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Penis Pearls

It is not common to find all sorts of lumps and bumps on the penis and scrotum. This can often get you very worried. But very often these lumps are benign and do not indicate any STDs or any other diseases. In this article is a discussion of some bumps you do not need to worry about and some bumps you should see your doctor about.

Penis Lumps and Bumps you Do Not need to worry about:
1. Pearly Penile Papules
2. Fordyce’s Spots
3. Tyson’s Glands
4. Angiokeratoma of the Scrotum

Pearly Penile Papules
These are small skin colored bumps on the neck of the penis. It usually goes all the way round and you may even see several rows of them. They are smooth, glistening and dome shaped. Once they occur, they will not go away but may become less noticeable with time. It occurs more frequently in uncircumcised men. They are completely harmless.

There is no need to treat Pearly Penile Papules. For people who are very keen to get rid of them, laser treatment is the best option. We first apply a numbing cream and leave it on for 1 hour. Once the area is numb, the laser treatment is applied. Usually only 1 treatment session is necessary. After the treatment there is very minimal discomfort. Full healing usually occurs in about 3 to 5 days.

Fordyce’s Spots

Fordyce’s Spots are small (1 to 3mm) slightly raised, white yellowish bumps that are found on the shaft of the penis. Similar spots can also be found on the lips. They are caused by oil glands and are completely harmless.

There is no need to treat Fordyce’s Spots. Some people are keen to get rid of them purely for cosmetic reasons. Laser and chemical peel treatments are effective but the spot always recur.

Tyson’s Glands

Tyson’s Glands are Fordyce’s Spots that are found on the head of the penis. They are frequently confused with Pearly Penile Papules. They are also completely harmless and do not require treatment.

Angiokeratoma of the Scrotum
Angiokeratomas are small dark red painless bumps found on the scrotum. There are usually quite a few of them. They are completely harmless and are caused by many small blood vessels clumping together. It they get scratched off they can bleed quite a bit.

There is no need to treat Angiokeratomas. For people who are keen to get rid of them, laser treatment is the best option.

Penis Lumps and Bumps you need to see a Doctor about:
1. Warts
2. Molluscum Contagiosum


Warts are caused by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This virus is transmitted via skin to skin contact and is an STD. In women, it infects the cervix and can lead to cervical cancer. In people who practice anal sex, it can also infect the anal canal and cause anal cancer.

Warts are often described at cauliflower-like skin colored growths. They can become quite big and are often multiple. Warts can appear anywhere in the genital or peri-anal area.

Warts need to be treated. There are many treatment options including creams, freezing or laser treatment.

Warts can be prevented with a vaccine. This vaccine is available for both men and women.

Women with warts need to be screened for cervical cancer. People who have peri-anal warts need to be screened for anal cancer.

Anyone with Warts needs to be screened for other STDs.

Molluscum Contagiosum
Molluscum Contagiosum is caused by the Mollusucm Contagiosum Virus. It is transmitted via skin to skin contact. It can also be transmitted via shared towels or clothing.

Molluscum appears as a small (5mm) dome shaped, glistening, skin-colored bump with a small depression on top. It can be slightly itchy. About 1 in 10 people develop eczema around the Mollusucm.

If left untreated, Mollusucm eventually disappears on its own. This can take 6 months or more.

There are many treatment options for Molluscum. These are creams, surgical removal or laser treatment. Because Molluscum can remain dormant under the skin for some time before surfacing, multiple treatment sessions may be necessary.

Sexually active adults with Molluscum should be screened for other STDs.

About Dr. Tan
Dr. Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2001. His residency was in the two largest public hospitals in Singapore; Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Singapore General Hospital.

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  1. Hi Dr. How to tell Angiokeratoma of the Scrotum and Molluscum Contagiosum apart?

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Angiokeratomas are dark colored and do not have a central punctum (like an umbilicus). If you break an angiokeratome it bleeds. Molluscum Contagiosum are flesh colored and have a central punctum. If you break a Molluscum, you get a think white core then it bleeds. It can be quite confusing to tell these things apart and is better to see a doctor with experience in treating such lesions.


      Dr Tan

  2. Hi Dr Tan,
    I read your description about Pearly Penile Papules and I suspect I do have it. May I know the price of the treatment and how do I go about booking an appointment?

    • Hi Jer,

      You can see me at my clinic at Robertson Walk anytime except Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We are a walk in clinic so there is no need to make an appointment. The cost varies depending on the number of PPPs. It ranges from $150 to $300.


      Dr Tan

      • Sathish K E

        Hi ,Drtan

        I have Ppp on my peinus sence 2 years . I want to get rid of this .i saw your discristion about ppp ‘ s treatment . Can I plz have you address Or phone number ,so I can contact you . Waiting for your reply….

        Thanks ….

        • You can find our full contact details on the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website.

  3. Hi Dr Tan,
    Is the procedure for removal of PPP painful? Will there be any possible complication? Cos I really wish to remove mine. What kind Of minimal discomfort would I experience after the treatment? May I go for consultation first before deciding to seek laser treatment? Thank you

    • Hi Raf,

      Prior to the treatment, I will apply an anaesthetic cream on the penis head and put a occulsive dressing around it. We will leave this cream on for 1 hour. This will numb the area significantly. During the treatment, you might feel some poking pain. There will be minimal discomfort after the treatment. Possible complications are scarring, pigmentation, bleeding, infection and recurrence of the PPP.


      Dr Tan

      • What degree would the poking pain be? So there will be risk involved in such a treatment?

        • Hi Raf,

          Pain is subjective and very difficult to quantify. There is a risk in every treatment. Like I mentioned previously, the possible side effects include bleeding, infection, scarring, pigmentation and recurrence of the PPPs. If you are not prepared to accept the discomfort and possible side effects then I strongly advise you against undergoing the treatment. The fact is PPPs are harmless and do not require treatment.


          Dr Tan

          • Oh dear. I really wish to have them removed though

          • Hi Raf,

            The you must accept the fact that it may be painful and there may be complications and side effects.


            Dr Tan

        • Hi Dr Tan, i’ve had intercourse with a condom just a few days ago and now, i have a ‘pimple’ on my foreskin. Can it be a std??

  4. Hi Doc,

    I have this small white bump on the bottom head of the penis. It look like a small pimple and its painless, and i realized it doesnt go away. May i know what is this?


    • Hi Tom,

      Apologies but it is impossible to make a proper diagnosis based on a description. You should see a doctor. My 2 cents worth: sounds like a sebaceous cyst.


      Dr Tan

  5. Hi doc,
    Thanks for the prompt reply.
    How does cryst look like? And is it dangerous?

    • Hi Tom,

      Again I stress that a diagnosis cannot be made without a physical examination. I said is sounds like a cyst but I am literally just guessing. Go see a doctor about it.


      Dr Tan

  6. Hello dr I have small and mid sized bumps on the shaft but Not the scrotum. Threy are painless and I hjave had them a while now. They are a darker color like a purple and I am fair skined. What do you suppose they are? I know without seeing them you can’t definitavely tell I’m just looking for a simple hypothosis. Reagrds, Ryan L

  7. Hi Doc,

    Do you also offer services like inserting a small ball or “bolitas” famous from oriental countries in the skin of the penis?
    It said to be a pleasure for love making when men have it..if you do services like that can I know the price?..



  8. Hi Doc!

    Good day. May I know if bolitas can cause penile cancer?

    • Hi mike,

      I have no idea what bolitas is. Would appreciate it if you can share.


      Dr Tan

  9. Hi doctor, may i know what is chicken horn? Does it got to do with any of the lumps and bumps categories?

    • Hi Man,

      I have never heard of a chicken horn. Is it the same as a sebaceous horn? If you know the medical name please do let me know.


      Dr Tan

  10. Hi Dr,

    Is it possible to get Genital from Receiving Oral Sex?

  11. Hi Dr Tan,
    My name is Matt. I’m actually an ultrasound technologist. Lately, I’ve been having erections that kind of hurt on the lateral right portion into the head of my penis. I scanned myself the other day and noticed a penile calcification. Solitary, doesn’t seen to be associated with atherosclerosis of any kind (im 30 btw). Seems to be in between all of the of muscle tissues. Could this calc be the reason for my pain? I do have 2 scrotal pearls. Are these related? I just don’t want to get worked up over something so small and insignificant.


    • Hi Matt,

      I have never heard of penile calcifications causing pain. But of course, theretically speaking, if the calcification is of sufficient size, it can cause some discomfort due to mechanical pressure on the surrounding tissue. When you say scrotal pearls do you mean on the skin like a sebaceous abscess or in the scrotum like an epididymal cyst? Would appreciate if you can continue your questions on the forum It is more designed for me to have a conversation with you and follow up your questions more closely.


      Dr Tan

  12. Hi Dr Tan

    Is your laser treatment for PPP CO2 laser or other laser?

    Would it leave scar after that? Is the laser PPP treatment very common in your clinic?


    • Hi Geff,

      We do not use CO2 laser. Scarring is always a risk.


      Dr Tan

  13. Hi Dr Tan,

    I have spot on my penis but i was unable to define which is it. It is on different session of the penis. it is painless and i had done a HIV test and is not positive. Used to see a GP to remove and was given cream to apply but to no avail.


  14. Hi Dr Tan,
    Would like to seek your opinion and advise on cyst on the genital area. I noticed a cyst on my penis (bottom of the shaft) few months back and realized that it got inflamed and swelled since few days ago. Will feel painful when pressed. Understand that a minor surgery with stitches will be required to remove the cyst. However, would like to know if the surgery will affect the normal functionalities of the penis or result in any fertility issues? In addition, what are the possible implications or side effects of the surgery? Kindly advise the estimate cost, duration and length of recovery of such surgery as well. Also, are there other alternatives such that surgery can be avoided given that the cyst has been infected and I am sexually active. Thank you.

    • HI Zen,

      It really depends on what the cyst is. There are many different kinds of cyst. Best for you to see a doctor.


      Dr Tan

  15. Hi Dr Tan,

    I have white spot like pimples on my testicles (balls) for more than 20 years. No discomfort so far but this two days one spot pea size began swelling and causing discomfort like pimple breaking out. Previously, the discomfort went away a day or two without treatment. Should I remove the bigger pea size white spot permanently ?

    Thank you

    • Sounds like a sebaceous cyst. It is harmless but can become infected occasionally. It is not essential to remove but removing it is easy and will save you future problems of re-infection. Please verify this with your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on

  16. Hey Dr,
    I’m very concern about my husband getting pearls (beads) on his penis…I this type of thing procedure safe or dangerous?

  17. Hey Dr,
    I’m very concern about my husband getting pearls (beads) on his penis…Is this type of (thing) procedure safe or dangerous? for me as his partner?

    • You mean getting beads implanted under the skin of his penis? I have seen men get into serious trouble because of this. I had to remove 3 jade pearls from a man’s penis once because they were causing inflammation and forcing their way through his skin i.e very very very painful. Aside form this case I have also seen many other issues with infections, pain etc. For you as a partner, it is generally safe. However, the beads could lead to more trauma to the vagina. Please post any follow up questions on

  18. Sathish Kumar

    Hi doctor,

    In my penis i have a Pearly Penile Papules .I want to remove may i know your clinic full contact details please.

    • You can find out contact details on the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website.

  19. Just met this guy..he has angiokertomas’..can I contact anything from him if we have oral sex???

  20. question

    Hi Dr Tran,

    May I ask how long is the duration of the ppp removal procedure? Which method you use at your clinic? What is the recovery time?


    • 1 hour for analgesia cream to set in. About 20 minutes for the procedure. We use RF ablation. Recovery usually 2 weeks.

  21. Ruther

    Dear Dr Tran,

    Good day. I some warts in my thing and it was almost 3 years from now. When I go to skin clinic for check-up the Dr said that was not to serious because she said that was to very small. And not also iching. But I’m still not comportable to see it sometimes. Me I ask if how much is the removal the quickest one.


  22. Ruther

    Dear Dr Tran,

    Good day. I some warts in my thing and it was almost 3 years from now. When I go to skin clinic for check-up the Dr said that was not to serious because she said that was to very small. And not also iching. But I’m still not comportable to see it sometimes. Me I ask if how much is the cost for removal and the quickest one to remove.


    • It’s kinda cool being called Dr Tran. Sounds like you just need a bottle of fluorouracil and sal acid. Really cheap.

  23. Hello I know someone that has pop and I just wanted to know is it safe for him to get oral sex from his girlfriend.
    Thank you for your time and have a good night.

  24. Dear drtan

    Recently my husband implant some beads on his penis cause people say that gives more pleasure to women cause stimulate the G- spot. I’ve been dealing with this problem for a while. That doesn’t give any pleasure for me it’s painful sometimes. Like a week ago we had sex all night and since that day I feel something strange in my vigina. It feels like is burning and the day we had sex I had hematuria and cystitis. I think the bead is to big and it’s doing something wrong in there. We are very sexually active and we do it everyday but now I don’t want to do it cause I feel the bead it’s causing me pain. I think I have some kind of infection or irritation because of that. Have you heard of any case like mine?

    • More likely the bead has caused some trauma in your vagina. I think you need to speak to your husband about removing the beads.

  25. Hi Dr. I recently developed rashes over my left leg and later over some parts of my body and also at my back side and near the balls and tight. The local doctor said they are some form of discoid eczema. I have been taking some medications and have applied some deprogenta on affected areas. It has been going on for about two months now. Recently, there was some itchiness around the skin of the penis. I scratched a bit and now some lacerations. They look like some rings or some boils now. I am worried it may spread to the entire penis. What can I do? Can I come and see you this coming Friday 15/11/13?

    • I will not be in this Friday. You can see me on Wed 5pm to 9pm or next week. You can see Dr Kumar on Thursday morning 8am to 12pm or Dr Ho Fri 5pm to 9pm. All other times Dr Elaine is in. I am afraid I cannot give you a diagnosis on the internet.

  26. Dr can i email you or chat with you ? Does ppp must be using co2?

  27. Dr pls help. Im just 15.

  28. jewel sarker

    Hi Sri
    My problem is my pennies is soft and ismol please you have any titmend please tell me
    My email

  29. Hi Dr,

    Can i know how much does it cost for RF ablation in removal of PPP?

  30. Hi Dr Tan,

    I am having penile pearly papules,Fordyce’s Spots & Angiokeratoma all together. I would appreciate you could reply to my enquiry on what are the charges to remove them and the recovery time i will be expecting.

    Looking forward to you reply soon.

    • We can remove PPPs and Angiokeratomas. We cannot remove Fordyce spots. Cost is from $500 depending on the severity. Recovery time is usually very fast well within a week.

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        Thanks for your reply. I have just under went treatment for mild genital warts only yesterday at DSC with liquid nitrogen. I am not sure how long it will takes for the scalp to dry and peel off. If you can educate me about that,i will be thankful.

        As i healed,i will definitely visit your premises to get other corrections done on my penis done.

        • Varies greatly between patients. Average 1 to 2 weeks. If it get infected then the wounds would be wet and weepy. In this case, see a doctor.

          • Hi Dr Tan,

            appreciate your advice. Once the scabs heals,i will visit your clinic for CO2 laser treatment for my warts as well.

  31. Hi Dr Tan,

    May I make an appointment to laser off my angiokeratoma?

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