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Anonymous HIV testing in Singapore

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Dr. Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2001. His residency was in the two largest public hospitals in Singapore; Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Singapore General Hospital.

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  1. Hey Dr Tan,

    While passing motion I’ve noticed visible mucus on my stools or even sometimes just mucus.

    Now I’m scared. I read that it might be chronic disease. Or is it something related to HIV?

    Thank you!

    • The cause of mucus in stools is usually some kind of inflammation of your large bowel, rectum or anal canal. There are many things that can cause this. It can be sexually related like anal Chlamydia or Gonorrhea or Non-sexually related like bowel inflammatory diseases. So you obviously need some tests to find out what exactly is going on. Please see your doctor.

  2. Hi Doctor,

    About three weeks ago I cleaned my penis and surroundings with a shampoo liquid and doing it several times since I read that shampoo liquid last the clean scent without odor for the whole day.
    Then came I a guy suck my cock and buy nearly before that I can feel some kind of sensation in the top of my head. I reaad one online comment said one of the doctors said it’s nothing just drink lots of water.  I notice before I pass urine I can feel that sensation then after the sensation or in east feeling in my head was gone for a moment.  Then after it will come back again unless I pass urine again.
    I am worried about it and I check if have some liquid outside the hole of my penis head. But it’s dry nothing. Only I can feel that sensation inside and a bit surrounds my penis head. Like feeling of a little heavy.
    I massage with my finger the head then it’s gone temporarily but can do that habit all the time specially in public.
    I am worried if that was the cause of irritations from the shampoo liquids I used for cleaning?
    Thanks Doctor and hoping to know what is it and your advise. 

    • Dr Justin Sim

      If someone performed oral sex on you then I doubt this is due to shampoo irritation. Shampoo today is quite mild and should not lead to long lasting burning or irritation of your penis. This sounds like you may have an infection and you should get some tests done to rule out any possible infection.

      • Thank you for your fast response regarding this matter. Is this serious ? Where should I have testing I’m afraid and shy.

        • Dr Justin Sim

          You don’t have to be shy when getting tested but I can understand it may seem daunting at first. You should speak to your local doctor and they will usually get a urine test done – this can be collected when you next use the toilet and it doesn’t have to be in front of everyone. Once you have collected the sample it can be sent for testing.

          • Hi Doctor.
            Thanks again. So urine testing can be done in any other doctor?
            Now I know must be careful with penis head. Its very sensitive.
            Thanks again and will update u once I know the result

          • Dr Justin Sim

            Most should be able to do it but make sure that it is an STD screen rather than standard urine test – the standard one may not pick up the bacteria causing your problem.

  3. Happy to spread the word Dr. Tan, I know I’ve sent more than a few people your way. Thanks for offering this invaluable service.


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