Low Cholesterol Diet

Our modern diet can contain a lot of cholesterol.

Everyone is now familiar with the ill effects cholesterol can have on your health.

We have keep the level of Cholesterol in our bodies under control by choosing our food wisely.

Read on to find out what foods you need to avoid and what foods you need to take more of to control your Cholesterol.

Foods to be AVOIDED

  • Saturated fats eg lard, cooking (hard) margarine, coconut and palm oils, mayonnaise, butter
  • Fatty meats eg bacon, ham, sausages salami, canned meats, meat paste, hamburger mince
  • Poultry eg duck, goose, skin of chicken and turkey
  • Organ meats eg brain, liver, pate, liverwurst, kidney, sweetbreads, tripes
  • Seafood eg prawns, crabs, squid, fish roe, caviar, canned fish in oil
  • Whole egg or egg yolk
  • Whole milk and its products eg butter, cheese, ice-cream, yoghurt, condensed or evaporated milk
  • Bakery food eg pies, pastries, cakes, doughnuts, biscuits
  • Fast food eg fried chicken, chips, fish, spring rolls, pizza
  • Nuts eg cashews, macadamia nuts, roasted nuts, brazil nuts, peanuts (& peanut butter)
  • Beverages eg malted milk and chocolate drinks
  • Sweets eg chocolate and toffees
  • Gravies, potato crisps, caramel, chocolate, butterscotch, coffee whitener or other cream substitutes
  • Cooking methods such as frying and roasting in fat


  • Polyunsaturated fats eg polyunsaturated margarine, salad dressings, vegetable oils such as olive, corn, soya bean, sunflower oil
  • Lean meats eg lean pork, beef, lamb and ham
  • Poultry eg chicken and turkey (lean and without skin)
  • Seafood eg fresh fish
  • Egg whites
  • Low-fat milk, skim milk and its products, cottage and ricotta cheese, non-fat yoghurt
  • Bakery food eg bread (preferably whole meal) and wafer biscuits
  • Nuts eg pecan nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and seeds
  • Beverages eg tea, coffee and unsweetened fruit juices
  • Rice, pasta, cereals, herbs, spices, vegemite, noodles, chappati, oats, yam, sweet potato
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Cooking methods eg baking, boiling, grilling, stewing and steaming

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