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HIV PEP treatment at our clinic

If you have had a high risk exposure to HIV in the last 72 hours read on.

You are a potential candidate for PEP if:

  • You have been exposed to potentially HIV infected body fluids
  • Your exposure was less than 72 hours ago

Factors that can increase the risk of HIV infection include:

  • Condom Break
  • Presence of Blood (e.g. Menses)
  • Presence of cuts
  • Presence of Ulcers
  • You are not circumcised

International PEP Guidelines

What are the HIV PEP Guidelines? According to the WHO Guidelines on PEP, the following criteria apply: Individuals are eligible for HIV PEP if: • exposure occurred within the past 72 hours; and • the potentially exposed individual is not infected or not known to be infected with HIV; and • mucous membrane or non-intact skin was significantly exposed to a potentially infectious body fluid; and • the source is HIV-infected or the HIV status is unknown. According to the NYHD HIV PEP Guidelines, HIV PEP treatment should be recommended in the following exposures: •Receptive and insertive vaginal or anal intercourseb •Needle sharingb •Injuries with exposure to blood or other potentially infected fluids from a source known to be HIV-infected or HIV status is unknown (including needlesticks with a hollow-bore needle, human bites, accidents) According to the same NYHD HIV PEP Guidelines, HIV PEP treatment should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in the following exposure scenarios: •Oral-vaginal contact (receptive and insertive) •Oral-anal contact (receptive and insertive) •Receptive penile-oral contact with or without ejaculation •Insertive penile-oral contact with or without ejaculation Factors that increase risk: •Source person is known to be HIV-infected with high viral load •An oral mucosa that is not intact (eg, oral lesions, gingivitis, wounds) •Blood exposure — it is important to note that blood exposure can be minimal and therefore not recognized by the exposed person. If the exposed person reports frank blood exposure, PEP would be indicated These are just guidelines. The ultimate decision on whether to start PEP or not requires a detailed analysis of the risk benefit ratio. You must have this discussion with your doctor in a formal medical consultation.

What HIV PEP drugs do we use?

We use the current first in line HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis Medicines with fewer side effects and better HIV prevention. This is in accordance with the latest International Standards. 

We use a variety of different Anti-Retro Viral medications in various combinations based on a patient’s specific circumstances.

We do not believe in a ‘on-size-fits-all’ approach.

Although different medicines are used, they all have to be taken for 1 month.

What are the HIV PEP side effects?

With the new PEP Drugs we use, side effects are very rare. Fewer than 1 in 100 of our patients actually develop any side effects.

Common (< 1%) side effects include nausea, diarrhoea and feeling very tired.

Rash and fever are uncommon (< 0.1%) side effects.

There is a theory that these drugs can affect the liver and kidneys temporarily so these have to be monitored.

We routinely monitor all patients who take PEP but have never come across anyone develop kidney or liver problems with the medicines.

The new HIV PEP Drugs that we use have fewer side effects compared to old medicines. Make sure you know what drugs you are taking before you start on the PEP.

How much does the HIV PEP cost?

The usual costs involved are:

  1. Consultation $67 – $107
    (Depending on the duration of the consultation)
  2. Blood tests (Full Blood Count, Liver Function, Kidney Function) $150
    These tests are to establish a baseline.
    We do not need to wait for these results to start the PEP treatment
    You may not need these tests if you had them done recently e.g. when you did an executive health screening
  3. Rapid HIV test $54
    This is to ascertain that you do not have an established HIV infection
  4. Medication $1928
    This is for the entire 1 month of medication
    The price is the same regardless of which drug regime we use

Total cost $2328 – $2370

If you do not require the blood tests (e.g. you have done them recently) the cost will be lower.

So what now?

If you think you are at risk of being infected with HIV, come down to see us as soon as possible.

We will have an in depth discussion with you on your risks and whether or not it is recommended that you take PEP.

We are a walk in clinic, you do not need an appointment.


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  1. Hi Doctor,

    I had protected sex recently with a sex worker with just penis to vaginal insertion. Everything was nomral and nothing unusal. However, do I need PEP or is the risk considered negligable?

    Please advise,
    Best wishes

    • The risk for HIV from protected sex here is low, but not 100% risk-free. If you are concerned, it is best to at least speak to a doctor for a proper consultation and discussion on whether PEP is something you’d like to consider. PEP is only effective if started within 72 hours of exposure.

  2. Andrew Chong

    Hi doctor,I have an vaginal sex with female sex worker.I found out during the intercourse,she is on top.After few minutes,I pull out my penis and found out the condom is slipped down at my tip on penis, which is cover my penis forehead.In your opinion do u think I need to start PEP.

    • There is a low risk of HIV transmission from this exposure, but PEP can still be considered. It would be best if you come down to our clinics for a proper consultation and risk assessment, from which you and your doctor can make a decision as to whether PEP is suitable for you.

  3. Saravanan vel

    2 Doubts :
    I rubbed my penis inbetween the girl butt crack. While rubbing hardly my penis went and struck little inside inbetween her butt crack not in Anus. And then I continued to rub and ejaculated on her butt crack. I would have rubbed for 2 mins max.
    (Throughout the whole scenario I was wearing disposable underwear even during rubbing the penis on her butt and the girl is a massage therapist)

    It was a very dark room. So I can’t clearly see everything.

    1. Is there any possibility for penis to went inside the anus. I am SO MUCH confused. I asked the girl she told it didn’t went. But still I am nervous

    2. Do I need pep.

  4. gabriel mckenzie

    Hi Dr, i had a sex with a guy,he is top and i’m bottom. We use condom but suddenly i realize the condom was broke but he didn’t cum in me. I’m just worried for any potential pre-cum. He said he is hiv negative but tested on july 2018. He had sex 1-2 times per week with other people but use condom. I’m afraid so i take PEP 12 hours after but at first the doctor prescribe truvada only,they said it is the guidlines on czech republic. After i did some research,i insist the doctor to prescribe me isentress also but i took isentress 65 hours after exposure. First 48 hours i just use truvada and then on 65 hours truvada+isentress. What do u think about my risk exposure? and do u think it’s fine as i took isentress a bit late but still under 72 hours?

    • If what your partner says is all true, it is unlikely that he has HIV and therefore the risk would be minimal. However, if we assume he did have HIV but did not know it, then the risk is high – as such, your decision was to start PEP and the regimen of Truvada and Isentress is first line in recommended guidelines. PEP is very effective so you should not worry.

  5. Vetrivelavan

    I went sensual massage centre.
    After massage the massage girl was semi naked (She was wearing her pants) and I was naked. We both rubbed each other for some time.
    At last she gave me hand Job. As it is taking longer time I did hand Job myself during that time She hugged me tightly to make me cum faster. I told her to get her mouth near to my penis so that I can finish faster. She put her mouth very near to my penis head while I was giving hand Job. At this point of time I am not able to see my penis because it is covered by her head. At the end I completed my hand job.
    As for as I have know she didnt licked her my penis or sucked it.
    1. But what concerns me is What if she spitted on my Penis with some blood will it cause HIV ?
    2. A little bit of licking the penis tip will cause hiv or sucking penis tip by her, while giving hand Job by myself ?
    (As for as I have known she didn’t licked me)

  6. Hi Dr. Tan & Partners

    i had exposure on 25/7/18 with chinese CSW. Protected sex (condom)and unprotected oral(only received) and full body NURU B2B Massage. Started Pep 66 hrs after exposure because suddenly phobia & anxiety struck me that the condom provided by CSW might not be safe and afraid during b2b massage her vaginal fluid might entered thru my anus or my urethra as she rubs herself against my body. Succesfully completed 28 days course of PEP with minor side effect such as loose stool and fatigue. Few days before completed PEP experience low grade fever, sore throat, cough and post nasal drip. So far i have tested:(METHOD – all lab blood draw)
    1. 4 days after PEP completed HIV ELISA Ab/Ag test – NON REACTIVE
    2. 2 weeks after PEP Full comprehensive STI test & ECLIA HIV Ab/Ag – All Found Negative & NON REACTIVE
    3. 28 DAYS after PEP HIV 4TH GEN ab/ag test – NON REACTIVE

    So, based on my exposure, how would you rate my result?
    1. Is my test conclusive?
    2. Do I need further testing? Plan to test again at 6 weeks after PEP & 8 weeks after PEP(3 MONTH after exposure).
    3. Based on your experience, any chances of my result change to Positive without any further exposure?
    4. Can i move on?

    Thank you

  7. julian

    hi dr TAN. my name is julian.I have had unsafe sex with prostitutes in china. I used pep in about 11 hours. On the 35th day after the risk I seriously considered the combo / ab negative result. on the 60th after the risk I re-examined again with hiv combo ag / ab negative result.Ask your doctor to answer me if I am safe with HIV, my results have concluded.sorry because my english is bad.. please help me

    • I would consider your results conclusive.

      • julian

        I thank you very much, Doctor. How beautiful life is when there are people like him, I like to go crazy in the past. Will I be able to return to my life? and i need to do any more tests, 2 months i have not come home, i feel so guilty with my wife and little son, they are still waiting for me doctor please..

      • Hi, Dr.
        On August 18th, I had unprotected sex with a transgender woman. I inserted my penis into her anus for a short time, and I was uncircumcised, with no blood shown after sex. I took pep including Truvada+Tivicay within 44hours.
        How risky was this exposure?
        Will the pep within 44hrs fail?
        I am so nervous and I really need some help. Thanks!

        • While there is certainly some risk from this exposure, PEP will reduce this risk by up to 95%, and has been shown to be effective if started within 72 hours. There is not much additional information I can provide at this point, but if you have further concerns it would be best to visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

  8. Hi,dr
    I just want to ask one thing
    Is that rapid test antybody(non reactif) after 180 days@ 6 month postexposure is conclusive or i need to do anyother test?
    Pls advise me on this Dr
    Thanks in advance

  9. Vetrivelavan

    On April 25th I had protected sex and after that I went to doctor and doctor put me on PEP. On May 14th I completed PEP.
    On 22nd June I have give blood test for HIV DUO TEST (CMIA METHOD) and I got the result which came back
    NON-REACTIVE value is 0.25.

    Above test which I took is 39 days from post PEP and 58 days from exposure.

    Is my test is conclusive.

  10. Hi Dr,

    I had unprotected sex, does tenofovir and efavirenz sufficient as PEP within 24hrs.
    Pls help to advice.

  11. Please help! Two weeks ago I had a scare in thialand. I had vaginal intercourse with a Girl from the bar the condom broke and I removed immediately. I asked her of her status and she stated clean. ( there was some blood on bed from her after) I started PEP within 24 hours from clinic, they gave me (Teneogovir, emtricitabine, lamivudine )
    Teneogovir, emtricitabine, – 1 pill daily
    , lamivudine – 1 pill daily

    Is this a good drug regime ?
    2 weeks later( today ) I start to feel a sore throat.
    What are the odds of being infected ? is this low risk ?

    • Dr. Grace Huang

      Dear Bat,

      As per the CDC guidelines, the preferred 3 drug PEP regime is Tenofovir + Emtricitabine with raltegravir (which is what is available here) or dolutegravir.
      There can be many causes for a sore throat and common things happen most commonly. It is unlikely that 2 weeks on, your sore throat is related to HIV.
      Vaginal sexual intercourse with condom breakage is a risk sufficient to warrant PEP.

      Please come down to our clinic to consult one of our doctors if you wish to speak further on your concerns.

  12. Antonio

    Dear Dr. Tan,

    Within 24 hours after possible exposure with an unknown-status partner I went to the LGBT center in the USA and asked for PEP – passed the tests, rapid antibody blood test – negative and passed all STIs and also RNA PCR, a week later everything came Ok and RNA is also negative. But I am afraid that I took 1 tablet of Truvada before taking the RNA test. I took 1 tablet of Truvada before visiting the doctor to get PEP. After the tests on the same day I was given a Tivicay pill by the doctor and the next day continued Truvada + Tivicay.

    Could the RNA test be false-negative due to 1 tablet of Truvada I took before?

    Thank you in advance for your time and response.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Taking a single dose of Truvada prior to doing the test would not gave affected the results of your HIV test in any significant way.

      • Antonio

        Thank you, Dr. Is that true that Truvada+Tivicay PEP effectiveness is almost 100%?

  13. BrianNg

    Dear Doctor,

    I have been following your website for a while and decided to ask about my case: i had anal sex with a stranger without condom. I used PEP (Lamzidivir) in less than 12 hours since the exposure and completed the 28-day course (i used the medicine late 5 times: 2 times for 5mins late and 3 times for 30mins late). I drank 2 tablets a day and each tablet was consumed 12 hour apart.

    Right after finishing PEP i did a duo Combi PT test and got negative. 3 weeks later (7th week since exposure) i did the test again and got negative. Please advise me if a test at 12th week would turn wrong by any chance? Thanks so much!

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      If you are still concerned, you can repeat with a 4th Generation HIV test 12 weeks after exposure.

  14. Hello doctor,

    I had protected sex with a csw 3days ago, the problem is i shaved an hour before and left a small cut near the base of the penis shalf, i think the condom covered the wound.

    I went home and became paroniod, on 13 may i went to visit dr kaaarthig at kl branch and he advice me my risk is negligible but due to paranoid i took the pep.

    Today is the 4th day i am on PEP, but i am thinking of stopping it due to my low risk exposure and because i have wilson disease with a early stage of cirrhosis and worried the AVR will worsen my condition. My main concern now is if i stop PEP will it cause my body to build of drug resistance toward AVR?

    Your kind advice is needed.

    • Can i please get help here? Any kind doctor’s advice is greatly needed. Can i stop pep if my risk exposure is low? Will my body form drug resistance towards Pep medicine and wont be effective next time when i take it?

    • Stopping PEP now will not build drug resistance if there was no HIV transmission. However, if there was HIV transmission (although it does sound like a very low risk exposure), the virus can potentially gain resistance against the medication. You should discuss your concerns with your doctor in the clinic itself.

  15. Hi, dr
    I have 1 question, is that hiv rapid test on day 140(20 weeks) is conclusive or hiv combo test(Architect) is conclusive. Pls help me dr.
    Thanks in advance

  16. had unprotected sex with sex worker and I took PEP within 48 hrs.

    I took Hiv test on 158rd day of after exposure (HIV RNA viral load <20 cps/ml ) also non reactive.

    Again I took blood test on 230th day (ELISA ag/ab).

    is it my result is confirmed. or still do I need to take any other test to conform the my status.
    doctor help me me very thank

    • I would consider your tests conclusive at this point.

      • Sorry my English is not good. I would like to ask is how long after I tested is 100% safe. I have several lymph nodes in my neck very worried

        • Your tests are 100% conclusive; there is no need to repeat. If you are worried about enlarged lymph nodes, please see a doctor for a proper evaluation.

  17. julez

    hi drs

    i had an exposure to hiv 24 days ago today. i was given pep by a dr in a foreign country but he didn’t kno much about pep. It was a condom break with visible blood. i am experience swollen lymph’s nodes in submandular neck and groin area. altho i took a pcr test yesterday and it was negative. can I be experience seroconversion but the PCR be negative? if i seroconvert will viral load be high?

    Tnx u

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      My suggestion would be to see the doctor who gave your the PEP to discuss your concerns further as I’m not able to advise you on the PEP given by the doctor and its effectiveness. Also, CDC and WHO do not recommend using HIV PCR as a screening test for HIV and thus my suggestion would be to do a 4th Generation HIV test 28 days post-exposure.

      • julez

        hi dr Julian

        i hear you and understand however my question is IF i was to be seronconvertung, will the PCR be positive as i would think that the viral load will be very high? pls advice.


        • Dr. Julian Ng


          Generally, if you are seroconverting, the PCR would be positive as long as the number of virus is above the detection limit of the PCR test and generally most PCR tests are able to detect low levels of virus in your body.

  18. Jackson Pollock

    Hi Dr. Tan & Partners

    Apologies in advance for the long post and several questions.

    Trust you are well and in high hope that my comment will be answered to alleviate the fear that I experience.

    I was in Guangzhou, China 3,5 weeks ago visiting family when I made the fool mistake of drinking then finding an escort online. She visited me at my residence and we engaged in protected intercourse. She rolled on the condom and applied a type of lubricant with her hand. The intercourse lasted for roughly 1 minute because I was not aroused be her. I removed my penis from her vagina and saw that there was blood on the tip of the condom. I would think it menstrual blood. I then wiped myself off and removed the condom. She then masturbated me with the lubricant but I have fears of the following:

    a) She had some of her blood on her hand and it mixed with the lubricant shortly afterward I ejaculated.

    b) Some of the blood touched the tip or went into my urethra when I was removing the condom.

    The next day I began to feel a pain on my left side of the groin. It persisted then I began excessively urinating. Small amounts at a time. Shortly afterward there was a burning sensation. Then worry set in that I picked up a STD Zander could include the fact that I got HIV from the escort. I was unable to source PEP in China and made a very expensive pass to Hong Kong. During this time I purchased Azithromycin and Cefuromixe to self medicate to be safe against Chylmydia and Gnorrea. When I got to Hong Kong I visited a local STD clinic and was prescribed Stribild for 30 days. I took my first dose of PEP at 56 hours. A few days went by and a pain began in my testicle. I went back to the clinic and another doctor gave me a Ceftrixone injection to be safe to rule out Gnorrea and another 1g dose of Azithromycin and did three urine tests for Chlymadia, Gnorrea and a urine culture. All tests were clear because they sent it to me days later and the testicle problem also cleared.

    It’s now 3,5 weeks that have gone by and need your opinion on the following as I am now traveled in a remote part of the world with no access to healthcare suitable for this:

    1. Is Stribild a recommendable PEP regimen?
    2. What is the prevalence or chances/percentages of an internet escort from Guangzhou China to have HIV?
    3. Have you see PEP failure with Stribild?
    4. I have taken the first dose at 56 hours; have you seen failure with someone taking it this late? Although I do know it’s within 72 hour.
    5. Knowing that my testicle pain and urine problems cleared however was experiencing them at the time I took the urine tests and they were clear, should I have gotten a Chlymydia or Gnorrea am I right or wrong in saying that the urine test would have picked it up?
    6. Are there any other STDs that could have caused those symptoms? If so which ones that I have missed testing for?
    7. I am worried about serconversion: I have redness in the corners of one of my eyes. Is this possibly related?
    8. My facial skin is now ‘bumpy’ although not acne. Is this possibly related?
    9. Is Stribild meant to be taken with food? I have read this on the internet but when I consulted the doctor he said not necessarily. The internet says it needs to be taken with food to activate one of the PEP ingredients?

    I am a married man with a family and kids. I made a mistake I regret. Please assist me with your knowledge.

    Thank you kindly sir.


    • Dr. Julian Ng


      1) Stribild is not one of the listed recommended PEP regimens by CDC but different countries may have different guidelines thus I’m not able to advise you on that.
      2) I’m afraid that I do not know the incidence/ prevalence of HIV in escort population as I’m not sure if any statistics exist that specifically looks only at escort population in a particular city.
      3) As I do not use Stribild, I’m unable to advise you on that.
      4)Generally if PEP is taken within 72 hours, it is considered effective but failures have occurred even for those who have taken within 72 hours.
      5) From what you describe it seems that you only did the urine test after you taken doses of antibiotics, it is known that gonorrhoea and chlamydia is very sensitive to antibiotics thus if you ahve taken antibiotics prior to doing to urine tests, it may become falsely negative especially if it is a urine culture. However as the symptoms seems to have resolved, I would assume if you were indeed infected with either one or both, you have been treated adequately.
      6)Generally chlamydia or gonorrhoea especially if not treated properly or not diagnosed early may cause those symptoms. Other STDs are less likely to cause the testicular symptoms you described.
      7&8)There is no way to know based on symptoms whether you are seroconverting. My suggestion would be to do a HIV 4th Generation test 28 days after the exposure.
      9) As I have not use Stribild before I’m unable to advise you.

      Finally, you should seek medical attention if there are any symptoms you are concerned about as they may or may not be related to HIV/ STDs.

  19. Dear Dr.

    Sorry for my English. I did a one time stupid drunk mistake in my life.

    I never have sex without condom with stranger before. I’m 38 years old male.

    On 6th April, drunk, I have unprotected sex with a female from an exclusive club (it not a kind of sex service shop but more like strip club) 2 times in an Hour (I think around few minute each.) She Cum. I didn’t see any blood or visible wound on my penis, I also a circumcised man. She say she didn’t do this with other man, but I doesn’t believe her anyway.

    When I wake up next morning (7th) I realize what I have done and go to a clinic to receive PEP in around 11-12 hours after the risk and take the med at the same time (+- 2 minute) everyday for 13 dose now.

    I still very worried, depressed and cannot keep my mind from this stupid mistake.

    I have some Question.

    1. my medicine is tenofovir 300 mg. emtricitabine 200 mg. and rilpivirine 25 mg. a day (in two tablet once a day). The problem is I just realize that rilpivirne must be taken with food, however, as I didn’t tell anyone about this so sometime I can take with food but sometime I have to take them without food (I take at noon around 2-3 hours after a full meal) and never miss any dose will it effect the efficacy?

    2. If we start PEP 12 hours after risk and strictly take it at the same time everyday. How likely it will fail

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      PEP taken consistently and within 72 hours of exposure has high rate of preventing HIV infection. With regards to your concerns about taking rilpivirine without food, it may affect the efficacy of the drug. Do see the doctor who gave you the PEP to discuss further about the concern.

  20. Smitmonter

    I had unprotected sex with sex worker and I took PEP within 48 hrs.

    I took rapid (ag / ab ) test on 87th and 146th days (CMIA) method )of after exposure.
    Result is non reactive.
    but I took rapid hiv (ab) test on 152rd(gen 3)of after exposure.
    result is reactive

    Again I took Hiv test on 158rd day of after exposure (HIV RNA viral load <20 cps/ml ) also non reactive.

    Again I took blood test on 210th day (ELISA ag/ab).

    is it my result is confirmed. or still do I need to take any other test to conform the my status.
    doctor help me me very thank

  21. Dear Doctor,

    Please Help, i had protected sex with sex worker, and unprotected oral sex but in very short-time (about 5-10 second). Then took pep in 3 hours after risk exposure.
    While on pep i took combo ag/ab test at 14 days, 21 days and 25 days post exposure and then After completed pep, i took combo ag/ab test at 28 days, 29 day, 33 days post exposure.
    All Negative.
    So do you think my tests are conclusive?

    best regards

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Your results thus far are conclusive. However, if you are concerned, you may want to consider repeating after 3 months.

      • Thanks for your reply,

        Today is day 36 post exposure, i take one more combi ag/ab test, the result is negative!
        With this result may i be free with HIV?
        Please help!

      • Hi doctor Julian NG,
        Why we need retest after 3 months post exposure? Does pep affect combo ag/ab test?

        • Dr. Julian Ng


          It is recommended by CDC that HIV test should be retested 4-6 weeks after initial exposure and again at 3 months

          • Phoong

            Thanks Doctor Julian Ng for your reply,

            i had a 4th generation combo ag/ab test at day 41 and day 44 post exposure (2 weeks post pep). All results are negative.
            So may i stop worrying about HIV? And may i back to my life?
            Thanks doctor Julian NG

  22. Qasim Assuming

    Hello Sir,

    I need to ask About Two cases in massage center for Happy ending only,No insertive at all vaginal Nor rectum, Just Handjob Till Ejaculated On The Floor Thats It.

    1st case I did Hiv P24 Ag Abs Combo test after 9 weeks ( 63 Days ) And Result Non Reactive After 40 Minutes ,

    2nd case Also Handjob and some Soft kisses without Saliva Exchange At All And No insertive , Again I did Hiv p24 Ag Abs Combo test after 23 weeks From that expousre and after 15 Months from the above first case , result Non Reactive
    again ,

    Two CONCERNS below hope to answer me please,

    Do you think the two tests are conclusive ?

    I heard an opinion to u in previous cases and you said no need to repeat a test if you performed any HIV TEST after 3 months , is it correct as the HSA RECALL might affected my above two tests ?

    Please consider the timing above and advice Doc ,

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      The HSA recall of HIV test was for batch of the test, so if your test result is affected by the batch that was recalled, then you should get retested again by the clinic who did the test for you. But if the test is not affected by the recall, then your results are conclusive and there is no need to test again.

      • Qasim Assuming

        Dr.Julian ,

        You did not talk about the Handjob Case , How Risky is it ?

        What are the Combonand been Affected of The HSA RECALL ? Ag & Abs ?

        No blowjob No insertive At All would be risky using the CSW hand to nake me ejaculted ?

        Have you Ever Heard about test call Microglobulin test would give any indication about the HIV infection as i did it in Germany and it was within range .
        Please advise

        • Dr. Julian Ng


          As I mentioned, whether or not your results are conclusive is dependent on whether tests that you took in the clinic was affected by HSA recall. Please contact the clinic who did the test for you so they can advise you if the test you did with them was affected by the recall. If the tests you did in both situations were not affected by the recall, then I would consider the results as conclusive.

  23. Dear dr

    Is it too late to take pep now when exposure beyond more than 10 days ? Appreciate any comment. Thank you

    • Dr. Julian Ng

      Studies shows PEP is most effective if taken within first 72 hr after exposure.

  24. Smitmonter

    I had unprotected sex with sex worker and I took PEP within 48 hrs.

    I took rapid (ag / ab ) test on 87th and 146th days (CMIA) method )of after exposure.
    Result is non reactive.
    but I took rapid hiv (ab) test on 151rd(gen 2)of after exposure.
    result is reactive

    Again I took Hiv test on 158rd day of after exposure (HIV RNA viral load <20 cps/ml ) also non reactive.

    Again I took blood test on 190th day (ELISA combo).
    All above results are non reactive.

    is it my result is confirmed. or still do I need to take any other test to conform the my status.
    doctor help me me very thank

  25. Dr, i would like to know that if i only take pep 1 days after the expose 43 hours. At the 10 day (9days 20 hours) i went to do the pcr rna test. The result is undetect. So cn i knw 1 day pep will effect the result or not?
    Is the result consider good?

  26. hi dr.
    my frn has unprotected anal sex with trans csw around 5 min.then he fill weoried and take out.he took pep for 1 month and he test result is like this:-Day 21 H1,H2 AB/AG- NON REACTIF
    Day 41 VDRL,RPR,HSV 1&2 IgG,CHLY PCR,GONOCCOAL PCR- NEGATIF, day 90 hiv rapid test-negatif.

    does he required further testing for hi and std or is result is final.
    pls help us. thanks in advance.

  27. Smitmonter

    I had unprotected sex with sex worker and I took PEP within 48 hrs.

    I took rapid (ag / ab ) test on 87th and 146th days (CMIA) method )of after exposure.
    Result is non reactive.
    but I took rapid hiv (ab) test on 151rd(gen 2)of after exposure.
    result is reactive

    Again I took Hiv test on 158rd day of after exposure (HIV RNA viral load <20 cps/ml ) also non reactive.

    Again I took blood test on 190th day (ELISA combo).
    All above results are non reactive.

    is it my result is confirmed. or still do I need to take any other test to conform the my status.

  28. Dr i am very worry and would like to ask if i go for pcr rna test in 10days onward. I got asking peps but only taking one day then i nvr take. Would it affect the test? Thks.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      It should not have effect on the results especially if you have only taken PEP for 1 day only.

  29. Confusion Art

    Hello Dr.Julian ,

    I need to ask you if i had given and recieved handjob 5.5 months ago and without any intercourse at all or deep kisses and my finger was without any deep or bleeding cuts as far as i seen while fingering the lady vagina and ejaculted on her belly and messaged my penis on her belly with my sperm and thats all ,

    Did Hiv p24 ag abs Combo test after two times one after 63 days and result came out Non Reactive.

    second case just handjob copy of the above case no Intercourse at all and it was after 11 months from the first case and i did Hiv p24 ag abs Combo test after 5.5 months from the second expousre and after about 15 months from the first case, result came out after 2 hours Non Reactive again.

    Would you consider my risk is high for both cases ?

    Would you suggest a third repeat test ? 4th generation also ?

    Why i can see that in your replies consider the handjob low risky while Dr.Jonthan considering it Zero Risk ?

    I have never got Fever or flu or rash , i got small lympho nodes swelling like one cm under my lower jaw since 2 years and still there not increasing or decrease?

    Thin grey line on two nails of my hand, is it a sign of HIV ,

    Is the 4th Generation test 96% accurate?

    Kindly give me your reply for All the points to help me i am crazy here from Fear???

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      HIV transmission via handjob is virtually no risk. I would say that your HIV tests are conclusive and no need to retest.

  30. Adham lindy


    4 days back i was in Africa cold country and i am living in a hot country , in the hotel lobby the csw lady cane and wanted to have sex with me and i refused abd we took a beer together and she left but she kissed my check and while huging mevand i also gave her a huge and my hand touched her back and then after she left i went to my room alone and i wanted to take my shower for sleeping but i touch my penis with the same hand touched her skin down in the lobby , after i came back to my home country i developed a flu and running nose and there is no fever at all and my temperature is 36.7 all the time but my eyes has tears and running nose and felt lympho in my neck ,

    Nothing more ,

    Should i test for HIV? What time?

    Is that case low risky ??

    Please advise here ?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Given what you said, there is no risk of HIV transmission.

  31. Lavida Sand

    Hello Doc ,

    Please help me , in Africa on the date of 11th jan 2016 in the morning i had a small scratch on my finger which was bleeding for 1 minute not more , in the same day evening i met a csw in the hotel and we went to my room she took of her clothes as well i did my t-shirt and she set on my legs trying to tease me i found some wet on my pants and i am not sure is from her or is it my pre-cum as i was very on and its normal for me to have alot of it , she gave me un-protectd handjob while i was massages her vagina with the same finger i had scratch on and it was not bleeding at this time, then i relized that this is the same finger so i stopped after 10 second , i ejaculted on her hands and then she washed and we smoked and then she gave me a second time handjob and she was holding my penis from the middle only , I asked her do u have hiv and she said no and she said that she never had sex without condom as she is doing that to rais her daughter , Anyway i did an HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test on the date of 13th March 2016 means after 9 weeks and result was Non REACTIVE

    second Case(stupied me again ) on 4th Nov 2016 i met a girl which we have been friends since almost 2 years and she gave me handjob two times and we cuddled in bed without kisses and i did my last HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test on date of 17th April 2017 and got the result after 3 hours as of Non REACTIVE ,

    Microglobulin test in Germany and result came out within range.

    -I never felt fever or rash or cold since 2 years back or so .

    – i am suffering already since 7 years from Ankylosing Spondylities and i never took any medication for it yet as my doc just dicovered it , only i am on anti pain since five years if required thats all + my Wbc is 5,900 which means within range as been told , do u think my Ankylosing Spondylities affect my result even i am not taking any medecine for it ?

    I am having lympho nodes under my lower jaw on both sides for like 1cm but no decreasing and not increasing and the ultra sonic on the lympo says its and old thing not sure.

    What you think about my 2 Cases Highly Risk?

    Sorry for re-asking ,

    Do you think my tests Are conclusive and do i need to retest again ?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Given the 2 scenarios, the risk of HIV transmission is very low. I would consider the 2 HIV tests you did subsequently as conclusive.

      • Lavida Sand

        You think i should re-test as i have thin grey line on two nails but never got fever or rash or flu,

        What you mean by Given the 2 scenarios, the risk of HIV transmission is very low. I would consider the 2 HIV tests you did subsequently as conclusive

        • Dr. Julian Ng


          The grey lines on your nails should be evaluated by a doctor which is not related to HIV infection. You asked me if your tests are conclusive so my reply is they are conclusive.

  32. Senthil

    Today I had a sex with Massage girl. The period of Sex is inbetween 10 to 20 seconds.
    I wore 2 Latex condoms.
    Also after the Sex I checked the condoms with water their is NO hole or No leakage of water.
    But one day back that is yesterday while masturbating their was a Microscopic a tiny tear on my corona of penis. I dont see any traces of blood but a tiny doy of watery color liquid emerged.
    Also I am Circumcised.

    How risky is this activity ?
    Do you recommend PEP ?
    Have seen someone infected after clear protected sex ?
    Dr, if you say even after using condom people get infected then why do Dr and internet sites say sex by using condom is “Protected Sex” ?

    Thanks doctor !!

    • Senthil

      Doctor I used a Latex “Flouverd Condom”. In the box it mentioned upto 95% for std.

      I saw in internet that besides Flavour all Latex condoms ensure same amount of protection. But Flavour condom will cause problem or irritation only to Vagina and not to penis. But as for as STD it protects equal to non- flavoured Condoms.
      Is it true ?
      I should have used a Non-Flavoured condom ?

      Dr I am very much confused.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Wearing 2 latex condoms at the same time does not give you better protection. In fact, it may increase the risk of compromising the integrity of the condom. Wearing condoms reduces the risk of HIV and STD transmission greatly but is not foolproof as it is dependent on how the condom was used and how it is removed.

  33. Dr i just start my pep after protected sex with my girlfriend with unknown status. I start pep within 45 hours. My question is
    1. We both go for test for p24 and antibody test at the sane day will have protected intercource. The test was negative. From her statement she dont hv any sexual intercourse with any guy after she breakout with her ex bf (6 month). Dr my question is cn the p24 and antibody test giving us the clear result as both of us negative ?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Given your scenario where you have protected sex and also if your partner says she has not had any sexual contact with anyone for the past 6 months prior to you and she was tested negative for HIV after your exposure, the risk of HIV transmission is negligible. However, if you are concerned, you can certainly repeat 4th generation HIV test after 28 days. If you prefer, you can visit us at: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/where-to-find-us/

      • Dr we just get a report 4th gen test. Both of us negative. So am i at risk?

        • Dr. Julian Ng

          if the 4th generation HIV test was done 28 days post-exposure, then it is conclusive. If it is done earlier, you will still need to repeat it.

  34. I took pep for 45 days. On the 45th day of pep I took HIV duo test which came back negative.

    My risk is very low where I am not sure did I entered the girl Vagina or not.
    Actually she sat on top of my penis. And then she went to and fro and Up and down for 5 times. And then I told her to stop. I checked my penis its not wet also its not hard. Also I am not 100% sure it went in or not. But didnt felt anything went inside of her vagina. I told everything to doctor he told there is chance that it might slide in to her Vagina so dr prescribed me pep for 30 days. But I took it for 45 days. On 45th day i took test which came back Negative.

    Do I need any more test ?
    After another one week if took PCR test its enough ?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Assuming that the HIV Duo test you took refers to 4th Generation HIV test, if it is negative 45 days post-exposure it is conclusive.

      • I took PEP for 45 days. On 45th day of Pep I took test which is Negative.

        So no more test is required.

  35. Dr 4th generation EIA advia,centaur chemiliminiscence cdc-guidelines 2014 test for hiv can detect disease after 15months even if patient has all ars symptoms

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      If you are asking whether if the 4th generation HIV combo test is able to detect HIV infection even after 15 months post-exposure, the answer is yes.

      • Thanks yesterday I tested for hiv it came back negative.My tongue is white and have sore throat from last five months.I have blurry eyesight,pain in joints and sometimes headache.I am very anxious and worried is this aids ?or my test is conclusive?please reply

        • Dr. Julian Ng


          My suggestion is for you to see the doctor who saw you yesterday for further clarification of your results.

          • Sir he told me to revisit him after three months and gave me multivitamins medicine.pls share what do you think I will be thankful.I am not in Singapore to visit your clinic

  36. Prasad

    Hi Doctor,
    I had completed my pep treatment and had hiv pcr rna test as suggested by my doctor after 30 days post exposure. The result is Not detected. Could you please confirm whether this is conclusive. And please recommend if I need to go for any other tests?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      CDC and WHO do not recommend use of HIV RNA PCR as a screening test. Testing for HIV post-PEP differs between countries and guidelines. If you are concerned about your test, I would suggest for you to go back to your doctor to discuss further.

  37. WorriedMan

    Doctor Jon

    I was on my last dose on PEP, took one the day before and took another after test. The test is negative. Have you seen…
    1) A 30 day negative while on PEP change at 6, 8 weeks or 3 months?
    2) Is the result conclusive?
    3) The 3 month confirmation is only official. Right? Though I will do it.

  38. Thanks for the wonderful service doctor. I am 29 year old male. I used condom for vaginal intercourse with csw and after 48 hours i had pep for 4 days only and then i stopped. I took 4th gen hiv duo tests at 28 and 39 days post pep(4 days) and they were negative but i had rash on my penis and i got herpes as positive on 40 days after pep(4 days). what are the chances of acquiring hiv since i got herpes which i don’t know at the time of exposure. are my 39 days test post pep(4 days) conclusive or not.

    • I would consider your tests essentially conclusive. But as you did take PEP for a short time, it is best to repeat your testing at 3 months.

  39. Hello Doctor,
    I had a Fingering exposure with a masseuse in a spa on 21st of November 2017. I had a peeled cuticle so I went for pep for 29 days after 48 hours of possible exposure.
    I got tested with 4th generation combo test after 29 days post pep (i.e. 59 days post exposure) and another 4th generation combo test after 51 days post pep (i.e. 81 days post exposure) it was negative.
    1. Is my test conclusive?
    2. Do I need further testing?

  40. hiv from tridot kit

    Hello Doctor ,

    Thanks for your service your providing to all of us , I went to lab to get tested for hiv , hep-b,hep-c , lab technician tested and all the results are negative , he has given the me the tridot kit of hiv , so i have touched it with my bare fingers and i have kept my fingers in nose , i heard that tridot kit inner membrane containts antigens and antibodies to detect the infection , so i am risk of hiv infection please advice me and after 10 weeks of this incident i went to a lab and got tested for hiv with tridot rapid kit , it is negative do i need to further test for hiv , i am on 12th week i don’t have any symptoms please doctor help my life is becoming miserable with this incident .

    Thanks for you help …God bless you all

    • No, you cannot get HIV from a test kit. It does not contain antibodies or antigens – it can only detect them.


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