Gait Analysis

Most of the time, we either walk or run to get from one point to another without
thinking too much about our movements. The purpose of gait analysis is to look
at the way we walk and run to see if there is any abnormality with our
biomechanics. Having an efficient and proper gait cycle is important for
sporting performance and to avoid injuries.

Joints with limited range of motion and weak muscles are some of the causes of
biomechanical problems. The body has to find ways to compensate the weaknesses
and this can affect your running form.
Some common issues caused by poor biomechanics are:

1. Knee pain
2. IT band injury
3. Shin splints
4. Plantar Fasciitis
5. Lower back and shoulder aches

Gait Analysis will:

– Analyze your walking and running movement
– Identify movement or posture related problems
– Determine the structure of your feet
– Help to improve running economy for runners

People with a poor running gait are often identified with the following:

1. Overpronation (Inward rolling of the foot)
2. Oversupination (Outward rolling of the foot)
3. Hiking of the hips
4. Excessive arm swinging
5. Heel striking
6. Raised shoulders

The test is conducted at our Sports Performance Lab at One Raffles Place OUB
Centre 05-07.

The process involves walking or running on the treadmill with a video recording
device set up to capture your movement. More attention will be placed on the
movement of your feet, ankles, knees and hips. The video clips are analyzed
using Dartfish software with the results reviewed by our professional staff and
communicated to you. You will also receive a DVD containing video clips of the
running process plus screen shots of key positions (highlighted problems).

Gait analysis is applicable for anyone regardless of whether you are an elite
athlete or a casual runner. Choose the right pair of running shoes based on the structure of your feet. Learn how you can improve your running form/technique and how to avoid getting a running-related injury.

Darren Foo
Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant


  1. What is the cost of doing a gait analysis?

    • Sorry, we currently do not provide this service. You might want to check with Changi General Hospital.

  2. Cindy Tan

    I’m keen to know more about how the Gait Analysis can help in my running and how fast I can see the results. Also, would there be consultations thereafter if I forget the corect form and how much does the analysis costs?

    • Hi Cindy,

      In video gait analysis, we identify various aspects of your running gait that could either be causing problems, wasting energy or slowing you down. We will provide you with a detailed report on recommended improvements that our fitness consultant will go through with you. You will be able to feel a difference in your running right from the day you effect the changes. I will forward your contact to our fitness consultant who will provide you more details.


      Dr Tan