Dr. Tan and Partners is one of the few approved Anonymous HIV Testing Centres in Singapore. A detailed write up on our service is available here.

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Anonymous HIV Testing at Our Clinic.

In 2008, we were given the mandate by the Ministry of Health to conduct anonymous HIV testing.

Registration form for Anonymous HIV Testing. No personal details required.

Registration form for Anonymous HIV Testing. No personal details required.

Not all clinics are allowed to conduct anonymous HIV tests. This is because according to the Infectious Diseases Act, all medical personnel are required to inform MOH of the details of any person they know or suspect of being infected with HIV. Our clinic signed a gazette that is filed with the Supreme Court of Singapore to excuse us from this section of the Infectious Diseases Act. We are therefore mandated under Singapore Law to be allowed to conduct Anonymous HIV tests. Yes, it is a big deal.

We use only Gold Standard HIV tests that are validated and approved according to the latest International Standards.

All Our Doctors are fully certified and trained in advance HIV testing.

We use only single use and disposable equipment and are validated by MOH for Good Infection Control Practices.

Here is step-by-step guide to getting an Anonymous HIV test done at our clinic.

1. Anonymous HIV tests are conducted at our clinic at Robertson Walk.

2. You do not need an appointment. Just walk in to our clinic anytime during our opening hours.

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3. Let our staff at the counter know that you are here for the ‘3 step test’

4. You will be given a form that looks like this: AHT Registration Form

5. As you can see, the form does not require any personal details from you.

6. This form has a serial number on it : AHT####. You will be identified according to this number.

7. You will be given a pamphlet with information on various HIV and STD tests. Your serial number will also be on this pamphlet. Hold on to it.

8. When the doctor is ready to see you, the staff will ask you to go into the doctor’s room.

9. When you meet the doctor, this is your chance to ask all the questions you want to ask.

10. You should also let the doctor know if you suspect or wish to test for any other STDs.

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11. We offer both the Oraquick Advance HIV 1/2 Test, the Determine HIV 1/2 Test and the SD Bioline HIV Combo test.

Click here for info on the Rapid Anonymous HIV Combo Test

12. The doctor will ask you a few pertinent questions then conduct the test for you.

13. You will need to wait 20 minutes for the results.

If you test Negative for HIV

1. The doctor will advise you on when to come back for a repeat test if you are in the window period.

2. This is another chance for you to ask whatever questions you have with regards to HIV or any other STDs.

3. You can then leave the clinic but please remember to come back for your repeat test if required.

If you test Positive for HIV

1. The doctor will draw a blood for a confirmatory Western Blot test. This test is also anonymous.

2. This test might take up to 2 weeks for us to get the results.

3. Because you tested at our clinic, there will be no notification requirements.

4. You can leave a contact number or email for us to contact you with the Western Blot results. Or you can contact us after 2 weeks.

5. Our doctor will then discuss with you the next steps.

6. All of this still remains anonymous.

Do not hesitate. Come for a test now.

Video on HIV Signs and Symptoms

Please post any questions you have with regards to Anonymous HIV testing in the comments section below.

Also, if you have had HIV testing at our clinic and have any feedback on our service, please also post in the comments section below.

If you have any questions, visit our free online forum on sexual health, HIV and STDs.

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If you had a high risk exposure to HIV within the past 72 hours, you can take medicines to reduce your risk of actually contracting HIV. Find out more on HIV PEP Treatment.

If not read more about HIV symptoms.

Can’t wait for 3 months to find out? Find out more about Rapid HIV Combo test at our clinics.

Your are welcome to visit Our Doctors at Our Clinics anytime during our opening hours.

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Dr. Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2001. His residency was in the two largest public hospitals in Singapore; Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Singapore General Hospital.

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  1. Nadeem Bhai

    Morning Doc ,

    I wish you can help me as i am freaking out and need your historic experience in that field

    I had 2 cases low risky expousre with no intercourse just handjob and i fingered her vagina

    -Case one was on date 10th jan 2016 and i did HIV p24 Ag/Abs Combo test in jeddah on date of 13th March 2016 after 9 weeks from expousre and Result came out after 1 hour as of Non Reactive ,

    -Second case had a low risky expousre again only hand job with no intercourse at all and some kisses from outside no deep kissing just on lips on date of 3rd Nov 2016 and i did HIV p24 Ag/Abs Combo test on date of 17th April 2017 after 21 weeks from this expousre and Result came out after 3 hours as of Non Reactive ,

    I want to ask you is it conclusive for both tests after that time and is it the 4th Generation test as i requested to do the Combo test and the Doc in the lab advised it is called p24 antigin? Result was written HIV p24 Ag/Abs Combo test ,

    I have two lympho nodes under my lower jaw about 1 cm and it has been more than one year now and it is not decreasing and not increasing ,

    Have you heard about the HSA RECALL FROM Feb 2016 to MAY 2017 for the SD Bioline combo test ??

    Waiting your advise .

    • Your tests are conclusive. And the risk from your exposure is zero in any case. Yes we are aware of the the HSA recall, and we have changed our 4th gen testing kits prior to the announcement.

      • Nadeem Bhai

        Thank you for your direct reply , but for my cases am i affected by the HSA RECALL ?

        • I do not know if the test kit you used was affected by the recall – you will need to check with the doctors who did your test. It does not matter anyway, as your risk was ZERO.

          • Nadeem Bhai

            Sorry to send to you back again , i will check with the doctors who did the test ,

            But in an old comments for you i seen your reply on one of the cases that whatever it was Alere combo or Sd Bioline combo as long as the test been done after 3 months so it is not affected by the HSA RECALL as the affected only is the ag combonand,

            Is it correct and 100% sure as my test was after 15 months from first case and after 5 months from the second case ?

  2. Hello Dr ,,
    My question is: Rapid tests (finger prick ) test can detect HIV antibodies before 3 months? What is Max. Window period for finger prick rapid test? I heard that it’s at least six months.

  3. Hi Doc,

    A couple of questions:

    1. Do all of your clinics have anonymous HIV testing or only the Robertson branch?

    2. I had sex with a girl overseas and the condom broke. I went for testing the next day which was negative and I requested to be on PEP and was prescribed Truvada and Edurant. This is the 3rd day on PEP so far, when should I go for the next test ? Will PEP pro-long the window period so I should go for a test at a later date than usual ?

    3. Should I still come for consultation even if I’m on PEP now ?

    Thank you.

    • Only the Robertson Walk branch is allowed to do anonymous HIV testing. You would be recommended to do a test upon completion of PEP and then once more 3 months post-exposure.

  4. 1) may i know how many doctors are present at one clinic in the given time
    2) may i know the average waiting tine for consultation
    3) have you heard of patient who turn hiv positive after unprotected insertive oral sex

  5. James james

    Hi Dr ,
    We know that if someone HIV+ and he take medicine more than six months viral load for him it become undetectable for HIV virus.

    My question is : if viral load is undetectable ( because of medicine ) if he did antibody test rapid test it will become negative or positive? Thanks

  6. Hi Doctor,

    I apologize in advance if this is a silly question, I think it probably is. I know that HIV cannot spread through kissing, usually. However, my circumstances then are making me worry a lot.

    When I was drunk at a club 2 weeks ago, a guy came up to me to kiss me and stuffed his finger into my mouth. I had several mouth ulcers then, quite fresh and still hurting.I couldn’t tell if he had open mouth sores, or he was bleeding.

    I had a cut in my ear, and he subsequently stuffed his tongue into my ear (I think I see a pattern sigh), coming into contact with the wound. Again, I can’t tell if he was bleeding or had mouth sores.

    Is there any risk involved? Should I go for a test? I had been really worried about this.

    Thank you so much for time.

  7. Dear doctor,
    1) is there any way to contact with the clinic via text messages?
    2) is consultation fee included in the rapid hiv test or do we have to pay additional amount
    3) would you recommend a test after unprotected insertive oral sex?

    • 1. No, we are unable to provide consultation over text message.
      2. Our HIV rapid consult fee is $20, with 3rd gen rapid test at $50 and 4th gen rapid test at $150.
      3. The risk of HIV transmission from oral sex is negligible, so I do not believe it is necessary for HIV testing; however, there are many other potential STDs you can get from oral sex including chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes. If you have concerns, it is best to visit us for a proper assessment.

  8. Hi doctor, I have visited a massage lady who met online on 06 November 2017. During the massage, the lady was half naked. She performed unprotected handjob on me with massage oil until ejected. After that, i suck her nipples for few minutes. She said painful when i suck her nipples. I’m not sure any blood or discharge from his nipples into my mouth. Continue oil body massage but she accidentally scratch my back with her finger. There are not bleeding and only few red lines on my back.

    I have 4th generation combo test on 31 days and resulting negative. Should I take test again when reach 90 days? or the negative result already conclusive and no need further test ? Thanks for advise.

  9. Hi Doctor, in October, my condom broke while having sex with a legal commercial sex worker. I took a 4th gen hiv test at your Robertson Quay clinic on the 14 day mark and the 28 days mark. Both times, the result was negative. Subsequently in November, I had protected sex overseas on 3 occasions. I would like to test myself again for hiv as I have started seeing someone and would like to be responsible to my partner. Whicht hiv test should I undergo – 3rd gen or 4th gen?

  10. Hi Dr,

    I was using a public female restroom, and was hovering my butt above the toilet bowl to prevent it from touching the toilet seat. However, when I was done and pull up my underwear, I felt a big wet patch. It could have been due to any leftover fluids on the side of the toilet bowl that the underwear came in contact with while I was urinating. With my underwear still on, I put my fingers in, trying to feel if there was really a wet patch, and one of my fingers had a fresh cut that came in contact with the fluid. After that, I had to continue wearing the underwear for at least half a day as I was out, which means an area of my butt was in prolonged exposure with the fluid. I am unsure if there were cuts on my butt, but assuming there were, and the fluid was fresh blood (e.g. menstrual) or other bodily fluids from a HIV positive person, would I be at a risk of getting HIV? (I also had a past history of TB)

    Please help! Many thanks!

  11. Hi Dr,

    If blood or any other bodily fluid from a HIV+ person, upon bleeding out from the wound or excretion from the genitals/other relevant body part, is immediately flicked or splashed onto my badly chapped lips (there was cracking, may have been bleeding too), am I at risk of contracting HIV? Not oral sex.

    (I see quite some ppl mentioning it below so I’ll also add that in the past, I had TB.)

    Thank you.

    • Hi Dr, just to make it clear, this did not happen under any sort of intimate setting. I only included other bodily fluids in my question to cover all possible scenarios, but please do answer under the assumption that, as the question stated, the fluid that landed on my lips was blood or any other bodily fluid from a HIV+ person that was flicked immediately upon coming out from wound/body area. Thanks!

  12. Hi Dr ,
    I read that p24 ag|ab test detect HIV 3-6 weeks. After that it go down and be undetectable for HIV after six weeks.
    My question is : if i did p24 at 12 or 16 weeks and it become negative that means wrong result because it will be not detectable?
    U prefer use antibody test or ag/ab test for early detect? Thanks

    • 4th generation testing is for both p24 antigen and HIV antibody. When your p24 is undetectable, it means your antibody will be detectable.

  13. Hi Dr,

    I was using a colleague’s earpiece (last resort). After a while, my ear got itchy and I scratched it. However, there was a scab there, which fell off when I scratched, possibly into the ear canal because the scab was quite small and was on the protrusion before where the ear canal begins. Then, before I put the earpiece back on, I looked at the earpiece and noticed there was blood on the ear buds. It was highly unlikely that the blood was mine. So if the blood came from my colleague and my colleague had HIV, and the blood got onto the scab, which then fell into my ear canal, am I at any risk of contracting HIV this way? Please advise. Thank you very much! Past history of TB, if it is of any relevance.

  14. George ko

    Hi Dr ,
    My question is ,

    Rapid test ( finger prick) is conclusive at 3 or 6 months ?
    I did it after 4 months of possibly exposure and it’s negative. Conclusive result? Or my result is in window period

  15. Dear Dr,

    In the restroom, when I took toilet paper to clean my bottom and against the outside of the anus after passing stools, the paper brushed against the wall. If there was blood, semen or any bodily fluids with HIV on the wall and the paper picked it up, and that area of the paper was used to clean my bottom, would there be any risk? For both if there is and there isn’t cuts on the body area that came in contact with the tissue paper.

    (I did not notice any blood or semen stains on the wall after brushing the paper against the wall, but I am not sure if there would be any stains left over, esp if the bodily fluids were fresh.)

    • I am particularly worried about the inner area, which is just outside the anus, between the butt cheeks.

    • Dr Elaine Loh

      I do not think you are at risk of contracting HIV that way. If you are concerned, please see a doctor for a consultation.

      Our locations here

      • Dear Dr,

        This remains true even though I have a past history of TB right?

        Please answer this. It will be my final question regarding this. Thank you for reading!

  16. Combo result,

    Hi ,

    How Conclusive is a result for o e case of protectd blowjob from an married lady 52 old workin as a bartender in Bahrain , an ejaculated on her breasts qnd tested after 148 days non Reactive ,

    Fro your experience is it a must to fel fever and flue as i did not get it qll for the past 2 years

  17. Hi Dr,

    Last questions from me, which I forgot to ask in my original post. (I posted this as an add-on reply to my original post, but I’m not sure if it was posted successfully. If it was, really sorry for the repeat posts.)

    1) Due to repeated scratching in a pushing-down motion on the base of my fingernail, it caused the fleshy part at the base of the fingernail (I believe it is the eponychium or proximal nail fold?) to detach away slightly from the nail plate itself. If this was submerged and came in contact with water that contained bodily fluids from HIV patients, would this put me at any risk of getting HIV?

    2) If the injury from the peeling of the skin caused blood to come out but it wasn’t enough blood for it to actively bleed away, that doesn’t change anything right? Still no risk?

    3) My friend experienced splashes of toilet water onto her open, popped pimple. There was blood in the pimple hole left behind, but it wasn’t enough to bleed out. If the toilet water had bodily fluids from HIV patients, is there any risk?

    We really, really hope you can answer these few questions. They are our last questions, promise!

    Thank you very, very much!

    • The bodily fluids I was referring to in this post and my previous post include blood as well. I wasn’t noticing the toilet water before I used the toilet, so I wouldn’t have known if there was blood or not in the toilet water. Even if there was blood from a HIV patient in the toilet water, it doesn’t change the answer for the previous question (no risk) right?

    • I had a 4th gen lab combo and NAAT test after 14 days possible exposure. Both came back non reactive. Should I continue to worry?

  18. Deeply fear

    Hello Dr.Tan ,

    I am having a low risky of a massage case and at the end the lady give me a hand job and i was fingering her vagina meanwhile , i am not sure if i had a cut open scratches on my finger or not but there was no intercourse at all , but what makes me worried that the lady took my penis in between her breasts and started to massage with it for about 15 minutes but i refused to get my penis sucked and the ejaculation on her breasts , i am afraid she was breastfeeding or so and it came to my dick or so , i tested only one time on end of Last April and that was after 5 months and 20 dats from the expousre with result non Reactive and i am not sure it was Alrene combo or SD biolin i mean regarding the HSA RECALL ,

    I am having lympho in behind my neck since a year now and just not disspearing?

    Would you advise here plz?

  19. Hi Dr,

    I had a very similar incident as Scared!Please help! below, whereby I was using the restroom and passed motion (both big and small). I accidentally dropped my wallet into the toilet so I reached my fingers in to pick it up (although it took me a bit of time because it was slippery). But I forgot that just a bit before, I was trying to peel off this flap of skin on my finger. So the part where the skin was pulled but didn’t come off was actually injured and had blood (the surface area exposed was not small and definitely larger than a cut). I washed my fingers quite quickly after, but the water also caused the skin to stick over the wound, and I didn’t notice until too late after, so I am also unsure if the clean water washed over the wound at all. Now I am scared that the water may contain bodily fluids from previous people with HIV (because I also don’t flush the toilet before use and I wasn’t noticing the toilet water at all before use) and I had past history of TB as well.

    Really hope you can answer my question as to whether I am at any risk.

    Thank you!

    • The flab of skin I was trying to peel off was near the base of the fingernail.

      An answer from you for this question would be a very big help!

      Thank you!

    • My answer is the same – no risk.

      • Hi Dr,

        Just a little add-on because the add-on comment is still awaiting moderation and I just want to be absolutely sure,

        even if there was a little detachment at the base of the nail, btw the flesh and the fingernail itself (because I kept scratching at it), it doesn’t change anything right? There is still no risk, right?

        And asking for a friend, if an open bleeding pimple came in contact with any splashes of toilet water that contained bodily fluids from HIV patients, is there no risk at all as well?

        Thank you very much for reading! Really hope you can answer these last two questions so my friend and I can stop worrying. Thank you!

  20. Hi Doctor,

    I was involved in insertive vaginal sex(Protected with Condom) with a CSW. After 48 hours, I started PEP and completed the course. Testing on 30 days is non-reactive. I had another test on 83rd day(1 day shy of 12 weeks) and it is non-reactive. Is my testing conclusive or need further testing?

  21. Scared! Please help!

    Dear Doc,

    A few hours ago, after using the restroom (urinating and passing stools), I dropped a toothbrush into the toilet and went to pick it up. My fingers were submerged in the dirty waters for a bit and there was a cut on my finger, near the base of the fingernail. I washed my fingers very quickly after but I am afraid that the toilet water might have contained contaminated HIV blood or semen because I did not have a habit of flushing the toilet before using it.

    Is there reason to be worried at all? Thanks for reading, and really hoping you can answer this, because I am quite scared.

    • Scared! Please help!

      In addition to this, around one and a half hour after the incident, I began to experience a headache and some nausea. Really really scared right now, and hoping I can receive an answer

    • There is no risk from this exposure.

      • Scared! Please help!

        Dear Doc,

        Just one last question: there was a small flap of skin over the cut, that when it touched the dirty water, automatically closed and restuck over the wound. I did not notice this when I was washing my fingers, so the clean water might not have washed over the wound at all. Does this affect anything, or is there still no risk of exposure?

        Really hope you can answer this last question, and thank you very much for reading.

        • Scared! Please help!

          And I had a past history of TB, if this is of any relevance.

          Really hoping you can answer my question so I can fully be at ease.

          Thank you very much for reading!

  22. sufferer

    Hi doctor, please help me. im dying mentally everyday. i had unprotected sex with a prostitute(how idiot iam) in July… infected with chlamydia and gonorreah.got treated for them. tested for hiv at 16, 30 and 55 days and got negetive results also syphilis, hpv tests are also negative
    after that i had oral sex(without condom) and protected sex with other girls.
    since last week i started having small pimple like bumps on groin and when i search in the internet i can see it as STD and can be also caused by HIV.
    im very very scared. should i again go for HIV test? did i get HIV?

  23. Had Protected insertive sex.
    Tests done:All in Malaysian Labs
    7 days-Lab Test by ECLIA Ag/Ab-Negative
    17 days-Lab Test by ECLIA Ag/Ab-Negative
    35 days-Rapid 4th gen combo rapid Ag/Ab-Negative
    65 days-Lab Test ECLIA Ag/Ab – Negative
    72 days- Lab Test by ECLIA Ag/Ab and HEP A,B,C test- Negative
    DO I need to repeat at 84 days(12 weeks) to have conclusive results????
    Thank you doctor in Advance

  24. Hi dr
    Unprotected oral sex ( Blow job ) follow by protected sex with a prostitute. Any risk for HIV?

    • Yes, there is some risk (low) as condoms are not 100% protective. There are also other STDs that you can get, especially from unprotected oral, e.g. chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes etc. If you are concerned, please visit us for a consult and evaluation.

      • How much it cost for HIV test? We do it on the 28th day of exposure?

        • Will this be enough?
          Rapid Fingerprick Blood HIV-1/2 Antibody Test (Determine)

          • For HIV testing, you would need a 4th gen combo test at 28 days or more post-exposure for conclusive results. The Determine antibody only test is 3rd gen and is only considered conclusive at 3 months. You would be recommended further tests for other STDs which are higher risk than HIV.

    • Hi doctor,

      I had fbp,hiv AG/AB cmia,hepbs,abo after 37days of exposure(protected sex)and i have folliculitis on upper back body and on back of my neck and constant watery/ mushy stools always.
      I just cant calm myself and overthinkking slowly convinced me that ive caught the virus in me.
      Please give me some advice on this.please

      Should I get a retest or it is conclusive?

      Thanks doctor.

  25. hi dr
    i sharing dinner with someone is there risk for sharing food?
    thank you

  26. Hi doc , just wanted to ask i had encounter with masseur about 1 hour, for first 15minute we had sex with condom but it broke halfway and i did not ejaculate in her bottom and received handjob about 10min and bj for 2 minute without condom. I had this encounter back on 11th november and seeing now i have flu and dry cough quite badly till today. I am quite concern i have contracted HIV/STD or syphilis. Right now i dont really have other signs and symptoms except for what i mentioned and maybe my testicle has abit of pain out of sudden but only last 1~2 seconds and on the skin of my penise seems like slight pinkish in colour about 0.3cm radius but it looks like mild eczema. Any possibilities that i contracted anything?? And if so what testing do you suggest for me to go since it hasnt been long.

    • Sounds like a regular viral flu, not HIV. If you are still concerned, please visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

      • The cough seem to have gone away after 3 weeks which took pretty long and recently i had unprotected sex with my partner and she seem to have painless unlcer and rashes on her lower legs close to ankle , does that means she has contracted anything from me?

  27. Dear doc,
    I accidentally touched what looked like pre cum on a table and went on to scratch my nose and broke a few scabs there, there was small bleeding, assuming that the pre cum has hiv, is it possible for me to get infected in this manner?

  28. hai doc im qal.I doing test ag/ab after sex 53day negative.I relly stress now.I read for ab/ag only 28day-48day conclusive.how about my test 53day conclusive or not.please doc answer my question.

  29. Hi Doctor, yesterday nigh one ladybody gave me blow job without condom in total for three times, each bj for half hour, then had frenching and sex with condom, later i ejaculated in her mouth. now i regret why i had sex with unknown. am i at risk of hiv? is it true that there are no hiv cases till date that occured witb oral sex?
    should i still get tested for hiv?

  30. Hi Doctor,

    I did a Gen 4 test in June 2017 and that was 26 days post exposure. Result came back negative.

    Is that conclusive? Currently im having some GI issues and muscle ache. Is it anything to worry about?


  31. Brotting

    Hello Doc ,

    Please advise i recieved and handjob on date 2nd November 2016 in Dubai from Non CSW lady and we practice soft kisses as well and some cuddles in bed without any intercourse at all, since that date i am having small lympho behind my ear from down and decreasing but without any fever nor rash , or flu but only thin grey line on a nail of my fingers which i heard its either sign of HIV or Cancer specially when it comes with lympho ,

    I did only one test and i asked the well known kab in Dubai abd they said 4th Generation p24 test but then I refused and asked only for combo but they convinced me it is the same ,

    Therefore i did the test on date 17th April 2017, it was written ( HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test ) and the result came out after 2 hours as of Non-Reactive also i did the Microglobulin test in Germany and came back normal range ,

    Please advise if my risk was high or i should re test if i have and old immune system illness in my bones ?

    I am very paranoid

  32. chee heng

    Hi Drs,i done my hiv and hcv test at the same time,the result are negative,i done it after six months from my exposure,izzit conclusive?

  33. Sorry if my questions came up a lot of times, cannot seem to submit it.

    hi, can I check if there are any STD of HIV risk of drinking a shot of beer straight from a bar girls mouth? My mouth has an ulcer in it and assuming that the girls have STD/HIv. Thanks.

  34. Sir my question is i was touching vagina and some vaginal fluid was on my finger then i suddenly hold my penis shaft with same wet finger but there was not cut on penis shaft skin and i was uncircumcised that time so is it Risk for hiv or no Risk, if risk then why?

  35. Worriedhello

    Hi Doctors, I recently went to a message centre in Vietnam and gotten a condomless handjob and licked/sucked the ladies nipple.

    I didn’t notice and liquid or milk from her breast (I might be wrong) and I couldn’t see if her hands had any cuts. I also had a small wound at the back of my mouth.

    Am I in any risk of STD of HIV?

    Am considering to go down for the 28 days 4th gen test.

    Please advise, thank you.

    • There is no risk of HIV from this encounter.

      • Worriedhello

        Thank you for your reply dr Jonathan, should I still come down for the test then? Feeling afraid that I could get something in the midst.

        Apologies for the multiple messages.

        • If you have concerns, you are welcome to come down to our clinic for consult and testing. There is no harm in checking, if it will give you peace of mind.

  36. Dear Dr.
    I have HIV 1/2 P24 test exactly in 42 days.
    Is it conclusive do I have to repeat the test.
    Kind regards

  37. Hi doctor is penis shaft and penis shaft skin same or penis shaft is the inner part of penis shaft skin? Also is penis shaft outer skin with no cuts permeable to hiv? Is vaginal fluid touch penis shaft skin risk.for hiv?

    • Sorry I do not really understand your question. HIV transmission is through penetrative sexual intercourse or needlestick exposure. If you have concerns regarding your exposure risk, please visit us for a proper consult and evaluation.

  38. PlZ doctor tell wht im asking im suffering from ocd also my question is vaginal fluid on fingers touching penis shaft outer skin and penis outer foreskin n u said no realistic risk why did not y say no risk is penis shaft outer skin and outer foreskin is mocous memebrane or permeable to hiv if not thn is no risk in my case?

  39. Hi doc
    I did these tests
    Hiv ab test after 2 weeks
    Hiv 1&2 ag/ab test after 11 weeks
    Both are negative
    Please doctor is it conclusive?
    Can i move on with my live ?

  40. Hello doctor is penis outer shaft skin and outer forskin is mucous memebrane or permeable to hiv? What if vaginal fluid on hand touch outer forskin and outer shaft skin no cut on skin

    • There is no significant risk of HIV infection from what you described.

      • Doctor Plz tell what I’m asking is penis shaft outer skin and outer forskin mucous membrane or permeable to hiv and if not then why significant risk why no risk ni my case plz reply i m requesting you doctor u r god

  41. Hello doctor i touched my penis shaft outer skin with vaginal fluid on finger and vaginal fluid moisture on finger touch uncircumcised penis tip my question is

    1 is touching penis shaft outer skin with no cuts a risk for hiv?
    2 and touching dry or needle tip size vaginal fluid touch uncircumcised penis tip will be risk plz reply im in depression from 1 year.

  42. Hi Doctor,

    I did 2 hiv tests both of them 4th generation. One 28 days after the risk exposure and second one after 100 days. Both of them came out negative. Do I need further testing or this is considered conclusive?

  43. Hi Dr, I had an encounter with a masseur 2 weeks back, and u received unprotected oral from her. Condom broke during interiors but was replace with a new condom almost immediately. The exposure when condom broke was about 20 secs.

    I have no symptoms of fever etc since then. May i know my risk of contracting hiv? And is a testing recommended here?


  44. One night stand

    Hi Doc,
    I had a date with a guy and we drink some alcohol so we went back home. We did not have sex but he had hand job on me. I heart that he is a playboy and I’m worried he is also a HIV carrier.

    1.I’m not sure weather he have a open wound in his hand if yes during the hand job on my bottom part am I having any danger getting HIV?

    2. He use his dick rubbing my backside but it did not enter. Will it safe?

    • I do not believe there is any significant risk from this exposure. If you still have concerns, please visit us for a consult and evaluation.

      • One night stand

        Dear doc,

        If I wanted to do a blood test on it, when would be the best day? How many days will be the conclusion ?

        • For conclusive results, you will need a test 28 days or more post-exposure with a 4th generation combo test.

          • One night stand

            An open wound with bleeding will only transform HIV virus? I am quite worry for my case

  45. Dear Doc,

    I was have a night with a man, I we’re drunk. We did not have sex but he did hand job for me with his finger. He is a playboy and his finger have a cut and wound. I’m worried that he is a HIV carrier if he is, I scared the bacteria will go into my body trough his hand enter my bottom part?


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