Botox™, in the past few years, has become a household name synonymous with medical cosmetics.

On this page, we would like to present you with just the facts and none of the marketing. Please make an appointment with us if you wish to find out more.

Botox™ is the trade name of a product by Allergan. Its active ingredient is Botulinum Toxin Type A. This chemical comes from a kind of bacteria. When injected into a muscle, it prevents the muscle from contracting. When muscles do not contract, wrinkles become less obvious.

In April 2002, the US FDA approved Botox™ for use in reducing the severity of glabellar (frown) lines for up to 120 days in individuals between the ages of 18 and 65.

The other common cosmetic uses of Botox™ are:

1. Bunny lines
2. Horizontal forehead lines
3. Crow’s feet
4. Peri-oral lines
5. Dimpled chin
6. Platysmal bands
7. Facial re-shaping
8. Eyebrow flare
9. Eye twitch

Some of the possible side effects with Botox™ are:

1. Bruising around injection sites
2. Swelling around injection sites
3. Infection of injection sites
4. Droopy eyebrow
5. Facial asymmetry
6. Feeling like you have the flu
7. Headache and upset stomach

ASPS Stats

. 4.6 million botox procedures in 2007 in usa
. most popular minimially invasive cosmetic procedure in men and women
. most popular in all age groups

What to expect on your first visit

Our doctor will first discuss with you what you would like to achieve. We will recommend the best treatment based on your requirements. Not everything can be achieved with Botox alone. We may recommend fillers, IPL, Chemical peels, lasers etc to help you achieve the look you desire.

Next, we will assess your face and determine the injection points and the number of units needed at each point. Our policy is LESS IS BETTER.

Your face will be cleaned with alcohol and a cold pack will be placed on the injection site to numb it before the procedure. We use the finest needles to puncture the skin and place the exact amount of Botox required. Most people report not even feeling the needle.

After the injection another cold pack will be placed on the injection sites to minimize any swelling.

What to take note of after the Botox procedure

There is no down time with Botox. You may proceed to do any of your normal activities.

Move your facial muscles more as this encourages the muscles to absorb the Botox.

For 24 hours after Botox treatment, please DO NOT:

1. Undergo any IPL or Laser Treatment
2. Rub your face too vigorously as this may displace the Botox.
3. Go for any facial or spa treatment.
4. Do any strenuous exercises.
5. Go for saunas or steambaths.

You may fly immediately after Botox treatments.

Our doctors will make arrangements to review you in about 2 weeks.
During the follow up visit, we will review your response and top-up if necessary.

The number of units of Botox™ used varies greatly depending on the number of injection sites required and the volume injected at each site.

Real People, Real Experience

Need more advice?

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  1. Richard

    Hello Dr Tan

    I am 57 year old male. Suffered jaw tightness and headaches for many years. Will botox help?


  2. Andrew

    Hi Doctor. I’m a slim build male with significantly large chest muscle. Would botox on a regular basis reduce the size ?

  3. Hi Doctors,

    What’s the best treatment for crow’s feet and under eye wrinkle?and how much it cost? Awaiting your reply. Thank you

  4. Ms Ong

    Hi Dr Tan,

    How much do your charge for nose filler? I have an onion shape nose, will this helps?

  5. Danial

    Hi Dr Tan.

    Im 29 Male and on April 2016 I did my nose fillers and also Restylane Vital Light injections.

    1) I understand fillers are meant for nose bridge but what if i want my lower part of my nose to be slight sharper. Is it possible?

    2) I have open pores and oily at my T zone. The doctor from company A suggest me to go for Restylane Vital Light but I am not satisfied with the customer service render from them hence I am never coming there again. I have also made some research about Micro Botox. So my question is, will Micro Botox help me?

    Looking forward to your reply and many thanks!! =D

    • 1) Yes, it is possible. However, you need to understand that there is a small risk of necrosis if filler is being given at the nose tip.
      2) I think what would help you is a combination of: a) Laser rejuvenation/laser carbon peel + b) Microbotox, and +/- Restylane skin boosters. A combination of this treatment would help unclog and shrink your pores, make your face less oily and at the same time rejuvenate your facial skin.

  6. I have twitching on my left side, first on the eyelid then moved to the side of the lips, have been going to a neurology clinic for botox but now it seems the injections doesn’t take effect anymore. May I check the price for your injection or I need to book for a consultation?

    • Price would depend on how much botox is required for your condition. Based on your description, it may range from $60 – $120. It is best to come in to let us assess your condition so we can discuss in details.
      Appointment is required for Scotts and Novena branch. For the other branches, you just need to walk in.

  7. Greetings dr tan.may i know if botox helps deep smiling lines.and how many unit will i need to fix it.a price range would really help.thk u:)

  8. Hi Dr Tan,

    I would like to have botox for square jaw.

    How many unit will be required for one side?

    An the estimate cost?


    • Hi there. It depends on the size of your masseter muscle. Usually around 20-30 units are required on each side of the jaw. Cost is $15 per unit, therefore around $600-$900 in total.
      If you are keen, please come in to any of our clinics to get it done.

  9. Hi how much do u charge for Botox? For between brow frown lines n forehead. Female,41. Thanks

    • Botulinum injection is $15 per unit. Frown (grabellar) lines plus forehead will require about 30 to 40 units. We will need to assess your face before advising on more accurate charges.

  10. Dr tan, for fillers/botox during consultation will you show them your past patients before after? And will there be the 7% charge for consultation only? Consultation is 35$?

    • Ok…. dr tan.. I have made an app with u using your website appt bar on the right hand side but nobody got back in contact with me.. can u help me?

  11. Are you really Dr tan himself or are you his clinic secretary staff answering question on his behalf? And does numbing cream cost?

    • Wow. Do my answers really sound that unprofessional? We do not charge extra for numbing cream. I don’t use it because first of all it has to be left on for at least 1 hour to be effective. Secondly, it only numbs the skin and not anything deeper. Third, it causes swelling of the area and could affect our surface marking. And yes it is I.

      • oh I’m so sorry i didn’t meant that you don’t sound professional. you do sound professional, i just wanted to make sure dr answering my qns here will be the same one I’m visiting. so no numbing cream or any kind of numbing will be used on patients?

        • No numbing cream. 1 jab each side. I’ve never had patients complain of terrible pain.

  12. How long will botox take to show up on the reduction of jaw muscle? Will 5 unit on each side be enough?

    • You mean Botox used for facial contouring? For this, Botox is used to shrink the masseter muscles on the sides of the face. The usual dose is 20 to 25 units per side. It takes 2 to 3 months to see a difference in size. In Korea, the doctors there recommend 2 sets of injections 6 weeks apart for maximal effect. This can however weaken the muscle considerably and you might have issues chewing tough foods.

  13. injecting too much or injecting botox in the wrong places will cause a droopy smile. is that true?

    • Yes. That is true. In fact, injecting too much Botox or in the wrong places can lead to many different side effects eg Diablo brows, sleepy look, plastic face etc etc The “good” thing is all these side effects are temporary.

  14. Hi, do you treat temporomandibular joint disorder with Botox? If yes, how much will the treatment cost? I understand that your clinic is under MHC, will this treatment be covered under MHC?

  15. Hi, I would like to do botox and make my face looks smaller and sharp. May I know how much does it cost and as well as consultation fees. THank you.

  16. Hi, does Botox treat oily skins & also pimple scars ? How much is that ?

    • Sorry. Botox does not treat oily skin and pimple scars.

  17. I was also thinking of subdermal laser ablation, but noted that you said it is not very effective. Can I know why? I was also abit concerned as it required a cut before the laser can be applied. Do you know if miraDry treatment is available in singapore?

    • It is very difficult if not impossible to kill off all sweat glands with a laser. I have not heard of miraDry. Sorry.

  18. Hi, do you provide botox treatment for excessive sweating as well? What would be the estimated cost for that?

    • Yes. Botox works very well for excessive sweating in the axillas (armpits). Most people would require about 100 units of Botox in total which will work up to $1500. There is also a 7% government tax.

  19. Alvin Ching

    how is the process like?
    Do i go for consultation first then book a date for injection??

    • Process is simple. Come and see us. We will advise you on what treatment you can benefit from and the possible side effects. We then do the injection immediately after the consultation.

  20. Cecilia Kwok

    I will like to have Botox n do not know how to go about, checking on the internet giving a bit worry n scare. will the doctor explain to us what they inject to our face? and how long will the progress go about? will the Botox cause very painful on the face after the jab ?

    • See an aesthetic doctor your trust. If you do not like the doctor you see, you are free to walk out and choose another one. A good doctor will explain to you carefully what treatment you need and what to expect during and after the treatment. The consultation may take very long. However, actual treatment time is usually very short maybe about 5 to 10 minutes depending how many injection sites you need. There is no residual pain after the injection.


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