Dr. Tan and Partners is one of the few approved Anonymous HIV Testing Centres in Singapore. A detailed write up on our service is available here.

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Anonymous HIV Testing at Our Clinic.

In 2008, we were given the mandate by the Ministry of Health to conduct anonymous HIV testing.

Registration form for Anonymous HIV Testing. No personal details required.

Registration form for Anonymous HIV Testing. No personal details required.

Not all clinics are allowed to conduct anonymous HIV tests. This is because according to the Infectious Diseases Act, all medical personnel are required to inform MOH of the details of any person they know or suspect of being infected with HIV. Our clinic signed a gazette that is filed with the Supreme Court of Singapore to excuse us from this section of the Infectious Diseases Act. We are therefore mandated under Singapore Law to be allowed to conduct Anonymous HIV tests. Yes, it is a big deal.

We use only Gold Standard HIV tests that are validated and approved according to the latest International Standards.

All Our Doctors are fully certified and trained in advance HIV testing.

We use only single use and disposable equipment and are validated by MOH for Good Infection Control Practices.

Here is step-by-step guide to getting an Anonymous HIV test done at our clinic.

1. Anonymous HIV tests are conducted at our clinic at Robertson Walk.

2. You do not need an appointment. Just walk in to our clinic anytime during our opening hours.

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3. Let our staff at the counter know that you are here for the ‘3 step test’

4. You will be given a form that looks like this: AHT Registration Form

5. As you can see, the form does not require any personal details from you.

6. This form has a serial number on it : AHT####. You will be identified according to this number.

7. You will be given a pamphlet with information on various HIV and STD tests. Your serial number will also be on this pamphlet. Hold on to it.

8. When the doctor is ready to see you, the staff will ask you to go into the doctor’s room.

9. When you meet the doctor, this is your chance to ask all the questions you want to ask.

10. You should also let the doctor know if you suspect or wish to test for any other STDs.

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11. We offer both the Oraquick Advance HIV 1/2 Test, the Determine HIV 1/2 Test and the SD Bioline HIV Combo test.

Click here for info on the Rapid Anonymous HIV Combo Test

12. The doctor will ask you a few pertinent questions then conduct the test for you.

13. You will need to wait 20 minutes for the results.

If you test Negative for HIV

1. The doctor will advise you on when to come back for a repeat test if you are in the window period.

2. This is another chance for you to ask whatever questions you have with regards to HIV or any other STDs.

3. You can then leave the clinic but please remember to come back for your repeat test if required.

If you test Positive for HIV

1. The doctor will draw a blood for a confirmatory Western Blot test. This test is also anonymous.

2. This test might take up to 2 weeks for us to get the results.

3. Because you tested at our clinic, there will be no notification requirements.

4. You can leave a contact number or email for us to contact you with the Western Blot results. Or you can contact us after 2 weeks.

5. Our doctor will then discuss with you the next steps.

6. All of this still remains anonymous.

Do not hesitate. Come for a test now.

Video on HIV Signs and Symptoms

Please post any questions you have with regards to Anonymous HIV testing in the comments section below.

Also, if you have had HIV testing at our clinic and have any feedback on our service, please also post in the comments section below.

If you have any questions, visit our free online forum on sexual health, HIV and STDs.

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If you had a high risk exposure to HIV within the past 72 hours, you can take medicines to reduce your risk of actually contracting HIV. Find out more on HIV PEP Treatment.

If not read more about HIV symptoms.

Can’t wait for 3 months to find out? Find out more about Rapid HIV Combo test at our clinics.

Your are welcome to visit Our Doctors at Our Clinics anytime during our opening hours.

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About Dr. Tan
Dr. Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2001. His residency was in the two largest public hospitals in Singapore; Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Singapore General Hospital.

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  1. hi dr tan
    I really appreciate for the time and answer you give us.
    I have two questions :

    1. I saw discarded needle I don’t touch it and I didn’t step on it. in general, is discarded needle a way for HIV transmission?

    2. I get my meal from delivery when I open the box there is dried blood on the pocket I think from the person who made the meal. am I at risk for HIV or hep C? I opened the box but I don’t think I cut my hand whit the box
    thank you dr tan for answering us

  2. Hi i had sex with hiv+ women

    I did a lot of testing

    12 days lab test negative
    5 weeks labtest negative
    6 zweeks alere rapid test negative
    9 weeks rapid test negative
    11 weeks labtest negative

    Is this conclusive?

    • Yes, your results are conclusive.

      • Thank you dr.
        I really had a lot of stress and anxiety and i still have al lott of symptoms.the lady had a lot of fluids and touched with wet hands the glans this would not make any diffrence right? I am from the netherlands sorry for my english .iam now testing for sti stds this will not increase the exposure of hiv? Or should i retest at 6 months?
        Thank you verry much for youre time

  3. Ms chow

    May I ask, a friend of mine went for a massage. During the massage, the massage master put his finger into the Virginia together the massage lotion. Will this sprade HIV? Can the massage lotion contain HIV virus inside? If her finger had a cut two days ago but it is not bleeding, will it have HIV infection?

    • No, I do not believe you are at risk of HIV from this exposure. If you have any further concerns, please visit us for consult and evaluation.

      • Ms chow

        So what happens if the massage master put his finger into Virginia, will it exposure HIV virus?

        • No, there is no risk of HIV from this exposure.

          • Ms chow

            My meant is if the massage master finger have a wound and it enter the Virginia will it have any percentage for spread the virus?

          • As I have mentioned twice, there is zero risk. If you still have concerns please visit our clinics for consult and testing.

  4. Hi doctor,

    I visted a prostitute at geylang about two weeks ago and during the intercourse i had a precum and when i pull out my dick from the vaginal, the condom slip off whereby the condom is still stuck inside. Recently, i felt very feverish and went to see a doctor and the doctor told me that i had viral faver and the temperature of my fever is very inconsistent and there is rashes all over my body. I had a blood test from the clinic and they told me it was some sort of virus. Do i have a risk of HIV or any other STD? I’m very worried now.

  5. Hi Dr,

    I just had unprotected sex recently and i would like to take a hiv test, when will it be a suitable time to take it? (How many days/ hours later?)

    • The earliest we can detect the virus would be around 2 weeks post-exposure, but for conclusive results I would recommend 28 days post-exposure.

  6. hi dr
    I bite my nail so there is always cut on my hand. I helped someone who is mechanic he cleaned his hand with the cloth he give it to me to hold it while he was working so there is cut if his hand was bloody and the cloth he uses have blood can I get HIV by holding it? for example, the bloody cloth touches the cut should I test????
    tnx alot

  7. Hi DR , how long should I take the 4th gen test after the exposure ?

  8. Confusing guy

    Hello dr, I heard that 4th generation test kit if came out negative no need to come for a repeat test right?But i saw on the internet a article says “A negative results for 4th at 28days is good news but it is not conclusive UK GUIDELINES(BASHH)say that early negative results at 28 days (1months) needs to be confirmed with a second test 90 days after exposure ” But i go to your clinic and get tested after 55 days. Isit conclusive? Cause i was on med that time. Im scared its a false negative. Please I’m really confused.

    • Your test is conclusive and I do not believe you recommend further testing. If you have further concerns, please visit us again for evaluation.

  9. Hello doctor i had negligible to low risk kind of exposure all the doctors ive visited said so. So if i take a 4th gen test at 28 days, how conclusive will the results be?

    And how much does it cost?

  10. Dear Doctor, I am stress out for what I did two week ago. I had visited a massage centre and the masseuser gave me a handjob. But, I do not know if her hands sustain any cut or have any vaginal fluid on it. Aftet 2 weeks, I have been experience dry cough, headache and muscle ache. Did I contracted HIV? Thank you for your time to answer my question.

  11. Hi dr. I got hepatitis c, can it affect hiv test? For the 4th generation? I never take hepatitis c medicine yet since im waiting for my next appointment.

  12. Hi dr, can medicine nitrazepam (anxiety pills) affect hiv test? Cause I’ve been taking this pills lately and that day i go for a hiv test 4th generation hand pick test came out negative. Could it be a false negative? I take after 40 days of exposure. Could it be a false negative cause of the medicine i took? Should i go for a repeat test after 90 days? Or the test i take it’s already conclusive? Please reply I’m really freak out thank you for your time

    • The test is not affected by your medication. Your results are conclusive and I do not believe you require further testing.

      • Hm i just got fever going to be 3 days, mouth ucler and kind of diehearea. Next month will on 10 of oct will be 90 days after exposure. I will come to your clinic to check. 4 generation kit.

  13. hi dr,i have done hcv and hiv test at six month?izzit conclusive ?

  14. Doctor what is hiv 1&2 ag/ab test ? It is hiv 4th generation test ?

  15. Dear Doctor, I did a rapid combo test at the clinic the very same day I complete my PEP and is more than 27days. Is my test conclusive considering that it’s 4th Gen at 27-28days whilst on PEP? Appreciate your reply thanks!

  16. Hello Dr, just to check with you, can I do the 4th Gen hiv test at 2 weeks post exposure just to put my mind at ease, and a further test at 1 month post exposure after the completion of PEP. I’m on Truvada and Edurant currently. Will these 2 medication affect the HIV test results at 2 and 4 weeks post exposure. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Hello Doctor,

      Please kindly advise. Thank you.

      • There is no good data on testing while on PEP. Testing post-PEP is essentially conclusive, but guidelines will still recommend a repeat at 3 months if you have taken PEP.

  17. hi Dr,
    I did a rapid P24 AG+AB test on September the 3rd in your office at Robertson Walk. Test found to be non-reactive. But my last sex was end of July. Is the result conclusive? (Since it’s above the window period 15-20 days)

  18. Worry man

    Dear Doctor, I had an encounter of handjob by a massuse. Doing the process, she used her hand to clear off my pre-cum. I do not know if her hand has any open wound or vaginal fluid that touched my penis tip. From this, can i got HIV or STD?

  19. Hi Doctor, is handjob a risk of contracting HIV? If the tip of the penis had blood or fluid on it

  20. Hello Doctor. Good Evening
    I had 4th generaton rapid HIV tests at 16, 34 and 54 days in Malaysia. all were negative. im using probiotics for diarrhea. I read alot that probiotics improve immune system and CD4 count.
    so my question is will antibiotics/ probiotics effetct that hiv tests or should I consider myself as negative.
    Thank you Doctor

  21. Hi DrTan,

    Last week i went to PUB. I had drink at that time 1 girl chat with me for a while after that i ask her to sitdown my table and we drunk together that time i touch shes full body and press hers boobs thatsall ( we didnot had any sex). I dont know shes HIV status and i dont have any open cut in my fingers and hands this situtation have any possible to spread HIV.

    Please help me reply i am so worried now.


  22. Hi doctor
    Hiv ab test after 81 days
    The result was negative
    Do i need to repeat the test ?

  23. Hi dr, Is medicine can affect hiv test?

  24. sorry my english so bad
    all hiv 1&2 (3rdgeneration test ) testing ( including all hiv 1&2 rapid test (3generation) testing is conclusive if you do test at 3 month or after 3 monts after your last sex date . If the result all hiv 1&2 (3rdgeneration test ) ( including all hiv rapid test 3rd generation ) testing you do at 3 month or after 3 month after your last sex date is non-reactive or negative, then it is conclusive that you are HIV negative and no need for you to get repeat hiv test .

    my question is :

    1)based on the conclusions I wrote above, the answers for the conclusions I wrote above is correct or incorrect ?

  25. Kishore K

    Doctor, I had gonorrhea and chlamydia positive and other STDs negative on day 15 after exposure and hiv test negative at day 36. BUT MY QUESTION is can the strong anti-biotics I got for gonorrhea treatment effect my hiv test on day 36 to lead negative results?

  26. doctor help me ! my last sex at 16/3/2017 and after that i do 2 hiv test :
    1) my first test is i do hiv 1&2 ag/ab ( elisa ) at 33 day after my last sex ( my last sex at 16/3/2017 ) and my result come back hiv 1&2 ag/ab ( elisa ) negative . do you think my negative result hiv 1&2 ag/ab ( elisa ) at 33 day after my last sex is conclusive ? should i need hiv rapid test ?
    2) my second test is i do hiv 1&2 rapid test icare 3rd generation at 153 day after my last sex ( my last sex at 16/3/2017 ) and my result come back hiv 1&2 rapid rest icare 3rd generation negative . do you think my negative result hiv 1&2 rapid test icare 3rd generation at 153 day after my last sex is conclusive ? should i need hiv repeat test ?

    • Your tests are both conclusive. No need to re-test.

      • Hello Dr, on the 6th of sept, I had sex with a prostitute in Thailand and the condom burst without me knowing and I ejaculated in her. The next day I went to a clinic and was given 2 types of medicine for gonorrehea and Chlamydia (4pills each). Edurant and Truvuda was given for HIV prevention and are to be taken for 1 month. Please advise on the next step and the correct time to do the hiv and std testing. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

        • You may do urine testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea 2 weeks after completing your antibiotics, and a rapid 4th gen HIV test after completion of PEP. You may visit us for further consult and testing.

          • Hello Dr, thank you for your feedback. Was only given 2 types of pills (only 4pills each) and was told to all 8 at 1 time, which means I’ve completed the medication. Azithromycin for Chlamydia.
            Cefixime for Gonorrhea. Which means, now I’ve to wait 2 weeks before I can do the urine testing?

  27. hi Dr
    I apologize for asking this question and I m very sorry for asking this ridiculous question but I hope you answer my question. I was walking on the street I think that needle goes to the bottom of my shoe. so I get panic I come back home I spray bottom of my shoe with bleach and take one (new) syringe to be sure that needle can not penetrate my shoe sole after I pull out the syringe it poke my finger I know maybe its so stupid to ask but because of dirt in shoe sole is this kind of needle stick accident ???? I am so worried should I use pep? should I test for HIV or hep c the syringe was new but I push it on my shoe sole I don’t know what to do
    thank u sara

  28. Hai doctor can i know how long window period for hiv 1&2 rapid test icare ? 3 month or 6 month ?

  29. hi Dr
    I was walking in the office suddenly one of the needles in the office which is new goes into the bottom of my shoe I pull it out but the needle poke my finger I didn’t see any blood coming out of my finger should I worry and get tested for hep C or HIV??? I know that needle was from office but the bottom of the shoe is dirty and goes every and touch anything on the street like saliva, blood, etc. I am so worried I apologize if this question is ridiculous but I am worried. and I am nervous

    • What kind of needle was it? I would say your risk is pretty low but if you have concerns no harm in testing.

      • needle use for paper.but bottom of the shoe is dirty place i worry if the bottom of my shoe is dirty i get hiv or hep c

  30. Hye doctor , I from Malaysia . I do hiv 1&2 rapid test icare at 3 month ( EXACTLY at 3 month ) from date my last sex , and my result hiv 1&2 rapid test icare at 3 month ( EXACTLY at 3 month) from date my last sex is negative . My questions is :
    1) do you think my negative hiv 1&2 rapid test icare at 3 month ( EXACTLY at 3 month ) from date my last sex is conclusive ?
    2) do you think I should repeat test again ?

  31. Hye doctor , I from Malaysia . I do hiv 1&2 rapid test icare at 3 month ( at 84 day ) from date my last sex , and my result hiv 1&2 rapid test icare at 3 month ( at 84 day ) from date my last sex is negative . My questions is :
    1) do you think my negative hiv 1&2 rapid test icare at 3 month ( at 84 day ) from date my last sex is conclusive ?
    2) do you think I should repeat test again ?

  32. I did hiv ag/ab type1&2
    After 82 days of exposure
    The result was negative
    I’m i free from hiv ?
    Do i need to repeat the teat ?

  33. Good evening Dr,Before fifteen days I went to a massage parlour during the massage we both are nacked but there is no direct genital contact only I touch my penis on her thighs only now am really worried if her thighs contains vaginal fluids and it will get contact with my urethral opening is there is any chance of getting hiv and she done hand job for me please help me doctor

  34. Hi Dr. I m a foreigner and I took HIV test on my arrival it was negative.. before one I had un protected sex with a shemale. Will you do HIV test anonymous? If found please will you inform to government?

  35. HanXiong

    Hi Dr, i have an unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex with a prositute on 18/4, 3 months later which is on 14/7 i did HIV ag/ab and the result was non-reactive. But within this 3 months i had sex with my girlfriend also, do i need to recalculate the window period or the result is accurate?

    • The result is accurate for your exposure with the prostitute. Unless you are concerned of possible HIV transmission from exposures with your girlfriend.

      • HanXiong

        If my girlfriend is safe , thats mean i no need to worry anymore right?

  36. gedhang

    hi doc. i done test anti HIV 1 method CMIA with Non Reactive result.
    how about you?
    plz help me

    • gedhang

      i done at 22 days and 38 days with all non reactive

      • If the test was 4th gen for antigen and antibody then they are conclusive. If just for HIV antibody then they are not conclusive until 3 months.

  37. hi dr tan
    i was driving suddenly something like spit enter my eye should i test for hiv and hep c?
    thak you dr tan

  38. HI doctor, i had an two minute “MSM being top” exposure on 10/07/2016, there was no regular symptom like fever or pain in last one year. In whole May 2017 i felt huge fatigue, mild pains in joints and muscle , and general unwell feeling, mild flash also for few days. I took a rapid antibody test in July 6, 2017 and found negative but i doubt that the lab technician did not add the chase buffer though he said that he was an expert on this test which he does regularly.

    I found that my ex gf had some mood swing with whom i had sex 1 year ago, since July 2017 she also had two three days fever,nausea for 2/3 days, huge headache and pain due to period and fatigue. I have a new gf, had sex around mid of July 2017 and since end of July she also got generalized unwell feeling, sleeping tendency , huge tiredness and huge headache at times, nausea for one day, and she did not have period last month and when she had period this month , she had huge pain and bleeding.

    I am in a distance place and cant take a second test for me till October, I am feeling guilty and anxious and i have a skin problem now which is flaky(dusty) on arms and legs mostly.

    Can u please let me know your opinion about the rapid test i had , can that be false due to this symptoms of my gf’s and mine?

    • We do not diagnose or exclude the diagnosis of HIV from symptoms, or lack thereof. I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of your test, but I was not there so how can I comment. If the test is done properly (which it should be), it is conclusive and you should move on with your life.

  39. Hi doc ,I had sex with a prostitute and I used condom ,oral with condom and penetrate with condom too,how it risk for hiv? Regards

  40. Hello doctor
    I took the test at your robertson clinic and got -ve after 48 days
    i took duo test
    i forgot to check if the lancet that is used has been steriled or not
    can you pls inform how the lancet will be maintained at your clinic, like you sterilize it or use only one per person etc

  41. I am on doxycycline, will this affect rapid test?i have exposure on 2 aug.

  42. Hi Dr

    I had an exposure on 7/5/2017, and did a test on 26/7/2017, the result was Not detected and the method is eclia. Need a repeat?

  43. Hi Dr,
    I had unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex with a prostitute on 18/4/2017 , after that i did an HIV testing in my camp(NSF), is on 14/7/2017, the result was Non-reactive. Do i still need to go for a repeat test after 3 months?

  44. Hi Dr,

    I had an exposure on 18/4/2017, is a prostitute, she did a blowjob without condom and sexjob with condom with me, after that i did an HIV testing in my camp(NSF), is on 14/7/2017, the result was Non-reactive. Do i still need to go for a repeat test after 3 months?

  45. Hi doc, I wan to adopt a baby which only less than two months old, her mum is infected with HIV, she got a two year boy which is not infected when gave birth. Now this baby girl was had her first HIV tested with negative. And second test still pending for report. I heard that there is a window period of 18months?

    Doc, pls advice what’s the possibility of her will got infected with HIV, if her second result is stil negative?

    Do you have any further test at your clinic? The baby is not resident at sg now. Is there a possibility to send the samples blood to your lab?


    • You do not need to repeat testing at 18 months as long as the baby has the correct tests done. Maternal HIV antibodies can be detectable for up to 18 months, so it is recommended that testing is done by virological assays (DNA/RNA PCR testing). By approximately age 1 month, PCR testing has a 96% sensitivity and 99% specificity to identify HIV. We do not take blood samples from overseas for testing.

  46. Lominof

    Hi Doc ,

    2nd of November 2016 i had Only handjob and she is not a CSW ,she is a nice hard work girl but i am not sure about her HIV status , she gave me handjobe 3 times and one time i ejaculated on her ass and i moved my penis on her ass from outside and kissed her lips one time from outside a quick kiss that was all , i did only one test HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test on date of 17th April 2017 means after 5 and half months and result was Non-Reactive .

    Never got flu nor fever , just white layer on the end of my toughe ,

    Is my test Conclusive , do i need to re-test now which is about 8 months or so ?

  47. Christopher

    Hello Doctors, I engaged in unprotected oral sex and protected penetrative sex last month.

    Recently, I discovered that a white subtance began to accumulate and appear after rubbing my penis glan. There are also some small red areas on the penis glan and dots on the foreskin which I’m not sure whether or not it is fordyce spots. I suspect I have a penile yeast infection and would also like to know if I might have gotten HIV.

  48. Hi Dr,
    I had protected oral and vaginal sex with a prostitute, and the condom was intact after sex. How much chance I would catch STD / HIV? Do I need to have test now? Or any recommended time later?

    Many thanks,

    • Although condoms will reduce your risk of STD transmission, they are not 100% protective. There are also STDs which are transmitted via skin-to-skin contact such as genital warts or herpes. If you have any concerns, please come visit us for a consult and evaluation.

  49. Hi Doc,

    I am worried a lot. I have a question related to seronegativity. Although i know its very rare i am still worried.
    I tested over seven times with HIV combo test in the span of 42 months after a exposure incident and result were non reactive. However I have constant body pain , abdominal pain and skin rash throughout this period and feeling too unwell. Normal medical test didnt found anything wrong but i am still having a lot of body problems. Also I tried a lot of medication as prescribed but to no avail.I know you cannot give medical advice over internet however I would just like to know can i be a seronegative individual and do i need a hiv pcr test. I am just asking you this question as i know that you have many years expertise over this topic.You reply would be very valuable to me doctor.

    • In my opinion you most definitely do not have HIV and there is no need to do further HIV testing. However, if it will give you peace of mind, then go ahead and do a viral load PCR test.

    • I would also like to add that my exposure was of high risk and therefore i am much worried. Although m not confirmed about the status of my partner.

  50. Hi Dr,

    Can the HIV RNA/DNA PCR Test – Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing (NAAT) done under anonymous? Please advise.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi, no this test cannot be run anonymously. Only our 3rd and 4th generation rapid tests are available for anonymous testing.

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