STD General Info

As long as you are having sex, you are at risk of STDs.

Unless of course you are in a mutually monogamous relationship. Condoms offer some protection but only abstinence is 100% safe.

Here is a list of some of the common STDs and their symptoms. Please remember that STDs do not produce symptoms all the time. In other words you might have and STD even if you feel 100% completely well. The only way to know for sure is to see a medical professional well trained in STDs and so a STD screening.

Types of STDs
STD Syndromes
STD Screening
STD Screening for MSM (Men who have Sex with Men)
STD Questionaire

Types of STDs

1. *Genital warts/Human papilloma virus (HPV)
2. *Gonorrhoea
3. *Chlamydia/Lymphogranuloma venereum
4. Mycoplasma genitaliae
5. Ureaplasma urealyticum
6. Trichomonas vaginalis
7. Bacterial vaginosis/Gardnerella
8. *Hepatitis A/B/C
9. *Syphillis
10. Candidia
11. *Herpes simplex type I/II
12. Molluscum contagiosm
13. Crab lice
14. Scabies
15. Chancroid
16. Granuloma inguinale
17. Tinea cruris
18. Gardnerella vaginalis

STD Syndromes

1. Penile discharges
2. Vaginal discharges
3. Pain during urination
4. Lymph nodes
5. Misc. Lumps and bumps
6. Pain when having sex/Vaginitis
7. Itch in the genital area
8. Genital sores (painful/painless)

This is the commonest STD in Singapore. Unfortunately, 40% to 60% of people do not show any symptoms. Even when symptoms do appear, they are often mild and disappear quickly.

The common symptoms are pain passing urine, discharge from the penis or vagina.

The symptoms can occur as early as 2 days after exposure but in some people it might take months to show symptoms. In 10% of people there are no symptoms at all.

The common symptoms are pain passing urine and a discharge from the penis or vagina.

It very commonly causes no symptoms at all.

The common symptoms are mild discomfort passing urine or a mild discharge.

It very commonly causes no symptoms at all.

The common symptoms usually occur about 3 to 4 weeks after exposure. They are fever, sore throat, rash and swollen lymph nodes.

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It can infect a person for years without showing any symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms are so mild they go unnoticed. For people who do get symptoms, the first time is the worst.

The common symptoms are painful blisters that burst to form painful ulcers. This is usually preceded by a flu-like illness, itching, tingling and pain in the genital area. The first episode is usually very painful and can last up to 3 weeks without treatment.

Hepatitis A, B and C
Some people never develop any symptoms. Or the symptoms are so mild that they go unnoticed.

The common symptoms are nausea, loss of appetite, fever, itching, yellowing of the skin or eyes. Smokers sometimes lose their urge to smoke.

Its symptoms can be so mild that they go unnoticed.

The first sign occurs between 9 to 90 days after exposure. It is a painless ulcer where the Syphilis entered the body. It can be on the penis, vagina, rectum, tongue or lips. The ulcer disappears without any treatment which gives patients a false sense of security.

Years later it will surface again as a rash all over the body and fever. If at the time it is still not treated it will affect the brain and major blood vessels of the body causing severe illnesses.

Click here for How and When to test for Syphilis

Molluscum Contagiosum
It commonly appears as discrete pearly round lesions on the skin. They are completely painless but might be itchy.

It commonly appears as skin colored cauliflower like lumps on the skin.

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Scabies and Lice

It commonly causes a lot of itching especially at night. Under good lighting and magnification you can actually catch the Scabies which look like translucent tiny insects.

Note: Please remember that you can catch an STD and show no symptoms. If you feel you are at risk, go for STD screening.

STD Screening

Many STDs can infect you and yet show no symptoms. Or they may stay in your body for months to years before they show any symptoms. You cannot determine that your partner has no STDs just because he or she also has no symptoms. If you have been infected with an STD and show no symptoms you can still pass it on to your partner. Condoms reduce the risk of catching STDs but it is not 100% safe.

As long as you are having sex and you are not in a mutually monogamous relationship, there is a chance you have an STD.

It is advisable to go for a thorough STD screening regularly. STDs that are diagnosed early can be easily cured. Also, you reduce the risk of passing it on to your partner.

If not picked up and treated, STDs can lead to permanent damage of your genital organs and affect your fertility. Some STDs like Syphilis, HIV and Hepatitis can damage other organs in your body leading to major illnesses and even death.

STD testing can be very complicated as there are many tests available for different STDs. Some tests are also time sensitive. Please make sure that you consult Our Doctors who have adequate knowledge and experience in testing for STDs.

We use Gold Standard Certified lab tests that are validated and in line with the highest International Standards for accuracy and sensitivity.

Click here for details on STD Screening for Women

Your STD screen should include tests for the following:

The most accurate test for this STD is a PCR test on your urine or urethral/vaginal swab. Blood tests are cheap but completely inaccurate.

The most accurate test is a PCR test on your urine or urethral/vaginal swab. If you engage in oral sex you might also need a swab of your throat to test for this STD. If you engage in anal sex you might also need a swab of your rectum to test for Gonorrhea.

NSU (Non-Specific Urethritis)
This consists of tests for Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma and Trichomonas. These tests can be conducted on your urine or a urethral/vaginal swab.

HIV tests are very time specific. There are different tests available including HIV RNA PCR, P24 Antigen/Antibody test, HIV Rapid Antibody tests, ELISA Antibody test. Let Our Doctor know when your exposure was and he will advice you accordingly.

Click here for HIV Testing FAQ

There are 2 tests for this STD. They are called VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Lab) and TPHA (Treponema Pallidum Haemagglutination). It is advisable that you have both tests done.

Hepatitis A, B and C
Hepatitis A, B and C are detected through blood tests. You do not need to test for these if you have been vaccinated and previous blood tests have confirmed that you have the antibodies.

Herpes 1 and 2
They can be detected through blood tests.

Certain strains of this STD can be detected through a Cervical Swab for women.

Certain strains can be detected through an anal swab for people who engage in anal sex.

Most other strains of HPV cannot be tested for. Your Doctor will examine your genital area thoroughly for warts. The presence of warts indicate an infection with this STD.

Molluscum Contagiosum
Your Doctor will examine your genital area thoroughly for pearly round umbilicated lesions that are an indication of an infection.

Scabies and Lice
Your Doctor will examine your genital area thoroughly for knits and crabs.

Note: Please remember when you collect your urine for STD tests you need to collect the first catch of urine. This is different from regular urine tests when you need to collect the mid-stream. Check with your Doctor if you are unsure.

STD Screening for MSM (Men who have Sex with Men)

MSM stands for Men who have Sex with Men. There are many other terms used to describe MSM such as Gay Men and Homosexual Men. These are unhelpful labels which might not apply to you. If you are a man and ever have had sex with another man then there are specific STD concerns that apply to you.
The fact is MSM are at a higher risk for HIV and other STDs such as Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes and Warts. There could be several reasons for this. First, the anal canal is not designed for sex. There is a greater chance of tearing and bleeding of the anal canal during sex. This increases the chance of catching HIV and other STDs. Secondly, because many safe sex campaigns are targeted at MSM, this can lead to ‘safe sex burnout’. This results in MSM not taking the usual precautions and protection during sex.

STD and HIV screening in MSM must be conducted in a rational, scientific and non-judgemental fashion. Also, it takes unique experience, skill, techniques and testing procedures to properly screen for STD and HIV in MSM. Our Doctors are specially trained to provide all these services to you in an absolutely discrete setting.

STD and HIV screening is recommended to be conducted at least once a year for MSM. In fact, for MSM of higher risk, screening every 3 to 6 months is recommended. Aside from the regular HIV and STD screening, MSM must take extra careful note of the following:

HIV Screening for MSM

Statistically MSM are at a significantly higher risk of HIV. HIV testing is recommended every 3 to 6 months. The Doctor will recommend different HIV tests depending on the time of exposure.

HIV PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) is a course of medicines that if taken within 72 hours of exposure to HIV has up to a 90% chance of preventing HIV infection. If you have had unprotected anal sex and think you are at risk of HIV, speak to our doctors immediately about HIV PEP.

HIV PREP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a course of medicines taken before exposure to HIV that has up to a 90% chance of preventing HIV infection. If you think you might be in a situation that you might be exposed to HIV, speak to your Doctor about HIV PREP. These situations are usually events or parties that involve the use of recreational substances.

It is a serious disease that can lead to blood vessel and brain damage. The initial symptom is a painless ulcer that can be in the anus and therefore not easily seen. Early detection can lead to a complete and early cure.

Aside from screening from the penis, MSM who have receptive oral or anal sex should also test for this STD from the Throat an Anus/Rectum.

Click here for more info on Throat Gonorrhea
Click here for more info on Rectal Gonorrhea

It is the most common STD in Singapore. Aside from screening from the Penis, MSM who have anal sex should also test for this STD from the Anus/Rectum.

It is a common STD and an essential part of STD screening.

Hepatitis A, B and C
The prevalence of Hepatitis A, B and C among MSM is high. Vaccination is a very cost effective way to prevent such infections. If you already have been vaccinated, speak to your Doctor about doing a serologic test to ensure the antibodies are enough.

Peri-Anal Warts
They are very common in MSM who have receptive anal sex. It is caused by the HPV virus. There is no blood or urine test for this. Doctor will have a check on your peri-anal area carefully for the presence of warts.

HPV and Anal Cancer
Certain strains of HPV will not cause warts but might increase the risk of Anal Cancer. This is more so in MSM who also suffer from HIV. Speak to your Doctor about doing an anal swab fro cancer causing HPV and anal cancer.

Singapore might be a conservative society and the 377A penal code might still be in force. But please do not let this worry you. Our Doctors are well trained, respectful and discrete. We are here to help you. Please feel free to discuss any of your problems with us.

STD Questionaire

The questions are used to determine your at-risk status for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs),
including HIV:

  • I have had “sex” without using a condom. YES/NO
  • I have had “oral sex” without using a barrier. YES/NO
  • I have had sexual contact with someone who has had sex with another person other than myself. YES/NO
  • I am in a relationship and neither my partner or myself had been tested for STD. YES/NO
    If you have answered “YES” to any of the questions, you may be at risk for STDs.
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All Our Doctors are Fully Certified and Trained to conduct specialised STD and HIV Testing.

For lady patients who prefer female doctors, we have 2 professional certified female Doctors to attend to your medical needs.

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About Dr. Tan
Dr. Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2001. His residency was in the two largest public hospitals in Singapore; Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Singapore General Hospital.

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  1. Witness

    Hi doc. Can you give a rough idea of the cost for standard STD screening at your clinic? Much appreciated. Thanks, and cheers.

    • Hi Witness,
      I recommend STD testing based on an individual’s history and symptoms.
      In this way we do not waste resources on unnecessary tests.
      Our consultation rates start from $35 for the first consult.
      A rapid HIV test costs $50.
      Dr Tan

      • Hi doctor I got a swab done and penis burns after test.I got it done Wednesday and its Saturday it still hurts.I was embarrassed and lied and told them first time I had sex was 17 it was now at 33 oral sex with man I told them I been with two females.and that I had oral sex only three days ago.they said that’s too soon and did test anyway you think doctors infected me I’m really scared.he asked how many partners I had in last five years I said which was none and he asked if I was with guy for benefits im really scared.

        • When asked how many partners I had in last five years I said two I had none.would doctors do this and if so how would they benefit from it.

          • Hi Singh,

            There are two people you should never lie to: your doctor and your lawyer.

            In order to be able to properly diagnose and treat you, your doctor needs to be able to determine the relative risks for infections you may have. Men who have sex with men are unfortunately at higher risk of a whole variety of STIs, including HIV. Similarly people with multiple partners are also at higher risk of getting STIs than people who aren’t as sexually active. Knowing who your exposures are to also help the doctor advise you about treatment for your partners and therefore improve the health of the community as a whole. I understand it is personal information; however do remember the more we know, the better we will be able to diagnose, treat and help you.

  2. I have a whitish discharge in penis but I have to milk it in order for it to show, I don’t feel any pain when I urinate. Is this any sign of something?

    • Hi Ray,
      Discharge from the penis is definitely abnormal and you should see a doctor for it.
      Unfortunately, the absence of pain when passing urine does not mean you should ignore the discharge.
      Many STDs such as NSU and Chlamydia can be symptom free or cause very mild symptoms such as what you are experiecing now.
      Dr Tan

      • Hi Ray,

        Mostly, people gets whitish discharge during urination due to thinking hot . which causes pre ejaculation . That is normal,but if you gets toilet mostly in hours then there is problem.

        Good Day

        • I certainly agree that pre-ejaculate could be a cause of discharge from the penis but I also think it is rather risky to jump to this conclusion without first excluding all possible pathologies.

  3. Can you tell me what testing you perform for Lymphogranuloma venereum. I think I may have it.

    • drtan

      Hi pxb,

      LGV is a difficult diagnosis to make. The diagnosis is often made based on history and physical examination, excluding other causes and a trial of therapy.
      Specific testing for LGV causing C. Trachomatis is unavailable.
      We can send samples for C. Trachomatis NAAT (PCR) testing but this does not differentiate LGV from Non-LGV causing types.
      Samples can be obtained from buboe aspirates, urethral swabs or rectal swabs (note that NAAT testing for C. Trachomatis from a rectal swab is still controversial).
      Serology for C. Trachomatis can help in the appropriate clinical picture but again is not specific or diagnostic.

      Therefore, the common approach to LGV if it is suspected on history and physical examination is first to exclude other causes (mostly Syphilis, Haemophilus Ducreyi, Herpes Simplex) then start the patient on the appropriate anti-biotic treatment and watch for a clinical response.


      dr tan

  4. Confused

    I would like to know how do i go about to get STD screening at your clinic? How fast can i get the result?

    • Hi Confused,

      Our clinic at Robertson Walk is a walk in clinic. You can come down anytime.
      Our clinic at OUB centre runs on appointment only. Call and make an appointment before going.
      The only preperation that is required before STD screening is make sure you do not pass urine for 4 hours before seeing us.
      Depending on the tests you do, its takes approximately 1 week to get your results.
      We offer rapid (20 minutes) testing for HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B.


      dr tan

  5. Hi Dr Tan, I got tested today for STDs from a doctor who I told was gay. He only took bloods and a urine sample. In the past, other doctors have taken a throat and sometimes anal swab. How accurate is a urine test? I’m worried that the STD check up may not be that thorough because he didn’t take at least a throat swab. Thanks for your help :-)

    • Hi Daniel,

      Sexual practices is very important in determining what STD tests need to be done. If you engage in receptive oral and/or anal sex, then it is very prudent to have throat swabs and anal swabs done. I personally have detected Rectal Gonorrhea in many patients who engage in receptive anal sex. Most of them either have no symptoms or very mild symptoms. You should discuss this with your doctor again.


      Dr Tan

  6. Hi Doctor,
    I(male)had an exposure with a sex worker(csw)in mid july this year in kuala lumpur, i had protected vaginal and anal sex, but had unprotected oral sex performed on me for about 2 mins. At the end of the session my condom broke, i withdrew, maybe i was in for about 5 to 10 seconds, i immedietly washed my private part and went home. After about 4 1/2 weeks i started having stiff neck muscles only at the back, not constant, i started thinking of the episode i had in july, started to freak out, slowly i noticed my mouth was abit sore, didnt have a fever, no flu, there were like white lines on my tongue and it looked a bit more cut up..there was also small white bumps around my inner cheeks.. i had a home hiv test exactly at 5 weeks negative, the thing is when i occupy myself the symptoms seem to go away abit.. tongue looks better, at week six there was no more neck stifness. tongue better sometimes, i noticed to small 1-2 mm bumps ,pinkish, almost unnoticable lateral to the uretheral openning was really freaked out, did another hiv home test at exactly 7 weeks-negative. felt much better still had inner cheeks and tongue problem, the very small bumps were still there, then at 52 days went to GP he examined me and said everything looked fine, had hiv ab/ag combo test where they also use p24 antigen did it at gribbles well respected in malaysia, results came back non reactive. did Shyphilis,Clhamydia,Hsv 1 and 2 all came back neagtive except for Herpes type 1, he said thats causing my symptoms in the mouth. was prescribed blue tablets with a triangle on it. he said its for herpes. took medication felt better, the spots in my tongue decreased but remained right at the tip. still not satified i saw specialist in kl, told me the same thing no problem told to get tested for hiv at 3 and 6 months, then i noticed small red bumps under my tongue. got really freaked out, today (62 days)i looked up a clinic in singapore named SHIM STD Clinic in Bedok Singapore, Dr examined me looked at the bumps says doesnt look like anything bad. he gave the full std package test which cost $497 and gave me Human Papillomavirus Vaccine jab brand name GARDASIL, this cost $195 total $692, i have to take another 2 jabs.

    1. What can u say about the test results?

    2. The combo ab/ag test is accurate at 52 days?Reliable?

    3. How long does oral hsv 1 initial symptoms last?

    4. If the HIV test comes back negative after 62 days in SHIM CLINIC singapore, is it conclusive?

    Sorry for the long story Dr, im very anxious, its on my mind 24 hrs… Please help.Will be getting my results by next tuesday or wednesday. thanks.

    • Hi Hope,

      I really think you should direct your questions to your doctor at SHIM clinic. Getting multiple opinions from multiple doctors will only serve to confuse you and make you even more anxious.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        I understand, but the doctor was not so informative, he was like in a hurry, tried telling him more about my symptoms but he gave very very brief responses. I have read in some Medhelp forum reviews given by Dr.Hunter Hansfield, he claims that a combo hiv ab/ag test is very accurate at 7 weeks. He says that a few years(2008 i think) ago at a conference attended by over 300 experts in the hiv field the moderator asked everyone who ever seen a patient turn positive after a 8 weeks negative test to raise their hands, no one raised their hands. Please help me doctor..What do you think?

        Thank You.

        • Hi Hope,

          As you told me, you have already seen 3 doctors and obviously read a lot on the internet. How much more reassurance can I give you? Or really the question to ask is how much reassurance do you need? A key requirement for doctors when conducting a HIV test for patients is to make sure they understand the implications of the test i.e. including the accuracy and need for repeat testing. You have had a P24 test done at 52 days and another HIV test done at 62 days. Both these doctors must have explained to you the accuracy and implications of the tests. My best advice to you is to trust them and listen to their advice. Also, if you have any doubts, they will be in the best position to answer your queries as they have the advantage of knowing exactly what test they did and being able to interpet the results in a clinical setting i.e. taking your signs, symptoms and history into consideration. Do not let your anxiety get the better of you. Trust your doctors and listen to what they have to say.


          Dr Tan

  7. Thank You Dr, I will try.

  8. Anxiety Male

    Hi Dr,

    I just a couple of day back I had my first unprotected hand-job provided by a masseuse which STD/HIV status is unknown, during this time we kissed briefly but no tongue involved, and I engage in a light petting such as kissing her chest area. She cleaned up with a towel by wiping it over my genital area.

    For the past few days, I am full of anxiety and cannot sleep and searching for positive cases of STD/HIV infection from my above case.

    I am not sure if I am overreacting due to quilt as I have a beloved girlfriend, the idea of me infecting her with these set of diseases is just too overwhelming for me to accept.

    Can you advice if I should go for a full screen in 1 to 3 months.
    Can you advice if I should stop all sexual activities until the test result publish.

    Appreciate any advice, thanks in advance

    • Hi Anxiety Male,

      You are over-reacting. The worst case scenario is you caught herpes from kissing. Otherwise you are not at risk of any other STD.


      Dr Tan

      • Anxiety Male

        thank you DR Tan for the time to response. Can you not send and email to the email addresses provided. My GF have access to this email account as well. Foolish me…no more such act any more.. the anxiety is killing me.

        • Hi Anxiety Male,

          No worries. The email is purely for security purposes. We will not send any email correspondences under any circumstances. We value very highly the confidentiality of our patients.


          Dr Tan

          • Anxiety Male


            May I know when is the best time to accurately test for herpes.
            As me and my GF are currently living togather and will be getting married soon, we share a lot of daily stuff togather. The thought of me passing any form of STD disease to her is devestating.

            Please advice.

          • Hi Anxiety Male,

            Testing for Herpes is best done 6 weeks post exposure.


            Dr Tan

          • Hi doc, when I’m urining my penis doesn’t feel right and it is slightly itchy and pain, does this means I’m having STD?

          • Hi doc, when I’m urining my penis doesn’t feel right and it is slightly itchy and pain, does this means I’m having STD??

          • Those symptoms certainly suggest an STD like Chlamydia. Better see your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

  9. Hi doctors, i am from Singapore Here is my problem, I was in Shanghai last week for business. i went to a authentic Chinese massage parlour. The female masseur massage me with oil. everything was very normal.. However, towards the end when she was massaging/rubbing with oil on my inner thigh & brush through my groin sometimes, she didn’t used much strength, its just rubbing oil on my inner thigh, brushing through my groin area, knee etc. Well being a man, i naturally felt aroused & my penis was erected after a short while BUT without any ill intentions in mind. The next thing i know was i actually ejaculated into the DISPOSABLE BOXER shorts that i was wearing RIGHT FROM THE START and THROUGHOUT provided by them. I quickly used the towel that was covering my upper body to cover my private part (i was still wearing the disposable boxer short with my sperm on it) & told her to stop & i rush quickly to the toilet to wash up. There are absolutely nothing else. She was fully dressed. I did not touch her at all. No HJ, **, no penetrative sexual intercourse at all. Its just an accident.

    I told my wife about the incident & she just laughed it off & said its nothing & probably because i have not been ejaculating for the pass 2 weeks before i set off to Shanghai, that’s why i feel easily aroused when the masseur was massaging my inner thigh. I also went to my family doctor & my dermatologist and both of them told me its was really nothing to worry about at all and its was a ZERO risk incident. No Testing require.

    My questions are, 1) Do i need to worry about any HIV/STD virus/germs/bacterial that are on the DISPOSABLE BOXER SHORT that i was wearing & that towel that i used to cover my private part 2) Basically, if there were NO HJ,** & NO penetrative sexual intercourse involve right, i should not worry about the anything right? The masseur did not even touched my scrotum & penis with her bare hands. 3) is massage safe?? Can i catch anything from the massage place?

    • Hi Jon,

      Please correct me if I’m wrong but this is my conclusion: You were perfectly comfortable with having the massage and no worries on your mind until you ejaculated. In other words, you seem to believe that ejaculation increases your risk of catching an STD. Well, the fact is ejaculation does NOT increase your risk of catching an STD. I completely agree with your wife, family doctor and dermatologist. Your risk of catching anything at all is absolutely zero. Stop worrying. You are fine.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        Thank you very much for your speedy reply:) Just 1 last question.

        My worries are actually on the disposable boxer short. i knew its brand new when i wore it during massage however when i was erected, the boxer rubbed against my penis until i ejeculated. Any risks of contracting any STDs IF let say the boxer wasn’t brand new & my penis was rubbing against it? Also the towel that i used to cover my private part. Can STDs transmit through things like towel, disposable boxer?

        I know sometimes my mind is playing tricks on me, always thinking that am i at risk for STDs like Gonorrhea, Chlamidia etc…

        Sorry for being long winded & Really appreciate your time.


        • Hi Jon,

          What you are asking is ‘If fomite transmission possible for STDs and HIV?’ A fomite is a non-living things that transmits diseases as opposed to a vector which is a living thing that transmits diseases (eg mosquitoes). This actually opens up a whole Pandora’s box. You see there have been multiple studies on how long viruses and bacteria can survive outside the body. Many things affect this like what type of material is used, ambient humidity, dry or wet surface, ambient temperature, volume of inoculum, risk of pathogen transfer, if it is a virus is it cell associated or cell free etc. And of course all these variables affect different viruses and bacteria differently. It is just impossible to do experiments on each and every virus and bacteria and still take all these variables into account. Furthermore, viabliity of a pathogen on a surface does not automatically translate into infectivity. i.e. even if there is live virus on a surface, this does not automatically mean it can cause an infection. So after countless debates and studies, the consensus amongst the medical community is that it is possible but extremely unlikely.


          Dr Tan

          • Hi Dr Tan,

            Thanks for your reply. So what would be your final advise for me?

            Honestly, do i need any testing for STDs at all?

            Thank you very much.


          • Hi Dr Tan,
            Thanks for your reply. Really my final question. So what would be your final advise for me?
            Honestly, do i need any testing for STDs at all?
            Thank you very much & appreciate your reply.

          • Hi Jon,

            Honestly you do not.


            Dr Tan

  10. Thank you very much Dr Tan. Have a good holiday.

    • Hi Dr Tan,

      sorry to bother you again. You said that i do not need any STD testing at all right. That’s to say your conclusion on my “massage incident” in Shanghai is still like what you said in the earlier post “Your risk of catching anything at all is absolutely zero”. Is that So??

      Thank you very much & hope i am able to forget this stupid incident.


  11. Hey doc I had some encounters with commercial sex workers though vaginal sex were all protected. I did receive unprotected oral a while back (most recent was 2 weeks but that was protected oral – 3 – 4 weeks ago had unprotected oral)

    Anyway this morning I went to shower and I felt a bit of pain when washing my penis so I am uncircumcised and flipped my foreskin out to see the inside and saw some small clusters of blister-like white sores/blisters. It’s kind of tender when i rub the foreskin but i have no pain when urinating.

    How much does it costs to test for STD? based on this alone is it likely to be syphillis/herpes?

    • Hi worried,

      Cost of STD testing varies greatly. It also depends on what tests you need to get done. Not everyone needs every test. Our comprehensive STD screening package LESS HIV costs $390. HIV rapid tests cost another $50. It sounds a lot like Herpes.


      Dr Tan

  12. curiousguy

    Hi Dr Tan,

    I would like to know, how is mycoplasma genitallium tested for men? And how reliable is the test? I read that currently there’s new test kits from the US for this infection and they are very accurate. I have prostatitis, which I suspect is caused by the mycoplasma infection. Previous test for bacterial infection from urine and semen culture tests have been negative for bacterial infection. May I also know how much is the costs for testing mycoplasma genitallium infection at your clinic? Thank you.

    • Hi curiousguy,

      It is actually impossible to tell if someone has Mycoplasma Genitalium infection or not based on symptoms alone. As opposed to Mycoplasma Hominis, Ureaplasma Urealyticum, Chlamydia etc etc. I am very curious how you came to that conclusion. Mycoplasma Genitalium is tested via a culture. The commonest sample will be a Urethral Swab. But if your suspicion of prostatitis is correct, then it should be tested using semen culture. We charge $80 for a culture specific for Mycoplasma Genitalium.


      Dr Tan

      • curiousguy

        Hi Dr Tan,

        I am not too sure yet if I actually have the Mycoplasma Genetalium. I only suspect it after I went for an alternative heath screening using Bio Energy test, developed from the USA. It runs magnetic resonence currents over the body and can detect strains of virus as well as the health on various parts of the body. According to the report, I have mycoplasma virus. Though this form of health screen is not yet apporved by the FDA, many paople swear by the accuracy of the machine. Thus I am very curious and wanted to test the accuracy of such report too :). As the report coincides with many descriptions and symtoms pertaining to the virus too.

        Thank You Dr Tan for the info, will visit your clinic for the appropriate test.

  13. Hi Dr Tan,

    Just wish to know more abt the PCR urine test for both chlamydia & gonorrhea. Read from your website that only urine is needed & it’s very accurate. Is that so?? You don’t have to insert a small stick into our pee hole? Just urine?


    • Hi JT,

      Of all the Urethritis organisms, only Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can be accurately tested using urine only. However, to maximize accuracy, the patient should not pass urine for at least 4 hours before the test and the urine has to be a first catch sample and not a mid-stream sample.


      Dr Tan

  14. Dr. Tan,

    A few month back I had unprotected sex one time with a working girls. The next day I began to have testicular pain and discomfort during urination. Believing the I had an STD I decided to self medicate with some left over amoxicillin that I had with me. Well low and behold the amoxicillin did not work as the symptoms became worst. For 3 weeks I dealt with the discomfort until I could no longer take the pain. I went to see my family doctor who treated me with Zithromax 1 gram and cetraxfone shot. After my treatment I felt slightly better, however symptoms began reocurring only this time it was painful urination and pelvic pain. Long story short….I went to a urologist who diagnosed me with Prostatits. I have prescribed numerous antibiotics (Bactrim, Doxycycline, Levaquin, and Augmentin) and nothing has worked. With that said my questions are:

    1.Could I have a Chlamydia or Gonnohrea infection of the prostate? If so, would it be contagious?

    2.I have had 3 urine cultures done at various doctors. All the tests came back clean. Can std’s avoid dectection in urine cultures if limited to the prostate?

    3.How accurate are your STD tests if a person is on antibiotics?

    Thanks for your advice.

    • Hi DJT,

      1. Yes you could. Yes it is contagious. 2. Yes. You either need a semen culture or a urine culture post prostatic massage. 3. Antibiotics will not affect the tests for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia as these are PCR based. It will affect all the culture test results. My advice to you is to stop all antibiotics for 2 weeks, see a doctor and get all the tests done, get a proper diagnosis then start treatment.


      Dr Tan

  15. Hi Dr Tan,
    I had unprotected sex with my ex. Our last encounter happend 1.5 – 2 year ago. i am worry that i might have contacted with HIV. Should i go for HIV rapid test? How much does it cost for the test? How long will HIV syptoms appear on a person? Pls advise.

    Rgrds, Worry

    • Hi Worry,

      Yes you should go for a HIV rapid test. We charge $50 for the rapid test. HIV symptoms are very unreliable.


      Dr Tan

  16. Hello Doc.
    I had an encounter with a woman about five days ago that involved kissing mutual oral and sex. I was wearing a condom, but it broke and I was inside of her for a few seconds before she stopped. I have been worried because I have always been faithful to my wife at home, until this one time, and definitely last time. I do not have any discharge and no pain while peeing. Sometimes when I get to thinking about it my balls are slightly achey, but while I’m working and not thinking about it, then nothing at all. What is your insight on my mistake? What test would you recommend?

    • Hi Dummy,

      Unfortunately, we cannot rely on symptoms to diagnose the presence or absence of STDs. I suggest you screen for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and NSU.


      Dr Tan

      • Ok Doc thanks. I also forgot to add, after that happened, I went pee, and washed up with soap and water on a rag really good. Can you tell me what you charge for those test, and the estimated time to get results back. Also treatment, and treatment time should something come back positive, and treatment cost. Thank you.

        • Hi Dummy,

          All those tests will cost a total of $276. Takes a week to get results. Treatment is very varied depending on what we find. Most of the time you will need an antibiotic course that would cost around $30 to $40.


          Dr Tan

          • Do your offices allow walk ins, or appointment only?

          • Hi Dummy,

            Robertson Walk – Walk in. OUB – Appointment.


            Dr Tan

  17. Hi Dr Tan,

    I am worried about contacting syphillis. I had protected sex but unprotected oral with a CSW 9 weeks back. I saw from your page that tests for these are There are 2 tests for this STD. They are called VDRL and TPHA. Can you advise when i should get these done? Would they be accurate now? Also, your clinic offers a rapid finger prick syphillis test? is that the VDRL test ? Can you comment on the accuracy of these tests please? Is one better than the other? why do you advise both to be done?

    Sorry for the many questions. Thank you in advance for your kind advice.


    • Hi Kevin,

      Why are you concerned with Syphilis specifically? Unprotected oral sex will also put you at risk of Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and NSU. In fact, the risk for these diseases are is higher compared to Syphilis. If you have no symptoms (i.e. painless ulcer aka chancre) then have these tests done at 90 days post exposure. If you have symptoms, do the test earlier. Yes, we offer the Determine Syphilis TP Rapid Test by Alere (results in 20 mins). It is similar to the TPHA. This forum is really not the platform to be discussing the techinical details of each test. There are entire textbooks on this one subject. Accuracy could mean either sensitivity or specificity. There is no one that is better than the other. Each test has its specific role to play in screening and monitoring of treatment for Syphilis. If you are truly worried about Syphilis, then I suggest you see a doctor at 90 days post exposure (earlier if you develop symptoms) and have a formal consultation with him/her on the tests that would suit you best.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr. Tan,

        I’ve read articles online suggesting the most common STD via unprotected oral sex is syphillis. Hence the worry sir. Also read from one of your post that even the use of condom does not protected entirely against syphillis and herpes. Hence i think i’m at risk of this enposure.
        I have rashes on my body and from pictures online, it seems like it is one of the symptoms of syphillis in its early stages. once again hence the worry =(

        • Hi Kevin,

          I have warned many people on this forum against trying to diagnose themselves. Syphilis rash is known as ‘the great imitator’ because it looks like a lot of other rashes. Even trained doctors with years of experience cannot tell it apart from other rashes so you really shouldn’t be trying. Go see a doctor and find out what exactly is causing your rash. Another common advice of mine: Do not be so caught up with STD and HIV that you neglect the possibility of other diagnoses.


          Dr Tan

  18. CharlesRes

    Hi Sir,

    How much does it cost to test for ureaplasma, mycoplasma and prostatitis (bacterial)? I have been diagnosed with NSU recently by a gram stain test, pus cells count was 10 to 19. My last sexual encounter was in September end, it was protected vaginal sex but unprotected oral sex.

    9 days after that encounter, I went to do a full STD checkup, that includes PCR for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, blood test for herpes 1 and 2, blood test for syphilis and also for HIV. All came back negative. I know for herpes, syphilis and HIV, a blood test isn’t accurate post exposure after 9 days, that leaves only the PCR test accurate (which was negative for both chlamydia and gonorrhea), so I decided to wait for a longer time period before embarking on blood testes again.

    One week after I went for the check up, I felt a cold numb chilly feeling in my groin area after masturbating at night. It was especially serious around the perineum area that I couldn’t sleep, it sort of went away after I took a warm shower. The next morning, I decided to ejaculate again to see if the symptom will come back, it did and this time, I felt like I was sitting on a lump in my perineum the whole day at work. I started worrying that it was herpes but I can’t confirm till 8 weeks post exposure to take the test again.

    I visited a GP that day regarding the swollen perineum, he instantly said it was bacterial prostatitis without examining me and prescribed me one week worth of Cipro. This was 2 and a half weeks after my last exposure. I took the Cipro and the swollen feeling went away after a few days (I did completed the course).

    One week after I finished the Cipro (4 and a half weeks post last exposure), I woke up with a pain inside my urethra on the right, it came suddenly and when I went to urinate, there was a pain on the right. I went to the hospital thinking it was a stone, they did a simple x-ray and urinalysis and they said they found nothing. No stones, no UTI. So the doctor suggest that it could be STD related and advised me to see them. I went to the STI clinic after that and they did a gram stain on me. They found nothing.

    So I went to see a urologist the very next week, he arranged for a bunch of test that includes blood test and urinalysis, and some x-ray. He also gave me another two weeks worth of Cipro and told me it could be some residue inflammation instead of any active infections. Btw, so far all the doctors I have seen, none of them believe that I could have prostatitis because I am still young in my early twenties.

    Two weeks of Cipro later (during these 2 weeks, the pain in my urethra only happen when urinating, like when the urine flow passed by that part of my right side urethra, it hurts but only for a while.) The pain only finally went away all of a sudden when I have two days left to complete the Cipro. (this was the 8th week of my last exposure). I felt alright for a while but barely 3 days after I completed the Cipro, I felt the cold numb chilly feeling again. It was like my renal and perineum area has a flu. There was itchiness on my foreskin area and I thought it was a yeast infection due to prolonged antibiotics.

    So that week after I finished my Cipro (9th week post exposure), I went back to the STD clinic just to update on my herpes blood test. Thinking that I had a yeast infection, I asked for a gram stain again. Suddenly, they told me my pus cell count was abnormally high. It was 10 and above and they diagnosed me with NSU. They made me do another PCR urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea just in case. I did.

    I told the doctor I had not had any form of sexual encounter with anyone AT ALL for the past 9 weeks, so how could I have NSU? And also, I have completed a two weeks course of Cipro one week ago, so whatever infection I had in me will have been wiped out. He told me that my body might have been resistant to Cipro and he gave me two weeks worth of Doxycycline. I took them, and during the course, I felt my prostate swollen again. It happened after I masturbate and will go away after a day. Sometimes when I finish urinating, it felt as though there were a few drops of urine left inside at the base of my urethra that couldn’t come out.

    On the tenth week post exposure, I had an appointment with the urologist and he told me my x-rays and blood test and urinalysis are all normal. I told him about me being diagnosed with NSU a week ago by the STD clinic and asked him for the possible reasons, I thought it could be due to my kidneys or bladder but he said all was normal and that it is most likely sexually transmitted even though my last exposure was ten weeks ago at that point of time. He told me to follow up with the STD clinic anyway.

    On the eleventh week post exposure, I completed my doxycycline. I didn’t feel anything abnormal apart from feeling a slight pain in my urethra sometimes, the pain comes for a second and disappear. Also, sometimes I feel discomfort inside, like as though something was crawling inside, but there was no discharge or anything.

    12th week post exposure, I went back to update my HIV and Syphilis blood test, and also another gram stain to see if the doxy worked. Negative for HIV. And I have to wait for the result for Syphilis, I actually also did another herpes blood test just to make sure. The gram stain result was better that time round, but it was still mid-range abnormal (like 5 to 9?). I was told by the doctor that normal range will be 0 to 4. The doctor gave me the option of either continuing more antibiotics or wait to see if it will go away by itself, I chose to wait.

    That was last week, this week is the 13th week post encounter. And after I masturbated yesterday, that discomfort inside my urethra came back again. Like when after I urinate, it felt as though there was a few drops left inside my urethra. I have read extensively online about all these even though doctors have advised me not to believe everything I read.

    Now I’m worried and confused because all these have been dragged too long.

    1. Is it possible that I have infection inside my urethra from bacteria inside my partner’s mouth when she performed oral sex on me? If so, is it possible for the bacteria to hide inside my body so long and refused to go away?

    2. Is it possible that the bacteria somehow infected my prostates? And therefore, the bacteria kept giving me NSU despite all the antibiotics because it takes longer for the antibiotics to kill the bacterias inside the prostate? But most doctors I have seen didn’t think it was prostatitis except for the GP I seen earlier.

    I know that prostatis could cause NSU and vice versa. The doctor also offered me another opinion that UTI can cause NSU too although it is rare in males.

    So far, I have been tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea except for Ureaplasma, mycoplasma and also, no one has tested me for bacterial prostatitis. I’m not sure if the urologist at the hospital does these test.

    3. Is it possible that my NSU was just caused by masturbation? I masturbate on average once daily, and I have read that sometimes friction inside the wall of the urethra itself can cause inflammation?

    4. Could the NSU be caused by Chronic Pelvic Pain? Earlier, when I first saw the GP who diagnosed me with prostatitis, he told me sometimes for young people, it could be due to stress. Stress cause the prostate to be swollen because of the nerves, and maybe the prostate when swollen, compressed onto the urethra tube and therefore cause the NSU?

    Sorry for the long post but this has been going on for too long and I really need some form of closure. I hope you can help me out on this.

    • Hi CharlesRes,

      1. Yes you certainly can get an infection from oral sex. Yes it is called PRNGU (Persistent Recurrent Non-Gonococcal Urethritis). 2. Yes you definitely can have either bacterial or abacterial prostaitis aka chronic prostatic pain syndrome aka prostadynia. 3. No you cannot get NSU from mastrubation. 4. No NSU cannot be caused by Chronic Pelvic Pain. NSU is an infection. However Chronic Pelvic Pain may be the cause of your symptoms.


      Dr Tan

      • CharlesRes

        Hi sir, thank you for your quick reply.

        1. I have done PCR urine test for both chlamydia and gonorrhea twice and both times the result were negative. Is it safe to say that whatever is lurking inside my prostates or body causing the NGU is definitely not these two STDs but some other bacteria? Or is there a way any of these two STD manage to hide from a PCR test (since they infected the prostate)?

        2. The reason why the doctors didn’t really thought it was prostatitis was because according to them, if the prostate is inflamed, it will be very painful and swollen. I have been given a prostate examination where the doctor put a finger into my rectum, there was no swelling. Is it true that if it’s bacterial prostatitis, the prostate will be constantly swollen and painful? So far my swelling comes very occasionally, and they usually go away after a day. Although sometimes at night, I can feel a pinching feeling in my perineum area but it comes for like a split second.

        3. The only test that I have not done so far is a prostate fluid test for bacteria. If I have it done at your practice, what will the cost be? And will it cover all the virus (mycoplasma, ureaplasma) or I have to pay a separate rate for different specificity?

        So far, all the doctors did was to advise me to take more antibiotics. The urologist did not bother to run a prostate fluid test to rule out bacterial prostatitis, all they did was to push me back to the STD clinic the moment I mentioned NGU. The urologist also told me that even if it’s prostatitis, all they can do is to give more antibiotics, but I do not wish to be taking random antibiotics without finding out the exact cause, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, etc. The doxycycline was a random shot already, because I was told it was standard procedure for NGU, anyway, doxycycline is effective for ureaplasma and chlamydia right?

        Thank you Dr for your time to tend to my worries, I am really at a loss of what to do before deciding to write to you because these few months have been quite bad for me. Not to mention, spent a lot of money at the urologist (public hospital) and STD clinic but nothing conclusive so far.

        • Hi CharlesRes,

          1. Depends on what sample the PCR test was run on. 2. Prostate tenderness definitely points towards the diagnosis of prostatitis but the absence of prostate tenderness does not rule out the diagnosis. 3. Costs will depend on the number of bacteria we need to test for and the type of test we need to do i.e. culture, PCR etc.


          Dr Tan

          • CharlesRes

            Hi Dr,

            1. The test were both PCR urine sample.

            2. My prostate feels swollen from time to time.

            3. Will PCR be more accurate or culture? I will like to test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, mycoplasma and ureaplasma on my prostate. Can you roughly tell me the cost of these 4 different types of bacterias in total, and also the cost for both culture and PCR for these bacterias?

            I believe for prostates, only a urine test can test for infections right?

            Thank you doctor, you have been a great help so far.

          • Hi CharlesRes,

            PCR for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Culture for Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma. Total comes up to $276. Urine test AFTER prostatic massage OR semen test.


            Dr Tan

          • CharlesRes

            Hi Doctor,

            So PCR for both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea + Culture for Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma = $276?

            All of which will be done either on urine test after prostatic massage or semen test?

            Thank you for your reply so far doctor.

          • HI CharlesRes,

            Yes. The $276 also includes culture for Streptococcus and Yeast. The lab bundles it all together so not doing these tests make no difference in the price. Yes. Either urine post prostatic massage or semen.


            Dr Tan

          • CharlesRes

            Hi Dr, how much will it cost to do just a semen culture or post prostate massage urine test? I have prostatitis but not sure what bacteria is it. I just need to know if there’s presence of bacteria in my prostate if any. Will the lab test be able to identify the bacteria responsible and thus prescribe the appropriate antibiotics?

          • Hi CharlesRes,

            Prostatis is a tricky thing. Sometime we are not able to identify the bacteria despite our best efforts. So even if you undergo the above tests, there is really no guarantee that a bacteria will be found. That said, if we do manage to identify a bacteria, it will make treatment a lot more straightforward. Urine culture costs $48. Semen culture costs $40.


            Dr Tan

  19. Female Looking for Answers

    Hi Dr,

    I had unprotected sex (for about 5 mins) back in August with someone I was dating for a long while (I found out he was cheating on me and we broke up soon afterwards). A few days after we had sex I was experiencing burning, itching, what felt like inflamation of the vaginal opening, and a burning/red clitoris. I saw a Dr. in Aug who, after indicating I had a minor infection (urine sample) gave me meds for a UTI, which didn’t work. I ended up putting up with it for a little while since the pain/symptoms go away monthly when I get my period. In Oct I went to another clinic (gave urine sample, had minor infection) and once again was given (another) med for UTI (which I read online also are used for some stds – ciproXL). This didn’t work either. I went to yet another clinic and had a vaginal swab (the Dr said I had a yeast infection and sent me away telling me to take over the counter meds) but a week later the swab there came back negative for yeast, trich, gardnerella.

    AGAIN I went to ANOTHER clinic in November and had another vaginal swab for syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and was given a cortisone cream for the burn/itch. All came back negative and the cream seemed to do the trick. I had sex with a new partner last week (Dec) and the next day I had all the sypmtoms back! Swollen vaginal opening, itch, burn (no discharge, doesn’t burn when I urniate, no smell, no pelvic pain, no bump/lumps/sores). When putting the cream inside (since the pharmacist said it was good for 3 yrs) I noticed that my vaginal opening is VERY swollen…! Obviously the clinic Doctors aren’t doing the right testing and I’m still uncomfortable and in pain. I’m not sure what the sypmtoms are for Pelvic inflamatory disease, but could that be what I have? or something else? I was at a clinic 2 days ago, with bad lower back pain and was scared thinking that it might be related (they wanted to rule out an infection by a urine sample – NO infection). Now what?!

    • Hi Female Looking for Answers,

      Wow. You had a really rough time. I empathize. I completely agree with your suspicion of PID especially with the back pain. You need a Ultrasound Scan of your Pelvis. I would also suggest stopping the cortisone cream. That can potentially do more harm than good (thinning of the skin, making infections worse etc etc). I also think you need to do another vaginal swab and retest for everything as well as test for NSU and Streptococcus (after stopping all creams and medicines for at least 2 weeks). You also need to test for Herpes. What I think is most important is you find a good doctor who will not give up on you and write everything off as UTI. My advice is very generic. The key to finding out what is wrong with you is to conduct a thorough examination. You see a swollen introitus (vaginal opening) but the question is what else is there? A trained eye will be able to narrow down the differential diagnoses and the number of tests you need to do considerably.


      Dr Tan

      • Female Looking for Answers

        Thank you for your reply. What does NSU stand for?

        • Female Looking for Answers

          Oh and since it’s Christmas and I’m not able to see my “regular” dr at the clinic (that I like to go to the most and has the most info about what’s going on) until Dec 30th, the cortisone cream it what’s been saving me for the last week. Is there something else I can do/take instead while I wait for my appointment? Or should I continue (sparingly) with the cream until I go to the clinic?

          I usually only use it at night, if at all(since that’s when I’m most uncomfortable). Thanks again!

          • Hi Female Looking for Answers,

            It is defnitely OK to use the cortisone cream to relieve your symptoms for now. The side effects of cortisone creams usually only come on with months of continuous use. So please go ahead and use it till you get to see your doctor. I would greatly appreciate it if you can let me know what your final diagnosis is. Professional curiosity.


            Dr Tan

        • Hi Female Looking for Answers,

          NSU – Non-Specific Urethritis.


          Dr Tan

  20. Hi Dr Tan,

    Understand that you do rapid tests for HIV/Syphilis/Hep B. How much do these cost?

    I plan to come down for a comprehensive STD test, and I understand that costs would differ based on sexual history, etc.

    Do you offer rapid testing for Herpes?

    • Hi Fred,

      HIV + Hep B + Syphlis Rapid test = $130 + GST. Yes, I will recommend tests based on your sexual exposure. There are no rapid tests for Herpes. I personally think testing for Herpes is rather acamedic unless you have symptoms.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        “Testing for herpes is rather academic, unless there’s symptoms”
        What do you mean by this? (Don’t mind me asking.)

        Btw Doc, what are the symptoms of a Hep B infection?


        • Hi Fred,

          It means unless we are trying to diagnose a symptom, testing for Herpes makes no difference. i.e. so what if it is positive or negative? It does not change medical management. Hep B symptoms are very mild and non-specific like feeling tired, loss of appetite and loss of desire to smoke. For more info please read:


          Dr Tan

          • Very mild???

            Oh, and I’m unable to find a list of symptoms on the link you recommended.

            I find it weird that symptoms of hep B can also be caused by quitting smoking in the first place. Contemplating to go for the hep B test.

  21. Hi Dr Tan,

    If I have completed a course of antibiotics (for sore throat), is there a period of time I need to wait before I can do a PCR test for chlamydia/gonorrhea? Will the antibiotics affect the accuracy of the PCR test result? Or should I wait for a week or something? Thank you.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Antibiotics will not affect PCR tests.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi dr tan, thank you for replying. I have read that PCR test for chlamydia/gonorrhea are most accurate when done on urine instead if blood, so even if i just finish a course of antibiotics which ends up in the urine, a PCR urine test’s accuracy will not be affected?

        • Hi Andrew,

          I have never heard of Chlamydia or Gonorrhea PCR Blood tests. Antibiotics will not affect urine PCR tests.


          Dr Tan

  22. Hi Dr Tan,

    Is a urine and blood test around 25 days after exposure enough to determine all of the following STDs?

    HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis A/B/C, Candida Antibody, Herpes Simplex Virus Type I and II, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Monilia, Trichomonas, Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma, Urine microscopy and culture.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Not for HIV, Syphilis, Hep ABC and Herpes. The rest are OK.


      Dr Tan

      • Thanks Dr Tan,

        How long should I wait to test for Syphilis, Hep ABC and Herpes?

        • Hi Jeff,

          6 weeks. Repeat Syphilis at 90 days.


          Dr Tan

          • Hi Doc,

            Do you mean after 6 weeks or can it be done during the 5th-6th week?

          • Hi Jeff,

            After 6 weeks means after 6 weeks.


            Dr Tan

          • Hi Doc,

            What about HPV?

            1) Is it tested by blood, urine or swab?
            2) What is the window period?

            3)If there is no bumps, can HPV be identified?


          • Hi Jeff,

            There is no available test for HPV in heterosexual men.


            Dr Tan

      • If I do the HIV combo test at around 25days, is it conclusive enough?

  23. Dear Dr Tan,

    I have real tiny red blister-like that will pop out anywhere on my body. They usually pop out singlely, and prior to popping out, there is usually tingling and burning sensation at the spot. Strangely these blisters usually will disappear within minutes after they appeared.

    In your knowledge, do you think it can be a STD? Thanks.

  24. Hi Dr Tan,

    I’m male and I have engaged in commercial sex before and I’m thinking of taking some STD tests. What tests do you encourage and how much would these typically cost at your clinic? I haven’t showed any symptoms with regards to discharge or sores in the genital regions.

    With regards to Hepatitis B, I think I should have had vaccination done when I was an infant. May I know if you know how long this vaccination lasts?

    Also with regards to Hep B and C, what are the steps forward, say someone tests positive for an ongoing acute/chronic infection? Will the person be referred to the CDC?

    Thank you.

  25. Paranoid Male

    Hello Dr. Tan,

    About 2 weeks ago I had protected sex with a stripper during a private dance (approx 5 minutes) and stopped after that because I felt terrible. Approx 2 days later, I had some tingling near the tip of my penis. No sores and no pain during urination. I have been urinating more frequently but, less comes out each time I use the bathroom. I had a blood test done and the swab test as well to rule out all std’s. The results were negative, but I still have some of the same issues post the test (frequent urination and tingling). Did I take the test too soon (approx 4 days after the encounter)? Are the results accurate that soon after possible exposure?

    Your help is greatly appreciated !!

    • Hi Paranoid Male,

      The tests are accurate. You should re-visit your doctor if the symptoms persist. Your doctor might want to repeat the tests or check for other problems.


      Dr Tan

  26. Hi Dr Tan,
    I’m male and I have engaged in commercial sex before and I’m thinking of taking some STD tests. What tests do you encourage and how much would these typically cost at your clinic (maybe provide a range??)? I haven’t showed any symptoms with regards to discharge or sores in the genital regions.

    With regards to Hepatitis B, I think I should have had vaccination done when I was an infant. May I know if you have any idea how long this vaccination lasts?

    Also with regards to Hep B and C, what are the steps forward, say someone tests positive for an ongoing acute/chronic infection? Will the person be referred to the CDC?

    I have this general twitching that has persisted over some time, in numerous areas of my body (calves, thighs, biceps, mostly). Is it a symptom of any STD? Your help is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

    • Hi Fred,

      1. Full STD screen (without HIV) costs $390. 2. Hep B vaccine typically lasts about 10 years. 3. Too complicated to answer on this forum. 4. See a doctor.


      Dr Tan

  27. Hi Dr Tan,

    I would like to enquire about:
    1) the effectiveness of the urine test, eg time after exposure for it to be reasonably accurate
    2) the types of STDs which the urine test cannot detect, and
    3) the accuracy of an oral swab test for HIV in comparison to a blood test

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Daniel.

      1. Urine test for what? 2. Urine tests can only detect Gonorrhea and Chlamydia and not any of the other STDs. 3. Too complicated to answer.


      Dr Tan

  28. Hello Dr Tan,

    Last week I went to a massage and had a hand job with the one massage lady. I dint have any oral/ anal sex or intercourse. Rather I sucked and licked boobs and armpits.
    She dint allow me to kiss in her mouth as well. Onle in her upper body I kissed and licked.

    Touched with my hands her public hair and genitals but dint do anyother things.

    Do I have any possiblities of getting STD for the above (if I assue the lady is HIV positive and having multiple STDs already ?)


  29. Hi Dr Tan,

    I have a lymph node on my vagina area which i consulted a Gynae on it. She mentioned that it is “deep seated” and since i do not engage in any sexual intercourses it is just a normal lymph node, which she then gave me some antibiotics to reduce the lymph node.

    I’ve noticed that the lymph node comes and goes at the same place. Please could you advice what is the next step that I should take?


    • Hi CL,

      An enlarged lymph node is an indication that there is an infection and/or inflammation in the area the lymph node is draining. I assume that you had a vaginal infection. If the lymph node is recurring, we need to look for other lymph nodes as multiple lymph node enlargements could indicate more severe diseases e.g. Lymphoma, HIV etc. If it that solitary lymph node recurring then you need to check if there is a source of infection in the area that has been missed. Basically you need to either revisit your gynae or see a doctor.


      Dr Tan

  30. Hi Dr,

    If there are oral gonorrhoea/clamydia only, will urine be tested postive as well?

    Does oral swab tests for both gonorrhoea/clamydia? How much will it cost?

    What other oral tests should be done if oral sex is performed?


    • Hi Jeff,

      A urine test will only detect a urethral infection. If you suspect a throat infection you need a throat swab. As for what other tests you need, it is too complicated to answer here. For that you require a formal consultation. Please see your doctor.


      Dr Tan

  31. Hi Dr,

    I had protected oral sex and protected penetrative sex with a lady I do not know that well today. We had french kissing and I licked only her clitoris, but when she performed oral sex on me, a condom was used. But halfway during the penetrative sex, her period came suddenly without her knowledge. Some of her period blood got onto my pubic area (below my tummy, directly above the base of my penis), we were both a little shocked and I waited for about half a minute before I went to the washroom to wash it off.

    I was very afraid the blood might touch the tips of my penis when I took it off so I kind of hesitate and wondered what to do while in the wash room. In the end I pulled the condom out by holding the tip. Then I quickly washed the blood away from my pubic area.

    What are the chances of me contracting any STDs from the blood? I have read that herpes can be contracted via skin-to-skin contact, and that the pores on our pubic area are very big, where the roots of the pubic hair are located. Will I get herpes/AIDS from the blood?


    • Hi Reeve,

      The presence of period blood will not increase your risk of HIV. I would say it is still very low. You are certainly at risk of Herpes, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea etc. But the risk is low and not associated with the presence of period blood.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi dr,

        Thanks for your reply, but can chlamydia and gonorrhea be spread by blood? Why do u say i am at risk for these? And also, i have read online that herpes is actually not a blood borne virus, as people who have herpes can still donate blood if they want to?

        • Hi Reeve,

          You have to forget about the period blood. That has nothing to do with your risk. Do condoms reduce the risk of chlamydia and Gonorrhea? Yes. Do they eliminate the risk? No. So the fact is you are still at risk. How is herpes spread? Via skin to skin contact. Was there skin to skin contact? Yes. So again you are at risk.


          Dr Tan

          • Hi Dr,

            So you are saying that if her period didn’t came suddenly and the blood didn’t got onto my pubic area, the risk is still the same, not higher or lower than when the blood came into contact with me? I understood the risk beforehand, but it was the period blood that got me worrying. Lastly, is it true that herpes cannot be transmitted by blood? Because I find it disturbing that some people online claimed that they are infected with herpes and yet they do still donate blood.

          • Hi Reeve,

            That’s exactly the point. The period blood did not affect your risks. Herpes cannot be spread via blood.


            Dr Tan

        • Hi dr,

          Thank you for your reply so far. I know it’s possible to have throat gonorrhea but what about chlamydia of the throat? Let’s say I performed unprotected oral sex on the girl and she has chlamydia, and I got infected, will it stays in my mouth/throat or will it “proceed down” to my urethra area. If I gotten chlamydia through performing oral sex on her, will a PCR urine test show positive?

          • Hi Reeve,

            I have never seen throat chlamydia.


            Dr Tan

          • Hi dr,

            I see. But it is still possible to get infected with chlamydia by performing oral sex on her right?

          • Hi Reeve,

            Yes it is possible for chlamydia to infect the throat although I have not come across any such cases. It is very difficult to diagnose throat chlamydia as it only causes a little soreness. Swab tests are not very accurate. If your doctor really suspects throat chlamydia, he can always treat you with an antibiotic. Urethral swabs will not pick up throat chlamydia.


            Dr Tan


            Dr Tan

          • Hi dr,

            I mean, if I get exposed to chlamydia orally, will it manifest itself as urethral chlamydia? Like somehow it “travels” from my mouth down to my urethra?

          • Hi Reeve,

            That’s not possible. Chlamydia is a very localised disease. It will not ‘travel’.


            Dr Tan

  32. Hi Dr Tan,

    I went to your clinic 1 week ago, but you were on reservist. Doctor Chan saw me, and i told him about my exposure and all. I felt some slight discomfort in my penis and groin area, and he suggested that i take antibiotics for 3 days before coming back for the actual STD tests as it was still within the windows period. I agreed, and left with 3 dosage of antibiotics. During the 3 days that i took the antibiotics, i felt the discomfort go away, and was really happy. However, after the course ended, i am starting to feel the same discomfort and itch coming back again. Is there a possibility that the course was not long enough, and as such the virus was not killed completely? Does this strongly indictate that i have some form of STD? What should i do now?

    Appreciate your help!

  33. I went to your clinic 1 week ago, but you were on reservist. Doctor Chan saw me, and i told him about my exposure and all. I felt some slight discomfort in my penis and groin area, and he suggested that i take antibiotics for 3 days before coming back for the actual STD tests as it was still within the windows period. I agreed, and left with 3 dosage of antibiotics. During the 3 days that i took the antibiotics, i felt the discomfort go away, and was really happy. However, after the course ended, i am starting to feel the same discomfort and itch coming back again. Is there a possibility that the course was not long enough, and as such the virus was not killed completely? Does this strongly indictate that i have some form of STD? What should i do now?

    Appreciate your help!

    • Hi Fearful,

      Since you responded to the antibiotics it certainly suggests that you have some kind of infection. The right thing to do now is to find out exactly what infection you have. In that way we will know exactly what antibiotic to give you and for how long. What you should do now is to get the STD tests done.


      Dr Tan

  34. Hi Dr Tan,

    I am tested negatively for STDs. Except for syphilis which I know there is a 3 months period to retest. But ocassionally there are itches along the groin and base of penis. There are no visible bumps or anything that appears abnormal. Is this normal?


    • Hi itchy,

      I cannot diagnose you via the Internet. There are many possible causes of groin itch. Please see your doctor.


      Dr Tan

  35. Hi Dr,

    Does your clinic provides syphilis test alone only? If yes, how much does it costs?


    • Hi itchy,

      Yes we do. Rapid syphilis test costs $50.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr,

        Can I just get tested for syphilis, hep, herpes? How much for these 3 tests only?


        • Hi itchy,

          Syphilis Rapid Test $50. Hepatitis A,B and C $55. Herpes 1 and 2 $80.


          Dr Tan

          • Are hep a/b/c and herpes 1/2 tests rapid?

          • Hi itchy,

            We can do rapid tests for HIV, Syphilis and Hep B.


            Dr Tan

  36. genital bumps

    Dr Tan,

    I have a gential bump which 2 docs diagnosed as cyst.It was painful and big initially but it healed eventually. Is cyst infectious or anything serious? Because my gf is having outbreak of 3 pus-filled bump, one at a time. Previously mine doesn’t has pus when squeezed. I am tested negative for STDs, except waiting to retest for Syphilis and Herpes.

    • Hi genital bumps,

      There are many different types of cysts, sebaceous cysts, dermoid cysts, epidemoid cysts just to name a few. If it was painful and big then healed, it sounds more like an abscess than a cyst. So you are giving me contradictory information. You really should ask the doctor who diagnosed you. I cannot give an opinion when I do not even know your diagnosis.


      Dr Tan

      • genital bumps

        Dr Tan,

        Perhaps I wasn’t clear. My bump was big and painful. But it does not has pus. I did tell the docs that the bump was painful and big. Both even examined it and told me was a cyst.

        Whereas my gf bumps were big, slight painful and have pus.

        Are these any form of STD, infectious, or warrant any concern?


        • Hi genital bumps,

          You have seen 2 doctors with regards to your symptoms. They have examined you. And yet you are asking me for my opinion when I have not even seen you. You expect me to make a diagnosis over the internet based on your descriptions. I find this totally baffling. Please seek the answers to your question from the doctors who have actually seen you. They are in a much better position to comment on your diagnosis and address your concerns.

          Dr Tan

  37. Worried

    Hi Doc,

    Abt 3 tp 4 days ago, I have 2 small ulcers near my vagina area. I went to a GP, he did not check but I told him what I have on my vagina area. He gave me a cream, called “Virless”. Then I went to another female GP today for her to check, she say it does not look like herpes to her. But I was worry so she did a blood test for me but the results will only be in 2 to 3 days time.

    There is also a discharge and the colour is yellowish to very slight red.

    Can advise on this.

    If consultion is requires, where is the clinic that I can go to nearest to the weat area of Singapore and roughly which much is the cost plus consultation.

  38. Worried

    Hi Doc Tan,

    I found out that I have 2 small ulcers on my vagina 3 to 4 days ago. On the 3rd day, I went to see a GP and told him what I have found out near my vagina. He did not checked on it but gave me a cream called “Virless” to apply. Today I went to see another GP and she did a check on me and she said that to her it does seems to be herpes. But there is soem discharge and the colour is yellowish to slight reddish. I am worry about it so she did a blood test for me but the results will only be out in 2 days time.

    Please advise should I wait for the blood test results or any advise for me.

    If I were visit yout clinic at OUB centre (Raffles Mrt), what is the charges like plus consultation. The test done at your clinic is it a blood test or swap test.

    Please advise and thank you so much.

    • Hi Worried,

      First of all your symptoms do not sound like Herpes. Classically, Herpes blisters develop in crops of 3 to 5. As one crop ulcerates and dries, a second crop will form and this goes on and on. Herpes is very painful especially when ulceration occurs. Furthermore, your doctor has checked it and says it does not look like Herpes. I am actually more worried about the discharge. This could indicate other STDs like Chlamydia which, if left untreated, can be very damaging to your body and affect your future fertility. You need vaginal swabs to determine what this discharge is. Medically, this should take precedence over the ulcers which are very unlikely to be Herpes. I am based at our clinic at Robertson Walk. Our consultation charges start from $35. You will need vaginal swab tests which will come up to about $300 (estimation).


      Dr Tan

      • Worried

        Hi Dr Tan,

        Thanks for the reply. Is the branch at Raffles place able to do the swap tests? Or could my systoms be of yeast infection? Can provide more info on Chlamydia… is it HIV?

        Please advise.

        Thank you so much.

        • Hi Worried,

          Our clinic at Raffles Place is currently closed for renovations. Yes your symptoms could be due to a yeast infection but there is no way for us to know until you get the tests done. You do not want to write this off as a yeast infection only to find out later that it is something else. Chlamydia is not HIV. Chlamydia is an STD that is particularly dangerous for women because it can damage your insides and affect your fertility.


          Dr Tan

          • Worried

            Hi Dr Tan,

            If I were to do the test, will it be too earlier to do it. As today is only the 4th or 5th day that i found out the systoms.

            How much does it cost to do the test for Chlamydia & yeast infection?

            Do I need to fix an appt to come down, of possible I would like to come down tomorrow around 3pm to 4pm.

            Please advise soon or you may drop me an email.

          • Hi Worried,

            You mean the Herpes test? Yes it is too early. Do not focus on just Chlamydia and yeast. There are so many other infections that can be causing your discharge eg Garnerella, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas, Ureaplasma etc etc. You have to test for all of this. I can give you a cost estimate of $300 to $400 but depending on the clinical situation, it could be more or less. You do not need an appointment. We are a walk in clinic.


            Dr Tan

          • Worried

            By the way, do you think I should continue applying the cream “Virless”?

          • Hi Worried,

            If it is not improving your symptoms then you should stop applying it.


            Dr Tan

  39. Anxiety

    Hi Dr Tan,

    Firstly, I’d like to check for the comprehensive test package, when will be the earliest date to go for it after exposure (ie how many weeks since there are so many different window periods).

    Secondly, I’d like to check the expected fees if I were to go and have the comprehensive package (inc. consultation etc).


    • Hi Anxiety,

      The best compromise if to test for everything at 4 to 6 weeks post exposure. You will need to repeat the syphilis test at 90 days and maybe the HIV tests (depending on what test you do and when you come). The cost of the screening package excluding HIV is $390. My consultation fees starts from $35.


      Dr Tan
      Check out our new forum at

  40. Worried

    Hi Dr Tan,

    I would just like to find out. If the last person I have sex with a couple of times in early December got himself tested in early January and found himself cleared of any STDs. Does that mean that I have a high chance of not contracting it? I also had intercourse with another guy in July. I have no symptoms and checked for HIV and syphillis which i am cleared of. I am more worried about genital warts and gential herpes. I understand that it might be better to go through testing. But do need a professional opinion to prep myself for the worst.

  41. Hello drtan I would like to ask you if you could please advise me whether the myco/urea pcr urine test is accurate because you have mentioned to others that this can only be detected by culture swab test I have paid £90 for this test at a private std clinic in london uk. And they told me that it was a very accurate test and if the infection was there it would show up. The resson I ask this is because three months ago I had unprotected sex started to get symptoms burning after urination redness and inflamation at opening of the urethra. Went to my local gum clinic they swabed me and said I had nsu its been three months now and after doxi, azithromycin, and moxcifloxcin it still feels the same. It also burns while ejaculation to and makes the redness at the tip a lot worse. The past two weeks if related my legs kness calves and elbows have been aching and painfull to the point of not bein able to walk at times is very concerning for me I have never had any pains like this before in my life I’m in good shape and health I have had nsu a couple years back it cleared up after a few days on antibiotics, azithromax. It would be very helpfull for you advice thankyou. Luke

  42. Cheated Wife

    Dear Dr Tan,
    I’m not sure if I’m posting this query at the right place.
    I am enquiring on behalf of my good for nothing husband whom cheated on me with another woman. They had sex 7 times, french kissed and that woman perform oral sex on him. He claimed that he did not go down on her. My concern is that while he was having an affair, our sex life still continues. What test should I asked him to do cause I am worried that he may have passed me any unwanted diseases? Do you advice me to go for any of the test as well? Appreciate your urgent reply. Thank you so much Dr Tan.
    Cheated wife

  43. Hi Doctor. I had sex with my partner unprotected and she has a history of unprotected sex with other partners. We’ve had both unprotected vaginal and oral sex before. I have been down with flu occasionally and ulcers appear on my tongue usually a few days after oral sex. Other then that,no genital discharge or pain while urinating whatsoever. Only the ulcers which usually fade in 2 days or so. Everything else is perfectly fine. Should I get myself checked out?

  44. Dear Dr Tan,

    I would like to know the charges for your services on the STD screening…

    • drtan

      Hi NS,

      STD screening excluding HIV costs $390.


      Dr Tan

  45. confused

    I had a relationship with a lady she recently felt very itchy and pain in the private area. Discharge was white . She visit toilet fairly Often.She visited a doctor. Her Doc say she had minor xx支原体感染。I don’t her the first 2 word before the Chinese character.

    Her doc say it will not affect birth and give her a few day dosages .

    The doc advise she get her boyfriend for treatment though not to worry. If not even she is treated he will infect her again. She claim she got it from her previous boyfriend few years ago.

    I don’t have itchy except maybe initially when we first had sex. She visited doc last week n I do see pimple like on my foreskin .

    What would you advise and what is the name of the sickness base on the symptom ?

    I read on the Internet for direct translation it’s mycoplasma?

    Where can I seek a doc ? Is any g p effective?

    Recently for 3 weeks I felt I have irregular heart beat or kinda of fast at times.
    Anything to do with this condition?

    Is it really not so serious?

  46. matthews

    Dr Tan, I met a stranger in pub and she gaveunprotected oral sex. a day later i had tingling sensation on my penis shaft and also very itchy. I noticed 3 pinhead like pimples of the penis shaft. Is it an STD? what does it more sound like. Thanks you. mp

  47. Hi dr ,

    How much does it cost to do STD test ?

  48. Dr Tan. I am 19 this year. I had been encounter with a stranger with condom just virginal,oral and kisses back then in 2010 Dec. But the doctor only give me HIV Duo test and a normal HIV test at 3month post.
    Early this year april, i had another encounter with a stranger with condom virginal and oral sex only. Had went to for hiv duo test neg. Last 2week i had receiving a oral sex with condom.
    Is there any STDS test needed for me?
    Cause in 2011 when i was in camp, i notice there were some rough touch feeling patch in red on my side thighs both side. There no pain or anything going on but it is already clear after like 1week plus sort. Sometimes i will have stomach pain for no reason once in a “blue moon”.

  49. health1230

    Dear Doc,

    I had protected vaginal sex with a CSW last july. She told me she performed **Unprotected oral sex for a client just before me**. During the intercourse, i kissed the girl. I think CSW is already infected or caught something from her previous client and passed it to me.

    Note: At the time of exposure/kiss, i had a DAMAGED LIP (break in the lip skin)

    Within 40 mins from the time of kissing, i felt a strange feeling on my lower lip its like a shockwave. 3 days from exposure i started feeling tingling on my lower lip for a month.

    . After a week, developed an ulcer along with 4 needlehead red dots inside mouth (behind chin). Ulcer wasn’t painful and healed within 5 days. 35 days from exposure i developed ulcer/pimple in my anorectal region, discharged and healed in 3 days without any medication. After 50 days from exposure, again 3 red dots appeared in the same place on the lower lip and healed within 2 days.

    2. After 60 days, severe stabbing pain on my right eye,nose pain, lower jaw pain and severe headache lasted for 1 week. Following this,2 white spots on my tonsil and white patches on the back of throat for 12 MONTHS NOW, there’s no discomfort/pain .

    Last 2 weeks back, i suffered severe anal itching for few mins, after 2 weeks i noticed ANAL DISCHARGE. Since it was a holiday in my country i couldnt show it to any Doctor or go for a Swab test.

    Impact on family:
    1 month after my exposure, accidentally i burst laughing on my son’s face. Next day i was checking the lesion in my mouth and turned on the light, immediately my child turned it off and put fingers in his mouth. I think he must have picked up something from me. Within a week, he was hospitaised for a week for spiking fever over 104 degrees, chills, Lip redness (inflammation) for 1 week.

    My wife started having nipple discharge and 1 episode of unusual skin redness, pinhead red dots and paper cuts on her chest region. no pain or irritation, healed in a weeks time. I was thinking, during sex act, caressing or licking breasts transmitted something from my mouth to her body.

    Tests taken:
    9 months after exposure, I have tested for HIV 1&2, HSV 1 &2(IgG), Hep B and Syphillis (syphilis). Result is NEGATIVE for all.

    1. A painless ulcer inside lips within a week, anal discharge and i passed something to my wife while licking breasts. What is that disease you suspect that comes to your mind?

    2. Do you advise me to take tests for Full STD Screening test or select tests like?

    Please help me to understand about this infection. cant handle this mental trauma.

    Anyways, i am flying to Singapore next week only for taking STD tests.


    • I really cannot give medical advice over the Internet. You need to see a doctor. Do not assume your symptoms are due to STDs. HIV test at 9 months is conclusive. Please ask any follow up questions on

  50. Brian S.

    Hi Dr, a while back I was told I had a UTI. I was prescribed Cipro. The irritation came back. I went to the ER and was given a shot in the butt, along with a prescription of Doxycycline in case I had an STD. The irritation came back again. I havent had sex since that shot and the Doxy. Recently I went to the ER due to blood in my urine, and a slight irritation when I pee. After the doctor took the urine sample, he came back and told me that my urine was normal. He prescribed me Cephalexin to kill any bacteria that may have been present. The irritation has not come back. Although when I squeeze my penis sometimes it feels sore in a certain spot near the head. Like its in my urethra. I’m a runner with a new stricter training regimen. What do you think is going on? If it was chlamydia or gonorrhea would he have seen it in the urine sample?? I don’t have any discharge or anything except for when I have bowel movements. From time to time a clear slippery fluid comes out of my penis.

    • Gonorrhea or Chlamyida would not be detected on a standard urine test. However, the test might show white blood cells that would indicate a urethritis. If you have localized tenderness it’s best to see a urologist and get a scope done. Please post any follow up questions on

  51. Hi doctor. I bit the lip of a sex partner while kissing her. Then I sucked up the blood, using my mouth, and ‘swallowed the blood’. What are the chance of contracting a STD/HIV?


  52. unluckyguy500

    Hi Dr Tan,

    6 days ago I made the stupid decision of visiting a brothel in Geylang. We had protected oral and vaginal sex, but the condom slipped off halfway. I also used mouth on her chest and kissed her lips, but we did not french. I do not have any symptoms yet, but I’m currently on amoxycillin for cough. I am terrified I may have gotten an STI from her. What am I most at risk of? What course of action do you recommend? If I go for STI tests, when can I do so and what is the estimated cost?

    Many thanks!

  53. Hi Dr Tan,

    Earlier at 1pm, i had oral sex with a girl i knew 2 weeks ago. She has tattoo on her body. I didnt ejaculate inside her mouth, neither did i ejaculate at all i think. What are the chances of getting STD/HIV? That what my first time and i am very afraid of what is going to happen to me should i get STD/HIV. How long must i know if i am truly STD/HIV free after taking test? And is the test 100% accurate.

    I seriously need to know because I am so scared right now. I made a mistake.


  54. Hi Dr tan

    After protected sex within two hour i felt light fever and two months over still i am feeling very low fever..but light tired sometimes ..Can you advice me what to do?

  55. Hi Dr. Tan,

    I think I had a low risk exposure. I went to a massage parlor on dec 19th. The woman pleasured herself a couple minutes before I got a HJ. I think I had a cut on my penis from possible herpes, not sure if it healed 100%. Last week I had a sore throat for a couple of days. I developed a rash on my hand as well. This week my palms have red gash lines on them that hurt. It looks like I was cut with a razor. I felt very weak yesterday, not sure if it was due to anxiety or not. I think I’m infected. Are these ars symptoms?

  56. Terrified

    Hi Dr Tan,

    My friend just came back from thailand and during his visit there to the club, he accidentally brought home a ladyboy and they had sex for 5times, 1st with condom and 4 time raw including bj.

    As he is too drunk, he himself also not sure if he ram the ass or a pussy.

    today is the 5th day and he is starting to experience slight pain on the tip of his urinal and also frequent urination / urge to urine, however only little urine come out.

    he have already did some research to his symptom but he is not too sure what illness he have gotten. or it is just because he had sex too many times?

    can you give some advice on this ?

    • You must be very close to your friend for you two to share information like that. It sounds like your friend has urethritis. Please ask him to see his doctor ASAP. Please post any follow up questions on

      • Terrified

        Dr Tan,

        Is Urethritis a STD? What complication does it have? can my friend visit you for treatment?

  57. Hi Doc
    I’m a bit concerned/worried I was in company of a girl for 3 day. We kissed like lovers. I was not sure what I saw but I learned that is hvs-1. I started taking a course of amoxcillin 3 day after. will this help if im infected or possible to be infected?

  58. I got prostate infection from oral sex… 1 day after exposure i had symptom, all culture where negative… After a lot of reading i send d sperm for dna test i show positve for mycoplasma… Now i’ve been on months of antibio i feel better but not cured!!!
    Dna now negative but i still have symptom am i still contagious?
    Can we kill a prostate infection?
    I dont want to give that bug to nobody

    • There is no way you can develop prostatitis the day after exposure. You must have gotten the infection some time ago. Prostatitis can be cured but the treatment may be very protracted. Continue to see your urologist. Please post any follow up questions on

  59. I’m going to relations with a new gf and want to be as safe as possible. I have had unprotected oral sex with a few girls (non-sexwokers) and unprotected vaginal sex with a long term gf before. I know almost nothing about sexual life of my new gf (and how I can trust her story?)
    What tests you could recommend for both of us? How much does it costs?

  60. Hi Dr tan,
    i tested chlamydia after 16 weeks it came back negative.but i am not sure whether i gave urine sample one hour prior to urination or not.can u please tell me it will impact on results.

  61. Worried Kid

    Im NOT sexually active & have pearly penile papules. About 2 months ago I noticed a small white crater on my penis where the head meets the shaft. It does not hurt, itch or anything else. I have had warts on my hand before, but none recently. Based on the HPV pictures online, my one small crater looks nothing like those. Can it be a common wart? Maybe it’s not a wart at all? I have a picture for reference I can email to you.

    • Please do not email any pictures. This forum is not for medical consultations. Generally speaking, warts are growths not craters. I cannot tell what your ‘crater’ is caused by. You should see your doctor for a diagnosis. Or at least discuss it with your parents.

  62. Virt Dang

    Hello Doctor

    One of my ex gf called me recently and told me that she has been tested positive for STD (didn’t mention the name of the disease). She asked me to get checked. The last time we both had sex was about 1.5 years ago. She also mentioned that she has been sexually active with another guy after me. Do you think there is a very high probability for me testing STD positive? I am anyway going for all the tests…but want to check for quick mental peace…please advise..

    • The only way for you to be sure is to get tested. There is really no practical point to discuss probabilities right now. Please post any follow up questions on

  63. Hi doc,
    I was diagnosed of an std an was given drugs at the hospital. After taking the drugs and injections the symptoms of whitish discharge and pain in the penis was still around but in small quantities. I took another medicine and it went away. But sometimes I feel some pinching in my penis.
    Again, I experience buglike crawls on almost all parts of my body. I dont know whats wrong. I experience it in the nights and evening when going to bed.
    My fiancee recently complained of being infected with candidiasis, I want to know if I can be affected too. Because I iave had itchy rashes on my scrotum. After applying antibacterial creams it seems to be going away. Hope u help me.

    • Itching on the scrotum could very well be a sign of a fungal infection. You can try some OTC anti-fungal cream but if this does not resolve the symptoms, you should see your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

  64. in hot water

    Hi Dr Tan,

    I had unprotected sex with someone on 15 Mar. 4 days later , I experience gum infection ( or so I thought coz the gum becomes painful at an area) and frequent urination( this lasted a few hours). What might cause these symptom? What tests should I take? I’m not actively having sex, the previous time was a year ago.

    Thank you.

    • Can’t comment on the gum infection. You need to see your dentist for that. As for the urinary frequency, this could indicate an infection. You need to see your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

  65. michael1993

    hello ,may I know the price of the std screening?

    • Depends on what you want to test for. Full comprehensive screening including HIV antibody test costs $440.

  66. Afraid

    Hi doc,

    I’ve recently had an unprotected oral sex with a sex-worker about 4 days ago overseas (male/female) i can’t be sure. I experienced black-out drinking. I can’t remember anything else except that the person perfomed fellatio on me. This was my first sex experience in my life.

    1) if the person was a guy, i don’t think i had a receptive/insertive sex as i experience no discomfort anywhere
    2) It is possible that i could have sex with him or her while being blackout?
    3) I am worried sick and my tension level is high, i’m thinking of this issue almost the whole day from awake till asleep. Is there any advice that you can give me? I’m willing to take a test to clear my anxiety but i know there is a window period to wait, so when will it be best for me to check up?
    4) What if ” touch-wood ”, i am diagnose with something, how should i face it? As of now, nobody else knows except me and I am still schooling, i am extremely stressed and can’t focus on daily activites. HELP PLS!

    I hope to get some advice or words from you.

    • 1. No commet. 2. You could have been the receptive partner when unconcious. 3. Get tested at 1 month post exposure. 4. Cross that bridge when you come to it. Please post any follow up questions on

  67. Mr. Ken

    Hi Doc.. I just want to ask if there is a possibility for me to get abrasion after me and my wife sex.. Cause after intercourse, I just notice that somethings bleeding in the head part of my penis.. Not a severe bleeding.. Just a pea size bleeding.. What’s with it doc?
    Thanks for the answer..

  68. Mr. Ken

    and also I feel a little pain in the bleeding part..

  69. Anonymous

    Hi Dr Tan,
    I started to feel pain and unease in my penis since I woke up yesterday morning. I didn’t do anything about it and carried on my daily routine. However, in the evening my bladder started to sore and there was green-yellowish substance on the surface. I felt a burning sensation until the next morning when the symptoms lessened. However, my foreskin started to swell and sore, the green-yellowish thing came out from the tip of my penis. There seem to be wound on my foreskin as well as my bladder. After doing research on the Internet it looks very similar to the symptoms of balanitis. I had regular sex with my partner for over a year and I’m sure neither anyone of us commit adultery. May I know my conditions as well as the charge for a check-up at your clinic? Thank you very much and looking forwards to your reply.

  70. womanwantingtoknow

    Hi doc, just would how it takes for us to know the results of herpes test? And is it really true that we don’t need to test if we do not have the symptom? ?

    • Results take about 1 week. There are many reasons for testing or not testing. If you wish to test you must know why you want to test and must be prepared for the consequences of the results. If not, then please do not test. Please post any follow up questions on

  71. James

    Hi Doctor,

    I had unprotected oral sex with different girls over the last 2 years. What are my risks and what STD tests should take?


  72. Hello doctor,

    I went to massages 5-6 times in 2 months period. Every time the massage ladies gave me hand job. I sucked and licked armpits, neck, hips and breasts. I touched her private part few times, but never inserted my fingers into her. Only once kissed the lady in mouth for one min or so, not a deep one.
    . Do I have any possiblities of getting any STDs ? Assuming no chances for HIV, however do I need to test for any other diseases ?

    Thank you .


  73. hello,
    I have just found out I have chlamydia and my boyfriend who doesn’t have it licked my clitoris, could he have got chlamydia in his mouth and if so could he give it back to me if we kiss?

    • Yes. It is possible to get Chlamydia infection of the throat but this is very rare.

  74. Hi Dr Tan,

    After 9 years of marriage my husband and I deceided to test for STD. He tested +ve for genital herpes. Mine was negative.

    My questions:
    1. How come he did not infect me all these years. I was aware of his Batam trips prior to marriage.

    2. I used to get bad case of candida and vaginal itch after sex with him. How to avoid this now without avoiding sex completely.

    3. Are condoms sufficient for protection against candida, jock-itch and genital herpes.

    p/s: I have not seen him have a full-blown outbreak yet. Does this mean that his genital herpes is mild?

    • I assume you mean your husband tested ‘positive’ for HSV 2 IgG. You must be careful in interpreting this test in the absence of typical symptoms. There are many causes of false positives. 1. It is very unlikely that your husband has HSV 2 and you remained uninfected. More likely his test is false positive. Or maybe you have just been very very very lucky. 2. Using a condom might help. However, this is probably due to the change in pH in your vagina due to the sexual intercourse. In that case, nothing would really help. This is not an STD. 3. Condoms do not protect against candida and herpes at all.

  75. Hi Dr. Tan,

    I went to Indonesia with one of my friend on May 18,2013 and we met with sex workers over there.

    Although I had Condom with me , I was not in a mood to have sex. After that I put her breast in my mouth for sometime, licked/sucked it as well. I am really not sure whether milk came out of her breast or not. Nothing else I did with her.

    Now I am having Disease Pityriasis rosea and have undergone Syphilis test. Syphilis test is negative. Doctor told me that it is Pityriasis rosea only. But I am really worried now. what all tests do I need to undergo. and by when can I get the assurity that I don’t have any disease. Till what time I need to undergo any tests. It’s been 8 weeks now I met that sex worker. I have undergone Syphilis test after 47 days and it is Negative. I have read in many forums that this is having low risk of having HIV. Kindly suggest about what all tests and at what time I need to undergo.

    If any test , then please let me know the address of your clinic and cost also so that I can make appointment.

    I have read in other forums that minimum 6 months is the time one needs to wait for HIV test, is it true?

    Please suggest/guide. I am really worried about it.

    That was the first time I met with sex worker. I will never ever do this again with sex workers.

    Thanks in advance and kindly revert to my query!!!!!!

  76. Hello – I had unprotected oral sex with a woman a few months back and 2 days after I had a sore throat and a slight fever. My doctor gave me a z-pack which cleared it up, but it returned again about 1 1/2 months later. Another z-pack was prescribed as the doc thought it may be bacterial or Strep. It went away again and now has come back again about 1 1/2 later but milder than the first 2 times(no fever but sore throat won’t go away).

    I went to the clinic today to get STD tested, but they would only take blood and urine. Do I need a throat swab to see if it could be throat gonorrhea ? I won’t have the results for 4-5 days

    • Yes you absolutely should get a throat swab for Gonorrhea and a general culture for other bacteria. However, there are 2 other common causes of a recurrent sore throat: GERD and post nasal drip. You might want to discuss these with your doc.

      • Thank you. I did get my results back from STD clinic and all was negative. Went to my primary care doctor and I told him I wanted a throat swab for STD. He took the swab and said he would check for everything. In the mean time he prescribed amoxicillin until the results come back. He did mention Gerd since I do use Prilosec.

        • Thank you for the update.

          • Hi drtan, just wanted to give an update incase it could benefit anyone reading this. I got my swab results back and they found a bacteria related (forgot what is called) to e coli. My Dr said it could be related to sexual activity. I was on amoxicillin for 7 days which did not help. I am now on Cipro 5 days.

  77. will i get trich if my partner cum on my clit and not in my vagina? my partner havent got treated for trich yet.

  78. hi dr tan first of all i would like to say god bless u as u r wonderful man helping humanity , i had viginal sex which was unprotected as lady tear off condom it just lost one mintue when i saw condom was totally cutted from front side this make my life misreable and from now am feeling like useless i went for std screening after 5 days , 14 and 23 days for hiv they did p24 antigen and antibody test along with syphilis . claymedia and ghoneria all negative i want to adk u how much reliable are they and i done these test in australia also after 2 days i have sowllen lips then cold sores followed by crispy crack and bleeding why id that i am checking my temperature daily thats normal but i have pain in my body and had itchy indide urethers for 2 days now its 40 days which test i should do for is p24 and sntibofy best n reliable and pcr rna for hcv , many thanks in advance

  79. Worriedsick

    Hi Drtan, is it possible to have hiv symptoms after 5-10days of exposure, have been experiencing a sorethroat that wont go away, a runny nose, fatigue, weakness, stomach discomfort and nausea. Do you think this are symptoms of hiv, is it at all possible that symptoms happen so early ?

  80. Leirro30

    Hi Dr. Tan,

    Some advice on whether I may need to screen for STDs. I’m a male and met another male for some sex about a week ago. However, I saw that he had just had relations with another guy right before me, so all I did was rub my bare penis against his bare lower leg, that is it, no other contact. I did ejaculate, and wiped myself with one of his towels which I have no idea if it was used by anyone else. I’m thinking maybe something was on the towel or maybe I caught something from rubbing against his leg. I have some prostate pain and burning but no visible sores or anything. I did not see anything at all unusual on his bare skin. Advice?

    • I cannot give medical advice over the internet. As a general rule, I think everyone will benefit from an STD screen. This is because there is rarely a sexual encounter where we can be 101% sure there isn’t any risk of contracting an STD.

  81. hi dr i have done again p24 and antibody test after 44 days n turned negative how much they are reliable also guide me for hcv testing please thsnks

  82. thankyou very much dr you are a wonderful man and will love to see u in person cheers

  83. i also had eia syphilis test at 44 days n non reactive does this also conclusive please at this stage do i need to repeat at 90 days again ? thanks again in advance

  84. hi dr tan its almost 9 week , do i need to retest hiv, syphlips & HCV as at 44 days have negative , how often/likley test can change 44 days negative at 3 months i did CMIA test ( australia) ag/ab , (44 days ). many thanks in advance

  85. Hi doctor, two days ago i went to clubbing. In there i got no sexual encounter. Just she kissed me two times in closed mouth kissing. In my mouth there are 2 small ulcer. In my lips, nothing.
    Can i got hiv from that?
    Im afraid that if her lips too dry, and it cracked may got some blood on her lips.
    Thx doctor

  86. Hi dr I have did p24 antigen and antibody test at 58 days & negative how you guess it is conclusive in your opnion as my exposure was very risky unprotected sex with hiv suspect , thanks alot for ur opnion & help dr tan . Do I still need testing at 3 & 6 months time

  87. Hi dr when an antibody t
    est for HTLV is considerd conclusive ? Is there any combination test is available for HTLV ?
    What are the odds to contract HTLV in a single episode of unprotected sex from female to male ?
    Many many thanks in advance for your help & responce

  88. How many types of HTLV exist 2 or 4 ? And how much is test cost in urs clinic thanks

  89. Hi dr is syphilis EIA test at 23, 44 & 58 days (negative) after exposure is conclusive or have to do again after 3 months thanks

  90. Hi dr tan hoping you are doing very well I had quedtion on HTLV tests types and their window periods also does antibody test dectects HTLV 3/4 ranges with normal tests or there is seperate screening for HTLV 3/4 many thanks for ur time

  91. When antibody test considered conclusive for HTLV virus thanks dr tan for your help

  92. Hello doctor, im a 15 year old and i had unprotected anal sex near the end of 14 years of age. I would like to go for a std test. But i need to know the rates and conditions, such as age etc. and wether will it remain confidential from my family and etc.

    • My partner and i had it for the first time*

    • According to Singapore law sex below the age of 16 is illegal. Even if both parties are consensual. If you see us we are legally bound to inform the authorities.

  93. Hi , Dr Tan

    2 weeks ago, I had one unprotected sex. After few days, I felt some uncomfortable and burn feeling when urinating and Also, I found that there is some yellow mark on my pant, probably discharged from my penis but I am not sure what is that. Then, I went to the clinic. He did not test what stds I got but He gave me one injection and 4 days antibiotic and I finished last Friday. But, today, the first morning urinating, I feel a burning feeling. Does it mean that , my std is no cured ???

    Thank you dr.

    • Yes it does sound like that. Go back to see your doctor or come to see us. You need more tests and treatment.

  94. Anonymous


    I noticed some small flesh colored little “warts” on my penis recently, the last time I had sex was almost 6 months ago. These warts don’t seem to be herring bigger or spreading and I don’t experience any itch or discomfort at all. Do I have any cause for worry?

  95. I have been suffering for the past 50 days.

    Starting nov 14, it appears that My initially infection which was chlamydia / gonorreah appears to be resolved. I have taken three different PCR test which confirm this.

    However unfortunately, I still have some discomfort.

    My question to you is can i completely disregard chlamydia / gonorreah as a concern?

    • It is very unlikely for 3 PCR tests to be wrong. It is possible especially if sample collection is not adequate.

  96. leonard

    Hi doc
    how much it will cost to treat gonorrhea? I need your help.. i had sex with my partner 2nd week of dec after 20 days there is some discharge coming out from my pennis, what should i do… where can i go to treat this problem?

    • The cost varies depending on what treatment or tests you need. You can come see us anytime.

  97. Hi doctor
    So recently me and my boyfriend got tested and we found out we have chlamydia and I received it from him when he had a sex partner before me. None the less…I got antibiotics for it and took it right away. The issue is that I know my bf has it but I’m not sure why we got into it and I licked his anus and below his testicles. Can I get that again from that?

  98. scared guy

    Hi Dr Tan,
    2 months ago I noticed some boil-like growths around my pubic area. I did a VDrl/Khan/TPHA/TPI test and also a test for HIV 1 & 2 a little over a month ago. The tests all came back negative but since then the little boil-like things have multiplied, some even spread to my penis. I got a podophilin ointment and I’ve used it for a month now. It really hurts like a dull ache and it feels like its causing pains in my waist and spine areas. The podophilin turns them to sores and scars. I’m very worried, if the tests were all negative how come the boil-like growths are still increasing. I noticed some rashes on the back of my fingers when I noticed the boil-like growths, now I’m noticing similar rashes on the backside of my arm close to my elbow. This last part is probably me being paranoid but I’m just trying to make sure I cover all the bases. The boil-like things are hard and have like little pimples on their surfaces. They can’t however be pierced like pimples and when forced open they don’t have pus inside them, they have blood. Please what test did I omit or what test should I do now and also what would you diagnose it as?

    • Sounds like Molluscum. Please see your doctor. This forum is not for dispensing medical advice.

  99. Hi, Dr Tan,

    My penis has been itching at the base (where it connects with the scrotum) for a few weeks. It smarts when I’m having intercourse and gets into contact with vaginal fluid.

    Am I infected with STD?

  100. Hi Dr Tan

    3 days ago I performed oral sex on a girl during a one night stand. Now I have ulcers on my gums and tonsillitis. Is it possible that I can be caused by STD or HIV? And can I get accurate results if i get tested now since symptoms have already appeared?

  101. I had few times of unprotected sex with a girl that I knew not too long ago and after that I found that there are bump at my penis! Is that some symptom of STD or some other diseases?

  102. I had unprotected oral sex from a foreign female sexual worker. What std risks am I exposed to?

    If I want a peace of mind, when and what should I test for? And how mich?

  103. rachel

    my partner had sex with another woman and the condom broke and he did not inform me and had intercourse with me. after about a week, he had penile discharge and i had pain during urination and severe pain at my vagina. we went to a clinic and had blood test done and it showed as chlamydia positive and herpes simplex type 1 which the doctor its not harmgul as it transmits during kissing. after 3 months, we had unprocted sex again and this time after a few days i noticed a whitish thing at my vagina and it was painful, i didnt know what was that. after 3 days, i develeped pimples like on my vagina labis majora which was very pain. went back to the clinic and the doctor said its herpes and nothing can cure it. i am in very much pain, i cant even pee and no water can touch my private part. i cant even wash it.. pls help me or suggest what can i do to overcalm this? and will my disease show through any blood test?

    • Hi Rachel, sounds like you have got herpes. You should see a doctor to have it looked at and treated to reduce the pain and intensity of the flare up. There are oral meds and creams to help you with this. If you still have blisters/pimples present, could do a swab to confirm the diagnosis of herpes.

  104. rachel

    now that i have had herpes and ghe dr did mention that i may get it again, is it ok for me to have unprotected sex with my partner who has herpes as well? 1. is it possible for me to develop the herpes blisters again so soon if i have unprotected sex? 2. how come i had herpes(pimples and blisters) but my partner didnt when actually he is the one who transmitted it to me??

    • 1. How often you have Herpes outbreaks have nothing to do with whether or not you have unprotected sex. It has to do with the health of your immune system and the virility of the virus. 2. Most people who are infected with Herpes carry the virus without showing symptoms. Unfortunately, they still can pass it on.

  105. Aaron foceti

    I had discharge and freaked out. I went to the doctors got tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea but it was negative. They gave my a shot in the but of rocephin and 7 days of doxy. My discharge stopped but my urethra now burns like crazy. The girl I’m seeing got tested and tested positive for gardnella vaginalis. Could that stuff cause me urethritis and slight testicle pain? Cause I’ve read pretty much everywhere that it does not effect men.

    • It does not affect men. There must be some other cause of your symptoms. Please follow up with your doctor.

  106. javier

    hi doctor, i had unproctected bj from a sex worker i think 2 months back. sex was with condom. 2 days back i found red blister alike thingy appear on my penis. it doesnt feel pain or dicomfort. i feel perfectly fine. no weight loss or anything. any chance i may contract std?

  107. Hi Dr Tan, I have found a few painless blisters appearing on my penis and suspect that i may have gotten herpes. There is no other discharge or any symptoms besides the tiny blister. I would like to know how much does it cost to get it tested and the consultation fees at your clinic.

    With regards,
    Darryn Tan

  108. Hi Drtan, last august i started having frequent urination problems which was like 6 times in an hr and it got so bad i went to an A&E and was refered to a urologist,he did a urine culture and ultrasound and gave me antibiotics for 3 weeks and the results was negative but till now i still have discomfort and a weird feeling after ejectculation. the feeling of having something stuck in my bladder and there are white spots on the inner foreskin of my penis and this uncomfortable feeling only happens after ejectculation and last for a few days before going away. what do you suggest i do or get checked for? as its been 8 months. thanks

    • sorry drtan i forgot to mention that i have herpes. but have not engage in unprotected sex in all these months. only unprotected oral.

    • STDs do not usually cause frequent urination. That is usually caused by a UTI or non-infectious causes like bladder stones or over-active bladder etc. You say the Urologist did a urine culture but did he specifically test you for STDs? If not, you might want to come and get tested just to get it out of the way.

      • they didn’t test me for stds as i have told them i have herpes. they only did a culture and ultrasound for me. but its been 8 mths and still i am having this problem and it occurs only after i have an ejectculation. then after a few days it back to normal. thing is recently there are alot of visible red veins on the inner foreskin of my penis and white spots so im quite worried. could it be prostate problems?

        • I cannot diagnose you over the internet. Please come to see any of the doctors at our clinic and we will try to sort things out for you.

  109. Hi Dr. Tan,

    I had a 5 min unprotected oral sex 3 months ago in which i ejaculated. After that, I ejaculated again by self-masturbation. 2-3 days later, the left side of my penis started to be painful around the veins area.
    The pain subside but then once I masturbated, the pain returned. It might be due to vein irritation. I havent engaged in any sexual activities since.
    However, after almost 3 months, I notice some transparent sticky fluid discharged from my penis quite easily. I have also notice a very mild pressure pain when I press the tip of my penis.
    Based on your professional knowledge, do you think it is STD? If so, can I know about the tests that will be conducted for my case and the cost of visit + no of days for the results?. Would the test detects UTI? I am planning a trip next week. Hope to hear from you. Thank you so much for your help.

    • The symptoms can be caused by an STD. I would not be able to tell you exactly what tests you need until you see us. Right now, I think you would need a screening for all infections of the urinary tract both STD and non-STD related. That costs $300 before GST. The results can take up to 1 week. It will detect UTI.

  110. Overthink

    I had oral sex and I am scared I have syphilis but I did not have any symptoms of it and I did not have any ulcers and white discharge on my penis, I only had oral sex and I am gay. I also do not have any rash on my hands and feet but I have ezcema. Please help!

  111. hi dr, i had a relation with a girl that i know about 2 weeks ago. she went for a check up at her doctor’s place a week before and was waiting for a result. Yesterday she told me that everything was fine except that she had a positive for Chlamydia Trachomatis.. and since few days i have a discomfort while urinating so i am quite sure its the symptoms. So how much would the checkup and the treatment cost roughly? thank you

    • drtan

      The PCR test for Chlamydia costs $100. The medications cost between $28 and $32. Consultation $35. All prices before GST.

  112. WorriedAbtChlamydia

    Hi Doc, You are doing a great job… My concern is related to Conjunctivitis caused by Chlamydia/gonorrhea… And my question is: Is the treatment for Chlamydia and Chlamydial conjunctivitis same (is it the same antibiotic?)? I had protected sex with a sex worker about 40 days ago… three weeks after the encounter I experienced mild testicular discomfort for 2 days and it again recurred after another week… since it’s so mild, I didn’t feel the urge to go for a screening (and it was protected sex)… but recently I have developed Conjunctivitis in both of my eyes.. my eyelashes are stuck when I wake up in the morning, swollen eyelids.. etc etc… I have read somewhere that Chlamydia/Gonorrhea might spread to eye if left untreated… My GP has given some eye drops for normal Conjunctivitis…out of worry I have been to a clinic which conducts STD screening .. the doc out there dosn’t seem to be convince about my conjunctivitis having a connetion with any STD… My test results will take a weeks time to arrive… I don’t wanna become blind… So I would like to know if my Chlamydia/Gonorrhea test turns out to be positive and I am treated for that, will that resolve my eye infection as well (if it was caused by the STD)..

    • drtan

      The antibiotic treatment given for Chlamydia or Gonorrhea will clear the infection from the eye also.

      • WorriedAbtChlamydia

        Thanks a lot for the reply Doctor!!… I have another query… I have been found positive with Chlamydia infection in the PCR test… I have read in many places that the treatment is either single dose of azithromycin 1g OR doxycycline 100mg 2 times a day for 7 days… however, I have been given both the antibiotics… the doses are: Azithromycin 1 g on 1st day… 500mg next day and also the doxycycline course starting the at the same time for 7 days… do you think it is wrong?? Or it is just to make sure that the infection is cured even when one of the antibiotics fail??

        • drtan

          There is no real right or wrong. I personally have seen treatment failure when using just Zithromax so following up with Doxy is not overdoing it. At the end of the day, the only way to know if you have been cured or not is to get a retest aka Test of Cure.

          • WorriedAbtChlamydia

            Thanks a lot for the inputs doc… after how many days do you recommend a test of cure?

          • drtan

            2 weeks after completion of antibiotics.

  113. WorriedAbtChlamydia

    thanks doc!! :)

  114. Stupid guy

    Hi dr,

    I would like to have a full comprehensive screening for any possible std that i may have. Is such thing possible? If so, Can i have your advice on what service should i seek/request for when going to your clinic?


  115. Confused girl

    Hi I had a one night stand with a guy 2 weeks ago where i lost my virginity. We failed to use protection as we were drunk. Yesterday, I had sex with my boyfriend and now my back is aching, my vagina is kinda sore and I have a fever. Are these symptoms of STDs?

    • drtan

      They could be. Soreness in the vagina, backache and fever could be early PID caused by Chlamydia or other STD organisms. But we should not jump to conclusions. Best to see your doctor to get a check up.

  116. Confused girl

    Hi Dr,
    I had a one night stand 2 weeks ago without protection. And last night I had sex with my bf without protection. This morning I had back aches, fever and mild nausea.
    Are these signs of STD?

  117. John Doe

    I had been experiencing a sore throat, white tongue, and had ulcers in the back of my throat. I went to the doctor and was tested using a swab. Test results came back as negative for strep however she said the STD test came back positive because I had a mycoplasma. I looked online and mycoplasma genitalia is considered and STD while mycoplasma pneumonia is not. I am confused as to which one I have because it was a throat culture but it showed up on the STD test results. So i have three questions:

    1. If I tested positive for mycoplasma through a throat culture, is it an STD?
    2. I have been with my girlfriend for over a year and have never cheated. Does testing positive for mycoplasma mean she gave it to me?
    3. My girlfriend and I have unprotected sex and have performed oral sex on one another. Can mycoplasma genitalia be transmitted from the genitals to the mouth?


    • 1. Could be. As you correctly pointed out Mycoplasma Genitalia and Hominis are STD while Pneumoniae is not. So Ask your doctor exactly which type you have. 2. Assuming it is an STD Mycoplasma then this is most likely the case. The other possibility is you could have caught this a long time ago and had no symptoms. And the current symptoms you have are a red herring. 3. Yes it can.

  118. Hey doctor, I have already tested for HIV and the result is negative. I’m just worried if I have std. Therefor I need to get it test. Is herpes able to be cured?? I am NSf. In my ord ffi will they check for std?? Just want to clear my mind.

    • Herpes cannot be cured. I know that they check for HIV during the ORD FFI. I honestly do not know what other STD tests are done.

  119. STEPHAN M

    I HAVE TREATED A GONORREA AISO MY WIFE, and she still expreacing the pain under her private part, so I don’t know what to do am stressful please help me

    • Hi Stephan,

      Your wife’s pain may be due to infection, either from incomplete treatment of gonorrhea or an accompanying infection such as chlamydia that was untreated. The pain may be due to other reasons such as vaginal tears or abrasions. I’d advise you to see you doctor and retest for both of you to make sure you have cleared your gonorrhea ( and any other organisms). Also let you doctor know the current problem and they’d be able to advise what you should do.

  120. Ishmel T

    hi dr. I have a cluster of bumps on the foreskin of my penis and i haven’t had sex in weeks and on day they just popped up and im kind of worried can you help?

    • Hi, it’s difficult to tell what the bumps are without looking at them. It could be herpes? I would advice that you see a doctor for further evaluation of the bumps.

      • Ishmel T

        thanks doc, but i only had sex with one partner and she’s clean but it did not pop up until i masturbated do you think that has anything to do with it?

  121. Anxiously awaiting

    Hi Doc, I have received a unprotected bj from a massage lady on 30 May and on 4 may i noticed a water filled pimple on my penis, and consulted a doctor, he says is too soon for STD test and ask me to return 10 days later, and prescribed me with antibiotic and a jab. The pimple reduced in size and disappeared after the course of antibiotic.

    Returned on 14 may for the blood test for HIV, Syphilis TP Ab, HSV Type 1 & 2 IgG Ab, negative/; non-reactive for all, and Urinalysis came out fine too, but did did test for other STDs as he says that I did not have symptoms for the other STDs.

    Returned on 2 July for my follow up test for HIV Syphilis TP Ab, HSV Type 1 & 2 IgG Ab also negative.

    I have abstained from sexual acts since my last exposure.

    But I occasionally felt throbbing sensation at my penis region, and I found Fordyce spots on my lips.

    1) are my tests for the STDs cleared? other than HIV
    2) what tests should i undertake before 3mth mark?

    • 1. I don’t know. You seem to have got your dates mixed up. 2. Ask your doctor.

  122. some pain while urinating and got a hole at my penis .
    what disease is that?

    • Pain during urination usually indicates an infection. It could either be an STD or UTI. Sometimes, it could be due to non-infectious causes like urinary stones.

  123. samuel

    Hi doctor,

    Two weeks back I have drunken heavily for the first time and had a sex with call girl.. During the course I noticed that I have not used condom….. The contact time is less than 20 secs… What is the probability of getting std to me… I am very much disappointed about the wrong doing by me…

    • The duration of the contact really does not matter. The fact is you had unprotected intercourse. That puts you at risk of STDs and HIV. Look out for symptoms and see us if they occur. If not, see us at 1 month post exposure for a HIV and STD screen. Click here for more info.

      • samuel

        Thank u doctor for your reply…
        And what is the probability of HIV from infected women to men with unprotected sex for the first time

  124. santosh

    Hi doctor..

    Good morrning …..

    I have protected sex with a sex worker on 9th of this month and noticed my condom has broken during the course.. I had lower abdominal pain after one week of exposure and it cured automatically on the next day… I have done some tests after 15 days of exposure and are as follows

    HSV 1 IGG, SERUM- 0.01
    HSV 1 IGM, SERUM- 0.31
    HSV 2 IGG, SERUM- 0.07
    HSV 2 IGM, SERUM- 0.10

    Doctor.. With reference to above results were all the above test are conclusive….. Kindly let me know if any tests are preferred….. I am very much depressed and lost 4 KGS of weight because of depression. I had low fever symptoms with mild joint pains….

    Doctor please help me in this regard..

    • None of these tests are conclusive at 15 days post exposure. Come and see us for PROPER advice on when to test for what.

  125. Hi Doc,

    I had Chlamydia before which was treated, i did test again and it was showing 1.6, my doc told me its showing coz of previous history, if i dnt have it now, it will still shw lil bit high due to previous infection, is tht true?

    • I have said this many times before and I will say it again: Chlamydia blood test are ABSOLUTELY USELESS. Both for diagnosis and for follow up test of cure. It is a complete waste of time and money. I will not comment on it. Please ask the doctor who did it for you.


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