medicine that you can take that will protect you from contracting HIV.
Think of it like taking tablets for Malaria when you travel.
We are a fully certified clinic to provide advice, counselling and dispensing of HIV PrEP medicines for HIV Prevention.
These medicines are safe and effective. They are recommended and approved by the World Health Organisation for the prevention of HIV.
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STD/STI Treatment Services

Our clinic provides a comprehensive range of STD/STI Treatments. All treatments are conducted by fully certified and specially trained doctors in Singapore.
We use Gold Standard treatments in accordance to latest International Standards and Guidelines.
 Condition  Treatment
 HIV PEP, PrEP  Tablets
 Gonorrhea (Urethral, Vaginal, Cervix, Throat, Anal, Rectal)  Recommended Injection and Tablets
 Chlamydia (Urethral, Vaginal, Cervix, Testis, Throat, Anal, Rectal, Eye)  Tablets either Single dose or 2 weeks course
 Syphilis (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)  Recommended Injections. Tablets if allergic to injection or failed treatment with injections.
NSU (Non-Specific Urethritis)  Tablets
 Herpes Simplex Virus (Treatment, Suppression)  Tablets and/or Cream
 Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)  Tablets
 Candidiasis  Tablets or Creams. Option of vaginal tablet inserts for women.
 Trichomoniasis  Tablets.
 Crabs/Pubic lice  Lotion
 HPV Warts (Genital, Peri-Anal) Cream, Freezing, Surgery or Laser. Vaccinations also useful.
 Molluscum  Cream, Freezing, Surgery or Laser.


All STD/STI treatments provided are strictly private and confidential.


STD/STI Symptoms

  • Men
    • Discharge from the penis
    • Pain when passing urine
    • Itch in the penis tube (Urethra)
    • Pain/Discomfort in the Scrotum
    • Itching, Ulcers, Blisters, Lumps or Growths in the pubic or anal region.
  • Women
    • Abnormal or smelly discharge from the vagina
    • Abnormal bleeding especially bleeding between periods or after sex
    • Pain when passing urine
    • Itch in and around the vagina
    • Itching, Ulcers, Blisters, Lumps or Growths in the pubic or anal region.
Click here for more Detailed Information on STD Symptoms.

HIV Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Sore throat especially with throat ulcers
  • Swollen neck lymph nodes
Click here for more Detailed Information on HIV Symptoms.
Do not worry in vain. Our doctor are certified and specially trained to deal with HIV and all STDs. Visit Our Clinics Now.

You can walk into our clinic anytime without an appointment.

We are Open on Weekends.

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  1. Hi doc.Im suffering from vaginal discharge for 2 years.I had tests for HiV and Stds but negative.Blood sugar is normal.Had 2 pap tests in 10months and diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis.I was prescribed with neopenotran forte and flagyl for my husband.We didnt have contact 1 week before treatment and a month after.Then it cleared up so I had contact with my husband again and few days after i have this odorless clumpy itchy discharge.I suspect its yeast infection.But how come it never really cleared up after our treatment?Im sure we both have monogamous relationship.What test should I do?Thanks

  2. Johnson


    I had mutual masterbation with a stripper…I believe she got wet I did not ejaculate although I might have had 2-3 small fingernail bitting cuts.

    Any chance of HIV or Std’s from these activities? Have you ever seen cases without oral, anal, vaginal sex?

    • No risk of HIV. You can theoretically get herpes, syphilis, or genital warts from skin-to-skin contact with an infected area.

  3. Watterys

    Doc ,

    Do you think that a handjob is low risky even if the csw lady touched her pussy then played with my penis , i didn’t have entercourse at all but i did that two times on date 11th jan 2016 and i did the HIV AG/ABS COMBO after 63 days and it was non Reactive,

    Again a second case but was witg non csw lady and she is far friend only touching and handjob and i ejaculated on her body and i also played her vagina on date 5 November 2016

    I heard its only conclusive after 6 months for final testing so i did a second test on 17th April 2017 Hiv ag/abs Combo and again Non Reactive , since that and i have lympho but not moving since a year and not increasing and white yellow layer at the end of my tounge , i dont know how to move on with all the fear i have now , my young child started to get her wbc reduced so i think i did something to my wife as she was breastfeeding last year am so afraid doc ,

  4. Hi doc, I had an exposure of protected oral. The next day my penis started to feel pain & itch. Today is the 7th day & the condition is still the same. What are the possible infections that I can get from protected oral? Thanks.

    • Protected is pretty low risk assuming the condom is used properly. But you can still pick up chlamydia/gonorrhea/NSU organisms such as ureaplasma/mycoplasma if the condom was not properly applied/removed. Otherwise you can sometimes get irritant balanitis from the condom itself. Please visit us for a proper evaluation and treatment.

  5. Hi Dr Tan, i have some queries on mind and appreciate if you can assist to answer them.

    1. I was diagnosed with chlamydia. I was given and taken the antibiotics on 10 Aug 2017. Understand i will need to go back 2 weeks later for the urine culture. May i know if i should go back on the 23 or 24 Aug for an accurate result?

    2. If i have performed a cunnilingus on the opposite partner, would i need to go through a throat swab for chlamydia or will the antibiotics that i have taken earlier helped?

    3. Since i have been diagnosed with chlamydia, would there be a test to determine an estimation when a person has contracted it?

    4. If the date of contraction is undetermined, is there a possibility that the person may have suffered a long term effects, e.g. worst case scenario like low sperm count, without any symptoms? What would be the recommendation?


    • 1. There should not be much difference with doing a test of cure on 23 or 24 Aug.
      2. The antibiotics would treat both oral and urinary chlamydia the same.
      3. There is no test to determine when you may have contracted the infection.
      4. There is a small risk of complications like fertility issues, but the only way to know would be to check with a semen analysis

      • Hi Dr, thanks for the clarifications.

        Since i am positive for chlamydia. Does my partner needs to carry a test to verify? Can the oral tablets be given and a check up be done 2 weeks later?

  6. Morning Doc Tan ,

    Please help me as i am freaking out , i met a girl on the date of 3rd Nov 2016 and she is Not a csw and we had some cuddles and ahe gave me a handjob two times and ejaculation in the second time was on her booty from outside without intercourse , since that time i had lympho in my neack without increasing , I did one test HIV P24 Ag&Abs Combo on date of 18th April 2017 it means almost 165 days from the expousre and result came out after 2 hours Non-Reactive ,

    Do u think i should re-test now which willbe after 9 months from the expousre,?

    I am sorry but i need ur advise ?

  7. I’m losing sex power because I did masterbation every day . Should I see dr tan and partner ?

  8. Cilopay

    Hello Doc ,

    Thank you for all the efforts you are doing to give the informations sbout the HSA RECALL , my case was a low risky as of a handjob and oral sex from the csw lady and i did the fingering and ejaculation on her breasts only without intercourse .

    I understood from your comments that if i did my last Test of the HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo after 160 days with a result of Non Reactive then that is a conclusive result and is not affected by the HSA RECALL ,

    Can you confirm about the above or i should restest ?

    How can i know if the tests HIV P24 Ag/Abs combo which was two times came out Non Reactive in two different cases ( 63 days after first expousre ) & ( 160 days after second expousre ) it was Alere Combo or SD Bioline .

    It was mentioned only HIV P24 Ag& Abs Combo test so ?

  9. Salimy


    -I did my HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test after 9 weeks of low risky exposure of handjob and blowjob , No intercourse at all on date 13th march 2016 , is it means it in not conclusive and should retest again based on the HSA Reacall ?

  10. Anonymous

    Hi Doc,

    I had an exposure on the night of 2nd June – received unprotected oral. Fingered the girl for just a bit but no direct contact genital contact. On the evening of 3rd June I developed sore throat which lasted until the morning of 6th of June and have recovered. – phlegm when coughing. Developed intermittent mild fever since 4th of June. Runny nose from 3rd of June (But I get runny nose very often) but rapid sneezing and feeling cold (Might be due to the fever) from 5th of June but recovered on the 6th of June. I can feel all the symptoms seem to have subsided except for the intermittent fever which is really bothering.

    I actually went for a blood test for HIV, syphillis and Heptatis B earlier this morning. Results will be out later in the week. I know that testing at such an early stage is not conclusive at all and plan to go down for a fuller test.

    How long do I wait before I go for a fuller test and what tests would you recommend me to do? In the meantime what can I do? Understand that the PEP is only effective for exposure less than 72 hours ago but is there anything I can do to reduce the risk of any infection? (not just HIV)

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing a reply

    • First of all, your exposure is extremely low risk for HIV transmission (essentially zero). But should you wish to check HIV, the earliest conclusive results you can get will be with a 4th generation combo test (p24 antigen + HIV antibody) which can be done at 4 weeks post-exposure. Syphilis and hepatitis would also be very low risk and can be tested between 6-12 weeks post-exposure. More common STDs which you would be at risk at with unprotected oral would be chlamydia, gonorrhea, and NGU. These can be tested quite accurately 1-2 weeks post-exposure.

  11. Lavida

    Hello Doc ,

    Please help me , in Africa on the date of 11th jan 2016 in the morning i had a small scratch on my finger which was bleeding foe 2 minutes not too much , in the same day evening i met a csw in the hotel and we went to my room she took of her clothes as well i took off my t-shirt and she set on my legs trying to tease me i found some wet on my pants and i am not sure is from her or is it my pre-cum as i was very on , she gave me un-protectd blowjob while i was fingering her vagina with the same finger i had scratch on and it was not bleeding , then i relized that tjis is the same finger so i stopped , i ejaculted inside her mouth and then she washed and we smoked and then she gave me a second time handjob and she was holding my penis from the middile only , I asked her do u have hiv and she said no and she said that she never had sex without condom as she is doing that to rais her daughter , Anyway i did an HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test on the date of 13th March 2016 means after 9 werks and result was non reactive , (stupied me again ) ) on 4th Nov 2016 i met a girl which we have been friends since almost 2 years and she gave me handjob two times and we cuddled on bed with some kisses but not derp kisses and i did my last HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test on date of 17th April 2017 and got the result after 3 hours as of Mon Reactive ,

    -I never felt fever or rash or cold since 2 years back or so .

    – i am sugfering already since 6 years from Ankylosing Spondylities and i never took any medecation for it yet as my doc just dicovered it , only i am on anti pain since five years if required thats all + my Wbc is 6,900 ehich means within range , do u think my Ankylosing Spondylities affect my result even i am not taking any medecine for it ?

    I am having lympho nodes under my low jaw on botj sides for like 1cm but no decreasing and mot increasing and the ultra sonic on the lympo says its and old thing .

    Do you think my trst is conclusive and do i need to re test again ?


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