Prostatitis in Singapore

Prostatitis is the commonest problem of the Prostate in young men.

It can be caused by infections (aka Bacterial Prostatitis) or the inflammation can be present without an active infection (aka Abacterial Prostatitis). Your doctor will need to conduct tests to find out which one you have before prescribing the correct treatment.

Read on to find out more.

What is Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the Prostate Gland.

The Prostate Gland lies just below the bladder. It is responsible for producing Prostatic Secretions. Prostatic Secretions are mixed with sperm produced in the testis to form semen.

What causes Prostatitis?

There are many possible causes of Prostatitis. They can be classified into those caused by Infection and those not caused by Infection.

The most common cause of Prostatitis especially in young men is Infection. These are frequently Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and NSU organisms such as Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) such as E. Coli, Klebsiella can also cause Prostatitis. Tuberculosis is a rare cause of Prostatitis.

Non-Infectious causes of Prostatitis include Chronic Prostatic Pain Syndrome and Abacterial Prostatitis. This can result from an Infection that has been treated or minor trauma to the Prostate such as sitting on a hard surface for too long or cycling long distances on a hard saddle.

What are the symptoms of Prostatitis?

Symptoms of Prostatitis vary greatly. Patients can suffer from systemic symptoms of infection including fever, chills and rigors. This is especially when the infection of the prostate is quite severe and caused by an Infection.

More localized symptoms include pain when passing urine, erectile dysfunction, discharge from the penis, a heaviness or dragging sensation in the scrotum and pain at the tip of the penis.

Other symptoms include a constant need to go to the toilet to pass urine, low back pain, muscles aches, poor flow when passing urine or pain during ejaculation.

What do I do if I suspect I have Prostatitis?

See Our Doctors. We will take a detailed history from you and conduct a physical examination. The examination might involve a Digital Rectal Examination (DRE). This is done by the Doctor gently inserting a lubricated gloved finger into your rectum to feel for your prostate. The process itself is not painful. However, you might feel some pain when the Doctor presses on your prostate gland. This is a sign of Prostatitis.

Our Doctor might then need to do blood and urine tests to determine the cause of the Prostatitis.

Our Doctor might also need to conduct a test on the Prostate Secretions. This is done by the Doctor conducting a DRE and massaging the Prostate. This will squeeze some secretions out. You will then be asked to pass urine into a bottle and the urine will be sent for tests. For this tests, please give the Doctor the first catch of urine. This is different from regular urine tests when you are asked to collect the mid-stream.

What are the treatments for Prostatitis?

Treatment for Prostatitis depends on the cause.

Infections are treated with anti-biotics.

Our Doctor might also give your nerve stabilizers such as Gabapentin and anti-inflammatories.

Our Doctor might also ask you to have repeat visits for prostatic massage.

Electro Shock Wave treatment to the prostate induces inflammation and has been used successfully in the treatment of Chronic Prostatic Pain. This is a painless procedure where a machine is used to send Shock Waves into the prostate. It however takes at least 6 sessions or more.

Need more advice?

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  1. Mr. L

    Hello Dr. Tan,

    I was wrongly diagnosed with CPPS after testing my sperm and discovering that i have a staphyloccocus aureus. The lab also stated the antibiotics that the bacteria is sensitive (CIPRO for example) my current urologist prescribed me 2 weeks of cipro but from what i read the course should be 4-6 weeks. After week 1 i was feeling perfect but after finishing the course the symptoms slowly start to appear again. what are ur thoughts on this?
    Thank you.

    • The duration of antibiotic course is determined by the individual doctor, and can range from 2-4 weeks or even longer depending on response. You should speak to your doctor about your symptoms.

  2. James Wong Chin Chean

    Even though this seldom happen, but im still curios for it, Sometimes, when i sit down, i can feel my penis discharge. In deed, i went toilet to check it out, and sometimes, there are wet substance on my underwear, it’s wet, i could identify if it’s semen or urine, but there is no pain or itchiness, i just feel it discharge. so doctor, may i know what is going on?

    • What is likely happening is your prostate is inflamed and enlarged. So when you sit, the pressure on the prostate squeezes prostate secretions out and you feel and see a discharge. You should see a doctor to check for possible infections and other causes of prostatitis.

  3. Hi Dr Tan,

    Since last couples of week, when i woke up, most of the time i saw a slight watery and sticky discharge from my penis. And it visible on my underwear. Please advice. Thank you.

    • i mean in the morning, when i woke up and saw it..

    • Dr Justin Sim

      This is a sign that you may have an infection. You should get a urine test done to check for STDs.

      • But sorry doctor, i have never had a sex with a prostitute before…. only have sex with my wife… can still be infected? thanks alot for your reply.

  4. Hi recently i have sexual intercourse with my partner. After a day or two when i pee is start to get burning sensation and end of peeing have 2 or 3 blood drip. it happen only for 2 time in a day. i have very bad fever,headache,bone pain and slight cough.

    What treat can i go for ? and how much is the cost?

    i’m currently taking antibiotic given by doctor

  5. Hi Dr.Tan,
    since last week I felt a dull pain in my rectal area, it itch too. From last Wednesday onwards, there is a burning sensation at the tip of my penis and during passing motion too. I went to polyclinic and describe my case, the doctor insert his finger in my rectal and press and check for any pain, and he said I’ve hemorrhoids, and my poo is like pellet. I was given so medicine to soften my poo, BUT it didn’t seems to work, the burning sensation on my rectal and tip of penis, and now dull pain on my left testicle. What should I do?

    • Dear des,

      There’s not much I can recommend without getting a better history and a physical examination. Feel free to pop by to one of our clinics for a review.

  6. Hey there Dr Tan I wish I was closer to you I would love to be your patient!

    Well I have prostatitis, every time I start to get better by doing very good and taking things like Echinacea, Goldenseal, Cranberry extract etc. But then maybe if I have oral sex or unprotected sex it comes back with major discomfort and stinging. Now it is starting to have shooting pains into my arms, fingertips and legs 🙁

    I’ve taken some courses of antibiotics but I can’t take Cipro or any quinolone. I read someone that took Bactrim for 4 weeks along with Hytrin (to open blood vessels) worked. But the person wasnt sure if they took Bactrim or Biaxin.

    Anyway this was all set on by one time I had Chlamydia and somehow never fully went away I guess but I dont test positive for anything Ive had many tests including prostate fluid cultures.

    Any advice? If you can help I’ll send a fruit basket! haha thanks

    • You first need to rule out an infectious (bacterial) prostatitis. For that you can do a post prostatic massage urine test (make sure you test for everything) or a semen culture. If a bacteria is detected you need to treat it. You should use the antibiotic appropriate to the bacteria that is isolated. Some doctors give lose dose Cialis to increase blood penetration and antibiotic delivery to the prostate. However, it is also very possible that you have chronic prostatic pain syndrome or pelvic floor dysfunction or tight pelvic floor muscles. This require other treatments like regular pelvic floor release or gabapentin or NSAIDS. Please see your urologist.

      • Aaron skylin

        hey Dr tan ,

        I have never ever had any problems related to my prostrate but I masturbate a lot , since a few weeks I’ve noticed my urine flow getting slower but there is no pain I need to exert less pressure to pass urine but I do need to and after I’m done I don’t feel empty , my semen has no blood but I cannot sit after I ejuculate as there is pain in my lower abdominal area but not much pain I am very concerned about my prostrate please do help me

        • Yes your symptoms certainly sound like they are due to a prostate issue. There is really nothing much I can do for you over the internet except to tell you to see a doctor. You must first get diagnosed then treat the problem. If you wish, you can see my at my clinic at Novena Medical Center. Address
          Novena Medial Centre
          10 Sinaran Drive
          Singapore 307506


    Hi Dr Tan,
    I am 28 years old, I started to have all these problems when I am 25 years old. I have this pain and irritation feeling at the front wall of my bladder everytime. I need to urinate about every hour, need to wait for about one minute or longer before urinating start. Each time, the amount of urine about 100ml or less and the flow is weak. I need to wake up one or two times to urinate at night and the amount is pretty good, its at least 200ml to 400ml.
    Here is what I feel my problems come from. When I masterbate the irriation, pain and the urge to pee feeling increase and it increase more when I lose my errection with or without ejculation. After that, when I urinate, its harder to urinate and I feel like the fluid are blocking the passage. After urinating, the fluid will leaked out. And everytime I ejcualate, is due to the irriation, pain and the urge to pee feeling is too strong.
    I have seen a couple of urologist, they check my prostate but did not say anything about it. I did a Urodynamic Test, the urologist say the amount I can hold is pretty normal. I am going for a cystoscopy soon.
    I really like to hear your opinion about my conditions. Is it my prostate or bladder problem? I hope when you reply, you can send a copy to my email. Thank you.

  8. Hi doctor. I have been having white particules in my urine for long, when i take them out they look like semen. I had an std chlamydia 4 years ago and was treated. since that time i was having safe sex. currently im having penil discharge white almost everytime, my underwear is always showing secretions. this is happening to me whenever i eat lots of pepper and ejaculate like 3 times in one night . I do have burning sensation when urinating but i noticed its because of the these white particules mainly in the begining of the urination. yet at the end of the uniration i have a penil discharge 10 min later. i did my tests no std. no pain in prostate, no other prostitis symptomes, but sometimes my erection is not strong. im 29. kindly advice

  9. Hi Doc. I’m a 34 year old male that has been having all those symptoms
    above for the last 10 years. I’ve seen many doctors over that time and
    they always said I was too young to have any problems with my
    prostate. I was told to just take Advil. And throughout the last 10
    years off and on I’ve suffered with a sore and painful urethra
    starting at the tip of my penis going all the way down underneath my
    scrotum. When I sit down I can feel the burning and throbbing in the
    my groin area when I move side to side. Even feel it while I stand and
    move side to side. Sometimes my ejaculation burns and my scrotum is
    sore afterwords. Sometimes I have a clear sticky substance at the tip
    of my penis. I pee twice a night. And I stand at the toilet for awhile
    until it comes out. And it kinda burns when I pee. I’ve had sometimes
    ED issues. Even in my early 20’s.

    So I decided to go again to a new urlogist. First time in my 30’s
    going and I felt like my issues were taken more seriously this time.
    The Doc did a prostate exam and put pressure on the prostate. When he
    did that my uretha in the scrotum area burned and fluid came out of penis. But he didn’t take a sample of it. Should he of? He also did a ultra sound on my belly. He saw my prostate and he said there is a mass in it. He said possibly a stone. He scheduled a cystoscopy and a rectal ultrasound of some sorts. He said he wants to see the prostate and stone. Can you see the prostrate with the cystoscopy? Or only the rectal procedure? He said he won’t do a biopsy though. Is that due to my young age? Are there side affects or complications with a biopsy?

    Which is usual the norm…the prostatitis caused the stone or vice versa? Can the stone be causing all my discomfort issues? Can I have the stone removed? Can there be complications with my reproductive abilities with prostate stone removal?

    Also he treated me with a month of Ciproflaxin which subdued my discomfort for many months. But it has come back. He did do a urine test with no bacteria in the results but was still treated with antibiotics. Is that a normal treatment?

    I hope you can answer my questions. I know I have many and with much concern. I can’t go on living with all this discomfort in that region anymore. It’s not fun!

    Thanks. Pete.

    • You seem to have a lot of distrust for your Urologist. Why should this be? As for your questions: 1. He only needs to test the fluid if he suspects an infection. 2. Prostate can be visualized both on cystoscopy and rectal ultrasound. Depends on what you are looking for. 3. Biopsy only if he suspects cancer. 4. Many possible side effects and complications. Not a nice procedure overall. 5. More likely the stone causing the inflammation but at this point that is a moot question. 6. I hope so. You certainly should have the stone removed. 7. There are always possible complications with any procedure. 8. Urine tests are not always reliable. We sometimes do an empirical antibiotic treatment just to cover all angles. Please post any follow up questions on

  10. Hi Dr. Tan,

    I’m 26 and I’ve had urinary problems going on almost 5 years now. Most of the time, I have to go every hour to every 2 hours, but that’s at best. Many times, there are days especially during other situations like driving in my car and at work, anywhere away from home really, that I have to go every half hour. During flare-ups if I drink coffee, alcohol, or even too much water such as a full bottle at once, I end up having to go every 10 minutes.

    I haven’t had problems with stream really, though lately it’s been hard to start and I’ve gotten more dribbling problems after. I have an almost constant burning or aching pain in the perineal area. I believe it’s not an infection, because I’ve been through rounds of Bactrim, Keflex, and Ciprofloxacin (which I can’t take because it gives me tendon problems). Nothing has seemed to help.

    I’m also trying to work through a lot of the OCD and anxiety this issue has caused, because my mind is constantly on going to the bathroom. I don’t have much of a social anymore either.

    Please if you can help me, I’d be very grateful. I haven’t met a urologist yet who can help, they mostly just ask what they can do for me with no determination at all to find an answer. I’ve had urine samples taken, but never blood or prostatic fluid.

    I’m not sure what to do about it anymore, it’s painful to live with and I just want my life back.

    • I’ve actually had several patients with symptoms identical to yours. At the end of the day, their urinary symptoms were controlled when we got their anxiety under control. Before we come to that however, you need to rule out infections and other causes like over-active bladder syndrome. Please post any follow up questions on

  11. I wonder if you could help me out Doc,
    I’v been getting burning pain in the prostate region for a few years, small amounts of eurine in the blood
    but this only happens once every few months, sometimes not for half a year and ranges from uncomfortable to crippling I have no idea about the cause, std tests have come up blank twice in a row- and my doctor didnt know what else to do, he’s useless!
    no real eurine trouble though
    symptom set is closest to prostetitis, any Ideas?

    • I agree that your symptoms sound like prostatitis. The first thing you need to do is to exclude an infection. For that you will need to culture the prostatic secretions. If there is no infection perhaps you have CPPS. If your doctor cannot help you, he should refer you to a urologist or someone else who can.

  12. Hi Dr Tan,

    I am having a few similar symptome described above and not treated with antibiotics. The symptoms like low grade fever, cough and chills, poor sex function, lower abdomen cramp. It have been 6 months from now. Some symptoms were gone but some remains like poor sex function. I have not been diagnosed with prostatitis yet. Would it be too late to seek medical diagnosis and treatment to relieve the symptoms?

    • You should not assume you have prostatitis. Please see your doctor to be properly diagnosed. If it is prostatitis, leaving it for so long would mean your treatment duration will also likely be very long.

  13. Mr Anderson

    Hi Dr Tan,

    Prior to this post, i had visited you on a few occasion for HIV rapid test (8 months) and lab culture due to multiple small red bumps on the head of the penis. Both came out negative. have been engaging in much safer sex by wearing condom and also took steps to avoid condom breakage.

    14 months have pass since my first exposure. right now i have develope some unusual symptoms as follow. burning sensation in the penis shaft and sometimes at the tip of the penis, no pain during urination,no secretion, cramps in the lower abdomen and frequent toliet visit(might be due to my increase water intake to soften the cramp and pain). before all this pain, i was down with fever, cough and flu.

    i would appreciate if you can point out whether STD was cause of this or i might have prostatistis?

    • Hi Mr Anderson,

      I love The Matrix nik. Mr Anderson (with deep English accent). I absolutely agree with you that one of the possible diagnoses is Prostatitis. However, we must also rule out Urethritis. The possible STDs that cause Urethritis are Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma. Unfortunately, condom use does not prevent these infections 100%. In short, you need some tests.


      Dr Tan


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