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HIV 4th Generation Test Singapore

The HIV 4th Generation Test is one of the most accurate and fastest way to determine is a person has been infected with HIV or not.

The HIV 4th Generation Test is also called the Combo test or the Duo test.

It tests for both the HIV antibodies as well as the antigens in the blood. It can be done as a rapid test i.e. you can get the results in 20 minutes.

Antibodies are produced by the body when it is infected with the HIV virus. There are many different types of antibodies. The one that is produced the earliest is called the IgM antibody. This can be produced as early as 20 days post exposure. 3rd and 4th Generation HIV tests can detect the IgM antibody.

Antigens are bits of the HIV virus shell that can be found in the blood as early as 14 days post exposure. The 4th Generation test can detect the presence of this antigen.

If the test detects either the presence of HIV antibodies or antigens, it means the patient is most likely infected with HIV. This has to be confirmed with another ELISA test. We always do at least 2 tests before diagnosing a person as HIV +ve.

Officially it is conclusive at 28 days post exposure. However, from current scientific data, we know that when the test is done at 20 days post exposure, it is already as good as 100% accurate. Personally I have tested patients +ve for HIV at only 14 days post exposure with this test.

The US CDC recommends the HIV 4th Generation test for all HIV screening. This is because it is more accurate, has a shorter window period and can pick up rare cases of sero-negative infections (see below).

The HIV 4th Generation test can detect HIV infections in very rare cases of people who are infected with HIV but never produce any anti-bodies. These are called sero-negative infections and happen in about 1 in 1 million people.

At our clinics the HIV 4th Generation test costs $150 (before GST).

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  1. Christine

    I had a Rapid Duo Test at both 29 days and 32 days. Would you consider this conclusive. I have had symptoms like sore throat and muscle pain for 2 weeks.

  2. Hi Dr i had a duo test at 28 days after exposure result came back non reactive I had another test 12 weeks after exposure non reactive again in3 not sure if it was duo test or just antibody test. Do I need more testing or my results are conclusive. Thanks

  3. Hi,dr I have protected sex with a sex worker after 33 day I have a hiv 1/2 antibody /antigen p24 screen is no reactive .is this test 4th generation? And I nid another test?

  4. Hi Doctor,

    I had a RNA PCR done on 8th day and it was ” target virus could not be detected”. I then had a CMIA duo test ( antibody and p24 antigen) test on 18th day, 22nd day and then finally on 28th day. All were non reactive. I also followed up with ELISA test on 31st day which was also negative. Can I assume based on my results that I am not infected and move on with my life. Please advise.


  5. Hi Doctor.
    This is a repeated question. I had protected viginal sex and BJ.
    Does a rapid combo test after 28days be an conculsive one?

  6. Dear Doctor,

    I have protected sex and BJ with an lady with unknown hiv status.
    I went for HIV AG/AB combo ALERE test on day 14 & 21. Both results are negative. I found on most website it would be 3 months time to have an conculsive result. What would you advice?

    • Your risk is essentially zero to begin with from oral sex. Even if it was a risky exposure, I would consider your test at 21 days a very good indication, but for conclusive tests you would be advised to repeat at 28 days.

  7. Hi Dr,

    Today I went to a local community hiv (in KL) test center where they perform test on tons of clients daily.

    My test was negative but soon after my test I realised that the client before me was positive and used the wash room after his blood was drawn. And they we’re firing up their CD4 count test machine in the same room which I used.

    I have dry and cracked skin when my arm was placed on the same desk and used the wash room to wash my hands and stuff. Also used the door and same lift.

    Are there any chance of infection here? As most of the time my arms and hands were wet with water and also not to forget I had a fresh finger prick.

    Was there any risk? Had there been any cases of such from a testing centre? I’m so afraid to the point of trembling with fear.

    I also do a regular checkup at your KL branch. Do I have to make an appointment for PEP?

  8. Hi i had sex with 2 different sex workers on 17th Nov and 1st Dec. Can I do a 4th gen test on week 6 starting from 17th Nov?

  9. Hi Doc, i have been so worried since i got 2 weak positive( 2nd gen) results 1 month after protected sex with a sex worker, the reason why i took the test was for severe soretroat, mild fever, itchy chest, no rash, no lymp nodes, i took a 4th gen the day after ( day 31) and came back negative, then because an severe stress and anxiety i repeated as follow:
    Day 38 3rd gen negative
    Day 44 2nd gen negative
    Day 65 2nd gen negative
    Day 90 3rd gen negative, hep C negative
    Day 115 4th gen negative
    Day 160 4th gen negative
    Yeah i know it sounds crazy but my symptons does not go away , i have neck, arm, leg pain, my joints are killing me, i had night sweat , and i am worry about those test changes to positive again, is that posible? By the way, the labs where i got two positive retest again and came back negative, they release me as negative person but they ask me to repeat the test In 3 months in case of having recently infection that the tests could not detect at all.

    • I believe your tests results are all conclusive. No HIV. Your symptoms may be due to anxiety or another medical condition. If you are concerned, please speak to a doctor for proper evaluation.

  10. thanks,

    Could anything delay antibody production like HCV coinfrction for example?

    Should I test again at 6 months?

  11. Chee Hong

    Hi Doctor,just one quick question.I have taken 6 days pep and I stopped it due to the sex worker tested negative.After 41 days of my last exposure.I tested with finger prick blood alere hiv combo at community healthcare center.The result is negative.In your opinion,do you consider my result conclusive?Or I need to retest?

  12. Hi I’ve had horrible symptoms server weight loss 10kg in one week. Pins and needles and muscle spasm constantly. Night sweats. All fat from my face, legs and arms disappeared and won’t come back. Rash on my chest. This all began one week after a risky exposure to HIV. I tested with HIV DNA PCR at 11 days post my exposure negative, 4th Gen Duo 16days Neg, 4th Gen duo 30days neg. 4th Gen Duo 60 Days neg. 4th Gen duo 12 weeks neg.

    Despite all the testing my fat loss is still there and won’t return I look strange seems like subacous fat loss and won’t regenerate. Also muscle spasm much worse now and I have lost the feeling of feet and my nails on fingers and toes have gone rough and discounted. Rash is still present with now red raises blood spots all over me.

    Doctors don’t know what to do with me.. could I be a rare individual that’s never created antibodies?

    • Your tests are conclusive. I cannot evaluate the rest of your symptoms other than to say they are most definitely not caused by HIV.

      • Ok thanks would the 4th gen tests pick up all rare subtypes? Also if I happened to have a coincecrion with Hep C cause such a delay in antibody production.

        I’m unsure if I should carry on testing out to 6 months

        • If you are that concerned, then by all means get another test. I do not believe you are at any significant risk and that your tests thus far are conclusive enough.

  13. I had HIV test at 15th Day. how reliable is the test?

  14. how reliable is alere determine combo result at 15 days post exposure.? I tested negative at 15days.

  15. Good evening Dr. I was diagnose with Bell’s palsy on Oct. 12, 2017. I was prescribed anti-viral medication and steriods. I went online to research watch caused it and doctors think it’s a virus, but also herpes and even hiv. So I went to get std a 4th generation hiv 1/2 blood and unrine test. I am possitive 28 days from my last sexual encounter and it was negative. Should I retest? Also would the anti-viral or steriod affect the test? I’m so worried. Please respond Dr. I will greatly appreciated!

    • Good morning Dr. Tan. I got a 4th generation 1/2 ad/ag hiv blood and urine test 28days after the last time I had sex with someome I really didn’t know that well. The test was negative. But I’ve notice that the tip of my penis is getting darker and also my testicles. Should I tested?

      • Your tests are conclusive. If you are still concerned, please see us for a proper consult and evaluation.

        • I am married and had sex with my wife after the I had sex with the girl I really didn’t know. Should she get tested even after I tested negative? My wife doesn’t know I cheated on her.

          • Well, if your wife wants to get tested it’s her choice. There is no HIV infection that you would have given her, since you tested negative.

    • I do not believe you require another re-test, or that the medications would affect your results.

  16. Thank you. But IF a finger prick lancet was reused and the person has HIV is infection possible this way?

  17. Hi, I recently got a fingerprick rapid test. I have a fear of reused needles. Is it possible if a reused finger prick from somebody that has HIV was used on me that I’d be infected? What is the risk?

    Please answer, I don’t want to be stressed out for a whole other month to get a combo test.

  18. Hi. My latest risk of exposure was on 30th September. On 30th October I went to a HIV testing clinic and took a 4th-generation HIV test. The test result was negative. I am scared because last week (13 November onwards) I had an itchy rash, which may be a sign of late seroconversion from what I have gathered. What would you say about my situation? Do I need a retest or are the previous test results conclusive and I should stop worrying like an idiot?

  19. kissed someone who has an herpes outbreak with HIV. few days later, my below my lower lips was a cut and was itchy. I have been so worried and weak with fatigue. I haven’t been eating so well
    I did an HIV test on the 14th day which was negative and also on the 16th day with alere determine combo which was negative too. can I relax on its accuracy. I’m so worried. besides can HIV be detected in herpes sore. please answer me. and are the test reliable too?

    • You cannot get HIV from kissing, cold sore or not.

    • Need advice on test result if further test require or can be take as conclusive for hiv?thanks
      Day11 – Hiv ag/ab(elisa) Non reactive
      Day17 – Hiv ag/ab(cmia) non reactive
      Day28 – hiv1/2 ahp rapid test negative
      Day38 – hiv ag/ab(cmia) non reactive
      Day56 – hiv1/2 ahp rapid test negative

      No fever so far. Muscle ache. After 5week until 8week red bump and patch on stomach,chest,arm & neck.

  20. Dear sir have a good day i want to ask you 1 question all about my fear i went to massage with one sex girl she slept with me for money she was good girl and i found my condom breaks about half to 1 minute and we give up i ask her about her status she told me she is nagative. It was happend in 19 th october 2017. Since today 30 days are passed i have no symptomes in my body like flue or fever but i have back pain problem which was i had before and i have digestion problem little pain in upper abdominal which also i had before
    But i gone throuh your article symptoms. i have nothing like any i think that girl was right she was nagative so is there any chance for me to get infected or any test i shuold do i am working in ship so whenever i get chance i go for check up if you instist. Thank you
    Hope i get faitfhfull answer from you to win my fear thank you

  21. hi doc

    after sex 16day(26/12/2017) I test klinik kesihatan rapid test 3generations negatif and 53 day I test ab/ag(1/11/2017 negatif) private clinik conclusive or not.I relly worry my next appointment with hospital kesihatan at 26/12…my last test conclusive or not and possibility my next test positive higt or low…sorry doc my English very bad.

  22. I am thinking seriously now
    I kissed an HIV patient with cold sore from herpes for about 15mins
    I went for test on the 14th day, and I was tested negative for HIV1 and 2. How many percent reliable is the test?
    I have lost my appetite, because I have been thinking about it so much.

  23. Good day sir, I need your help, am almost dying from self thinking
    I kissed an HIV patient with cold sore from herpes for about 10mins. I also have tooth decay. I went for a test in a laboratory on the 14days after. I tested negative. How reliable is the test sir? The only symptoms I have is small pimples on my face which 8s usual

  24. Hi doc,
    I have a questions could you please help me because im going crazy.

    1) HIV 2 can’t produce antigens only antibodies??

    2) Only HIV 1 can produce antigens?

    3) So if HIV 2 can’t produce antigens we need to test in 12 weeks for antibodies right?

    Please help!

  25. If i took the test at 28 days, and it came negative, this means the p24 antigen is not found in the body. And it is conclusive as the p24 antigen peaks at 3-4 weeks post infection?

    How about antibodies?

  26. Back on sept 26 2017 had a brief unprotected oral.

    On 33days took elisa test 4th generation ab/ag which came back negative.

    However during that time had flu like symptom eg fever, cough which causes sore throat bodyache, occassionally rash that appear and disappear within few minutes and some night sweat.

    Is the test that i have taken conclusive or certain

    • I am very nervous and anxious till to date still have cough, rash that appear and disappear quickly and joint pains. Not sure whether these are caused by anxiety

      • Noted with thanks dr. Btw dr another thing would like to find out will late seroconversion affect the accuracy of 4th generation test?

          • Noted with thanks dr. I am worried that upon the time when i did elisa (33 days) i was having some flu like symptoms fever, night sweat body ache, rashes that appear and went quickly sore throat caused by cough. I am afraid the accuracy will be compromised. For eg. If the symptoms are ars, 4th generation ab/ag should be able to pick up in the result am i right

    • It is conclusive, plus your risk from oral sex is close to zero already.

  27. Hi doctor,

    I had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex with a sex worker i dont know her status , i took 4th generation ECLIA p24 combo in 47days/7weeks the result negative but i still have symptoms headache,small swollen lymph nodes in neck, arms pain, could this be ARS? Do you think i need to retest again in 3 months?

    Please advice.

    • No, your tests are conclusive. I do not believe you require any further HIV testing. If you have symptoms of concern, please get assessed at the doctor.

  28. Hello Doc,
    I have some questions coudl you please answer
    Q1:) Can you please tell me how long swollen lymph nodes stays in early HIV Infection?

    Q2:) How big are they? 1cm? Or bigger?

    Q3:) Im already tested p24 combo in 47 days but im i have symptoms like headache and swollen lymph nodes and im really worried.

    Q4:) Do i have to retest in 3 months because i have symptoms?

    Please help and reply.
    Thank you!

    • The size and duration of lymphadenopathy will vary. But it is not relevant in your case as your test is already conclusively negative. I do not believe your require any repeat testing.

  29. Leong Keng

    Hi doctor,if I have tested on days 28 with with alere hiv combo finger prick blood test.Do I need to retest?

  30. Doctor,do u consider a finger prick blood alere hiv combo test-result is negative at 28 days as conclusive?Because I get some info that finger pricl blood is not accurate.Hope you clarify on this.Thank you.

  31. Very High Anxiety

    Hello Doctor,

    I’ve had a negative rapid combo test 16 days post possible exposure
    Negative CMIA combo at 21 days
    Negative Unigold 3rd gen at 22 days
    Negative Unigold 3rd gen at 30 days
    I’m currently anxiously waiting on 4th gen combo test result from 28 days.

    Should I stop worrying from the results I have already received??

    Thank you!

  32. alton cc

    Dear dr
    What us
    1_hiv ab and ag test

    2_hiv antigen and antibody test
    3_hiv antibody and p24 antigen test
    4_hiv 4th generation combo test
    All are same ?

  33. Hello. Had a 4th gen fingerprick test a 4 days ago at the 28th day exactly and the results came back negative.

    I did some snooping around and 1 forum says that it is not conclusive and that i have to retest at 3 months???

    Can you tell me more about the test? what it tests for and why my doctor says 28 days is conclusive?

  34. alton cc

    Dear dr.
    My hiv 1/2 ab and ag test
    35 days resulT 0.07
    50 days result 0.05
    59 days result 0.07
    And u told me your test is conclusive and excessive. Move ur life
    But some day my outer neck both side soft area some intuition.it is before lymphnode enlarged time? and my body itching but not any resh.my test machine name abbot machine.and big hospital in our country
    Pls doctor say me 3 time test any false.

    pls doctor tell me something.

  35. Hi Doc,

    I had a protected oral and vaginal sex with a csw with unknown hiv status in Canada, after 2 weeks I have on and off headache, and then follow with sore throat, sinus pain, facial pain, two small red mark on roof of mouth and some neck pain.
    So I went to test for hiv at 30 days after potential exposure ( or about 13 days after symptom onset)

    I did a finger prick 3rd gen rapid test, 4 th gen combo test and a pool nat. They all came back negative but I am still very worry esp the red mark inside the roof of mouth.

    Do I have to be concern this is a potential ars symptoms? Should i go retest at 12 weeks mark for antibody?


    • Your tests are conclusive and I would not worry. Your symptoms are definitely not from HIV.

      • Should I do a three month mark antibody test ro double check or you’re 100% guaranteed not to worry? Thank you

  36. Hello Dr.

    In the above article you mentioned that according to current scientific data when the test (4th gen) is done at 20 days post exposure the result is as good as 100% accurate. I had a 4th Gen Abbott Architectc negative result at 22 days post exposure. Should I retest at 28 days or is my result conclusive?

    • 22 days is a very good indication but for conclusive results you would need to repeat 28 days or more post-exposure.

      • Dr. Thanks for the reply,

        have you seen the results change in anybody from the 22 day to the 28 day?

        Thank you again

  37. Hi Doctor,
    I had protected sex and unprotected oral sex , i went for a test after 21 days P24 COMBO and the result is NEGATIVE then i felt swollen lymph nodes in my neck and i tested again P24 COMBO in 47 days the result is negative too, is that enough or i need to do a another test?


    Please Answer

    • It’s conclusive and you do not require any further testing.

      • Thank you Dr,
        The machine was ECLIA: Electrochemiluminescence immunoassay , does the ELISA machine better than ECLIA?

        and im really worried about my swollen lymph and about my results.

        Please help

  38. 4th Generation 16 days after exposure

    Hi Doc,

    My wife was recently infected with HIV after a blood splash exposure at work. I’m at risk for preforming vaginal oral sex on her (brushed my teeth before) ? Her viral load was around 10000 couple days after the oral sex. I tested 16 days with 4th Generation Ab/Ag with LabCorp that came back negative? Should I expect a similar result @ 16weeks. Just tested this morning and waiting for my next result. Extremely anxious with neck, shoulder, arm and leg pain. Please help.

    • The risk of transmission from oral sex is extremely negligible. However, for conclusive testing we would advise a 4th generation test at 28 days or more post-exposure.

      • 4th Generation 16 days after exposure

        Thank you Doc! Is the negative result @ 16 days post exposure including the risk associated with cunnilingus a good indicator that I’ll most likely be negative? Have you seen this type of result turning positive afterward. How about the Neck and shoulder symptoms I’m experiencing – almost 12 weeks with shooting pain and tingling sensation in my body, hand and feet. Upper neck muscle when shoulder is stiff hurts and gives me tension headaches but usually subsides when i’m relaxed. Are these symptoms related to HIV. Have been extremely anxious for the past 12 weeks. Please help

  39. alton cc

    Dear dr.
    Sorry dr. I say not good english

    35 day hiv ab and ag test result 0.07
    50 day hiv ab and ag test result 0.05
    59 days hiv ab and ag test result 0.07
    Pls explain my test

    I use condom sex with prostitute.last time condom not broke. But i touched prostitute clit 5 sec my left hand if i touched my panis left hand risk hiv effect?
    After sex when i open condom if some vaginal fluid touch my left hand and i wash water left hand my panis effect hiv?..
    after sex some precome on my panis head prostitute finger wipe this .and intercourse time prostitute many time touched my panis her hand. This way any risk prostitute finger transmitted hiv…

    doctor i am not sleep no working panic for hiv. Pls give me a next suggestion. How days i recheck my hiv 1&2 ag and ab. Or no need test Pls answer me
    Thanks doctor

  40. Hi Dr,, this is a follow up on my case. Appreciate your medical opinion.
    Im male, very depressed with a exposition with female CSW (protected vaginal and anal sex, but unprotected oral – i received blowjob). I regret this encounter immensily. I was told that I had no risk at, but 3 weeks later my girfriend developed a rash near the shoulder that was diagnosed as zoister (we had unprotected intercourse after the episode with CSW). I tested negative with cmia 4gen at 29 day, and felt relieved. But, on day 36, I developed swollen lymph nodes (arms, knees, arm pits). The ones in the arms (front side of elbow) really sore. No fever. Could this be ARS? Do you recommend another test, or I can truste the 29 day test?
    Thank you

  41. Lim Ching Tiong

    Hi doctor,I have taken 6 days pep but after that I stopped it.May I know if I take hiv combo test at 28 days post exposure did the result conclusive?

  42. Dear Dr. I have a few questions:

    1. any test that it says Hiv 1/2 antibody/antigen is considered 4th generation?
    2. that kind of test (4th generation) it is the same in every country? or theres another kind of 4th generation test
    3. if in a country the window period for that test says more the 28 day is cuz protocols o cuz that test is different ?

    thank u

    • Yes any test with both HIV antigen and antibody would be 4th gen. There are different types of 4th gen testing, but accuracy is very good for all types. There are many factors that may influence an organization’s testing protocols which I will not be able to elaborate on here. The best thing to do is to speak to your doctor and test as recommended locally.

  43. Tan Chong

    Hi doctor,I have taken pep for 5 days after I stopped it because I bring the sex worker for rna and combo test on days 5 post exposure result is not detected.Myself on days 14 post exposure also go for rna test the result is not detected.Do I need any further test.

  44. Wong Ching

    Hi doctor ,I have taken alere hiv combo test with finger prick blood.Do u think my result consider conclusive.

  45. Hi Docs! I took a 4th generation test after 27 days since last potential exposure because I had to go abroad for work and I could not take it on day 28. I’ve been in a relationship with this person for a year and we always had unprotected sex because we were clear from STDs and I was on the pill. I decided to check my hiv status because he cheated on me. Can I consider my 27 days test conclusive? I am a 23 years old female and I did not experience any symptoms at all.

  46. Steven Lee

    Hello Dr.,

    I had a one time encounter with a female escort. We had unprotected anal, I was insertive for maybe a minute or two. Of course, now I’m panicked. I’ve read hours of forums and advice and taken two tests. Knowing: She’s mathematically unlikely to have HIV, she was adamant she was healthy/clean, I have no symptoms of anything after 3 weeks and I’ve had two 10-panel tests. Negative for everything at 4 days and 19 days (4th gen duo for HIV). How confident should I feel about having caught anything?

    • You should feel very reassured if all your tests have come back negative thus far.

      • Steven Lee

        Thank you. I am certain I’ll get one more test in a few weeks – just for 100% conclusiveness…but your expertise and thoughts help a very anxious person. Thank you again.

  47. Hi Dr,
    Im male, very depressed with a exposition with female CSW (protected vaginal and anal sex, but unprotected oral – i received blowjob). I regret this encounter immensily. I was told that I had no risk at, but 3 weeks later my girfriend developed a rash near the shoulder that was diagnosed as zoister (we had unprotected intercourse after the episode with CSW). I tested negative with cmia 4gen at 29 day. Based on your experience, you would tell that Im free of HIV, and the rash on her was just a coincidence? Im depressed and scared, and dont know how to move on with life. Thank you.

    • Your test is conclusive, no HIV. Zoster is not caused by HIV. It is caused by reactivation of varicella (chicken-pox) and is extremely common.

      • Thank you Doctor. Do you think I should re-test in the following weeks? Im worried with the zoster because I read that the reactivation of varicella would happen only with a issue of the immune system. Appreciate your kindly help. Please advice.

        • Hi Dr, sorry to follow up, but my anxiety is almost out of control. The rash (zoster) on my wife can really be a coincidence? What are the odds (she never had this)? Im trying to focus on the non reactive 4 test at 29 days to dont get out cobtrol snd do something really stupid. The test is really conclusive? Thanks you

  48. Dear Dr,

    What are the chances of hiv transmission of touching the penis after using the toilet with possible herpes sore on my penis glans? I heard herpes increases chances of acquiring HIV.

    I went to test for HIV today and touched my penis with mild sores after using the toilet. As it is a HIV testing centre. I noticed there were some poz’s there that may have used the toilet prior to that or blood stains from those who did their finger prick tests.

  49. Hi Dr, i also confused,
    Rapid HIV combo test (ag/ab) only call 4 generation? Or HIV blood test by lab also can call 4 generation if test done with antigen & antibody.
    I done lab test HIV 1&2 ag/ab screening (CMIA) (as mention on result paper) at 35 days after exposure.
    1. This test also can call 4 generation?
    2. Is it conclusive?

  50. Ong Seng

    May I know if pep already stop for 3 days,is it still effective if continue back as schedule.

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