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HIV Symptoms – Early Symptoms of HIV

VirusFor all of you searching the internet out there looking for early symptoms of HIV and getting extremely worried please stop!


Take a deep breath and calm down. By now you would have read multiple sites providing a laundry list of ‘HIV Symptoms’ and I’m sure you are suffering from some if not most of them.

Take another deep beath and let it our slowly slowly slowly. Feel better? Good.
Now let’s analyze the situation logically.

Just like most of my patients, you are asking ‘what are the symptoms of HIV?’

What you really want to know is ‘do I have HIV or not?’
And you are looking for symptoms to help you answer this question.

What you really want to know is ‘do I have HIV or not?’

Please understand that this is an extremely unhelpful question to ask simply because it is absolutely impossible to tell if someone has HIV or not based on sero-conversion symptoms or lack thereof.

Let’s look at 2 very well established facts:

1. Not all patients who are infected with HIV will develop sero-conversion symptoms
2. Sero-conversion symptoms are extremely non-specific. In other words, the same symptoms can be caused by multiple other illnesses and diseases.

So what’s the conclusion? The conclusion is it does not matter if a person has symptoms or not. A complete absence of symptoms does not mean a person is not infected with HIV. Similarly, having every symptom on the laundry list does not mean a person has HIV.

Fever, Rash, Sore throat – Click here for details on HIV ARS

Looking for HIV symptoms serves one purpose and one purpose only. And that is to get yourself worried and anxious.
Furthermore, anxiety can actually cause some of the so-called ‘HIV Symptoms’. You can obviously see how this leads to a downward spiral.

So please do yourself a favor. Stop looking for symptoms. You are just going to scare yourself silly and have a nervous breakdown.

Focus on what you have to do. Talk to your doctor about getting PEP if your exposure was less than 72 hours ago. Or talk to your doctor about HIV testing. There is lots of information in this site with regards to different HIV tests available for different exposure times.

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Remember, you are not doing yourself any good by hunting for symptoms. Take a deep breath, calm down and focus on getting the HIV tests done.

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  1. Hi Doctor,

    I am a male 32. Need assistance please. I have received unprotected oral BJ from a female SW.i had many symptoms starting 7th week soar throat and low grade fever Which was treated with antibiotics in 3 to 4 days. I have thrush in 10th week with white tongue and ulcers and is still there (16th week). Couple of itchy and non itchy rashes which appeared in 8th week And still come and go.

    I got tested at 7week at 13th week mark with combo test and came back negative at 0.26 and 0.13 respectively.

    I still have some symptoms like pain in neck and shoulders consistently, muscle aches always, white tongue and ulcers, and abdominal pain consistently.

    I am very worried, pls advs my risks level and if my tests are conclusive or i have contracted the virus.


    • Dr Justin Sim

      Your combo tests indicate you are negative. The symptoms you experience are likely due to something much more common like a cold virus or even flu. I cannot rule out other STDs so it may be wise to get those checked out as well. Remember it is almost impossible to get HIV from oral sex.

  2. Hi dr Tan,
    Can I get complete std test incld. Hiv anonymously at your clinic?
    I meant really anonymous eventhought if the result is positive. Because I heard that if positive, than it will be reported to the gov, and the person wont be allowed to enter sg. Im not singaporean and i am not living in sg.


    • Dr Justin Sim

      You certainly can get anonymous HIV testing at our Robertson clinic – and as you rightly say, positive non-anonymous HIV results would need to be reported to the government by law. However, the rest of the STD tests are not notifiable – meaning that positive results remain confidential and are not reported to the government. So for normal STDs we will need you to be registered but as mentioned everything remains confidential.

  3. I had protected sex with a prostitute 2 nights ago, she gave me oral for about 5 seconds before putting the condom on. And we proceeded to have intercourse only vaginally. I was fine the next day, but the day after that my throat was sore and today my tonsils are swollen and thrush is present. Should I go to the hospital please help.

    Also I had razor burn downstairs so I think that I could have transferred from pelvic contact and not the genitals themselves

    • Dr Justin Sim

      It is almost impossible to transmit HIV via oral sex and using protection for vaginal sex considerably reduces your risk. Your symptoms are likely due to a respiratory viral infection but you may want to get tested for peace of mind. Don’t worry about razor burn – you need an open wound to risk HIV.

  4. Hey doc, I’m a 20 year old female with SLE and about 6 days ago (Mon) I gave unprotected BJ to a guy accidentally swallowed. He fingered me but I was bleeding a little (thought my menses ended) – not sure if there’s any risk here. He also tried anal fingering and I’m sure I had cut my anus due to hard stool previously. He tried to do anal but couldn’t get it in. One thing I realized is after he comes, he goes to pee and washes up before coming back again…

    I asked him if he was disease free and he said he is but doesn’t seem sure. Around Fri night I developed fever, then sore throat & muscle aches the next day until now (Sun). Muscle aches only occur in the morning when I get out of bed. Throughout the day its fine. Should I be worried?

    These symptoms can be from my SLE itself but I wasn’t sure if I had any cuts/inflammation in my throat that could increase the risk of infection from swallowing. Can I just take the rapid 4th gen test 14 days after exposure or is my SLE going to affect the test results?

    Please advice, I really want to believe him but I’m going crazy over the coincidental symptoms. Thank you!

    • Oh and forgot to mention, there’s a slight pain in my right armpit, similar to what I experienced when I had a SLE flare. Usually if there’s a flare, I boost up my prednisone but would this affect the test results should I decide to get tested?

    • I think the risk of HIV infection from your exposure is absolutely zero. Also, HIV ARS symptoms do not occur so quickly. I agree with you that the symptoms are purely coincidental albeit with terrible timing.

  5. Hi doctor

    recently i had unprotected sex with a female and a couple of days later i masturbaed 4 time in one day. After that i noticed my Urethral was red and when i pee it doesnt hurt just if anyhing touches it, say my pants i feel it. I was woundering is it red because i masterbated to much and its just sore or is it something i caugh from this female. Its only been one day since i stopped masturbating just to see if it goes away but its been 2 weeks since the last time i had sex. Also it looks like there maybe some small scaring on the tip (outside my urethral)

    • Dr Justin Sim

      It does sound like it is probably down to trauma from masturbation but I cannot rule out STDs because they sometimes may cause symptoms like this. My advice would be to get seen by a doctor and then formally screened for STDs. This way you can be sure rather than having to guess what may be going on.

  6. Hi dr. Tan,
    Hello doc, I have read your answers for all the people have been worrying to death. It so nice of you to take time and doing this. I went to bath house jan 8 2015, I had protected sex with a girl that I don’t know her status. I went down on her for few seconds then I realized I shouldn’t be doing this. I just stopped. The very next day I started feeling the burningness on my my tip of the penis. I ran to the clinic and got tested hiv and std’s all came back negative. Then they took constantly 4 more times of every other week all came negative. I have been noticing swallon lymph nodes on my neck and armpit and I get dizziness some times. I couldn’t sleep and I can’t think of doing anything I feel like my life is over. I got tested hiv again on March 17 2015, it’s been almost 9 weeks and 4 days. My hiv result came negative. I recently got married also, I told my wife all about this she forgave me and I havn’t had sex with her since the exposure but two weeks ago I had unprotected sex with my wife and we went to pool afterwards we both got yeast infection this was March 1 2015, I’m so worried doc pls help me and give me some advice.

    • The HIV test that you did more than 2 months post exposure is already very accurate. You should repeat this at 3 months but honestly I do not think the results will change.

      • Thanks for your advice, I will get tested in a month again. I’m worriying about swallon lymph nodes.

  7. Mark Stevenson

    Hi Doc,

    I am very worried about my symptoms, I had unprotected vaginal sex with a girl that claims she has tested negative (oral rapid) 2.5 months after her last exposure. For me personally I have experienced a mild cold 1 week after exposure that lasted a few days and was accompanied by blood in my mucus. 3 weeks in I experienced hives all over my body with no other symptoms. My main concern at this moment is now at my 6th week after 3 days of heavy drinking from a trip, I am experiencing heavier breathing, cough and sometimes green phlegm, as well as orangish mucus and finally the most scary symptom is swollen lymphs which hurt on and off quite frequently in my armpits and possibly my left groin. I also have had a sore in my mouth for 6 days and a white tongue (but this is normal for me).

    My main question is, is the ARS fever consent? Because mine seems to be off and on, and could I really be experiencing respiratory problems related to HIV only 6 weeks in?

    • Your symptoms do not sound like HIV ARS at all. It sounds very much like a respiratory tract infection. For more information on HIV ARS click HERE.

      • Mark Stevenson

        Thank you for the quick response, I am still a little worried tho becauSe although the phlegm and cough are still present, my breathing is no longer heavy. But I have been very tired for the past 3 days and the lymph nodes in my arm pits are hurting so
        Bad that it radiates all the way down my arm. Are swollen lymphnodes in the armpits normal for a respiratory infection?

  8. Doc,

    3 weeks ago I had unprotected vaginal sex with a CSW. 2 weeks later I had a fever (I took tylenol to bring fever down, but it comes back.) and body pain, this lasted about 6 days.

    I know I need to get tested, but just wanted to ask. If this is a sign of HIV ARS? Or would 2 symptoms be unlikely to be HIV ARS… Thanks for your time.

    • Forgot to mention, I have no rash or sore throat.

      Thanks again

    • Fever and body pain are just too non-specific. Almost any viral or bacterial infection can cause fever and body pain. In fact, spending too much time in the sun can cause fever and body pain. Since it is so non-specific, it is very difficult if not impossible to comment on its significance with respect to HIV ARS.

  9. charles robin

    Hey doc,
    Had gotten very serious fever and couldnt move . Went to the hospital for 3 days and all they could find was kidney problem. Was having unprotected sex with my partner . I had gotten a test again 10 weeks later also negative . Had been waking up with fever all the time . I still have warm to touch head and neck . All of a sudden my throat started to feel kinda scratchy . After two days of possible exposure I started to get Oral thrush . Ive had thrush for a while now and it just wont go away . In be tween the periods had diarreha and loose stools. Also I have had a deviated septum . The thing is I was experiencing these symptoms 90+ days before my hiv negative ag/ab result .. am i at risk of having an infection or should i get tested somewhat else … my oral candidas wont go away with the fluconazole treatment

    • Let me get this right: you tested negative for HIV at 10 weeks post exposure? Well, if that is the case you really need not be worried. Any HIV test at 10 weeks is really as good as conclusive. Of course, the official window period is 3 months and because of that you should get it done again. You might also have read up on sero-negative infections. If you are worried about that (which I think you need not be) then you can get more advanced testing done (eg PCR, P24)

  10. Extremely unlucky

    Now it has been 3 months since my belowmentioned exposure.
    I have had blood drawn for the final test (got neg after 7 weeks, but I am afraid that it was the 2nd gen test..)
    During last month or so, I have been experiencing something like disturbed gag reflex, liquids and food ending up in my nose and trachea leading to profound cough. A week before I developed my tremor in my right hand, which turned into weakness. Yesterday weakness started to affect my right leg. I also experience altered mental states, with problems with memory, attention and stopping in the middle of sentence. I experience somewhat blurred vision and light floaters. Then thrush reappered and my tongue burns sometimes. Now I am afraid I am having progressive multifocal leucoencepalopathy, which has not very good prognosis. Or maybe brain lymphoma?
    You may say that it would be extremly unpropable for those to develope so soon after getting infected, but I do not see why it would be impossible. People tend to have lower CD4 cell counts after seroconversion compared to the situation some years ago. And remember my serious what-would-have been seroconversion symptomps, severity of which is probably correlated with progression to AIDS.
    I have been to neurology ER today and have ordered MRI scan for 1st of Feb which is unbereably late date with my symptomps progressinf from day to day. What if prompt treatment would increase my chance for survival or getting irreversible damage? I do nor what to do.
    (I also have hyperpnea which with poor eye coodrination and altered reflex indicate involment of brainstem.)

    • Extremely unlucky

      forgot to say that results of hiv test will be only on Tuesday…

    • Extremely unlucky

      please Dr Tan, answer this little question: If one has extremely low CD4 count, is this going to be apparent on normal WBC tesing?

  11. Hi Dr.
    I’ve been googling for HIV since approximately 1 month and half.
    Very very scared.
    I made a very stupid unprotected sex with someone.
    Excactely 12 days late I experienced nausea that lasted for 2 weeks.and at the same day I had a severe headache during my sleep.
    Day no.15 (3 days later)I experienced something very strange in my body..sounds like I felt my immune system was fighting my own body.
    I felt very sharp pains up and down within the abdomen,I mean I felt like there is a war in my abdomen …all the large parts are included. .spleen,stomach, liver..and even some other parts that I don’t know what to call.
    I experienced this war from time to time..but not like the first time.
    And since that time I had a muscle aches and pains all over my body..everywhere ..my feet .fingers.legs .abdominal. muscles ..even some times i have some vibrations in the body (muscle shaking )..im sorry for my English)ofcourse not all at the same time.. Plus the pain I get from the abdomen (under my rip )and left and right ..from time to time.
    also I had bitter taste in my mouth for a short time and also dizziness.
    I have to inform you that the day before the nausea I was smoking shisha for more than 2 hours.and before that I think I had a beef sandwich which was not cooked well..I don’t if these information are useful. .
    It’s been now more than six weeks from the relationship..and I still having these pains until this moment.
    Is there any possibility with HIV
    Please answer me DR. I can’t sleep properly and scared to death.


  12. By the way DR.
    I forgot to mentioned that I was injured badly in my leg the same day of the stupid relationship.


  13. Hi Dr.
    I’ve been googling for HIV since approximately 1 month and half.
    Very very scared.
    I made a very stupid unprotected sex with someone.
    Excactely 12 days late I experienced nausea that lasted for 2 weeks.and at the same day I had a severe headache during my sleep.
    Day no.15 (3 days later)I experienced something very strange in my body..sounds like I felt my immune system was fighting my own body.
    I felt very sharp pains up and down within the abdomen,I mean I felt like there is a war in my abdomen …all the large parts are included. .spleen,stomach, liver..and even some other parts that I don’t know what to call.
    I experienced this war from time to time..but not like the first time.
    And since that time I had a muscle aches and pains. Plus the pain I get from the abdomen from time to time.
    also I had bitter taste in my mouth for a short time and also dizziness.
    I have to inform you that the day before the nausea I was smoking shisha for more than 2 hours.and before that I think I had a beef sandwich which was not cooked well..I don’t if these information are useful. .
    It’s been now more than six weeks from the relationship..and I still having these pains until this moment.
    Is there any possibility with HIV
    Please answer me DR. I can’t sleep properly and scared to death.


    • The only way to know if you have HIV or not is to get a HIV test. You cannot rely on symptoms to make the diagnosis. So stop worrying about your symptoms and go get tested.

      • Yes Dr..I will ..but what about those symptoms I have..is it normal for HIV ..just asking before I get tested..
        Please answer me..and sorry to disturb you again


  14. Hey dr. Okay so let me begin on January 3rd I had unprotected anal sex with a man who had many sexual partners he told me he was tested back in October and it was negative. He has only had one partner from now untill then and they used a condom. This was my first time doing unprotected sex.so the next night I started to feel ill kind of like I had some sickness. My symptoms are headache,fever,chills that come and go and stomach aches could this be aids? Or is it too early to tell a day after? I have been sick ever since that encounter

    • Yes it is definitely too early to tell. Unprotected anal sex is really risky. The risk of contracting HIV is high. Your partner may tell you he is HIV free but honestly he could be infected and not even know it.

  15. Hi Doc.

    I had a condom break during sex with my female friend and she was on her period. She has assured me that she is negative and I kind of trust her. She also went to test and told me she was HIV negative, though i didn’t see the result coz of different work schedules, but I saw the sign of a syringe on her skin(i trust that she is truthful, but i am obsessive compulsive). I just can’t stop thinking that I have HIV. It is almost two weeks now and i have no symptoms yet and I believe I am negative. It is just my thoughts I guess. Please calm me down!

    • How would you like me to calm you down? I am in a much worse position compared to you to verify her statements. At the end of the day, to determine for sure if you have been infected by HIV or not, you need to get tested.

  16. Hi doctor, I had protected sex and unprotected oral sex from a girl of unknown status on 16 dec. but I started to have dome itchy rashes on my limbs which comes and goes for these 2 days. The rashes look like mosquitoes bites but usually have a couple of them together. Had I contracted HIV?????
    Pls advise. Tks.

    • I don’t know whether you have contracted HIV or not. Only a test can tell. What I can say is that your risk is low and your rashes cannot be due to HIV because it has only been 4 days since your exposure.

      • Thank you for the reply dr tan. I have some big patches of rashes on my thigh this morning ( looks like big mosquitoes bites, one of them was like 2cm in radius). I hope this is some form of allergy outbreak. I have contacted the girl and she told me that her last checkup was negative. I will go for a test as you suggested. Thank you.

        • From the way you describe the rash it sounds a lot like Urticaria. Probably nothing to do with the exposure at all. However, you should see your doctor about the Urticaria. If left untreated it can become very chronic.

          • Tks for the advise dr tan. Should I go to the poly clinic, GP or hospital to get treatment for this?

          • Either your local GP or Polyclinic will do. Urticaria is easy to manage.

  17. zukebrown

    Hi Dr. Tan!

    I am a 25 year old male. Pleasing hear my plight. one afternoon i had something i might call a slight heart attack (because i had difficulty and pains in inhaling and exhaling) which lasted for 10mins. that same evening after unrinating, i began to feel chills and severe headaches, it felt like fever, so the following morning, i took anti-malaria medication. on initiating anti-malaria drugs, diarrhea ensued. i continued the dosage anyway; this was all in WEEK 1. On the start of WEEK 2 i went to the clinic and i had some tests done,(Malaria Parasite- Negative, Widal- Negative, but Blood PCV- 29% 7,800cells/cubic mm, Neutrophil 67%, Lymphocytes 33%, Eosinophil – Nil). The Doctor prescribed some FERSOLATE and FOLIC ACID to build up my PCV. The diarrhea continued till the end of WEEK 3. Then i noticed a peppery/burning rash on my shoulder extending to my upper arm, some were confluent and some discrete, but they had yellow pus in them,with armpit lymph node painful to touch, the rash dried up in 4days and peeled off. At the start of WEEK 4, i started Doxycycline, and a day after i had irritation in my throat, the my throat became sore, with painful/stiff neck, it hurts when i bend down. This is WEEK 10. My headaches are still there i feel extremely fatigued with muscle aches and involuntary muscle movements like twitching and jerking, with unrefreshing sleep. I had unprotected sex for the first time 4 Weeks before i experienced the fever. I want to get HIV tests done after the 3rd month, but i am just worried because the symptoms so far have been confusing. What do you think of the symptoms?

  18. Hi Dr. I’m really worried and I know I did something really stupid which makes it worse! I’m a nursing student and I was stuck by a used butterfly needle. I was trying to draw blood missed and when I pulled out the needle it pricked me. I bled a little and I washed it off when soap and water for a few minutes. The stupid thing is for some reason I didn’t report it. I don’t know if I was scared of what my teacher would say but I didnt. I started freaking out over the next couple of days. When I came back to the hospital I had the same patient and I looked at her labs. All her labs seemed normal but she hadn’t had an hiv test done in about 5 months (it was negative then). She also says she hasn’t been sexually active in over a year but I know obviously people sometimes lie to doctors. I know I’m being paranoid but I’m that person that thinks every headache or cough is a symptom. It has been almost 3 weeks. Can I test at 4 weeks and trust the results?’ Please help!

    • For the benefit of any other healthcare worker reading this, you really should report such an incident. Not only will it give you access to proper and likely free medical care, it will also address any systemic failures that could have resulted in this incident. Measures can then be taken to minimize such things happening in the future. As for you, you not only need to screen for HIV but also for all other blood borne diseases including Syphilis, Hep B and Hep C. See the staff clinic, be honest about what happened and let the Doctor there decide what tests you need to do and when. Every hospital has their own protocol to follow.

  19. I gave a guy a handjob and sucked on his balls. Is there any chance I caught anything? It happened about 7 months ago.

  20. Extremely unlucky

    Hi all,

    I am really going nuts. On October 13th I had protected vaginal intercourse with a SW. I have not noticed brakage of condom but I had not checked its integrity. I also have phimosis, so the act was somewhat painful and tears in my foreskin probably came to existence. On 16th November I noticed that I have white coating of my tongue and then I realized that I had a lesion directly on sublingual plica, which was painful when touched. It had been hardly visible after it turned out to be yellowish-brownish. The next day (exatly end of week 5 after the exposure) I felt some malaise and maybe mild fever, could not check my temperature. Also had mild sore throat. The next 2 days were similiar, I had 36,8 C in armpit 3 pm, but felt worse in the evening but again could not check temperature. Noticed no typical rash or swollen LN. Yesterday I visited a doc and gave a blood for a test, but I have to wait for a week to know the resluts, which is cruel. But with my specific oral symptomps I am preparing for the worst.
    After 3-4 days of malaise I started feeling fit again, and my thrush seems to be fading away – that is again indicative of seroconversion taking place.
    I personally can imagine living with HIV, but my parents, who are so proud me, I do not know if they would survive getting the news. My dad is my GP, so I just cant keep that secret. Also I have my dreamjob, I am a scientist working with rats (neurophysiology) and do not know if I could continue working with rats.
    Extremely umlucky because that was my first and only sexual intercourse in my life so far…

    • Extremely unlucky

      Update: Fever reoccured today and again it is gone (or better said, malaise as I could not check the actuall fever).

      I have one more thing I am anxious about but ashamed to say – Yesterday I went back to the night club, totally mad, to ask the sw about her tests and so on, too naive but I was just crazy (she was not there…). The other stupid thing I have done was that in all that anger and tension I took another sw and we massaged our bodies, then she has done handjob on my penis. Of course, I avoided any oral/vaginal penetration. But still I am anxious wether I had not put her at some real risk? Also when I massaged her I unintentiously touched her somewhere in anogenital area with my penis, hopefully only on the butts. Now I am afraid I have enthreaten her somehow. After the action I told her about my woorries about being infected. Should I take any more action? Sorry for the offtopic but this makes me many worries right now.

      • First of all your risk of getting HIV is very low. Secondly, your symptoms sounds nothing like HIV ARS. Third, you are reacting very poorly to this and seem to be making questionable decisions to solve your problem. So please get a grip. Talk to someone. Is there a hotline you can all in your country?

        • Extremely unlucky

          Thanks Dr for your replay.
          Yesterday evening I developed mild paresis of right upper limb and today morning I had feeling of paresis of guts and bladder and xerostomy, as if my parasympaticus was altered. I visited the infection clinic and they just said wait for the results of the test from previous week. I also got some lab results and of course, Ly counts was decreased (0,18) !thrombocytes unaltered (280). I try to avoid any false hopes, because thrush and the mouth ulcer speak for themselves. I just hope not to have contracted HCV simultaneously. I work in laboratory with rats and I am afraid that the potential infection could be transmitted eg by an animal sctratches. I would probably need to reveal the diagnosis to collegues and maybe even leave my loved job! Just for one stupid mistake (Never had anything with the prostitutes before and the accident was initiated by my stupid friend who almost eforced me to this.)

        • Extremely unlucky

          I am also having erectil dysfunction whole day ! Hopefully this going to be reversible.

      • Extremely unlucky

        Yesterday I had clear symptomps of acute HIV encephalopathy, with psychomotoric slowness, and various neurological abnormalitites, so I urged to the clinic to consult prompt antiretroviral tratment, but here the staff is completly incompetent. They want to wait for ELISA results, which can easily be negative. This article http://practicalneurology.com/2011/02/case-report-neurocognitive-presentation-of-hiv-hiv-associated-progressive-encephalopathy/ explains how it is important in cases such as mine to start prompt antiretroviral treatment. But they do not want to help me. It is ridiculous. What is your opinion on antiretrovirotics before seroconversion takes place? Thanks for replay, Dr Tan!

        • Dude, they are not ridiculous. Your anxiety is clearly getting way out of control. Stop diagnosing yourself, stop scaring yourself. More likely than not you do not even have HIV. If you are that anxious get an RNA PCR test.

          • Extremely unlucky

            I am sure that I am having HIV infection, the neurological symptomatology being really striking, such a great opportunity to start treatment early enough, as in the Visconti cohort. I am feeling so helpless, that I could have much improved prognosis, but cannot because of ignorance.

          • Extremely unlucky

            I have expreinced especially severe symptoms – thrush and the neurological nwhich indicates high viral low and potentially rapid progress and I need them to start acting fast, unless my imune system is ireversibly damaged.

  21. Christian Johnson

    I have had a sore throat I think it’s swollen nymohnodes for about 2 weeks and my stool is bright green and x that’s started today. Could this be H.I.V?

  22. Hey Dr. Tan,

    Before I write this I’ve already signed up for a blood test with my regular physician in two weeks, so no need to tell me I need to do that. However, I’m also someone who has hypochondriac issues and well, who has anxiety problems, so this is just for peace of mind in the meanwhile.

    Two years ago I had unprotected vaginal sex in Germany with a girl who had an unknown status. Since I had just been tested negative previously, I fell into a state of extreme worry and suffered from severe anxiety from this point onwards, causing insomnia and I also had a high alcohol consumption in this time to try and deal with the fear. I did pretty much all the reading there was to read on the internet about the subject which only made the paranoia worse.

    After 7 days I started feeling hot, got general malaise and I started having swollen glands (throat, armpits and groin, although the latter two I could only feel, but not actually find with my fingers). I bought a thermometer and took my temperature constantly, and it seemed to never really exceed 37 ish. But I felt feverish- maybe I was just taking the temperature wrong since I was taking it orally? No sore throat, diarrhea (although stomache was a bit weaker that usual), rash, headaches or anything else. I just felt generally very unwell.

    I took no medication in this time and was obviously at this point no longer sleeping at all. Symptoms persisted for 12 days at which point I saw a physician. She gave me a physical and determined my temperature to be 99 (I still hadn’t slept but drank too much the night before), and searched for my lymph nodes, telling me my throat ones were slightly enlarged, couldn’t find the ones in my armpit and didn’t bother with my groin. She said she didn’t think I was actually sick but she would order some blood work on three days later if I didn’t feel better.

    After returning from the doctor, my symptoms had cleared up by the next morning. I just felt generally tired for a few days afterwards.

    The hypochondriac in me is going crazy again. Thinking back, I’m sure I had those swollen lymph nodes and a temperature.

    Am I just going insane? I’m going to go take the test either way, but aren’t the symptoms very typical of ARS?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the essay.

    • First of all you said you have already tested and was negative. So for some reason you believe that test was wrong? Is there a rational reason for this? Second of all you actually believe that you can get ARS 2 years post exposure? I agree, you are a hypochondriac. For some reason only apparent to you, you have taken symptoms which can be caused by 101 other diseases and just assumed they are due to HIV. Even when logically you have already tested negative and it has already been 2 years since the exposure. I’m sorry but your reasoning is so incredulous that I just don’know what to say except that you are truly a hypochondriac.

      • Sorry for being unclear about the statements – the symptoms were two years ago, and started 7 days after exposure.

        Also, my negative test was before this encounter. Sorry if it was written in a confusing manner.

        • OIC. That makes it very different. First let me say that I think your symptoms do not sound sinister. I say this because they started 7 days post exposure. We know that HIV ARS symptoms do not come on so early. Secondly, your fever is too low. Third, the doctor assessed your lymph nodes and only some were slightly enlarged. This is not typical of ARS. Forth, you did not have a rash. Fifth, your symptoms lasted less than 2 weeks. So please calm your nerves. You will test in 2 weeks time and the test will say you do not have HIV.

          • Thanks a lot for the response Dr. There’s much too much on the Internet about these things and it’s hard to know what to believe and what not regarding length of ARS, when the insets are, what symptoms are super typical etc.

            And like I said I can’t believe that the discomfort I felt in my armpits and groin was just in my head, but a doctor would know that better.

            We’ll see what it says, and I’ll even post in here to say so – but for now this is makes my life easier.

            So a sincere thank you.

          • Just to hit the point home – when these symptoms were there, I was still going to work, going to class and going out, I just felt shit in the process. With ARS, would that have been possible?

          • That really depends on your level of tolerance. Can you walk with a broken hip? I have seen people who walked around with a broken hip for a week! Most of my patients with HIV ARS are still able to go about their daily routine.

  23. I had unprotected sex about 7 weeks ago.. 2 weeks after I got sick sore throat with whites spots, fever, I felt really tired, and I had a headache everyday and felt like I wasn’t all there. This lasted about 2 weeks. On the first day of my sickness I had unprotected six with another person my ex, who then began to have the same symptoms that I had 2 weeks later. I got tested at 3 weeks by my doctor and it came out negative. At 28 days by a clinic negative. And at 29 days by a rapid blood test that was negative.im still coughing from the start of the sickness which has been almost 2 months. And I recently began to get stomach cramps, which my ex then told me she started getting about 2 weeks later. Are these symptoms of hiv ars and would it be too early to be positive on a test.

    • The accuracy of your tests depends on what kind of tests you did. If you did a combo test, it is conclusive. If it is an antibody test, you need to repeat it at 3 months. You cannot tell if you are infected with HIV or not based on symptoms. So don’t try. It will just cause you to worry.

  24. If I got infected with HIV and showed no symptoms..would I not have the sufficient antibodies to have show up on a test? I mean if I had no antobodies by week 6 or 7 would I not be feeling pretty sick?

    • Only 30% to 70% of people infected with HIV will have symptoms. No one knows why this is so. That’s why we never rely on symptoms to diagnose HIV. We just go by the test results.

  25. Hi doctor does hiv 1 and hiv 2 have the same window period?? Thank you

    • For the antibody tests they do. But the P24 and RNA/DNA test are only for HIV 1.

  26. Hi doctor im 23 years old male and I had sex before 6 month in west africa with sex worker when I finished sex I noticed that the condom was broke up I took test at 3 month with abbot architect combo 3 generation and it was negative cut off range 0.13 now at six month I took the same test and it was negative but the cut off range is 0.40 why its coming high and my tongue always white and dry and always im doing diarea am I hiv free or I should take further tests ? Thank u again

  27. Recently i went to visit an escort. No sex nor anal sex nor oral sex involved. But she gave me a pretty rough handjob which resulted in a few scratches on my penile shaft. One very red fingernail mark under the foreskin, but there was no blood. Same for other scratches. No blood, just some pretty rough scratches. Problem was, she touched her vagina and then rubbed me off that way. After a few seconds i told her to stop and i finished myself off. I’m kinda worried if could i have gotten anything(std/hiv) from that?

    Thank you.

    • No risk of HIV/ Can’t say the same for STDs. There is always a risk of STDs.

  28. I had paid sex on the 29 of July. There was unprotected oral sex, but a condom was used for vaginal intercourse, she took it off after I was done, so I do not know if it broke.

    I got a sore throat, running nose and blocked nose on the first of August. The sore throat got better but came back again on the 21st. The running nose and blocked nose stayed from 1st of Aug till the 25rd of August. I did have diarrhea for 2days (24th & 25 Aug), but did not get a fever, rashes or muscle aches. My lymph node was not swollen to the size of a cherry but one side of my neck was a little bigger than the other. Could it be HIV?

    This is making paranoid and it is making me sleepless. Please help me out. Thank you.

  29. Dear Dr.sim;
    I had protected vaginal intercourse with a female, the sex was protected and after sex i filled the condom with water to check if it was broken ir cracked and there was nothing.

    After 20 days exactly i noticed my tongue became yellowlish from the sides and white coated from the back.
    I google it and i found it might be an early symptoms of hiv or thrush or other sever disease.
    I went to check a dr and he checked my tongue and gave me anti stress tab with a multi vitamine, but my tongue start to be more worse than previously and as i cannot make a test before 3 months i started to be worried more and more and am a fraid to be an early symptoms of hiv.
    Please be note that i started to brush my tongue 2-3 times aday but now its started to bleed when i brush it
    Is there any thing else could appear this yellow tongue from the sides and white coated from the back and bleeding if brushed because am worried to death

    Thank you

    • Hi jayson, you sound very worried and stress. The yellowish white coating on your tongue could be due to oral thrush which could be an early symptoms of HIV but also there are many other causes for oral thrush (not HIV related). I would advice that you stop brushing your tongue as it is actually causing more trauma to it. As it has been >20 days since your exposure, feel free to visit us at our clinic for a HIV combo test (you do not need to wait for 3 months) and also for further evaluation of your symptoms.

  30. Thanks so much doctor so it means i am quite okay and not to bother anymore

  31. Hello my name is king i am so scared after having an un protected sex with a partner, i stay up to 8 weeks and there is nothing happen to me after a visit to my friend house i stay much on air condition i develop a running nose and sneezing after taking some drugs t disappear and i develop a dry cough i do not cough at night expect in the morning i have taken some medication still the same, i wants to be sure if this is the early sign of hiv , please clear me in this doctor

    • Hi, your symptoms does not sound like HIV ARS. However, given you have had an exposure, I would recommend that you get tested for HIV and also other STDs.

  32. I have ulcer on my penis for more than years… Is that STDs ? I have never had sex before…

  33. Hello Doc Tan, As I speak I feel I have got HIV with all the symptoms showing on my body, I have known this girl for a while now and we are good friends, we have had unprotected sex a few times but the latest was on the 18th of July and before then it was around the end of June, although I have had a lot going on lately with having a baby and starting a job that was really stressing and felt really brain worked about, I would say since then I have been having different health and psychological problems, following that was a chicken pox that I caught from my son as I have never had it before. almost about two months ago I started having dull burning pain just below my ribs on the right side and gradually started noticing this pain going around my body with heart palpitations, shortly after I had gastric problems where I was burping a lot on anything I eat or drink, I lost weight just because I couldn’t eat anything but salads and that put me off food. about 1 week after that I had this sore throat that radiated from the right side of my throat to the left and the middle, then I noticed a swollen gland on the right of my jawline, and rash on my body, I reported to doc, doc gave me omeprazole and penicillin antibiotics, got really worried of what could be happening to me and searched online and saw all this symptoms related to HIV, I am scared! I have got under skin swollen glands near groin that I can feel as well and ulcer on my Wharton’s duct noticed all after my research. I did some blood work at the end of July and got a call that my vitamin D was abnormal, but another doc did HIV test on the 4th and heard result on 7th that it was negative. What would you think of all this doc. please help!! I know I have been stupid with unprotected sex.. really ashamed now and so scared!! Thanks

    • Your symptoms sound nothing like HIV ARS. I think you are misdirecting your sense of guilt and shame into somatic symptoms. Sounds like your problems are more psychological than virological. You might want to consider talking to a counsellor or seeing your GP for some help. You are of course always welcome to see us. Click here for contact info.

      • Hello Doc, I appreciate what you are doing, but I must say that yes I have a bit of guilt going on here, but I have generalised lymphadenopathy, small size in neck, 1.5cm in armpit both sides, and multiple in my groin on both side, I have had low grade fever with flu-like symptoms last for 24hrs, mouth ulcers that comes and goes(Still persist), sore throat with blood in spit, rashes on skin, all this started two weeks after my exposure(18th july) did test on the 4th of august but was -ve( which I guess was too early) but MD wont do another test not until 18th October, as all test that have been done on showed that I had slightly low vitamin D and tested positive for H Pylori, but I am so scared and worried, what are my chances? Please Help.

        Thank you in Advance

        • I honestly think you are worrying over nothing. Anyway, I find it useless to talk about chances. I find it meaningless to say a person is at 1% risk or 0.1% risk (unless it is to determine if he needs PEP or not). Because at the end of the day, you either have it or you do not. Giving a number to the risk is first of all impossible to do with any kind of accuracy and secondly useless. In fact it can either give a false sense of security or cause unnecessary worry. So stop worrying. Stop analysing your symptoms and just wait for your next test.

  34. Dear Dr. Tan,

    I am a 23 year old female. 7 months ago I attempted giving oral sex to a guy (30 years old). He had a lot of sexual partners and used drugs in the past. I made him wear a condom and the act lasted about a minute, I stopped (awkwardness) and he never came. My mouth never touched his skin. Is it possible to get HIV this way?

    Never had sex (except handjobs) and this was my first oral experience.


  35. i have an unprotected oral sex.after 8 months of that i dont feel any symptoms of hiv or any fever. am i safe????

    • Of course not. The article you have just read stated clearly that you CANNOT rely on the absence of HIV symptoms to exclude HIV. Many people who do get infected with HIV show no symptoms at all.

  36. Hello doctor,

    I had a protected vaginal sex with a call girl and noticed the condom is broken during the intercourse. This is my first time sex. After 15 days of exposure, I had done some diagnosis for VDRL, HIV, HSV 1&2, HBSAG. And all are in negative. Doctor please confirm is these tests are conclusive for all std and HIV. If not pl tell in how many days I have to visit you and what would be the tests you recommend for early diagnosis.. I am having sleepless nights due to the depressuon .. And also doctor during nights I had a fever with temp 98.6… Doctor pl suggest my chances for effecting HIV and std

    • At 15 days post exposure all the tests you did are literally worthless. See us at 1 month post exposure for a full STD screen and HIV Combo test.

      • Hi doctor,

        Is there any tests which can be diagnosed early before 1 month of post exposure


    • What is the point of freaking out? Either he gets a HIV test or you get a HIV test. Or even better, both of you get HIV tests.

  38. Dr drtan
    am in need of your help sir,I did a test of HIV and STD.my HIV test is negative why
    std result shows there is infection and I do have discharge when ever am romancing
    my girlfriend or watch sex film.now am treating myself.but having protection sex with my girlfriend but she’s complaining about seriouse cold , headache. she also said her mouth is bitter.
    Dr drtan I need some help

    • I don’t understand the issue. So you have an STD but not HIV and you are on treatment. So what’s the problem? Are you confused that you have an STD but not HIV? Of course this is possible. In fact, STDs like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea are much more contagious than HIV. You should thank you lucky stars and get properly treated for your STD. Please refrain from self-medicating and se a doctor for treatment.

  39. Youngshim

    Hi Doctor,
    I been having dry cough before i had an unfortunate suituation but my temperature remains at 36.7 at its worst till today meaning i have no fever. With prescription, i took flagyl and 2 days later, i developed swollen tonsils , went to the pharmacy to get a spray that cooled it down the next day, the dry cough has been pretty persistent and i dont know if its because of the winter. I eat an oily meat and also had diarrhea and as i speak now i am having constipation. I am so confused, because i dont know if these are ARS signs or anxiety. I have done 2 different hiv rapid test 2 weeks after the unfortunate incident because came negative ofcourse i know i have to wait 3 months before i do the test again. I also feel stiffness in my finger bones and when i strech, i can feel my bones cracking, well i dont know if that the muscles and joint pains that comes with ars. Just worried ……..Please Doctor help me..

    • None of your symptoms sound like they are due to HIV ARS. The 4 commonest symptoms of ARS are fever, rash, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. You can read our new article on HIV symptoms.

      • Youngshim

        thanks very much doctor. Also i discovered dry eyes and lower back pain, althought a very fat child jumped on me and for the dry eyes, i work with the computer closely. But could any of these symptoms be ars related as i have seen some other articles talking about them

        • Youngshim

          Ans please Dr Tan, could swollen tonsils be an ars sign also just incase the swollen lymphs nodes do not appear because peoples bodies work differently or is it a most the nodes will appear

          • Stop jumping at shadows man. None of these sound like ARS. Be sure to see us for a HIV and STD screen at 1 month post exposure.

  40. Dear Doc Tan

    I emailed about possible ars symptoms exactly 10days after exposure (fever more than 38c and exudative tonsillitis and gingivitis and mouth ulcers on hard palate, tip of tongue more towards under tongue, on my lower frontal gum)

    Fever lasts for one week. But gum problem continues.

    You replied thank u so much for that, you said very much consistent with hiv ars only the 10days post exposure may be my saving grace.

    Can I ask one more question, can this be related to just oral herpes? Thank you for your time, I will get tested of course.

    • I’m not just saying this but I have a weird feeling of my gum a day before the fever, then gum problem persists much longer. Got a cold sore on my mouth too.but maybe it’s confection of oral herpes and hiv too right.

    • Yes it could be due to oral herpes.

  41. DeeDee

    Hi dr tan,
    I have had 2 Negative hiv test one was a
    Blood test one was a Rapid 5 min test but am still very Worried that I have HIV. I have PID…………..
    The last time I had sex was the 15 June 2014. I have lots of the Symptoms of HIV. I just need some help am making myself very can not sleep

    • It has been only a month since your exposure. Your HIV tests although very indicative are not conclusive. You will need to retest at 3 months. Alternatively you can get a combo test now for it to be conclusive. You should also see a doctor and cure your PID. This could be contributing to the symptoms that are worrying you.

  42. had a protected oral and a protected vaginal sex with a legal geylang csw on april 19 2014 . I developed fatigue in a week and also pharyngitis , sinusitis , fever(3days , not very high ) , chills at 3 weeks post exposure . Then I also had weakness and leg pain for 2 months. I also had lymphocytes 18% at 2 weeks post exp and 56% 4 weeks post exp .
    I did elsia hiv antibody 1 n 2 test , card method at 8 weeks . It came out negative ( d lab said its strongly negative ) . Do I hav to test again ??? Pls giv yr opinion

    • The ELISA test at 8 weeks is very accurate. In my view as good as conclusive. Officially you need to repeat it at 3 months post exposure.

  43. am I fine ??

    I had a protected oral and a protected vaginal sex with a legal geylang csw on april 19 2014 . I developed fatigue in a week and also pharyngitis , sinusitis , fever(3days , not very high ) , chills at 3 weeks post exposure . Then I also had weakness and leg pain for 2 months. I also had lymphocytes 18% at 2 weeks post exp and 56% 4 weeks post exp .
    I did elsia hiv antibody 1 n 2 test , card method at 8 weeks . It came out negative ( d lab said its strongly negative ) . Do I hav to test again ??? Pls giv yr opinion

    • The ELISA test at 8 weeks is very accurate. In my view as good as conclusive. Officially you need to repeat it at 3 months post exposure.

  44. Just wanna know………How effective is the U-test tube for dectected hiv……i mean the one u drop blood from ur finger and show one line negative and 2 lines positive…..How efective is it?

    • I have never heard of the U-test tube. There is only one test approved for home HIV testing and that is the OraQuick.

  45. Dear Dr. Tan

    Many thanks in advance for your answer and help. I also apologize if this is too long.

    I have been having a feverish feeling about almost three months now (between 99-99.5). It started by a very bad flu-like symptoms and since then I have been getting these feverish feeling every now and then (almost 2-3 days a week on average). Other than that, I have been having painful burning sensations in hands and feet as well. Plus I have got sore throats, muscle pain, and other general sickness symptoms every now and then. I saw my doctor and she observing my symptoms, she order blood cbc, blood culture, test for valley fever (I live in southwest of US), and chest X-ray, and abdominal ultrasound.
    She said everything is normal and she cannot think of anything, but she is sure there should be an underlying reason. So she referred me to an infectious disease specialist. The appointment is in two weeks and I’m not feeling very well (as this is really annoying, can get really painful and bothersome situation).
    So I started googling until I came up with your website and I am very hopeful you can provide me if this has any resemblance to HIV symptoms.
    I have been in so much pain and sickness for the last three months that I really want to know what is wrong with me so I can take appropriate action.

    Thanks a lot again and sorry for such a long question!

    • The problem is your symptoms are too general to be of much help in diagnosis. If you have had risky sexual exposures in the past then it would be very prudent to rule out HIV infection as a possibility. But I must say that your symptoms do not sound typically like HIV ARS. HIV ARS does not persist for 3 months.

      • Thanks a lot Dr. Tan. You are providing a great source of help for public. I greatly appreciate your response.

  46. Along

    Hi Dr Tan

    I hope you were great today. And im sorry to bothering you with similar question. I was 30, male and married now.

    As for your information i’ve post same question to medhelp.org as the question is:

    About 26 june i make two exposure with 2 different girl. This was my last risk exposure until now. It was unprotected oral sex from the first girl and protected vaginal and deep kiss with the second girl. I didnt make any test since i need to wait for 3 month since im in malaysia.

    And i have been answered by them as no-risk situation and move along with normal life.

    Everybody make mistake and therefore im in the same. I just need your professional answer for my question. Im sorry as i just want to be confident and less anxiety.

    Thank you very much Dr.


    • Hi Along,

      Your risk is fairly low. Oral sex and kissing carry no risk of transmitting HIV, while protected vaginal sex does carry a small risk. You can do a rapid HIV Ab/Ag Combo test to ensure you don’t have HIV.You will need to wait for a minimum of 28 days from the point of exposure to have conclusive results though

      • Along

        Hi dr.

        thanks for the quick reply. But here in malaysia, i can only take standard elisa test. And i need to wait 3 month after exposure. Am i right?

        • You’re right. Standard tests will only be conclusive at 3 months. You can still opt to do a test at 1 month as a screening tool, but only a test at the 3 month mark will truly rule out disease.

          • Along

            Thank you dr for your answer. May you have a good life.

  47. Deepbreath

    Also Dr. Tan, i wasnt worried all the while but only recently i started getting really worried,its over a month and a week since it happened, i got worried so much that i am thinking it was out of worry that i got slight headaches and also i discovered a mouth sore at the roof of my mouth, just one mouth sore, so i am thinking if mouth sores are a symptom. Can only one mouth sore also be a symptom? Isnt it meant to be some and not one?

    • Hi Deepbreath,

      Standard antibody tests are very sensitive at 28 days but are not conclusive. In order to fully rule out HIV, you will need to repeat an antibody test at 3 months post exposure or get a Combo test done. With regards to ARS symptoms, they vary from person to person and may constitute some or all of the various symptoms described. It’s pointless to use the presence or absence of symptoms to guess if you have HIV. Get tested to be sure.

    • drtan

      Nobody knows. As I said in the article, it is useless to analyze symptoms.

  48. Deepbreath

    Hi Dr. Tan, this is the most useful site ever seen on matters relating to hiv. I know for sure that out of anxiety, one can have these symptoms that are attributed to hiv. My question is this, i had unprotected sex with a friend of mine and at exactly 28 days i was going to donate blood for my pregnant sister, after the screening of my blood,my hiv status read negative, i will like to ascertain if 28days is enough to show the once status after possible risk of exposure. Thank you Doc.

    • drtan

      It really depends on what test was done. Most modern blood banks will actually use the RNA PCR test for screening. This would be conclusive. If they use the ELISA test, it would be very indicative but not conclusive. Did the blood bank not question you on your exposure? Or did you not declare it?

  49. Becca

    Dr Tan, I’m 16, I’m a girl, and I think I might have HIV .
    / AIDs.
    Well my friend has HIV and I drinked after her and stuff,
    Then I have unprotected sex with this guy
    And a week and half if that I started to have a score throat bumps all on and some
    In my mouth, coughing non stop, and have seen
    I have started to devolpe bumps down there.
    Also this may have nothing to do with it but
    A real strong Oder ?

    • drtan

      First of all you cannot catch HIV from sharing food and drinks. So that is not a concern. However, you can certainly catch HIV and other STDs from unprotected sex. Bumps in the genital region and odor are both symptoms of STDs. You should see your doctor to get checked out. You are welcome to visit us anytime.

  50. Hi Doctor,

    I visited a massage parlour on 1 June.
    I only have a handjob and finger her.
    She also suck my testicles and lick my nipples.
    What are the risk of HIV and STD I am facing.
    Today I experience tiny red dots on my tongue and feeling sore.
    Is this a sign of STD?
    How long do I have to wait for screening of HIV and STD?

    Please advise.

    • drtan

      No risk of HIV. However, there is a risk of STDs. I believe you have visited our clinic and consulted our doctor.

      • Hi Doctor,

        Just in case, I am planning to do a HIV combo test on the 28 days post exposure as I may have cuts on my fingers. I am also thinking of doing a full std test on the same day.

        1. Can I do the full std screen on the same day to test for this exposure, will they be conclusive?
        2. Especially for Herpes, will it be conclusive at 28 days because I am worrying I might pass that to my wife and my baby.

        Please advise.



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