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HIV Symptoms – Early Symptoms of HIV

VirusFor all of you searching the internet out there looking for early symptoms of HIV and getting extremely worried please stop!


Take a deep breath and calm down. By now you would have read multiple sites providing a laundry list of ‘HIV Symptoms’ and I’m sure you are suffering from some if not most of them.

Take another deep beath and let it our slowly slowly slowly. Feel better? Good.
Now let’s analyze the situation logically.

Just like most of my patients, you are asking ‘what are the symptoms of HIV?’

What you really want to know is ‘do I have HIV or not?’
And you are looking for symptoms to help you answer this question.

What you really want to know is ‘do I have HIV or not?’

Please understand that this is an extremely unhelpful question to ask simply because it is absolutely impossible to tell if someone has HIV or not based on sero-conversion symptoms or lack thereof.

Let’s look at 2 very well established facts:

1. Not all patients who are infected with HIV will develop sero-conversion symptoms
2. Sero-conversion symptoms are extremely non-specific. In other words, the same symptoms can be caused by multiple other illnesses and diseases.

So what’s the conclusion? The conclusion is it does not matter if a person has symptoms or not. A complete absence of symptoms does not mean a person is not infected with HIV. Similarly, having every symptom on the laundry list does not mean a person has HIV.

Fever, Rash, Sore throat – Click here for details on HIV ARS

Looking for HIV symptoms serves one purpose and one purpose only. And that is to get yourself worried and anxious.
Furthermore, anxiety can actually cause some of the so-called ‘HIV Symptoms’. You can obviously see how this leads to a downward spiral.

So please do yourself a favor. Stop looking for symptoms. You are just going to scare yourself silly and have a nervous breakdown.

Focus on what you have to do. Talk to your doctor about getting PEP if your exposure was less than 72 hours ago. Or talk to your doctor about HIV testing. There is lots of information in this site with regards to different HIV tests available for different exposure times.

Click here for HIV Testing FAQ
Click here for info on PEP Treatment at Our Clinic

Remember, you are not doing yourself any good by hunting for symptoms. Take a deep breath, calm down and focus on getting the HIV tests done.

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More on HIV symptoms.

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  1. Dear Dr,

    I am really excited to go through this website articles and no doubt you are doing a good job to give specific answer and moreover, we get some clear idea about STDs and other . We were mad to search in internet as many ppl posted many things which are not at all related to each other and it helped only to increase the reader’s worry..I would suggest your page if i see any one asking proper guidance through net. thanks for ur service. I got clear answer from you.

    • Hi No worry,

      I’m glad you found our website helpful. We will continue to put up relevant, informative and factual articles that I hope will be helpful for everyone.


      Dr Tan

      • Dr tan ,i just have sex 3days ago with my new gf we just know few mth back and this is my first time have sex with her,then 2 days later i feel burning in my penis i feel like to urine but it not last long like normal without any pain,then i got worry i drink alot of plain water n cranberry juice well after few hrs its back to normal i urine more then 10 times but my penis still feel buring inside.. Does it mean i got uit or hiv pls reply my msg to my email so i can know more details

        • Hi Fai,

          Please post your question on http://www.askdrtan.com

          • Dear Sir / Madam,

            I would like to ask you that if infected prostitute suck man’s testis that can cause HIV or Aids ?

            I did not do any intercourse or not do any anal sex.I always do masterbation from the others.(only from females 2-3 times)

            Secondly I was rubbing my penis in the middle of the breast and while rubbing suddenly my Penis touched her tongue (May be 2-3 seconds then i said to her close your mouth then she closed her mouth),my question is even she is infected by HIV +ve then because of this touching the hole of my penis ,virus can be transmitted into me please send reply on my e-mail address ali10in2003@hotmail.com, i am not able to sleep because of thinking this.Please help me.I didnot do intercourse i always do masterbation and rubbing in the middle of breast.

          • Your exposures do not put you at risk of HIV. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

      • Scarelikehell

        dear dr tan,
        i had protected sex with sex workers twice , one of them bite my bottoms thigh !but there was no wound discovered.after several days i discovered rashes at my bottoms and become damn afraid so i went to see a doctor and he says just some minor skin illness.after 3 weeks i still dont feel good so i went to have hiv test and it says negative.

        after the test .my head begin to feel unwell like heavy/dizzy which is nt headache and feel like vomiting after eating full sometimes no appetite.these sypmtoms became on/off for around a month.there is still no swollen glands/ulcers or discharge from any parts of my body.

        doctor i would like to know whether the test is accurate enough, when is the best time to take the test again and does biting cause hiv?

        • Hi scarelikehell,

          Please post your question on http://www.askdrtan.com

          • Hi doc. I been expose to sex about 10 days ago . I had high fever and cough and I really worried about it. Can I do a check now or must I really wait for at least a month ?

          • HI jj,

            At 10 days you can do the HIV RNA PCR test. If not, wait a month and do the combo test. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com


            Dr Tan

      • Hi doc. I had been exposure about 10 days ago. And must I really have to waited for a month to get checked

      • Hi doc. I been exposure to sex 10 days ago and I had high fever and cough. I am really worried.

      • Natanya

        Ok I had sub q needle stick from an identified source I’m a nurse and since have bad low grade temp swollen lymph nodes the stick happened the eve of Christmas last year. Since I’ve had every type of possible hiv test, p24, antibody, pcr-rna, pcr-dna. My pcr-dna quantified came up as 2 and the limit I believe is 5 to be positive. My cd4 are also low 430 as well as my nk cells which are 1. I’m retesting on Monday to see if the value has gone up. My last hiv pcr 2 weeks ago was non reactive I wouldn’t waste my time with all these tests if I didn’t feel sick and hadn’t breast fed my son after the stick who now is inenvertebly sick :-( why would the dna show up as a number besides 0 if negative? At this point wouldn’t my pct-rna be detectable and antibody positive. I did not receive any PEP either. I also read some articles that state some people don’t show positive on the antibody tests and need further p24, western blot ect. Tests to show positive. Sorry for the lengthy question just scared and sick.

        • I really empathize with your situation and understand why you are worried. You are now 3 months post exposure. I agree that your RNA PCR would have been positive a long time ago if you were infected. Also, the antibody tests would have been positive by now. Your hospital can identify the genetic sequence of the particular strain of HIV that the source had. This way, they can be mcuh more focused on what type of test to do for you. DNA and RNA tests when used as diagnostic tests are notorious for a high rate of false positives so I would not put too much credence on your DNA test results. If you are truly infected the number should be in the thousands. All in all I think your tests have already provided good evidence that you are HIV free. I think you need to expand your search on other blood borne diseases that could be causing your symptoms eg Hepatitis, Mono, Syphilis etc. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

    • dear dr,
      I had unprotected oral sex wid a masseur in thailnd. There was no visible blood.
      She rinsed her mouth with mouthwash before.
      I took a general vdrl test one week later. Do i need to worry??

      • Vdrl test is non reactive

      • VDRL is only a test for Syphilis. You have not tested for any of the other STDs. Of course you need to worry. For follow up question please post on http://www.askdrtan.com

        • dear dr,I had unprotected oral sex wid a masseur in thailnd. There was no visible blood ther were no visible cuts or wounds on my penis .She rinsed her mouth with mouthwash before.I took a general vdrl test one week later wich was non reactive. Further Do i need to worry about hiv? Very worried..pls help…

        • daveyboi86


    • Cheryl

      Hi Dr Tan im hoping you can help me i am really scared as i have been sick for 10 months with multiple symptoms that have been affecting my immune system and i cant get diagnosed and just keep getting sicker everyday the symptoms are progressive gum disease,white tongue,diarrhea,night sweats,extreme fatigue,numbness,tingling in hands & feet,blurred vision,headaches,hair loss,weight loss,wasting syndrome,unusual red and brown spots on face,neck,back,arms,legs,hands and feet. I never thought about Hiv/Aids until the sumptoms started getting weak and affecting my daily life. There has been a couple people who i was with who could have possibly had it and at that point in my life hiv wasnt on my mind as we were really never taught about it growing up so now i am scared that its too late for me as i know how im feeling and whats going on with my body isnt normal but the doctors just keep going on routine blood work well thats not fair to the person who is actually sick and going through it especially going through it alone. Please help.

      • The best thing for you to do right now is to get a HIV test. That is the only way to know if you are infected or not. Looking at your symptoms, I doubt they are caused by HIV.

    • Sir,

      At the time of sex I kissed prostitute. And after 2 to three week I tested hiv and found negative but after 3 weeks I got some small blisters in my palm and rashes in backside of tounge which is not painful but I dont have any fever or headache.
      Sir I am worried. Please tell is it hiv.

      • The HIV test at 2 to 3 weeks is too early to be conclusive. You need to repeat the test. Rashes on the palms are more suggestive of Syphilis than HIV. Although at 3 weeks it is a little too early for secondary Syphilis symptoms to be appearing. Overall your symptoms do not sound like they are associated with HIV or Syphilis.

    • I was getting test at 6week after I’m tough the spams with ( Axsym HIV1/2 Combo )….reaction Negative …it conclusive?

  2. i had unprotected sex(foolishly) on the 16th of July 2011.

    Two weeks after this i was treated for malaria after complaining about body aches then a week after i was treated for thyphoid fever after a blood test.The doctor noticed that i had oral thrush and he gave fluconazole. I noticed i had a slight sore throat and i was belching seriously and i also had heartburn .I did some blood test and it was discovered that i had h.pylori infection ( i was given some anti-biotics for it).I googled the symptoms of hiv and i really got worried because i noticed that i had lost weight about 4kg. I also had some body aches.So i decided to go for an hiv test especially after i noticed some red dots at the back of my mouth this left after i took some vitamin C. The sore throat was not painful It started initial like something scratching me in my throat and later i would have to clear my throat before talking normally (till stopped in the 14th week after the fever). I felt a lot better after 8 weeks but still had this feeling that something was wrong somewhere until 11th week when i woke up and i noticed three little blisters on my left palm and 1 on my little right finger.It appears this blisters affected my nails somehow because the edges of my nail seem to have changed since then. My body temperature from about the 23rd of September to the 9th of October was between 37.0 and 37.3 degree celcius from 1pm to 7pm. The blisters actually reduced in size completely that evening and have remained the same way.

    The test result of my hiv tests are as follows

    no 4th generation test where i live
    6 weeks ——negative 3rd generation
    8 weeks & 2days ——– negative 3rd generation
    8weeks & 3days——– determine rapid finger prick
    10weeks & 2days——— determine 3rd generation
    11weeks & 2days——— determine 3rd generation
    12weeks & 2days——— determine 3rd generation
    12 weeks ———-dna pcr ———————– negative
    14 weeks ——————- determine 3rd generation
    16 weeks _——————-imumunocomb 2 trispot (4th generation)- negative
    16 weeks and 2days — statpak an determine -negative
    16weeks and 5 days -determine -negative

    I had a terrible runny nose for 2 days(in the 14th week) then on the third day the runny nose,a slight cough (with pains in my neck possibly due to swollen lymph nodes) with a fever (which went as high as 38.2) .I had to take ibrufen and i felt a lot better that night. By morning the running nose and the fever had stopped. Then a few days later i discovered one morning a swollen lymph in pelvic area (it was obvious) and it reduced in size completely within two days .I had adbdominal scan and the doctor checked the lymph node in my groin and confirmed it was okay.I also had an xray and it was okay based on the doctor’s comment .My ESR was 21 .My full blood count appeared normal from what the doctor said.

    I have been very slight mouth ulcers lately in my mouth.
    I also noticed that i have the skin writing disease .

    I noticed a small rash at my back @ 8 weeks but the doctor looked at it and said it was nothing to worry about. That anxiety seemed to be my problem.

    Please help ME.I have not been myself for the past 4months and i am really scared. I need to know what my chances are of being -ve are.

    I would also like to know if 6months is equivalent to 24 weeks in th window period.

    I never used drugs or had any chemotherapy in my life. Please advice.

    1.Can the seroconversion illness take this sort of pattern?
    2.Would i not have produced enough antibodies if i was seroconverting with all these symptoms?
    3.Can i move on with my life from this point?
    4.If the fever was due to hiv infection would ibrufen have made it stop easily like it did?
    5.Do you think that it makes any sense to have a fourth generation test at 16 weeks since P24 might be undetectable.
    6.Do you think that the h.pylori could be responsible for all these.

    The lady is still negative at the moment.Everyone thinks i am okay.That it is just the anxiety/guilty that is killing but i think i am one of those late seroconverters.


    • Hi jojojo,

      You have multiple tests that are conclusive of the fact that you do not have HIV. I am absolutely convinced you do not have HIV. We therefore can conclude that all your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. It’s time for you to stop thnking about HIV and have all your other medical issues properly taken care of.


      Dr Tan

    • Really? I wonder how other hiv+ people feel reading this! As a positive peson myself it’s a OTT! LOL

    • I had nearly similar symptoms and went over similar procedure. I have some suspection that I might have got some mutant-pylori infection due to antibiotics and all such symptomps arise from this imbalance.

    • Sounds more like syphilis to me.

  3. Thank you Dr. Tan for your quick response.The lady i lady i slept with is hiv -ve (at the moment too).I am just worried about the window period thing and these unusual symptoms that i have witnessing lately.
    Thanks once again,you are doing a great job.

    • Hi jojojo,

      You are welcome.


      Dr Tan

      • Merry Xmas Drtan,

        I have tested HIV negative to 23 weeks which seems really nice.But my major concern is that the blisters that i have on my palms and slightly on my toes have not gone.Secondly i have been having a lot of painles mouth ulcers in my mouth.

        I jsut want to move on with my life but i am scared that i am one of those late seroconverters.



        • Hi JOJOJO,

          Merry Christmas to you and your family. You do not have HIV. Ulcers on your palms, mouth and soles? Your really need to see your doctor and find out the cause. Pemphigoid? Pemphigus? HFMD? Herpes?


          Dr Tan

          • Dr Tan,
            Only God can reward you for the good work.I would see a doc next week again =.It is just that i have been scared.
            You seem to be quite convinced that the recurrent mouth ulcers(painless) has not nothing to do with hiv.I have had the ones on my palms and soles for over 13weeks.I am really fed up and depressed . I cant just wait for the 25 week mark.

  4. Hi Dr Tan

    A really worried guy here. I had an intercourse with a lady 17 days ago. Although protected sex, I found out after the intercourse I have a wound on my inner thigh which came into physical contact with her bodily fluid during the intercourse. Now I am having fever and flu like symptoms. May I know which kind of test I should take? Is it the PCR?

    And do you accept credit card at your clinic?

    I appreciate your speedy response.

    • Hi Dave,

      Your risk of HIV is still extremely low in spite of the wound on your thigh. 17 days is a little too early to be developing ARS symptoms. However, I understand your worry and concerns. The only conclusive test you can take now is the RNA PCR. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Amex and NETS.


      Dr Tan

  5. Hi Dr Tan

    A really worried guy here. I had an intercourse with a lady 17 days ago. Although protected sex, I found out after the intercourse I have a wound on my inner thigh which might come into physical contact with her bodily fluid during the intercourse. Now I am having fever and flu like symptoms. May I know which kind of test I should take? Is it the PCR?

    And do you accept credit card at your clinic?

    I appreciate your speedy response.

    • Hi Dave,

      This is a repeat post from you. I apologise for my less than speedy response. I am currently in Taiwan attending the Asia Pacific Congress on Sexual Medicine. So my responses may be slower than usual.


      Dr Tan

  6. Dear Tan,

    I visited your clinic few (4) times stand outside, seems many people queue, i came inside today but you are away. My worry is i had a massage during the encounter (both undress and had a frottage) no insertation and some deep kissing exceeding 30min, i checked for all std’s , hep b im vaccinated, hiv neg twice in finger prick all done 6week’s after the incident, still im a bit worried…deep kissing can transmit hiv exchange saliva , i did dental scaling a day b4 this incident. can you advice.

    • Hi Robert,

      I’m so sorry. I would really appreciate any suggestions you have that can make our clinic more conducive. Or do you think there is any thing we can do to make the entire testing process less prohibitive? Would truly appreciate any inputs from you. As for your question: Although deep kissing has a theoretical risk of passing HIV, I have never seen any hard scientific evidence to prove this theory. I personally think that it is not possible due to the very small amount of HIV in the saliva and a high number of neutralizing anitbodies. Furthermore, HIV cannot penetrate intact mucosa. Dental scaling never causes wounds deep enough to be of concern. I think you are worrying much too much. Also, a rapid HIV test at 6 weeks post exposure is as good as 100% accurate. You should take a deep breath and relax.


      Dr Tan

  7. Hi I had protected anal intercourse. But I’m v worried abt having HIV. That day I had anal intercourse I had diarrhea and it lasted for 2 days. On the 3rd day after exposure I had fever. It recovered. Abt 11 days after exposure I had flu and then cough and now fever again on day 13. Does it mean I have HIV? I’m really very very worried. I keep thinking abt it and researching online the entire day

    • Hi Worried,

      You had protected receptive or insertive anal intercourse. Your risk is higher if it was receptive. However, your symptoms are too early to be due to HIV ARS. You need not worry about your symptoms. But you should get tested for HIV at 1 month and 3 months post exposure.


      Dr Tan

      • How much is it to get tested?

        • Hi Worried,

          I am currently responding to many queries everyday and am in the process of converting this into a forum to allow for better follow up of individual queries. I am really unable to recall the details of your earlier post. Which test are you referring to?


          Dr Tan

          • Sorry I’m referring to the 4 weeks post exposure HIV test

          • Hi Worried,

            Rapid HIV test costs $50 at our clinic.


            Dr Tan

        • nikki

          I foolishly had unprotected sex,however do you think 12 weeks after intercourse is enough time or do I have to wait a full 3 months? does it really make a difference?

          • drtan

            12 weeks is long enough for a HIV test. There is really no difference between 12 weeks and 3 months. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  8. Hi Dr Tan,
    I had an unprotected vagina sex on 10 Nov,11 Nov & 18 Nov. I had a sore throat on the 17 of nov and 19 nov which is today, currently having fever. I am very worried. I really need your expertise on this.

    • Hi Anxious,

      It is much much too early for you to be experiencing ARS symptoms. Your symptoms definitely have nothing to do with HIV. There is really no point in worrying. What you need is a HIV and STD screen. Get yourself tested for everything at 4 weeks post exposure.


      Dr Tan

  9. Hi Dr Tan,
    I stupidly had an unprotected vaginal sex on 10,11&18 Nov with my girlfriend.I have an sore throat at 18 Nov and 19 Nov which is today, currently having fever. I would like to seek your expertise on what can i do. I cant stop worrying!!

    • Hi anxious,

      This is a repeat post from you. I am currently attending the Asia Pacific Congress on Sexual Medicine so my responses may be a little tardy. Apologies. Please refer to your earlier post that I have answered.


      Dr Tan

  10. Hi Dr Tan,
    Thank for you quick reply! I am feeling quite relieve now! what’s the total cost of HIV and STD screen at 4week post exposure? Sorrie about repeating the post as i was really anxious about it.


    • Hi anxious,

      You are welcome. A comprehensive STD screen at our clinic costs $390 and a rapid HIV test costs $50.


      Dr Tan

  11. Hi doc,

    I was having intercourse on the 26 oct but it is protected. I am still very worried if I might have affected with STD or HIV. How can oral sex affect any party? And how to see/know whether the person is affected with STD or HIV? Is there any ways to tell? Please tell me. I worried but also curious. Thanks!

    • Hi Ken,

      Using a condom is very effective in protecting you against HIV but unfortunately the same cannot be said for other STDs. Oral sex can transmit Syphilis, Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HPV etc. The jury is out about oral sex transmitting HIV. The current consensus is oral sex can transmit HIV but the risk is very low. It is impossible to tell if someone has HIV or STDs unless there are obvious symptoms like a discharge or ulcers. An absence of symptoms does NOT mean a person does not have any STDs or HIV.


      Dr Tan

  12. Hi Dr Tan,
    Recently post “Hi Dr Tan,
    I stupidly had an unprotected vaginal sex on 10,11&18 Nov with my girlfriend.I have an sore throat at 18 Nov and 19 Nov which is today, currently having fever. I would like to seek your expertise on what can i do. I cant stop worrying!!”

    your reply to my post was
    “Hi Anxious,
    It is much much too early for you to be experiencing ARS symptoms. Your symptoms definitely have nothing to do with HIV. There is really no point in worrying. What you need is a HIV and STD screen. Get yourself tested for everything at 4 weeks post exposure.
    Dr Tan”

    And today which is on the 21 nov i got a ulcer on my mouth,flu and having headache the whole day. I am not sure whether my headache is cause by myself as i keep worrying about me having HIV. I can neither concentrate on my things nor even eat my food properly as i keep worrying. I really need some advice and guidelines for this.

    Thank you

    Yours Sincerely,

    • Hi anxious,

      Your symptoms are not due to HIV. Stop worrying about HIV and see a doctor to find out waht exactly is causing your symtpoms.


      Dr Tan

  13. Does that mean the virus don’t just come like this unless either party have it? What will be earliest symptoms for STD? Since I don’t need worry much about HIV as it does not affect me as I use condom. I just worry most about oral sex. What the chance of affected STD?

    • Hi Ken,

      Yes. The virus or bacteria has to be passed from one infected party to another non-infected party. It cannot appear out of thin air. Chance of contracting STDs like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea is high. Not everyone who contracts an STD will develop symptoms. IF symptoms do develop, they usually take between 3 days to 2 weeks post exposure.


      Dr Tan

  14. Hi there, can i ask what are the chances that i might have contracted herpes or other forms of STDs. Me and my girlfriend have engage in unprotected oral sex on average of 3-4 times per month, no penetration thou.Me and my girlfriend are virgins and have never engage in any sex activities before which im sure of that.

    Recently, i have a bad flu. back aches , and discovered a small scab on the head of my penis. The scab is not itchy nor it is producing any fluid. Apart from this, this is not the first time i have discover the scab on the head of penis(same area),the last time it happened was like 1-2 year+ ago when i was like 23 years old.To top up on this, I do have a unknown skin disease during my young days. This skin disease also forms scabs on my skin, which looks like overgrown cells(dry skin)on different parts of my body. During my young days, it grows on my legs and arms. And as days goes, it started to heal and as far as i know, theres only 1 small patch left on my left leg which wouldnt heal.So im guessing if the scab on my penis head could be due this reason.

    Im 24 this year, i have gone through 2 HIV test. 1 before enlisting to the national service and the other 1 just before ORD. I have been tested negative.(are these test conducted by ns enough to check if i have contracted herpes?)

    • Hi Ben,

      Although your girlfriend has never had sexual intercourse, she still could have Herpes Type 1. Most Herpes 1 are transmitted via kissing (eg parent kissing a child). I assume she does not abuse intravenous drugs and never had blood transfusion. So this puts her at zero risk for blood borne diseases such as HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B. You have had 2 HIV tests which were negative. But you never had any test for Herpes. So right now there is no way to conclusively tell whether you have Herpes or not. It is very difficult to make a diagnosis based on description of symptoms, especially skin lesions. The best thing for you to do is to see a doctor and have these ‘scabs’ examined. If the doctor suspects Herpes then get a Herpes test done.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        Thanks for the prompt reply and advice, Really appreciate it.One last last question, will most of the Genital Herpes carrier suffer from painfull blisters around their genital?(which in the case i dont). And during the healing period, will the scab remain there or does it disappear (my scab disappears).


        • Hi Ben,

          Genital Herpes can be symptom free. If sufferers do develop symptoms, it will commonly present as painful blisters in the genital region. You should not be trying to self diagnose the skin lesions that you have. This forum cannot and is not meant to diagnose your problem. You really need to see a doctor and find out what you have. Herpes is not the only skin disease that you can have.


          Dr Tan

  15. hi doc,my husband as a hiv person..i was check n test for hiv my result is negatif.i’m scared.its i can hv a hiv bcoz right now we having sex but wear condom..but my test is negatif.n if we share the food,drink ist ok?n how about kisses..thankz doc..

    • Hi ella,

      If am very disconcerted that you are married to a HIV positive person and yet do not understand the risks of exposure. I strongly recommend that you see a doctor or a counsellor and speak to them in detail about being in what we term a ‘sero-discordant’ relationship. You are definitely at risk of HIV. However, your risk is small because you use a condom. Condom use has to be correct and consistent to be effective. Your risk is further reduced if your husband is on anti-retroviral therapy and has a low or non-detectable viral load. Kissing has almost not risk of transmitting HIV unless you have significant oral disease. Sharing food and drink, towels, toilets, clothes, hugging etc has NO risk of transmitting HIV. This is a very brief summary of your risks. You really need to see a doctor or a counsellor and have a proper consultation.


      Dr Tan

      • thankz doc..before i married 3year then he diogs a hiv..but i not sure whether 1 day i can get the hiv or not..now going to 5 years i married so far nothing happen to me..i hope god bless me n save me.its i can get the hiv?

        • Hi ella,

          Of course you are at risk of HIV. You can only minimize your risk by ensuring correct and consistent condom use. And ensuring that your husband gets proper antiretroviral treatment. Again I stress that this forum cannot help you. You must see a doctor or counsellor for a proper formal consultation.


          Dr Tan

  16. Hi Dr. Tan, before I post my queries, I would like to say you are doing a great job by reaching out to disconcerted individuals through this forum.

    I have been visiting sex workers on a regular basis (7 times this year) and on all occasions I have always had protected sex. I refrain from performing oral on my partner, however I always am the receiver.

    Around Sept 2011 I began developing symptoms that indicated viral in nature as my lymph nodes throughout my body was swollen. It began with a weird and sometimes painful sensation in my throat. Soon after, I realized my lymph nodes were swollen (generalized buck shot lymph nodes). I also had a painful feeling where my lymph nodes under my jaw is located. During this time, I had no fever or any flu like symptoms. The lymph nodes never changed its size, and I can still feel them nearly 2 months after the infection.

    The lymph nodes under my jaw was never swollen although painful. However when I clench my jaw I can feel my lymph nodes protruding slightly.

    The sensations dissapeared after a month. I subjected myself to HIV rapid tests on more than one occasion ever since my symptoms started flaring up. My results were always -ve. I did have a mild flu that lasted for 3 days and fever that lasted for 2 days (this happened after the sensations dissapeared)

    At this point of time I believe I don’t have to worry about being HIV positive because of my safe sex practices on every occasion. I do realize that even with protection, there is a small risk factor involved. I also realize now that it is not worth the risk to visit sex workers or have random sexual encounters even if it is protected sex.

    I would like an expert opinion on what my symptoms could be as the doctors that I have consulted says it is probably some common viral infection.

    Finally, I always have a healthy appetite (even when I had the infection) and I am still trying to overcome my anxiety attack (was severe a month ago to the point that it caused diarrhea for 3 days) other than that as my anxiety is slowly dissapearing, my life is coming back to as it was before all this stupidity took place.

    I apologize for being long winded doc, I just want to provide you with an accurate picture so you can provide a reasonable opinion on my symptoms.


    • Hi Kumar,

      I empathize with you situation however this forum is not meant for medical consultations. I really am unable to give you any kind of opinion on the possible causes of your symptoms. For that, you need to see a doctor, have a proper history taken, a thorough physical examination and maybe some tests. There are just too many possible causes of enlarged lymph nodes including lymphoma, leaukaemia, tuberculosis, syphilis etc etc. I agree with you that your risk for HIV is extremely low. It will still benefit you to have a HIV test done 3 months from the date of your latest exposure to close that chapter.


      Dr Tan

  17. Dr. Tan,

    Thanks for your reassurance, I will definetly go for a med check up to get a proper diagnosis. I wish you luck and keep up the good work. God bless…


    • Hi Kumar,

      Thank you for your kind words. I too wish you all the best.


      Dr Tam

  18. Hi Doctor,

    I had unprotected sex on Nov 9.It lasted for less that a minute and I took a shower after 5 mins. After the exposure, I experienced (Feverish(but 36.5),headache) on that day itself.My skin was itchy on that day too. My fever and headache went away but my skin still felt itchy (esp both sides of my elbows and back of the shoulders) I also discovered very small skin colored bumps when I itch. It felt like something was stinging me whenever I itched.It’s similar to standing for a long time and your legs start itching. I also found a lot of slightly big painless pink bumps on the back of my tongue. Right now, I only have itch and pink bumps.
    Do you think it’s better for me to test on the 6th week or wait until 3 months ?
    And how about STD tests ?

    • **It lasted less than a min. I only went into her for a few seconds, two times.

    • Hi Ram,

      There is no STD (including HIV) that will develop symptoms on the day of the exposure itself. It is highly unlikely that your symptoms are due to any STD. For HIV testing, we recommend testing at 1 month and again at 3 months. Screening for other STDs can be done at 4 to 6 weeks post exposure except Syphilis which should be tested for at the end of 3 months.


      Dr Tan

  19. Dr Tan,

    Thank for the opportunity to post my question. I had vaginal unprotected sex in September 16, 2011 and had all the ARS symptoms 2 weeks after my exposure.
    I had test at 4,5,6,7,9 and 12 months post exposure for all STD’s (gonnorea, clamadia, sippilis, hepatitis B and C , HIV and Herpes 1 and 2)

    My test at 6 months and 12 months came out positive for HSV2; those are the only 2 times that I received a positive result for something. I have not have an outbreak at all on all this time.

    My concern is that I still feel pain on my lymph nodes ( behind legs, arms and armpits) and a very cold sensation on my back and arms all the time.

    Should I still concern about HIV?

    Thank you for your help.


    • Hi Roberto,

      Your exposure was on 16 Sep 2010. You had a total of 6 negative HIV tests all after 3 months post exposure. Every one of these 6 tests are conclusive of the fact that you do not have HIV. That is the one thing you can completely and confidently put out of your mind. The same goes for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C. Your symptoms are obviously NOT due to any STDs or HIV. You should see a doctor and find out what disease could be causing your symptoms.


      Dr Tan

  20. I am sorry; I was trying to type September 16, 2010. That’s when my exposure occurred.

    Thank you

  21. Hi Dr. Tan,

    I recently did a HIV test and was confirmed that I am +ve. As I did not have my test done with my GP, I was wondering if I could inform my GP of my new condition just for his/her knowledge. Will my GP then be obligated to inform the Health authorities? I do not intend to be put on “the” list in Singapore but will be seeking for treatment overseas. So I would like to ask your professional advice on whether I should or should not keep my GP informed. Thanks


    • Hi Gerard,

      I cannot advise you on whether you should tell your GP or not. That decision is wholly up to you. What I can tell you is that your GP and any other medical professional is bound by law under the infectious diseases act to inform MOH if they even SUSPECT a person to be HIV positive. Not least actually KNOW that they are. That fact is actually what makes Anonymous HIV testing centres like ours so special. We are excused from that section of the Infectious Diseases Act. However, without this very important piece of information, your GP will not be able to give you the medical treatment and advice that you need. It is a tricky situation indeed. What I can also tell you is that getting put on ‘the list’ is really not as bad as you imagine. MOH will conduct contact tracing with you but otherwise, they will not inform anyone of your diagnosis. What you also need to know is that you are bound by law to inform any potential sexual partner of your status. Hope that helps.


      Dr Tan

    • Dear gerard, could you please share with us your case. 1. What have you done that led u to a +ve result? Example. U engaged frequent unprotected or rather protected sex with someone frequent. Tell us more about ur case.

  22. Dr. Tan,

    Thank you VERY MUCH for your help and advice.
    God Bless You.


  23. Wondering

    Hi Dr Tan,

    I am here to ask on my friend behalf! He is worried as his girlfriend performed oral sex on him! Hmmm so what are the % of getting STD/HIV from oral sex? I am curious about that too! Will be looking foward d reply ;)

    • Hi Wondering,

      Please refer to: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/getting-hiv-from-oral-sex/. The other STDs that can be transmitted via oral sex are Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis and Herpes. Your friend really does not have to be worried about any of these unless he suspects that his girlfriend is carrying these diseases. If so, he might want to advise her to get some tests done.


      Dr Tan

  24. Wondering

    Will be looking foward for a pleasant reply ;)

    • Hi Wondering,

      I try to make my replies as useful and factual as possible. Hope they turn out pleasant too.


      Dr Tan

  25. Hi Dr Tan,

    Thanks for your reply earlier. I have fingered a girl 10 weeks ago with finger covered with condom. You have also advised earlier that it is low risk.
    so far, i tested on

    4th weeks
    6th weeks
    8th weeks

    and all are -ve.
    is it conclusive? I like to retest at 12 weeks, would that be very conclusive? or i will have to wait till 90 days?

    Thank you Doctor.

    • Hi Worried,

      Most health authorities recommend testing at 3 months. Whether that is 12 weeks or 90 days is really splitting hairs. There is no difference.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        Thanks for your reply. Have been very worried since day 1. From replied above, see that 8 weeks are considered to be conclusive. How do you foresee my result will be on the 12th or 13 weeks?

        I have had sore throat for pass few weeks and been feeling weak in my leg. Although i have been taking strong antibiotic but it just doesn’t help.

        Do you think it have any linkage?

        Thank you.

        • Hi Worried,

          I think your test on the 12th week will confirm the fact that you do not have HIV. I do not think your symptoms are due to HIV. I have often give this advice: Do not be so worried about HIV that you neglect the possibility of other illnesses. If your symptoms are not improving even with the medicines, you should see your doctor for a review.


          Dr Tan

          • Hi Dr Tan,

            Got my test on 11 weeks + 4 days and is -ve. Will this be considered to be 12 weeks? Can i say to be 100% sure and can move on without any worry?
            Would it need to be taken > 84 days as is 3 days short…

            Thank you.

          • Hi Worried,

            Yes it is accurate. Stop worrying and move on.


            Dr Tan

  26. Hi Dr Tan,

    I used to have sex with 4-5 sex workers over a period of 3 months between June to Sep. On every occassion, I made sure I used a condomn. It has been 3 months since I visited one and now know the dangers. During this time, a few lumps appeared on the upper meat patch of the groin area. They appear red and angry. they still remain but are not painful at all. Other than that my appetite has decreased (lost a bit of weight). Today I saw some small red spots appearing on my palm (some lumpy). Is this HIV? I am very worried……

    • Hi Puzzled,

      There are many possible explanations for your symptoms. There is really no way for me to conclusively tell if it is due to HIV or not. What I can say is that since you consistently and presumably correctly used condoms, that your risk for HIV is extremely low. However, this same protection does not apply to other STDs. The best thing for you to do is to see a doctor with regards to your symptoms. Since it has been 3 months since your last exposure, it is the perfect time to have a rapdi HIV anitbody test.


      Dr Tan

  27. Dear doc,

    About 1 week ago, I masturbated with my friend and he ejaculated on my body. The thing is I have pimples on my chest. Also, I also had a pimple with an open wound on my penis… But this wound isn’t a fresh one.

    What are the chances of me getting HIV? Thanks.

    • Hi Renny,

      I would say zero. Please always practice safe sex. Even though for this particular event you are not at risk, it is always prudent to have regular HIV tests.


      Dr Tan

      • I had sex with my girlfriend (unprotected) in may 2012 and in June 2012 for 4-5 days I had fever and night sweats only in night and during day all is normal and I went to hospital .. Doctor took blood and urine test and chest X-ray but everything was normal … Then in October 2012 I had little symptoms of tonsillitis and it resolved within a 2-4 days after my ENT doctor gave medicine … And in November 2012 I had been diagnosed with molluscum contagiousum on my gentials … And I asked my gf wether she have any HIV or other disease she told she don’t have any disease but she develop candida in vagina every time she change partner .. I’m worried does I have HIV ?? Please help me out .. I’m afraid of taking HIV test!!

  28. Dr, i just did a full STD screening in Malaysia at 25days post exposure(protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex with a prostitute). I know 25days is not conclusive for HIV test but may i know how accurate is it for ELISA? Besides, i also got equivocal for both HSV-1 and 2. Does it mean i am positive? I am sorry to ask because i know this is HIV forum. But i really need someone to help and i am extremely worried now.

    • Hi Kevin,

      I constantly wonder why people such as yourself see a doctor, spend all that money to get tests done but yet do not clear all their worries and doubts with the doctor. Your doctor has seen and examined you, taken a history, conducted the test and have hard copy details of the results. Do you not think that he/she is in a much better position to counsel you on the test results than I am? For example you say your HSV 1 and 2 tests are equivocal and want me to tell you if you are positive or not. I do not even know what test you did. Was it the IgG test? IgM? TSST? What exactly is equicoval? What is your reading and what is the lab reference ranges? Is the lab you used certified? Do you have any history that can affect the HSV test eg previous Chickenpox Vaccination? Do you have any symptoms? All I can do is give you generic advice. I can say that given your exposure, your risk of HIV is really low. A HIV ELISA test at 25 days post exposure is not conclusive. Exactly how accurate it is you should ask the doctor who did it for you. If you are that worried my best advice for you is to revisit the doctor and ask him/her all these questions that you are asking me. Do not leave the office until you get a satisfactory response. As much as I empathize with you and really want to help, the fact is this forum cannot substitute for medical consultations.


      Dr Tan

      • Sorry doctor, I did my STD screening in Pathlab Malaysia. For the HSV test it was a IGG test, the HSV-1 and 2 were 396 units/ml and 273 units/ml. These two values fall in the equivocal range of 250-400 and 250-300 respectively. I did ask them about that doctor. They said it maybe due to early infection. And they cannot be sure.They asked me to retest in 2 weeks time. And i do not have any symptoms related to herpes. Sorry doctor i am living in a remote area(Kelantan). The lab here do not provide HIV duo test. I visited a doctor regarding the test, but i got even more confused when he said i maybe exposed to herpes but perhaps the next result will show negative. I know this is not true because either i got it or not. Sorry for the inconvenience Dr.Tan.

        • Hi Kevin,

          I again stress that this cannot be deemed to be a medical consultation. I am happy to give you my views and opinions but you must always defer to your doctor. The HSV IgG test is a difficult test to interpret. Things like having had a Chickenpox Vaccine can cause the antibodies to both HSV 1 and 2 to go up (esp HISV 1). What your doctors are saying is also true. The IgG takes time to form in the body and this could be due to an early infection. We cannot rely on symptoms to diagnose Herpes as some people who are infected might remain symptom free. At this point in time, you can opt to do a Herpes IgM test if it really concerns you. If not wait 4 weeks and either repeat the HSV IgG test or do a Herpes TSST test. This will help answer the question whether you have HSV or not. As for HIV, the standard advise is still test at 1month and again at 3 months. A HIV antibody test will do.


          Dr Tan

          • Dear Dr, again thanks for your opinion and advice. You really help me a lot.

          • Hi Kevin,

            You are welcome. I’m glad I could help.


            Dr Tan

  29. Dear Dr, i had protected sex with a sex worker last november 3. It is now december 8 and is 5 weeks after the intercourse. These are my questions are. 1. What kind of tests should i take that is 100% sure of the result in the 6th week? 2. Should i feel or see some initial symptoms of hiv within this timeline? 3. What is my risk of acquiring such virus if im using condom and does the virus crawl from the entry of the condom to the tip of it? However when i removed the condom the condom’s entry point contained dried vigianal fluid which passed my tip.does it matter? Please advise. Im scared to death

    • Hi jim

      1. 3rd Generation HIV antibody test. 2. Yes. Symptoms mostly come on at 3 to 4 weeks post exposure. But many people who are infected with HIV do not show symptoms. Even if people do develop symptoms, it is very non-specific like fever, sorethroat, swollen neck glands, rashes etc. So looking for symptoms is really unhelpful in reaching a diagnosis of HIV. 3. With correct condom use, the risk of contracting HIV is as good as zero. The HIV virus is really weak and does not have its own propulsion. It is impossible for it to make that distance. HIV loses its infectivity when dried out. So the fact that the vaginal fluid is dried means there is no active HIV virus left. In other words it is impossible to be infected in this way. You are being much more worried that you need to be. I would put a million to one odds against you having HIV. Stop worrying and just get tested. You’ll be fine.


      Dr Tan

      • Thanks doc. However, what if i had a small cut on my finger tip and it got exposed to not dry viginal fluids? What is the impact?

        • Hi jim,

          No impact at all. Unless you had a deep gaping gash gushing blood on your finger tip. I think you would have noticed that. Seriously, all this thing about cuts and scratches exposing a person to HIV has been blown way out of proportion. You are not at risk of HIV. Accept this happy fact and move on.


          Dr Tan

  30. Dear Dr. Tan,

    I visited your clinic 2 years ago, and swore that I would never go back for the same test … needless to say I have faultered.

    I had a vaginal intercourse with a csw 7 weeks 3 days ago. I had no symptoms except for minor night sweats days 5,6,7. I had a anti body test at week 2,5,and 7 all negative, and then also had a duo test done at 7 weeks negative (3 days ago). fever, sorethroat, and I have 3 pimples on my chest.

    1. Do I need to retest because my symptoms could be ars?
    2. Do HIV rashes generally occur on the whole body?

    Thank you

    • Sorry I meant, that I started to get a fever, sorethroat, and three pimples on my chest about 3 days ago.

    • Hi bobby,

      Fever and sorethroat could be ARS symptoms. But fever and sorethroat could be also be a common cold. Where did you get a 7 weeks DUO test done? P24 drops at 6 weeks and is not useful at 7 weeks. You should have gotten an antibody test instead. You need a re-test because MOH says antibody tests have a 3 month window period. Even trained doctors find it hard to identify a HIV rash. You shouldn’t bother.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr. Tan,

        I had Rapid Test Done, and an DUO test done 3 days ago (week 7). Both the Rapid Test and DUO test came back negative. I had my test done at the Public Health Center in Boston where it is freezing cold (I am currently here on business). Do ARS symptoms usually come this late in the game week 7 and later?

        Thank you,

        • Sorry Dr. Tan,

          By Rapid test I mean anti-body test with finger prick.

          The pimples have me the most worried. So three isolated pimples on the chest are not HIV rash?

          • Sorry last repost – it was protected sex.

          • Hi bobby,

            Even more reason not to worry.


            Dr Tan

          • Hi bobby,

            Yeah. Those are very accurate at 6 weeks post exposure. Absolutely not. If pimples indicated HIV the the entire adolescent world will be in trouble.


            Dr Tan

        • Hi bobby,

          Greeting from warm (hot) Singapore to freezing cold Boston. So if both tests were negative then why are you still worried? ARS symptoms most often come on at 3 to 4 weeks post exposure.


          Dr Tan

  31. Hi dr tan,

    I have unprotected sex on the 18 nov and a few protected sex with the same person. she performed oral sex on me and all was unprotected. i am now having cough with green phlegm. my cough is already 1wk and have not been heal. i am very worried that i may get HIV from her!!

    Very Worried….

  32. i also dunno whether she is HIV + but she have been suffering from dry cough 1wk ago. i really need your help.. thanks …..

    • Hi Help,

      I don’t know exactly how you want me to help you. If you are worried that you might have been infected with HIV then go get tested. There is no use sweating over your symptoms. As for what test you need to do, you can discuss that with your doctor when you see him/her.


      Dr Tan

  33. Hello. Nuru gel will prevent HIV transmition or enhance ?

    • Hi Danny,

      I do not believe it has any effect, good or bad, on the transmission of HIV.


      Dr Tan

  34. Hello doctor Tan,
    Please help me, I wrote to you with some questions about my HIV tests but my message hasn’t appeared in the comments list. Am I doing something wrong? Please help me with an answer, i feel I am going crazy…

    • Hi Adr,

      Some patience please. All new users’ comments have to be vetted before being posted. This is to ensure the quality and relevance of the forum. It is really to weed out the SPAM. I have responded to your question. Please have a read.


      Dr Tan

      • Thank you, I appreciate it very much and I apologize for rushing you. Please when you get the chance, please review my follow up question. After that I would bother you any more. No rush, thank you very much.

        • Hi Adr,

          No apologies necessary. I have already answered your follow up question and will be happy to answer anymore you have.


          Dr Tan

  35. Hi doc,

    I have similiar experiences from the above quries so i also believe whatever i asked and be answered will not be the actual answer i really want .
    A test will be conslusive for my worries.
    I have a Exposure at 23 nov .
    What test should i be taking ? And the percentage of accuracy?

    • Hi Bei,

      So what is the answer you really want? Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since your exposure. I suggest you wait 1 more week and then get the HIV combo test. This will be 100% accurate and will save you quite a bit of money (as opposed to doing the PCR RNA test now).


      Dr Tan

  36. Hi Dr. Tan. I need some advise. I went for a sensual massage today. These are what happened:-

    i) She licked my nipples
    ii) I rub my penis between her breasts and ejaculated.

    But then, later I noticed she had some rash between her breasts area. Looks like red dots. She said it was some allergy to medication.

    Anyway, Just to check, if it is HIV rash, would I be at risk? I was not wearing a condom during the act. But there was no penetrative sex or oral sex.

    • Hi Subra_N,

      No, you are not at risk of HIV. HIV cannot be spread through intact skin. You do not need to worry even if she really has HIV.


      Dr Tan

      • Thx for the reply Dr.Tan. Just to clarify, even if my penis head in contact with the red dot rashes beween her breasts(assuming HIV rash). No risk right? can i move on?

        • Hi Subra_N,

          HIV virus is only found in bodily fluids like blood, semen, vaginal secretions and saliva. It is not found on the skin. You cannot contract HIV from touching an infected person’s skin. You are at no risk. Stop worrying and move on.


          Dr Tan

  37. Hi Dr.

    i am curious, based on your many years experience of meeting so many hiv + guy patient who got infected due to sex. Would you mind to share with me, what is the main reason causing that is it because of unprotected sex? i understand from your post saying that for a lady to be infected by HIV is about 1/1000. Is this probability referring to unprotected sex or other aspect as well.

    • Hi JK,

      Most people in Singapore who are HIV positive were infected via unprotected sexual intercourse. Very very few are infected via sharing of needles in drug use and very few HIV positive babies are born to HIV positive mothers in Singapore. Note that this applies to Singapore only. The statistics do not differentiate between various sexual acts.


      Dr Tan

  38. Hi Dr.

    I think you should have a clinic here to help Malaysian. Your clinic tests are far more advance than Malaysia despite we are so close.

    By the way, i have fever, sore throat, cough on the same time on 18th day of post exposure. Fever and Sore Throat recover one day after. All these Could it be ARS?

    • Hi JK,

      I am sure everything I do here is available in Malaysia. You just need to know where to look. However, I would love to set up a clinic in Malaysia. Perhaps in the future. It is impossible to tell ARS apart from a common cold. However, it is a little too early for ARS symptoms.


      Dr Tan

  39. Dear Dr Tan,

    Sorry to bother you again, i got tested negative at 39 days post exposure(protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex) by ELISA antibody test, do you think that i need a retest considering my exposure? Or can i move on in my life? Thanks again Doctor. Here i wish you a Merry Christmas in advance.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Exposure risk does not affect the window period. I agree that your exposure puts you at miniscule risk of HIV but still the window period applies. You should get retested. Merry Chrsitmas.


      Dr Tan

      • So Doctor the test was just meaningless? And i should not do any test before 3 months?

        • Hi Kevin,

          No it is not meaningless. In fact, an ELISA test at 6 weeks post exposure is as good as conclusive. However, MOH still recommends a retest at 3 months and it is not wise to offend MOH. You need not waste your time and money doing any test before 3 months. I would say you need not do anymore tests but I certainly would not want MOH to be wagging their fingers at me.


          Dr Tan

          • Sorry doctor, i was highly anxious and i did a HIV test again in BP lab Malaysia post 48 days. It came back negative.To my surprise it was a DUO test. I knew that DUO test is only accurate at 4-5 weeks. So in my case was it accurate? Since it was not in the suitable timeline. And how accurate do you think is the test albeit it is not conclusive?

          • Hi Kevin,

            Why don’t you ask the doctor who did the test for you?


            Dr Tan

          • Sorry doctor, i did not mean to waste your time. The test i did was in a medical lab. There was no doctor. When i asked the lab assistant they did not even know what window period is. I noticed that your time is valuable and you are kind to provide free advice to people like me. I am sorry if i annoyed you doctor.

          • Hi Kevin,

            I’m sorry if I came across as annoyed. That was not my intention. It’s just that in Singapore, you cannot get a HIV test unless you speak to a doctor or at least a counsellor. So I was rather surprised that nobody counselled you on the test and its implications. A DUO test at day 48 is really a waste of your money. You only needed the anitbody portion and not the P24 portion. That said, the antibody test at day 48 in my view is as good as conclusive. I’m sure you will be OK.


            Dr Tan

          • Dear Dr.Tan, you are a really professional doctor and yet kind. I know that you are not obliged to answer all the questions asked by people like me. But still you are kind to give professional advice to us. I am really grateful.Thanks Dr.

          • Hi Kevin,

            You are very welcome. Happy New Year.


            Dr Tan

  40. Doc, I followed your advise and got tested. I tested negative at 6 and 8 weeks post exposure. ( it was condom protected sex but was I worried about the abrasion at the base of penis in contact with vaginal fluid). Is it quite conclusive that I am in the clear of HIV?

    • Hi Nick,

      HIV negative tests at 8 weeks post exposure are very accurate. Some doctors even think it is as good as conclusive. MOH still recommends a retest at 3 months.


      Dr Tan

  41. Hi Mr Tan
    I have Oral protected sex with a sex worker, and I was tested with a rapid test AB/AG COMBO in 6 weeks ( negative)and STD’s (negative), I have to make another test?

    Thank You

    • Hi Franco,

      Not for HIV. As for the other STDs, there are just too many to discuss here. You need to speak with your doctor.


      Dr Tan

  42. Dr. Tan,
    I realize that you haven’t even had the chance to respond to my last inquiry as of yet, but I have a final question to add…
    If a person had been coinfected with syphilis and HIV during the same sexual encounter, would it cause a six week antibody test to be more accurate?
    I have read many times over that a coinfection of syphilis and HIV can “make you very sick, very fast”. If this is so, wouldn’t the dual infection cause an individual’s immune system to produce more hiv antibodies in response? And if that is the case, wouldn’t that then mean that they would have more antibodies for the Elisa test to detect?
    I do have a problem with over-thinking things, but I am frightened out of my mind! I deeply appreciate what you do, and I will be thankful for any information you can share.
    Thank You.

    • Hi Kandi,

      I am re-typing this. Not sure if the first one got through. You put forward an interesting theory but I am not aware of any scientific studies to prove or disprove this. I think when you read ‘very sick, very fast’, the articles are referring to months and years rather that days and weeks. Do not forget that HIV takes 8 to 10 years to make you sick and so does Syphilis. Its not difficult to be faster than this.


      Dr Tan

      • Thank you, Dr. Tan.
        I realize that your time is valuable, and that is why I am so impressed with this website. Other doctors sell the type of information that you dispense freely in your spare time, via this forum. That is the type of devotion that I would idealy look for in a personal physician. If I should ever relocate to Singapore, I would choose your facility to protect and maintain my sexual healthcare needs.
        Thank you so much for your time.
        P.S. When you said “Its not difficult to be faster than this”, were you refering to the progression of illness, or to the development of antibodies in Elisa tests? I realize that the ONLY conclusive results in 1st gen. Elisa are at the 3 month mark, but I have also heard that often, a positive result is often positive within a 6 week period. Thank you again.

        • Oh…nevermind with that P.S.
          I just found your other response. I accidently posted to the wrong area of the forum.
          I will be sleeping easier. My physician is sending me to a specialist on the 28th, where I will likely get a shot in my bottom. I am hopeful that will resolve the issue, and I will get on fine for many more years.
          Thanks again, Dr. Tan! You’re terrific!

          • Hi Kandi,

            Thank you for the kind words. I am sure you will be fine. Here’s wishing you many healthy years ahead.


            Dr Tan

        • Hi Kandi,

          Thank you for your kind words. Singapore is a beautiful city to live in albeit a little expensive. It is among the top 10 most expensive cities to live in. I mean the progression of illness. You are absolutely right that the vast majority of HIV infections are picked up within 6 weeks of exposure.


          Dr Tan

          • Hello Dr. Tan,

            I have heard many great things about Singapore. It sounds like a lovely city, and I would enjoy visiting it one day.

            I have a bit of mystery, and I hope, perhaps, you can help me make sense of it.

            To re-cap (as I know you receive many messages each day), my long term partner and I parted ways for 3 weeks before mending our relationship, and during that time, he had an unprotected fling with another woman. After we reunited (sexually), he confessed the encounter to me, and I had an STD screen 28 days later. I was tested for all of the major afflictions, with the exception of HIV, as I was ignorant to the sensitivity of the test, and thought that prior to 3 months post exposure, it would be a waste of my time and money.
            Several days later, my doctor contacted me and explained that I was “reactive” to the syphilis test. He also explained that I would require a HIV test, as a syphilis infection greatly increases the risk for HIV. The following day, my partner took a Home Access HIV test (FDA approved home collection blood kit), and his result was negative for HIV. He took the test at 45 days post (his) exposure, and we obtained the results 3 days later. My partner is also a regular blood donor, and he made his last donation 3 days before I learned of my syphilis results. As of yet (more than 3 weeks since the donation), he has not been contacted by the blood bank, which is standard practice when syphilis is detected in the blood.

            I had an appointment with an infectious disease specialist, for treatment of syphilis on December 28th. I explained all of these particulars to him as well. His response was “Well, you obviously didn’t catch this from your boyfriend. You must have slept with someone else.”
            And that is the problem. I have not.
            I explained to my doctor that I have been monogomous within this relationship for 12 years, and that prior to this relationship, I was screened, and that the screening took place more than a year after my last relationship ended. I have never engaged in casual sex, and all of my partners have been within the context of a serious, long term relationship.
            To be extra cautious, I have sought out my previous partner as well. He is also a regular blood donor, and he said that his last donation was made on December 23rd. He has not been notified of any problems with his donation, and he has never had any symptoms that would cause him to seek testing or treatment for syphilis. I am honestly confused.

            I am a cosmetologist by trade, and my work causes me to have physical contact with many strangers (in a non-sexual way, of course). Several years ago, I developed a rash on my torso, arms, thighs, back, and buttocks. I went to the dermatologist, who diagnosed me with an sensitivity reaction, and the rash resolved after 2 weeks. When I told this to my infectious disease specialist, he literally said “AH-HA!”, and now he believes that I have latent stage syphilis, and I am booked for a spinal tap on January 23rd. The results of this test will determine the treatment options, I have been told.

            I asked this physician if ANY OTHER conditions could influence the result of the syphilis test. He said “no”, and that the first test had been “confirmed”. He is convinced that my infection is due to traditional sexual contact, and I am sure it is not. Are there any other tests I should request?

            Last Friday, I went to an independent lab and tested for syphilis and HIV I and II (I would now be 7 weeks post exposure). I will have those results by Tuesday. My partner has also been examined, and his official syphilis and HIV results will be available on January 17th. If he is negative for syphilis, he will retest next month.

            I am truly sorry for being so long and wordy, but I am really afraid.

            Other than the information I have given, I can only recall one other event that may have put me at risk…at a New Year’s Eve party 7 years ago, a drunken co-worker forced a deep kiss upon me. This was the extent of the contact, and while I was angry, I didn’t make any issue of it, as I was aware that he was drunk, and I knew he would lose his job if I did. Out of pity, I accepted his apology. Could this be the source of infection, if I do in fact have syphilis?

            Sorry to ramble. I hope you can help me shed some light on this, and if not, I appreciate just getting it off my chest anyway.

            I just cannot understand…If I have syphilis, why doesn’t my partner? If he gave it to me, why am I “reactive” to testing, while he isn’t? And if he is slow to develope antibodies to syphilis, could he also be hiding an HIV infection?

            I feel like I am going crazy!
            Thanks, Doctor, for any advice, or just for listening.

          • Hi Kandi,

            Singapore is a beautiful city albeit expensive to live in. Thanks for recapping the history. It really helps. I have also taken into account your post that indicated you have a non-reactive HIV test and a RPR 1:32. The first question to answer is ‘Do you really have Syphilis?’ The positive RPR from your independent lab seems to suggest so however this has to be confirmed with a Treponemal test like TPHA. You have seen so many doctors that I really cannot imagine they all left this out. So I am going to assume that this test was done and you are confirmed to have a Syphilis infection. The second question to ask is ‘How did you catch Syphilis?’ This is really a tough one. It is certainly true that the most common way a person contracts Syphilis is via high risk sexual exposures. Syphilis is also transmitted via sharing of infected needles but I assume you would have mentioned it to me if you abuse intravenous drugs. That said, Syphilis can also be contracted via abrasions on the skin. This is why health care workers are at an occupational risk of Syphilis. I think you must have contracted Syphilis from one of your clients. I can understand how unfair all these seems. You are not the one who was promicuous yet you are the one with a ‘sexually transmitted disease’. I really empathize. I am saying all this assuming that your boyfriend does not have Syphilis. It is unlikely because as you correctly pointed out, the blood bank would have informed him. The important thing for you to do right now is to look beyond all of this. What you need to do is get yourself treated and you will be fine. You have not been sexually prmoiscuous so you really should not be beating yourself up about getting Syphilis. You were just plain unlucky. Its not your fault.


            Dr Tan

          • UPDATE- just received lab results from Friday’s test.
            HIV Non Reactive
            RPR Reactive, 1:32

          • Hi Kandi,



            Dr Tan

  43. Hi Dr, I went for a massage 10 days ago. After 15 mins of massage, she gave me a hand job (hand-genital contact). I also fingered her with only my middle finger for 30 sec. My middle finger had no cuts. But my index finger had a small cut at the area where the nail is connected to the skin. The cut was 2 days old. And I touched my penis after fingering her. I have been having diarrhea for 5 days already and had a slight fever and runny nose yesterday. I also have been losing my appetite. Are these symptoms of HIV? Do you think that in my situation, I could have contracted HIV from the masseur? What are the chances of me contracting HIV? Am i worrying unnecessarily? Do you think I should go for HIV testing?

    • Hi Unknown,

      Your ‘exposure’ has literally no risk of contracting HIV. It is also much too early to be developing ARS symptoms. I think you need to see a doctor to get treated for whatever you have (not HIV). For your own peace of mind you should get a HIV test at 1 month post exposure.


      Dr Tan

  44. Hello Dr tan,

    This is my 24th week post exposure and i am still hiv negative.

    I have done all sorts of test mostly third generation
    (determine,statpak,unigold,immunocomb and double check),one dna pcr and new lav blot 1(western blot) all negative.

    My major concern is that i have noticed that my platlets has droped from 270 to 188 (23 weeks).Then i have some mouth ulcers (for all most 7 weeks) that i did not use to have at all.

    1)Do you think that i am seroconverting at the moment based on the my platlets (which reducing fast) and the recureent mouth ulcers.

    2)Would i not have tested positive by now under normal circumstances.
    3)is a month equivalent to 4 weeks in medical terms.
    4)Can i move on with my life regardless of the symptoms if i test negative by 24 weeks and 2 days

    • Hi papa,

      1. Platelet levels chance literally minute to minute. There is nothing wrong with a platelet level of 188. 2. If you have been infected with HIV you most certainly would have tested positive by now. 3. There is no standard definition. 4. You should see a doctor and find out what is causing your symptoms. It is not HIV but it could very well be something else eg inflammatory bowel disease.


      Dr Tan

      • Thanks dr tan,d issue is 7weekss after the exposure I had a rash behind my arm with a sore throat. I also had an on/off low grade fever(37.4) for about 3 weeks (this started 8 weeks after exposure).I lost almost 7kg which I have gained back.I think that dr is something terribly wrong.I have been doing the full blood Count and the platelets seems to be reducing.please what do. Think

        • Hi papa,

          Yes I agree with you that your symptoms sound serious. Please see your doctor and get a proper diagnosis. This forum cannot provide medical consultations.


          Dr Tan

  45. Hi Doctor, thanks for giving me your opinion on my ‘exposure’. I really appreciate it. Thank you. I just wanted to add that I was also sucking on her breasts but she wasn’t lactating. I was just wondering if I could contract other STDs based on my ‘exposure’ because i have heard that STDs could spread through skin to skin contact.What are the chances of me contracting STDs? And do all STDs have a cure?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Unknown,

      Yes some STDs like Herpes, Syphilis, HPV, Molluscum, Scabies and Lice can be spread by skin to skin contact. There is certainly a chance you could have contracted an STD. It is really too much to go into the management or every STD in this forum. There are entire textbooks written on the topic.


      Dr Tan

  46. vincent

    Hi Dr,

    i had protected vaginal sex with unprotected oral sex for about 1 mn (no ejaculation. i tested negative with the combo test (ag/ab, HIV 1+2)after 40d. is that a good sign? can i take it as conclusive?

    good day,

    • Hi vincent.

      That is a good sign. In my view it is conclusive. Please confirm with your doctor.


      Dr Tan

      • vincent

        The Professor in the lab told me that at 40 days the result is as good as conclusive & i should forget about the matter

        • Hi vincent,

          I am very glad that the professor shares my view.


          Dr Tan

  47. Dr just want to know that,ELISA third generation test done for HIV 1 and HIV 2 is eneough,or should i need to do seperate HIV 2 test

    • Hi RIM,

      Your nik is identical to the company that makes BlackBerrys. As long the HIV test you took tested for both HIV 1 and 2 you do not need a seperate test for HIV 2.


      Dr Tan

      • Thanks for your prompt reply docter,docter the test my physician told me to do was third generation elisa antibody test for HIVI/HIVII.Which i did exactly 48th day of my suspected exposure which i believe,the result was negative.but since the exposure was in west africa,i was terribly concerned wheather the above test was the right one in my case.is there any difference between EIA and ELISA?since in my clinic report it says EIA(Third generation)method used.

        • Hi RIM,

          Yes you are at risk of HIV 2 since your exposure was in West Africa but as your physician already pointed out, the test you did also tested for HIV 2. So what’s the issue? No difference between EIA and ELISA.


          Dr Tan

          • Docter before i stop bothering you further more,just one last query,what percentage of conclusiveness is Elisa third generation test for HIVI&HIVII after 48 days of exposure.Thanks a lot for your reply,indeed its a great job by you helping all those anxious,stressed and depressed minds.i am one of them for couple of months,stressed out like hell and i know my anxiety is started effecting my health badly and mind is out of world.

          • Hi RIM,

            Please ignore my previous reply. I did not see this post. 3rd Gen Elisa at 48 days post exposure is as good as conclusive.


            Dr Tan

  48. I mean percentage conclusiveness for the regular antibody elisa third generation HIVI and HIV2 test not the combo or duo one.Coz i did the regular test.

  49. hi doctor i had protected sex with a prostitute and she perform oral sex with out condom and we perform frnech kiss and i fingered her vagina also. after 4 months of this exposure i had a medical check up for renewing my visa in dubai. it comes am freee from inectious diseases nw its already 1 and half year am i free from hiv

    • Hi jay,

      I don’t get it. You say you have been free from HIV for 1 and a half years. Congratulations. What is your question?


      Dr Tan

  50. hello doctor i performed protected sex with a prostitute and unprotected oral sex for 10 secs also performed french kiss and i fingered her vagina.after 4 month of the exposure i had a medical check up for renewing my visa in dubai it comes am free from infectious diseases is it conclusive pls reply

    • Hi jay,

      First of all, why do have to say ‘pls reply’? Are you afraid I will not reply? Please don’t do that man. It makes me feel like I am obliged to reply and that really sucks considering the fact that I am running this service for free over and above my already crazy clinical hours. The answer to your question: Conclusive.


      Dr Tan

  51. Hi doctor i had sex with a prostitute on 23 nov, she gav me oral sex without condom and after that i had sex with her with a condom, bt after like 15 mins the condoms was gonna slip so i took it off and she stroked my penis for 5 mins and i saw some fluids on the tip of my penis, after that she put another condom and we had sex again and i finished.
    after 2 weeks i had high fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue and gastric. it all went away within 2 weeks.
    i had a hiv test after 2 weeks of exposure and another hiv elisa test at 3 weeks and western blot test at 4 weeks. and i took another hiv rapid test at 6 weeks all came back Negative.

    Should i do another test bcox im very scared and i have lymph nodes swollen at the back of my knee.

  52. hello doctor Tan, I had unprotected anal sex in the middle of august and i had protected sex ,if the condom did not leak, in september. I had chills and nasal congestion without cough and without runny nose since last week of october but my temperature fluctuiates throughout the day. sometimes it is 36.8, most of the time 37.1 or 37.2 and at night it reaches 37.4 for a short period then go back to 37 or 37.1 or 37.2. i feel that my lymhp nodes in the neck are palpable but it is not painful and not really large.lately, i was feeling tired always. i had my cbc , everything is normal including wbc except for the relative lymphocyte count which is 45% and relative neutrophil count which is 51% both of them are within normal range in their absolute counts. I had my blood screened last december 13 for hematologic and infectious disease including HIV, HBV, HCV and all were negative. But my fever my chill still comes back everyday until now.i feel like i am sick for 2 months and a half now. is this possibly ARS? can ARS last this long? is rapid HIV testing at my time of test already realiable or accurate considering my possible exposures? i still am feeling low grade fever now and stuffy nose, can initial hiv symptoms last for 2 months or more?

    • Hi kram,

      First of all, it is absolutely normal for our body temperatures to fluctuate within a degree throughout the day. You also have to take into consideration the accuracy of thermometers and method of measurement eg. ear, axilla, mouth, anus. Secondly, you had a negative HIV test 4 months post exposure. You do not have HIV. Do not obsess about ARS. Also do not neglect the possibility of other disease that might be causing your symptoms. You really should see your doctor.


      Dr Tan

      • Thank you very much doc.by the way i used axillary thermometer and i have this tendency to always check my temp every now and then since my chills started and i also compare it to my friends. I have a little follow up doc.i forgot to tell you that a single cluster of rash at the left side of my back appeared last week of october, it started itchy and went away a few of days after. i don’t have known allergies. i also already have my thyroid tests done and everything is normal.i am afraid to get another test. Doc, does it follow if you have longer duration of ARS symptoms , it would also take longer time to seroconvert? it makes me so anxious doc to the exttentr of having difficulty of sleeping.

        • Doc,the rash was pinkish at first then turned dark red as the days went by. it was like a single small cluster. could that be ars rash? is ars rash localized or diffused and symmetrical?

          • Hi kram,

            This forum is not a substitute for a medical consultation. I cannot diagnose the rash for you. You need to see your doctor.


            Dr Tan

  53. Hello Dr, this was my previous post:

    Hi Dr, I went for a massage 10 days ago. After 15 mins of massage, she gave me a hand job (hand-genital contact). I also fingered her with only my middle finger for 30 sec. My middle finger had no cuts. But my index finger had a small cut at the area where the nail is connected to the skin. The cut was 2 days old. And I touched my penis after fingering her. I have been having diarrhea for 5 days already and had a slight fever and runny nose yesterday. I also have been losing my appetite. Are these symptoms of HIV? Do you think that in my situation, I could have contracted HIV from the masseur? What are the chances of me contracting HIV? Am i worrying unnecessarily? Do you think I should go for HIV testing?

    I recently went for a rapid HIV blood test 25 days post exposure, that was 3 days ago.  My result was negative. I was really very happy when I received the results thinking that I was free from a HIV infection. But today I woke up with a reddish rash on my right shoulder, blocked nose and sore throat. I’m really very scared now doctor. What is your opinion on my condition now? 

    • Hi Unkown,

      My opinion is that your fear is absolutely out of proportion and completely irrational. You are fast sliding down a slippery slope that will end in you requiring psychiatric help. You need to snap out of it.


      Dr Tan

  54. Hi doctor i had sex with a prostitute on 23 nov, she gav me oral sex without condom and after that i had sex with her with a condom, bt after like 15 mins the condoms was gonna slip so i took it off and she stroked my penis for 5 mins and i saw some fluids on the tip of my penis, after that she put another condom and we had sex again and i finished.
    after 2 weeks i had high fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue and gastric. it all went away within 2 weeks.
    i had a hiv test after 2 weeks of exposure and another hiv elisa test at 3 weeks and western blot test at 4 weeks. and i took another hiv rapid test at 6 weeks all came back Negative.
    Should i do another test bcox im very scared and i have lymph nodes swollen at the back of my knee

    • Hi Dave,

      Most HIV tests are conclusive at 6 weeks post exposure. But it really depends on what test you did. I suggest you check this with your doctor. You might need a retest at 3 months.


      Dr Tan

      • The rapid test I did at six weeks was a finger prick one(bio rad), can this result be conclusive. And is swollen lymph node in the knee a symptom of HIV?

        • Hi Dave,

          I can’t say I am familiar with the Bio Rad kit. However, all 3rd Gen ELISA tests can be taken to be conclusive at 6 weeks post exposure. Most health authorities will still tell you to retest at 3 months. I am not a fan of using symptoms to diagnose or exclude HIV. They are generally very unhelpful.


          Dr TAan

  55. Thank you very much doc.by the way i used axillary thermometer and i have this tendency to always check my temp every now and then since my chills started and i also compare it to my friends. I have a little follow up doc.i forgot to tell you that a single cluster of rash at the left side of my back appeared last week of october, it started itchy and went away a few of days after. i don’t have known allergies. i also already have my thyroid tests done and everything is normal.i am afraid to get another test. Doc, does it follow if you have longer duration of ARS symptoms , it would also take longer time to seroconvert? it makes me so anxious doc to the exttentr of having difficulty of sleeping.

  56. hello Dr.Tan

    after 4 months of my exposure with a prostitute i had a medical for renewing visa it comes am free from infectious diseases now already one year finish after this incident i havea lymph node on my neck is it symptom of hiv

    • Hi jay,

      First of all did you medical for your visa include a HIV test? If it did then why are you still worried? You cannot throw a random symptom at me and expect me to tell you if you have HIV or not.


      Dr Tan

      • hi dr. tan

        thanks,the medical for my visa include hiv test
        so hope i dont need to worry

  57. Hi Dr Tan,

    (Sorry if this is a double post as I can’t find my post after I submit)

    On 10/Jan, I was drunk and licked a GRO girl (KTV girl) clitoris. Later I noticed that she bitten me and my lower lips has a small bleeding wound about 0.5cm. I can’t remember the wound was before or after I lick her. I don’t know her HIV status. Assuming the wound was done was before I lick her, what are the chances that I will get HIV from her? How about if it was after I lick her?

    On 17/Jan, I had cold, sore throat, tiredness, neck stiff, and a little bit of muscle pain. Consider it was 7 days after potential exposure on 10/Jan, is this acute retroviral syndrome?

    I am now 8 days after suspected exposure, what is the earliest test would you recommend? I am now taking antibiotic for my cold (Co-Amoxiclav Amoxilin 500mg BP and Clavulanic Acid 125mg BP), and the course will finish by tomorrow.

    Thanks doctor.

    • Hi Arch,

      This is actually a triple post. New users’ posts need to be moderated before they appear. This is to prevent SPAM. I really cannot name any scientific studies that attempt to quatify the statistical risk of such an exposure. I really cannot tell if your symptoms are ARS or not although I must say 7 days is really too early for ARS. You can undergo the HIV RNA PCR test at 10 days but I really think this is an overkill for your kind of exposure.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        Thanks for your advise. Sorry for the tripple post.

        Regarding the HIV RNA PCR test,
        – May I know how much does it cost at your clinic?
        – Today is 10th day and I am still having cold, am I suitable to go for the test with the cold?

        I read somewhere that the P24 Ag/Ab combo is accurate at 5th week post exposure, is that correct?

        Thanks again.

        • Hi Dr Tan,

          Happy Chinese New Year. I am planning to do the P24 Combo test at your clinic. I read from your other articles that the test is conclusive at 4 week post exposure and it can be done anonymously at your clinic. Is that correct?

          I am from Malaysia. Is it possible to do the test remotely? (like send my blood sample over/ send the test kit to me). Preferably I can do the test remotely. Otherwise, I am ok to go to Singapore too.

          I was sick at 1 week post exposure. I am now 2 weeks post exposure and I am having headache and heaty body (or slight fever, not really sure). I am really worry that I am having ARS.

          Thanks Dr.

          • Hi Arch,

            Happy New Year. Yes it can be done rapid and anonymously at our clinic at Robertson Walk. I’m afraid we cannot do the test remotely.


            Dr Tan

          • Hi Dr Tan,

            Thanks. I will to go to your clinic on 6th Feb morning and go back to Msia in the evening.

            Do I need to make an appointment first?
            6th Feb is my 27th day post exposure, shall I get tested on that day or will you recommend a later date?

            I am very very worried about my sore throat, heath body, and stiff neck now.

          • Hi Arch,

            At 27 days post exposure please get the Combo test done. I will not be in the clinic on 6th Feb but my fellow doctor will be able to do the test for you. I will be away on military training till end Feb.


            Dr Tan

        • Hi Arch,

          The HIV RNA PCR test costs $600. Having a cold will not affect the test. I usually conduct the combo test at 4 weeks post exposure. Studies have placed the P24 peak between 3 and 6 weeks.


          Dr Tan

  58. Dear Doc Tan,

    I feel that i have experience ARS symptoms 2 weeks post infection which lasted for almost 3 months. I have numerous yeast in my stool per stool exam i have done just recently.I have been tested negative at 8 weeks and 13 weeks by Biod Biotech inc Rapid hiv 1+2 Ab test.Is it conclusive? How accurate is the test?

    Thank you doc

    • Hi louie,

      I can’t say that I am familiar with the Biod Biotech Rapid HIV test. But generally HIV tests done at 13 weeks are conclusive. HIV aside, Yeast in your stool sounds like a problem you really should address with your doctor.


      Dr Tan

  59. Thank you very much doctor Tan for the response. By the way , the rapid test i took uses Sandwich principle. I tested in government hospital in the Philippines which is a certified screening laboratory.

    I have a follow-up question. Does longer duration of symptoms could possibly mean longer time of seroconversion? Or is it really that 3 months is conclusive regardless of the duration or severity of symptoms?

    Thank you Doctor Tan.

    • Hi louie,

      You really need to get your mind off HIV and find out what is causing the fungus in your stool. You are trying to dodge a feather while a bullet is flying at you.


      Dr Tan

  60. Thank you doctor Tan.

  61. Doc,

    i was tested negative at 13 weeks. Does test kits sold in wholesale for government hospital used has lesser accuracy, sensitivity and specificity?

    • Hi erac,

      I really do not understand your question. Are you saying that the government hospitals in Singapore purchase unvalidated HIV test kits? That is a very serious accusation to make. I cannot vouch for other countries but I am sure the governance and controls in Singapore hospitals are strict enough to prevent such unethical practices.


      Dr Tan

  62. stressed

    Dr Tan,

    I received unprotected oral sex from a man whose HIV status is unknown on 11 Jan, he gave me oral sex twice and his saliva was under my foreskin for abt an hour or so. When i unfold my foreskin and wash my penis, i saw there were some abrasions near to the tip of the penis and appeared redder than the other part of the penis. On both 16th, 20th Jan (5 & 9 days post exposure) I had a short bout of running temperature which subsided within a few hours. However on 21st Jan (10 days post exposure) early morning, i started to feel mild feverish (37.3 degC) and have dry throat (no sorethroat) and this persisted through the day until the night of 22nd Jan (today) where the fever subsided without me taking medication. Are these symptoms of an hiv infection ? Can I do a HIV test soon to know my status ?

    • Hi stressed,

      The earliest HIV test you can do is a HIV RNA PCR. If not, you can wait till 4 weeks post exposure and get a combo test. Your symptoms are a little too soon post exposure to be due to ARS.


      Dr Tan

  63. Dear doctor Tan,

    My gf get pregnant and went for medical checkup. Her doc suggested she should have HIV test and she is +ve. She urged me test and I’m +ve. We rushed for consultancy in hospital and government agencies established solely for volunteered consultancy and guidance on HIV treatment, but unfortunately we could not find a professional who is really willing to listen and response to our need for help. We are very disappointed and so worried at the moment. We reside in vn and I won’t blame anyone here, just wanted to seek for a reliable source who can help us before it is late. I’ve spent a lot time on the webs and encountered your forum. I would appreciate very much for your advise:

    – does your clinic receive foreign clients?
    – how to make an appointment?
    – should we bring test results we got here (or report via email) for your reference if your clinic can provide health services to us?
    – do you have agency/representative in Vietnam?

    With best regards,



    • Hi Bi,

      I’m very sorry to hear what happened to you. Singapore has very strict immigration laws for HIV positive people. Once you have seen a doctor here, your details will be given to the government. You will then need to apply for a special permit if you wish to enter Singapore in the future. So it will be very inconvenient for you to continue seeking medical treatment here. You might want to consider seeing a doctor in Bangkok instead. We unfortunately do not have a representative in Vietnam but we are actively looking for oppurtunities to set up a medical centre/clinic in Vietnam.


      Dr Tan

  64. Dear Dr. Tan,

    Happy Lunar New Year of the Dragon 2012!

    Well my new year is not so happy for my own foolishness!Here’s is my story…I had unprotected sex (with a Vietnamese female sex-worker in Singapore, vaginal and anal), I was dead-drunk, she gave me an oral before I came in her mouth on 28Jan11 AM.

    Realizing availability of HIV PEP in clinics website, saw an STD Doc on 29Jan11 AM, samples of blood and urine taken for all possible STD (oraquick for HIV) and general health screening, started immediately HIV PEP (Combivir+Kaletra) from 29Jan12 Noon for a 30days course as prescibed, side effects of PEP were really sickenning! Discontinued HIV PEP for three consequitive doses on 08Jan12 AM/PM and 09Jan AM. Saw the Doc again on 09Jan12 PM for the test results, obviously all came negative (still within window I guess!), as per docs advise, restarted with HIV PEP from 09Jan12, hoping the side effects will calm down, and they did in next one week. Revisited the Doc on 16Jan12 with problem of Urinating, gave urine sample again for testing and also took oral dose of Antibiotics (Zmax+Tinidazole), nothing changed for urinating problem till revisited on 20Jan12 for the results and diagnosed for Chlamydia, then started another course of Antibiotics for Two weeks in parallel with HIV PEP. On 23Jan12 on the eve of CNY noticed rashes on almost whole body, chest, arm pits, legs! Then from 23Jan12 PM experiencing soar throat till now, the rashes are fading slowly but still there! I dont have any more side effects from HIV PEP and the urinating problem has significantly improved from 23Jan12, but very slight colorless discharge is still present.

    I did not opt for two weeks HIV testing, thinking that HIV PEP may give incorrect results, should I do another testing?

    Appreciate your kind and expert comments.

    Although, the Doc I am seeing told me not to worry too much and go for testing for HIV after three months from exposure. But with body rashes, soar throat and weight loss of about 3.5Kg in last one week now getting more worried as usual. If I get a positive result from HIV testing, should I discontinue with my PEP before 30days course and wait for 3 month’s test? I wish to go for AFA annonymous testing as I am a PR and worry that a registered HIV test will revoke my PR status by MOE immediately and end my carrier in Singapore as well as scope of HIV treatment available here.

    • Hi Sailor,

      Happy New Year to you too. You really should direct these questions to the doctor who prescribed you the PEP. It is very unprofessional to interfere in a fellow colleague’s management of a patient.


      Dr Tan

  65. Hi Dr.tan,

    is fingering in vagina is a risk of transmitting hiv am little doubt for this can you clear it

    • Hi jay,

      Nothing is impossible in medicine. But I would say that has miniscule risk.


      Dr Tan

      • HI DR.TAN,


  66. Dear Doctor,

    I’ve had many many times of unprotected oral sex ejaculate inside SW mouth and always use protected sex ranging from 1 August 2011 – 6 January 2012 (around twice a week).

    Now i’m looking to have another baby with my wife and suddenly i got very very scared if i got hiv or not.

    I have done test on 10th, 19th and 21st Jan 2012 and it came back negative. I’m going nuts and crazy, i cant sleep, i cant work, i cant communicate with my wife for being unfair and cheated on her all this time.
    Being this paranoid i went to buy many sleeping pills just to get by day and night. This is my turning point to stop being what i was into a new born person.

    Please help, i want to come to your clinic. please advise on what date and what test should i get. I’m thinking of getting all the test necessary including Full STD checkup.


    • Hi Michael,

      See us on 6 Feb 2012 for a full STD screen and a HIV P24 Ag/Ab combo test. Meanwhile you really need to relax. Being so scared and paranoid is not going to help either you or your family.


      Dr Tan

  67. Hi dr tan

    Please give me some guidance as i am really anxious about my problems.. firstly i had foolishly went to a paid sex worker on new year day. I had used a condom and everything was fine.. as i was not turn on by the sex worker, my penis wasn’t erected fully. Nevertheless a little high on alcohol i proceeded with the intercourse with condom intact. However after a few minutes i remove my penis and realize it had slipped of. I am not sure if it had slipped of inside but i remember clearly that when my penis was out, the condom was hanging loosely at the sex worker Virgina. After that i immediately stop and didn’t continue anything.

    The next few days i thought about it and anxiety kicks in… i went to search on website that shows symptoms of hiv. The second week i had a fever feeling, but when i measured my temperature, it was normal. after that i got so frighten i went to dsc to get a hiv test. And fortunately it turn on negative. But it is still in the window period. The third week i notice i started to feel floaty and had loose stool once in a while. I am not sure if its because of anxiety or something else.

    Its week 4 now my bowels are normal and i notice that i have white stuff at the back of my throat. I am not sure if its strep throat or its the symptoms of hiv. Its not causing any pain or discomfort. From the time of my exposure till now i have not suffered any prolong fever, flu or body ache, night sweat etc. I am only having the white stuff and the back of my throat and feeling, light headed for now. But its been almost a week. I had test my bp and i am 134 which is consider pre hypertension. I am circumcise. Dr what is causing these problem. and what are my chance of getting hiv?

    • Hi afraid,

      Your risk of HIV is very low. Even if your partner had HIV and you had unprotected insertive penile-vaginal sex with her, your risk is in the region of 1 in 2000. Furthermore you are circumcised which further reduced your risk by 60%. I cannot tell you what is causing your symptoms. I can only say that it is extremely unlikely to be HIV. You should get tested again after the window period and see a doctor about your symptoms.


      Dr Tan

  68. Hi Dr Tan,
    I’m from Australia and sorry if I sound really stupid but I need help.

    I went to an erotic massage parlor 40 days ago that I frequently visit and had a rub n tug service. Was wearing the condom all the time, had oral, body to body slides and that’s about it. I had my upper body shaven and I remember the woman rubbed her clit which I stopped forcibly then she started rubbing her fingers on my body for a while (which is a worry for me now in retrospect as i might have had microscopic cuts ).That’s the summary!
    Afterwards a couple of days later I started feeling that my system is under attack (the sick feeling) and it remained within my body for weeks (flu initiating symptoms) and then from the 2nd week i got an itch near my anus which I scratched and wounded.I’ve got a similar blister near my groin area.Wounds have got healed slightly.Mild flu symptoms started getting worsened(hardly any external temperature) with swollen glands in my throat with sore throat, joint pains, muscle twitching etc.I get exhausted very easily and it’s unexplainable. My throat glands have been swollen for a long time. I tested within 3.5 weeks and it’s negative. They couldn’t find any other disease like Mono as well. From the 3rd week I have started getting mild night sweating almost every night. My eyesight has got blurred (more like short shortsightedness) from the 4th week. Doctors have been saying there’s no way I could have contracted the disease but these symptoms are still haunting me. Almost everyone who hears my story laughs and makes fun of me but why are these symptoms? Flu symptoms without temperature ,sore throat, swollen glands,tiredness, blurry eyes when looking far mild night sweating, itch n blister in my groin and near anus? I have hardly got any flem and my throat is very dry .No mucus as well! I recently started getting the infection to my lungs, with lung pains and ocassional dry coughs. Did an Xray it looks normal.

    I cannot wait for 3 months and i’m looking forward to do any advanced tests. I did Hiv Ag/Ab combo test in 33 days and it’s negative. But these mysterious symptoms still worry me. Doctors still haven’t diagnosed my issue.


  69. Dear Dr,
    Continue from my previous question, i need to ask you few more questions if you dont mind.

    1. I’ve had heavy cough for 2 weeks and follow by light cough for another 2 weeks so total of more than 4 weeks now , already ate antibiotic for 12 days and some night sweats but no fever, no body ache and no flu.
    I also have toxoplasmosis infection cause by eating raw meat in Japan on december 2011 trip and have not been treated properly. I also have white tounge for 3 week.
    Is these show symtom of hiv?

    2. What is my chance of getting hiv with unprotected oral and protected sex?

    3. How accurate is the test p24 combo at 30 days? Should i do double test with ELISA at 30 days just to make sure?

    • Hi Michael,

      1. Useless to discuss symptoms. Does not help at all. 2. Extremely low. 3. 100% accurate. You can go ahead and get ELISA tests or any other tests you want if you need that reassurance. The outcome is not going to change.


      Dr Tan

  70. Dr Tan!

    I found this on HIV Cure and what are your thoughts on it?


    • Hi tjansz,

      Seriously? I think the creators of these website should be severely punished for their crimes against humanity.


      Dr Tan

  71. Depressed

    Dear Doc,
    I had protected sex (with condom) with a Viet sex worker on the 22nd Dec. We had oral sex but without protection. On the 24th, my daughter developed sores on her mouth and the PD diagnosed it as Cold Sores. After researching on the web, Cold Sores are HSV1, which is considered a type of STI. On the same day, I had an ulcer in my gum.
    It has been 4 weeks since I was exposed. I’ve been feeling very depressed and guilty about it. I have stopped any sexual activity with my partner to prevent any transmission.
    At 2 weeks, I had slightly sore throat and flu but no fever. My body feels hot but am not running any fever. On the 3 week, I found 2 swollen lymph nodes on my left thigh and 1 on my right thigh.

    Pior to that, on the 18th Dec, I had scaling and polishing done at the dentist.
    Am I in high risk of contracting HIV? I have not done any test so far. Please advise.

    • Hi Depressed,

      This is a repeat post. Please refer to your later post for my reply. Apologies for the delay. Website problems and being in an area devoid of internet access compunds the problem.


      Dr Tan

  72. Dear Doctor,

    I am 29years old Indian Male (single) working in Singapore, last week (21/01/12) I went to Geylang and had sex with Indonesian prostitute. I had used a condom (3/4 covered my penis) and insert to vagina but I ejaculated when I was enter due to the nerves and continue to intercourse about 1 min (10 times insert) then she realised that and pulled out my penis and I noticed that the condom was slipped off but didn’t all still covered about 1 inch (penis head and foreskin area) and the rest fully try I didn’t see any fluids on my penis.

    But my worry is I had a small scratch on the middle of penis top which was happened on two weeks ago (07/01/12) while I doing masturbate then the scratched skin fully try and changed to white colour in the next week. I don’t know whether the skins fully cure or not.

    On the 4th day of exposure I felt different in my body like heady body and chills, tiredness and loss of appetite and continued to 5th and 6th day and also had one small pimple (3mm dia) like chicken box on the neck.

    Today (7th day) I feel something better than yesterday but still very scared and can’t sleep, can’t work & can’t eat.

    What are the chances of getting hiv through two weeks skin scratches/ cuts?
    Are these symptoms of hiv?

    • Hi MYN,

      Your chance of contracting HIV is extremely low. As long as the tip and foreskin are covered, it is considered protected. It is too early to develop HIV symptoms.


      Dr Tan

      • Thank you very much for your reply and great service.

        Sorry for the delay because i cann’t find your reply (may be i looking at other area).

        Now iam ok but still feel heat at my neck area in the evenings. I am not sure its due to anxiety or other STD? anyway i waiting for the window period for test myself.

        • Hi MYN,

          You are right. The best thing to do is get tested. If the symptom keeps bothering you then you should see your doctor about it.


          Dr Tan

          • Dear Dr,
            Today 26th days of from my exposure, I am very very scared of my symptoms below and had more anxiety/ stress from last 20days (almost thinking every minute);
            1) Neck stiff on 3rd week (only two days)
            2) One red pimple on my groin area on 23rd day and its disappear in the next day.
            3) Today I found one sore/ ulcer in my inner mouth (cheek).
            4) Every morning wakeup, I felt hot in my neck area and sometime in the evening (but no fever)
            It is possible for any other STD or more anxiety?
            From your experience, anyone got hiv from single encounter like my exposure?

            It is possible due to

          • Hi MYN,

            Unfortunately we cannot rely on symptoms to exclude or confirm the diagnosis of HIV or STDs. It is certainly possible to acquire STDs from a single exposure. You really should see your doctor.


            Dr Tan

  73. HI DR.TAN,


  74. Hi I have a question…on the 27th of December I had unprotected sex with a girl that I probably shouldnt have…immediately after I started freaking out and worrying about catching something even.though she said shes clean…I then noticed two small skin coloredbumps on my penis to be quite honest that mightve already been there but I was looking for something I went and got tested on the 3rd of january and got them lookef at and the lady said it was molluscum and just froze them..they didnt test me for herpes all other tests were negative…a couple days later I stsrted noticing a dull pain in my testicles amd the constant feeling like I had to pee….im.a very OCD person and ive been.thinking non stop about this stuff and looking up symptoms every day since it happened so idk if its all in my head…so I go have my nurse practitioner take a look and she said ot might be due to when they froze the molluscum off but I doubt that…anyways she testd me on like the 6th amd everything came back negative…..except the herpes…it showed up in the positive range…1.42 for hgm…she couldn’t give me whivh type…but she said these herpes blood tests have a lot of of false positives and the 1.42 is in the low positives and the only way to know is to retest in a month unless i.had any bumps show up…I dpoke witg a std specialist and he said he doubts I have herpes snd told me about the hsv blood tests and how they are definitely not the way to go for hsv testing but said I should test agaib in a month to aee if the number rises…since then the dull pain in testicles has gone away but I been noticing weird feelingsdown there whichppl say is all in my head but idk…I cant live like thos its runing my life…im terrified.I have herpes and or hiv…I know molluscum can come from hiv…ive read that hiv is difficult to get but I know if you have herpes that its slot easier to get so if she gave me herpes then theres a good chance she gave me hiv right? Ughhh im going nuts I can’t go 5 min without thinking about it…I screwed up so bad and if I coukd go back and undo it but I can’t…Im worrying myself and idk what else to do…so now im jist counting down tbe days til I retest…where I feel like ill come back positive for atleast one of the two…if not both….

    • Hi Mr T,

      I personally think a lot of your fears are self created and reallY unfounded. It has been 4 weeks since your exposure. Just go get a HIV combo test and out this all to rest.


      Dr Tan

  75. Depressed

    Dear Doc,
    I had protected sex (with condom) with a Viet sex worker on the 22nd Dec. We had oral sex but without protection. On the 24th, my daughter developed sores on her mouth and the PD diagnosed it as Cold Sores. After researching on the web, Cold Sores are HSV1, which is considered a type of STI. On the 24th, I had an ulcer in my gum.
    It has been 4 weeks since I was exposed. I’ve been feeling very depressed and guilty about it. I have stopped any sexual activity with my partner to prevent any transmission.
    At 2 weeks, I had slightly sore throat and flu but no fever. My body feels hot but am not running any fever. On the 3 week, I found 2 swollen lymph nodes on my left thigh and 1 on my right thigh.
    Pior to that, on the 18th Dec, I had scaling and polishing done at the dentist.
    Am I in high risk of contracting HIV? I have not done any test so far. Please advise.

    • Hi Depressed,

      It is impossible for you to contract HSV 1 and pass it to your daughter and she develop symptoms all within 2 days. It is more likely that either you or your wife are silent carriers of HSV 1 and have passed it to your daughter by kissing her. As for HIV, your exposure risk is extremely low. You should still get tested to be sure.


      Dr Tan

      • Depressed

        Hi Dr Tan,
        I’ve tested negative for HIV at 6 weeks yesterday. My concern is I was having flu and was on normal medication. Flu medicine, cough syrup, medicine for throat inflammation and last but not least, Antibiotics. I had these in the morning at 8am and I did the test at 7pm and was negative. Will the medication I had affect the test?

        Although the counsellor also did mentioned that I am a low risk as you did, but I’m still worried. I know I’ve wait till the retest at 3 months as well as 6 for confirmation.

        • Hi Depressed,

          You really should have brought this up to the counselor who did the test for you. The medicines should not affect the accuracy of the test.


          Dr Tan

  76. HI DR.TAN,


  77. Hi Dr Tan,

    Is me again, Arch. I tried to sound calm in my previous posts but in fact I am extremely worried, anxious and feel guilty. Recently I feel even worse because I had diarrhoea and little bit of rash (not sure if it’s really rash or not). I can’t sleep well and losing appetite as well.

    Here’s my story. On 10/Jan, I licked a CSW’s vagina unprotected, no sex at all. But later noticed that my lips was bitten and had 0.5cm wound. On 16/Jan, I had sorethroat which lasts until today. Since then I had stiff neck, heaty body (but no fever) and back muscle pain . On 31/Jan, I had diarhoea, 4 times bowel, and stool completely liquid. On 31/Jan as well, I noticed my back, chest, and arms have very mild rash. Actually I am not sure if it’s rash or it’s just my normal skin colour. My mind might be playing trick on me. Till now, I have no fever at all.

    Am I having ARS? Would anxiety and worriness could have caused similar symptoms?

    I was planning to go to your clinic next Monday (27th day) to do the combo test. Is it possible to go earlier?


    • Hi Arch,

      There is really no way for me to tell if your symptoms are due to ARS or not. Yes anxiety can cause similar symptoms. Testing at day 27 is good.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        I went your clinic this morning for the P24 ag/ab combo test. Thank god, the result came back negative. I am back to Malaysia now. Thank you doctor, for operating this online forum and helping so many people with your professional skills and knowledge full heartedly.

        I must thank the doctor on duty today as well (I got her name. I am not sure if I can mention her name here).

        One last question Dr Tan. Sorry that I am asking questions. Today is my 26 day post exposure. May I know what is the accuracy of the P24 combo test at 26 day? Should I get tested again on 3 and 6 months to be sure?

        • Hi Arch,

          Thank you for your kind words and compliments. The combo tests is conclusive at 26 days.


          Dr Tan

  78. Hi Dr Tan,

    I had a drink last night and was having cough and sore throat;
    also shared cups with random person – was wondering will there be a chance to get infected ?

  79. Hi Dr Tan,

    I had a drink last night and was having cough and sore throat;
    also shared cups with random person – was wondering will there be a chance to get infected by any STDs ?

    • Hi Sky,

      That is being a tad paranoid don’t you think? I really cannot think of any STDs that can be transmitted by sharing cups.


      Dr Tan

  80. hi Dr Tan

    Thank you very much.

  81. help_in_need

    Hi Dr Tan,

    As I’ve mentioned on testing section I don’t know how I’m coping with these symptoms particularly with the swelling like feeling in my left brain.I know this is not something easy to handle with. I got all other symptomps and don’t know what I’m supposed to do since my appointment with the specialist is at the end of this month.

    Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

  82. Dear Dr Tan,

    My partner has had three equivocal hiv test results over a 12-month period. I have tested negative in January this year. I am very concerned about my partners results.

    The first test was in August 2010 – equivocal antibody test – this was sent to a reference lab for confirmatory testing and came back negative.

    The second test was in July 2011 – equivocal antibody test – this too was sent to a reference lab for confirmatory testing and too came back negative.

    The third test was in September 2011 – equivocal antibody test. It was decided that it wasn’t necessary to have this sent to the reference lab as their was no change on the bands.

    As far as I am aware, all the sex he has had has been anal (protected) and oral (unprotected).

    I believe that the tests carried out have been 4th generation.

    Do these results indicate that HIV or something other than HIV is possibly causing these results? (particularly as this has gone on for 12-months now)

    Is it not correct that an indeterminate would turn positive within a month from the first equivocal, should the person truly be equivocally hiv positive by then?

    Many thanks!

    • Hi Moontan,

      I absolutely agree with you that if it truly was a HIV infection, the confirmatory Western Blot should have turned positive by now. If your partner requires that extra reassurance, he can opt for a HIV RNA PCR test and CD4 cell count.


      Dr Tan

  83. Docter,we had conversation before of a anal fingering exposure on me by massage parlour lady in west africa after i got drunk and cannot remember wheather she had cut in her finger as i was drunk,i tested for HIV1 and HIV2 by third generation elisa test,which turned negative on 48th day,now its 6 months down of my fist exposure date,i want to do atest which definately will finalize and put an end to this episode,can u suggest me any HIV 1&2 specific tests.

    • Hi SM,

      Most HIV antibody tests rapid or otherwise tests for both HIV 1 and 2. In my clinic, I use the HIV 1/2 determine by Alere and Oraquick by rockeby.


      Dr Tan

  84. Hi Dr Tan,
    I need your doc advice…
    5 days ago I used public transport, I curious whether the water that spill in the seat was semen or others water..the water have absorb by the chair,but accidentally i touched it with my hand..my hand have a wound.can i get infected with hiv because strength “fluid” still wet? i really scared now…:(

    • Hi Flora,

      It is impossible to catch HIV this way. Even if the fluid was semen and it was from a person infected with HIV you are still not at risk.


      Dr Tan

      • even my hand get wound also got not risk at all? i really worried becoz i have read at some article that say hiv can transmitted when your body got wound and that fluid can enter in your body…
        Btw thanks doc..

  85. hi doc..
    sorry for disturbing..
    did i need to make hiv testing? its really no risk at all even my hand get wound n touched some “strength fluids” that look like semen?? i cant sleep well doc and always worried that i could infected with hiv…

    • Hi Flora,

      You are at absolutely no risk of HIV. Of course you can get tested for HIV if you want. But the test is purely for your peace of mind. There is no medical need to test.


      Dr Tan

  86. Good day Dr Tan
    I just wanted to asking you where familiar with (HIV-1), DNA RT-PCR I took this test at 40 days along with HIV 1/o/2 (ICMA). I would just like clarification if that pcr test was even worth taking , I keep finding conflicting information on different sites and am getting increasingly worried and have been feeling a little ill l witch is only making my anxiety worse. I am currently 64 days post last risky exposer and am debating weather to wait or just go ahead and take another antibody test. I feel like I may just continue to stress if it comes back negative but a the same time I’m terrified it will come back pos :/ . Hopefully you have the chance to respond to this post and thank you for the time you’ve dedicated to this site and work it seems you have been able to help so many people.

    • Hi JM,

      DNA RT PCR – deoxyribose nucleus acid reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction. At 40 days post exposure – super duper accurate. Unfortunately not recognised by most health authorities as a screening test (cost being a major reason). So officially I have to tell you to repeat a HIV antibody test at 90 days post exposure. However, there is no chance that it will be positive. No chance at all.


      Dr Tan

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I am relieved I will def follow up with 90 day test and try to stay off the Internet until then as well, as it has been sending me into near panic! Take care hope all is well

        • Hi JM,

          I’m glad you are feeling better. Please share with us the undoubtedly good news at 90 days.


          Dr Tan

  87. Hi Dr Tan

    Thank you for replying to my post earlier on.

    It has been 46 days since the exposure i had earlier on with a sex worker from Thailand. So far i am not suffering from any prolong symptoms. I have taken you advice to see a doctor regarding my symptom of floating feeling but the doctor is unable to find any problem after a series of tests. They even took my blood test but i am not sure if they test for HIV. Everything was normal. Oh and i had tested for 2 pcr chlamydia and gc and 1 syphilis Total Ab EIA at DSC. All test came back normal.

    You have mention earlier on that my risk is low and it is extremely unlikely that i might be infected with HIV. As i had only had penile and Virgina intercourse with condom but not sure if its slip of inside and i am circumcise. But i am still having the floating feeling as it comes and go. The thought of having the chance of getting positive is really taking its toll on my day to day activity. Dr Tan, should i continue to wait till the end of the window period or can i test anytime soon to get a conclusive result? Dr Tan what is your advice?

    Could you explain to me more on the charges if i would like to have it tested at your clinic rather than dsc?

    • Hi afraid,

      You have several testing options. HIV RNA PCR that can be done anytime after 10 days. This costs $600. Or the P24 Ag/Ab Combo test at 28 days which costs $200. You can also wait till 3 months post exposure for the HIV antibody test which costs $50.


      Dr Tan

  88. Hello Dr tan.

    I have wrote to you before, because my condom broke with a prostitude.

    8 days after i feel some stomach pain wich, came and go the next two days. This was the only symptom. Does that sound like ARS?

    I will get testet soon next friday 23 days after and then again two weeks later if negativ – all with a combo test.

    • Hi Andy,

      Does not sound like ARS at all. I’m sure you’ll be ok.


      Dr Tan

  89. Hi Dr Tan

    Thanks for the reply earlier on.

    I have a question and i am kinda confused about… if heterosexual intercourse assuming penile and Virgina intercourse only, has a very low risk of transmitting HIV, why is heterosexual intercourse the highest transmission rate apart from the other transmission methods?

    • Hi afraid,

      You got your statistics all messed up. The transmission RATE is very low. However, quantum wise it is the highest. Simply because there is a lot more heterosexual sex going on than homosexual sex.


      Dr Tan

  90. Oh i see… sorry doc, didn’t think it carefully before posting… my apologies… as i was thinking of getting a rapid test this coming week… and hopefully it turns out negative, is there any chance it might be positive after 3 months?

    • Hi afraid,

      ‘is there any chance’ is a dangerous question to ask. Is there any chance that you get hit on the head by falling space junk tomorrow morning? Possibility is different from probability.


      Dr Tan

  91. hi Dr Tan

    I would like to apologies for the confusion,let me rephrase my sentence. What i mean was that what if i turn out negative 8 weeks after exposure, is there still a high probability of turning positive after 12 weeks?

  92. need grace

    Hi Doc,
    I had sex with a lady 8times from 6th Dec 2011 to 24th Dec 2011. Didn’t know her status but I asked her and she said she was negative. On 26th December, I took her with me so we can get tested and behold she was positive and I was negative. She gave me unprotected oral and after that she would dip my pennis into her vagina and always wanted me making love to her without a condom. She has done this 4times and whenever she does it, I almost fall for it but after some second I get back to my sences and reach for my condom to get myself protected. I maybe suspect that she knew she was positive and wanted to infect me. I have been worried since when I knew that she was positive as I fear catching the virus. I went to the hospital and they told me to come back after 3months for another hiv test. Since them, time seems not to be moving at all as am dead scared. What really fears me the most is that I had a bruise on my pennis while masturbating on the 23rd of december and she did slip my pennis into her vagina on the 24th when we made love last before I found out her status. What are my chances Dr as am almost a dead man walking. To add, I now have a mild soar throat and a slight fever which was about 37.6c last two days(about 7weeks after the exposure) alongside a mild headache but all got resloved withing a day except for the soar throat which tends to make me feel am losing my voice. Also experiencing running nose awith brownish mucus when I blow my nose nd a little back pain. Could this be the ARS or just cold? What are my chances Doctor? Would have done a PCR test but can’t find such services in any clinic near me as am in Nigeria. That’s why the clinic I went to told me to come back after 3months for another test. Please Doctor, what’s are my chances of being negative?

    • Hi need grace,

      I empathise with your situation. The fact that you used a condom every time you had sex with this lady probably saved your life. From your description of your exposures I must say that your risk is very low. You did not tell me when you got tested at the hospital. I assume it was recently meaning you had a negative test for HIV at about 2 months post exposure. Although not conclusive, this is already extremely predictive. I will not comment on your symptoms simply because the symptoms of ARS are too non specific to be helpful. All in all, I will say that the chance of you being positive is extremely low. And greetings to Nigeria from Singapore. I intentionally put this at the end cos I figured you won’t be in much of a mood to read greetings until your concerns have been addressed.


      Dr Tan

      • need grace

        Thanks Dr Tan for your suggestions. So you are saying that I have a low risk of getting the virus even with the bruise I had from the masturbation? Do you feel that the soar throat is from cold as the weather seemed cold and I slept under the fan? The test I had was in december. I went with her and that was how I discovered she was positive and I tested Negative. On a scale of 100, what’s my chance of not contacting the virus Doctor? I haven’t been myself since then. Thanks for all Doctor. Waiting for your response.

        • Hi need grace,

          Whatever makes you think a bruise increases HIV risk? It does not. Again I will not comment on symptoms. There are a hundred causes of sore throat. There is no way I can tell what is causing yours. Unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex will make your risk 1 in 20,000 exposures. This applies for each individual exposure. It is statistically much more likely that you did not catch HIV.


          Dr Tan

          • need grace

            Thanks so much for your comments Doctor. You are really seasoned and know your practice to your finger tips. The Doctor that I met in the clinic never explained it to me the way you have done.
            As for what makes me think that a bruise can increase my chances of maybe contracting the virus is because she still dipped my pennis which was brusied into her vagina and maybe within that period, her vaginal fluid tourches the bruise then there will be great risk. She dipped my pennis with the bruise into her vagina and after some seconds when I got myself back, I withdrew and then fixed my condom to complete the sex. So even with this scenerior, I shouldn’t get myself over worked and worried right? I by far didn’t catch the virus right?
            Thanks so much for all Doctor. You are so good. God bless!

          • Hi need grace,

            Even with this scenario I think your risk if very low. Share with us your HIV test results when you get it. I’m quietly confident that you will be fine.


            Dr Tan

  93. help_in_need

    Hi Dr Tan,

    Please I need some advice from you. I retested for hiv serology (4th gen hiv ag/ab is what they do) and syphillis at 9.1 weeks and negative. But my symptoms are getting worsened. Diarrhea which stopped at 6th and 7th week restarted three days ago chronically. Sore throat is so severe and cannot swallow.Body Tremors palm rash, vision problems,swollen glands,mild fever and sweats and everything else persists.

    Anyhow I made an appointment to a psychologist which will be on in another 2 weeks.The reason for that is to see if at least that’s going to help me. I’m having serious troubles at work as well because of these physical symptoms.I know for a fact that it’s not 100% Mental.

    It’s now 10 weeks with these recurring severe symptoms, is it possible for ARS to continue this long?I’ve tested from the mid of 4th week in regular intervals up to 9.1 weeks from combo test.Nobody has got any clue what’s going on with me.

    I wish you were in melbourne!

    Thanks for taking time to look into my problem

  94. need grace

    Thanks so much for your comments Doctor. You are really seasoned and know your practice to your finger tips. The Doctor that I met in the clinic never explained it to me the way you have done.
    As for what makes me think that a bruise can increase my chances of maybe contracting the virus is because she still dipped my pennis which was brusied into her vagina and maybe within that period, her vaginal fluid tourches the bruise then there will be great risk. She dipped my pennis with the bruise into her vagina and after some seconds when I got myself back, I withdrew and then fixed my condom to complete the sex. So even with this scenerior, I shouldn’t get myself over worked and worried right? I by far didn’t catch the virus right?
    Thanks so much for all Doctor. You are so good. God bless! Today marks 2months post exposure and I got tested and it was negative. Am cleared right Doctor?

  95. Farahana

    Hi Dr Tan,
    I was wondering if HIV can transmitted from spitted in eyes. This incident happened when I play with a child at shopping complex, unfortunately he spit into my eyes and his saliva enter my eyes.. it is have any risk if the saliva contain blood and enter my eyes? Assume that the child is born as HIV positive…

    • Hi Farahana,

      That is a very good question. I have to say that theoretically it is possible. It is a scientific fact that saliva contains HIV although is extremely small amounts. We also now that HIV can enter the body through the eye that is why surgeons wear eye shields when operating on patients with HIV or Hepatitis. So I must say that it is theoretically possible. Although I have not come across any actual reports and have not seen any cases of someone catching HIV via this type of exposure.


      Dr Tan

      • Farahana

        Should I make any HIV test regarding this Dr? :(
        High risk or low risk i can infected hiv through this?

  96. HI Dr Tan,

    sorry if it sounds stupid on my worry but I tot of asking you.

    I have not had sex for close to 6 months after my ex-bf broke up with me. On 3 Mar, Sat night I met him when he visited Singapore. I did asked him about his sexual activity. He does have sex back home with a friend but all with protection and I happen to be the one without the protection. We had sex, and no condom and he ejaculated outside. I think there is slight abrasion on my vagina area due to penis entering when I am not really ready or wet as per say

    Today on 6 March (more than 72 hours), I had sashimi for lunch. btw, i eat sashimi very frequently but today I noticed some rashes on arms only and sorry, i cant remember i had few rashes before or after the sashimi. and on the same night, the rashes multiplied but only on hand and was itchy. I applied furicot and now it felt better and rashes bumps kind of reduced.

    Yes googling all the symptoms is freaking me out and thus I am awake at 2am. I know it is after 72 hours after sexual intercourse, but I just need to need to knowwhat should I do or mointor or should I just go have it check out for HIV?

    Yes you can say I am paranoid. And i feeling fearful now. Kindly advise me what to look out for or next steps. Thank you.


    • Hi Joeyx,

      Your concerns are very relevant and not a waste of time at all. I think we can both agree that although your exposure carries a very low risk of HIV (considering that fact that your ex-boyfriend most likely had no HIV to begin with), we cannot absolutely rule out all risk. What I can say is that a rash appearing 72 hours post exposure is much too early to be due to HIV infection. Earliest symptoms of HIV infection appears at about 2 weeks. Furthermore, HIV rash usually involves the face and trunk, not so much the arms and almost never the arms only. So my opinion is you do not have to worry about your symptoms at all. That said, the fact is you did have unprotected sex and although most likely your partner is HIV-free, it behooves you to have a HIV test done anyway.


      Dr Tan

  97. Hi Dr Tan,

    just to add, the abrasion area on my vagina was itching but itch ceases now. Not sure if it is anything i should be concern.

    And reading everyone’s pots here, I am sorry if my queries might in some way ‘wasted’ your professional time and teh mention of my sashimi eating, was just trying to provide more info.

    Nevertheless I will be thankful for your advice in this on should i need to do anything.


    • Hi Joeyx,

      I hope I didn’t give you the wrong idea with my answer to other people’s post. I think everyone’s concerns are genuine and you can see that I strive to answer every query on this blog despite my crazy schedule. I get frustrated sometimes when someone asks the same question that I have already answered over and over again. I also get frustrated when someone has already seen multiple doctors and still asks me for my opinion. This is because I always feel seeing a doctor for a proper consult is far better than getting an opinion from someone on the internet who has never even seen you. Sorry for ranting, I just wanted to illustrate to you that I am not some mean S.O.B who thinks everyone is wasting my time. I think you queries, just like most other’s here are very valid. Back to your question: It is completely normal and expected that abrasions itch as they heal. I do not think any of these symptoms should worry you. I think you need to get a HIV test done in a months time just in case. Also, be on the lookout for ulcer and bumps in your genital area and pain passing urine or an abnormal vaginal discharge. All these symptoms indicate other STDs.


      Dr Tan

  98. Hi Dr Tan,

    thank you and never did I ever think you are mean SOB haha.

    Ok. I will monitor but:
    a. Do i wait 1 month later from 3 March, i.e. 2nd April to see you to get the test done (what kind of test) and waiting for results will take 2 weeks is it?
    b. can i make appt by just calling your clinic; i check the cost as well or if you can remember off hand, kindly let me know.
    c. Is it annoyomous should result be +ve, is my identity witheld from the govt?
    d. if i do not see any of the symptoms a month from now (btw i have history of eczema 3 years back and teh fact furicot application on the rashes made most of it go away), do you recommend I still go for the test?

    lastly, aprpeciated your earlier prompt reply, it is very much appreciated.


    • Hi Joeyx,

      I deleted your sign off. Let’s call you Joeyx for now. Its best to remain anonymous on the web. a. You can do a HIV combo test at 1 month. This test is anonymous and rapid (20 minutes for results) but costs $200. Or you can wait will 3 months post exposure and have a HIV antibody test which is also anonymous and rapid but only costs $50. b. You do not need an appointment. We are a walk in clinic. c. The point of anonymous testing is to be able to withold your identity especially if the test is positive. Our clinic has been given the privilege and mandate to do that. d. We cannot rely on symptoms to confirm or exclude the diagnosis of HIV. Testing is the only way to be 100% sure. So yes, you should still test.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        shoot, didnt know that and thanks for teh deletion!

        ok noted. will do so. I am ok with combo test (results in 20 mins @ $200) or (3 months later + results in 20 mins @ $50) – if both are the same in terms of verifying results, then I will go for the combo test for instant news.

        Thank you so much. Till then.


  99. Hi Doctor, I had sex with my partner for the first time 2 weeks ago, and i happen to have a sore throat and flu today . Ive been reading the symptoms online and it scares me a little.
    I do trust my partner but i do not trust her previous bf who did have various sex encounters with her 2 years plus ago (as in im worried he did contract hiv from others without telling her, although he claimed he was a virgin). Their last sex encounter was roughly january or february 2010. Eventually he entered army in november 2011(almost 2 years later). My partner says its impossible that her ex bf has hiv as it would have been detected during his ns medical checkup in late 2010, and subsequently he would have been passed unfit for ns.
    Just wanna seek advice on whether im more or less safe from hiv and its just a common flu im having.

    • Hi Andy,

      I am not sure if the enlistment medical includes a HIV test. Frankly I think you are being much more worried than you need to be. There is no way I can tell if you are having just a common cold or any other disease. If this really worries you so much perhaps you should just go for a HIV test to get the peace of mind that you need.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Doctor,
        the pre enlistment medical does include a HIV test. If he did the checkup in late 2010 and he last had sex with my partner in early 2010, then definitely it would have been detected right? (im confused with the window period thing)

        • As in if he really did contract hiv in lets say feb 2010, then by late 2010, hiv would have been detected when he took the hiv blood test right.
          Hope you’ll explain to me more about the window period thing

          • Hi Andy,

            Absolutely. The window period is only 3 months. His HIV test in late 2010 would definitely have picked up the infection.


            Dr Tan

        • Hi Andy,

          I see. Yes. The window period for HIV testing in Singapore is 3 months. As long as the test was done 3 months after this exposure, it would definitely have picked up the HIV infection.


          Dr Tan

  100. Dear Dr. Tan,
    I have had symptoms for 6 months now.Low grade fever for the first 3 months then after the fever subsides i had dry mouth and burning sensation in both my hands and feet which i am still experiencing now. I also am having slightly white tongue which i cannot scrape.I have bouts of rashes which look like hives and i am feeling tired most of the time. I have had negative rapid test at 2 months and 3 months post exposure. had normal thyroid panel result as well as bloood sugar level. My negative HIV rapid test at 2 and 3 months used serum . Do you think i have HIV? Isn’t my 2 and 3 months tests conclusive?

    • Hi Martin,

      No I do not think you have HIV. I think your test at 3 months is conclusive. I think you should see a doctor and find out what is causing your symptoms.


      Dr Tan

      • Thank you doc for the answer. The test i took is a rapid test but i could not see it among those approved by the FDA. It’s the only test available in the hospital where i took the test.Could there be a chance that the test was faulty? The symptoms i am having are lingering and some are even getting worse. I thought i am having peripheral neuropathy and dry mouth and slight oral thrush and fatigue.Could these possibly be present in the 1st 6 months of infection?

        • Hi martin,

          Whether or not the test was faulty is not a question I can answer. You should pose this question to the doctors at the hospital which did the test for you. Instead of barking up the HIV tree, why don’t you see a doctor and try to find out what is causing your symptoms.


          Dr Tan

  101. Thank you Dr. Tan.

  102. Grøthjerne

    Hi there Dr Tan.

    First I want to say sorry for returning to your forum with further question, even after you told me that I am conclusively negative after these tests:
    4 weeks (rappid duo test).
    5 weeks (duo test at the doctors, sent to the national microbiologylab).
    6 weeks (rappid duo test).
    7 weeks (rappid duo test).
    8 weeks (duo test at the doctors, sent to the national microbiologylab).
    9 weeks (rappid test).
    12 weeks (rappid test).
    13 weeks (duo test at the doctors, sent to the national microbiologylab).

    There is a possibility that I am stuck in a vicious circle, and reading to much into every little change..? I am not sure anymore..
    My wife, whom I had unprotected sex with approximately 8-12 days after last risky encounter with a female CSW (unprotected blowjob), and therefrom now and then unprotected sex with her. She has has just gone through a severe flu with fever, body aches, severe redness in face, no appetite, fatigued and night sweat lasting for 1 week before the symptoms started to fade, she still has cough, on and off facial redness (looks somewhat like measles), excess sweating during activity, this all two weeks after the flu began.

    I have a recurring sore at corner of my lips that cracks open every time I yawn or eat large food.

    Can I really trust my 13 week negative hiv test like you say…? This is a horrifying situation and I cant seem to let go… feels like my world is imploding.

    Again I am so sorry for bothering you with this.. I wish I did not have to..
    SORRY with capslock on!!

    • Grøthjerne

      She also itches a lot, and yesterday she started to itch a lot in her scalp, she has very hard time sleeping and has developed a dry patch on her leg. She has eczema (had for many years) but this is usually only on hands, now it has been present on arms, stomach sides, waist and legs. The red rash (redness in face) is like measles and blotches, no puss, butt a lot of small bumps. I don’t think her face itches. If she exercises or go for a walk she turnes red in her face. She has had faci redness since 3-4 after our first unprotected sex after my risk encounters. I am so sorry to bother you with this again. I am so afraid, but now I am 100% sure that I’ve got HIV and that I have infected her. I must be a late converter.

    • Dear Grothjerne,

      We have moved the forum over to http://www.askdrtan.com
      Please post your questions on http://www.askdrtan.com
      See you there!

      Dr Tan


    my friend had done sex with me three times
    after one year of the incidance i took elisa test for hiv and its result was non reactive.
    but i am experiencng symptoms like complete white on tounge,semisolid stool,extreme gases from last three months.
    why causing these symptoms.
    it is due to hiv
    i am free from hiv or not.
    please help me sir what can i do

  104. Hello Dr.Tan,
    Last year i got cut by a razor blade which was in deep in a couch which was from my relative who had recently passed away from H.I.V. AIDS and i got scared but i got used as time went by.
    I then had sex for the first time in SEPTEMBER 2011 and it was during the weekend.During the weekdays, i got a rash with HUGE BIG BOILS which itched a lot and they only came up in the AFTERNOON.Then after three days i took ALLERGY MEDICATION and they have never appeared again. (I DON’T KNOW IF I AM ALLERGIC TO ANYTHING)
    I have been having SEX ever since and:- I have had the CONDOM BURST TWICE and Haven’t used a CONDOM TWICE. Recently my dad caught a cold and the whole family got it, others have healed but mine is not severe but still is there, but the good part is i haven’t had any medication for it so that means it is not for a long period. I had my throat hurt a week ago and i have not had many signs but i am just afraid for my life. PLEASE HELP ME, TELL ME WHY I HAVE SOME OF THOSE SIGNS. CAN U HELP ME POST THEM TO MY FACEBOOK MESSAGES. PLEASE SIR.

  105. have been worried of contracting HIV.

    I have had unprotected receptive anal sex last August 12, 2011 and i also had protected anal sex on October 12,2011.

    On the last week of October, i started to feel chills everyday at night and i have stuffy nose and loose bowel once a day every morning. I can also feel 4 lymph nodes below my jawline and one small nodes(less than 1 cm) at the side of my neck.Later on, the chills is felt already even in daytime. I checked my temp everytime i had chills and it ranges from 37.1-37.4 persisting for almost 3 months .These continued until the 2nd week of January . After the chills and what i think is lowgrade fever subsides, burning sensation in my feet and hands starts to develop which worsens at dawn, i also experienced dry mouth and white tongue which i could not scrape. I had 2 episodes of hives all over my body which lasted for days and i dont have any known allergy. Know i have 1 ulcer in my lips and once i had it at the back of my throat. I also have feeling of tiredness, dry mouth, and burning sensation in my my hands and feet. The burning sensation is on the dorsal part of the feet, around the ankle ,in the calf, in the dorsal area of my hands but not on the sole of the feet and the palms and the toes.I have been tested negative for HIV antibody in December 14, 2011 and january 16, 2012 which turned out non-reactive.I also had my stool checked and found nmumerous fungus in my stool.

    I am still doubtful of my rewsult since i am having all these symptoms.I also have been checked for my blood sugar, my thyroid panel and other stds. Are there tests in ASIA which gives false negative results?

    Can hiv be my possible problem? Are there any other diseases which may manifest same as HIV?

    Can peripheral neuropathy manifest in this manner – Burning sensation on the dorsal areas of the feet and the hands and does not include the sole, the palms and the toes? The burning sensation is worst when i am lying down or when i am wearing socks. Can, peripheral neuropathy and dry mouth this worse occur early in the disease?

    Can lowgrade fever in chronic HIV infection subsides after a few months or will it remain until treated? Can lowgrade fever in be a manifestation of early infection and how long is the possible duration?

    Can all these just be anxiety, can anxiety cause all these symptoms and can anxiety symptoms last long?

    Can the fungus in my stool means i have a compromised immune system?

    Can all of these be signs of HIV or can all these be signs of anxietY?

    Pls. help me. I am so worried.

  106. Thank ypu doc Tan for responding.

    I feel that neuropathy and dry mouth and dry eyes are more specific symptoms of hiv since i don’t have diabetes and other illnesses which may cause it and what i have read that it may be caused by diffuse infiltrative lymphocytosis syndrome. I am afraid i might be one of the rare late seroconverters, could that be possible doc? I don’t have any history of cancer, drug use, etc.

  107. helpme

    hi Dr tan,
    I had protected sex with a sex worker 1 week ago. She gave me a handjob without condom and lick my ear so I was just wondering if I could be infected with hiv? Since then my neck and shoulder have been very tight! She also kissed my balls.

  108. Weilun

    on 24 and 31 march i had a protected sex but this few days
    i been worrying that i might got HIV..symptoms for now is
    dry cough,light flu,diarrhea,headache. do you think i should be worry for it?

  109. on 24 and 31 march i had a protected sex but this few days
    i been worrying that i might got HIV..symptoms for now is
    dry cough,light flu,diarrhea,headache. do you think i should be worry for it?

  110. Gay confuse

    I had sex with same sex two weeks ago with same sex. At first we just touch each other and suddenly he sucked me without any protection but i stopped him. Then when we decide to have a penetration he take out his POPPERS and both of us try the POPPERS i put condom but didn’t have the opportunity to enter him because of thr effect of the poppers i came already and same as him he came in the condom without any penetration. But prior to that i had several sex intercourse but all got condom so i want to know what test i could take right now and the cost coz i have flu like symptoms, can’t sleep at night and pain in my throat and loose 4kg already two almost two weeks after the last contact with portection.

    • Gay confuse

      I also got dry lips at night and sweating a bit eventhough we have air condition so im
      A bit confused now

  111. Doc,

    What is the possible longest duration of ARS symptoms? does it come altogether or is it possible that they come one by one or after the other? Is it possible to experience continuing symptoms after ARS?

  112. stressed

    Hi Dr tan,

    My last exposure is about 1year 3month ago. Recently i have went for a hiv rapid test the result is non-reactive. but i’m on the floron iron suppliment for a few days(less than a week) about 1 and a half month ago. will my test report still be accurate? thanks for your help in advance.

  113. Hi Dr Tan, I went to Batam recently and had unprotected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex with a local escort for the whole night. 2 days after, I had diaherra, muscle/joint aches, unexplainable fatigue and slight dizziness till now(3 days and counting). Please advice on my risk level and should I wait for the recommended 3 mths to get check? or do PCR? Thank you.

  114. Hi, this is my first time seeing this article. Im just worried because i had sex with a lady 1 year ago and recently this february i lost something and i got super depress how to replace it i was shaking after the party and does’nt know what to do literally shaking then rash develops with pressure, i got dermographism until now but before that i had this rash all over my body which i think i had it before when i was a kid and diagnosed that i had some “viral infection (this is when i was in gradeschool) ” and i dont know now if it is hiv or just the same thing as before. and im just worried that i’m having some symptoms like night sweats or is it just really hot here i also got pleghm coming from the upper part near the nose i guess. lymph nodes small but i can feel it it even before or i’m just slim thats why i can feel it. acne breakdowns that i never got before or is it just because my job is nightshift. i’m also afraid that my tongue cuold have thrush because of some marks never seen before but it was not like those pictures in google it looks like when i brush my teeth my tongue got brush too, mouth sores. recently got some blood clot thingy in my cheeks or is just i talk alot and did not realise that i bit it. i’m thin slimmy even before but i see improvement i got some muscle but recently i got a job where i dont do much but sit nightshift though and experiencing that my metabolism is too fast again and muscle is reducing if i skip meals and does’nt work out and gaining if i work out every week. never got tested i don’t know how, i’m too young and afraid that my family will know because where on a small country. i just keep on praying and praying that I’m too sorry i stop watching porn and all. i’m trying my best because i dont want my mom to get hurt because i just lost my brother. :( PLEASE PRAY FOR ME.

  115. toomy

    please i have this rashes appearing and bursting ,secondly after i google the symptoms of hiv i then started having fever without chills,headache and a graduall weight loss

  116. Good Day Doc.

    First of all congratulations for doing a very good job.
    It’s really a blessing to have someone like you helping people out.

    Just wondering because I had an encounter with a girl we just Kissed for 2-3 times for about 15 seconds each time we kiss. At that time I didnt know if I already have a mouth sore coz I only felt pain on my sore the next day. Is it possible to get HIV assuming the girl is a carrier?

    Is it also possible to get HIV by just rubbing one’s vagina on a man’s penis without penetration?

    Thanks and more power

    Hope more Dr. will follow you and admire you on your good deeds

  117. Abulshureim

    Hello Doctor i’m very happy to meet you may God reward you, I’m 24 years old i had sex with 4 prostitute but not thesame day and time but same week,month after i had another sex with 2 prostitute on thesame day but different time but i all used condom, so the first and the last sex i had with prostitute really scared’s me because of in the first time the condom was about to remove and she notify me and i rushly took it back and i started to think may be she is HIV Aid carrier and it may be possible my penis get direct contact with her vigina or in the process of pulling the condom back my penis touch the outer surface of the condom
    The last one after she affair necked before me i just look at her as HIV career but one month before i went for test it was non-reactive
    It was one week now After the last sex is it possible for me to be HIV career if and only if i had sex of hiv career and i used condom
    secondly justify me base on my explanation

  118. Hey doc I’m a little worried to where I’m not sleeping as well, I performed oral on a person about a month ago, then as of a week ago crazy things started happening to my body. First, my eyes were hurting when I look around for four days during that 4 day period I had Diahrrea. After that my tounge started to swell underneath at the base (salivairy glands) and I I have dry mouth and lips and it feels like a tiny pimples in the very back of my tounge, thats all what im dealing with as im typing this. Now I did not have any lymph nodes swell up or anything like that or sore throat nor cold symptoms, but I was more concerned about that 2-4 window period of when symptoms show up. Please doc if u could give me just an opinion on my situation. Other docs online said it sounds like an Bacteria infection or even a viral one not HIV. I think I may have lost 5 pounds or so only behind stress because I’m a big guy.

  119. hi

  120. Sajith

    Dear Dr,

    I had Sex with Unknown Girl two months back and iam not sure i used the condom till the end. after 14 days and 47 days i did Hiv1&2 Abs (Elisa), result was negative. But iam tensed, weight loose 2 kg.Kindly advice me.

  121. kindboy

    Hi dr tan I had protect sex but condom breaks, second rounds same thing happen and 3rd rounds was oral and anal sex without condom cos am an anxious person I begin to worry and fear,now am only having serious chill at ♏Ɣ back sometimes all ♏Ɣ body any time I stayed in
    A cold area or breeze blow me for long time this chill attack me without fever no other symptoms only this chill am experiencing

  122. kindboy

    If I may forget their is a time i feel scratch and small pain on ♏Ɣ head but not headache and if I want to comb ♏Ɣ hair it will be falling out a little but that scratch and has stop this 5weeks and 3 days I put ♏Ɣ self at
    risk I had this sex on 18 of may and due to am an anxious person I started filling that chill on 7th day after the sex pls person having only chill is a symptoms of earlier sign of hiv

  123. kindboy

    If I may forget their is a time i feel scratch and small pain on ♏Ɣ head but not headache and if I want to comb ♏Ɣ hair it will be falling out a little but that scratch and has stop this 5weeks and 3 days I put ♏Ɣ self at
    risk I had this sex on 18 of may and due to am an anxious person I started filling that chill on 7th day after the sex pls person having only chill is a symptoms of earlier sign of hiv pls don’t get annoy for posting this double thank very much God bless you

  124. kindboy

    Pls dr tan am still waiting to hear from you

  125. worried

    This is a very good site,however i have a problem and I need solutions as fast as possible.
    In November2011,i have a HIV prick test which was negative.in May 2012 i had another after two day of having unprotected sex with a girl and the result was negative.I got sick (malaria) AND SO I TOOK COARTEM and TRES ORIX blood tonic in early June and took another HIV prick test which came out positive .a second test on the same day with a HIV 1and 2 mouth swipe kit came out negative. I went for another test in another laboratory using the ELISA test method and the results were negative.After a week, i checked in another laboratory and the results came out negative. I have not fallen sick again since june but i cant sleep.please help me out .am so scared there is something wrong with me

  126. vicky

    i had open sex with my girl frd on june 18th with out protection but after some days she was not getting her regular mensus.but after 2 weeks she had mensus. but am worried about hiv bcz 6-7 months ago she had un protected sex with her x-boy frd.wat is the chance of getting hiv?. i knw her frm past 8 months health wise nw we r ok but worried abot the hiv

  127. Hi Dr. Tan,

    I had protected oral and vaginal sex with a high risk female. Some vaginal fluids on my hands but I believe skin was intact. I got a negative ELISA (antibody+antigen) result at 28 days.

    From Day 28-30 I developed low fever (99.8F), joint and muscle ache, slight irritation in the throat, and headache. Day 31-32 Sore throat only; aches and fever disappeared. Day 33-36 cough only.

    My question:
    While I will get tested again at 12 weeks, is there any advantage of getting a repeat test at 6 weeks for peace of mind? I do not know how p24 antigen levels peak relative to the onset of ARS symptoms and am worried about false negatives.

  128. help25

    i had 6 week duo test which was neg,
    i had another at 11 weeks which was neg,
    i had sex with woman ,,
    do i need more testing as the clinic say im ok,
    my penis urthea is red dunno if this is a clue

  129. Hey dr Tan, 10 days ago i visited a legalised brothel and took part in protected oral and protected vaginal sex, after i finished i saw all my semen gathered up in the top of the condom which indicates to me that there was no tears. 5 days after this i felt nauseous and would burp to some relief but the nausea would return in seconds and that process would repeat, over the next few days i continue to feel nauseous and continue to burp and sometimes get a burning sensation in my chest and am easily bloated after meals. my question is whether it is too early to be experiencing symptoms of HIV or hepatitis?

  130. Heyhey.

    Hi dr tan,

    I had a sexual intercourse with a girl on june 2012. We had unprotected sex tat day. After tat for maybe abt 2-3 weeks, i fell sick and was fatigue, flu and a cough and sore throat. I went to consult a private clinic and ate medicine and i was okay after a few days except for cough. I still had a slight cought tiil then. Then i felt normal but i felt tired when days goes on, my neck feel painful and was itchy. Its like a rashes and sometimes my arm also has it too. Then when last few days which is about 2 months plus the day when i had sex with tat girl. I was sick again and i had a terrible flu. Then slowly cough and sore throat developed again. Then terrible headache comes in. I do not i hav fever anot but the doctor tat i consult gave me fever medicine to reduce the headache pain. Therefore, i was very scared and afraid tat i had hiv. So can dr tan help me with this? Thank you.

  131. Heyhey.

    Dr tan, I rephrase again. Sorry for the poor english i wrote. I mean 2 months plus after i had sex with tat girl. And i would like to add on is tat, at first my arm and shoulder was aching but after a few weeks, it back to normal again. I was really worried but i had no one i can turn to. So please dr tan, i need your help. Thanks.

  132. Anonymous

    Hi dr tan i performed oral on another man 8 weeks ago, and he did not ejaculate in my mouth , since i have been worried 3 weeks after had hiv blood test came back negative , then last week developed a rash on back and inner thighs also have a little on chest rash looks like pimples or mesquito bites and itchy at first then just stay red and dont really go away , went to family doctor he couldnt explain it, , also have been tired a lot lately though , its been pretty hot outside lately, not sure what to think, going to go get another test tommorow will be between 8-9 weeks what are your thoughts on the situation , Thank you

  133. sir i had unsafe sex with a csw in jb …i tested hiv 1 dna pcr after 17 days .and hiv duo test(4th gen) after 10,17,29and 42 days.also hiv elisa test after 42 days. sud i still worry for hiv ?what r the chances of still getting it? plz advice?

  134. dear doc i have fingered a unknown partner with a cut wound finger is it possible for spread of hiv..

  135. Hi doc
    I got tested after 65 days of possible exposure by a test named
    Hiv1+2 elisa and the results came out negativeis that test accurate and what are my
    percentages ?

    Thank you and sorry to bother you .

  136. I have the HIV Test and now waiting for another 2 week. DR is told me that result might effected by another illness which not HIV. I worry is HIV, what can I do.???I surf for internet and see all the symptoms..but nothing is happen on me. I worry about it.

  137. Daniel henderson

    Hi DR tan,

    I was exposed to hiv due to condom breakage.I am not sure if the girl is + or -. but i got worried and got tested in 17 days by ECI(vitros) method. i got non-reactive. Is this test reliable. and i fell like i am having symptoms like fever, sore throat, rashes. I am really worried. Please advice. this is 3 week of exposure.

  138. Sabastian

    Hi Dr Tan,
    I had intercourse with a random girl and my condom broke. the very next day i got sore throat which could be because of other reason as i know symptoms do not show up so quickly. But sore throat is persisting till today (1.5 month later). i got All STD test after 35 days. At the report it was written RPR and TPHA non reactive hence negative but no information about HIV. also herpex simplex 1 and 2 was negative(0.0). when i asked where is the information for HIV he said as RPR and TPHA are negative meaning no worries. is it right? should i go for another test as recently i started having sweety palms, feets and armpit, burning sensation under armpits, also at tongue lot of white stuff is accumulating on my tongue.

  139. Dr tan,

    i want to discuss with you something, that i had protected sex but couple of minutes before ejaculation my condom breaks, just after 8 weeks of exposure i testes , it came non reactive… since that exposure i have become more healthy gained 1.5 kg weight … i want to know that 8 weeks
    test that came non reactive is enough..or not and i have no symptom at all gained 1.5 kg weight since then…please guide me

  140. Dear dr,

    First my sincere thanks & respect for ur answers & service

    Pls help me to get out from my fear

    I recently( 9 days ago)received unprotected oral sex from sex worker when I had fever. Fever continued a week & body feeling hot( not continuous) & feeling chill ( not shivering) sometimes. Further, my pennis tip always wet, testicles & joint also found wet( even after sometime of very good shover). I do hv tingling feel in my pennis & got 1 white discharge as well. Apart from above unprotected oral sex, I never had any unprotected sex. Usually have protected sex with one girl Who I recently came to know that she has a relation with so many boys

    Planning to have complete std test tomorrow. Pls advice & also need ur suggestion to have any preventive vaccine now


    • Since you are already planning to see a doctor for complete STD tests, I suggest you ask him your questions when you see him. I do not want to confuse the issue.

  141. Ian philippines

    Good day doc,

    Im 26 years old and i had an unprotected sex with a masseur 5weeks ago. After 3 days i felt weak and its as if i am having flu. So i went to the doctor and i was advise to take and HIV test, ELISA and had a negative result. After a few days i felt feverish but my temperature reading is around 36.3 to 36.9 degrees Celsius. Currently i still feel feverish, i got very occasional cough and diarrhea, very watery and its like 2 to 4 times a day. Now i forced myself to cough i saw streaks of blood on my sputum. I forgot to mention i got chest X-ray at the same time i took the HIV test and i had clear lungs. Basing on my symptoms i feel i have HIV and I’m feeling down. My weight is still the same, i have been maintaining good diet and fluids though. My doctor says i will repeat my hiv test on december. But……. T_T

    Pls respond, i feel like I’m going on a suicide or something.

    • I do not know what you are trying to achive by suggesting that you will commit suicide if I do not respond. I think you have achieved the exact opposite of what you were setting out to do. Because I will not entertain anyone who comes to this site wanting to kill themselves. If you feel suicidal then please see your doctor ASAP or call your local SOS or any other counselling hotline. I will not and cannot be involved in suicide counselling. You have come to the wrong platform.

  142. I had vaginal sex with my girl friend for at least 25 mins the next day we had sex with protected sex for at least 30minutes but after that I started having a headache with a itchy throat she told me she didn’t feel good also, I did perform oral sex with her both times & during that time I had a canker sore in my mouth, it’s been 4 days now & I still have a head ache & feel sick, I’m scared, she’s scare please help please I need an answer

    • Both of you are scared of having caught HIV from each other? Where is the trust man? Why don’t both of you go get HIV tests together. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  143. hi…dr
    bp lab malaysia is use wht generation hiv test?

  144. Mariah Estrada

    I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, the next day I had a sore throat and runny nose & it felt like if i had a cut In my vagina. It’s been a week and Everytime i pee it burns and stings. I’m really scared. What does that mean ?
    Should I go get tested ?

    • There can be several causes for your symptoms. Maybe there really is a cut or abrasion in your vagina. This is common especially if the sex was a bit rough or you were not adequately lubricated. Most STDs will take more than 1 day to show symptoms. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  145. Hello Doctor, kindly advise me what to do. i had unprotected sex with a girl 8-9 months back & the girl is very sexually active. since then i have suffered from typhoid and running and blocked nose. if we talk about blocked/running nose i have been suffering from this for last few months on a continuous basis. is this is the sign/symptoms of hiv? i will really thankful for you if you can give me some advise on this.

    • No point guessing and trying to find out if you have HIV from your symptoms. Just go get tested. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

    • hi doc , I always go massage and end with handjob . no sex/ oral sex . but I have touching and kissing . will I get hiv ? I just go hiv test but the waiting period of result is killing me . will I get hiv like this ? I have tested hiv using ez trust product and show negative . does this product accurate? btw , where is Ur clinic ? thanks doctor

  146. Hi Dr,

    First of all thanks for all the great work you are doing on here, I had sex with a prostitute 4 days ago and it was protected vaginal and unprotected oral which is Deep kissing and Licking vagina, since then its now four days and I have something like metallic taste on the tip of the tongue and a mild fever and headache, I did brushed my teeth after half hour of the sex and I had bleeding gum. Am I at risk of HIV? I think this was my first and last experience with prostitute. The only major symptom right now is metallic and burning feeling on the tongue. Thanks very much!

  147. Angelo Dizon

    Hi doc, hope you can help me to my problem. i had unprotected oral sex last nov 10, 2012. he cum/semen over my face and some of the semen was put in my mouth. I am sure i swallowed some and worried because my face is peeling off that time because i had my chemical peel before that. In the next day nov 11, 2012 im having a cough and cold and now (nov 14, 2012) im having a mild fever, cough and cold. do you think i am infected? please doc help me.. i am very worried about my situation.. thank you very much.

  148. Angelo Dizon

    Thank you very much doc.. are you saying i dont need to take any test and if i will need take a test when? please reply.. and thank you again?

  149. Angelo Dizon

    and take note doc. i did oral sex without any protection.

  150. I have a mass.rash on my chest. Now blasters. That trunin two a sore what is wrong with. Me

  151. On my. Tip of. My. Dick

  152. hi doc , I always went for massage and end with handjob . no sex or oral sex but I do touch her and kissing . will I get hiv from this ? I have go to have hiv test and the waiting result is killing me . I do test using ez trust rapid test and show negative . how accurate is this product ? thanks doctor .

  153. Hi dr tan, if let say i have unprotected sex with someone on May 28 and i have just tested negative for ELISA test today which is 19th november. Can i conclude i dont have hiv?

  154. Hi Dr Tan,

    I have went to massage on 20 september and we have french kiss and i suck her nipple too. she perform handjob to me. i have just tested HIV+p24 antigen and show negatives. Does this conclusive?

  155. anxiety@depressed

    Hi Dr Tan,

    Here my story:
    I always go for massage from june 2012 till end of october 2012. average 1 month 3 times. I just done a hiv test on 19th november and result is negatives (Elisa+p24 antigen). After the test i feel guilty,anxiety and depressed. I cant sleep well for 1 week already. I also telling myself to stop thinking hiv hiv hiv. My mind keep thinking everytime and i always search around in the web which make me more anxiety.Your answer will be the last message i will look for hiv info.
    Will i get hiv for below activity:
    1) hand job
    2) kissing
    3) i suck her nipple
    4) she suck my nipple
    5) body to body contact , she with pants on
    6) rubbing her vagina with pants on.

    i don`t have sex or oral sex with them. This will be my last question here and sorry for making few questions.

    • Your exposures do not put you at any risk of HIV. What I find very strange is that you start to worry about HIV AFTER you have tested NEGATIVE for HIV. Should it not be the other way around? Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  156. Dr tan , I have French kiss with a massager and I have done hiv combo test after 77 days exposure . can I conclude I dun have hiv ?

  157. Dr , if combo hiv test at 6 or 7 or 8 week conclusive ?

  158. Dr, If week 13 i tested for combo test and negative. Can conclude for hiv?

  159. Dear Dr. Tan,

    I would like to ask if it is possible to get HIV with this scenario. We went to a ktv bar 2 weeks ago and one of the girl the kiss me for a minute when i get drunk. I have a tooth decay (is it considered as open wound?) during that time. There was no other contact aside from kissing. After few days i have slight fever and sore throat.I am really worried, please enlighten me with this issue. Thank you.

  160. i just kissed an old guy im worried maybe i could get hiv on that is ist possible to get hiv by kissing

  161. Hi DR TAN,

    I’m worry about will I get HIV? I get STD and is treated the doctor didnt said what STD i get.I do the test in Malaysia pathlab the first month it shown negative on the 5-11-2012. On the 4-12-2012 I go hospital to do the medical check up it shown negtive HIV. I got the same symptom nausea, ulser, muscle pain I very very scare cos I scare I transmitted to my wife cos my wife lower part pain. Please help

  162. harold 713

    i had an oral sex with a prostitute without a condom after 2 years and 6 months i had blood test for blood transfusion and the test turns out negative of a infection. is this means i am free from hiv

    • You cannot depend on tests done at a blood transfusion service to diagnose your HIV status. Please see a doctor for a proper HIV test. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  163. harold 713

    follow-up question today is my 5th year since exposure.

  164. harold 713

    Hi Dr Tran,

    follow-up question today is my 5th year since exposure.

  165. Hi! dr. Tan

    I would ask if oral sex has really low risk in havinh HIV..and i had it only for twenty minutes..

  166. Hi Dr,

    I had sex with 2 prostitutes in Ireland on Saturday night 15th December. I wore a condom during all acts of oral and penetrative sex. The condoms did not break. On the evening of the 17th December I noticed i had an itchy back and shoulders. There appears to be some kind of bothcy rash on my back. I am concerned that I may have caught HIV from the prostitutes. Should i be concerned?

    • Impossible for HIV symptoms to develop in 2 days. However, I must say that penetrative sex even with a condom has a very small risk of HIV infection. Not to mention a risk for all other STDs. You should speak to your doctor about getting some screening tests done. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  167. Dear Dr. Tan, I am having all the possible early symptoms related to HIV…

    Symptoms started from 4th week of exposure.. slight fever, severe cold(all the time like running nose), had headaches, some times one sided(whenever exposed to cold weather), Red & burning watery eyes(was sensitive to light) —- I thought these were the symptoms of Sinusitis…. and gradually these all went off with some medicines…

    then later after a week or so, severe body pains and muscle pains with a lot of tiredness, vomiting sensation but no vomitings (nausea) and unwillingness to eat (loss of taste buds).

    and after a week or so, now I am having a white coat like thing on my tongue(i believe its oral thrush) and a small pulpy, fleshy bump in my groin area on the right side of my leg near my private place and other near collar bone on shoulders, those are painless and colorless swelling, i think they are the lymph nodes swelling.

    And how long these symptoms worry me… cozz i have body pains esply, thigh muscle from top to toe (complete muscle) severe pain.. every time when i woke up from bed it treats me hard, I cant walk for long time…. and the muscles and bones in my hands are every time like burning sensation. and at the shoulder lymph nodes it feels bad like same..

    As all these symptoms are appearing gradually, after 4 weeks of protected vaginal intercourse with a professional sex worker. now its been over 4 months from this encounter… still the symptoms are worrying me alot with lots of body, muscle and joint pains and burning eyes. these body pains are like needle poking and inflammatory pains.

    could these be the actual/real symptoms of the HIV or any other viral or bacterial infection…. please do advice as am in a panic situation… worried all the time not able to concentrate on my daily routines… dying each and every second of time thinking of HIV and even really scared to get tested…. and also please tell me is it possible to get attract HIV even in protected sex.

    So my Qnt is…

    1. are these the exact early symptoms of hiv
    2. is it possible to contract any std’s or hiv’s in protected sex.
    3. is it possible to contract these std’s, if penis was not completely erected, though it is fully covered with protection (that too double protection and the intercourse just lasted for only few seconds or less than a minute like few strokes).

    So please please HELP me and give some HOPE for life, really want to die myself with these symptoms on…….

    will be very much Thankful for ur kind advice…………..


  168. Hi I have done western blood after 117 day how much % it is acurate. I have done oral sex with working women I am not felling well is help me

    Hi I have done western blood after 117 day how much % it is acurate. I have done oral sex with working women I am not felling well is help me

  169. hi mr drtan i have been sore throat for an 3 months now and i sometimes have fewer does hiv possitive people can have that much time symptom i heard that if you have hiv the early symptoms will show only one week and disappear

  170. sam martin

    hello sir .i had a sex with sex worker on july 2012 with condom (vaginal) and on july 28 i have small itch in my penis but i not notic that on august 1 i dont ones more sex but not sex only oral with condom . but on august 4 i notic its have small mark on my penis and itch i gone doctor and taken tube and in one day its ok . but later i read internet and i affred on august 15 i got feaver sore throat ,cough dry , and on october 1 i done elesa test after 80 days its come negative .but later also i worried and keep my feeling sore throat . on nov 29 after 4 month i done rapid hiv test that come negative . on december 17 after 5 month i dont hiv rapid test its come negative . on december 27 i dont test in goverment clinic i dont know what that they told me its so sensetive to find hiv in one hour they told me its negative . i am worrid because i have next month marrage and girl is so good i dont want to make her any problem . and if i am safe i want to leave good and honest to her .the problem is that i still have dry mouth and dry lips but no any mark in my mouth and no other any symptoms . and in internet its tell the window period may be also 6 month and 12 month . is i am safe and if safe what may be the reason for dry mouth and which doctor i should prefer i shown to ent they tell me all fine gastro they told me all fine . but i have feeling still drymouth and dry lips . i seen your comment and you helping all please give me also advise sir … wating for your advice

  171. linsanity

    Is hyperpigmentation a symptom of early hiv, and could it be caused by anxiety/stress

    • I have never heard of hyperpigmentation being a early symptom of HIV. I have also never heard of anxiety or stress causing hyperpigmentation. Please ask any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  172. Dear doc, thank you for all you have been doing. I am in a bit of big trouble. I gave unprotected oral sex to a girl with a bleeding tongue that I cut a few minutes before the whole episode. 3 weeks after this act I had fever, dry and burning mouth, anorexia, fatigue, nausea, lymph nodes at my neck, my groin and my armpits, had a constant burning pain at my foot especially when I stand(it gets better when I move around). All of these occurred during 3 to 6 weeks after exposure and resolved. At the seventh week I developed a flat(not raised) shiny scaly rash on both my shoulders and on my penis. The rash on both shoulders was slightly itchy. The rash lasted for a week or two and then at the eighth week I got lymph nodes on my neck, at the back of my right ear, under my armpits and at my groin. I took a 2nd generation elisa test at 4.5 weeks and came back negative, I guess that was too soon. I took another 1st generation elisa at 10 weeks and that too came back negative. Dr, how reliable is a 10 week 1st generation test in the light of all of theses sympthoms? Please do help me sir.

    • As far as my opinion goes, there is no risk of contracting HIV from oral sex. Your HIV tests are not conclusive but I do not think you need to test in the first place. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  173. confused

    Hi Dr Tan,
    Before I ask I would like to say I really appreciate the time, devotion and your knowledge. 7 weeks ago I had vaginal sex with stripper in PR. Since I was really drunk and stupid I am not sure if condom was used properly. However I remember her being very insistent on using it. I had following test
    1. Aptima Qualitative PCR RNA – 18 days – not detected.
    2. Third Gen Elisa – 45 days – Negative
    3. Oraquick Oral – 49 days – Negative
    I knwo officail guideline still is 3 months, but in your experience have you seen any six week Elisa negative turn positive later. given that I am healthy and non- IV drug user .

    • In my opinion you are already in the clear for HIV. You are right that you should still do the 3 months test as per the official recommendations. But really, that test will confirm what we already know. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  174. hi there,

    i found ur site very interesting. Ive been looking for synptoms in internet for ages now and yes it only gets u more anxious and nervous. I will follow your advise about not doing all that research. i had unprotected oral sex about 1 month ago, i was fine until i got a yeast infection on my penis and diarrhea. I have a dog that has a yeast infection in his skin and maybe because i stroke him and then i scratched myself and got it. Diarrhea because well i at in this market place which is not very clean. Then i got some allergies like some red small bumps that was itchy, my friend which is a doctor told me its because of the yeast infection i have. so i would like to ask you what do u believe should i get a hiv test just in case? cheers

    • Thank you for your kind words. In my opinion oral sex carries no risk of HIV infection. So I think you are getting worried unnecessarily. However, it sounds to me like you need to get a HIV test for your own peace of mind. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com.

  175. hi doctor i toke 1 tablet zoplicone 7.5mg (sleeping pill) 3 days before hiv combi test which was done after 2 months of possible exposure from receiving oral sex.test turn out to be negative.its that conclusive i dont have hiv

  176. hii sir 4 month ago i have protected sex with sex worker but unprotected oral sex after 2 moth i observe some pain in neck and then after 13 week of sex i did my rapid test and result negative but after that fear in my mind about hiv every day i read hiv symptoms and more negative i have cold from long time and i also have deveop ulcer in my mouth but everything happen only after read symptoms i read about it and depreesed and feel another symptoms as i read kindlly help mee

    • Most HIV tests are conclusive after 3 months. Your test at 13 weeks should also be. Please verify this with your doctor.

  177. sir im taking antiviral from one month after taking this i have sores in moouth and i have skin rashes now i see . sir i need test me again or not please advice me

  178. Good Morning Doctor,
    I have had burning thigh pain in the front of my thighs just above the knee for over a year and my partner of nearly two years has had this pain as well for 2 years. It is like it is being burnt in the muscle. Could this constant muscle pain be hiv related for this long?

  179. dear doctor i tested hiv agin at 19 month after my sexual intercourse and it come negative but still i feel all symptoms doctor please guide me

  180. sir. do we get Hiv if a person rubs his penis on another persons penis and he ejaculated and his cum may go into pee hole of other and infect him?

    • Semen contains HIV virus. HIV virus can enter the body via mucosal surfaces (like the opening of the peehole as you say). So yes, I would say there is a risk.

  181. A few days ago, I had sex with a prostitute using two condoms. Both the condoms were intact and no semen leaked into the vagina. Can this still lead to HIV/AIDS? Do sex workers get regular blood tests done to ascertain if they have STDs? What precautions should I take if I visit a sex worker in future?

    • Yes there is still a risk of contracting HIV. In Singapore, licensed sex workers get monthly checks for HIV, Syphilis and Gonorrhea. You can reduce your risk of contracting HIV or STDs by using a condom. Using 2 condoms do not increase your protection. In fact the risk of a condom break is higher. At the end of the day, visiting prostitutes is risky. Nothing changes that fact. Using a condom will reduce your risk but does not eliminate risk. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  182. July 28th 2012, i had a one night stand, not sure if condom was used or not. Had a hiv test done at 23 weeks (January 2013)should this be conclusive or should i have another test done now?) I only worry because for the past few months, constantly been sick and the skin on my palms of my hands started peeling.

    • No one would argue with the accuracy of a HIV test at 23 weeks (6 months). I really do not think HIV is the cause of your symptoms. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  183. licking a pussy can cause of hiv? i have a blood test for syphilis ab and the result is nonreactive is the test for syphilis ab can detects hiv?

    • In my opinion oral sex carries no risk of HIV infection. Syphilis Ab is a test for Syphilis not for HIV. I am shocked and frankly disgusted that something so straightforward was not explained to you by the person conducting the test. Actually I am more than disgusted. I am pissed off. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  184. hi Doctor, i had an unprotection sex for the past two and half years. In fear i tested my blood for STD and HIV consecutively year by year and the always comes negative. Is that meant m totally out of HIV disease?

    • It means as of the last HIV test you did, you do not have HIV, taking into account the window period. You continue this practice of unprotected sex with different partners and some day your luck might run out. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  185. I had DNA PCR test done after 18 days from exposure and it came out to be negative. But in 3rd week, i developed very much cough which remained for 4-5 days. Then after 4 weeks, i developed cold (No running nose but only nose blockage) and fever between 99-100 degree farenhite. I am having body aches and my burning sensation in eyes. Should i go for further testing or DNA PCR done after 18 days is enough and i should not be worried about anything and should not go for any further testing. Please reply soon. Thank you.

  186. hello sir, may i ask if i caught the virus? i made out with someone (not sex or f*ck) and it involves oral but he’s the one performing it to me, after that i think i had a fever,diarrhea but i think 1 time only, i felt dizzy too….should i go to the doctor??

  187. anxious

    hi sir,

    i have to be straight up and say it just as it is….. I had gonorrhea recently and it was my partner that pass it on to me. We both were treated and since then ive been fine from gonorrhea. But recently my partner just came clean and told me shes HIV +ve, im a lil bit at risk and scared because we’ve been having on and off protected and unprotected sex.

    And i recently had flu and have been experiences most of the symptoms and my research on the net has lead me to find so many symptoms, im too scared to even do the test. what are my chances?

    • Sorry to hear that. Each time you had unprotected vaginal sex with her your risk of catching HIV is about 0.1%. Anal sex has a higher risk. However, there are many factors that influence this risk for example if she is on ARV and has an undetectable viral load, she is less infectious by 86%. Anyway, talking about risks and probabilities now is of no practical value. You need to bite the bullet and do the test. All the best to you. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

      • anxious

        hi Doc,

        well in regards to the previous message, i did the test and it came out all negative. both the HIV and the other STDs were all negatives. At this stage what does it mean?

        Ive done another HIV though for confirmation!!!

  188. I fooled around with a guy in mid-Feburary,we kissed he rimmed me,and inserted his unprotected penis inside my anus, but he did not ejaculate, I’ve been so scared lately because near the end of March I’ve been having some symptoms of HIV, mainly I’ve been experiencing muscle twitching and stomach pain, and I had a sore throat and what I thought to be swollen lymph nodes in my neck…I will be getting tested in August, Wish me Luck

    • What you did was not the safest thing unfortunately. But I must say that your symptoms do not sound like typical HIV symptoms. Furthermore, 6 weeks is a bit too long for ARS to develop. Why wait for August? A 3rd Gen ELISA now will already be very accurate in fact as good as conclusive. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

      • I’ve also been having mouth ulcers regularly and I have had red spots on my arms and pain on my joint but not as painful as it once was, and my muscles have been twitching alot and I’m thinking that it peripheral neuropathy

  189. OK, I forgot to mention that I’ve been having mouth sore almost every other day and I’ve been experincing pain in my arms and elbows, and little red spots on my arms and I broke out in hives

    • I was mistaken I messed around with him the beginning of March and in the middle of March that was when I started to worry and see symptoms and still to this day I feel horrible, not sick but weak and tired and in some pain and I’ve seen these lumps on the sides of my tongue, I was hopefull but now I’m sure I have it

      • I have had similar symptoms but tested negative at 5 months post exposure(unprotected vaginal). My muscle twitching, painful amrpit, itching and rash and white tongue still there. Were you able to figure out something? am really worried

  190. Hi doctor 7 month before I had sex with sex workerunprotacted oral sex now its seven month I feel all hiv symptoms I view on net but I tested negative at 3rd and 5th month please help me symptoms kill me now I have brown spots I have on legs and shoulder earlier I have all hiv symptoms please help $e

    • drtan

      I believe test results more than I believe symptoms. You have already tested twice negative both after the window period. I think your symptoms are not related to HIV. Please see your doctor about your symptoms. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  191. hi i had unprotected sex with lady.now i got some symptom which are yellow thing from penis and burning after its gone now i am feeling tired and coughing and white spot on tongue and sweat in night,sweat i used got before that unprotected sex. now it is around 4 moth done two time hiv test which is come out negative,now i don;t what to do,and i checked all mine urine and stool also i got candida i doning treatment of it,

  192. hi doctor
    january 17 i had risky night i did unprotected sex with lady after 40 days i got some symptoms which was burning and yellow liquid come out from penis and after that i checked stool and urine and blood i got only candida and hiv 1 and 2 was negative then now i got white spot on mine tongue i am doing treatment of it as well candida,again i checked blood for hiv just before 3 days which also come out negative, i am felling so bad and worry. if some one infected by hiv which come first? it means symtoms or on blood?untill hiv can come out its nearly 4 month ya?

    • drtan

      A HIV test at 4 months is very accurate. Whether it is conclusive or not depends on exactly which test was done. For that you need to ask the doctor who did the test for you. ‘Burning and yellow liquid’ from the penis sounds like Gonorrhea. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  193. which test i should do?i done vdrl test also it is okay.i am getting sweat in night and digest system also like burn,and white spot on tongue.

  194. Richard

    Dr : my name is richard i had sex with one prostitute even am married ” when i had sex with that prostitute i used condoms but i got little touch of her sperms in my pelvis , ans even i bit her nipples . And after some days i got with night sweats ‘ tiredness ,headache , body pains , mouth ulcer throt infection urinary6 problem it stop urine and i taken antibiotic tablets and after that started urinary infection i went to check doctor ” i done blood test it was negetive ‘ urine test was negativ ‘ and i taken utra sound ” there they find puss in my uthra ” bladder also was full fill of urine i felt . and in the ultra sound they found kidney stones in my both sides right & left side of my kidney . NOW AM TAKING FOR AYUVARDIC MEDICINES FOR KIDNEY STONE ” BUT STILL I HAVE HEADACHE CLOUDY MOOD VOMITTIND , gases in my intestine heart burning , back pain only times , night sweats , chillsness body , body pain ” body itching ,and in bladder also itching , anus , itching and pain , mouth ulcer , throut pain fever it comes and goes memory also getting lose . please tell me doctor

    • drtan

      I do not know what you are trying to ask me.

    • i have same symptoms but it is symptoms of candida bacteria,just treatment is not big deals,but get still wrorry,

  195. hi i had at unprotected sex about one or two weeks ago now today i had a fever that felt like i was freezing on the outside but hot on the inside.it lasted from 1pm to 6pm in addition to the fever i have my lymph nodes by my groin swollen, my neck is a bit stiff and i feel slightly weak. im terrified my last test was april 9th can i get another test done so soon

  196. Maria

    Alright I have to say Im a virgin and well 2 days ago I had oral sex per say. And well we didnt have intercourse. But he over did licking above my clitorous and then today a small little bump appeared . It was kind of sore when I walked. Now it’s puffy and whit-ish but I don’t know if I should go to the doctors to see it and check it. ( The guy that i was with) He said he is “clean” and I asked him cause I told him what was happening. I want to go back to the doctors and get it checked but with out my parents knowing whats happening. I’m scared. I hope I didn’t catch anything dangerous or contagious ( std or HIV)
    Do you think it’s because he was Doing that too hard with his tongue, it got irrated and swelled up along with getting puffy etc.

    I’m really scared and I wanna know ASAP!!
    I can’t sleep or anything.

    • drtan

      Sounds like just an infected gland. Nothing much to worry about. In a worst case scenario it can become a boil. It will then be very big and painful and you will need to get it lanced. Mostly it would just subside on its own. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  197. I’ve had sex with a shemale about 11 weeks ago, and when we are done I found out that the condom was broken ( actually it didn’t last long maybe a minute or two). I don’t have any HIV Symptom. Though I’ve two pink patches on my body and they are getting me really worried. Do you have any risk?

  198. Miss Catherine Wilson

    My name is Miss Catherine Wilson from Ukraine Russia, i was diagonised with HIV-AIDS by my boyfriend in over 4 years now, i have spend alot of money on this disease only to ensure that the disease leave me alone, but unfortunately nothing was done, and the doctor also told me that these disease will get rid of my life if i fail to do something on it now, i have goes to several places in many different country to seek for answer to my hiv sickness but no one could help, until one day when browsing on the internet, i came accross a horrible testimony of one lady who was also diagonised by HIV-AIDS and was dead after disobeying the good ways and rules of DR.camala who instructed her to do a little sacrifice to make sure she is healed, so she was dead because she never wants to do what the Dr ask of him, i contacted him for my own sickness and told him that i am ready to do the sacrifice so that my disease will be cured immediately,. dr.camala help me cure the disease after i have done the sacrifice for the oracle, i was healed and now i am a living testimony of what dr.camala has done to cure my HIV AIDS, if you want to get your HIV-AIDS cured now kindly contact dr.camala now at his email so that your HIV AIDS can be cured immediately. thank you dr.camala for helping me cured my HIV-AIDS

    • I usually delete these posts as spam but this one is so ridiculous I had to leave it here for everyone to read. For those of you who are actually thinking of doing the same thing, please don’t.

  199. Dr. Tan

    I had unprotected sex with a unknown girl(not prostitute) on 9th April, 2013.
    Again I visited a prostitute on 18th May, and had unprotected sex.

    From 15th june I have soar throat without any glands, it was just pain there, but couple of days before my doc observed rahes and red boils inside throat.

    Is this HIV? Ive no fever no diarrhea, and other symptoms.


    • I do not know. There is no way to tell if a person is infected with HIV or not from symptoms. You will need to test.

  200. How are you Doc. Thank you very much with your advice you give us. On 20 April I had protected sex with my old time girlfriend. Right now I’m married. After ejaculation when she was on top of me, both of us discoved that the condom was left inside her vagina as she removed herself from me standing up. I then touched my foreskin. One thing I’m not quite sure with as I touched my foreskin I touched a slimmy substance of which I thought it was my semen. I asked her of her last time she tested for hiv and she said it was in January this year and she was hiv-. I don’t trust her so on the 4th week I did an a rapid test which was the finger prike which came out hiv-. I did another further one on the 6th week of which it turned hiv- as well. These tests which I did were both rapid test and ELISA test. I had a couple of hiv symptoms afterwards like a flue and swollen lymphs. My wisdom tooth was sore for a week but healed. My question doctor is how accurate are the test I did in 3 months because I can’t sleep at night, I’m sweating as I sleep. May you help me doctor I’m worried sick to an extend that I have stopped working

    • HIV tests at 6 weeks is very indicative. In fact, I would say it is as good as conclusive. I do not think you need to be worried about HIV. I think you should also be prudent and screen for the other STDs.

      • Doctor thank you very much for your quick response, I greatly appreciate it. Just to add on my discussion doctor, on the 5th week of my sex with that lady I got circumcised of which the wound is healing very well I’m going for final reveal on Tuesday 02nd July. Doctor as a hiv disease specialist, the type of circumcision I did is not recommendend to hiv+ people because it involves a ring which cuts the foreskin for a weeks time making it dead. I want to ask you docter, that how are the possibilities of an hiv infection also trying to infect a person thereby delaying the wound healing? Another thing that is scaring me my lips of late they have started to be reddish or pinkish and whitish in colour. I went to see a pharmasist yesterday and he asked if sometimes I’m licking my wifes’ vagina and cletories and yes the are a couple of times I have done it since I got circumcised. I’m not passing anything out anything from my urethra or don’t feel any pain when urinating. My other question how are pink lips and candide/thrush related to hiv in my experience at this time when I haven’t even reached 3 months after the sexual experience? Thank you Doc

      • One other thing Docter I have realised some whitish substance on the inside both my cheeks next to my right painful wisdom tooth. Some time back I had some mouth sores which lasted a week and the healed but now the wisdom tooth has started again. The mucus part of the inside mouth membranes is becoming whitish. I have also discovered white or cream to colourerless material substances on the sides of my tongue. Docter is this related to an hiv infection together with the swollen lymphs which I feel under my jaw next to the neck? The lymphs as far as I can see them I can only feel them after I look for them; everyone else can’t see them but only me when I touch them. Thank you very much

        • drtan

          It is very difficult for me to follow conversation threads here. Can you please post all of this on http://www.askdrtan.com? You will find that the platform there is much better for long posts and threads.

  201. Hi drtan .. I very scared about my life. Please could help me? I got problem..y penis got red spot abit itching and my gf alsvery itching too her vagina.. What happen .. Does it can cure with naturally .. Hopefully u can on us.. Thank you very much

    • drtan

      Sounds like a fungus. You can try an OTC anti-fungal cream but if this does not work you should see a doctor.

  202. I had protected sex which lasted for 3 minutes and the condom did not break…… I scared after my penis become soft the vaginal fluid on the penis touched my testis and I had jock itch could this transmit hiv? Please help me doctor

  203. VICKY18


    • Why are you shouting? Of course you are at risk of HIV. Condoms are not 100% effective. You need to get tested. This also applies to all the other STDs.

      • Thanks dr tan for your advice and I have 1 more question what test is fastest and how soon can I get tested to get accurate results……..

  204. machi24

    Helo dr..I had an unprotected oral sex with a lady (im the giver)..just a little bit..after 2 days I had sore throat following next day fever..the following day I had ulcer under my tongue..after everything getting back to normal now im having swollen lymp nodes under my armpit past 2 days..is this an symptoms for STD or hiv? How soon symptoms can appear.? Am I at risk?

    • I do not think you are at risk of HIV. These symptoms could suggest Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Herpes.

  205. Hello Dr Tan I wasgoing to the bathroom and i saw dried blood on the front the towel and i touched the back of it that had no blood on it and i’m scared even though i’m dressed up as Freddy Krueger from the original nightmare on elm street im a bit scared if i touch dry blood on a towel. plz reply

    • You are worried about getting HIV from this? Please do not worry. You cannot get HIV from this.

  206. Dear Dr tan,

    Recently, I have 8 sec oral sex preformed on the forehead of my open wound penis before I put on a condom. Can I know how high is my risk of infecting with HIV virus.


  207. Dear Dr. Tan,

    I’ve been using the bathroom more than usual and when I do I poop a lot. I’m 15 years old and I’m getting scared. When I’m done with high school I want to go to college, get a degree in english, and go further into teaching. . I only had oral sex once out of curiosity and I never had it again. Can I still be exposed to HIV or Aids and not know it?

  208. Mworried

    Hey doc I had shared a dildo with another girl we both used it vaginally didn’t switch condoms in between this was July 19

    • Very low risk of HIV. But high risk of other STDs like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

  209. i am a sixteen year old who masturbates oftenly like daily.and lately i noticed lately that there is white stuiff on the hair under my penis.pls tell me what this is .it doesnt look like it is sperm and ive tried washing and cutting it off.it isnt even like normal white hair.as you can probably tell i am really worried.pls help.

  210. worrying

    I had a sex with a sex worker with condom after one month i had cold and mild fever after two month i feel pain in neck ( may be due to my hard work in garage) and ulcers in tongue then i consult two doctors they told its due to defficency of vitamin (i dont told that the problem of hiv) i really worried about hiv i have no sleep in night

  211. Hi Doctor,

    This week i had a hand job with a call girl.I did not kissed her and just had slept on top once naked… No sex.
    Dropped the semen on her stomach.

    I am scared do i will get any infection…..
    this is first time i did… please let me know any tests needs to eb done.


  212. Somessedup

    Hi detain,
    My boyfriend cheated on me 9 days ago, he won’t admit it but it’s obvious when he starts an argument and runs off till 6 a.m. I’m concerned because I became sore and felt dry, and this morning when I took a bath i became itchy and burning, all these symptoms on the outside of the opening of my vagina. I haven’t said nothing to him, but when he got out of the shower, later on, he said his penis was sore and showed me a spot on the skin of his penis of the top of the shaft that was about the diameter of a pencil eraser. it looked like it was a rash spot and he said i did it when I gave him oral sex the night before and my tooth scraped him( which I’m sure he would have said something the moment it happened because it would have took more than a little scrape of the teeth for the spot) it just looks like broken skin….. But I wanted to know if it was and STD and if it is what STD is it? I’m convinced it is one because it peculiar that I have never experienced this before and he’s never had any abrasions on his penis before and we have been together 5 years. Please help.

    • Somessedup

      drtan *

    • I’m afraid I cannot give a diagnosis over the internet. I do not want to guess at what you have because this might cause you unnecessary worry or give you a false sense of security. The best thing for you and your BF to do is to see a doctor and get properly diagnosed.

  213. Hi dear Doctor! Something umbelievably strange is happening in my life! I’ve been going out with a girl and having unprotected sex for 3yrs;and then,in march this year,we found out that she was hiv+;so logically,I believed that I was also + but only yesterday I decided to go to clinic and ask if they can check my CD4 count. And I got the shock of my life when the doctor told me that in NEGATIF!!! I insisted that she does another test and she did just that and ogf course,the results was the same(negatif) how is it possible??? Is this a kind of miracle??? Coz I don’t see how this could be true!!! Unless if u tell me how that can be possible… Please,tell me something using my e mail address;can’t wait to hear from u!

    • The risk of contracting HIV from unprotected insertive penile-vaginal sex is 0.1%. I personally know of sero-discordant couples together for years and the negative partner never catches HIV. So it sounds like you got lucky. Repeat the HIV test if you are still within the window period.

  214. Hi Dr Tan, I had sexual intercouse with my ex bf in April this year who had previouslyslept with a transvestite. Subsequently in September, I had sexual intercourse with a guy I dated however I didn’t know him that well. And so, I’ve been having itchiness at my vaginal area and rashes on my back. I also have quite a bit of discharge. Are there possibilities that I mayb be infected with hiv/std?

    • Vaginal itch and discharge are both typical symptoms of an STD. It is certainly possible that you have been infected but you should not jump to any conclusions. The right thing to do now is to come see us or your doctor for some tests.

  215. Good afternoon Dr. 4 weeks ago I suffered a rape. At day 5 I started to develop very small red dots in my hand (ultra small, i think they are called petechia) which I’m sure there were not there before, is this a HIV acute symptom? Could the infection be so fast? thank you Dr. I am very worried, god bless you.

    • I am sorry to hear what happened to you. At 5 days it is way to early for HIV or Syphilis or Hepatitis symptoms to develop. I doubt your symptoms are of any significance. That said, you should still see your doctor for screening at 1 month.

  216. I currently have pain in groin area it look around where my lymph nodes are. I have had unprotected sex about two weeks ago. The pain start on Saturday I would like to know if it’s a sign of HIV or some STD

    • Swollen painful nodes are a sign of an STD. At 2 weeks post exposure, it is very suspicious.

  217. dear doctor i am from india on 24th oct 2013 evening i had a sex with a call girl,i had protected sex i used condom also but i too had oral sex i lickek her vagina for 10 minutes,and her vagina is very bitter to taste and i dont have any scares or any cuts on my tongue or mouth,now i am litl bit weak and very tensed i am unable to hav food and i lost 1kg weig…

  218. dear doctor i am eagrly waiting for your reply plz help me doctor…

  219. Thank you for your kind response doctor. Is there any conection between floaters and a HIV ARS? I got floaters after a week of being raped, I never noticed them before, before that I could see the sky so clear, now I see tons of floaters, is it posible that HIV could have caused them in 7 days? or it was the ultimate stress I had? I’ve read many people ask about floaters being an early HIV infection, is it posible? thank you and god bless you doctor, thank you.

  220. dear doctor i am from india on 24th oct 2013 evening i had a sex with a call girl,i had protected sex i used condom also but i too had oral sex i lickek her vagina for 10 minutes,and her vagina is very bitter to taste and i dont have any scares or any cuts on my tongue or mouth,now i am litl bit weak and very tensed i am unable to hav food and i lost 3kg weight,this is day 5th morning i had diarrhea,i doctor is there any chances of getting hiv through oral sex???plz help me doctor i beg u plz i am very much tensed.

  221. dear doctor i am from india on 24th oct 2013 evening i had a sex with a call girl,i had protected sex i used condom also but i too had oral sex i lickek her vagina for 10 minutes,and her vagina is very bitter to taste and i dont have any scares or any cuts on my tongue or mouth,now i am litl bit weak and very tensed i am unable to hav food and i lost 3kg weight,this is day 5th morning i had diarrhea,i doctor is there any chances of getting hiv through oral sex???plz help me doctor i beg u plz i am very much tensed,i consulted a general praticioner and a hiv counselar they sugested me to use lamivudine@ zidovudine for 4 weeks pl help me regarding my issue doctor i m soo scared about my life…

    • It is possible to catch HIV from protected vaginal sex. Please continue to follow the advice of your GP.

  222. thank you so much for your valuable reply doctor,but right now i am very much tensed,doctor when i am using these tablets i m getting loose stools,but my body remains same but i feel little bit weak actually from the post incident i quit smoking also,doctor if i use these tablets is there any chance of not infecting with hiv??and doctor when i am having food i am getting a burning sensation in my abdomen and heart is it due to fear???can we cure aids??and u said that in some reviews oral sex cannot carrie any kind of hiv virus???i had only unprotected oral sex not vaginal sex,i used condom,plz help me regarding this.

  223. freefalcon77

    dear dr does it make any difference if taking fourth generation hiv1 hiv2 p24 test at 29th day or after the 30th day ?

  224. Hi, I live in South Africa. in 49 days ago I had an hiv exposure, when the condom breaked during sex.we than tested both of us, the female was hiv positive and i was negative. I consulted my doctor and He prescribed a Pep medication which I did take. Today I tested negative using a Rapid test. Is it possible that the test results can change as I’m on a window period.

    • Your test is not conclusive but it is very indicative. You should not be too worried.

  225. freefalcon77

    is french kissing a risk?

  226. Hello doctor I had unprotected sex with my girl friend,since then have been having symptoms like itching on my balls,running nose everymorning I wake up,now am having a dry cough some pains in my penis what should I do? Thank u

  227. Good day doctor, I’ve read all your post and I found it helpful. But I do have a problem, I had unprotected sex with my neighbour three tims on month of september, twice in a week and the third after 3weeks. After the first one, I washed up and quickly took antibiotics called ciprovan, mainly for typhoid,I just took it to perhaps clear anything. after the second one, monday and wednesday, I feel sick, headache and tiredness, I tot it was malaria, then I started treating malaria, I took chloroquine, but it didn’t work,I was still feeling sick for about a month. (Tiredness and headch). Then I said I should treat for typhoid, I bought ciprlox drugs, I took for five days, during that period I think it got worse because I started hallucinating, I got dizzy too, so I stop’d at day four. Still feel sick, so I decided I go online and see the symptoms of hiv, as I read through the symptoms, I get what I read such as mouth ulcer,white lines in my mouth, joint pains and muscles pains, suddenly last week again, I visited the site again, I saw pains in the nodes and groins, less then 24hours I stared feeling pains there and my back and neck, so I told my mum as she’s a nurse about the back pains, she said it must be malaria parasites, she she gave me chloroquine injection for three days and an anti malaria durgs, I got better after day three, but got bitter taste in my mouth and I still feel dizzy, at this point I don’t knw what is wrong with me! I feel tired, and the body aches are still coming! I bought anothe typiod drugss and took for 5 days, but nothing changes, I still feel headach, body pains and dizziness. I regret having sex with my neighbour as I started feeling sick 5 days after the intercourse. I’ve had sex with my girlfriend after her and I’ve released inside her a number of times, she hasn’t fall sick though, that I am happy. But with me, I don’t know what’s happening! Running a test is completely off my options as I don’t have the courage to do that! So in your own words, what are the chances of me contacting the hiv virus. This has happen to me before years ago, had an intercourse with a girl, used condoms but then I was naïve, tot it broke, so I feel sick, for a long time, say 4 months just like this. But I can’t remember how I got okay then! Now I’m having the problem again! Except this time I didn’t use a condom! three times, feel sick after the second time! What do you have to say pls! My main problem now is headach, dizziness and bitter taste in mouth couple with body pains and aches.I just wanna be fine.

  228. Dear Doc,
    I had unprotected sex for three to four times. And its almost been an year with no symptoms, but however off late I have been getting lot of mouth ulcers. Can I have contracted the virus ?

  229. dear doctor,i am from india male 29 years,this is my 58th day of my post exposure,doctor i had a oral sex with a call girl i had an unprotected oral vaginal sex for 3 to 4 minutes.i licked her vagina,i licked her upper part this is my first time having sex with a call girl,and later i had vaginal penetrative sex i used condom also,doctor i am very much worried about my healthi met a general practitioner he asked me to use pep course i have taken those tablets for 10days,after the exposure date,now i am not taking any kind of tablets,doctor my worry is my blood pressure levels are 130/100 and my pulse rate is 101, and if i work or walk a little bit i am sweting lot and now my troat is a minute very minute bitter in taste,and my weigt also 74 as i am before the exposure,doctor my worry is,is there any chance of getting hiv through oral vaginal sex,and when i am licking her vagina i dont have any kind of cuts or ulcers in my tongue or mouth,doctor my worry is is there any chance of getting hiv through oral vaginal sex ???please help me doctor i am very much tensed,i am not able to concentrate on my work,please help me doctor,i am waiting for ur valuable answer plz reply me as soon as possible.

  230. Hello sir! I did as u said! I’ve checked from my doctor, although I didn’t disclose what I said with you with him, I did a widal test for MP and typhoid, Mp came out with negative, where as typhoid was positive, ranging from 140-160 and only one 180. Wonder what that means! So now I’ve been giving typhoid drugs, I asked him to check my BP and its running 130/90. He was a bit surprised @ my age 26, I’m having such pressure, though only you and I know what’s running through my mind! Right now I feel sick, sometime I feel like throwing up, but it doesn’t come! My whole body aches, my joints, mu mucles cramp once in a while, I showed the doctor the white lines in my mouth and he said its normal, happens once in a while, however he asked me to stop taking th drugs of the mouth lines which is nastatin mouth drop! My question now sir is, could typhiod be the cause of the general body pains I’m having? Cos its terrible, from my arms, downwards. My back aches too! Waking up in the morning is a challenge, almost like being hit by a moving trailer! What do u recommend pls, I was giving Malaria drugs, but there was no sign of malaria parasite in me, I’ve decline taking it! Pls advise accordingly! At this point, m losing it, I barely sleep with the tot, though I’ve asked the girl if she is HIV and she said she isn’t and she isn’t sick, nor my girlfriend. Just me! Thnx

  231. Sad till this moment, I havnt heard any responds from you Dr! I hope all is well? Rgds

    • I must have missed it. Can you post it again?

      • Ok! Lemme summarise it this time! I went to a doctor as you said, tested for malaria and typhoid via widal test! Result came out with typhoid positive, I’ve treated for it, but still feel weak, the white lines on my gum where my teeth meet is worry some, infact, my ear nodes at the right hand is swollen, my temperature is a bit high, I feel feverish a bit! I’m just confused! I’ve taken a lot of drugs in the las 4 months now just to be okay but they all not working! All this started 3days after I gad unprotected sex, till this moment, I’ve not gotten my self. My body aches a lot, from my hands to my chest, to my back, around the spinal cord! Everything hurts! How can I treat the white lines in my mouth first pls, cos that seems to be the major problem derailing me as it affects my neck, my nodes and my mouth, so unconfortable! Cos it be oral trush? I showed the doctor and he said its a normal thing but its over a month now and its still here!
        Thank you.

        • I’m sorry. This forum is not for medical consultations. Please continue to follow up with your doctor.

  232. Hello. I had unprotected vaginal sex on 3 occasions on jan 1,6,8th. I developed a consistant mild sore throat around the 9th or 10th. On the 19th I felt the sore throat getting a little worse and felt like I was coming down with a fever. I took my temp and it was between 99.4 and 100.8 for about a week but only rose above 100 for about 1 day. I could have possibly had a fever before but I hadn’t checked until the 19th. I also have swollen lymph nodes in neck but not sore. I am very concerned about ars from this exposure.

    Could you please clarify when ars symptoms start to present themselves at the earliest? I’ve heard they can appear only days after exposure. Is this true?

    Can ars fever be mild, under 101?

  233. I had an intercourse with a sex worker oral without condom, then condom for intercourse 2 minutes and i ejaculated inside the condom while intercourse. i washed after that.
    after few weeks i had little fever, some body shaking and little diarrhea ( only little yellow water no stool diarrhea ) i made a hiv antibody lab whole blood test at the 7th week came negative, I made home test hiv1/2 antibody whole blood test on day 60 came back negative. and another hiv1/2 antibody whole blood test on day 60 came back negative. i have a strip throat, upper lungs inflammation and white tongue,
    then i made hiv1/2 antibody whole blood test on day 70 came back negative.
    and again i made Hiv antibody whole blood test in a hospital after 11 weeks of exposure, came back negative. and for me to make sure, i made a final hiv1/2 home antibody whole blood test on day 89 came back negative. and another 2 home colloidal gold on days 90,91 and 92 came negative. what should i do? God Bless you

  234. Hi Dr, I had fun with unknown guy at sauna 5 days ago. He keeps on rubbing my penis head with his finger and i ejacuated. Will this action transmit HIV to me assuming his hand has his own semen?

    I am freaking worry right now as my penis head had red rash and white spots. I just consulted a dermalogist and he told me the problem might be Candida. I am planning to take HIV test but it seems like too early to go for it.

  235. Hello dr,
    I’ve been using hiv rapid test kit that i bought from http://www.primedic.com.my and ihivtest.com.my.
    i have conducted a tests on 13,50,74,94,165,195,234 days after my last exposure, which is protected sex with sex worker in thailand for 2 minutes.
    Ive followed the instructions very carefully, and all tests shows negative result.
    I just want to know how reliable this rapid test kit as mention on their website, EZ-TRUST has accuracy of 99.98% and EZ-TRUST has been thoroughly and successfully tested for its reliability, accuracy and sensitivity by regional health ministries and major reputable hospitals in Singapore.

    • I do not know. You will have to ask them yourself. The only test kit approved for home testing is the OraQuick.

  236. Hi, doc. Im very frightened with my family because i live with them. Have hiv. My very big wrong is i live with them my sister my nephew.we shared food and drinks so it means they have hiv too. Beause i have feel all the symptoms of having an hiv andi saw them having this symptoms too.please doc i searched many of this bullshit sickness. And i read that they would have a hiv.but i seen them doc. They really look like having a disease like me please help me doc.is there life will be the same.like me. Like 10 years and i will die.

    • I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. Are you saying that you have been diagnosed with HIV and are afraid that you will pass it to your family? Well, in that case you can stop worrying because HIV cannot be transmitted via casual contact.

  237. Hi tan. I had unprotected sex for couple of times 15year ago.and my hiv test was done 2 years go canda permanent residency result was negative.since last 2months iam sick like 1month was cough then started sore throat I went to gp he gave me antibiotic cough cured but still I have sore throat.iam bit worried still I have hiv

  238. Hello, Dr. Tan. I had unprotected sex on March 22nd. On 23rd,24th and 25th, 26th I had night sweats and feeling chills during the day, but my body temperature never raised over 37,2 (it was maximum). On March 27th I had some kind of a rash on my hand, neck and groin area that went away in 2 days. On march 27th I had diarrhea that lasted for 3 days and since then I have constant pain in my stomach, stomach cramps etc until now. On march 29th and 30th I have extremely strong pain in my right knee, soon after that in my ankles and wrists. On April 5th I started having a really sore throat. Night sweats and feeling chills during the day, aching stomach are also still present for weeks, but my body temperature never raises over 37,2. Today in my mouth (lip) are white rash. Could it be related with HIV? Is it some kind of other STD?
    I am bit worried, please explain me Your view on all this. Thanks.

    • You had unprotected sex so are at risk of HIV and STDs. The only way to know if you are infected or not is to test. That is my view. Worrying about symptoms is not going to make any difference. That said, I can say that your symptoms came on too early for them to be due to HIV. That does NOT mean you do not have HIV. You still need to test.

  239. Could it be HIV symptoms, but without high temperature (only 37,2 or 37,3)? And constant pain for 2 weeks in my stomach is also confusing… Please, help me

  240. Hello again, dr.
    I had unprotected sex on March 22nd, now it`s April 22nd. Today I tested Anti HIV1/2 , HIV1 Ag, syphillis and all came back negative. How accurate is this test after 4 weeks?
    I have still aching/ painful stomach, sore throat and now my legs and muscles in general are extremely weak and I`cant stand on my feet for a long time (f.example in metro etc.). In addition, there is a red, a bit swelling rash that comes and goes on my neck (under thyroid). It lasts only for about 20-30 minutes and then disappears. On my both shoulders there are very very small (1mm) brown spots. Could it still be HIV?

  241. Hello, dr. again
    I went to a gastroenterologist because of my stomach problems and now comes the best part: results showed that my stomach has very low acid – diagnosis hypochlorhydia. Could this be related with HIV that entered my body and now is replicating? Stomach problems started 8-9 days after unprotected sex.

  242. hi dr.tan

    I hugged a prostitute two weeks ago i also kissed her on her face (her face have bumps at that time) and i also touch her vagina (over the trouser not nakedly). Now after two weeks i have alot of bumps/rashes on the left and right side of my upper part of body. Please tell me should i go for HIV test.

    • I do not think you are at risk of HIV from your ‘exposure’. Please see a doctor about your symptoms.

  243. Shah zaman

    Hello sir,

    Please tell me that can hep-B vaccination effect the window period of HIV or more simply speaking how such vaccination can effect the HIV test results.

    • Hep B vaccination will not affect the HIV testing window period.

      • shah zaman

        Thanks for the answer

        Can such vaccination effect the window period of hep B or C.

        For example if a person after sexual expoure took hep B vaccination without knowing the final conclusive test result.

        I did sexual intercourse 12 weeks ago then after 7. Week’s post exposure I did hep B,c and HIV. They all turn negative. Then I took hep B vaccination. Now am going to take test at 13 week’s post exposure.

        Please also tell that how much conclusive is the test result for them all at 7 week’s post exposure. And how much reliable will be the test after 13 weeks

  244. Hello, again. Now it`s 6weeks and 2 days since the possible exposure of HIV. I uploaded a few pictures of my hand:

    It`s some kind of a rash that appeared on my hand and lasted only for minutes. It is the second time after possible infection this kind of rash appears on my hands, but this time it covers more larger area of my hand than previous time. It does not itch. Does it look to You like a HIV rash?

    And so called hypochlorydia…
    Is that 100% sure that it cpuld not be related with hiv replication? Many sources claim that in rare cases there`s some connection, like:



    Saying that intestine is a large part of immune system and that it gets some kind of attack etc. Could it be true?

    • drtan

      Your symptoms do not look like HIV ARS at all. HIV has been linked to almost anything. Reading all these articles is only going to scare you further. You just need to test. At 6 weeks you can get a combo test and know once for all if you are infected with HIV or not.

  245. Dear doc, I had protected sex with a csw where she masturbated me by lubricating with her saliva by rubbing my groin,testicles,waist. And also I kissed her for some seconds. Within half an hour after climax I had itching wherever she rubbed me. The next day I found out red rashes wherever I had itches, such as in my groin,testicles,waist. Then I used antifungal topical cream on the affected area. Then red rashes and itching got disappeared somewhat. But three days after exposure I had muscular joint pains and slight high body temperature and also pain and discomfort during urination. And find out very small rash on my penis head which causes pain n discomfort. Today is the sixth day after my exposure. I know this forum is for hiv, but my anxiety is killing me. What are all the possible stds will I get caught and when n wat test should I do or this is just a fungal or yeast infections? Dear doc am ftom india. Pls pls pls reply on my post, ur advice and facts will make be better for sure..

  246. Dear doc, I had protected sex with a csw where she masturbated me by lubricating with her saliva by rubbing my groin,testicles, waist. I had kissed her for some seconds. And then after half an hour of climax the rubbed areas started itching . The next day I found out red rashes wherever I had itches such ad my groin,testicles, waist. Then I used some antifungal topical creams on affected areas, and red rash and itching disappeared sonewhat. But on the third day after exposure I got muscular joint pains and pain n discomfort while urinating. Then I found out a very small rash on my penis head which causes the pain n discomfort. Dear doc, what are sll the possible stds will I get or this is just a fungal or yeast infections. I knw this forum is for hiv, my anxiety is killin me. Pls advice me what test shud I get and when shud I get. Pls advice
    Today is the sixth day after my exposure

    • drtan

      Of course it is possible for you to get an STD. Condoms are in no way 100% protective. The rash is unlikely due to an STD because it occurred the next day. STD symptoms do not come on so quickly. However, the discomfort when urinating that started on the 3rd day could very well be due an STD. When and what to test for is something you have to ask your doctor. This forum is not for dispensing medical advice.

  247. Hello, dr. 1. I wanted to ask if medication called Trental (Pentoxifylline) and Dexon used 6 months BEFORE possible infection of HIV causes delayed seroconversion and therefore my test at 30 days was negative? I had to use it, because I had some problems with my ears and hearing. 2. Does the red and swelling tip of the tongue signals ARS? Thanks, for your aswer.

  248. +I tested Anti HIV1/2 and HIV1 Ag at 4 weeks. Is it a combo test? You suggested: ‘At 6 weeks you can get a combo test and know once for all if you are infected with HIV or not.’ Does the test I made at week 4 (Anti HIV1/2 and HIV1 Ag) is so called Combo and I can take the same now?

    • drtan

      Yes it is a combo test. I think it is conclusive at 4 weeks.

  249. Sorry about asking, but
    1. could Trental or Dexon used 6 months before possible infection of HIV delay seroconversion? The length of this medication used was about 1 month.
    2. Does the red and swelling tip of the tongue signals ARS?

  250. zaw gyi

    Can early symptoms occur after 11 weeks exposure??
    U also said ARS symptoms appear between 2 to 6 weeks??
    i have problems for testing … so plz advice am i infected or not …thz
    i had fever and sore throat after 11 weeks exposure ???
    In your experience what is the absolute latest symptoms can show up? I know average is 2-4 weeks. What’s the latest you have seen in your practice

  251. Hi Doctor,

    I visited a massage parlour on 1 June.
    I only have a handjob and finger her.
    She also suck my testicles and lick my nipples.
    What are the risk of HIV and STD I am facing.
    Today I experience tiny red dots on my tongue and feeling sore.
    Is this a sign of STD?
    How long do I have to wait for screening of HIV and STD?

    Please advise.

    • drtan

      No risk of HIV. However, there is a risk of STDs. I believe you have visited our clinic and consulted our doctor.

      • Hi Doctor,

        Just in case, I am planning to do a HIV combo test on the 28 days post exposure as I may have cuts on my fingers. I am also thinking of doing a full std test on the same day.

        1. Can I do the full std screen on the same day to test for this exposure, will they be conclusive?
        2. Especially for Herpes, will it be conclusive at 28 days because I am worrying I might pass that to my wife and my baby.

        Please advise.


  252. Becca

    Dr Tan, I’m 16, I’m a girl, and I think I might have HIV .
    / AIDs.
    Well my friend has HIV and I drinked after her and stuff,
    Then I have unprotected sex with this guy
    And a week and half if that I started to have a score throat bumps all on and some
    In my mouth, coughing non stop, and have seen
    I have started to devolpe bumps down there.
    Also this may have nothing to do with it but
    A real strong Oder ?

    • drtan

      First of all you cannot catch HIV from sharing food and drinks. So that is not a concern. However, you can certainly catch HIV and other STDs from unprotected sex. Bumps in the genital region and odor are both symptoms of STDs. You should see your doctor to get checked out. You are welcome to visit us anytime.

  253. Deepbreath

    Hi Dr. Tan, this is the most useful site ever seen on matters relating to hiv. I know for sure that out of anxiety, one can have these symptoms that are attributed to hiv. My question is this, i had unprotected sex with a friend of mine and at exactly 28 days i was going to donate blood for my pregnant sister, after the screening of my blood,my hiv status read negative, i will like to ascertain if 28days is enough to show the once status after possible risk of exposure. Thank you Doc.

    • drtan

      It really depends on what test was done. Most modern blood banks will actually use the RNA PCR test for screening. This would be conclusive. If they use the ELISA test, it would be very indicative but not conclusive. Did the blood bank not question you on your exposure? Or did you not declare it?

  254. Deepbreath

    Also Dr. Tan, i wasnt worried all the while but only recently i started getting really worried,its over a month and a week since it happened, i got worried so much that i am thinking it was out of worry that i got slight headaches and also i discovered a mouth sore at the roof of my mouth, just one mouth sore, so i am thinking if mouth sores are a symptom. Can only one mouth sore also be a symptom? Isnt it meant to be some and not one?

    • Hi Deepbreath,

      Standard antibody tests are very sensitive at 28 days but are not conclusive. In order to fully rule out HIV, you will need to repeat an antibody test at 3 months post exposure or get a Combo test done. With regards to ARS symptoms, they vary from person to person and may constitute some or all of the various symptoms described. It’s pointless to use the presence or absence of symptoms to guess if you have HIV. Get tested to be sure.

    • drtan

      Nobody knows. As I said in the article, it is useless to analyze symptoms.

  255. Along

    Hi Dr Tan

    I hope you were great today. And im sorry to bothering you with similar question. I was 30, male and married now.

    As for your information i’ve post same question to medhelp.org as the question is:

    About 26 june i make two exposure with 2 different girl. This was my last risk exposure until now. It was unprotected oral sex from the first girl and protected vaginal and deep kiss with the second girl. I didnt make any test since i need to wait for 3 month since im in malaysia.

    And i have been answered by them as no-risk situation and move along with normal life.

    Everybody make mistake and therefore im in the same. I just need your professional answer for my question. Im sorry as i just want to be confident and less anxiety.

    Thank you very much Dr.


    • Hi Along,

      Your risk is fairly low. Oral sex and kissing carry no risk of transmitting HIV, while protected vaginal sex does carry a small risk. You can do a rapid HIV Ab/Ag Combo test to ensure you don’t have HIV.You will need to wait for a minimum of 28 days from the point of exposure to have conclusive results though

      • Along

        Hi dr.

        thanks for the quick reply. But here in malaysia, i can only take standard elisa test. And i need to wait 3 month after exposure. Am i right?

        • You’re right. Standard tests will only be conclusive at 3 months. You can still opt to do a test at 1 month as a screening tool, but only a test at the 3 month mark will truly rule out disease.

          • Along

            Thank you dr for your answer. May you have a good life.

  256. Dear Dr. Tan

    Many thanks in advance for your answer and help. I also apologize if this is too long.

    I have been having a feverish feeling about almost three months now (between 99-99.5). It started by a very bad flu-like symptoms and since then I have been getting these feverish feeling every now and then (almost 2-3 days a week on average). Other than that, I have been having painful burning sensations in hands and feet as well. Plus I have got sore throats, muscle pain, and other general sickness symptoms every now and then. I saw my doctor and she observing my symptoms, she order blood cbc, blood culture, test for valley fever (I live in southwest of US), and chest X-ray, and abdominal ultrasound.
    She said everything is normal and she cannot think of anything, but she is sure there should be an underlying reason. So she referred me to an infectious disease specialist. The appointment is in two weeks and I’m not feeling very well (as this is really annoying, can get really painful and bothersome situation).
    So I started googling until I came up with your website and I am very hopeful you can provide me if this has any resemblance to HIV symptoms.
    I have been in so much pain and sickness for the last three months that I really want to know what is wrong with me so I can take appropriate action.

    Thanks a lot again and sorry for such a long question!

    • The problem is your symptoms are too general to be of much help in diagnosis. If you have had risky sexual exposures in the past then it would be very prudent to rule out HIV infection as a possibility. But I must say that your symptoms do not sound typically like HIV ARS. HIV ARS does not persist for 3 months.

      • Thanks a lot Dr. Tan. You are providing a great source of help for public. I greatly appreciate your response.

  257. Just wanna know………How effective is the U-test tube for dectected hiv……i mean the one u drop blood from ur finger and show one line negative and 2 lines positive…..How efective is it?

    • I have never heard of the U-test tube. There is only one test approved for home HIV testing and that is the OraQuick.

  258. am I fine ??

    I had a protected oral and a protected vaginal sex with a legal geylang csw on april 19 2014 . I developed fatigue in a week and also pharyngitis , sinusitis , fever(3days , not very high ) , chills at 3 weeks post exposure . Then I also had weakness and leg pain for 2 months. I also had lymphocytes 18% at 2 weeks post exp and 56% 4 weeks post exp .
    I did elsia hiv antibody 1 n 2 test , card method at 8 weeks . It came out negative ( d lab said its strongly negative ) . Do I hav to test again ??? Pls giv yr opinion

    • The ELISA test at 8 weeks is very accurate. In my view as good as conclusive. Officially you need to repeat it at 3 months post exposure.

  259. had a protected oral and a protected vaginal sex with a legal geylang csw on april 19 2014 . I developed fatigue in a week and also pharyngitis , sinusitis , fever(3days , not very high ) , chills at 3 weeks post exposure . Then I also had weakness and leg pain for 2 months. I also had lymphocytes 18% at 2 weeks post exp and 56% 4 weeks post exp .
    I did elsia hiv antibody 1 n 2 test , card method at 8 weeks . It came out negative ( d lab said its strongly negative ) . Do I hav to test again ??? Pls giv yr opinion