Sex During Pregnancy – How Safe Is It?

Not as gross as it sounds, sex during pregnancy is actually safe.

Especially when you are in your second trimester (i.e. 4th month onwards), you need not worry about the baby you’re carrying during an intercourse. Intercourse during early (earlier than 4 months) as well as advanced (beyond 7 months) of pregnancy can be safe, provided that due care is taken. Knowing the position of the uterus (womb) in relation to the vagina might help you understand the safety of this act. The uterus is flexed forward in relation to the vagina creating an angle of approximately 120 degrees between the two. Thus, even quite deep penetration by the penis will not come close to the foetus, which is well-protected by the uterus.

Sex during the second Trimester is the Safest.

When to Avoid Sex When Pregnant?

Just remember, sex may trigger labour. You wouldn’t want a miscarriage or a premature delivery, would you?

Avoid sex if you are pregnant and:-

• have had episodes of previous miscarriages

• have experienced difficulty conceiving

• have had episodes of lower pelvic/back pain and spotting/bleeding during your first trimester

• you are told by your obstetrician that you are at high risk of premature labour

There are many reasons that put you on a high risk of premature labour. Carrying more than 1 baby (e.g. twins, triplets), previous infections (especially HPV infections), smoking during pregnancy and having had previous premature births are some of the reasons to name a few.

Can I Conceive Another Child When I’m Pregnant and Have Sex?

Absolutely not. When you are pregnant, your pregnancy hormones suppress further fertilization. As you can see, pregnancy is, by itself, a kind of ‘natural contraceptive’.

Just to add on some interesting facts, there are some cases, although extremely rare, where one gets pregnant ‘again’ after an intercourse during pregnancy. This usually happens in those who are unaware that they have a duplicate womb in them. Inborn developmental defects may give one a double uteri, usually located side-by-side, one usually being smaller than the other. Some other extraordinary incidences include those having two sets of female reproductive system. These women usually have two separate vaginas and two uteri each having one ovary. Such individuals tend to be aware of their ‘extra’ uterus after getting pregnant despite having an IUD implanted.

It is important to keep in mind that having a duplicate womb or double uteri does NOT make a woman any more abnormal. In fact, the condition usually does not interfere with sexual pleasure or being able to conceive.

As always, if you are pregnant and encounter any abnormalities such as bleeding or pain during or after intercourse, it is best to consult with your doctor. At the very least, it gives you peace of mind.

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