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  1. Jennifer

    Hello doctor
    First of all thank you for replying us I’d appreciate if u’d reply me too…5 months ago i had a risky hiv exposure with someone who seems to be sick of something…after 5 months i start having swollen lymph nodes,fever, blisters on my vagina…3 days after noticing them I did some tests wich was 0.05 negative to hiv…negative to all types of hepatitis and all kinds of vaginal infections…i am really freaking out if i infected my actual boyfriend bcs they say that sometimes it needs 6 months the hiv test to be positive…do you think i need more tests? Thank you

    • You do not have HIV, your test is conclusive. I do not believe you require any further HIV testing. However, please see your doctor for assessment of your other symptoms.

      • Jennifer

        Thank you….I did…they said i have tonsilitis took some antibiotics (dalacin c) for 4 days had to stop it bcs they gave me hives…Few days later i didnt have anymore fever…still have a mild throat pain but the blisters on my vagina wont go even after 2 weeks..it burns when i urinate and my scrotum burns asweell but they dont itch…tested negative on clamidya…the doctor said they would go on their own and that i dont have nothing…but if i dont have nothing why am i experiencing this?…so confusing

        • We cannot advise on symptoms over the internet. You will have to consult your doctor. I also am not quite sure what you mean by your scrotum burns as well, given the presumptive fact that you are female?

          • Jennifer

            Yes I am a female 22 years old…I meant anus…ahah thats funny..I’ll have to appologize english is not my prime language…I totally understand…Maybe I’ll have to go to another doctor…but do you think that these symptoms are related to hiv? My blood analysis were normal… after 5 months hiv would have effect on them, am I right?

          • As I said previously, you do not have HIV as your test is negative. There are many other causes for your symptoms, some may be STD-related, many may not be.

  2. worriedgirl

    Hi Dr Tan.. I had protected/unprotected sex with a guy of unknown status.. I was drunk n I do remember seeing him with a condom in his hand but I dont remember if it was on or not when we had sex. After about 2-3 weeks I lost weight and develop a whitish coating on tongue… I kinda lost appetite and been drinking almost everyday for past month as im so worried.. i got a hiv antibody test (tri-dot) and it came out negative at 73 days . Im gioing to take another test on monday whixh will be 83 days.. what are chances of Iit being positive?!

    • Your results are very indicative that you do not have HIV, so I would not worry if I were you. But for antibody testing, 100% conclusive results are only given after the 3 month window period. What the negative test does tell you as that these symptoms are definitely NOT HIV-related.

  3. Dear doc tan,
    i helped a man who was lieing on the road instantly after the accident,i had some dried blood on my hand,accident happened in the night and i had a small cut caused by a knife in the small finger just below the nail in the morning,it pained when i picked up the man,i dont know some blood went into my cut..after a week runny nose.mild fever.for 6 days..scared to death now..after 12 days HBSAg(elisa)=0.0021 and after 46 days elisa=0.32..now significant increase in index value freaking me out

    • Kudos to you for helping a man in need. We need more people like you in the world. You cannot get HIV from this kind of exposure. Are you sure you are doing the right test? Your test seems to be for Hepatitis B and not HIV.

  4. Hi Dr Tan,

    I would greatly appreciate if you answer my question: approximately on April 10 I had protected sex with a prostitute, I didn’t see if the condom was ok when she unrolled it from my penis. Had not much worries until I grew worried so at day 60 I had a chemiluminescence test done and it came back as non-reactive.
    I felt great because of my results but 2 weeks later after that I got a throat infection and I’m really worried, should I be?

    • I do not think your throat infection has anything to do with HIV. If you are concerned, you can get yourself tested again. I would suggest you get tested for other STDs as well because you did put yourself at risk.

  5. Dear Doctor,
    i did HIV test at year April 2012
    the results
    0.025 Negative (normal value)under alfa
    and reply the test in year may 2013
    the results
    0.05 Negative (normal value) under alfa
    and reply the test in year may 2014
    the results
    0.05 Negative (normal value) under alfa
    anather lab ( Negative = Negative ) under Elisa
    My Question
    does my infect and this valve increase in future?

  6. Dear Doctor,

    I will be highly obliged to you if you will please reply my query.

    I am having throat pain since last 10 days then I got test yesterday for HIV 1/2 with p24 combo; which is actually 50 days after post exposure. it results negative (0.05 index value).

    I have no much idea so read some article on internet and ask for CD3& CD4 test also.

    CD3 (total T cell) = 55 (lower value)
    CD4(Helper T cell) = 28 (lower value)
    absolute Lymph count = 2506
    absolute CD3 = 1373
    absolute CD4 = 700

    The result quite confusing to me for CD3 & CD4. I know you are expert and can resolve my doubt within a seconds.

    Please help me to keep my mind peace. Now I am confused would I go for further any test. My mind is having so much when i am thing about that.

    I request you kindly help me…please..

    • I think your HIV combo test is conclusive. I see no reason for you to do a CD3 and CD4 test. To me, these results are inconsequential.

  7. Hi Dr Tan
    I had protected sex with a girl 1month ago. I sucked her breast and Itasted salty fluids at which I swallowed. I just want to know, what are the possibility of contracting HIV from the act. Please help Dr

  8. i’ve made Hiv 1 & 2 Ag/Ab, serum test after 5 months of exposure,and the result was negative, is it enough to make sure i am negative?

  9. Hello,

    I appreciate you and your team for the great work!






  10. Jonathan

    Hello Doctor,

    I am a male (24 years old) staying in India. On July 15th, I injured myself for which I was told to take a tetanus injection. I went to a pharmacy and bought the tetanus medicine (liquid that is filled into the injection), but I forgot to buy a syringe from the pharmacy. I went to a nearby orthopedic clinic to get myself the injection. I gave the medicine to the nurse, she went inside a closed room and filled the medicine into a syringe and then gave me the injection on my back. I FAILED to see whether she filled the medicine into a new syringe or an old used syringe. I realized my mistake of not making sure that she filled the medicine into a new unused syringe only after a couple of hours after she gave the injection.
    One month later, I went to the same clinic and asked the nurse if I could buy a new syringe from her clinic, but she told me that they didn’t stock new syringes with them. I got freaked out once she said that and was sure that she gave me an injection with a used syringe.
    63 days later I got a HIV antibody test done and it turned out to be negative. Just day before yesterday (6th October) which turned out to be the 83rd day since exposure, I got a HIV ELISA antibody ( for both antibodies I and II) test done and that turned out to be negative as well. My question is:
    1) Are my test reports conclusive and do I need further testing? I read everywhere that the window period is 90 days. Is 83 days post exposure a sufficient time to give a conclusive result with an HIV ELISA test that detects both Antibodies I and II.
    Please note: I have never used drugs in my life till date, I haven’t had any sought of exposure post the above mentioned one and I have a healthy immune system as well.

  11. Dear DR.tan, I got TB and result from doctor in Malay said I got positif HIV for several test… This can be wrong test? My antibody now ver low only 19. The doctor said I got aids…
    I have been very bad sick for almost 2month,but after medical treatment, my condition get well.
    1. I have to test again.?
    2′ if I infected HIV , where’s the best treatment?
    3. Can i meet dr tan, if I go to sing?
    4.is there any HIV/aids can be heal?
    Really need your help

  12. ashish

    Hi Dr Tan,

    i am from india. i was involved in an unprotected vaginal sex) with a prostitute with un known status 8 months back.
    I got my HIV antibody TEST ( HIV 1 and 2 and p24 combo test with CMIA METHOD)test done on 90th day after my last exposure.
    result was non reactive.

    Then again i got another hiv antibody test with (Western blot & Hiv 1 & 2 & p24 combo test with CMIA method) after six months from my last exposure result was non reactive.

    Finally i got another hiv test PCR RNA HIV-1 TEST after eight months AND RESULT WAS TARGET NOT DETECTED.

    Please advice me that resuly are concusive or not.

    Do i need any further testing

    Sir, what is the maximum window period for HIV 1 & Hiv-2.

    Please help me sir.

  13. Jayson

    Dear Dr Tan

    I did an unprotected oral sex with a men on nov 2010.I didn’t scared anythng about at that time.But now just hvng some small red spots in my body here and there sometimes it may itching……I am really affraid and go through for Elisa test and the result is HIV I&II antibodies 0.05 non-reactive and HIV I p24 antigens not detected.Kindly let me know if am safe??? hope to hear your reply Dr Tan….

  14. prostitute did oral sex for 5 mts,condom was not there,i kissed her lip to lip many times,her salvia came in my mouth i dint cared about it,it was happened in december19th2011,and iw ent for hiv triodot test at april 17th and april 25th it came negative,now i have little swollen lymph node,body pains are also there,am i affected with hiv,please reply me please i beg you

  15. i had tri dot test after 3 months,it came back negitive,december19 and i went to hiv test at april 25 th it came negative,now am having swollen lymph node,am feard that i have hiv,am i infected with hiv,please reply me sir please i beg u

  16. dear doctor

    i have sex with an unknown status women.after four days i am feeling some moments in my body regularly after some time mostly in the line between anus and penis.

  17. Thank you doctor for your reply.
    Will try to contact local doctor,
    one last question, is 6 months test is conclusive for any test?
    how to make sure it conclusive or not, because earlier doctor said it was depends on the test method?
    thank you doc, your answer and your website really help me and other peoples.
    God bless you for what you did.

  18. Hi Dr Tan

    What is the window period to test for HIV after having sex with a prostitute without using condom?

  19. Hi i had sex with a prostitue using 2 condoms each 7 times in 2 months but now what bothers me is the last encounter i had.Previous day i had cut my finger with a razor which bled for sometime and stopped but next day while fingering i felt slight pain in the finger and i stopped.There was no bleeding but i could see the reddish colour in it.What aroused my fear was a month long sore throat and cough that i had after 2 weeks,what i need to know is that what chances are there of HIV when fingering in this conditions and the use of two condoms.

  20. Dear Dr. Tan,
    Pls help me, i was do unprotected oral sex and do the fingering to a therapist with unknown hiv status.
    After 6 weeks and 12 weeks (87 days) after the exposure, I did a anti-hiv test on private lab, they using MEIA,Imunokromatografi and ELFA method (information on the website).
    The result was negative.
    Is my result is conclusive?? do i need to take another test after 6 months? cause i read some article in internet, some doctor and lab suggesting to do another test 6 months after exposure.
    Please advice and thank you before doc.

      • Thank you doctor for your reply.
        Will try to contact local doctor,
        one last question, is 6 months test is conclusive?
        how to make sure it conclusive or not, because earlier doctor said it was depends on the test method?
        thank you doc, your answer and your website really help me and other peoples.
        God bless you for what you did.

  21. Hi doc,

    May i ask a question: Iet say the water at the WC get into a person anal as it has not flash by the previous user will that person get infected with HIV and STD?Where the place is DSC where a lot of going there for test. Sorry for my poor English

    The whole situation is I wanted to do my “big business” and while release my stool it hit the water and water splash to my anal. Problem is it have not flash by the previous user and i’m afraid the previous user might have virus and contain it in the water. And unfortunately the water hit my anal when I used it.. The place is at DSC where many people go there for STD and HIV check.

    May I know am I in risk?

  22. Hi Dr Tan,
    Would like your advise on this incident.
    I am a musician. I was at an instrument repair guy house on Sunday night. He is an white American who live here for quite a while. I was there to repair my instrument. He was showing me the problem , he used his thumb to press hard on a particular part with pressure & then asked me to use my thumb to press on it with pressure as well. Now, this s the thing, I saw some red stuff on the instrument part & stupid me without thinking about it I pressed on it. I realized after awhile that he had an “old” cut or wound on his thumb. Seems like cut during his repair job. After a while, I rushed & washed my thumb with anti bacterial hand soap & water. I am sure that my thumb as no cuts & sores. Dear Dr Tan, Is there anything to worry about? Any risk? Do I need to test for anything including HIV? Thank you very very much. Hope to hear your reply really soon.

    • Hi JTH,

      That is serious paranoia man. You are at risk of nothing. Especially not HIV. Forget about it.


      Dr Tan

  23. Thanks a lot Dr. Tan. I will certainly keep in mind, have learnt a big and painful experience during my 3 months window period.
    May GOD bless u for your noble gesture of this!

    • Hi Michael,

      I am so glad you are well. Thank you for the kind words.


      Dr Tan

  24. Hi Dr Tan I am reposting my exposure as you advised,
    i was involved in 2 unprotected sexual exposures ( both were unprotected oral sex and unprotected vaginal sex) with 2 different prostitutes of unkown HIV status. The exposures occured at a gap of 2 days between one another. I got my HIV chemiluminscense antibody test done on the 90th day post the second exposure that turned out to be negative. ( please note the second exposure occured 2 days after the first exposure). I havent had any other further HIV exposures post the above two exposures. My questions are
    1) do these 2 succesive high risk HIV exposures occuring 2 days after one another ever increase the formation of HIV antibodies beyond 90 days? I have a sound immune system with no major illness.
    2) is my test result conclusive or do i need further hiv testing?
    I also had a western blot done after 69 days of the second exposure which came out negative.
    Thanks a lot for answering my question.

    • Hi Michael,

      1. No. 2. Yes your tests are conclusive. You definitely do not have HIV. From now on please stay safe. You dodged 2 bullets.


      Dr Tan

  25. Hi Dr tan
    i guess you are referring to a different Micheal not me. Please see my exposure above and kindly let me know if I am safe?
    You have never answered my question above before ever.

    • Hi Micahel,

      Apologies. I could have sworn the other Michael had an identical exposure history to you. I must have been mistaken. Please repost your exposure. Thanks.


      Dr Tan

  26. Also Dr Tan forgot to mention that my antibody test done on 90th day post my second exposure turned out to be negative.

  27. Hi Dr Tan,
    i was involved in an unprotected sexual exposure ( unprotected oral sex and unprotected vaginal sex) with a prostitute more than 3 months back. I was involved in a another high risk exposure ( unprotected oral sex and unprotected vaginal sex) with another prostitute 2 days after the exposure mentioned in the first line.
    I got my HIV antibody chemiluminscence test done on 90th day post the second exposure. Please note the second exposure was 2 days after the first exposure. My qs are
    1) will these 2 succesive HIV high risk exposure which occured 2 days after one another ever increase the formation of HIV antibodies beyond 90 days and hence increase the window period beyond 90 days? Plese note I havent had any further exposure post the 2 exposures mentioned above.
    2) Do i need further testing or are my results conclusive?
    I kindly request you to answer these questions.

    • Hi Michael,

      I have already answered these questions twice. Please see your earlier posts. The tests are conclusive. You do not have HIV. Please stop asking the same questions over and over again. The answer will not change.


      Dr Tan

  28. Hi Dr Tan,
    Thanks a lot for your reply. Just a last question:
    – I asked the hospital to perform an Elisa test but for some reason they did the Chemiluminscence HIV test despite having an Elisa test available with them. Is there any difference between the two tests and if so which of the one is an accurate one?
    Also the name of the test is Chemiluminscence HIV test as opposed to CMIA (Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immuno Assay)test name that I earlier mentioned.
    The following is the information about the test that was written on the report:
    The test was performed on an Immunodiagnostic Vitros ECiQ Analyser and is used for the invitro qualitative detection of antibodies to HIV1 and HIV 2.
    The vitros anti-HIV 1+2 assay uses 4 recombinant antigens such as HIV-1 env13, HIV-1 env10, HIV-1 p24 (core) and HIV-2 env AL.
    My report reads Non reactive with a reading of 0.05.
    The report says anything above 1.00 is considered reactive.
    1) Is this test good enough after 90 days of exposure?
    2) Sorry to be troubling but I have a lot of anxiety and stress about this and will appreciate a response from you about the test’s accuracy and if I need any further testing on the same.

    • Hi Rubicon,

      I am really not familiar with the Chemiluminescence assays. Why don’t you ask the hospital that did the test for you?


      Dr Tan

  29. Hi Dr Tan,
    Thanks a lot for your reply. Just a last question:

  30. Hello doctor,
    i had taken alcohol 24 hours before HIV1 RNA PCR test. will it affect the test result?

    Afret 1 year 6 months of my post exposure.
    i did HIV1 RNA real time PCR test.

    Result – Below detection limit.
    Linear range of Detection: 50 – 1000000 HIV-1 RNA copies/mL.
    and also

    Hiv 1 & 2 Elisa test non reactive.

    my test results are conclusive?

  31. Rubicon

    Hi Dr.Tan,
    I was involved in an unprotected oral sex with me as the receiver ( very brief did not last for more than 5 seconds and not 100% sure if she was bleeding from her gums or had any wounds in her mouth) and protected vaginal sex with a prostitute 87 days back.
    I have got 18 antibody tests (including a western blot test) starting from my 38th day of exposure till the 85th day of exposure and all of them have come negative.
    My latest test was done after the 85th day of exposure in a private lab in India and the test was a HIV Tridot test and the result came back negative.
    I have read conflicting information about the Tridot test. Some people say that it is a second generation test and does not give accurate results till 6 months of exposure, while others have said it is a third generation test and result after 3 months (12 weeks) is conclusive. I have become paranoid about this after feeling relieved after a negative 12 week test. I have gone through a horrifying 12 weeks since my exposure and any information about the test will be helpful. Private labs in India don’t seem to have the DUO tests which are spoken about so often on this forums.
    Also could you let me know:
    1) If so many tests within the window period further delay the antibody formation and the window period duration subsequently increases?
    2) How much does the generation of a test affect the window period?
    3) Do I need further testing after this at any point of time with a more advanced generation of test?
    4)One last question..my exposure was in London and I got tested in India using the Tridot rapid antibody test.
    Will that in anyway affect the HIV result, because I have heard rapid antibody tests test for the subtype prevalent in that particular region and I assume the subtype mostly commonly prevalent in India will be different from the one in UK.
    The following is the URL for the test which was performed after 85 days: http://www.jmitra.co.in/ourdivision/diagnosticdivision/rapidtestkits/hivrange/hiv_tri_dot.aspx
    Thanks a lot in advance for your help, you are doing a great and noble job!

    • Hi Rubicon,

      I am really unfamiliar with the Tri-Dot test. You should ask the doctor who did the test for you. 1. No. 2. Very much. 3. Depends on what the Tri-Dot test actually is. 2nd or 3rd gen? 4. No. Most antibody tests will test for both type 1and 2. However, you might want to confirm if the Tri-Dot does this with your doctor.


      Dr Tan

      • Thanks Dr Tan. I had another test with a test called CMIA (Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immuno Assay) after 90 days which turned out to be negative.
        The test gave me a reading of 0.05 and said non-reactive. Is this conclusive enough?
        The description on the report said that the test looked for HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and a reading of 1 or more meant a reactive sample.
        Please let me know if this is conclusive or if I need further testing.