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HIV Symptoms – Early Symptoms of HIV

VirusFor all of you searching the internet out there looking for early symptoms of HIV and getting extremely worried please stop!


Take a deep breath and calm down. By now you would have read multiple sites providing a laundry list of ‘HIV Symptoms’ and I’m sure you are suffering from some if not most of them.

Take another deep beath and let it our slowly slowly slowly. Feel better? Good.
Now let’s analyze the situation logically.

Just like most of my patients, you are asking ‘what are the symptoms of HIV?’

What you really want to know is ‘do I have HIV or not?’
And you are looking for symptoms to help you answer this question.

What you really want to know is ‘do I have HIV or not?’

Please understand that this is an extremely unhelpful question to ask simply because it is absolutely impossible to tell if someone has HIV or not based on sero-conversion symptoms or lack thereof.

Let’s look at 2 very well established facts:

1. Not all patients who are infected with HIV will develop sero-conversion symptoms
2. Sero-conversion symptoms are extremely non-specific. In other words, the same symptoms can be caused by multiple other illnesses and diseases.

So what’s the conclusion? The conclusion is it does not matter if a person has symptoms or not. A complete absence of symptoms does not mean a person is not infected with HIV. Similarly, having every symptom on the laundry list does not mean a person has HIV.

Fever, Rash, Sore throat – Click here for details on HIV ARS

Looking for HIV symptoms serves one purpose and one purpose only. And that is to get yourself worried and anxious.
Furthermore, anxiety can actually cause some of the so-called ‘HIV Symptoms’. You can obviously see how this leads to a downward spiral.

So please do yourself a favor. Stop looking for symptoms. You are just going to scare yourself silly and have a nervous breakdown.

Focus on what you have to do. Talk to your doctor about getting PEP if your exposure was less than 72 hours ago. Or talk to your doctor about HIV testing. There is lots of information in this site with regards to different HIV tests available for different exposure times.

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Remember, you are not doing yourself any good by hunting for symptoms. Take a deep breath, calm down and focus on getting the HIV tests done.

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More on HIV symptoms.

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  1. Hi doc tan.Leave 24hour now.Tell whole story. I with prostitute’s unprotected with intercourse but she got skin rash few month ago. Also she take drug stone with me. she come period sudden her also didn’t know but period bleeding part penis. Skin rash whole body worst..what kind do need buy prep? It’s risk high get hiv? Pls let know possible today.. cause time less before 72hour hope get prep but stay in Malaysia

    • You definitely did put yourself at risk of HIV and other STDs. Please see a doctor to put yourself on PEP if you are worried, and get some tests done.

  2. I came across tiny warts like cauliflower twice with second wart after 3 months. And I also got genital warts like fleshy on the mouth of the penis so I tested HIV and its negative. So is it possible for HIV positive if I get tested again after 4 month? Or is it that I am sexually infected person?

    • Your symptoms are caused by HPV, not HIV. Speak to your doctor regarding the window period of your HIV test. Your questions do not make sense to me.

  3. Gary Summers

    Doc, you have mentioned that HIV symptoms usually come up from 2-4 weeks. However there are legitimate sources (for example, California health guidelines) which say that symptoms can come up as early as 3 days after exposure. I believe you are saying from experience and empirical data. Could you let me know in which cases symptoms can come up early? The reason why I ask this question is my fingers were exposed to female ejaculauon (squirting) and I do have a broken skin with a red dot due to nail biting. Was wondering if direct exposure to blood stream results in faster symptoms (I got hiv like symptoms 3 days after exposure)

  4. i m 17 year old and have my first relationship. i kissed my girl . it is not a good kiss because we both are inexperience.but she became ill even she start vomiting after 2 hrs have stomatch pain and also vomit next day 3 times. i m so worried i truely love her. plss suggest me what to do and why all this happen??

  5. Sir plz help

    On 7th July 2016 ,I do sex With a call girl I use two condoms no lip kiss no nip pal sucking after sex when I removing my condom there was a big cut (at lower side )on my finger that I was use to remove the condom.i donot know thet pre discharg fluid was touches my finger or not.but very next day allmost after 10 hours I feel sore Throet itching burning on body. After seven days I go to a dr. He ask me for some tests, I’d these tests on 10th day after explouer
    1.hiv 1-2 with p24 (combo)test negitave
    3,hapetitas b–negitave
    4.hsv 1-2. Hsv-2 was negitave but hsv-1 was high it was >30 and refer range was <0.09..
    My dr me some madicin acivir 400 three times a day for 10 days and agumantin 625 for four days for sore thoret .i take these madicin as dr.says ,but I m not feeling good some itching and burning or sore Throet was Thera and I feel some joint pain and musels pain also then I go for test again on 28 the day hiv1-2combo test that was negitave..now it is 45th day I'm feeling feeling relief in itching burning or sore thoret but some join pain and musels pain is there. I want to know is this HIV symptoms. On 10 day or again 28 th day combo test are conclusive or not plz help me what can I do now

  6. Hi doctor, four months back I had protected anal sex with an escort, the condom was used properly plus I was the inserter, after two weeks I did a full screening for std and hiv test which came out negative, currently I’m having this dry cough and slightly bad flu it’s been 5 days but this could be due to the weather, I know I maybe at risk but what are the percentages,

    • It does not matter what the percentages are. A risk is a risk and your tests were done within the window period and therefore not conclusive. You should see your doctor again for advice on more conclusive testing.

  7. hi doctor,
    plz help me . Actually I’m a nurse and it’s been 2 years that when I was dealing with hepatitis B patient while doing medication accidentally little amount of blood of that pt. drop in my leg toe finger I was wearing socks too then I immediately take out the sock and wash my leg.
    But I didn’t have any negative symptoms till date.
    I am too worried about it plz suggest me . I’m natural skinny before that accident happen bt I have so many illusions regarding that case. Need some counselling doctors plz help me . I think I’m going to be depressed .

    • Happy belated nurses day. I’m sure you already know the answer to your question. I guess being in the situation makes you more emotional and less logical. From your nurse’s training, you must know that you cannot get infected with Hep B from a simple contact with Hep B infected blood. There must be some kind of break in the skin. Furthermore you were wearing socks. That being said, those are not even the most important things. The most important thing is as a nurse, you MUST have been vaccinated against Hep B. So it is impossible for you to be infected in the first place.

  8. Hi Dr Tan, I recently engaged in an unprotected sex with a ons after some drinks a week ago. I started to hv frequent need of intonation with very little amount each time I visited the restroom, there’s also a burning sensation upon urination. Saw a GP and was treated for urinary infection with persistent fever for 3 days. Now there’s excessive itching, swelling and painful in my vaginal inner and outer walls with clear transparent discharges. I’m very worried but can’t differentiate if it’s vaginal yeast or STDs. Thanks for your advice.

    • I agree with you. It is very difficult to differentiate STD and non-STD vaginal infections. Given your history and your symptoms, you definitely should get screened for STDs. You are welcome to visit our clinics at Katong, Robertson Walk and Bencoolen where we have lady Doctors to attend to you.

  9. Satendra

    I am doing sex to a sex worker before two day back previous night I saw my leg have a many red dotted lesson I afraid because my condom tear during the sex and I wash my penis t water

    • HIV symptoms cannot possibly appear 2 days after exposure. However, that is not to say you did not catch HIV or any other STDs. The only way to know for sure is to get tested. Please see your doctor for more advice.

  10. Hey doctor. I’ve had unprotected sex with a stranger about a week ago and the day after I started feeling some symptoms like diarrhea which I still mildly have.. late night sweat and chills. The first night was the worse. And I have a feeling like I have to throw up but it doesn’t wanna come out. I’m so worried this can be hiv symptoms and I’m literally freaking out!! Had sex with my gf a couple days after the unprotected sex with the stranger and the next day she felt a little weird she said … And the day after that she had a little mark of a rash on her forearm.. please doctor respond to this I need help !!

    • HIV symptoms do not occur a day after infection. Symptom typically take 3 weeks from the date of infection to come on. This does not mean you are not infected with HIV or STDs. You should see a doctor about your symptoms and about screening for HIV and STDs.

  11. Please help ! I had unprotected sex like 4 days ago and instantly felt a couple symptoms. The next day felt a light headache. I also been feeling since that day that I have to throw up but it doesnt wanna come out .. I have light lower back pains and I feel a bit more tired then usual … could this be i have hiv!? Im freaking out

    • HIV symptoms do not appear so quickly. That is not to say that you do not have HIV or any other STDs. You should see your doctor for advice and screening.

  12. I did forget to mention that I used a condom but fear it must have torn. Please help calm my mind.

  13. Hey doc, I recently had sex with a one nite stand. The morning after I felt that my groin lymph nodes were extremely swollen and so where my inner thighs. His last about 3 weeks straight. The week following my interaction with the lady I also had loose stool at most once a day from 4 days at most. Following that 3 weeks later my armpit lymph nodes began to swell. This was slightly accompanied with tingling in my hand very common to myalgia. My symptoms have be occurring in separate intervals. As not much can be done now until the given 3 months to test. What chance do I have of being hiv positive? Am simply at the lowest point in my life and lost for words. Please help calm my mind. I have also not identified any rash on my body.

  14. Hi. I had oral sex with for the first time with my boyfriend.He did not ejaculate in me, by the way. It was his first having oral sex and penetrative sex as well. After a few hours, both of us feel some tightness on our shoulders and arms. What does this mean? Does it have anything to do with any STD?

    • First of all, STD symptoms do not come on just a few hours after sex. Secondly, there are not STDs that causes tightness in shoulders and arms. Thirdly, since both of you never had a sexual experience prior to this episode, neither or you can possibly have an STD. You sound young and obviously are lacking in knowledge about STDs. This is OK. What you need to do, now that you are getting sexually active, you should find a local resource and speak to a counselor about STDs and HIV. More knowledge is always better. Protect yourself.

  15. Anthony

    Hello Drtan

    about a month ago i had sex with a female it was protected but since i have severe generalized anxiety disorder Today I Decided To Check The Condom Since I Kept It Because I Have Been Having These Symptoms Feeling ill Having Diarrhea For The Past 3 weeks Also Sweating At Night When i Put Water In The Condom I noticed There Was 2 Tiny Holes Where Water Was Leaking Through I’m Really Terrified What Are My Risk, Please And Thank You

  16. Hello doctor. Its been almost 2 weeks since i had an exposure. But it was a protected exposure around 5.pm in the evening. But in the same night i felt little feverish and started getting cough. I had few tablets and cough syrup. Cough subsided in 4/5 days. But im having low grade fever and fatigue from the day of exposure till today and is not responding to any tablet. And my temperature is varying alot. Suddenly it goes up and suddenly it goes down. And last 5-6 days , i have been feeling weak with my legs as my muscles and bones are suffering from general aches. I do not have any problem other than continuous low grade fever for almost 2 weeks, weak and general aches with legs and fatigue. My questions are :
    1. Ars symptoms start only between 2-4 weeks right ? Is it possible to start within a 12 hours ?
    2. Are my symtoms related with hiv ?
    3. And what should i do to bring down my low grade fever and varying temperature ?

    • drtan

      1. Not possible for ARS to start within 12 hours of infection.
      2. Obviously not. That is not to say you are not infected with HIV.
      3. See a Doctor.

  17. Hi doctor. 12 days back i had sex with a sex worker. I had a protected vaginal and received a protected blowjob from her. Condom did not break. But from 3 hours after having intercourse of the same day , i started feeling feverish and had a cough and cold for about 4-5 days.After that cough subsided but feeling feverish did not go. I never got a fever like i could not get up from bed. Till today i am feeling only feverish and fatigue and my body temperature is going high and going down. I have been having general aches in my legs also for the past 4-5 days. Apart from this i have no other symptoms. Are my symptoms related to hiv ? I heard ars symptoms arise only between 2-4weeks. Is it possible to get on the same day of exposure? Why am i still feeling fatigue , feverish ? Why is it not going ? Is it becoz its fighting hiv ? I had dolo and calpol everyday two times. But its not working. Can you guide me doctor ?

    • drtan

      It is impossible to get HIV symptoms a few hours after exposure. I do not know what is causing your symptoms. You should see your doctor to get diagnosed. I also do not know if you have been infected with HIV or STDs. For that you need to be screened at the appropriate time interval. Again, see your doctor for more advice. You are of course welcome to see us. Click HERE for our location into.

  18. Please help

    Hello doctor. I’ve had protected sex with an escort 5 days back, both vaginal and oral as a recepient. And till i ejaculated and finished the condom was perfect and didnt break also. But ever since i had this intercourse , im feeling feverish , coughing alot and mild cold. Is there any possibility of hiv infection ? And if yes , is there any preventive measure that i can start ?

    • drtan

      Yes there is a possibility of HIV infection. That is because condoms reduce the risk of HIV but does not eliminate the risk. Your symptoms came on too soon to be due to HIV. The preventative measure that you could have done is to take PEP. However, this has to be started within 3 days and since it has been already 5 days, it is too late anyway. You will just have to see your doctor for screening when the window period is up. Also, please screen for other STDs.

      • Please help

        Okay doctor. By window period what do you mean ? And when shall i take my tests ?
        Today is my 8th day after exposure. My body is feeling heavy and temperature is always high and even after taking tablets like calpol everyday. Ars symptoms come only between 2 to 4 weeks right? But ive been feeling like this since the night of exposure. What could be the reason ? Is it any other viral infection ?

  19. Dayas

    Hello doctor. I had a protected sex both vaginal and oral with an escort. Its been 4 days since i had sex. Ive been having light fever and cough and cold. Will i get hiv ? Or is there any possibility for doin pep treatment ?

    • Dayas

      I dont know whether the stress of getting hiv is making me feel feverish or not. But it’s exactly been 4 days since i had an intercourse. Is it possible to get hiv infection after having protected sex ? And the condom didnt break also. But idk why i am feeling feverish (very mild fever) and coughing with cold ever since this incident. Is there anyway to take pep treatment ? Or what should i do right now ?

    • drtan

      Yes it is possible for you to get HIV although the risk is very low. Your symptoms are too early to be due to HIV. It is too late to start on PEP. PEP needs to be started within 72 hours (3 days).

  20. Hi doctor, about two weeks ago I had protected oral and vaginal sex with an escort. Now I have a mouth ulcer, dry cough and a bit of flu, and one case of chills and headaches in the afternoon. Am really worried now. Pls advise risks.

    • drtan

      Risk of what? HIV? It is very low but not zero. Anyway, discussing risks now is honestly a moot point. What has happened has already happened. You are either infected or not infected. I am talking not only of HIV but also of all other STDs. You may have symptoms or you may not. You symptoms may be due to STDs (ulcer = herpes?) or they may not. The only way to tell is for you to see a doctor and maybe get some tests done.

  21. Taskin

    Can teevir pep cause burning sensation in urthrea after pee ??? 3 months after last doae

    • drtan

      Not that I know of. Perhaps you caught another STD like Gonorrhea or Chlamydia during your exposure. And this is causing your current symptoms. Best to see your doctor for some tests. You are welcome to visit our clinics anytime.

  22. If u have white lines in yours jaws and u be brake out all over and you have 2periods a month and your pussy lips hurt on one side and your feet are peeling at the bottom and what that mean and my tounge is white and I caught up thick green mucus

  23. After breakoff with BF, I wanted to take revenge and I had unprotected sex with few person I know online for short while Q4 of last year. After few weeks I discover my vagina has been very pain. I had been having coughing for the last few months and it doesn’t seems to recover. January I started a relationship and after sex my new BF discover fluid constantly flow out next few days and he went doctor to check and said is infection; he didn’t carry out any HIV test. Can this be a HIV or just normal sex hygiene issue?
    And I had red eyes for couple of months, when I see the doctor in hospital after being transferred from polyclinic to hospital, the eye test said that my eye ball is uneven which cause red eyes and Doctor just give me eye drop and eye gel. After applying for a week now it is still red. I understand that one of the synthom of HIV is red eye. Does this show that I have HIV positive?
    I lately had sex again with my BF and my vagina is in deep pain and feel sore only recover after few days.

  24. Hi doctor. I had protected sex with an escort Csw.but I was having some sore of fungal infection in my ground area. Wonder if HIV could be transmitted like that. And a week after I developed a sore throa . And on the 10th day prior to the encounter I started having persistent onglint high fever and its on the 4th day now. My sore throat went away but I have a very bad nasal congestion and runny nose. Everything smells and taste nasty to me right now.

    • You asked “wonder if HIV could be transmitted like that”. Like what? Like from protected sex? The answer is Yes it can.

  25. Worried

    Hi Dr,

    i was overseas and had sex with 2 person. We had oral and just normal heavy patting. No penetration involve and no condom use as well. Then about 2 days after, I felt a kind of lethargy in my body and a simple sore throat- not sure if it could be due to the karaoke which we had. I went to the toilet about 4 times today but the stool reveals much of the spicy food I had and no loose one. im worried, are these signs of STDs? Anyway, this is my time having sexual intimacy.

    • A sore throat could be a symptom of throat gonorrhea, throat chlamydia or even herpes. Diarrhea is not a common symptom of any STD. However, please bear in mind that many STDs do not show symptoms at all. You are obviously concerned about the fact that you may be infected. Unfortunately, asking these questions about your symptoms is not going to solve your concerns. You need to see a doctor and get some screening done.

  26. I have a broken tooth, and I had one 5 minute French kiss. Is it possible to contact HIV in this manner?

  27. Dr plz I am worried I went to sex workers n my condom broken after that I was doing anal sex wit it condom by I did my put inside her n my sperm came ot bt I did put into anal my sperm came ot can I hav hiv

    • From what I can gather, your condom broke while you were having anal sex with a sex worker. Well, it is fairly obvious that you are at risk of HIV and all other STDs. Please see your doctor as soon as you can. You may still be in time for HIV PEP.

  28. Irving

    Okay so I had receive oral sex from a girl I never met before so then like 2 weeks after I got sick a cold but then again the climate was freezing in Florida so I started taking medication and I got like a small burning sensation inside my penis which only lasted for about 3 days so I went to get tested for the 10 urinalysis test for hiv and all of that and came out negative but I’m still feeling sick plus everybody in my house is sick as well and also I got tested after like 4 weeks of the oral sex !! I’m still kinda shaky and worried does it mean I’m good ??

    • It is next to impossible to get HIV from oral sex so that should not be your concern. You can get other nasties such as Chlamydia but that should have been picked up in your urine tests. So more likely than not, you are suffering from the same cold that is affecting the rest of your family.

  29. Hello doctor,

    Is it possible for HIV transmission when sharing nail clipper? I didn’t mention any blood but however I am really worried. I’ve found that some UK teenage contracted HIV from cousin because of sharing manicure equipment. However, what are the chances, especially during acute phase?

    • I personally do not think it is possible to transmit HIV via sharing nail clippers.

  30. Jeophrey

    Dear Dr Tan. Your works on HIV can only be paralleled with that of Dr Bob. Thanks for service to the people.

    I had sex with 3 CSW same night all with condoms. However, the condom keep on slipping each time when I withdraw, not completely out but like to the middle of my penis. On one occasion, it even slipped to like 60%. One of the CSW also gave me a brief oral for like 3 minutes.

    Five days later, I had sore throat, fever, running nose, cough.

    1. Did I put my self at risk on any of the above acts and do I need HIV testing for this incident

    2 Are my symptoms consistent with ARS, Can ARS start
    in five days?

    • 1. Condoms, as we know, are NOT 100% protective against HIV. So if any of the CSWs you were with had HIV, then of course you are at risk. However, because you did use condoms, your risk is extremely low. As long as the condom still covers the urethral opening and foreskin, you are considered still protected. The shaft of the penis is made of keratinised skin and exposing that does not increase risk.

      2. ARS cannot start in 5 days. So whatever you have cannot be ARS.

  31. Hi doctor ,
    1. Is ulcer considered an ARS symptom?
    2. Can ARs symptoms show up 1week after possible exposure?

  32. not.so.important

    Hi doctors,

    I am really worried about being HIV positive.

    I had a sex with sex worker 12 days ago and the first night I had night sweats. Also there are other symptoms: fever, rash, red dots on the body, white tongue, diarrhea etc. Could these symptoms show after 24-48 hours. Most people say no, but..

    Also, I would like to know can axienty result these symptoms? And yes, I had painful urination for few days. Please help me.

    • Very unlikely to show up so early. Anxiety can result in these non-specific symptoms.
      Painful urination is a sign of infection. It could be an STD.
      Since you have had a risky exposure, I strongly suggest you see a doctor to get yourself tested.

      • not.so.important

        Thank you dr. I am worried abour HIV. I know its too early but what I think is the next: I got UTI with these symptoms, yeast infection (white tongue) and that is the result of these symptoms. But HIV is very very possible too. Can this be true?

        • I do not think white tongue has anything to do with UTI.
          Like I said, if you are concerned, go see a doctor and get yourself tested. This is the only way to find out.

  33. Hi doc,

    How can you tell the difference between hiv body rash and body pimples?
    How soon after exposure do the rashes start appearing and do they itch?


    • That is not something we can describe over the internet. It takes training and experience. HIV ARS Rash IF it appears usually does so around 3 weeks. It is rarely itchy.

  34. Hi Doctor. I was put on PEP. I had a painful (if you touch it) white bump on my gum. It was either an abscess or canker sore. I also have a white dot on my left ring finger. I think it is called punctate leukonychia. Lastly, I currently have a boil on my lower back and another boil with a black head on my left inner thigh. Please keep in mind that at 11 weeks post exposure, my 4th generation test turned out negative. Are these symptoms indicative of HIV(especially the boils I have right now currently?

  35. Hello doctor …I am Nanak and I had been work in singapore .i had sex a lot time with a hiv positive girl but everytime I used condom and shower after sex but I outside lips kiss also what test I should go pls tell me sorry for not good English

    • First of all kudos to you for not letting HIV come in the way of your relationship. I am also very happy to hear that you are using a condom everytime. Showering after sex does not reduce your risk of HIV. That said, you should still get a HIV test done regularly. Ideally once every 3 months. If you are doing the test regularly, an antibody test will do. You may also want to consider taking PrEP to further reduce your risk. For more info on PrEP, click here.

  36. Hi ,Dr
    The hiv tested was at normal clinic but the std tested at dsc.
    The dsc asked mi 3mth go back to tested for hiv due window period.
    My bf had go for all the test and his result is all negative.
    Just to asked rashes on face and behind ear also shoulder pain.im worry

  37. Hi Dr,
    I would like to know about hiv
    I had tested for hiv before i test for std.The result show negative,but the std result show i got Chlamydia.The Clinic give mi antibiotic and ask mi 3 mth After taking antibiotic a few week my face and ear feel itchy also my shoulder feel pain.

  38. Good day!
    Finally I got on hand a home test kit, specifically, Core HIV 1/2 Home Test Kit. A friend sneaked in one for me since it is forbidden to test anonymously in the country where I am now. My last risky exposure was 7 months ago.. After hours of prayers and hesitation, I finally tested myself. I am NEGATIVE! But.. I still have questions:

    1. Is this result reliable? I mean talking about the reliabilty of home test kits
    2. 7 months ago was my risky exposure, have I chosen the correct way to test myself? Was it okay to use a home test kit in this period?

    Thank you for accomodating me in this site. You all are a lotta help to me. And now that I have tested negative, I am 90% relieved!!! But still have 10% doubt…

  39. Hi dr quick question I’ve been with my current partner for 7 years we had a break up for 5 months and got back together in the midst of it all he had unprotected sex with 2 other women and I’m just finding this out .we’ve been make together close to 3 months now and we’ve had unprotected sex a few times and I formed rashes on my arm that went away, then I got a uti and was presribed augmentin 875mg which caused a yeast infection and threshold on tongue I think it was from the medicine but I’ve been having night sweets,a bad ciugh joint pain can’t sleep its been bothering me so I went and got tested using the rapid finger prick blood test and it came back negative am I safe or is it to soon to detect?

    • Your symptoms a non-specific and may not be related to HIV at all. Generally, 4th generation HIV combo test is conclusive after 28 days, and HIV antibody test is conclusive after 3 months. You need to find out which finger prick test you did to determine if it was done too early.

  40. Hello Doctors, I was at Orchard Towers earlier, i decided to talk a walk around and one of the Massage Parlor Girl went up to grab my hand, she touched me, put her arms around my neck and touched certain parts of me in order to lure me in for a massage, but i dont have any intentions of it at all hence i walked off, am I at risk? I have some Pimple at my neck and shoulder area im afraid her hands might be ‘dirty’ or might have STD’s on it hence i am getting very paranoid! Please reply me Doctor! :'(

  41. I had unprotected sex , 2-3 days letter has unbearable pain while urinating , the pain eventually passed away but I’m still unable to urinate even when I feel my bladder is full. I have white tongue and now it’s been seven months since and I have started developing random spots on the skin. Does untreated claymedia or gonhherea cause skin spots urine problems and white tongue ?

    • Dr Justin Sim

      CHlamydia and gonorrhoea doesn’t cause white tongue. But it does cause pain on urinating. If you have never been screened you should get tested.

      • Does hiv show up in 2-3 days like this causing pain in the top of the penis and excruciating pain when trying to empty bladder ?

        What specific test should I get done to detect clamydia and gonerrea ?

  42. I had sex with an old friend I asked him to keep the condom on he took it off and basically held me down and wouldn’t let me get up now I feel like I have hiv it’s 4 weeks later I have a sore throat and I felt hot and my body aches. The second day the pain and feverdisappeared but, I still have a sore throat.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      If he did this you should report it to the police because it is akin to rape. Secondly I cannot confirm HIV on just symptoms alone you need to do a blood test to be sure.

  43. Good day. Like almost everyone here I am one of those who are really worried about having HIV. I am boundz to go to work overseas so I decided to make the most out of it before leaving my country. From the months of January-April 2015 I had protected vaginal sex with 7 sex workers and unprotected oral sex with them. Unfortunately, last April 8 my condom broke with one of sex workers and my penis was exposed for about 30 seconds. Now here is what’s happenning with me:. in the 6th to 7th week after the exposure:
    *I felt always tired & still sleepy even with a full nights rest.
    *I got acne/rash (not sure) in my shoulders, back and chest.
    *I have a cyst in my right shoulder (dont know if its a symptom)
    *i have loose stools more than a month now
    *have white tongue (dentist says all is normal, but she does not know my sexual activity the past months)
    *back & shoulder pain
    *ocassional headache & sore throat
    *i had NO high fever
    Question is, do you think these are symptoms of HIV?? Also, I had sexual contact with my girlfriend last April 28 and now (Aug 4) she has a bump near here vagina and itchy red spots on her right arm… Im really bothered by this. I know im a prick, but I really learned my lesson this time and promised myself to clean my slate once and for all after I conquer this problem….. Looking forward to your help. Thank you! PS: Im at the Middle East right now, if I get tested and show positive I will be deported back to my home country.

    • Dr Justin Sim

      The symptoms of HIV are not specific. Too many other, more common conditions, cause the same symptoms. You cannot rely on symptoms alone to diagnose HIV. You should get a test done to be sure. Only way to be sure is to get testing. I sadly do not have a crystal ball to tell you whether you are negative or not.

  44. helpme pls

    hi dr,
    i had protected sex with a cws only 10 minuts ( i dnt knw condom broke or not ). after 4th day i got cough and loss appetite. i saw dr and its gone away within 2 days.. but i feeld more weight in my head and little spining feel my head is weak (i dont knw its dizzines lathergy etc) abt 3 weeks .. now i feel alright.. but worring abt HIV. pls help me (srry for my poor english)

    • These symptoms that you are reporting don’t sound characteristic of an acute HIV infection. Nevertheless, it would definitely be advisable to come in to get tested with a 4th Generation test for HIV. Please feel free to come to any of our clinics for this.

  45. Hi doc. My body feel chills and fell dizzy but i dont have fever. My temperature 36.7 – 37.2C. Is it ARS or not?

  46. Worriedguy

    Have you ever seen a 28 day negative result taken with a combo test change after testing again in the following weeks/months?

    In what cases has it happened?

    I’m very worried, I have a bad thrush + many other symptoms, I have had many other symptoms, including diarrhea.

    I would like to know if I can trust my 4th generation test or not. I will retest later anyway but I want to know how likely it is for a 4th generation negative result to change according to your experience.


  47. Hi Doctor,

    I am a male 32. Need assistance please. I have received unprotected oral BJ from a female SW.i had many symptoms starting 7th week soar throat and low grade fever Which was treated with antibiotics in 3 to 4 days. I have thrush in 10th week with white tongue and ulcers and is still there (16th week). Couple of itchy and non itchy rashes which appeared in 8th week And still come and go.

    I got tested at 7week at 13th week mark with combo test and came back negative at 0.26 and 0.13 respectively.

    I still have some symptoms like pain in neck and shoulders consistently, muscle aches always, white tongue and ulcers, and abdominal pain consistently.

    I am very worried, pls advs my risks level and if my tests are conclusive or i have contracted the virus.


    • Dr Justin Sim

      Your combo tests indicate you are negative. The symptoms you experience are likely due to something much more common like a cold virus or even flu. I cannot rule out other STDs so it may be wise to get those checked out as well. Remember it is almost impossible to get HIV from oral sex.

      • Thanks Dr.

        Just few quickquestions and will be very kind if you can answer.

        1. Is there any reported case of HIV by getting a blow job (oral Sex) from a femal?
        2. Have you ever seen a 13week negative combo test turning positive in future?
        3. I am in my 16th week so shall i disregard all the symptoms which i get on and off as i am already out of the window period?
        4. Do i need to retest again for HIV?, please note that i have tested for all other STDs including HCV and Hep B and all were negative.

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