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HIV 4th Generation Test Singapore

The HIV 4th Generation Test is one of the most accurate and fastest way to determine is a person has been infected with HIV or not.

The HIV 4th Generation Test is also called the Combo test or the Duo test.

It tests for both the HIV antibodies as well as the antigens in the blood. It can be done as a rapid test i.e. you can get the results in 20 minutes.

Antibodies are produced by the body when it is infected with the HIV virus. There are many different types of antibodies. The one that is produced the earliest is called the IgM antibody. This can be produced as early as 20 days post exposure. 3rd and 4th Generation HIV tests can detect the IgM antibody.

Antigens are bits of the HIV virus shell that can be found in the blood as early as 14 days post exposure. The 4th Generation test can detect the presence of this antigen.

If the test detects either the presence of HIV antibodies or antigens, it means the patient is most likely infected with HIV. This has to be confirmed with another ELISA test. We always do at least 2 tests before diagnosing a person as HIV +ve.

Officially it is conclusive at 28 days post exposure. However, from current scientific data, we know that when the test is done at 20 days post exposure, it is already as good as 100% accurate. Personally I have tested patients +ve for HIV at only 14 days post exposure with this test.

The US CDC recommends the HIV 4th Generation test for all HIV screening. This is because it is more accurate, has a shorter window period and can pick up rare cases of sero-negative infections (see below).

The HIV 4th Generation test can detect HIV infections in very rare cases of people who are infected with HIV but never produce any anti-bodies. These are called sero-negative infections and happen in about 1 in 1 million people.

At our clinics the HIV 4th Generation test costs $150 (before GST).

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  1. Hi Dr,I have take hiv combo test on days 58 it shown-not detected in my result but for HSV-1 it shown Reactive.So my question is did HSV-1 will affect my hiv result to be conclusive.Do I need any further test for hiv? Thank you Dr

  2. Hi doctor,

    I kissed a massage girl, she told me she going to finish the minor surgery on her cheek. The kiss is not too long and I was not recognize the blood taste.I did not bleed at this time. but I feel not too confident Do I have risk in this case 🙁 I am really stress and I go test Combo HIV (4th generation) at day 22 and it is negative. Should I worry or leave it. It make me sick a lot.

  3. Hey Doc I had protected anal sex with a transgender, I took a Alere 4 generation combo at 30 days post exposure, is my result considered conclusive ?

  4. Dr. Tan my syphills test on 38 days is negative vdrl and Tpha test i asked women whom i had unprotected sex to test and exactly on 42 days and result was negative the test was rapid test. I have no symtom. So calculating all this am i relax

  5. Hi doc,
    I been tested negative using alere combo test 28 days post protected sex and unprotected oral. Day 29 i had severe sore throat and low gred fever, fatigue over 2 weeks. I need a retest or my test is conclusive?

  6. Good day.dr I have some questions.pls answer thank you.if 4th generation test is combination of antigens and antibodies with conclusive result in 28 days.but from what I read antigens is only detectable within 1 to 2 weeks when infection enter the body.so why 4th generation test is the only test conclusive at 28 days and 3rd generation test is about 3 months.when both only looking for antibodies after 4 weeks period.wish you answer thanks

  7. Hi Dr:

    I slipped again!

    5 days ago i had unprotected oral blow job for 2 minutes with a woman i dont know here status.
    I dont think i had any cuts in my penis. Also some unprotected fingering in anal i also didnt had any cuts on my finger
    What kind of risk is that and what are the possibilities i will get HIV if she is positive?
    Thank you

    • Essentially zero risk.

      • Hi Doctor

        You said “essentially Zero risk” does that mean i dont need to test?
        If i need to test, do i have to wait until the 28 days mark?
        I also had protected anal with non broken condum.
        I am overly worried

        Thank you

        • Also if i decide to take RNA ealy detection
          Is there a difference in taking the test between day 10 and day 11
          They say test window is 9-11 days
          How accurate is the RNA test at 10 days?
          I still have 19 days left to hit the 28 days mark and i am very scared.

          Thank you.

  8. Hi dr. I tested after 30 days using KIT SD HIV 1/2
    Method immunocromotography
    Is this 4th gen. Test or 3rd generation test. Result NR
    What do you think dr.thank you

    • I do not know if it is 3rd or 4th gen. Please check with the healthcare provider who performed the test for you.

      • Good doctor

        Ok dr. I will ask them.but what if its 3rd generation test what is the accuracy of this in 30 days exposure

  9. Hi dr, i have tested negative on 29 days post exposure using alere hiv ag/ab combo test kit. Have you ever see anyone who turn positive even after tested negative at 28 days? What brand your clinic use for combo test?

  10. Good doctor

    Hi dr.i took a test 32 days after exposure reault negative.
    But i dont know what type of test.according to result
    Kit SD HIV1/2
    METHOD IMMUNOchromatography.w

  11. Hi Doc,

    I had a hand job from a massage from a Thai massage lady. Had peeling skin and irrationa due to dry skin on my penis. Had red spots after that.

    Am I at risk for HIV? Pretty scared now. She seems like a former CSW.

    • No, there is no risk for HIV. But you may have balanitis. Please visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

      • Hi Doc,

        The skin peeling occurred when she gave me a handjob. And I think there was slight blood spots on the tissue when I checked in the washroom. Still not a concern for HIV?

        I’m away from sg for a month. Very paranoid about this.

        • Also to further my question. Has anyone ever, I mean ever caught HIV from a handjob? Assuming there were sores which I had and maybe a pin needle like wound on the massage lady’s palm?

          Your answer would ease my anxiety. Also do I need a test for these encounter?

        • No it’s not a risk.

          • Hi Doc,

            Referring to the same trail of comments, I’ve been having sore throats as with reddishness.

            Had protected intercourse and unprotected oral with CSW on 24 July. I did numerous weekly Alere and ELiSa 4th generation test till 42 days. All negative.

            In between had unprotected handjob at massage parlour twice with one time had sores and peeling skin with possible a little blood on jt during handjob.

            Has anyone turned positive after 30 days with negative result?

            Having red patchy soreness in my mouth but not feeling any fever, flu and any other things.

            Am I safe?

          • Zero risk. Move on with your life.

          • Dear Dr Jonathan

            It’s been almost 20 days since. I’m having symptoms such as mild fever and headache.

            I tested twice in the past 4 days.. Negative.

            Could the be possibly due to my exposure?

          • No, they are not. Forget about HIV.

  12. Hi dr. I just test
    HIV 1 and 2 (quali)
    Kit sd HIV1/2
    What test is this dr. And what is the right time to take this test to be accurate.

  13. Hi Dr, i have done 4th gen hiv ag/ab combo assay ECLIA in lab at 29 days post exposure and also 4th gen alere hiv ag/ab combo test at 30 days post exposure and both turn out negative. Is my test really 100% conclusive? Today is 31 days and i still feel extrenely fatigue woke up every morning,sore throat,rash,stiff neck and joint pain.

  14. Hi dr. Combi as/ab test what is the right day to be test

  15. Hi dr. What kind of test needs 3months to be conclusive

  16. Sensitivity

    Have a nice day sir
    I would like to ask you about 4th generation test types. I am tested at 17-18 days after unprotected sex with csw. It is negative.I rode on some sources that only sensitve 4th generation tests can be done at 17-22 days.
    What is the “sensitive 4th generation” test sir?
    The standart tests are sensitive enough to detect?
    And last question, what is the possibilty to turn positive after 28 days tests?
    Did you saw any case turn positive after 28 days?
    Thank you for your patience

    • The 4th gen test is about 95% sensitive at 3 weeks. I have seen a case turning positive after 28 days. So we would still recommend a repeat test at 28 days for conclusive results.

      • Sensitivity

        Thank you sir
        A case means it is very rare right?
        Do rapid tests and labratory tests like” abbott ” have same sensitivity?

  17. Sir i had a unprotected sex with a women i don’t know about her history . After suspect on 12days we both were tested and we both were negative. After 24 days and 30 days combo test was negative. Here in india they take two days to deliver report. Is result conclusive

  18. Hi,
    I had unprotected sex and oral sex 45 days ago with a girl that I’m not sure has hiv or aids and did a hiv rapid test on the 31 day and the result was negative. I started to get a little cold sore around my lips and some unusual acne appearing one on my leg and my buttocks just two days ago, is my test conclusive or is this symptoms of false negative result ?

  19. Hi I think I was exposed to hiv 1 month plus ago and I did my hiv rapid test after 31 days and was negative. I just recently got a little cold sore around my lips and unusual acne appearing on my body. Do I need another test to reconfirm?

    • Your test is considered conclusive. I do not believe you require a re-test.

      • Thank you so much for your reply , I’ve been so worried the last few days when the cold sores appeared and now my buttocks and thigh has Folliculitis. But am I still supposed to be worried for the cold sore and folliculitis appearing ?

        • They are not due to HIV. So no, I would not be worried if I were you. If you have concerns, see a doctor for assessment.

          • Thanks doctor , if the problem persist I will have it checked out. Have a great day ahead! God bless!

  20. Hi. Dr. How long is the result of 4th generation test

  21. Hi Dr,I did the alere HIV Combo test at days 38 the result shown non reactive but at days 51 I got symptom body rash.I just wanna know is my result on days 38 already conclusive?

  22. Hello dr, I tested negative at 15th day, 24th day and 29th day. What is your opinion, thanks in advance.

  23. Hi dr. I had sex with sex worker with condom.but it broke then i quickly removed it.what is the possibility she could pass it if shes STD positive

    • There is definitely risk for STD transmission through this exposure. Please come to our Robertson Walk clinic tomorrow morning for further consult and evaluation.

      • Hi dr.But what is the percentage she can transmit it

        • There are multiple STDs and each has a different risk. Condom breakage/slippage is treated as unprotected exposure – for HIV, risk is between 1:263 to 1:2500 exposures with an HIV positive woman.

  24. Hi Dr I had protected sex with a sex worker and the condom broke i don’t think it was for to long because i was checking it often it happened 3 weeks ago I’m waiting to test for hiv at 28 days post exposure what are the ads of getting hiv from one single exposure due to a broken condom? Is the 4th generation duo test conclusive at that time?

    • The risk per exposure if she was HIV positive would range between approximately 1:260 to 1:2500 exposures.

    • Thanks a lot Dr for your answer now if I take the 4th generation hiv test at 28 days after exposure and if it comes back negative or non reactive can that be considered conclusive or do I need to test again after 12 weeks. Thanks.

      • It is considered conclusive at 28 days post-exposure.

      • Hello Dr i got tested for hiv 28 days post exposure a day later test came back non reactive. I was told that the test I took was hiv 1&2 antibody test 4th generation. Do all the 4th generation test have the same accuracy can I consider this test conclusive? or do I need to test again at 12 weeks.Thanks a lot.

  25. I had a threesome with a guy and female unprotected. The guy didn’t start with me or ejaculate in me. I got tested with combo test 31 days after exposure. How accurate will my results be?. Should I retest at 3 months?.

  26. supernakal

    I had protected sex and recieving unprotected oral with indonesia csw in malaysia. Being test negative on 14days and 28days with alere combo finger prick 20 minute test. Is my test conclusive. I still felt i have symptom.

  27. Hello doctor,

    I had protected oral and vaginal sex with a sex worker on 19th july. since I had sore throat and fever past 3 weeks I decided getting tested. I’ve been tested on 16th aug next month for 10 panel test including hiv 4th gen.it came out to be non reactive. Is there a need for me to get tested again?

    • I would say your HIV test is conclusive but some of the other STDs (e.g. syphilis, herpes) may have a longer window period.

  28. Hey Doc,

    Greetings to you!!

    I am writing this from California. I have also commented before around. Doc my question is I got screening done with HIV 4th gen DUO test. The test came out to be NON-REACTIVE. The test I had is after 5 weeks of my last exposure. Should I still get worried or just move on in life?

    Have a good one!!

    Wishes & regards
    Terry Brown

  29. Hi Dr

    I had protect sex with a CSW female. Pretty sure condom stayed intact but before it was out on there was a lot of genital on gential rubbing.

    30 day negative duo test.

    Despite. Day after I developed fever and then a 5 week cough

    • I believe your test is conclusive and you do not have HIV. If you have symptoms of concern, please see a doctor for assessment.

  30. Dear Doc,

    I received a handjob during a massage from a massage lady who also offers sex services. Am I at risk of HIV? she only used oil as lubricant for this.

  31. anthony

    i had an unprotected sex with a lady i never knew her status i later found out she was postive,but i tested with the rapid hiv 1 and 2 test after 17days came back negative,had another rapid hiv test 1 and 2 40days came back again negative,i have been worried because i frequently have headache,no rash or any swollen pert.it winter here in south africa so my legs hurt me which i do feel even before i had the unprotexted sex today makes it 9weeks noticing my white tongue,how conclusive is the 40days test because i hardly can concrete at work

  32. gabriel

    Hi doctor, im going to do Combo test ag/ab 21 days post exposure today. Is the result can be considered conclusive? As i can’t wait one more week because i have a lot of symptoms by now

    • The result at 21 days is a good indication but it is not conclusive until 28 days post-exposure.

      • gabriel

        Hi dr, based on what stated above,when 4th gen combo test is done 20 days post exposure,the result is as good as 100% accurate. So if the result is negative at 21 days its should be accurate right?

  33. Worried

    Have a nice day sir;
    I am tested with 4th generation combo test which give one result that is negative on the 17.5 days after unprotected sex with a csw. My md said that this is a reliable test and 17.5 days is enough to detect the exposure. But my md was young and ı think she was inexperienced. Allso checked for hepatits and syphilisis which are all negative also. Am ı still under risk what is your opinion? İs this result good enough for stop worrying ?

    • It is a good indication but not 100% conclusive until 28 days post-exposure. Syphilis and hepatitis have longer window periods and you would be advised 3 months for conclusive results.

  34. Hello doctor
    I wrote a week ago so
    Here is my tests
    PCR RNA at day 11 negative
    4th generation DOU day 33 negative
    4th generation DOU day 43 negative

    How conclusive this results are percentage wise?

    Thank you

  35. Jackson

    Hi I had protected oral and vaginal sex with a sex worker on January but I took the gen 4 test 1 month after exposure and gen 3 test 3 month after exposure. Both came back negative but symptoms shows up after 6-7 months I have white smooths bump (2mm) lots of it appearing on my body some molloscum contagiosum and a cyst on my back became greyish black. I have severer acne on my back Long sag I also had diarreah past 2 weeks. No fever since exposure but flu keep coming and going. I also have acne near my neck due to this I am unsure weather it’s lymph nodes because the cystic acne is as big as the lymph node I’ve been stressing over this since the exposure. Also I feel tired easily. I fell like taking another test just to be sure. I’m uncircumcised and the foreskin can’t be pulled fully not even halfway. I just remembered she took of the condom and use lubricant to masterbate for me but I couldn’t cum. After I went back I masterbated myself till I cum. Is there a possibility in that?? Even though my test are negative my leg hurts as well now(7 months after exposure )

    • Your tests are conclusive, you most definitely do not have HIV and your symptoms are not from HIV. Please see a doctor for further evaluation if you are concerned.

      • Jackson

        I also have unexplain weight loss could Thian be
        Because of anxiety and stress. Because I just weigh and notice I have lost 3kg over the week was 71 last week and 68.5 now.

      • I had protected anal sex with a transgender male and I was insertive I also received oral without a condom. This happens July 8th or before then it I have got test multiple times and I recently got tested august 11th it came back <0.91 negative . Was this test accurate ? Or should I do more testing?

        • If your test on August 11th was a combo antigen+antibody test then it is conclusive. If it is just HIV antibody then you will have to wait 3 months post-exposure for it to be conclusive.

          • The sheets under test name just say HSV Type 1-specific Ab, IgG and then test two just days HSV Type 2specific AB, IgG

          • HSV testing is for herpes simplex virus, not HIV. They are completely different virus infections. You have not even been tested for HIV.

          • Doctor i had unprotected sex and i had a infection in my penis which has been cured by doctor he gives injection and medicine. Now after that i had a test on 24 days and 30 days combo test which came negative. Should i be relief now

          • Yes, your HIV tests are conclusive.

  36. Hi dr,

    Will hiv 2 pcr dna/rna qualitative test after 2 years eliminates all seronegative posibilities of hiv 2. I am sorry doctor i am worried a lot. Please answer me.


  37. Hi doctor
    I had a high risk of insertive unprotected anal sex with someone i dont know their status.

    I took RNA PCR test at day 11 Negative
    Due 4th generation at day 33 Negative

    I had no any symptoms

    I am very worried i cant live normally

    Please tell me what should i do next

    • Your tests are conclusive, you do not have HIV. You can move on with your life.

      • Hi doctor
        Two more questions

        1- i have 3.5 total WBC which is a bit low and it was always like this with 30% lymphocytes , could this affect the results in anyway?

        2- do i need to do any further testing?

        Thank you very much for your help.

  38. Hi Dr,

    I might have a possible risk 2 years back from oral sex in thailand. I have tested 2 times negative from hiv 4th gen test(hiv 1 and hiv 2). I am worried about seronegative case of “hiv 2”. Because for hiv-1 p24 antigen is already being tested but for hiv 2 there isn’t. So do i need to worry and proceed for hiv 2 rna testing. Both the hiv tests are done after 2 years.


    • Your initial risk from oral sex is close to zero. Your tests are conclusive. You are being paranoid over seronegative HIV-2 for absolutely no reason. Accept your results and move on with your life.

      • Thanks dr. You are helping us a lot. So I need not worry about the sensitivity of hiv 4th gen test for hiv 2

  39. Dear doctor,

    I have an abrasion on my penis as a result of masturbation. About 4 hrs later, i had oral sex (i’m the insertive partner) with someone who probably is HIV positive (his saliva touched the abrasion part). Is there a risk of HIV trasmission to me? Thank you

    • The risk is close to zero.

      • Hello Drs…
        I am a female And I had unprotected sex with two males. I had so many symptoms and I decided to take the HIV 1/2 4th at 100 dias with the first guy and 77 days with the second one. No reactive..
        how conclusive my resultas are or do I have to wait longer

  40. Hi Doc
    I am writing this from California, USA. I need to know few things:
    a) Is it possible for hiv to transmit from infected blood to my blood via lancet wound. I am taking about the wound or fingerprick opening caused by lancet while testing. I am asking this because I accidentally touched the container where the used blood syringes, cotton, blood swabs of patients were dumped. I am sure my finger touched one of the patient’s blood cotton.

    b) The above incident happened was on July 14th and I am thinking to get tested around July 20th which is I guess 33rd day from my exposure if i call that incident as my “last exposure”. So getting tested using Alere 4th gen HIV Combo test or some other 4th generation test will be conclusive at that time?

    • I am confident you will not get HIV in this manner. However, if you are still concerned and wish to test, then sure the 4th gen combo test will be conclusive from 28 days post-exposure onwards.

      • Hi Dr.
        I am writing this from Canada and very much in trouble. I visited a West African country at the end of June this year and I happened to get involved with a lady I don’t know very much. We had unprotected sex because the condom broke in the process and by the time I realized it she was bleeding because she started menstruating unknown to both of us.
        The main issue is that 3 weeks from that exposure, I experienced a flue and I immediately started reading about the symptoms of HIV. The flu was without fever, but I started coughing after the flue and still coughing as at now. I’m still experiencing muscle aches, diarrhea, no rush but I have some itching on my upper body and my scalp with some burns.
        The incidence took place on 1st July and I took an HIV test on July 31st which turned out to be negative. this test was taken on the 29th day after my exposure. Is there any reason why the test came back negative in spite of the symptoms I’m experiencing? I have also lost significant weight. Canada uses 4th generation HIV testing assays in all public health labs. I therefore believe the test was a 4th generation AG/Ab test.
        Is my result conclusive in spite of the persistence symptoms ?
        I still experiencing dry cough, frequent edge to use the washroom, body aches, and itching body and burns.
        Did I get a negative result because it is possible I might have acquired HIV 2?
        Should I go ahead and take another test after three months?


        • I believe your test is conclusive. Please see your doctor if you have other symptoms of concern. I am confident they are not due to HIV.

  41. Luis González

    Hi Doctor
    I performed oral sex to a girl that was on her menstrual period, after 8 weeks I experienced almost all early symptoms related to an hiv infection, at week 4 I tested negative in a 4th generation test and in week 8 I tested again negative in a 4th generation test, they advise my that to make 100% conclusive to test mi again at week 12, do you think that it can change from negative to positive in week 12? Tank you!

  42. Hi Dr,I would like to know is it 4th generation test conclusive at 28days?Because I taken the test on 29 days it shown non reactive but I still got body rash symptoms.

  43. Hi Dr, I’m confuse. I ask customer service, they said they using 4th gen Elisa hiv test. But they using CMIA method, if found abnormality, then only use Elisa method. So what they mean? Am I still using 4th gen Elisa test?

    • I cannot interpret what someone else tells you about their tests. You will need to clarify your doubts with them.

      • They mention they using 4th gen Elisa test, and using CMIA method. Are both same? Because they tell me they using 4th gen duo test. So if duo test, is the result conclusive after 28th days?

        • Hi Dr, confirm already, is using 4th gen CMIA test. I take the test at day 30th, result negative, can I said the result is conclusive and need not to repeat the test again? Or I need to retake the same test after 6 weeks?

          • It is conclusive.

          • hi doctor, last confirmation. I’m taking the test at BP lab Malaysia. On my report, they write HIV Ag/Ab screening (CMIA): non reactive. That all, so I can said the result is conclusive and need not repeat the test again right? Am I right? I’m taking the test again on day 48th.

          • It is conclusive.

          • The test is on day 48th

  44. Good day,

    I am 26 yr old male from manila i had 4th generation cmia test 48 days after receiving oral sex from a transgender result non reactive. Had rapid ict test 84 days after possible exposure result negative.can i consid r this test results conclusive?

    I hope to hear from you soon doctor.

  45. Dear doc,

    I had unprotected oral and protected (with latex condom) vaginal sex with a CSW.

    Did 4th Generation at 10 days mark. Negative. Schedule next test on 15 days and 30 days mark for 4th generation as well.

    What is my risk here? I’m so depressed with this stupid encounter.

    Need your advice.

    • Your risk is very low as long as the condom was used properly, but it is not zero risk. Just get yourself checked at the appropriate time.

      • Hi Doc,

        Oral was performed on me and condom didnt break nor slipped.

        Again, out of anxiety, I’m I at high risk. Didn’t notice bleeding mouth or sores on hers

        Is 4th Gen conclusive at 1 month mark?

  46. Hi docter! Hiv testing combo ag/ab ( architeck ) day 40 or week 6 ? Thanks Docter !

  47. Good Day Doctor,

    I am a male 26 yr old from Philippines. I took a 4th gen CMIA ab/ag test 48 days post exposure result non reactive. I just want to confirm if this is conclusive? And if i still have to re test?

  48. Hi Doctor,

    I am male 26 yr old from Philippines had a CMIA 4th generation test at 48 days possible exposure, should i consider this conclusive? Or should i take a re test at my 12th week?

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank You.

    • I would consider your test conclusive, but please follow your local healthcare guidelines for confirmation.

      • Ok Doctor. Thank you for your quick response and understanding to us people with anxiety with this matter.

  49. Dear doctor,
    I`ve kissed a girl with a ulcers/sores in my mouth and I think that maybe also had ulcers/sores in mouth. I`ve made 2 elisa 4 generation, after 18 and 22 days. Can I consider my results conclusive?

    • Kissing is a zero risk activity so I would say your results are conclusive (and that you do not even need to do them in the first place).

      • Thanks doctor,

        I’ve read in some articles that as as saliva contains some enzymes that inactive the virus. Even if we both have ulcers/ sores In mouth the risk would be zero? Thanks again

  50. If I’m taking Luvox and apo-lorazepam from day 22th and take hiv test on day 33th, will it cause the test not accurate? Luvox 50mg per day and app-lorazepam 0.5mg per day.
    Day 14th, 24th, 33th, hiv test 4th gen result is negative.
    I’m quite nervous because about 4 weeks, I’m having diarrhea. Every times happen after meal. 3-4 times per day. Is the hiv test conclusive enough? Am I safe?
    Sorry to disturb but really need your comment.

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