Dr. Tan and Partners is one of the few approved Anonymous HIV Testing Centres in Singapore. A detailed write up on our service is available here.

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Anonymous HIV Testing at Our Clinic.

In 2008, we were given the mandate by the Ministry of Health to conduct anonymous HIV testing.

Registration form for Anonymous HIV Testing. No personal details required.

Registration form for Anonymous HIV Testing. No personal details required.

Not all clinics are allowed to conduct anonymous HIV tests. This is because according to the Infectious Diseases Act, all medical personnel are required to inform MOH of the details of any person they know or suspect of being infected with HIV. Our clinic signed a gazette that is filed with the Supreme Court of Singapore to excuse us from this section of the Infectious Diseases Act. We are therefore mandated under Singapore Law to be allowed to conduct Anonymous HIV tests. Yes, it is a big deal.

We use only Gold Standard HIV tests that are validated and approved according to the latest International Standards.

All Our Doctors are fully certified and trained in advance HIV testing.

We use only single use and disposable equipment and are validated by MOH for Good Infection Control Practices.

Here is step-by-step guide to getting an Anonymous HIV test done at our clinic.

1. Anonymous HIV tests are conducted at our clinic at Robertson Walk.

2. You do not need an appointment. Just walk in to our clinic anytime during our opening hours.

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3. Let our staff at the counter know that you are here for the ‘3 step test’

4. You will be given a form that looks like this: AHT Registration Form

5. As you can see, the form does not require any personal details from you.

6. This form has a serial number on it : AHT####. You will be identified according to this number.

7. You will be given a pamphlet with information on various HIV and STD tests. Your serial number will also be on this pamphlet. Hold on to it.

8. When the doctor is ready to see you, the staff will ask you to go into the doctor’s room.

9. When you meet the doctor, this is your chance to ask all the questions you want to ask.

10. You should also let the doctor know if you suspect or wish to test for any other STDs.

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11. We offer both the Oraquick Advance HIV 1/2 Test, the Determine HIV 1/2 Test and the SD Bioline HIV Combo test.

Click here for info on the Rapid Anonymous HIV Combo Test

12. The doctor will ask you a few pertinent questions then conduct the test for you.

13. You will need to wait 20 minutes for the results.

If you test Negative for HIV

1. The doctor will advise you on when to come back for a repeat test if you are in the window period.

2. This is another chance for you to ask whatever questions you have with regards to HIV or any other STDs.

3. You can then leave the clinic but please remember to come back for your repeat test if required.

If you test Positive for HIV

1. The doctor will draw a blood for a confirmatory Western Blot test. This test is also anonymous.

2. This test might take up to 2 weeks for us to get the results.

3. Because you tested at our clinic, there will be no notification requirements.

4. You can leave a contact number or email for us to contact you with the Western Blot results. Or you can contact us after 2 weeks.

5. Our doctor will then discuss with you the next steps.

6. All of this still remains anonymous.

Do not hesitate. Come for a test now.

Video on HIV Signs and Symptoms

Please post any questions you have with regards to Anonymous HIV testing in the comments section below.

Also, if you have had HIV testing at our clinic and have any feedback on our service, please also post in the comments section below.

If you have any questions, visit our free online forum on sexual health, HIV and STDs.

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If you had a high risk exposure to HIV within the past 72 hours, you can take medicines to reduce your risk of actually contracting HIV. Find out more on HIV PEP Treatment.

If not read more about HIV symptoms.

Can’t wait for 3 months to find out? Find out more about Rapid HIV Combo test at our clinics.

Your are welcome to visit Our Doctors at Our Clinics anytime during our opening hours.

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Dr. Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2001. His residency was in the two largest public hospitals in Singapore; Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Singapore General Hospital.

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  1. Michael

    Hi Doctors. I have taken 4 times hiv 1/2 4th generation reflex conf by withdrawing blood at day 41, 46, 55 and 69 from the exposure and all came back non-reactive. I am still worried about my Hiv status since CDC recommends that we retake the test after 3 months (91 days) from the exposure. I need your precious opinion about the 4th generation accruacy. Do I still need to re-test? Thanks!

    • I would consider your tests conclusive.

      • Michael

        Thank you doctor, I appreciate it. So can I put all this behind and move on in my life. Is there any possibility that the result turns positive after 3 months if there was no additional exposure during the period.

  2. Mrs M

    Hi Dr…

    My son went to a gay club for the first time at end of May and had anus sex with 2 men there.
    I’m worried as we don’t know those 2 men…..

    Is it necessary to bring my son for HIV tests?

    Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hi, yes there is risk of HIV transmission through these encounters. It would be advised to get tested.

      • Mrs M

        Thanks Dr!
        Do all your clinics conduct HIV tests or only the one at Robertson?

        I’m thinking of bringing him to the one at Bencoolen, is it available there?

        • All of our clinics have it available, but Robertson Walk is the only one which can perform Anonymous testing as mandated by MOH. For conclusive results, we advise testing 28 days or more post-exposure.

          • Mrs M

            If he were to go to Bencoolen clinic, does it mean he has to provide his name? If yes, will his name be submitted to MOH for this blood test?

          • Will have to be under a registered name, but MOH is not notified UNLESS the test is positive. If this is a concern, please come down to our Robertson Walk clinic for Anonymous testing.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi doctors
    I did unprotected oral sex with a female partner whom I know, I also did vaginal sex with protection. I didnt notice her cuts on her mouth or anything. What are possibilities of getting a Std or HIV? Thanks

    • There is a very low risk for HIV, but there is risk for other STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes etc. Please come down to our clinics for a consult and evaluation.

  4. Hi, Dr

    I tested hiv antibody test ten times over three years and all were non reactive. However all throughout the three
    years i had abdominal pain, body pain and rashes in my body. Basically i had worst day to day health experience. Many more health issue impossible to describe here.Do you think i may be a case of seronegative individual. Should i take up PCR test?

  5. Darwin

    Hi doctor, I have already did the urine test at 12 days, 4th gen test at 27 days & 3rd gen test at 6 weeks. All the results came back negative. However I’m having fever now at the 8th week. May I know if the tests results that I have tested for is conclusive & the fever is non-related to any stds? Thanks!

    • I would consider your tests to be fairly conclusive. Your fever is most likely due to something non-STD related.

  6. Dear dr
    Doeshaving angiokeratoma increase risk for hiv?let say if I sit on a sofa without pants and underwear and I notice some blood on the sofa?not sure wet or dry.is it possible?

  7. Jon Law

    HI Doc, what are the chances of getting HIV from unprotected oral sex? and if I have fever and lymph nodes swelling 4 months after the encounter?


  8. Hi doctor, I had an unprotected sex last 16 June. I want to be tested for HIV and hepatitis. What tests should I go for?

    • Hi, you may come down to our clinics for consultation and testing. We would advise a window period for HIV and hepatitis testing of at least one month post-exposure for more conclusive results.

  9. Hi Doc,
    I took Alere rapid combo test on 25th & 28th days after my exposure. The result was negative. My exposure was unprotected oral from CSW. I picked up gonorrhea from this incident which has been treated. I have few question:
    1) is the test result is conclusive
    2) can I move on with normal sex with my wife
    3) have u seen any case, 28th days negative and after 3 months postive? Pls advice.
    I have no symptom till now. Only mild sore throats and dry cough for 3days. I don’t mind waiting for 3 months in case if it’s not conclusive.

  10. Hi Doctor,

    4 days ago, I went to a massage parlour for my first time. She help me to do a handjob and I did sucked on her nipples but no biting. I didnt see any blood, any open wound, or breast milk. She was not pregnant. I didnt perform vaginal/anal intercourse or oral sex. I did feel deeply regretted for my act.

    1. What is the risk of contracting HIV through my account?
    2. Any documented case based on your clinical experience and other parts of the world?
    3. What is the risk of HIV transmission if it happens to have any unnoticeable breast secretion/ any unnoticeable mouth cuts ?
    4. Should I worry for HIV transmission and get tested for HIV?

  11. Hi Doc, I did Alere duo test in your clinic on my 25th day after my exposure. However, I came across your forum where you said Alere test has less accurancy.
    Pls advice.

  12. Paranoid HSA

    Hello Doc,

    -I did my HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test after 9 weeks of low risky exposure of handjob and blowjob , No intercourse at all on date 13th march 2016 , is it means it in not conclusive and should retest again based on the HSA Reacall ?

    -I did my HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test after 21 weeks of low risky exposure of handjob and blowjob , No intercourse at all on date 17th April 2017, is it means it in not conclusive and should retest again based on the HSA Reacall ?

    How should i know my test if it was Alere Combo And it was not sd bioline ?


    • My comment said quite clearly your test was conclusive as it is performed more than 3 months after exposure. I also said you do not need a re-test. So if you are still going to be paranoid about it then there’s not much else I can say.

  13. Tireds

    Hello Doc ,

    Do u think if i did the combo test as per the below dates and results Non Reactive in both A Conclusive tests and shall stop thinking about it and go back to my normal sex life without condoms ,Even if i have lympho in my neck 2 cm ,

    – first case on date of 10th Jan 2016 and only handjobs from csw and i fingered her vagina without noticing bleeding cuts but i had a cut early morning that day , i did HIV Ag/Abs Combo test on date 13th March 2016 redult Non Reactive .

    – second case was on date 2nd November with a girl and she is Not. A CSW at all and she blowjob me and ejaculation inside her mouth and i was fingering her vagina as well she is 100% sure she is clean as she do regular blood tests to get a work and residence permission in the GCC this is the law in this country including the HIV , Anyway I did again my HIV P24 Ag/Abs (HIV COMBO ) on the date of 17th April 2017 it means after 22 weeks or so and result again Non Reactive ,

    Did not face any fever since march 2015 from flu or Rash , only as mention the lympho which not disppears since 5months or more , i have inflammnatin in my stomach and as well i suffering Ankylosing Spondilities and i never took medications for it and i asked you but just my fear make me like that , do u think the lympho is from the inflamnation i have inside my stomatch and the Anckylosing ?

    I did the Microglopulin Beta 2 to check the lymphos and it was 1.3 within range of .9 to 2 in germany .

    Should i re test again as i am now one year and half from the first case and more than 7 months from the second and last case from me With Non Reactive ?

    Please again help and advise for the points .. Doc .

    • Your tests are conclusive and you do not have HIV. You do not need to repeat an HIV test. I am unable to comment on your lymph node or other medical condition otherwise and you should consult a doctor if you are still concerned.

  14. Dafasor

    Hi ,

    I believe i am geting paranoid more day after day , i had two cases and both were only handjob and blowjob ,

    – the first case with csw lady on date of 10th jan 2016 and the case was about ehaculation inside her mouth after blow job and then after 15 minutes she gave me a handjob after she washed , i was fingering her with my finger which i am not sure if i had any cuts earlier on it but it was not bleeding . No itercourse , i did HIV P24Ag/Bs Combo test on date of 13th march 2016 which is about 9 weeks from that night with result non reactive .

    – The second case i met a lady close friend in Dubai and i know her as friends over 2 years and as per her advise she never had sex in the past two years plus she is doing a yearly Hiv and other tests to get her work permission as it is the law in this country , we went to the hotel on date of 2nd Nov 2016 and in time we started to cuddle on bed and share kisses not deep ones just from outside , then she started to give me a handjob then she moved down and gave me blowjob and ejaculation was also inside her mouth and after 15 minutes she gave me again a handjob while i was fingering her pussy and her ass , second ejaculationon her butt from up ,

    I did my seco d HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test on date of 17th April 2017 means after 5 and half months with result after 2 hours non reactive also .

    I have lympho nodes under my lower jaw in my neck small two abput 1 cm , not decreasing nor increasing . And nevee got flu or fever .

    Is it conclusive both tests in time ?

    Please please you think i should re test againam now 7 months from the second case and about one and half year from first case ?

    Pkease advise to close it in my mind ?

  15. Hi Doctors,

    I know this sounds silly, but I fear an exposure from a trip to a GP clinic, when a tattooed locum used a lancet to prick my finger for diabetic test. Since then, I have been getting sick much more often with low fevers and unusual symptoms such as burning tongue.

    However, I went for 2 Oraquick tests, one at 6 weeks, one at 3 months, and both were negative. For the 3 month test, I gargled my mouth with water 15 minutes before the test out of anxiety.

    Hence, I would like to know whether the test results are accurate even though I gargled my mouth 15 minutes before? And do you think my situation is a possible risk? And have you heard of any documented cases where the lancet could transmit HIV?

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    • Hi, there have been no documented cases of HIV transmission through lancet use, so I would say your risk is essentially zero. Furthermore, your tests are adequate and conclusive. The Oraquick test is not affected by gargling beforehand.

  16. Is the 3rd gen test also affected by the HSA recall?

    • No, it is not. Only the 4th gen SD Bioline Combo from Feb 2016 onwards. We have changed our testing kit as of mid-May 2017 to the 4th gen Alere HIV Combo.

  17. Worried


    I went to your clinic at Robertson Walk on 2 June to do a HIV test. I went with the 4th generation test recommended by the doctor. However, I’ve noted that there have been a recall of the SD BIOLINE HIV Ag/Ab Combo Assay by HSA. As such please kindly advice if I am affected with the recalled lot and what are the necessary steps to rectify it.

  18. Nirop

    Hello Sir,

    I had a case of 69 for about 10 minutes and i ejaculated inside her mouth , she is A Csw .

    I did my HIV P24 Ag /Abs Combo test after 160 days with Non Reactive , i did asked u before but sorry to ask again .

    Is it conculsive after this time ?
    Isnt this is the Combo test automatic looking for HIV 1 & HIV 2 & Ag of the virus itself ??

    I mean the lab i did my test with is following the AACC tests information .

    Please help for the points .

  19. Doctor, is it true that legal prostitutes working in Geylang and Petain Road are screened for HIV every 2 and 3 months, respectively? Or do all of them still undergo HIV screening every month?

  20. Zeiny

    Hello Doc ,

    Please help me , on the date of 10th jan 2016 in the morning i had a small scratch on my finger which was bleeding foe 2 minutes not too much , in the same day evening i met a csw in the hotel and we went to my room she took of her clothes as well i took off my t-shirt and she set on my legs trying to tease me i found some wet on my pants and i am not sure is from her or is it my pre-cum as i was very on , she gave me un-protectd blowjob while i was fingering her vagina with the same finger i had scratch on and it was not bleeding , then i relized that tjis is the same finger so i stopped , i ejaculted inside her mouth and then she washed and we smoked and then she gave me a second time handjob and she was holding my penis from the middile only , I asked her do u have hiv and she said no and she said that she never had sex without condom as she is doing that to rais her daughter , Anyway i did an HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test on the date of 13th March 2016 means after 9 werks and result was non reactive , (stupied me again ) ) on 4th Nov 2016 i met a girl which we have been friends since almost 2 years and she gave me handjob two times and we cuddled on bed with some kisses but not derp kisses and i did my last HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test on date of 17th April 2017 and got the result after 3 hours as of Mon Reactive ,

    -I never felt fever or rash or cold since 2 years back or so .

    – i am sugfering already since 6 years from Ankylosing Spondylities and i never took any medecation for it yet as my doc just dicovered it , only i am on anti pain since five years if required thats all + my Wbc is 6,900 ehich means within range , do u think my Ankylosing Spondylities affect my result even i am not taking any medecine for it ?

    I am having lympho nodes under my low jaw on botj sides for like 1cm but no decreasing and mot increasing and the ultra sonic on the lympo says its and old thing .

    Do you think my test is conclusive and do i need to re test again ?

  21. Jiff s

    Dr. Tan ,

    Do you think that my HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo tedt after 21 weeks with Non Reactive result is conclusive for a case of oral sex i recieved from csw 5 months and half ago ,

    Although i have lympho since Five months like 2 cm under my lower jaw in both sides not very big but no decreasing and not increading in size and its moving with no hurt

    Do i need to retest , i never got fever or rash .

  22. Pablo

    Una consulta tuve en e enero posible infección sexo anal con mujer sin protección , fueron 2 minutos , me hice varias pruebas entre ellas de cuarta y tercera generación todas negativas , la última a los 4 meses y medio , me puedo quedar tranquilo?

  23. Mahawy

    Sir ,

    I am worried about one night on 2nd Dec 2016 as i recieved oral sex from lady csw , ejaculation inside her mouth , i did test HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test on 14th April Non reactive .

    Is it conclusive or do i need to retest

  24. Adham


    I had un-protected oral sex with a csw in thailand and then we moved to A 69 for about 15 minutes or so , i ejaculated inside her mouth and a second time on her butt and i am not sure if she was free of HIV , i did HIV p24 Ag/Abs combo after about 95 days and my result was Non Reactive , i live in Dubai do u think my Test is conclusive ?

    I am having lymph nodes in my neck two and i have neack and back inflammnation do u think its cause of that or the HIV ?

    Do i need to re test again i am very worried ?

  25. Shakpoil

    Hello ,

    I had recieved a handjob from CSW two times and i ejaculted one time inside her Mouth and one time on her ass , i did my Hiv combo test Ag/Abs test after 20 weeks from the case and with result Non Reactive ,

    Should i test again or to go back to my sex life with my partner without condom ?

  26. Richard


    I am a male had recieved unprotected oral sex from Csw for one minute and then she completed with handjob till ejaculation , that was 100 days ago and last night i did HIV p24 Ag&Abs combo and it was non reactive , is it conclusive as after first two weeks i felt two lymph nodes under lower jaw and it been three months with it , the test is conclusive ?
    Do i need to retest .

  27. Santos

    Hello ,

    I am male 36 old and i had recieved just some licking on my penis and balls from a csw and then we just played in each other till finshed only by hands , i did HIV P24 Ag&Abs Hiv combo test after 9 weeks & after 22 weeks and both was non reactive , do i need to restest , these two tests conclusive and it will look for HIV 1&2 ?

    I never faced fever or flu nor ever had any red rash on skin .

  28. Lalla l

    Hello ,

    I have did HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test after 4 months and my result is Non Reactive , shall i restest agai after 6 months and do u think this test can really catch it if its there in my blood ?

    Does this test looks for Abs sure and it will look for HIV 1&2 ????


    • It is conclusive and you do not need to re-test. Our combo test checks for HIV 1 and 2, but you will have to check with the doctor who performed the test for you what types are checked by your specific test.

      • Lalla l

        Thank you , But dont you think that the Hiv P24 Ag/Abs (HIV COMBO TEST ) As mentioned looks Automatic for HIV 1&2 ، i mean the companies manufactured the Combo test designed it to look automatic for 1&2 hiv right ??

  29. Sir ,

    I did HIV P24 Ag/Abs Combo test after 23 weeks from the day i had low risky exposure as it was only a handjob and cudlling skin to skin but my penis never touched her vaginal and my result was non reactive but doctor advised to re-test after two weeks more as he said it is 100% Conclusive after 6 months only .

    Please tell me if test after 23 weeks is Conclusive and can i go back to my safe sex life with my lady .

    I have a red a small red point on my right side of the tounge and i have white layer on the end of it as well . I am so psranoid ,please tell me about it .

  30. Michael Ny

    Hi ,

    I have seen a comment somewhere might be 99% wrong but i just came here for the experts to make sure , its not useful to do HIV p24 Ag/Abs Combo after 180 days / 6 months and its better to use the 3rd generation for Abs only , is it correct .

    • You can still do the combo later, but only the antibody portion of the combo will be picked up, as the antigen will have subsided. So there is no harm to do the combo antigen+antibody, but essentially you are only testing for the antibody component – so it makes more sense to just do the 3rd generation antibody test only.

      • Michael Ny

        Thx doc , my test is HIV P24 Ag/Abs combo after 5 months and 1 week and result was Non Reactive , my lab asked me which kind i need yo do it and i replied with combo test , but he put the name of p24 Ag test i asked i want the combo and he said yes it is the combo but our system calls it p24 Ag insid the lab network ، after i recieved the result it was written Hiv p24 Ag & Abs ( HIV COMBO ) .

        My case was only handjob in a massage center without any intercourse at all and massaging her vaginal and breasts thats all .

        i dont know what to do now and the time is fine ?

  31. David v

    Hello ,

    Please advise about Hiv p24 Ag/Abs ( Combo Test ) after 9 weeks & after 13 months again with Non-Reactive Result for both tests for a case of 2 hours cuddling & masturbating between each other without intercourse with a girl of unknow status of the HIV only hands touching and the ejaculation for me was on a tissue thats all .

    I am losing weight and have lymph nodes not big very small moving under my skin in 3 places since one year now and i am really paranoid of that and fear to do A 3rd test . I am afraid to have my sex life back with my lady without condom . What do u think ?

    Is it conclusive and do i need to re/test .


  32. Madylegro

    Hi ,

    I met CSW in a massage center and invited her to my room about 160 days before from today and we just touched each other and she handjob me 3 times without any sex but she was riding me and i found wet on my boxer i am not sure it is her wety or my pre-cum as i was so on that day , i fingered her for 25 seconds or so , she did not had anything on her skin or body for a Herps sign and that was what happened,

    I did HIV AG/ABS (HIV COMBO TEST ) after 165 days from that day and result was Non-Reactive and Doc told me one time is enough after this time . Is it conclusive and true ?

    Do u think i had a high risky case here , do u think i should re-tes again after one year ?

    I had two lympo nudes under my lower jaw in both sides and size of 1cm each , does it the connection of the HIV ?

    Is the combo test Ag valid only for 8 weeks or less and then the test should look only for the Abs ?

    If the person is exceeding 3 months of the last risky case then should be tested with the 3rd generation only as it is stronger for the Abs ?

    I am not taking any medications only some pain killer if needed and plz consider my wbcs is 6300 as of within range and my lymphocytes is within range of 1.97 and the normal range as mention is from .9 to 3.1 ,

    I need ur help here for all my Q’s above , please need your answer as i never got fever or flue as well since 2 years .

    Thank you Dr.Tan

    • Your test is conclusive and you do not need to repeat testing. Stop worrying. The combo test checks for both antigen and antibody. At 160 days you probably just need to do an antibody test but there is no harm doing the combo otherwise.

  33. Hi Dr Tan
    I am male ,i had sex with a sex worker with a condom for 15 minutes, after ejaculation I saw menstrual blood outside my condom and I cleaned it with a tissue and put on my underwear. After 20min I went home to wash and wash my penis, what is the high risk of hiv transmission?
    many thanks,

    • Your risk is probably low given you used protection, but menstruation will increase the risk of transmission slightly. If you are concerned, please get tested at the appropriate time.

      • hi doctor,
        i will go your clinic test for hiv combo test in 37days,the test can 100% accuracy ?
        please reply

        • Yes, our combo test is 99.9% sensitive.

          • Lavida

            Sorry but when it should be 100% ?

            Or you mean the combo test in general is only 99.9 % at any time even after a year ???

          • It is as good as 100%, please do not worry.

          • hi doc
            Remove the condom that has menstrual blood from the penis. If accidental menstrual blood affected in uretha penis whether it can be exposed to hiv invasion? I wash my penis 20 minutes after sex.
            thank doc

          • As previously answered, there is a risk of HIV transmission in this way still. If you are concerned, get tested.

  34. erric

    i am male , i had sex with a sex worker with a condom for 15 minutes, after ejaculation I saw menstrual blood outside my condom and I cleaned it with a tissue and put on my underwear. After 20min I went home to wash and wash my penis, what is the high risk of hiv transmission

    • Your risk is probably low given you used protection, but menstruation will increase the risk of transmission slightly. If you are concerned, please get tested at the appropriate time.

      • hi
        I know protected sex is a low risk for HIV but I am extremely worried about getting infected by blood touching my urethra when removing the condom. after 20minute i wash my penis

        1) can HIV be spread by blood touching the urethra area after sex?
        pls reply many thanks for you doc

  35. Lopero

    Hello Doc Tan ,

    Please help me in the below ,

    On the first Nov 2016 I have fingered a girl vaginal for 1 minute and my finger did not had any cuts at this time at all, she gaves me 2 times handjob plus i touched her back with my dick while she was laying on her belly but did not touch the butt whole and no sex at all even only a kiss and not deep just lips kisding from outside with body cuddling and i never felt any fever or flu at all and on the date of 16 April 2017 almost 5 months and half i did HIV P24 Ag / Abs ( HIV Combo ) that was the name of the test and result came out after 4 hours as of Non-Reactive.

    What is that test ? Is it conclusive only one time after thus time ?

    do i need to retest again considering i know the girl and i am sure for about 75% she is clean as she works in country which make the HIV AND TUBERCLEAN to give the permssion for work plus every 6 months she do a general blood test for her job ?

    I am not taking any medcine at all just pain killer if needed .

    The Doc in the lab asked me which test u need and i asked for HIV COMBO then he answered yes we call it p24 test , i said no i want the combo test and he showed me the result name was mentioned in the paper with other tests including virus C &B tests , it was HIV P24 Ag/Abs ( HIV Combo test ) , is it the one looking for Ag & Abs together ??

    i have lympho since one year and stable not geting enlarge and not geting decrease as well thats why i am worried .

    Please can you reply for each point to help me understanding as ur web helps alot .

    Thank you sooo much for all the efforts your doing here .

  36. Hi Dr Tan, Last few days I discover rashes on my penis head. Is this herpes or balanitis. I do remember I see this rashes a year back ago but it recover by itself. This time round it getting more obvious. I am not sure if it was due to I did not wash up immediately after my sexual activity with my partner. Personal hygiene issue or I am infected by herpes. The link below show the look alike symptoms I found on the net.

    If I want to do consult doctor, what test will be involve for me and what is the cost?


    • Our Men’s Health / Sexual Health consult fee will start at S$60. Please come down to our Robertson Walk clinic for a consult and evaluation. Our doctors will advise you if any further tests are appropriate after history and examination.

  37. Limos

    Hi ,

    On the day of 4th Nov 2016 I have fingered one girl vaginal for 2 minutes and my finger fid not had any cuts at this time as far as i have seen it , she gaves me 2 times handjob and no sex at all only a kiss and not deep just lips kisding from outside and i never felt any fever or flu at all and on the date of 17 April 2017 almost 5 months and half i did HIV P24 Ag / Abs ( HIV Combo ) that was the name of the test written and result came out after 3 hours as of Non-Reactive.

    Is that test i did is the 4th Generation ?
    Is the Combo Test oy works up to 8 weeks only ?

    Is it conclusive after that time and and do i need to retest again ?

    since that time i have lympho thats why i am worried .

    • The combo test is 4th generation. It is conclusive from 28 days onwards, not only up to 8 weeks. You are negative and do not need to re-test.

  38. caitlyn

    good day to u drs, may i know hiv & hcv check at 6 month, result both negative. Izzit conclusive?tqvm

  39. Legen

    Hi Doc ,

    15 months ago jan 2016, I had just touched CSW vaginal for 1 minute and she gave me handjob 2 times after washing her hands from the first time i felt lympho only in my neck without any fever or flu , after 64 days from that i did HIV Ag/Abs Combo test and i got the result Non Reactive and then again (stupied me ) again on Nov 2016 i met known girl for me and i fingered her pussy for 1 minute and she gave me handjob without any sex at all and on 17 April 2017 i did again HIV p24 Ag/Abs Combo test and result came out after 3 hours or so as Non-Reactive as well , Do u think i should restest ?

    My 2 Tests and its timing consider conclusive Also my doc asked me to do a seperate test named Beta 2 Microglubulin and result was within range and doc said its fine , do u think my results for the combo tests fine ? Please let me know or the Combo test is not workable after 45 days ??

  40. Kashoo

    Hello Doc ,

    Since 15 Months i had small cut on my finger like a pin cut and it was bleeding little early morning and stopped after 5 minutes that day and in evening i had touched a CSW vaginal for like 10 seconds with same finger and she gave me two times handjob that is all , i never had fever since the last 2 years or so , i did HIV Ag/Abs Combo test after that day with 62 days which cam out as of Non-Reactive and after thatvi had lympho in my neck about 2 cm or so i am suffering already from Ankylosing Spondlytiess since 6 years but i never took any medication for it still as my doc just discover it one month ago and also since 5 and half months ago i met a girl and i put my finger inside her vaginal as well she gave me handjob two times but my finger was ok , i did again HIV Ag/Abs Combo test and i got the result as of Non-Reactive , do u think i should restest , does the Anckylosing affect the results my Wbcs is mormal as of 6,900 , my tests is fine the first and second one , i mean timing , please help and reply me for all above . as i lost weight and gave problem in my stomach .

    Thank you alot .

    • You do not have HIV, please stop worrying. The result is not affected by ankylosing spondylitis. There are many causes of lymph node swelling and fever. I do not think you need to re-test for HIV.

  41. Amanda

    Hi Dr.,

    I had hiv 3 generation test in your clinic on 11 week after exposure. Is that conclusive? Do I need to retest on 12th week? thanks.

    • Realistically, your chances of HIV after a negative antibody test at 11 weeks are extremely slim – however, based on testing guidelines, 12 weeks or more post-exposure would be conclusive.

  42. Hello Dr. Tan,

    Your past advice to me about 2 years ago helps me much!
    Unfortunately, I do need yours again to my recent potential exposure.

    Back to last Tuesday, 2 May 2017 I had very brief unprotected vaginal sex with commercial sex worker in Bangkok, Thailand approximately not later than 2 seconds – It seems I accidentally penetrated her vagina during rubbing and later continued protected sex with condom until activity done and I saw my sperm was in the condom safely.

    Surely that a few days later I was super worried if we might catch the HIV from that incident moment and turned me to get tested at Anonymous clinic in Bangkok for NAAT (PCR RNA) at 6 days post exposure (it’s Negative).

    So based on your experience:-
    1. How about my risk of very brief penetration not later than 2 seconds.
    2. Is PCR RNA reliable at only 6 days post exposure.

    Thanks for your advice again !

  43. ivan chen

    Hi Dr Tan,

    I went for a massage in a shop by end of april 2017. She masssaged me with her underwear on but i was naked. Nothing happened no sex and just massage. After the massage the lady asked me whether i need to wash as it was oil on my body. so i washed by her.

    What i concerned is that (1) during the massage can i affected by hiv virus if the vagina fluid go through her underwear and touched my penis urethra and fokeskin. I felt like no fluid touched my penis but what if it was…

    Secondly (2) after the massage i saw the lady washed her vaginal areas with water from showerhead and the she immediately using the same hand washed my penis with water from showerhead also. so i worried if there are some vagina fluid on her hand (which is not washed by water completely) and the fluid touched my penis head from her hand. Is there a risk of hiv in a scenario like this.

    i only want to relax with a body massage and end up in terrible worry….dare not go massage in the future.

    thank you Dr. Tan please reply.

    • You will not contract HIV in this manner, although there are other potential infections which can be transmitted skin-to-skin such as herpes, genital warts, etc. If you are concerned, please drop by our Robertson Walk clinic for consult and testing.

  44. Hi Dr,

    Are HIV testing lancets used in Singapore sterile and for one time use? Thanks.

    • drtan

      Singapore is just like anywhere else. Infection control depends on the person. Not on the equipment.

      • Daniel

        Hi Doctor,
        Unprotected vaginal 3 weeks ago. At day 10 experienced low fever, rash on My neck and sore throat with swollen lymph nodes. At day 13 negative rna test. At day 13 and 15 negative duo test. Do u think im in the clear or have chance to test positive? Also would ve My hiv rna test positive if symptoms Are due to ars? Thanks

        • Hi,
          If your symptoms were due to ARS, then yes your RNA test would have been positive. I am confident you do not have HIV.

  45. hi Dr
    i mean my hands are bleeding and nurse after 3rd time put tape on it i am aware that my hand touch nothing but is it possible if i dont know some how i touch ke chair and get hiv .

  46. hi Dr tan
    I am sorry if I have grammatical issue
    Dr. I go to virology lab for testing for hep so when the nurse tries to get blood from me she uses 3 sterile needles but she didn’t put tape on them, she put to tape after 3rd time so, i was sitting on the chair which gets sample. I think maybe my hand touches something and I get HIV.one day after that I had sore throat and 6 days after that I had stomachache .so does it really necessary for a test again or its just compulsive thought.and does symptom rise to early I am thinking a suicide .
    thank u for answering me.

  47. Hello, Dr.Tan, I had an exposure on February 3 , a female of unknown status preformed unprotected oral on me, I’ve done 4 combo test one at 17 days one at 24 days one at 42 days and one at 72 all negative, the one at 72 days was at and aids clinic and it looks like the boiline in the pictures above was this test done to late if not how conclusive is it I’m in the United states if that makes a difference thank you much.

    • drtan

      So why are you still worried? Dude, if 4 negative tests do not convince you that you are free of HIV, then what will? Furthermore, you can’t even get HIV from receiving oral sex. Take it easy man. Forget about it and move on.

      • Thank you Dr.Tan I was wondering if the test I took on the 24 day was to soon and the test on the 42 day was to late to detect antigens?

  48. hi dr tan.

    panic here, in hospital at 11am they get sample of my blood in the middle of hand near anckle for specific test. i had sex with unknown status at 5pm. sperm spit in my stomach. i remove it with big towel. then i wash my wound soap en water to asure no virus will enter. any posibilty of having hiv? i had cough for two weeks after two days of encounter. no fever. im afraid en paranoid. thank u.

    • Your symptoms will not be from HIV as it is much too early. However, sexual intercourse can of course lead to transmission of HIV/STDs, not even considering the wound on your hand. If you are worried, please come to our clinic for testing.

      • after two days i got dry cough that last two weeks.
        does wound from injection can easily enter the virus? even i wash it with soap?

  49. Alex chew

    Hi dr i am alex. Recently i had an exposed with csw The exposed was not involved with any sex and oral. I was masturbate myself with protection (i put condom on and take out by myself)My question is 1.dr the csw was touching my body to help me take out my clothes bt i was refuse cn it be the risk when she touch my body (put her hand inside my t shirt)
    2. She got touch my balls whn i was masturbate myself with protection. I nvr notice any open wound or fresh bleeding on her hand.
    3. I touch her breast with my hand whn i masturbate myself. My hand without and wound or scratch.
    4. Dr am i at the risk of any stds? Or hiv?
    Thks in advances

  50. Chris K

    Hi Dr Tan,

    I had protected sex with a sex worker 3 months ago and had perform cunnigilitis too.

    Throughout the past 3 months I’ve had 2 cases of sore throat, phlegm and cough. Nothing else; no fever etc.

    I’ve been feeling anxious with questions in my head such as “did the condom break?”, “can I contract HIV from cunningilitis?”

    Based on your experience is there a high chance that I contracted HIV? And, is it advisable for me to go for the rapid tests?

    Many thanks,

    • The chance of getting HIV from cunnilingus and protected sex is next to zero. You can however get other STDs like gonorrhea or chlamydia in your urethra and/or your throat. You had still best see a doctor for tests.

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