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Most Popular HIV Articles

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  1. Hi dr Tan
    Hello from Turkey!
    I got duo test after 21. Days actually at 21 days and result was negatife my doc told me that almost %98 what do you think ? I will take another one at 41 days
    Thank you

    • I agree with your doctor. You should stop worrying but certainly still test again after 28 days.

  2. Hi Dr. Tan , can you please update me about window period for HIV 2? I had 6 month negative Tridot test post exposure and was negative. I had all the ars symptoms in this period including rashes and weight loss. Rna pcr -1 negative at 3&5 months and duo at 1,2,3,5 months.my exposure was with a Brazilian where HIV 2 is very prevalent. Please help.

    • As far as I know, screening for HIV 2 is conclusive with a 3rd Gen ELISA test at 3 months post exposure. Please verify this with your doctor.

  3. Hello,please is an alere determine HIV 1/2 test conclusive at 11 weeks?

    • Technically the test is only conclusive at 3 months. However, at 11 weeks, it is already extremely indicative.


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