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Andrology (Men’s Health)

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    • Injections
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    • Treatment
      • Capsules / Tablets
      • Gel
      • 3 weekly injections
      • 3 monthly injections
    • Follow up
      • Monitoring all hormonal levels
      • Monitoring Prostate and Blood Thickness
  • Prostate
    • Prostate Enlargement (BPH – Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)
      • Diagnosis and Treatment
    • Screening for Prostate Cancer
    • Prostatitis (Prostate Inflammation)
      • Infection and Non-Infection
      • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Haematospermia (blood in the sperm/semen)
    • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Penis Pearls
    • Laser Removal of PPPs (Pearly Penile Papules)
    • Laser Removal of Angio-Keratomas
    • Surgical Removal of cysts and other lumps in the genital region
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  1. Hi Dr Tan,

    I had a small bump, which is genital wart on my penis. Is there any medicine that I can take to cure it?

    • Hi,
      Please visit one of our clinics where you can evaluated – we can do a proper assessment and treat many causes of genital lesions, including genital warts.

  2. Dear Doctors,

    Please kindly address a few queries I have below:

    1) My penis, while erected, tilts towards the left side at a near 65 degrees. If pushed left, it is able to lie flat against my body, but if pushed right, it is unable to go beyond 100 degrees, as if there is something blocking it at the base of the penis. Sometimes, there is a small ‘pop’ sound when I push my penis to the right. Is there a cause for concern?

    2) Does masturbation/sex causes pimple breakouts? I’ve heard something regarding androgen causing acne?

    Look forward to your reply, thanks in advance!!

    • 1. I am sorry. We cannot give medical advice over the internet. If your penis is bent, you may be suffering from Peyronie’s disease and may require treatment. You can read more on Peyronie’s disease by clicking THIS LINK.

      2. Masturbation or sex have not been linked to pimple outbreaks. One major cause of pimples is androgen excess.

  3. Hi. My hubby, 40 year old seems to have lost his sex drive. We no longer has as much sex as we used to have. We are married for the 4th year now. He says he’s tired. When we try, he can’t seem to keep the erection and it’ll result in us both feeling rather upset. It has been years since we had a full complete intercourse leading up to ejaculation as he always “softens” up mid way and not being able to get it erected again. What is likely causing this and what kind of help will he able to seek?

    • Hi, your husband may be suffering from erectile dysfunction. This is an increasingly common condition as males age, but can also be a sign of underlying disease such as diabetes or low testosterone levels. It would be best if he came down to our clinic for a proper evaluation and discussion on best treatment options.

  4. My girl and I had unprotected sex on her period can the blood have an effect on me. She has no deseases .

    • Having unprotected sex albeit during menstrual cycle or not may have risk if you or/and your partner have an underlying infection .

  5. Hi Doctors,

    Throughout these recent years, I on and off will feel discomfort in my left testicles. When this discomfort arise, usually my inner upper tight and my lower abdomen will feel discomfort too. I would not call it pain but the feeling is just irritating . Recently, it arise again. This time round, the discomfort is much more serious. May I know do I need to visit your clinic ?

    • There are many possible causes of discomfort in the testis: varicoeale , hydroceale , infections such as chlamydia etc . For younger patients we may have to exclude tumors . In my opinion your symptoms are suggestive of inguinal hernia . please note that this is not a medical advise. please visit us for a formal consultation . click here for the location.

  6. me and my gf have started having sex without a condom. Anyhow, I’m thrusting and thrusting and on the infamous thrust, I yell out AHHH!! I look down at my penis and my frenulum is bleeding!!! My question is this, is this a common occurrence? Like we’ve been doing this for one month (2nd time) and this was the first time this happened!

    • Thank you for your very detailed explanation of the event. It is quite common to have abrasion on the penis during sex. Make sure you use more lubricant next time if required.

  7. I,m 30 years old and have been suffering from prostatitis for 4 years. Although i consulted many urologist doctors but to be honest they are just greedy with my money and can’t cure me. After filtering quite a lot of articles and Suddenly notice that it possibly can infected by STD. May i know if prostatitis can be caused by STD?

  8. Hi Doctor

    I am 35 y/o male, suffering from low libido and ED for several years. Went to Urology recently, found out my testosterone only 8.92nmol/L. Based on blood test, Proclatin, FSH and Estradiol are normal as well as ultrasound. I was given a depo Testesterone injection lasted for a month. 3 weeks later, testesterone increased slightly to 12.49nmol/L but I can feel the effect already gone. No injection is second visit. Urologist couldn’t explain what cause low T. Should I visit endocrinology for further check up or just go ahead with TRT? How much is the TRT in your clinic? Thanks.

  9. Hi Doctor,
    I got pain in my left testis recently, Is it normal? And sometimes i can found something in my left testis, its a small one.
    Am i have the possibility to have cancer testis? And can you cure this? Thanks

    • Pain the testis should not be taken lightly. Much more so for abnormal lumps in the testes. You have to see a doctor to diagnose it. We have to find out what it is first before we can tell you of therapeutic options. You are welcome to visit any one of our clinics. Click HERE for location info.

  10. Good day doctor,

    I have this issue for few months now, I have did some research but ultimately I haven’t come to a conclusion of my condition.

    Along the frenulum underneath of the penis head, there’s this white small pimple-like bump. It’s not itchy, not painful. I can’t remember if I had this before I had my first BJ, but shortly after the first, it became more prominent as far I can remember.

    Also, along the external urethra opening, my skin seems to turn whitish. It doesn’t seem scaly, but it’s like there’s another layer of white skin over the base skin.

    I’ve been very paranoid after the first sexual encounter, which till this day I’m still am. I’ve been tested negative as of the start of Novemeber, which is 3 weeks after my last Oral sex / a little of insertion involved.

    I’m writing or giving this much information as to hope I can have some answer that can help to relieve my anxiety, or to lead me somewhere.

    Thanks in advanced!

    • Despite your best efforts at giving us an accurate description of your symptoms, the simple fact is we cannot give you a medical diagnosis over the internet. Please see your doctor to find out what is causing your symptoms.

  11. Arimidex tablets when can take? After food or before food?

  12. Hi doctor,I am 23 years old and I have had urinary problem since last month. It all started after i mastrubated and i felt my penis head was paninful when touched. I went to a clinic and got my urine tested. The doctor said the result was fine based on the urine test and he still rescribed a course of azithromycin for 3 days. In the mean time i got better until I masturbated again. I was given another course of doxycyline for 5 days and now I’m on the levofloxacin medication for 5 days. I found those symptoms (penis pain after ejaculation, urge to urinate, leg pain) arise particularly after haing masturbation and it really bothers me. May I know is it possible to be prostatitis at my age and what should I do . I am so doomed. I would really appreciate if you can give me a piece of advice.

    • Yes it is absolutely possible to get prostatitis at 23 years old. You should go see your doctor.

  13. If i want to do medical health screening at ur clinic bcos my SAF MO told me i have deranged cholesterol levels, can use CHAS card?

  14. Elliot Roberts

    Hi Dr Tan,

    I am wondering if you have any connections in Malaysia for Men’s Health issues in particular HRT/TRT?

    Thank you

    • Hi. I am sorry but we do not have any clinics or affiliates in Malaysia.

  15. Hi Doctor. I’m 36 years old. I got married in 2007. I was very active in Sex until 2014. Since 2015 my sex feelings slowly went down and now I feel it’s getting worst. I don’t get any sex feelings when I’m with my partner. Pls advice me, what I need to do. Thank you

    • You should see a doctor. There can be many possible reasons for your symptoms. You may have a chronic disease like Diabetes, your testosterone may be low, you may be depressed, you may have thyroid issues etc etc. You should see a doctor and get a proper assessment.

  16. Nikhil

    Hi doc. I am 30 year old gay and I am an insertive partner. I had sex with a guy and he gave me blowjob without condom. I didnot ejaculate in his mouth. He used lot of saliva during blowjob. I am hypochondriac about HIV. I have read else where on internet that Hiv through oral sex is 0% risky for insertive partner in case of oral sex. I am aware I exposed myself to other stds. I had protected sex with condom while having anal sex. I wanted your inputs about oral sex for an insertive partner. I will be desperatly waiting for your answer. Thank you doctor.

    • In my opinion you are not at risk of HIV. Click HERE for more information on the risk of HIV from oral sex.

  17. Hi
    My husband has been having sensitive gland like buring sensation when its exposed during sex. His foreskin also did not retract back after a few moment of sex and we had to rush down to A & E. Is there any way to solve it? Is there a particular doctor we can see in the clinic regarding this issue?

    • Sounds like his foreskin is tight. He can see me at my clinic at Novena.

  18. Hi doctor, are STD the only thing you can pick up a a male while reciving oral? how about UTI? I have tested negative for the UTI test and culture is<10000/ml (1 night incubation). Lower adominal pain right side and very little pee comming out even tho it feels like a full tank. as for STD Only have taken the Chlamydia and Gonorrhea test. urine results negative for these two and waiting for PCR results. Should I take more test then this? Btw, Is stress a factor to consider? I'm freaking out about this.
    BTW what infections other then STD infection can I get from a blowjob. I did not wash until 8 hours and did not piss after 4 hours from the blowjob. I just want my old life back.

    • There are many possible infections you can get from oral sex. You have correctly pointed out UTI, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea as potential causes. There are other possible organisms that also can cause an infection like Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Trichomonas, Candida etc. You should see a sexual health doctor to get properly assessed and treated. You are welcome to visit any one of our clinic. Click HERE for location info.

  19. Kenneth Yik

    Dear Doctor,

    It is great to have a men’s health website. Can I check if penis enlargement cream safe to use and apply at my penis? Does your clinic have any cream or supplements for enlargement? I need an advise if my penis is having the average size.

    Thank you.

    • We do not promote or believe in penis enlargement for aesthetic purposes. We do not endorse any penis enlargement creams or supplements. We will treat micro-penis if there is a pathology like hormone deficiency.

  20. Jordan

    Hello Doctor,

    May I enquire about the cost of treatment for removal of PPP? I understand that it can only be done through laser after extensive research.

    • drtan

      $400 to $600 depending on how extensive it is. We first apply a numbing cream then laser off the bumps. Healing is usually extremely quick (within days). You can visit our clinic at Novena or Scotts for this. Click HERE for location info.

  21. I am a teenager but my foreskin does not retract. What should I do?

    • You can try stretching it. You can see a Doctor to get a cream to help you stretch it more. You can see a Doctor to discuss if a frenulectomy can help you. Or in a worst case scenario, you need a circumcision.

      • Thanks i understand that there are different specialisation for each clinic. Which clinic should i visit for this problem?

        • You can visit our clinics at Somerset, Robertson, Scotts or Novena.

  22. Hi,

    I am 43 male. I have been experiencing lower sex drive and weaker erection.

    I am looking for testosterone replacement injection. Do you do that?

    Also do your clinic carry androgel?

    • Hi Azin. Thank you for your post. Yes we do both Testosterone injections and gels. Please come and visit us at our clinic. Our Doctor will discuss your symptoms with you and perhaps do some blood tests before recommending the appropriate Testosterone Replacement treatment.

  23. Dear Doctor

    The area below my dick head tends to get itchy and red and occasionally have some white coloured dirt around but even after I washed it, it will still get itchy. What should I do ? Am I at a risk of any diseases

  24. Probir mitra

    Hi doctor,i am 23 years old , but my panies no big and also a slim. And i have no fucking experience any woman and man, so i feel very very tension. And i worried also,

    So please you talk to me, now what i do.

    • Size of the penis is very subjective. You may think it is small but your partner may think it is OK. Just relax. You do not have to worry.
      You can visit any of our clinics to speak to our doctors if you have any concern.
      Our location

  25. Is possible to get a prescription for viagra if I am perfectly fit? Like for recreational purposes. Are there female viagra as well, or any alternatives to treat low libido in women?

    Thank you.

    • drtan

      Whether or not you can get Viagra should be decided by your attending doctor. I cannot tell you if you can get a prescription medicine or not over the internet. That said, I can tell you a lot of people take Viagra recreationally. There is “Female Viagra” as well. This is to improve libido in women. The first step to treating low libido in women is to find out the reason. For example, if she is suffering from major depression or low thyroid hormone levels, no amount of “female viagra” is going to help. So first bring her to see a doctor and get properly diagnosed.

  26. Hi Doctor, I have a curved penis due to constant positioning and constrictive clothing. Does the clinic sells any penis straightener or are there any other forms of treatment that could be provided?

    • drtan

      There are several possible caused of a curved penis including Peyronie’s Disease. Treatment options depend on what the problem is. This can include medication, injections, shock wave therapy or even surgery. You are welcome to see us for a diagnosis and discussion of treatment option. Click HERE for location info.

  27. hi, Dr Tan. I am 28years old. Is there circumcision in your clinic? if yes, I would like to know which location and cost? thanks.

    • drtan

      I’m sorry, we do not do circumcision at our clinics.

  28. Hi doctor,
    My right side testicle is swollen, i did went for a ultrasound and the result is normal, but the swollen didn’t get better after eating 2 weeks of ciprofloxacin and doxycline, what is the cause of the swell?

    • I’m sorry. We cannot make a diagnosis or give medical advice over the internet. You have obviously already seen a doctor. Please go back to him/her for a follow up since your symptoms are not improving. If you would like a second opinion, you are welcome to visit us. Please CLICK HERE for location info.

  29. Hey Dr Tan, apologies, but I am so thankful we have a forum here to check… I had two protection sexual intercourse but one encounter with no condoms used for blow job.

    A few days since I could feel that my penis has become more sensitive ie more obvious to movements of my underwear and there are occasion tingling sensations but not really painful or anything. There haven’t been any physical breakout yet.

    Also there has been a more obvious burning sensation from the start of my urine but only for the first 1-3 seconds. Somehow I can’t really recall when this started, could have been for months but because more obvious too.

    I am also suffering from neck/back aches with occasional diarrhoea (has since stopped)

    Much apologies if I am taking up your time, and on taking a really close look at my urine, it looks like there are some transparent/white looking tiny bugs moving. Strange but feels more and more like UTI.

    • No apologies necessary. We are glad to help.

      Your symptoms (i.e. discomfort passing urine and maybe discharge) can very well be symptoms of urethritis. This is most commonly caused by Chlamydia, Gonorrhea or NSU. You are right that technically this is a UTI but when we say UTI, we usually refer to non-STD causes. Anyways, you had best see a doctor to get some tests done to see what sort of infection you have and treat it.

      Oh yes, you can catch these from oral sex and even protected penetrative sex.

      • By the way I notice faint cloudiness in my urine. And actually tbh, with each passing day, the burning sensation is less intense.

        Was thinking of waiting for the 28 day period to get the checks for my accurate results. Do you think that make sense? Thanks for your prompt response, greatly appreciated.

        • No. I think you should get yourself checked now since you are having symptoms of infection.

          • Doctor thank you for your response. My symptoms are getting a lot better, no more sensitivity and even the burning sensation has seem to lighten off. In some urination it is no longer burning.

            If I hold off and check at the 28 day mark and if I was indeed infected it would not matter right? I am also trying to decide on a few factors such as accuracy and cost.

          • do you guys check for UTI? Thanks

          • You can choose to do it on day 28 if you want. Yes, we check for UTI and STI.

          • Yes we do. We just need to collect a urine sample.

  30. Hi Dr

    Would appreciate some advice.

    I am only in my late 20s and am concerned that I am facing some issues with ED and perhaps even PE. I have no problems getting and maintaing an erection during the first round of intercourse. However, I cannot get an erection for the second round the next morning (e.g 5-6 hours later) let alone immediately after. This seems to be worrying given my age. Do I have mild ED?

    Also, I am finding myself involuntarily ejaculating after 3-10mins of intercourse (this is with a new regular sex partner) which is unusual as I have never ejaculated so quickly previously with both regular and non-regular sex partners.

    I was wondering if I have a problem and should be seeking treatment. Have also been doing research online and saw that natural means such as quitting smoking, cutting alcohol, exercising more regularly, doing Kegels and a more green diet might be able to help. Do you suggest that I try these means out first before seeking treatment and taking medication?

    Sincerely thanks for the advice,

  31. Greetings. Concerned male here.

    I went to a CSW Spa and receive protected oral sex and handjob. Was wondering if I was exposed to HIV. Did a 4th gen rapid test at 6th week(Day 41)after the event. Did a 3rd gen rapid HIV test at 12th week(Day89). Both turned negative and no HIV symptoms experienced as of now. I require your advice as to…

    1) Is it accurate to take the 4th gen hiv rapid test 40 days after exposure – the Dr told me it checks for antigen and antibodies.
    2) Can I trust both the results for negative?
    3) Now is about 3.5 months since exposure still no symptoms can I trust the negative result and move on with my life? Because the doctor told me about 2 months plus can actually take 3rd gen rapid test and its accurate already.

    Thank u doctors. Good site!

    • You were not even at risk of HIV in the first place. So it is no wonder at all that your tests have all been negative. Forget about it and move on.

  32. Dear doctor,
    I planning to visit ur clinic, can you recommend one PE experts to me?

  33. Dear doctor,
    I plan to visit ur clinic, can you recommend one PE expert to me?

  34. Hi doctor,

    I suspect that I have azoospermia. When i masturbate there isn’t any sperm same goes when have sex. I am childless for 3 years already. I would like to know if i need to go umdergo surgery and should i make an appointment to meet u? And also what is the charges like? Pls advice. Thank you.

    • I think you should get a fertility assessment done, including a sperm analysis. You should also get your partner to come in for an assessment.

      Consultation is $35. Other charges depend on what kind of tests are required. It is best to come in to speak to our doctors first.

      • Thank you for the reply. I would like to know which branch should i go to? And should i make any appointments?

  35. Hi doc i have itching problem on inside my penis for last 1 month can u tell me whats the problem is how can i solve that problam

    • I’m sorry this platform is not for dispensing medical advice. Neither can we diagnose you over the internet. Please see your doctor. You are always welcome to see us. Click HERE for our locations.

  36. Hello Doctor
    I have loss of pigmentation right under the head of my penis on either side of the  shaft total 3 spots, 2 big , 1 small. No harm or anything, no itching. Its been there for almost 2 years. Not growing in size but there are there.
     I wasn’t comfortable talking about it, but now I need to get it checked and treated.

    Looking for your advice and suggestions.


    • Please come down to any of our clinics to have it checked by our doctors.

  37. Hi Doc.
    I was tested was HSV1 positive but not for HSV2. It is dangerous? I am uncertain as to how I got it because I thought it takes 3 months to get a positive result but my last sexual encounter was 7 weeks ago. Can I trust the result?

  38. Hi dr.
    I am currently under observation under the pelvic floor specialist in SGH.
    Took a anal manometry test and found my resting pressure was high, which relates to my constipations regulary.
    However 4 days back, when I was having a bowel movement as usual(not straining), my anus started to cramp up so badly and tenses up like a “Golf ball is being stuck in there” since than Everyday till now. My anus tenses and cramp up every bowel movement. At times There is a very tighten ache through out the day when I can feel that it tenses up at my anus. I’m not really sure why but I suspect it’s an “levator Ani syndrome” after reading a lot of articles online which resembles my symstoms.

    I wanna ask does your clinics help patient with pelvic floor dysfunction or similar sort of symstoms that I am experiencing? Do you have any injections or treatment for this related problems?
    I look forward to your prompt reply. Thank you.

    • Yes I do deal with pelvic floor issues. There are several treatment options available ranging from tablets to massages to injections to shock wave treatment. It would be best for you to visit me and we can discuss the best way forward for you. Please bring along any test reports and medications you have been taking.

  39. In child hood my penis shaft colour was like my regular skin colour which is white, but after some years at age 17 i happened to get some infection caused by fungus on and around my genitals after taking medicines the infection was gone but i found brown tan like patches and spots on the shaft of my penis, which were not there during my childhood, what should i do to get rid of tan and brown spots. my age is 24 now and i am from india.

    • That is very likely due to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. If it truly is, it is very difficult to get rid of. There are fading creams available that can work a little. You should see a doctor to verify this diagnosis and recommend a treatment for you. You are obviously very welcome to come see us.

  40. hi Doctor,

    I have been having dry skin on the bottom side of my penis head. There is no itch or pain or whatsover. It happens every morning when I wake up I noticed that it is a bit dry. I’ve tried Vaseline it helped a little but I recently stopped. I think this is due to chaffing with my underwear because the areas affected are contacted everyday with my underwear. Also, I noticed that the affected areas have caused my penis to be less sensitive, sort of like it already built a new layer. When I erect it shines and feels tight causing the urethra to sort of stretch open.

    What is happening to me and what should I do?

  41. Any Male doctor at Bencoolen clinic ?

    • Currently the only Doctor at our clinic at Bencoolen is Dr Rachel. Dr Justin, Dr Sii and Myself practice at Robertson Walk, Scotts and Novena.

    • Is walk in welcomed for Novena branch?

  42. Hey im 25 I have a issue that’s been going on for 3 weeks I had a threesome for the 1st time with my girlfriend and her friends there both clean. Her friend gave me oral sex without condom but I never had Intercourse with her only my girlfriend but a week later I had little burn sensation on the tip of my penis I was going to get it check but it went away so it don’t burn when I pee or ejaculate only one time when I wipe it with tissue after having to really pee but I start having this weird burning sensation in my bladder after a week later but only comes one time outta the week I’m worried I’m guessing I have a uti because I’m leaking out white stuff that looks like cum every once in awhile but my testicles don’t hurt just my bladder bothering me any idea what it may be? And I don’t have any insurance btw I been living independent since I was 15 so I don’t have any support on what to do when it comes down to insurance or going to the clinic, but any advice or how much this may cost for a check up would be highly appreciated.

    • Honestly, going by your symptoms, it does sound like you have an STD. The most economical thing to do is to see the polyclinic.

    • Is walk in welcomed for Novena branch?

  43. After sex, my foreskin does not retract back, exposing the glands and causing some acute pain due to its sensitivity. how can i help bring my foreskin back to cover the tip of my penis. is it a case i should be worried about? cause ive read up on how it could be due to paraphimosis?

    • This is a situation you should take seriously. I suggest you see a doctor to get yourself checked and treated.
      In the mean time, you can try applying generous amount of lubricant to try to retract it back.

  44. Dear Doctor,
    I have a condition, its about my Penis, why everytime i near my girlfriend even it just talking with her, there is a pre-ejaculation liquid come out from my penis, and it is not in just a small amount only but sometimes it will be very wet down there, and then if i let it be, when the time comes my left testicle will feel uncomfortable sometimes hurts when i let it be, the only way out from this situation is doing a masturbation. Is there something wrong with me? What kind of medication can heal this? What doctor to find and where? Thank you very much.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      Pre-ejaculation is very common when you are aroused and is normal. However, if you are experiencing premature ejaculation, which means reaching orgasm too quickly, then there is medicine that can be used to help with that. As for the testicle pain – I cannot explain this unless I examine you.

      • Hi sir
        I don’t know speak good English. .Anyway my testis one of my ball big more then another sir I want to know it’s any problem for making baby ?Please sir reply me if you free thank you..

        • There are many causes of an enlarged testis. Most of the time, it is not the testis itself that is enlarged but more the structures around the testis like the veins. Some of these conditions affect fertility while most of them do not. The best thing for you to do is to see a doctor and get some tests done to see what is causing the enlargement.

  45. Hi Doctor,

    I have always had a tight foreskin – the foreskin slides back when in flaccid state but does not slide back in erect stage. I am curious to know if there is a way to treat this without surgery.

    Also – My cum is thin and I wanted to check if there is any natural way to thicken my sperm.


    • You can try stretching your foreskin. You can try applying a steroid cream AND stretching your foreskin. Otherwise you will need a circumcision. This is mostly done surgically. There are non-surgical methods but as far as I know, this is only available in Africa. I do not know of any way to “thicken” your ejaculate.

  46. Dear Doctor,

    I have a very black mole on the foreskin size about 8mm. It been years, even no pain, but it seem like covering the blood vain of the skin. The mole patch of skin also not that smooth looking as the other part of skin. Is there any abnormal for it?

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Almost impossible for us to ascertain if a mole is benign looking or suspicious without seeing it. You are most welcome to get it assessed at our clinics. Then we can determine if the lesion needs a biopsy.


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