Menstrual period after delivery

One of the amazing benefits of being pregnant is you get to have a long break of at least 9 months from your menstrual period.

After the arrival of your baby, you may be having questions like when will my period return? Will there be a difference if I am breastfeeding or formula feeding my baby? Will it be the same as before?

There is no simple answer to these questions as it is difficult to say exactly when your period will return as every women’s body is different and it is also depends on how you are feeding your baby.  It is a matter of time before your menstrual period returns.

When should I expect my menstrual period to return?

In general, your period may return from anytime between 5 to 12 weeks after delivery or longer if you are breastfeeding.

If you are exclusively breastfeeding (i.e – baby is only on breast milk, day and night), it may take longer for your period to return, from a few months to even up to 1 year. Eventually, even if you are breastfeeding your period will return.

If you are supplementing with formula milk, or exclusively on formula milk, then your period will return much earlier.

Hence, the longer and more often your baby breastfeeds, the longer it may take before your period returns.

Will there be a change in the pattern of my menstrual period?

Initially when your period first return, some women may find that it may be similar to their period pattern before they were pregnant while others may find that the pattern may be very erratic with longer cycles, sometimes even missing one or two cycles, heavier bleeding or more cramps due to the hormone levels adjusting itself. Don’t forget your body has had a long break from having menstrual periods that it will often take time for it to adjust itself again and get your menstrual cycle back on track.

It would be helpful in this instance to keep a menstrual diary to monitor the pattern of your menstrual cycle especially if you are experiencing erratic cycles.

Occasionally, some women may notice a reduction in their milk supply and a slight change in the taste of their milk while they are menstruating due to hormonal changes. However, this is not significant and would not usually affect the feeding of the baby.

If you have any concerns regarding your menstrual period after delivery, please seek further advice from your doctor or visit Our Clinics.

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