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HIV PEP treatment at our clinic


If you have had a high risk exposure to HIV in the last 72 hours read on.

You are a potential candidate for PEP if:

  • You have been exposed to potentially HIV infected body fluids
  • Your exposure was less than 72 hours ago

Factors that can increase the risk of HIV infection include:

  • Condom Break
  • Presence of Blood (e.g. Menses)
  • Presence of cuts
  • Presence of Ulcers
  • You are not circumcised

International PEP Guidelines

What are the HIV PEP Guidelines? According to the WHO Guidelines on PEP, the following criteria apply: Individuals are eligible for HIV PEP if: • exposure occurred within the past 72 hours; and • the potentially exposed individual is not infected or not known to be infected with HIV; and • mucous membrane or non-intact skin was significantly exposed to a potentially infectious body fluid; and • the source is HIV-infected or the HIV status is unknown. According to the NYHD HIV PEP Guidelines, HIV PEP treatment should be recommended in the following exposures: •Receptive and insertive vaginal or anal intercourseb •Needle sharingb •Injuries with exposure to blood or other potentially infected fluids from a source known to be HIV-infected or HIV status is unknown (including needlesticks with a hollow-bore needle, human bites, accidents) According to the same NYHD HIV PEP Guidelines, HIV PEP treatment should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in the following exposure scenarios: •Oral-vaginal contact (receptive and insertive) •Oral-anal contact (receptive and insertive) •Receptive penile-oral contact with or without ejaculation •Insertive penile-oral contact with or without ejaculation Factors that increase risk: •Source person is known to be HIV-infected with high viral load •An oral mucosa that is not intact (eg, oral lesions, gingivitis, wounds) •Blood exposure — it is important to note that blood exposure can be minimal and therefore not recognized by the exposed person. If the exposed person reports frank blood exposure, PEP would be indicated These are just guidelines. The ultimate decision on whether to start PEP or not requires a detailed analysis of the risk benefit ratio. You must have this discussion with your doctor in a formal medical consultation.

What HIV PEP drugs do we use?

We use the latest Gold Standard PEP Medicines with fewer side effects and better HIV prevention. This is in accordance with the latest International Standards. 

We use a variety of different Anti-Retro Viral medications in various combinations based on a patient’s specific circumstances.

We do not believe in a ‘on-size-fits-all’ approach.

Although different medicines are used, they all have to be taken for 1 month.


What are the HIV PEP side effects?

With the new PEP Drugs we use, side effects are very rare. Fewer than 1 in 100 of our patients actually develop any side effects.

Common (< 1%) side effects include nausea, diarrhoea and feeling very tired.

Rash and fever are uncommon (< 0.1%) side effects.

There is a theory that these drugs can affect the liver and kidneys temporarily so these have to be monitored.

We routinely monitor all patients who take PEP but have never come across anyone develop kidney or liver problems with the medicines.

The new HIV PEP Drugs that we use are much more less side effects than the old medicines. Make sure you know what drugs you are taking before you start on the PEP.

How much does the HIV PEP cost?

The usual costs involved are:

  1. Consultation $60-$80
      1. Depending on the duration of the consultation
  2. Blood tests (Full Blood Count, Liver Function, Kidney Function) $140
      1. These tests are to establish a baseline
      2. We do not need to wait for these results to start the PEP treatment
      3. You may not need these tests if you had them done recently e.g. when you did an executive health screening
  3. Rapid HIV test $50
      1. This is to ascertain that you do not have an established HIV infection
  4. Medication $1800
      1. This is for the entire 1 month of medication
      2. The price is the same regardless of which drug regime we use


Total cost $2193.50 – $2214.90 with GST Maximum

If you do not require the blood tests (e.g. you have done them recently) the cost will be lower.


So what now?

If you think you are at risk of being infected with HIV, come down to see us as soon as possible.

We will have an in depth discussion with you on your risks and whether or not it is recommended that you take PEP.

We are a walk in clinic, you do not need an appointment.


Need more advice?

Come down to Our Clinics for a discussion with Our Doctors, or call our clinics for more information:

1.) Robertson Walk – Anonymous HIV Clinic  (+65 6238 7810)

2.) Bencoolen Street (+65 6884 4119)

3.) Novena Medical Centre (+65 6397 2095)

4.) Scotts Medical Centre (+65 6694 2348)

5.) Somerset – Orchard Building (+65 6262 0762)

6.) Katong – East Coast Road (+65 6635 2551)

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  1. while attempting anal sex with a CSW, my condom broke and for about 15-20 seconds I was exposed to rectal fluids. I don’t think I penetrated more than once with the broken condom. I changed the condom after that.

    I am currently on PeP. The medicine given to me is a combination of Efravirenz, Lamivudine and Tenfovir Disproxil Fumarate and I have been told to take it for 30 days (instead of 28, as your website indicates). As per you: 1) What is my level of risk?, 2) Is the medicine the right PeP?, 3) Can I test right after finishing PeP? Please help.

    • 1) There are risk of exposure to HIV and STD with a broken condom . You can read further here .
      2) The PeP combination is not the first line medicines recommended by the US CDC guidelines on nPEP . I am sure your doctor has his reasons for prescribing the medicine.
      I would advise that you check with him.
      3) For more information on when to test for HIV post PEP – click here

      • Hi Doctor, after finishing PeP, I did a CMIA HIV test at day 31 and it was non-reactive. How confident can I be that this test result is accurate?

  2. Hello, help me please….
    TEEVIR is PEP?

  3. Dear Doc,
    I went to a massage parlour recently and got a handjob from the masseuse. Few days later(not sure if it was due to masturbation), there is a painless small red patch on my penis. Could i have gotten anything from the encounter? Please advise.

    • Yes you could. There are certainly infections that can be spread via a hand to genital contact. However, we cannot tell you what is causing your red patch. For that you need to see a doctor. If you wish to see us CLICK HERE for contact info.

  4. Help,
    I had unprotected oral sex with 2 HIV positive men, one is undetectable. I’m now on my 3rd day of PEP (truvada and Tivicay) and noticing white spots on my left tonsil that looks like tonsil stones and my throat is beginning to feel sore. Is this normal? Am i at high risk of being positive? Freaking out here I’m only 19.

    • The symptoms you described can be caused by many other medical conditions.

      Based on your activity described, unprotected oral sex with HIV positive person is considered a low risk activity for acquiring HIV.
      You cannot tell if you have HIV or not based on symptoms .
      Worrying on your symptoms at this point in time does not benefit anyone.

      However, I recommend you getting tested for HIV and STD.
      please visit us for a formal consultation . click here for the location.

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