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Condom Broke!

Help! The Condom Broke!

Practical Advice for both Men and Women in an Emergency

Condom breaks do not happen often. In fact, it most commonly only happens when couples do not follow the recommendations on proper condom use. At the end of this article is a list of steps you can take to minimize the risk of condom breakage. But what if the condom does break?

Do not panic

First of all do not panic. Take a deep breath and calm down. This way, you will be able to think the situation through and make sensible decisions.

Important tip for ladies: DO NOT douche immediately following a condom break. This can actually drive sperm and bacteria deeper into your vagina.

There are really just 3 things you need to think about:
1. Pregnancy
2. HIV
3. STDs


Presumably since you were using a condom in the first place, there was no intention for pregnancy. Women are at risk of pregnancy even if the condom breaks before ejaculation.

The simplest thing is to see a Doctor and get morning after pills. These are most effective if taken within 48 hours.

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If you can, have a calm discussion with your partner about his or her risk of HIV. This includes a history of intravenous drug use, multiple sexual partners, visits to prostitutes or men who have ever had sex with another man.

If your HIV risk is high please see us immediately for HIV PEP.

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Remember that a recent negative test for HIV does not guarantee that your partner does not have HIV as he or she might still be in the window period.

If the risk of HIV is not high, both of you should go for HIV testing at 1 month and again at 3 months after the event. Keep each other informed about your HIV test results if possible.

If the risk of HIV is high which means:
1. Your partner uses intravenous drugs
2. Your partner has multiple casual sexual partners
3. Your partner is a sex worker
4. Your partner visits sex workers
5. Your partner is a man who has had sex with another man
6. Your partner is known to have HIV

In the above situations, or if you are unable to determine the risk level, see your Doctor immediately for a discussion on HIV PEP. Women are at a higher risk than men to catch HIV especially if the condom broke after ejaculation.


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STDs are very contagious and the likelihood of either party catching an STD after the condom broke is high. Even if your partner tells you he or she is completely symptom free it does not mean you are not at risk of STDs. This is because men and women can both carry STDs and show no symptoms.

Both of you should see your Doctor and be screened for STDs. The following STDs should be tested for:
1. Syphilis
2. Hepatitis B
3. Gonorrhea
4. Chlamydia

Other STDs such as NSU, Hepatitis C, Herpes and HPV can also be screened for. Speak with your Doctor if you also need to test for these.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to prevent Condom Breakage:

  • DO use water based lubricants such as KY jelly.
  • DO use proper sized condoms.
  • DO hold onto the condom when withdrawing.
  • DO store condoms in a cool dry place.
  • DO NOT reuse a condom.
  • DO NOT open the condom package with your teeth, keys or any sharp object.
  • DO NOT unroll the condom before putting it on.
  • DO NOT wear 2 condoms at once. Friction can cause breakage.
  • DO NOT use oil based lubricants such as Vaseline. This can weaken the latex.
  • DO NOT use expired condoms.

If you had a high risk exposure to HIV within the past 72 hours, you can take medicines to reduce your risk of actually contracting HIV. Find out more on HIV PEP Treatment.

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  1. hanis

    how much does it cost to purchase the morning after pills including consultation charges?

    • Hi Hanis,
      Our consultation charges start at $35 for the first consult.
      Medication charges vary according to exactly which medicine you require.
      Dr Tan

      • My boyfriend has hiv 1 and the condom hadahole in it and he came inside what are my odds?

        • Many factors come into play namely his viral load and whether or not your BF is on ART. If he is, your chance of contracting HIV is very low. As a very rough ballpark, I would gauge your risk to be between 0.5% and 1 %.

    • 20 days ago i removed my implanon and i had sex with my husband and the condom broke and i tried to clean everything and i cleaned my vagina with water, sugar and vinager and the following morning i douchedd i can be pregnant. and i am close to get my cycle at the beginning of the month of april how can i know if i am or not pregnant is it to early to be honest i dont want to be pregnant again,.

  2. Adamsad

    I feel kind of lost.. I jus visit a sex worker and the condom break and come inside her.. I m kind of worry about health issue what should i do next?

    • Hi Adamsad,

      I’m sorry to hear that. First you should visit your doctor as soon as possible to discuss your risk of contracting HIV and if your should start on Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP).
      For the next 2 weeks, see your doctor if you develop any pain while passing urine or discharge from the penis.
      If you remain free of symptoms, see your doctor in 1 month for a STD screen including a screen for HIV.


      Dr Tan

  3. Adamsad

    But the problem is i already pass the 72hrs for PEP. Cos it happen on sat night. And the problem is i m schooling and what i heard is the PEP is expenive.

    • Hi Adamsad,

      In that case you just have to be patient. Wait for 1 month then go for a HIV test. See a doctor earlier if you develop any pain passing urine or discharge from the penis.


      Dr Tan

  4. Adamsad

    Dear Dr Tan
    I jus wan to knw when is the most early time i can go for hiv test?must i really to wait for 1 month? And somehow i feel like i have some symtomps like stiff neck and sometime i had a few musclur pain and feel like there is something stuck in my thorat. I m really worry about my health.. The lady who i had sex with is hiv negative which was tested two month ago what do u think my chances are of getting hiv?
    ..Thanks in advance
    Sorry for all thr bad english

    • Hi Adamsad,

      There are several options for HIV testing. You do not need to wait for 1 month. You can go to my blog http://www.drtanandpartners.com/hiv-testing/ for more information.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        Yesterday i have visit sex-work, during intercourse about 30 second i pull out my penis and condom already break, but no ejaculate. Please advise me.

        Thank you

        • Hi Apple,

          There are many factors that we have to consider to help us approximate your HIV risk. e.g. is the sex worker licensed? are you circumcised? do you have any other diseases like herpes? The best thing for you to do right now is to see a doctor to help ascertain your risk and decide if you require PEP or not. Ejaculation or not does not affect the risk.


          Dr Tan

  5. Dear Dr Tan,
    wat happens if i suspect that that condom is stuck in mi?

    • Hi jo,

      First of all you have to remove the condom. You can try to do this yourself. Gently insert 2 fingers into your vagina. You should be able to feel the condom easily. Clip it between your fingers and slowly pull it out. If you are unable to do so, any doctor will easily be able to do it for you.
      Second, you need to speak to your doctor about emergency contraception.
      Third, if you are at risk of any STDs, you need to speak to your doctor about screening and treatment.


      Dr Tan

  6. Hi, Dr. Tan. My concern Is I had sex with a friend back on Aug. the 26th….and, the condom broke, and he ejaculated inside of me. Neither of us noticed that it had broke till he felt it. He right off the back asked me did I have any diseases…I told him NO. And, he said neither did he. Ummm, neither one of us sleeps around; however, I’m still a little concerned whether or not I need to get tested for hiv exposure. Upon reading some of the comments from people on here, I cam across one where you mentioned about taking the “PEP”. Well, Needless to say that It’s way past the 72 hr. period for me to do this. I’m VERRRRRY UPSET About this!!! I’m not sure what to do next???? As far as Gonorrhea/Chlaymadia..etc. I’m fine. I’m just overly STRESSED OUT about this and Very Conncerned bout the next step(If there is one) as to what to do now!!!!

    • Hi JEANNIE,

      Lets take a step back. What is the risk of your friend having HIV? If he does not have HIV then your risk is 0%. Let us assume the worse case scenario that he does have HIV. Then your risk of catching HIV via unprotected receptive penile-vaginal intercourse is 1 in 1000 (0.1%). So you really should not worry too much. That said, it is still very prudent that you get tested for HIV. Get a rapid HIV antibody test done at 1 month and again at 3 months post exposure. You can also consider getting a PCR or P24 test done but these are expensive and since your risk is so low, it may not be worth your while. I must stress that it is very important for you to get tested for the other STDs such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. The reason is up to 60% of women with STDs can show no symptoms. And if left untreated, these infections can affect your fertility in the future.


      Dr Tan

  7. TO ADD: Since, me and my friend had sex and used the right kind with No problems. Before, he got the thin brand which is why it broke to begin with….Nothing was used in conjunction with it.

    • Hi JEANNIE,

      Thin condoms break more often, that is what makes them dangerous. If they do not break, thin condoms actually provide the same level of protection as regular condoms. Using non-water based lubricants can weaken the latex and increase chances of breakage. Since in your case nothing was used, I’m afraid its just bad luck. However, this does not change your risk profile and I still would advise you to get tested for HIV and the other STDs.


      Dr Tan

  8. My friend had protected sex with someone who claimed he had herpes…and the condom broke during sex..she said she quickly got off of him but is still worried about being infected this was back when she was 19 and she is now 25..should she worry?

    • Hi Julie,

      Using a condom does not protect one against herpes. Herpes is transmitted via skin-to-skin contact. So areas not covered by the condom can still transmit herpes. It therefore makes no difference that the condom broke. I assume she has had no symptoms till now. The only way to tell if she has herpes or not is via a blood test. However, I would advice against this as it does not make any difference. Of course she will be very much reassured if the test turned out OK. But if the test turned out positive for herpes, it might cause her a lot of distress although it should really make no difference to the way she leads her life. There is no need to treat asymptomatic herpes. She really should not worry and only see a doctor if she develops any symptoms.


      Dr Tan

  9. Hi Dr. Tan

    I was having Protected sex with a sex worker.
    While intercourse condom broke. We realized the moment it broke & Cleaned ourselves in about 5 mins with alcohol.
    I dont know if she has HIV. It was just 2 mins from start & my penis has just started getting juices. am I likely to get any disease? What should I do now? Its only been an hour since then.

    • Hi Rowdy,

      Your risk of HIV is not high. However, you should see your doctor for a discussion about whether or not you should start PEP. Also you will need to be vigilant for other STDs like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.


      Dr Tan

      • why it is at lower risk ? ive been thru the same thing but it all happend in seconds after i realized it broke. am i at low risk too? im so dead wooried…help me

      • im on pep at the moment cause I had unprotected sex with a prostitute. and I was haven sex with my girlfriend and the condom broke I pulled out strait away and didn’t come is she at risk and should she start pep?

        • You should not have sex with anyone when on PEP. That is frankly a stupid and irresponsible thing to do. Even if the condom did not break you have put your GF at risk. As for whether or not she needs PEP, please see a doctor for a formal consultation.

  10. Dear doc i had sex with a guy who claims not to have had sex for 2 mand he says he doesn’t sleep around.the condom broke but i noticed and he removed before ejaculation.am so worried because he was so vigorous?what’s my risk?

    • Hi Tracy,

      Assuming the worst case scenario that this guy is HIV positive, you did not use any condoms and he ejaculated inside you, your risk is about 1 in 1000 of contracting HIV. I believe your risk is even lower than that. However, it is still prudent to get tested for HIV 1 month after exposure. You should also test for other STDs like Chlamydia which are much more common than HIV. Chlamydia can cause an asymptomatic infection that might affect your fertility in the future. Also, you might want to speak to your doctor about emergency contraception.


      Dr Tan

  11. Dear Doc,
    my boyfriend and were having sex and the condom broke at the top and like rerolled at the bottom of his penis.. he ejaculated out side of me, and i was wondering wat my chances of pregnancy are?

    • Hi crystal,

      You are definitely at risk of pregnancy. I would suggest you talk to a doctor about emergency contraception. You can visit our clinic at Robertson Walk anytime today.


      Dr Tan

  12. Dear doctor tran i recently had anal sex with someone and in the process the condom ripped and we didn’t noticed I’m HIV negative and she says she is and she works as a physical therpaist and she says she needs to get checked regularly for her job but I’m not sure if I believe her,i checked my penis there was no blood and i had no cuts what are my chances of contracting HIV?

    • Hi Matt,

      The reported risk of contracting HIV from a HIV positive partner via unprotected insertive anal intercourse is 6.5 in 10,000 exposures.


      Dr Tan

  13. Hi Doc,
    I just went to see a doctor about painful urination and a possible bladder infection yesterday…but over night I discovered that I have a single blister on my buttocks near my anus. Is it herpes or just a friction blister?? should I go to a doctor to get it checked??? I had sex with a new partner at the end of last week, which is why I am worried.

    • Hi Sara,

      Herpes blisters are usually painful and appear in crops of 3 to 5. As the first crop dries, a second then third crop will arise. This usually goes on for up to 3 weeks. You might also have consitutional symptoms like feeling feverish and muscle aches. Since you recently had a new partner, your painful urination could also be due to Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. Both these diseases have significant consequences in women if left untreated. I certainly think you should see a doctor specialised in STDs to 1. Determine if you have Herpes or not 2. Determine if you have Chlamydia/Gonorrhea or not.


      Dr Tan

  14. Dear Doc,

    I recently recently received Oral sex from someone I met in a club.
    I put on a condom while she performed oral.
    However, she kissed and bit my lips.
    I read online that there is still a possibility of STD if there is cuts or blisters in the skin or mouth.
    Is there any chance of me getting STD with the oral or he kiss?

    • Hi James,

      Your risk for HIV is miniscule. However, you are at risk of other STDs including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Syphilis and NSU. You can contract these STDs even with a condom on and even if there are no cuts on your skin. It will be advisable for you to go for STD screening.


      Dr Tan

  15. Hi doctor,
    1 am now 27 year old.1 year back i had protected sex with an lady . she was about 50 to 55 age.after finishing my intercourse while taking out from her my condom was came out off my penis and it was struck in her vagina.. i went immediately and washed my penis cleanly.and also i have taken one antibiotic tablet.after 9 to 10 months
    i got small pimples in my penis head during erection.. while normal it was not showing.during erection only its showing like small pimples around my penis head.my doctor told me it may be due to some fungal or urinary infection.
    now i have taken then tests like..
    Hiv 1&2- Non Reactive,
    HCV- positive,
    HbsAg- negative and
    RPR(VDRL)- negative.

    i am worried about Hiv doctor?
    After 1 year i did HIV 1&2(P24Ag,ab/serum,ELISA) its non reactive.

    • Hi india,

      Your HIV tests 1 year post exposure were negative. This is conclusive of the fact that you do not have HIV. Please stop worrying about it. You however have a Hepatitis C infection for which you need to see a doctor and have it medically managed.


      Dr Tan

  16. Hi doctor,
    one thing i forget to tell.i showed my penis picture while it was normal and also during erection to my doctor he told me it was an age effect. he says that it was common so do not worry about it.

    • Hi india,

      I am unable to comment on this as skin conditions can never be accurately described in words. I suggest you listen to your doctor’s advice since he has seen the skin condition and can make a very accurate diagnosis.


      Dr Tan

  17. Hi Doctor,

    Last week I visited Singapore for work. Whilst have sex with sex worker the condom broke & I came inside her. I am freaking out!! soon as I notice I washed myself with pure Dettol. 4 days have past am I doomed??

    she said she is tested every month.


    • Hi James,

      I empathize with your situation. There are licensed and unlicensed sex workers in Singapore. If she gets tested every month then she is probably licensed. The fact is it has been many many years since we diagnosed HIV in a licensed sex worker in Singapore. So I would say the chance of her actually having HIV is near zero. Which means your chance of catching HIV is as good as zero. No you are not doomed. Your need a HIV test at 4 weeks post exposure but the chance of you having HIV is about the same as getting hit by an asteroid.


      Dr Tan

  18. Dear Dr.
    after post exposure condom broke with sex worker about 10 mins, i want to test HIV and all other STDs anonymously after 38 days or 5 weeks. how much will cost for this test at your clinic? test can give me accurate result? please help me to know. thanks.

    • Hi David,

      We can do a comprehensive STD screening for you for 15 different STDs including HIV. This will cost $440. All results will be accurate at 5 weeks post exposure except HIV and Syphilis. For these 2 diseases, you will need to repeat a test at 3 months.


      Dr Tan

      • (Dear Dr.
        after post exposure condom broke with sex worker about 10 mins, i want to test HIV and all other STDs anonymously after 38 days or 5 weeks. how much will cost for this test at your clinic? test can give me accurate result? please help me to know. thanks.) *previous question*

        thanks for your reply. i want to test on 29 days for hiv. Any recommand test from you and how much will cost. any accuracy? how many % can i affect hiv if SW is HIV+. I have Chlamydia. pls help me to know.

        • Hi David,

          At 29 days post exposure: HIV antibody test – $50. Need to repeat at 3 months. HIV P24 Combo test – $200. Conclusive. 0.1%.


          Dr Tan

  19. dr. i have first time sex with a sex worker and my condom break down and i got afraid , i did not sleep for 10 days . i tested for hiv pcr dna test on the 11th days it was negative . i have shoulder pain and stress. do i have hiv

    • Hi S S,

      The DNA PCR test cannot be deemed to be conclusive when conducted on day 11 post exposure. You should have done the RNA PCR test. There is no way for me to tell if you have HIV or not. I suggest you get tested again.


      Dr Tan

  20. the result came on the 16 th day can i belive the result

  21. Hello doctor it is already 24 days what test can I take which is better and cost effective

    • Hi S s,

      For the best balance between cost and accuracy you should take the combo test.


      Dr Tan

  22. What’s is combo test , Ian very much afraid before this I was relaxing I don’t have any symptomps like fever or rashes only thing is aim mentally depressed I could not sleep because of this tragedy , this is the first time sex in my life and go mistaken , Iam very much scared please help me doctor

  23. Hi Dr.

    i had protected vaginal sex with a SW. We had less than 5 seconds of the process and she only performed on me and i didnt move at all. i noticed that she has put lubricant in her vaginal. Is the risk of condom broke is low?

    • Hi JK,

      Usually if the condom breaks you will know it. Non-water based lubricants will increase the chance of condom breakage.


      Dr Tan

  24. Im a positive female with 564-cd4 and 8600 viral load. Me and my negative male partner had sex with a condom but it broke while he was inside of me and after he ejaculated. What is his risk of becoming infected? What should we do about the situation? I used some tissue and stick it in me and no blood was present. Niether one of us does needles or anal sex or promiscuous but he smokes weed.

    • Hi I.f.,

      His risk of contracting HIV is very low. Given your viral load I would say he has a 0.1% chance of contracting HIV. Still, he should see a doctor and discuss the need to commence PEP treatment. Please ask him to do this quickly as there is a 72 hours window to commence PEP.


      Dr Tan

  25. Hi Dr Tan.
    My boy friend and I had intercourse and the condom broke. It has been about 21+ days since the end of my last period. Much of the sperm came out with the condom. Afterwards, I washed the outside and inside of my vagina with a gentle body wash. What are my risks of pregnancy? Is there anything else I could do to help reduce the risk of pregnancy with out taking the “Morning After” pill?

    • Also, what would be the proper amount of days to wait before taking a pregnancy test?

      • Hi Anna,

        2 weeks after the date of your expected period presuming your periods are regular. You might want to speak to a doctor with regards to emergency contraception.


        Dr Tan

    • Hi Anna,

      At 21 days you most certainly would have ovulated. You are definitely at risk of pregnancy. There are no proven methods of preventing pregnancy aside from the morning after pill. You should see a doctor as soon as you can.


      Dr Tan

  26. My Girlfriend & I Were Having Sexual Relationship & The Condom Broke Before Ejaculation What’s The Possible Percent She’s Pregnant?

  27. Hi Doc,
    Im 14 years old, me and my boyfriend have had sex many times, but unfortanetly the condom broke and he came in me. my mom knows we have had sex, but im scared to tell her what happened. Could i be pregnant? what should i do???

    • Hi abby,

      Yes. You certainly can be pregnant. The risk varies depending on which part of the menstrual cycle you are in. If you are not prepared for a pregnancy I suggest that you speak to your parents and see a doctor as soon as possible. You have a very small window to prevent any potential pregnancy.


      Dr Tan

  28. Dear Dr. Tan,

    I am 30 (I really hate admitting that) and recently had a sex with a girl I don’t know all that well (she’s 22) and near the end I realized that the condom had come partially off. When I pulled out I noticed that it has pulled off almost to the head of the penis. I am not quite sure how long we were going at it with the condom partially on, but I’d guess somewhere between 30 sec and 2 minutes between the time I last noticed it in the proper position and when it was practically off.

    I know getting tested is the best way to be sure I haven’t caught anything, but I don’t really have any sense of how contagious STDs are without condoms. I don’t know if she has any STDs, but I’m a little worried. If she does have something, what is the likelihood that I have caught something?

    Thank you.

    • Hi PJ,

      The fact is condoms are 85% effective in preventing HIV. As long as the head and foreskin are covered by the condom, it is considered protected. The shaft does not have to be covered. It is also a fact that condoms are slightly effective in protecting against Gonorrhea but not really good at preventing any of the other STDs. So aside from HIV, the sad truth is it really does not matter whether you were wearing a condom or not. You are still at risk for the other STDs. Better go get tested.


      Dr Tan

  29. Dr

    I recently (7 weeks)had sex with a guy who is circumsized and the condom broke he immediately withdrew and put another on. At this time I was dry.

    What is my risk? Am going to get a rapid test. I last tested neg 3 mths ago.

    • Hi ntha,

      This is a repeat post. Please see the original post for my reply.


      Dr Tan

  30. Dr
    I recently (7 weeks)had sex with a guy who is circumsized and the condom broke he immediately withdrew and put another on. At this time I was dry.

    What is my risk? Am going to get a rapid test. I last tested neg 3 mths ago.

    • Hi ntha,

      The fact that he is circumcised reduces the chance of him catching HIV but does not change the risk of you catching HIV from him. Your risk is very low assuming that he has HIV in the first place. Receptive Penile-Vaginal intercourse 5 in 10,000 exposure (US CDC MMWR). You should still test for HIV and more importantly other STDs like Chlamydia.


      Dr Tan

      • Hello doc

        What is receptive – vaginal intercourse

        • A woman who gets a penis inserted into her vagina is said to have had receptive vaginal intercourse.

          • adam smith

            hey dr.tan i have a question sir. so about two years ago i had sex with a random girl i met. but i wore a condom that had been in my wallet for about 2-3 months and right after i had sex with her i had this burning sensation in my penis for about 2-3 weeks and then it went away. now it always feels like my feet are burning/tingling, and sometimes it feels like my penis but i dont know what is going on can yu plz tell me what it can be. and yeah im going to go get tested tomorrow. but what do yu think. and i sometime get these realy really small red dots on the head of my penis but they do no hurt or itch at all.

  31. thepuzzle3166

    Dr. Tan,

    I recently found out that a girl I had intercourse with has hepatitis c. Now, this is something I heard “grape vine” style, but I’m going to commence precautionary measures and get tested this week. I just wanted to know your view on the situation. We had sex one time, approximately 3 – 4 months ago. I used protection. However, I did feel the condom break towards the end and stopped the sex. I’m curious as to the exposure I had during that time with and without the condom. Again, I’m worried and will be visiting the clinic this week. I researched some things about the virus. I haven’t noticed any symptoms thus far. I would appreciate your insight. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi thepuzzle3166,

      The risk of catching Hepatitis C from sexual exposure is extremely low. Hep C is more commonly spread by contaminated needles. I would say your risk if very low. However you are definitely doing the right thing by seeing your doctor and getting tested.


      Dr Tan

  32. Dear Doc,

    I just came back from M’sia and i had sex with a sex worker. I was very shocked to find out that when i ejaculated i pulled out , the condom was already broken. It’s less than 3hrs from now. I’m very confused now. Please help~ I immediately went to the toilet to wash up with soap and warm water. What are my risks. I heard about the PEP. But it seems very expensive.


    • Hi John,

      Go see your doctor immediately. You should have just done this instead of posting on this forum. I have already made it clear that this forum is not for medical consultations and certainly not for any medical emergencies. By the time I find the oppurtunity to reply to your post it might already be too late. Please go see your doctor.


      Dr Tan

  33. Dear Doc

    I just had sex with a sex worker and found out the condom was broken. I immediately went to the toilet to wash up with soap and warm water. I’m very afraid now. It took place in M’sia. I immediately asked her is she clean? And for her tests. She said she is clean and the “so called pimps” says that she’s clean. I’m very confused now. I know there’s this PEP thingy. Within the window of 72hrs. Please advise i really need them now. Its been 5hrs already.


    • Hi john,

      I really cannot advise you on PEP via ths platform. You really should see your doctor for a formal consultation. And please let me reiterate again. This forum is NOT meant to deal with any kind of emergencies. In situations like that you really should just see your doctor.


      Dr Tan

  34. Hello,

    My name is Slimad, i am circumcised. i was having sex with a friend, the condom broke so i remove it immediately like 5 sec after it broke and cleaned my self. i put on a new one to continue the intercourse. what is the chance of me contacting HIV or any STD.

    • Hi Slimad,

      HIV risk very low. STD risk high. Go see your doctor.


      Dr Tan

  35. I had sex with my sisters brother-in-law twice in one night (one night stand)…the second time the (new) condom broke and he pulled his penis out right away…I’m freaking out because of all the hype of African Americans at high risk for hiv…he’s AA and 27 and I’m AA female 25..he said he’s been to the doctor 2 months ago and he’s okay but I’m still nervous. I keep asking him and he reassured me everything is fine…my test for chlamydia and ghonnorea came back negative. What r the chances of me getting hiv from him if he is positive?

  36. I had sex with my sister’s brother-in-law twice in one night (only 1 time)…on the second encounter the new condom broke and he pulled out his penis right away…he is African American and 27 and I am African American and 25… what’s driving me crazy is all the hype about African Americans being at high risk for hiv…I keep asking him over and over about his sex history..he says he went the clinic two months ago and everything is fine. I went to the clinic and my chlamydia and gohnorrea test came back negative…what are my chances of contracting hiv from him if he is positive?

    • Hi Lexi,

      HIV does not discriminate race or creed, rich or poor. Your chance of contracting HIV assuming he is HIV positive via receptive unprotected vaginal sex is 1 in 1000. There is really no point in worrying about it. You need to bite the bullet and get the test done.


      Dr Tan

  37. Hi Dr. Tan –

    I’m an Caucasian American female who had unprotected sex with a Caucasian English male (the reason I mention race is because certain racial groups have a higher predominance of HIV in the USA..I don’t know if it is the same in Singapore) the night of Jan 8th – morning of Jan 9th. It was vaginal intercourse (nothing rough), and we had unprotected sex five times over the course of the night/morning. He did not ejaculate in me at any point. He is an acquaintance of mine, but I am not extremely familiar with his sexual history. I know he is not a drug user, and that he tends to use condoms (we had used condoms before that night). He said he was tested three weeks before we slept together, though that doesn’t mean much to me because it could still be in the incubation period for him. I wanted to get tested at 21 days, but it seems like this won’t give me much assurance. If I take a Oraquick rapid test at 28 days, will these results be fairly conclusive? I’m unable to sleep well and have lost my normal appetite…a side effect of my anxiety I assume. While I’d like to tell myself that everything is fine, the waiting is killing me.

    • Hi Worried,

      Yes I understand that HIV prevalence is higher in the African-American population. We have similar statistics in Singapore among different races. The Oraquick test at 28 days is very accurate indeed. The fact is even if he did have HIV, your risk of catching it is 1 in 1000. Do not worry yourself too much.


      Dr Tan

      • Concerned

        Hi Dr. Tan –

        Thanks for the response. It was much appreciated and helped my nerves. I tested negative at 29 days with the Oraquick test. What accuracy is this? I understand I should retest at 3 months to be safe, but I’m just curious.

        Thank you!

        • Hi Concerned,

          The Oraquick at 29 days is very accurate. Almost 100%.


          Dr Tan

  38. Hi Dr Tan

    I visited a licensed worker yesterday afternoon and carried on my ‘safe sex’ request for hand masturbation. Halfway through, she spit on my penis and masturbated me. Can you advise on what to do now? PEP? Screening for HIV and STDs after 1 mth?

  39. Hello dr tan.Thanks for a good site.

    I am really sad these day. Two days ago i visit a prostitued here in my country (skandinavia). She came from Thailand.
    She gave me condom on, and i tried to penetrade her, but it was difficult and i was only less than half in with my penis. This lastet for 5 seconds when i heard/fell the condom break. I pulled out with the same so have been in her unprotected for less than one second!Still i am so worried now and so angry on myself.

    I will deffintly get testet at 4 weeks with a combo test. But still what are the odds if she is positive. I have called her and she said she dont have hiv, but still i am so worried and cant live right now.

    • Hi Andy,

      Greetings to Skandinavia from Singapore. Even if she has HIV, your risk of getting infected is only less than 1%.


      Dr Tan

  40. thanks Dr Tan.

    But that the encounter only was less than one second before pulling out dont make a difference?

    • Hi Andy,

      There are no studies to risk stratify according to duration of contact.


      Dr Tan

  41. Hello dr Tan. Sorry but have one queistion more to you. I have search on the net, and i have found that people from Thailand almost always have the subtype E if they are infected. And i have read that this subtype, is very easy transmitted from female to male, like 50 foldes. So i presume my chance is not 0,1% but 5 %. Because this hiv dont need to come directly in the blood streem.

    Dear docktor Tan what do you know about this

    • Hi Andy,

      You can go ahead and read eveything on the internet and scare yourself silly. But what is the point of doing this? Why don’t you just be happy with the fact that your risk for HIV is very low.


      Dr Tan

  42. Hey dr tan i am not trying to scare myself. I just want to know about my risk. And it just worried me when i read that the risk i much higer, for vaginal sex with subtype e for men. And just want to know if you know the transmittion rate? Is it still les than one percent? and does the subtybe e still need to go directly in the blodstreem?

    LAst question i promise:)

    • Hi Andy,

      The fact is there is no way to accurately calculate your risk. Doctors are only able to tell you if your risk is high or low. And yours is low. HIV infection pathophysiology is the same regardless of group or subtype.


      Dr Tan

  43. Hi,

    I am a male 24 yrs old, last night i had sex with a call girl. During sex i noticed that my condom had broke, i withdrew immediately & i washed my penis throughy with an antiseptic soap(Lifeboy) & normal water. I asked the girl about her health & she replied that she had tested negative for HIV two month before.
    Even though i withdrew my penis when i noticed that there was a condom breakage, i am not sure when did the condom broke occurred. I had started the act of intercourse 15 minutes before i noticed breakage of condom & there was no ejaculations from my part as I can remember.
    What is the chance of me getting infected?

    Anticipating your reply,

    • Hi georgem,

      Assuming that she has HIV, the chance you are infected is 0.1%. You might want to speak to a doctor about the need for PEP.


      Dr Tan

  44. Thanks for your prompt reply doctor, I would like to tell you that i am from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Can i consult a doctor on phone, or is it required to have a visit?

    • Hi georgem,

      We are not allowed to conduct phone and email consultations for patients we have not seen before.


      Dr Tan

  45. Hi Dr Tan,
    I have started the dose of PEP. But after visiting a doctor, she first gave me a combination of Zidovudine + stavudine. She told me that this is a single tablet. But i could not find it in the drug store, so i took three dose of both the tablets individually & requested the chemist to arrange me with a combination dose. Later when i called the chemist he told me that the combination of Zidovudine & Lamivudine is better. I again went to the doctor, she also told the same i.e. Zidovudine + lamivudine. I have started taking the combined dose of Zidovudine + Lamivudine now, but i had already taken three doses of Zidovudine(300 Mg) + stavudine (150 Mg), so is there any problem??

    • Hi georgem,

      This is a question you really need to ask the doctor who prescribed you the treatment.


      Dr Tan

  46. Hi Dr Tan

    Would like to kindly seek your advice.

    I had sex with a commercial sex worker just over 1 day ago and during the process of vaginal intercourse, I realised that the condom had a little tear on it and I quickly withdrew my penis without ejaculating and quickly went to wash it with hot water and soap.

    I then spoke to the sex worker who then showed me her anti-vice approval licence and told me that she is HIV negative and STDs free and that she goes for HIV and all STD types of check up every 3 weeks under the licensing requirements.

    I am still worried though. AFA advised me to wait for 1 month before taking the test, so what should I do now? Please help, I am willing to go through any types of test if necessary. Thank you!

    • Hi K,

      It doesn’t sound like your risk of HIV is very high. In fact, it is probably quite low. If it worries you that much, the earliest test you can do is the HIV RNA PCR test. Be warned that this test costs about $600 in Singapore. Or you can just wait a month before getting the much cheaper HIV antibody test.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan

        Many thanks for the advice! I will definitely consider the HIV RNA PCR test.

        As for STDs, today is the 12th day after exposure and I noticed that I have been having random episodes of feverish symptoms for 3 days already.

        1) Is this sole symptom that I am experiencing an indication of any potential STDs?

        2) How soon can I go for the complete range of STD screening after exposure from a condom break?

        Thank you kindly

        • Hi K,

          Your symptoms are too general for me to make any kind of meaningful conclusion. There are some STDs that you can already test for right now eg Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, NSU. As for the rest it is best to wait about 4 to 6 weeks.


          Dr Tan

  47. Hi Dr Tan,

    Thanks for your prompt reply..
    Please clarify one more doubt. I have heard that an infected women can transmit the infection to a healthy man during sexual activities only when she has one or more STD’s like Hepatitis, Herps.. etc
    if she only has HIV then the chance to transmission is very less. Am i correct?

    Sorry to bother you with so many questions.

    • Hi georgem,

      I do not understand your question. Of course a person can only transmit an infectious disease that he or she has.


      Dr Tan

  48. Hi Dr,

    Consider two cases,

    Case1: A women with only HIV Infection & no other STD’s
    Case2: A women with HIV infection & other infections like Hepatitis or Herpes

    Now my question is,

    What are the chances of passing HIV infection to a male during sexual activity in both the cases?

    I am asking such a question because i have read somewhere that an HIV infected person can pass the HIV infection to another person only if he/she has other STD’s.

    • Hi Georgem,

      The presence of co-existing STDs increases the chance of both giving and catching HIV. So for your scenario, the woman in case 2 is more likely to pass HIV to the man. Similarly, if the man has another STD, it is more likely that he catches HIV from the woman.


      Dr Tan

      • Hi Dr Tan,

        Thanks for all the valuable advice that you have given me, you really are doing a great job. And i am on PEP and as per all my studies & conclusions i am sure that i don’t have HIV. I would like to do something for the people suffering from this deadly disease. I am from India where there are more HIV positive people & i will definitely help at least one. May god bless you & your organisation.

        Pray for me


        • Hi Georgem,

          The world needs more people like you. I wish you all the best.


          Dr Tan

          • georgem87in

            Hello Dr,

            I have a doubt regarding Symptoms of HIV.

            Its 2 months passed since my exposure & one month since i completed the dosage of prescrible PEP treatement, which i started 48 hrs after the exposure.

            I have not yet had any symptom of HIV yet, but recently i noticed a white colour lesion in my mouth, which is round in shape with a diameter of 0.25mm.

            Is there anything to worry?

          • georgem87in

            Just to make yourself remember my case:

            It was a condom breakage during sex with an unknown partner

  49. dear dr tan

    I had sex with a sex worker tonight. she gave me unprotected oral sex and protected anal sex. after ejaculation I withdrew and noticed no sperm in the condom. the condom was still fully on. I immediately showered with hot water and washed my penis thoroughly with soap. after filling the condom with water I found a smallish rip at the front……

    what are my chances of catching HIV or another std? should I just forget about it or do I need testing?

    I’m really worried now.


    • also, after vigorous washing of the penis I urinated coz I read somewhere I can reduce the risk of UTIs

    • Hi pg,

      You are definitely at risk of HIV although the risk is not high. The same cannot be said for Ll the other STDs such as syphilis, Gonorrhea, chlamydia etc etc. you definitely need to see your doctor for advice on testing and treatment.


      Dr Tan

  50. Hi doctor. I am a college freshman. My condom broke while having sex with a girl. I talked to her and she assured me that she has never had unprotected sex before and that this was the first time an instance of condom breakage had occurred . I know that she sleeps around but she assured me . She even asked me if it was surprising to me when she told me this was the first time a condom broke and that she hasn’t had unprotected sex. I have been worrying about HIV chances. I think I have HIV OCD . Cause I’m internally depressed and think that I have the disease. Even after so much reassurance. Please help

    • Also she is also a collee freshman .

    • Hi D usa,

      I understand your concern. Unfortunately, the only way to tell for sure if you have HIV or not is to go get a HIV test. I strongly suggest that you go see your doctor and talk to him or her about testing for HIV and other STDs.


      Dr Tan

  51. Hi Dr Tan,

    I recently engaged a commercial SW (Vietnamese from a KTV). Before intercourse, i received unprotected oral sex and proceeded to intercourse. During intercourse, the condom slipped, however, i did not realise it for awhile and I quickly replaced a new condom and continued when i found out. However, as i was cleaning up the rm i realised that the 1st condom had some blood in it. I am extremely worried and wonder how possible is it for me to contract HIV.

    Thank you

    • Hi yhx,

      You had unprotected oral sex, protected vaginal sex but condom slipped and there was blood present from your partner. Your partner was from a KTV and therefore most likely a non-licensed sex worker. Therefore we cannot assume she gets regular screens. Your partner is from Vietnam and the last I heard, HIV prevalence rate amongst Vietnamese sex workers in Singapore is relatively high. So I would say you are definitely at risk of HIV. However, remember that the chance of contracting HIV from a HIV positive person via unprotected vaginal sex is still only 1 in 1000. If your exposure has been within the last 72 hours I suggest you see a doctor and talk to him about the need for PEP.


      Dr Tan

      • Thank you Dr Tan. I am not pep now. Just wondering when i can confirm i am in the all clear at the 3 month or 6th month test. Also wondering if cases of hiv thru vietnamese SW from KTVs has caused new cases in s’pore? Thanks

  52. Hello dr.tan

    I had anal sex with a non licensed sex worker and the condom broke 2 seconds into penetration (broke on the side of the head of my penis) and i pulled out as soon as the condom broke i washed off with soap and used alcohol to clean off. How much am i at risk for hiv or stds? i am going first thing in the morning to get tested.

    • Hi frank,

      Your risk of HIV is significant. You should see a doctor immediately and speak to him about the need for PEP. Getting tested now is of no use. There is no test that can detect HIV so early. Take are of this first. Screening for the other STDs is important but can be taken care of after the HIV issue has been resolved.


      Dr Tan

  53. I recently had protected sex with a girl i recently met…condom broke..after five minutes or so…i then withdrew…washed and wore another condom…what are my chances of contracting hiv?..i took her for a test and it came out negative..and she says she has never had unprotected sex.

    • Hi john,

      Let’s assume the worst case scenario that you had unprotected insertive vaginal sex with a HIV positive partner. Your risk is about 1 in 1000 in that case. Her test really does not prove anything as she could be in the window period. The fact is, people are most contagious when they are in the window period. Overall your risk is low.


      Dr Tan
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    • Thanks Dr tan…you are very helpful…but if you say the window period is the most contagious period…why is the risk low?and did the withdrawingand cleaning help?besides she was very wet…does that help also?thanks once again…your ansewrs are highly valued.

      • Hi john,

        There are many many factors that affect the risk. What we can do is at most a rough estimate. I personally think risk assessment is useless except is we are deciding on whether or not to start PEP. Think about it, so what if the risk if 0.1% or 99%? The fact is you still need to get tested. In fact, giving a risk assessment might lead to a false sense of security or excessive worry. It’s like telling a cancer patient his life expectancy. So aside from the things you mentioned, I can name at least 20 more variables that will affect the risk. Scientifically can we realistically take all these into account and give you a meaningful risk assessment? No we can’t. We can only say your risk is low or high. Which begs the question what is low and what is high? Again there is no magic number. Is 1% high? 2%? 3.678%? It is pointless. The fact remains you are at risk of HIV and you need testing. It is really useless to talk about risks.


        Dr Tan
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  54. AnxietyGuy

    Hi Dr Tan,

    I have some tests done before with negative result. The last was on 89 days with 3rd gen antibody test(negative). But just wonder is there any thing can affect the result within window period like for example masturbate? Or any others?

    • Hi AnxietyGuy,

      You think masturbation can affect the window period? This has gone one step too far. I am drawing the line here. Please see your doctor for proper medical advice. I cannot help you anymore and will not answer any more of your queries.

      Dr Tan
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  55. Hi Doctor,

    I had sex with a guy i have been seeing for a short amount of time we used a condom but he noticed it had broke so he pulled out now all i can think about is that i could have been infected with hiv even though he never ejaculated and was only inside me for about 1 minute before we noticed the condom had broke. What is the percentage i could have contracted hiv?

    • Hi Lashay,

      Can I assume you are a woman and you where having vaginal sex and not anal sex? Also assuming that he has HIV, your risk should be in the range of 1 in 500 to 1 in 1000. If it has been less than 3 days ago you should talk to your doctor about PEP. Whatever the case, the fact is you need to be screened for HIV and other STDs like Chlamydia.


      Dr Tan
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  56. Doc,

    I’m a male and had penetrative anal sex with an 18 year old male thats had two other partners. The condom broke and I pulled out immediately. Whats my odds of getting hiv assuming they are positive? I’m very healthy myself no stds, circumcised, and didn’t see any blood just some #2.They told me 3 months ago they tested negative. But since then they had unprotected sex once.

  57. No thanks…Wish you could have just answered my question as you did everyone else

  58. Lindsay

    Hello Doctor! … I have a quick question. I am 18 and my boyfriend and I had sex on March 18th at around 6pm. During penetration, the condom broke while he was adjusting it (he was still kind of inside me but not fully in). As soon as it broke he immediately pulled out and was completely dry. The next morning, March 19th at 7am I took the plan B pill. My question is, what are my chances of being pregnant? I’m really freaking out and I would love your response. Thanks!

  59. michael

    i was wearng a condom to have sex….but unfortunately the condom got busted and i was able to remove my penis from the vigina within 7 seconds…and i clean up …can u still contact hiv if the partner is infected.

  60. Georgem87in

    Hello Dr,

    Sorry to bother you again, I have a doubt regarding Symptoms of HIV. We had a talk in this forum two monts back.

    Just to make yourself remember my case:
    It was a condom breakage during sex with an unknown partner

    Two months have passed since my exposure & one month since i completed the dosage of prescrible PEP treatement, which i started 48 hrs after the exposure.

    I have not yet had any symptom of HIV yet, but recently i noticed a single white colour lesion in my inner cheek, which is round in shape with a diameter of 0.25mm; it has started to heal now as i took B-Complex tablets.

    Is there anything to worry, is it associated with any symptom?

    Also please tell me when does a person show symptom

  61. dear doctor tran, i was having sex with a sex worker and the condom broke before ejaculation, when we realised it about 2 minutes later, we removed it and put another one and continued. what is my risk of contacting HIV?

  62. Hi Doc

    I am in South Africa and condom broke while having sex with a lady who later confirmed she was positive after a test. I am circumcised but did ejaculate in her since I did not realise the condom pop. I saw a doctor in 24hours and he prescribed PEP. I started taking it in the first 28hrs. Is my risk low, am studying honours and don’t want to be stressd.

  63. bhasi

    Hi Doctor
    I am Bhasi,it was my first intercourse other than my wife,(I still dont know why I do it)unfortunately condom broken.Less than two seconds i recognised it and took it out found except cndom ring all in side her.22days over now,i didnt sleep well,i can not concentrate in work,I am feeling as I have hiv.I am verry worry to do test,i am very scared and anxious.I was not known about the PEP so iddiot I am.from last two weeks still i am feeling burning sensation,cold sensation,tiredness and rashes since last week.I dont know what I do if i infetced..

  64. (Reply on risk assessment kuda):
    He just mentioned that I have a bright future and shouldn’t take chances so prescribed PEP to substantially reduce any chance of contraction. Thank you though. I’m on day16 of combivir and no major side effects. Also hoping skin bridge will not affect protective effect of circumcision. But God Bless you for your work. I also intend doing voluntary work in future, poverty and HIV. When I’m rich you’l will probably see me in Asia.

  65. Sorry Forgot important question. My Doc mentioned 6weeks post-exposure test, having seen your recommendation of 6weeks being as good as new, confirm this won’t be affected by PEP right. Have found reliable info before saying PEP wouldn’t affect seroconversion just the PCR test.

  66. My bad, meant as good as conclusive (6weeks) sorry for overposting

  67. Hi dr. Tan,

    20 days before i had sex with a prostitute she gave me blow job without condom and during act condom was broken and i am circumcised. after one week i was feeling little bit pain while urinating and the lymph node in groin was swollen. I visited doc and he gave me antibiotic medecine and after one week the pain was gone but swollen lymph node was there. What are the chances of hiv? and why lymphnode got swollen? when it will become normal.

  68. So, me and my boyfriend had sex last night. Condom broke, i just got off my period 2 to 3 days ago. What are my chances of being pregnant? And what should i do?

    • So you are about 8 to 10 days into your cycle? Small risk of pregnancy. See your doctor.

  69. Good day Dr. Tan, I wanted having sex with a girl and my penis has been erected. I was about to bring out my condom before she just insert my penis in just like that, just once. Immediate, I remove my penis and did not make love to her. Am I in any risk of contacting any disease or something?

  70. hello Dr Tan.
    i had a sex with sex worker last week. not a really sex worker but the masseuse. the problem now the condom was broke whn i ejucalted inside her. but i immedietly took it off fro her vagina as sperms still coming out. am i at higer risk of getting hiv? because im on fever rite now and everyone in my house has a fever am i get infected with hiv or infected the fever from my family ? now im soo scared. please help. sorry for the broken english. THANKS

  71. is it possible to get hiv when having sex and it breakswhile one partner is positive the other negative?

  72. HELLO Dr
    before 48 hours i did sex with one girl
    the condom broke i see it maybe after 1 min i change it , then i continue till i came, when i finish i wash by water and dettol , next day i did test for the girl and the hiv 1 is reactive and hepatitis b is positive , i want to meet doctor tomorrow morning , he sad he want to give me some tablets ,
    i want to now the risk to that girl give me the hiv

    • On the average 1 in 1000 depending on which studies you read. It is more likely that you contract Hepatitis B than HIV. I completely agree with your doctor that you should be on PEP. I am very happy you are seeing him soon. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

      • thank you doctor for your reply
        i want to ask about the PEP tablets , can the php protect me , or ….
        i am very stress i did nt sleep since 2 days , because i am family man , and i will come back to my family after days ,
        thanks Dr.

  73. Dear Dr,
    i live in nigeria , and the hospitals is not perfect
    i went to the doctor today an he gave me 2 drugs i start to take first dose after 60 hours , it s ok?
    and the didn t give me any think for hepatitis B
    he told me to do test for everything after i finish the 30 days , do you have any advice plz , if i take the doses now the probability , is will be low ?

    AVOCOMB TABLETS it contain lami vudine 150mg &zidovudine 300 mg
    i have to take one on the morning and one on the evening
    lopinavire 200mg &litonavire 50mg
    i have to take two for morning and two for evening

  74. if my condom broke and i pulled out 20 to 30 seconds is it possiable that i have a disease

  75. i am a boy aged 21, five months ago i had protected sex with a sex worker and the condom broke 30 seconds after intesecting i immediatly remove it and wear another one and it brokes after 20seconds of intersection i pull out and put another one which did not broke untill enjuculation.after 24 hours my testicles were pain and i went to a clinic and receive pain easy and it become painless.7days after i exprience headach and extrime heart beating after few the headach was fine but the chest was pain and there was invisible and splitly painful sours on my penis which last for a month then after that month my anus developes some ausers and my penis also developed somereddish painfull sours on the head and foreskine but urination was easy.i went to the clinic but not tested only given an injection and doxy pills.it becomes low for two daybut know it start again with unpainfull rash in the boby , unpainfull sour on the penis,ausers on the anus only painful if i walk a long distance,chest pain and headach on the right side of it.whats my chance to be hiv positive if she is positive and what can be the desease with this symptoms.now its five months after this sex.

    • The chance of getting HIV from unprotected insertive vaginal sex is about 1 in 1000. Instead of worrying, the best thing for you to do is to see your doctor for a HIV test. At the same time consult him on all your other symptoms. Please ask any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  76. a condom broke in side me two weeks ago and i decided to wait it i have my mentraution period.cud the broken pieces come out?

    • Most likely not. You can use your index and middle finger and gently feel inside your vagina for any pieces and remove them yourself. Please do not try to use any instrument to remove the pieces.

  77. dear doc
    my condom broke while having sex with a sex worker in Zimbabwe and we didn’t notice this till we finished having sex…the sex was for appromixmately 7 mins…..what are my chances of getting HIV assuming the worst

  78. I had sex 70 hours ago with a sex worker
    This was my first sex n m circumcisioned in the childhood due to some injury as I fell upon my penis. In the middle my condom slipped of til the circumcision is done. N I ejaculated my spream in her vagina in another condom.I also done oral sex with her vagina. M feelin sickNess like vomiting, headache, loss of appetite, heavy cough n something like stuck in my throat. Do I hav got infected o HIV n std’s curable n which test should I do now…

  79. Plz reply soon docter….
    I hav gone in a great depression n gettin mad.. plz suggest soon… malso havin sweat in nights…

  80. Hi, i had sex with my boyfriend about a week ago and the condom broke. My period should be coming next week or the end of the month (always changes) .. i need to know if theres any medicne i can take ASAP before i ” get pregnant” ..

    • See your doctor and ask him/her for emergency contraception aka morning after pill.

  81. Harrison

    i was having sex with my girlfriend the other day and it broke. we tried again later that night after we got everything sorted out and it broke again! i was using trojan enz with premium lubricant. they were kept in my drawer 60-80 degrees farienheit. i do not want this repeating. we are not worried about stis because neither of us have any but i do not want her getting pregnant. we are both only 16 and we got her a morning after pill just to be sure. but i do not want this being repeated. what type/brand of condom should i buy that is most reliable not to break? please answer and thank you for giving me your time.

    • Trojan is a very good and reliable brand. 2 breaks in a row sounds awfully unlucky. Maybe sizing is a problem. You might want to use custom size condoms instead. Just search for custom size condoms on google and you will see many brands available. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  82. The situation

    Hi doctor tan i just had sex with a sexworker and a condom broke inside her, less than 30sec and am circumcised but am worred don’t no what to do

  83. Plz answer 2 my previous question sir. Now m havin some muscle pain n some nodes which r not painful.its 3 weeks after.. plz answer sir.

  84. Me and my boyfriend were having sex, and the condom broke at the top, he dosent think he cummed and neither do I, should I get the morning after pill?

    • Without having any more details it is hard to comment. However, condom break = risk of pregnancy. Whether or not you need the morning after pill is something that can only be answered with a formal consultation with your doctor. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  85. is it safe to put vinegar in your vigina to kill the sperm ???

    • It is definitely not safe. The acid can cause a lot of damage to the vaginal walls. It can also disturb the pH balance and cause various infections. Please post any follow up questions on http://www.askdrtan.com

  86. We were having sex then condom broke before ejaculation. immediatly stopped and she took plan b one step an hour later, is there a slim chance of being pregnant?

  87. adam smith

    i really need your help on this. about 2 years ago i had sex with a girl i randomly met and i used a condom that was in my wallet for about 2-3 months and then i stuck it in but didnt feel right about it so i just stopped and left. and my penis started to like kinda burn but not too bad for about 3 weeks. and then the burning/tingling sensation went to my feet. it has been almost 2 years now, i have gotten checked for hiv come out negative. but nothing else. i also recently got diagnosed with chron’s disease. and my feet still burn and sometime it feels like my penis i dont know what is wrong can you please tell me what it can be and what i should do. i also sometimes get these red bumps like once in a while they do not hurt at all.
    thanks, looking forwoard to your reply

  88. I just have sex with a sex work and my condom broke immediately I remove my penis without ejaculating in her Virginia and l see some semen on top of my penis from her Virginia and l wash up with sugar after some minute please doctor what is my chance have HIV and what will l do now sir thanks

  89. Hi Dr in 8 hours I had protected sex wth someone who iz HIV positive,aftr the intercouese we realise a condom was left in my vagina and we pulled it off bt was bit licking,how mostly are chances of being affected? Thanks

    • drtan

      See a doctor immediately for PEP.

      • hi Dr,
        i had a sex with a prostitute about 2 or 3 years ago. during the sex i didnt expirence any breakage of condom bt i didnt check the expiry date of condom.i didn’t know whether the condom was cheap at risk, it was supplied by the sex worker herself. is there any chance of hiv infection?

  90. Gary(GAUR)

    Dr. Tan,

    Few days back I had a sex with a prostitute and my condom broke immediately I started pep since I was not knowing her status.On 9th day while on PEP I took my DNA PCR test which came back negative I also did my P24 antigen test on same day it was also negative on 33rd day I found that prostitute and got her tested she tested HIV negative on antibody test are there still chances that I can be infected I am on 42 day post exposure. I have also completed my dose of PEP which was of one month 2-3 doctors say I need not to go for further test since PCR DNA is generally accurate and taking pep for few days will not impact result. And one doctor said you may have to test again now what shall I do please advise majority of doctors asked me to forget that incident but it is not going out of my mind.

    Warm Regards

    • For every PEP case I always follow protocol and retest at 3 months. You should listen to your doctors.

  91. thnx sir for your kind information. sir i did had blood test (VDRL) but the result shows non-reactive. am i infected and do i need to test again?

  92. hello,
    i had sex with a girl she is from niger, and i can guess full of desease, my condom broke when i was doing intercourse (doggy style) it is broke near the ring (hole about 1 to 2 cm)and when i ejaculated the sperm was in the tip therefore my penis head was covering and i don t know if it s matter..i m bit down ..would you please help me am i in high risk of HIV..thanks…

    can the HIV get through the whole?

    • Even if the condom did not break you are at risk of HIV. But however, since the condom still covered the head, you still enjoy the full protective effects which is about 87%. Overall I would say your risk of HIV is extremely low but not zero.

  93. I really need a response please help. I met this cool guy and instantly we bonded. After a while we had sex and i insisted on wearing a condom. He took a condom then we changed positions, we did it the doggy style and he removed the condom without my knowledge. I did not realize that he had removed the condom. I only realized it when he came into me. Since then i have been shivering, i can’t eat, i can’t sleep, i can’t concentrate. I think i may have contracted HIV. Please help, what are my chances. Its been a week and still i am heavily depressed. What are my chances of getting HIV? its going to be a long 3 months. I only knew about PEP on this website..too late for that.

    • The risk of contracting HIV from unprotected receptive penile-vaginal sex is between 0.5% to 1%. This is assuming he is HIV +ve. You can do a combo test at 4 weeks post exposure. This is as good as conclusive. That will save you the anguish of having to wait 3 months. You are more at risk of other common STDs like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Trichomonas, HPV etc. You should also get screened for these.

  94. I had protected sex with my boyfriend, who is chlamydia positive. The condom broke on the side a bit but we noticed right at the same moment it broke and he took his penis out very slowly and we stopped everything. What are the chances of me getting infected?

  95. I had sex with my boyfriend, who is chlamydia positive. We used a condom but it broke a bit on the side, we noticed immidiatley and we stopped everything. He took his penis out slowly to ensure not braking it more. What are the chances of getting infected?

    • Your chance of being infected with Chlamydia is extremely high. Please get tested and treated.

  96. Hi Dr Tan,

    I am foreigner working here, I keep E-pass. In case of i need to have the PEP treatment, then I need to provide my personal information to your clinic or just can be an anonymous ?


  97. My girlfriend and I had sex and the condom broke but I immediatelly realised it and went out and my penis wasa dry with no sperms nor semen,but she missed her periods,what does this mean?

  98. If the exposure is on 2nd January evening, when is the earliest date I can have HIV check using RNA PCR test?

  99. I just want to ask whether I am in danger o being pregnant because me and my boyfriend we had sex then what happened is that he inserted a condom then after sperming he removed his penis when he removes it,it goes out without a condom and the sperms where inside the condom some where outside my vagina do you think it is possible for me to get pregnant maybe?

  100. Hello Doc, I had sex with a prostitute and my condom broke inside the vagina, I came home and washed my penis with hot water soap n Detol, after 30 mins. My penis started burning cos of detol n the skin was swollen,is that normal or does it increase the chances of getting affected to HIV ??

    • Washing with soap and dettol and whatever anti-septic you can think of does NOT reduce the risk of HIV or STD infection at all. In fact, all it does is makes things worse by injuring the skin. Stop doing that.

  101. Hi Dr Tan,

    Firstly thank you very much for helping all people here who often did let’s call it mistakes.
    This is truly kind.

    Here is my story, I am 28, I was on a business trip in Singapore. Last thursday night, I went to a normal club and drink really too much. Not facing any inhibitions I asked the taxi driver to bring to Orchard towers I had heard about. (It was my first time in a peep show in my life)

    I remember entering the thing then I have a big black out… But still enough memory to be sure I haven’t done anything inside. Then I went out: From there this is the story from the girl, as me I can’t remember it…

    The girl found me in the street, I said her apparently I would never pay someone for sex.
    She came to my hotel and did it for free, we had unprotected intercourse (vagina), (Something I already never do in europe, and that I would never do with a prostitute, but I was just not in a normal state)

    When I waked up sober, I really started to stress. FYI: She is 30, she said me she was from a good thailand family and had a husband but that he dumped her and that she had to do that now. I had my plane soon after to europe, I took the PEP after 40 hrs.

    – I don’t know if she has VIH (weirdly I have her now on Facebook but she hasn’t replied yet)
    (I know I should have asked directly)

    – I don’t know a lot about the details, as I can’t barely remember anything.
    But no anal, I am almost sure.

    – Hopefully I took the PEP.

    Here is my question, considering I am taking the PEP what are my chances to get the VIH ?

    • Thank you for a well thought out question. In a nutshell, your chance of getting HIV is very low. You basically have 3 distinct risks, or what I like to call, 3 rolls of the dice. So imagine you are at a casino and you are playing for your life. You have 3 rolls of the dice in your hand. 1st roll: Does she have HIV or not. Let’s put it at 4% chance of her getting HIV. Which is just about right for a Thai freelance prostitute in Singapore. If you win this roll, you walk away. If you lose this roll, you get a second chance. 2nd roll: Since she has HIV, did you or did you not catch it from her? You had unprotected insertive vaginal sex. So this roll is anywhere between 1% and 0.1% chance of getting infected. Again, if you win, you walk away. If you lose means you have been infected by her. Now you have a 3rd and final roll of the dice. 3rd roll: Will the PEP clear the HIV virus from your system? This roll has a 80% to 90% chance of success. i.e. 9 out of 10 times, the PEP works and you are free of HIV. If you win, you walk away. If you lose, you are infected with HIV. This, my friend, is my 3 rolls of the dice theory in the Casino of Life and the game of HIV. Please share it with as many people as you wish.

  102. Hello,
    My boyfriend and I had sex last night with a new brand of thin condoms, the first time they were great. Shortly after we had a round two and the condom broke and he came inside me. We have no idea when the condom broke or anything but we are wondering what my chances of getting pregnant are. The condom had spermicide in it and since it was the second come of the night we are hoping there was less sperm in it. My last period was 11 days ago.

    • Honestly, I think you should get the morning after pill. Since your period was 11 days ago, you are just about going to ovulate if not have ovulated already. Although it was the second ejaculate after a short time, there is still significant amount of sperm in it. And really all it takes is 1 sperm. Spermicides also do not work all the time. All in all, there is certainly a chance you can get pregnant and taking a morning after pill now is a whole lot easier than going for an abortion later on.

  103. i was wondering if you could help me with a problem,so i was having sex with my girlfriend, the condom broke, and after it broke i ejaculated outside of the vagina, should she still take the morning after pill?

    • Hi Alex,

      There’s still a slim chance that you may have leaked pre-cum containing sperm into your girlfriend. It might be better for her to take the morning after pill to reduce the chances of accidental pregnancy.

  104. Hello Dr Tan,

    I have had two possible exposures,Incident took place in Indonesia

    A) This was on the 26th May 7:00 AM,I went into someone’s vagina whose HIV Status is unknown (She claims she is negative) for 5 secs after that pulled out and I wiped off using a tissue

    B) After wearing a condom she climbed on top of me,when I eventually ejaculated and pulled out condom got stuck in her vagina,My semen splashed out on the bed after i pulled out and when she eventually removed the condom I saw that little bit of my semen was inside the condom.

    I went to the AFA clinic on Tuesday 27th May tested negative,I want your opinion on PEP? Chances of my risk.


  105. stockwell

    I had sex with a maale and he had hepatitis c and i had rough sex with 3 other guys after him but the guys that has it did not cum in me whats the chance. i havve it is it curable and hee got it from needles and hes npt curcumcised should i get cheched and let the girl no who is sleeping with now no he has it he said he had notbing and his mom told us he dpes but o was ob std shot to kill chlaymydia and. wprried bout the girl and my self

    • I have some problems understanding your post. From what I can gather you had sex with someone who is infected with Hep C. The risk of contracting Hep C via sexual route is actually extremely low. As good as negligible. What you should do now is to see your doctor and get tested for Hep C and all other STDs including HIV. This is just to be safe. If you are diagnosed with any infections, you should inform all your sexual partners.

  106. stockwell

    Its bbeen since dec 2014 till now and just founnd out he has it today

  107. samuel

    I have sex with a call girl when I am in alcohol.. I noticed that I have not used condom during my sex.. I am in very depressed state for my wrong doing. This is my first sex.Please confirm the probability of getting std and HIV to me. Feeling ashamed on me..

    • Well my friend, you had unprotected sex with a commercial sex worker. You are obviously at risk of HIV and all STDs. Look out for symptoms and see us if they occur. If not, see us at 1 month post exposure for a HIV and STD screen. Click here for more info.

  108. Person

    I had sex with my boyfriend for the second time around 8-9 in the morning and we were in the middle of it. We pulled out and noticed the condom broke but he didn’t ejaculate yet. Later on that day I took a shower and noticed a small piece of condom was still in me. I freaked out and the next morning almost 24 hours later give it take an hour I took the morning after pill. I believe next choice. It’s been 4 days and I’m still paranoid that I might be pregnant. I won’t get my period for abother 2 weeks. Do you think I’m pregnant? I’m so scared….

    • The morning after pill is 99% effective if taken within 72 hours. Worrying too much now might even cause your next period to be late which would invariably freak you out. On that note, the morning after pill itself can delay your next period. I don’t think you need to be too concerned. 99% is a good number.

  109. Hi Dr,

    I was having sex with a sex worker 2days ago and the condom went inside her before i ejaculated. She stopped and took off the condom with her fingers and cleaned herself with water. She says she dont have any disease. So, do i need to take up any test ? Please help !!!!

    • Hi Sam,

      You should definitely get yourself tested for common STDs. Additionally you may want to consider PEP. See a doctor todiccus what you should do and when you should test for the various STDs.

  110. Dear doctor,

    i had sex with a sex worker, she provided the condom the condom however seem do be in a aluminium foil packaging. the sort used for chewing gum. we had sex and the condom didnt break. should i be worried ?

  111. Abdul kalik

    I had sex with my wife I didn’t know she was on her first or second day of her period
    She didn’t even know
    But while having sex some how some skin broke on my penis and there was blood on my penis I noticed in the morning am I at risk of HIV or aids please answer the anxiety is un bearable thank you

    • Do you think your wife has HIV? If not why are you worried? You can only catch HIV from someone who has HIV.

  112. Hello doctor tan, a have a concern so me and my fiancee have used the morning after pill twice this year already and we had intercourse tonight and found out the condom had broke , what options do wehave since we dont want to be pregnant yet

    • Not much man. Use the morning after pill again. Studies show morning after pill is safe for use up to 6 times a month! That said, sounds like you guys are better off on regular contraception. There are a lot of benefits for her like less painful periods, lower risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer etc. Find out more about contraception here.

  113. Hello doc.had sex with a prostitute using a condom which she provided and inserted in me without leavin any space.I didn’t ejaculate, but days after felt goin pain and testicular pain.6 weeks after felt feverish, fatigue, weight loss and low apetite nausea and vomiting.went to a clinic and diagnosed of staph aureus in my urinary tract.don’t know if staph aureus is an std and what,s my risk of hiv

  114. sourcefull

    i have lipomas… is it serious??

  115. Hi Dr..
    If you have sex with a lady who has HIV positive, without a condom & you released in her vigina..but she did not release her own sperms..what is you faith of not having HIV….?

  116. Hi Dr,

    thanks in advance, please reply;

    I had sex with a prostitute, condom broke while I was coming inside her [doggy style, vagina} the exposure time was NOT more than 7 seconds. I am circumsized, Am I at risk of STD/ HIV?
    this was first time occurrence. 5 days on NO symptoms.

    PLEASE reply. Thank you.

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      You will definitely need a full STD screen and HIV test in your situation. Exposure time is not relevant in assessing risk for STD so long as you had a risky sexual encounter. Of course being circumcised reduces your risk of STD/ HIV compared to uncircumcised males, but there is no way to be certain unless you do a STD screen.

  117. Hi Dr,
    I had sex with a circumsized guy but the condom broke and he had already come in me at the same time my period had just started he withdrew immediately,he then told me he had sex with another girl some weeks prior who was Hiv positive and apparently the condom had broken as well,how high Is the risk of me getting HIV?,please advise

  118. Hello Dr Tan,
    Thanks a lot for your support by taking your precious time to answer to our questions.
    I had sex with a friend of mine 2 days ago, I ignore her HIV status. I am circumsized but the condom broke , I heard when the condom broke and I withdrew my penis immediately, I did not take more than 1 minute to get my penis outside.. I know that I am HIV negative when I asked her to go to a hospital for a test, she did not want and she told me she did the test recently she was negative. how high Is the risk of getting HIV from her?, When do I have to test to be sure that I don’t get HIV ? please advise..


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