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HIV P24 Ag/Ab Test, Duo Test, Combo Test at our Clinic

Updated information on Rapid Anonymous HIV Combo test at our Clinics. 


Info leaflet for SD Bioline Combo Test

Info leaflet for SD Bioline Combo Test

I have been getting a lot of question with regards to the Duo test or Combo test as it is also known as.

Let’s first get some basics right:

Duo Test = Combo Test = P24 Ag/Ab test

All these terms refer to the same thing. Basically it is a test that simultaneously tests for the HIV P24 Antigen and the HIV antibody.

HIV Prevention within 72 hours of exposure (PEP) – Click Here

The HIV P24 antigen is a small piece of protein that is found on the capsule of the HIV virus. When a person is infected with HIV, these bits of protein can be found floating in the blood. The HIV P24 test is a test that detects these bits of protein. This test was first developed as a HIV screening test but rapidly ran out of favor due to the development of more advanced NAAT tests. (For more details on NAAT testing please read: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/nucleic-acid-amplification-testing-naat/)The window period for P24 testing is also very small. This test alone is only accurate for between 3 and 6 weeks post exposure. So it is a test with very limited applications unless combined with the HIV antibody test. The presence of P24 Antigens in the blood indicates a recent HIV infection.

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We all already know that the HIV antibody test becomes quite reliable at 4 weeks and as good as conclusive at 6 weeks. Although most health authorities still recommend a 3 months window period. So putting these 2 tests together gives you a very powerful tool to diagnose HIV infection in as little as 3 weeks. Personally I prefer to conduct the Combo test at 4 weeks because I believe that is when the level of P24 antigen peaks in the blood giving us maximum accuracy.

In our clinic, we use the SD Bioline Rapid HIV Combo Test 2.0. It is a rapid test that takes only 20 minutes for us to get results. We are also approved to conduct this test as part of the Anonymous HIV testing Program.

The test is conducted very much like the HIV antibody test. All we need is blood from a finger prick. (For more details on Anonymous HIV Testing at our clinic please read: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/anonymous-hiv-testing-at-our-clinic/)

SD Bioline HIV Combo Test showing a positive result (2 red bars)

SD Bioline HIV Combo Test showing a positive result (2 red bars)










SD Bioline Combo HIV test showing a positive result. Note the test line is very faint. This could be due to a very recent HIV infection or the test could be false positive (1% chance).

SD Bioline Combo HIV test showing a positive result. Note the test line is very faint. This could be due to a very recent HIV infection or the test could be false positive (1% chance).










Multicentre clinical trials have shown 100% sensitivity and more than 99% specificity.

This kit has been registered with Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HSA).

So the Combo Test has many advantages including:

1. Earlier detection of HIV infection.

2. Rapid (20 minutes)

3. Anonymous

At our clinic the Combo Test costs $150.

Click on the picture for the latest information on the HIV testing Window Period

Click on the picture for the latest information on the HIV testing Window Period










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  1. Hi,

    I have been reading up about the 4th generation tests quite a bit. Even on your website you have mentioned that it is accurate at 14 days. I understand that a retest is required at 28 days. How confident can we be if the 4th generation rapid test shows negative at 14 days i.e. Two weeks after exposure? In my case, the possible exposure was on 18 April and I got tested on 3rd May and the results of the 4th generation rapid test was negative.

    • Hi,
      The negative combo test at 14 days is a good indication, but as mentioned – not 100% conclusive. Repeat your test at 28 days or more post-exposure if you wish to be certain.

    • Hai John.. can I know ur result now after 1 month exposure, because today I did CMIA test and it was negative after 2 weeks exposure.. thank you.. please reply..

  2. Sir I am from India 4 weeks ago I did protected vaginal intercourse with prostitute at 28 days I did Abbott architect test 4th generation ag/ab test result negative is it conclusive

  3. Hi doctor

    I had protected oral sex and protected vaginal sex (insertion) with a massage parlour lady. She seems very careful when placing a condom on my penis.

    For protected vaginal sex its estimatly less than a minute (im pretty sure the condom is stil intact somehow). for oral is pretty is less than a min as well.

    After those, she does a handjob and i ejaculate till my condom breaks. Thats where we ended.

    In terms of my hiv test, i took 6 weeks of exposure and it is negative. Is this conclusive? Or should i still take the 3 months hiv test?

    • Hi,
      If the HIV test you did at 6 weeks post-exposure was the 4th generation Combo Test, then the result is conclusive. If it was the 3rd generation test, then you would need to repeat the test at 3 months post-exposure.

  4. Hi doctor,

    I had the 4th gen Hiv combo duo rapid test, fingerprick test, at your clinic on 30 days post exposure and it turned out negative? I did have rashes, swollen lymph nodes and diarheaa. Can I say that my result was conclusive? Even with the small amount of blood used for the test? Or am I being paranoid as I am under too much stress thinking about the symptoms.

  5. Hello dr I had a minor cut on scalp while going bald .I had tested for HIV using cmia method after 38 days and it came negative.is it conclusive?

    • In my opinion your tests is indicative that you are free from hiv. officially the testing window period for The CMIA or 4th Generation EIA test is 28 days.
      please note that we are unable to verify the accuracy for your test. for that, please ask the doctor who has done the test for you.

  6. Hi dr,
    I did a 4th generation HIV laboratory test on a Friday morning 2 months after exposure. The result turned negative. However, the report shows that the test was only done on Monday, 3 days after my blood was drawn. Does the long storage period affect the accuracy of the test?
    Thank you

    • Data has shown that blood for HIV antibody and antigens testing stored for months can still be accurate.

      In my opinion your tests is indicative that you are free from hiv. officially the testing window period for the 4th generation HIV test is 28 days.
      please note that we are unable to verify the accuracy for your test. for that, please ask the doctor who has done the test for you.

  7. 3 dec 2016 i unprotected vaginal sex.28 dec i have rash on my neck and headach.so 8 January 2017 (after 5 weeks) i went for test.after 2 days result is come and it is Hiv 1/2 Ab/Ag Screening CMIA. As this enough or i retest again.test country is Malaysia.

    • We cannot verify the accuracy of your test. You need to confirm that with the doctor who did the test for you.

  8. Hi Dr Tan,
    I am married person. Last 5 weeks back I went to barber shop for cutting (no shaving) and I got small cut and scratches on my neck which was red and burning sensation for few days and after 2 days it got healed. I did not observe barber changing blade and hoping as a common sense barber will not use razor blade with full of blood but there may be small blood on blade which is not visible and now I am in full of anxiety whether any HIV infection. Can I know is there any such HIV infection incident really registered by anybody through this type by scenario. I took 4th generation Abbott rapid test at 30 days and it was negative. Is is conclusive as a lot of websites telling 12 weeks (hoping it may be for old generation tests). My wife is coming back to home at 10th weeks so I dont know what to do and planning to go for 4th generation rapid test again on 6th, 8th and 10th week to reduce my anxiety. Atleast is it 10th week test result (negative) will be same on 12th week because I was thinking if antigen itself not found in 4 tests till 10th week then how come antibody will develop at 12th week. Waiting for your reply. Thank you a lot…..

  9. Hi Dr,
    I am from Malaysia, last 5 weeks back I went to barber shop for haircut (no shaving) and got scratches behind my neck by straight razor blade. For few days the scratch was red and having burning sensation for days and got healed later. I dont know whether barber changed blade or not as I was busy in watching TV. I am sure atleast barber will not use razor blade full of blood as a common sense but small blood may be there on blade which may not be visible easily. Previous person got cutting + shaving. Now I am full of anxiety thinking about any possibilty of HIV and also fearing as my wife is coming back to home from her parents house after next few weeks. I got 4th generation combo rapid test at 30 days and result was negative. Is it conclusive?
    Is there any such cases really registered in South East Asia of getting HIV by minor cut/ scratches by used razor blade in barber shop especially in Malaysia/Singapore. Also other than HIV is there any other viral infection possible and for safer I already got Hep B vaccination 1 yr back.
    Waiting for ur reply. Thank a lot….
    So 30 days 4th generation combo rapid test is it conclusive or do I need to get test at 6th, 8th and 9th week to reduce my anxiety and to keep update on my status as I my will be here on 10th week.

  10. Good morning dcotor,is my ag/ab architect at42 days can conclusive im totally safe.

    • Generally speaking the 4th Gen test is conclusive at 28 days. However, as we are not in the position to verify the accuracy of your test result, please still speak to your doctor.

  11. Dear d.tan
    Iam before 86 days needle punchers my hand now test hiv showing very very small Lin now I have hiv or no have hiv .please

    • I assume you did a home HIV test. You should see a doctor and get a proper HIV test done. If that is positive, you need a further confirmatory test. Only if the confirmatory test is also positive can you be diagnosed with a HIV infection.

  12. Hello doctor. I’ve had unprotected sex with CSW at Cambodia, started PEP next day. After two weeks I started feel very mild sore throat, 3 days later one my lymph node enlarged and was painful. I did combo test with -ve result on day 28th. Mild sore throat still persists, without any mucos or nasal drip, even not red. Lymph node is smaller now, hard and not painful, but still much much bigger than on the other side. Do you think my result can be affected by PEP and test would not pick up infection, even 15 days after onset seroconversion symptoms? Or do you think result might be conclusive? I’m really worry about these symptoms. Many thanks

  13. Dear Dr.

    I’m a gay male from Malaysia. 2 questions:

    1. Is condom protected receptive anal sex considered high or low risk? Assuming condom did not break & intact.
    2. What are the chances of a negative 24-day (post exposure) 4th generation DUO HIV test turning positive on day-28?


    • 1. With condom, risk is reduced significantly.
      2. I am unable to comment on this. There is no scientific data for this question.

      • Ok thanks. Anyway I’ll be heading to your clinic soon for the conclusive 28-day test. Will ask you a few more questions then.

  14. I have tested with 4th generation rapid test at 50 days of risk. It only detect at 28 days or can detect at 50 days also. The result was negative. Thsnk you!

    • The 4th Generation can detect infections 28 days or more ago. So even if a patient was infected 1 year ago, the 4th Gen test can still pick it up.

  15. Doctor Help

    Doctor, do you consider the laboratory based 4th gen test conclusive at 28 days? Will the results still change later? Please help me. I am very much worried. I don’t think I can still take this for the next three months.

  16. Doctors, Please answer my question. I’m worrying. I’m male. In april, a strange girl did oral sex for me, just do oral sex. 1 month later I did a Hiv Combo test and the result is negative. Can I suppose it is the last conclude? Should I test again?

  17. Hi doctor,
    I have a question about Hiv Combo test. Can Hiv Combo detect long time infected? I mean If someone infected 1 or 2 years ago, can It detect that? Or just for 28 days post exposure?

    • Yes it can. The combo test can detect any infection 4 weeks or more ago.

      • I’m male. In april, a strange girl did oral sex for me, just do oral sex. 1 month later I did a Hiv Combo test and the result is negative. Can I suppose it is the last conclude? Should I test again?

  18. Hi Doctor,

    On the 8th or 9th July I had sex with a Cambodia sex worker. Using protected from sex but not for oral. (Anyway she bit my nipple and it had a small wound) A week later i had pain in my urethra and testicles. When for all sort of test (STD, HERPES AND HIV 3rd generation test) on the 28 days. All turn out negative.i had pain under my chin felt like inside the veins. But it doesn’t feel like swollen lymph nodes. On the week 6th (42 days) i when for a 4th generation test and it turn out negative. The pain under my chin just wont go off. What are the risk I am having? Do I need to go for another retest? Even my GP told me I don’t need to come back.Is my pain under the chin due to stress?

  19. Hi,

    I have been exposed to possible HIV on 28th or 29th July( I can’t remember the exact date). I am anxious and I can’t wait for 3 months to get tested. I am aware that there is a possibility for a repeat test. Based on the date of my exposure, which tests would you recommend me to take to get 100% accurate results without the need for a repeat testing? When is the right time that I should visit Dr Tan and Partners to get it tested out?

    Kind Regards,

  20. Hello doctors.
    I hope you can help me with my situation
    I live in UK and met a girl and we had a protected anal sex but when I was about to remove the condom, I notice a rapture near the ring, the top part which covers the head of the condom was not broken. I did a rapid duo alere test( it was the one used by the private clinic in London. The test was done after 2 months of the exposure, according to you and your team it should be conclusive but you showed some covers about Alere duo test. Do you think clinic in U.K. Can use these ones if they are not fully reliable? The nurse who did the test and one of the person in their laboratory said its conclusive and I don’t any further testing
    1 – what is my risk after the exposure? One of the MD even said I didn’t need a test – what do you think?
    2- do you think I need one more test after 90 days as these alere duo rapid test are not reliable
    thanks – I hope you will reply me and email

    • 1. Discussing risk now is a moot point.
      2. I cannot over ride the advice of the medical team treating you. You should listen to their advice. Since they have already told you that you do not require any testing, please trust them.

  21. i had an 4th gen ag/ab hiv test in a laboratory here in the united states, blood drawn from my right arm. i took this test after 4 weeks and 3 days of exposure. my exposure was basically low rik, but still i would like to know if this test is conclusive to me.

    exposure, rubbing genitals unprotected, mutual masturbation unprotected.

    oral sex PROTECTED and attempt to penetration Protected, not penetration.

  22. Dear Dr, I went to a massage paloure, the girl put her mouth on my penis glan for 3-5 seconds. I asked her to remove her mouth and give hand job which she gave.No other activity. My penis skin is thin. I do not remember any cuts or nicks during this activity on my penis. What r my chances of getting infection?


  23. Worried

    Hi Dr, I wanna ask a question. I been exposed to HIV on the 13th june, I did went of a Rapid test (Fingers Prick) on the 20th of June and the result is Negative for me and my partner.On 17th july i alone went for a NAT test, My HIV-1 RNA Qualitative NAT test result is Non Reactive.
    1. Can i conclude that i am 100% Fee from HIV?
    2. Show i undergo ELISA test for double confirmation ?
    3. Should I deffer 6 month of donating blood?

    • 1. Your test on 17/7 shows that you are HIV negative.
      2. Not necessary, unless you are still worried.
      3. I do not see why you cannot donate blood.

  24. Is SD bioline hiv ag/ ab combo accurate for exposure as long as 2 years ago? I did a test with the mentioned kit and result shows negative. Can I safely conclude I’m HIV free?

    • In my opinion it is. However, please see a doctor for verification.

  25. Hi doctors!
    Is 3 years post exposure (unprotected sex) conclusive to this kind of test?
    I just get tested for HIV recently June 3. And it’s negative . should I get another one ?
    Take note that was my first HIV test.

  26. Arjun

    Dear Dr,I had a wet kissing exposure.No deep or French kiss. Had 33 days Abbot architect lab duo test, came negative. Is this test conclusive?

  27. James

    Hi Doctor, I have been reading up on the HIV Combo test.

    I am not sure why but there has been a number of research papers stating that this test is not effective.

    One such research paper name is “Poor performance of the Determine Hiv 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo 4th Generation Rapid test for detection of Acute infections”

    Could you please share some light here? I am really worried that the test I intend to do will not be accurate. Many thanks.

    • drtan

      Yes I agree that there have been reservations about the accuracy of the Determine HIV Combo rapid test. That is why we do not use the Determine Combo kit anymore. If that is the only HIV test done for you, you should verify the accuracy with your doctor.

      • James

        Thanks. Isn’t the SD bioline combo test basically the same thing as the Determine combo test?

        • No it is not. Not all 4th Gen tests are the same. They use different methodologies and different antigen and antibody targets. It’s like saying isn’t KFC and Popeyes basically the same thing? Well, they are both fried chicken but everyone knows they’re not the same thing.

  28. Ngalo Singapore

    Hi doc!

    I will just ask about my experience i had Alere 4th gen combo test at 2,5,7,12 weeks post exposure. I also had HIV, Hep A,B,C chlamdia, gonnorhea and syphillis as 8 weeks lab test.

    1. Should I continue testing for HIV or is it conclusive already?
    2. Are my STD tests conclusive as well?

    Thank you doc for your reply i really need your words. for this anxiety is creating suicidal thoughts 🙁 please help me thank you

    • 1. You do not have HIV.
      2. Yes.

      • Ngalo Singapore

        Hi doc Sii Sik Liong

        I had my 12 weeks and 13 weeks 4th gen rapid combo test i am worried if this picked up my exposure.

        i had 8 hiv tests is it possible that the tests missed it? i have fungal infection in my face right now and i am correlating it with hiv

  29. Ron Artest

    Hello, I had a 6 month rapid test done with just one line after 5-7 minutes and the technician said it is negative. I noticed here however that you have to wait 20 minutes. Do you think I should retest? I had a high risk exposure but negative duo after 5 weeks and this was supposed to be the confirmatory test. Please advise.

    • drtan

      From my experience if a test was positive it would show within 1 minute. So 5 to 7 minutes is more than enough. However, the fact is tests should always be run according to industry recommendations. If the lab/technician running the test for you is not following guidelines, you should ask him why. As for whether or not you should retest, that is medical advice that we cannot give over the internet. Please check with your local doctor.

  30. Hi,

    I had unprotected anal sex with a guy on April 1, 2016. I took HIV duo test on 19th day i.e April 20, 2016 and tested negative. How good is this an indicator with regards to reliability of the Duo test and the concomitant window period?

    • Very good indication. Certainly more than 90%. Still test again at 28 days to be 100% sure.

  31. Hi doc!

    I had unprotected oral sex and deep kissing with a person that is HIV undetectable. I will just ask if my negative combo test at 26 days is okay?

    • Your risk is very low to begin with. Your test result on day 26 is as good as conclusive. If you are worried , repeat on on day 28.

      • Hi! Doc just want to update my status I had my test SD Bioline 4th generation antigen and antibody finger prick test at 5 weeks (today) would you consider this conclusive?

  32. Dear Doctor, Hope all is well. I did an HIV p24 ag & abs (HIV Combo) after 80 days from exposure and the result was nonreactive. Do I have to do another test after 90 days?? Thanks!

    • In my opinion you do not. However, I will remind you that this site is not for dispensing medical advice and you should verify this with the doctor who did the test for you.

  33. YourPatient

    Dear Doctor,
    Please forgive me on the thing I’m gonna ask. I went to your clinic to do combo test. I forgot to look at the kits. I’m pretty sure the kit will be used only once. Because i live in fear that makes me always worry too much. Can you save me from thinking nonsense if I ask is there any chance by mistake doctor reuses the wet tissue, tube or finger prick kit? If by accident we reuse which contains previous customer hiv blood, will it be a risk for me? Should i test again? Thank you Doctor and please accept my apology on this question

  34. Hi, would like to seek your opinion. It’s known that several guidelines have mentioned that a 3 month result for a 4th gen test is conclusive. However, looking at the CDC guidelines, it’s clearly stated that the guideline is for Laboratories and not the rapid kits. There’s also an exception note to say that there’s not enough information to determine if the guideline applies to the rapid kits. Does this mean that the rapid kits may not be conclusive after 3 months? Thanks!

    • The rapid kits are certainly conclusive at 3 months. Read the WHO guidelines.

  35. David Tan

    Hi doc, is there a possibly fact that on 31 days that 4th generation cannot detect the p24 antigen and antibodies because that are low? Because im tested negative on 31 days. Im afraid that on 31 days both the p24 antigen and antibodies are low to detect so therefore is not conclusive? thanks for the reply doc

  36. Hi doc. I recently went to one of ur clinic and took a ag/ab combo test. It is negative and is 31 days post exposure. Is it conclusive? Because i see that p24 antigen is always at 28 days. Is it okay to exceed abit? What if the test doesnt detect the p24 at 31 days and antibodies not yet created? Thanks for the queries.

  37. Is the rapid combo test the same as other clinic 4th generation test?

  38. I heard doctor tan said something about the alere rapid determine combo test.. I took it at 25 and 44 days after receiving a blowjob from a guy without condom and both times came up negative. Is it conclusive? Please tell me it is

    • By definition, the Combo test is conclusive after 28 days. So I would say your test is conclusive. However, there have been some concerns about the accuracy of the Alere Combo test. You should check with the doctor who did the test for you.

  39. Dear doctor i had protected sex with a prositube 55 days ago and i had did a hiv 1&2 combo test on 53days after exposure will it be accurate and after exposure 2days i also did a test i know it not conclusive and on 15days after exposure i did a rapid test 3rd or 4th i dont know but it was also negative and on 50days after exposure i ask the prositube is she had hiv or std she said she is healthy & disease-free. Just had full body medical examination done 2 weeks ago. Result was favourable s , should I believe?

    • Your post is a little confusing. From what I understand, you had a HIV Combo test at 53 days. In my opinion, that is conclusive. You should also get screened for other STDs.

  40. Hi Doctor. I had done HIV 1/2 Antigen / Antibody ( Elisa / EIA) test after 30 Days exposure. . Results = Non reactive. Is this conclusive ?


  41. Dear Dr.

    My Combo Ag/Ab 4th generation test results are Negative after exposured 22 days and 29 days. Is it conclusive? Do I need to re-test after 2months and three months?

    Thank you Dr.

  42. I did a HIV combi by roche at 22 days after exposure “receiving a blow job from a girl” the result was negative 0.224. How good the result is so far? Thanks

    • It is as good as conclusive but you may want to repeat one on day 28 just to be on the safe side.

      • Hi again, I repeated the HIV Combi test at 29 days and the result was negative with a COI 1.99 which is less than the 22 days test I did.
        1. Since it was recieving a blow job and negative after 29 days shall I consider it conclusive?
        2. Did you ever see a negative result change after 29 days ?

        Thank you

  43. Thanks Dr.
    My local Dr. gave me drugs for allery, but she said that if after 2 days the allegy not reduce so I have to stop PEP because allery may become worst. I am wonder that how can I stop PEP because it is so impotabt to protect me. Please could you advise. Thank you so much.

    • My lips, palate become red, pain, no vesicle. It is difficult to take food and swallow. Today I tested Combo after 22nd days after exposure, S/CO=0.55. I have just took PEP for 19 days. I really worry if I have to stop PEP at days 19 or 20 due to bad allergy. How is PEP protect me if I stop at 19 or 20 days?

    • The best thing to do is to consult the doctor who gave you the PEP so an alternative PEP may be given to you. The thing about drug allergy is that if you continue taking it, your symptoms may get worse and it may be life threatening.

      • My Dr. did not mention about aternative PEP, just stop. I am taking pep which including 3 types: Lamivudin 150mg, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300mg and Efavirenz 600mg. What drug is most possibility of allergy do you think? What is alter native drugs can you reccomment? It is so sorry that I am in Viet Nam so I cannot come to see you.
        Thank you.

        • It is impossible for me to comment on which drug is causing the allergic reaction. Unfortunately I cannot give medical advice on which drugs to use over the internet. It is best to consult your doctor again, or another doctor to get an opinion on this.

      • If tomorrow I can convince the girl to do Combo test after 24 days exposure and the result is negative. May I stop pep due to allergy without worrying?

        • Combo test at 24 days is as good as conclusive, meaning if it is negative, there is a very good chance that she does not have HIV. It is up to you whether you want to stop or continue.

          • Dear Dr.
            Unfortunately she did not agree to do Combo test. I have tried to took one more day PEP by yesterday while allergy seems not reduce much (not increase too). Today my Combo test at 24 days is negative. Is it as good as for conclusive to stop PEP.
            If I stop PeP after taking 21 days. How effect is PEP protect me? Still can protect me?

          • A combo test on day 24 is as good as conclusive. Whether or not to continue or stop, it is entirely your choice. I cannot give this sort of advice over the internet.
            PEP may not protect you entirely if you stop taking it prematurely.

  44. Dear Dr.

    I got sex with a girl for about 1 minutes on Oct 15, 2015. I have took PEP for 15 days started at 62 hours after exposure. I sent the girl to test Combo 4th generation after 5 days of exposure, the result is negative. If the Combo result of the girl after 28days is negative, is it means she has no HIV and i am safe? How is the PEP if I took at 62 hours after exposure. After taking PEP for 28 days, may I test Combo and the result is correct or not after PEP?

    Thank you.

    • Combo test on day 5 is not conclusive at all. If combo test on day 28 is negative, she most likely does not have HIV and you are safe. PEP is effective within 72 hours from exposure, so you did the right thing.
      You may get a combo test after you complete your PEP.

      • Thank you Dr. Sii Sik Liong.
        Now I am at day 20. May PCR test give a precise result?

        • RNA PCR can detect HIV after 10 days (from exposure). Therefore, day 20 is good.

          • Dear Dr.

            Before taking PEP my Combo test result S/CO =0.3. Today after 22 days exposure (still taki g pep)I retested and the S/CO =0.55. Why is the S/CO increase from 0.3 to 0.55, is this a problem? Is the result can be conclusive?
            3 days ago my lips and palate become swell and red, pain, no vesicle. It is a little bit better today. The doctor said it may be allergy or Hiv symtom? I am so scare, please give your comment. Thanks.

          • As long as the number within the limit of negative, you are safe. Do not worry about the change in the number.
            Your symptoms do not sound like HIV symptoms. Please complete your PEP, and get yourself a HIv combo test upon completion.

  45. Hi doctors, appreciate if you could reply on my previous queries. Tq.

    • Perhaps you could repeat your question. Thank you.

      • Dear Doctor,
        I would like to enquire something about HIV risk. 7 weeks ago I went to a massage centre in Malaysia for a 4 hands massage(2 ladies). I din’t know that these are dirty massage until the massagers offer sex services during the massage. They provided hard body to body massage to me nakedly and I refuse for further sex services immediately after they mentioned to me. I think they are most probably hiv+. I am worrying non-stop after the incident and think that they might intentionally passed their blood to my body cuts or scratches during the hard body massage as I have many cuts on my body due to mosquito bites. I had low grade fever starting from 5th weeks, average : 37.2c to 37.6c daily starting in the evening. I regretted a lot and swear that I will never visit any massage centre anymore. I have performed few tests as follow before the 3 months cut off period :

        1. Hiv duo ag/ab (10 days after exposure)
        2. Hiv finger prick rapid test (4 weeks)
        3. Hiv finger prick rapid test (6 weeks)
        4. Hiv duo ag/ab (50 days after exposure)

        All results came out negative, I am still paranoid for the final test in accordance with 3 months guideline . Could doctor please advise me whether my previous tests are conclusive or I must wait for 3 months to go on with my life?

        I sincerely wait for doctor answer, thanks.

  46. Hello doctor im from india 1 year ago i fingered a girl of unknown hiv status and i dont know that time i had cut on my finger or not. After 11 months of that incident i got negative cmia result should i retesr again and can hiv 2 transmitted through fingering

  47. Hello Dr,

    I am 29 yrs male. I had unprotected sex on 9th September’15 post that on 27th Day means 6th October’15 I had a Elisa Combo/Duo Test(Ab/Ag) which come as Non-reactive.
    So shall i need to take HIV test again?

    Pls help me.

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      Even at week 3 HIV combo is almost as good as conclusive. Of course it would be best to do another repeat test just to be absolutely safe.

  48. Hi Doctor,

    Does the negative result through Duo Ultra (ELFA) at 12 months interval after an fingering incident conclusive? Negative for HCV antibody also after 12 months

    any possiblities for late seroconvertion?


    • Dr Justin Sim

      Your tests will be conclusive. It is unlikely to see such late seroconversion.

  49. A few days ago , I had sex with a sex worker in Bahrain . Only for one time .First of all I don’t know the girls HIV status.I kissed her and also fingering then I try to put my penis on her vagina ,but due to not full erection it was not in vagina , then I rubbed my penis on vaginas lips (my forskin is pull back).Her vaginal fluid touches on my penis top urethra .Then I ejeculate on the top of her vagina without penetration.Now I am so warried that her vaginal fluid touches my penis top.
    After that I did Rapid HIV 1/2/O triline rapid test on 33,40,45 days which only show one line at C part no fainted or normal line on other place .
    Then I take a HIV ab/Ag Combo(CMAI) at a lab on 49 days . The result was 0.23 NONREACTIVE.
    Please dr. guide me to understand that . I am so scared . I also not doing any sexual activity with my Wife.
    Please help me ..that what should I do now and what is my chances to get HIV.

  50. Hello

    Is an rna pcr at 19 days combined with an antigen test at 26 days conclusive?

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