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What are the top five myths about Cervical Cancer? | HIV AIDS STD Testing Clinic in Dr Tan and Partners Singapore

5 Myths about Cervical Cancer

1. Cervical cancer cannot be prevented

Truth: Cervical cancer is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).
With HPV vaccines available now, the majority of the cancerous strains
can be prevented. Also, regular pap smears and HPV tests can detect
pre-cancerous changes early and patients can be treated early and

2. I don’t need a pap test if I have already taken the HPV vaccines.

Truth: HPV vaccines are not 100% protective against cervical cancer.
Also, the vaccine targets up to four types of HPV and not all types of
HPV that can cause cervical cancer. Hence, it is important to have
regular pap smear screenings after a woman starts having sexual

3. I am too young to get cervical cancer.

Truth: Although cervical cancer is more common in women over 40s,
cervical cancer can be diagnosed in women in their 20s. HPV infections
and pre-cancerous cervical changes are more common in younger women.

4. There are no symptoms with cervical cancer.

Truth: Symptoms of cervical cancer includes bleeding after sex,
bleeding in between menstrual cycle, bleeding after menopause,
abnormal vaginal discharge or lower abdominal or pelvic pain.

5. If I have cervical cancer, I am going to die.

Truth: The 5 year survival rate of early stage cervical cancer is up
to 95%. However, in advanced stage, the 5 year survival rate is less
than 40%. With regular screening, cervical cancer can be detected
earlier at a treatable stage.

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Why is it important to have PAP smear screening?

PAP smear screening is performed for early detection of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the easiest gynaecological cancer to prevent and treat with regular screening and follow up.

In Singapore, the recommended national pap smear screening programme is for women aged > 25 years who have ever had sex to have pap smear test once every 3 years. (if you have had an abnormal pap smear results, you will have to go for more frequent follow up as advised by your doctor)

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