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Dr Tan & Partners – Men’s Health Clinic Singapore

Dr Tan and Partners is a GP clinic with a special focus on providing comprehensive and holistic care for Men’s Health Issues.

We provide a private and comfortable setting for you to discuss your problem with our doctors.

All our doctors are certified in Singapore and professionally trained to assist you in your medical needs.

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We are Open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Services Provided:

Andrology (Men’s Health)

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    • Injections
Click here to learn more about Premature Ejaculation
Click here to learn more about Testosterone Deficiency
    • Treatment
      • Capsules / Tablets
      • Gel
      • 3 weekly injections
      • 3 monthly injections
    • Follow up
      • Monitoring all hormonal levels
      • Monitoring Prostate and Blood Thickness
  • Prostate
    • Prostate Enlargement (BPH – Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)
      • Diagnosis and Treatment
    • Screening for Prostate Cancer
    • Prostatitis (Prostate Inflammation)
      • Infection and Non-Infection
      • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Haematospermia (blood in the sperm/semen)
    • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Penis Pearls
    • Laser Removal of PPPs (Pearly Penile Papules)
    • Laser Removal of Angio-Keratomas
    • Surgical Removal of cysts and other lumps in the genital region
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Your are welcome to visit Our Doctors at Our Clinics anytime during our opening hours.


Need more advice?

To find out more about Penile Rash or other Men’s Health issues , please visit your doctor or visit Men’s Health Clinic.


Selected clinics are open on Saturday and Sunday:

1.) Dr Tan and Partners @Novena | Men’s Health Clinic

Main Doctor: Dr Tan Kok Kuan (By Appointment)

10 Sinaran Drive, #08-31,
Novena Medical Center (above Square 2)
Singapore 307506

+65 6397 2095

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday
8.30 am – 5.30 pm

9.00am – 1.00 pm

Close on Sunday and Selected public holiday



2.) Dr Tan and Partners @Robertson | Men’s Health Clinic

Main Doctors: Dr Woo Chui YenDr Deepa and Dr Jonathan

11 Unity Street, #02-07,
Robertson Walk,
Singapore 237995

+65 6238 7810

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday
8.00 am – 9.00 pm

Saturday & Sunday
9.00am – 2.00 pm

Close Selected public holiday



3.) Dr Tan and Partners @Somerset | Men’s Lifestyle Clinic

Main Doctor: Dr Anthony

Dr. Tan and Partners @Somerset
1 Grange Road,
#10-08, Orchard Building
(Office Tower, above H&M)
Singapore 239693

+65 6262 0762

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday
10.00 am – 7.00 pm

9.00am – 1.00 pm

Close on Sunday and Selected public holiday




Click Here for Contact Details, Address and Opening Times.

Our Doctors are Fully Certified and Trained to conduct specialised STD and HIV Testing.


Please email your queries, feedback and suggestions on what other topics you want to see in the comments section below.

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  1. Balan V

    Used to take viagra before but every time I take, it makes me feel nauseous and uncomfortable despite the satisfactory effect.

    Is there another pill like viagra with all the satisfactory effect of hardening and long lasting intercourse but doesn’t make you feel nauseous, giddy or uncomfortable? I would to purchase them from you if you have a substitute.

    • Yes we have a couple of alternatives including Levitra and Cialis. Come down to our clinics for a consult to see which is most suitable for you.

  2. Sorayp

    Hello ,

    I am really worried about one night since 5th Nov 2016 , i had met a girl whom i never knew if she is 100% not having the HIV but we know each other since like 2 years just on the internet , she is a hard worker and she is not A CSW ,Evening in that day 5th Nov 2016 we cuddled and she gave me handjob two times while i was fingering her vagina with my finger which was having a very smal pin cut in the morning and was bleeding littile and stopped after 3 minutes or so , it means about 12 hours passed before i finger her in the evening with the same finger , No intercourse at all just several kisses not a deep ones , i asked her about he status she advised that she was clean and never had sex for past 2 years , plus she is working in a country which force all the foreigners to make every one year the HIV test to give the work permission , i did the HIV p24 Ag/Abs Combo test on the date of 16th April 2017 and i got the Result after 3 hours as of Non-Reactive , plus virus c and b and was clean as well .

    -what you think about my case , is it a high risky ?

    -do i need to restest after 6 months ? Is it conclusive and i can move on with my life .

    – i never got any fever at all for the past 2 years but my problem is that i have lympho in my lower jaw and i lost about 5 kg in the past 3 months without a reason .

    -is it known that the test calls p24 Ag = the test of HIV p24 Ag/Abs Combo test ?? As i asked the doc in the lab to do the Combo tedt and he said we call it p24 Ag and that what i got after i recieved the Result , the test named in the report as of HIV P24 Ag/Abs combo test .

    Thx and will be waiting ur kind help for each point .

    • You cannot get HIV in the way you described, so there is essentially no risk. You test result is conclusive and you do not need to re-test. If you have lymph node swelling and weight loss you should consult your doctor (but it is definitely not from HIV given your test). The test you did is a combo test for p24 antigen and antibody together.

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