Dr. Tan and Partners is one of the few approved Anonymous HIV Testing Centres in Singapore. A detailed write up on our service is available here.

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Anonymous HIV Testing at Our Clinic.

In 2008, we were given the mandate by the Ministry of Health to conduct anonymous HIV testing.

Registration form for Anonymous HIV Testing. No personal details required.

Registration form for Anonymous HIV Testing. No personal details required.

Not all clinics are allowed to conduct anonymous HIV tests. This is because according to the Infectious Diseases Act, all medical personnel are required to inform MOH of the details of any person they know or suspect of being infected with HIV. Our clinic signed a gazette that is filed with the Supreme Court of Singapore to excuse us from this section of the Infectious Diseases Act. We are therefore mandated under Singapore Law to be allowed to conduct Anonymous HIV tests. Yes, it is a big deal.

We use only Gold Standard HIV tests that are validated and approved according to the latest International Standards.

All Our Doctors are fully certified and trained in advance HIV testing.

We use only single use and disposable equipment and are validated by MOH for Good Infection Control Practices.

Here is step-by-step guide to getting an Anonymous HIV test done at our clinic.

1. Anonymous HIV tests are conducted at our clinic at Robertson Walk.

2. You do not need an appointment. Just walk in to our clinic anytime during our opening hours.

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3. Let our staff at the counter know that you are here for the ‘3 step test’

4. You will be given a form that looks like this: AHT Registration Form

5. As you can see, the form does not require any personal details from you.

6. This form has a serial number on it : AHT####. You will be identified according to this number.

7. You will be given a pamphlet with information on various HIV and STD tests. Your serial number will also be on this pamphlet. Hold on to it.

8. When the doctor is ready to see you, the staff will ask you to go into the doctor’s room.

9. When you meet the doctor, this is your chance to ask all the questions you want to ask.

10. You should also let the doctor know if you suspect or wish to test for any other STDs.

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11. We offer both the Oraquick Advance HIV 1/2 Test, the Determine HIV 1/2 Test and the SD Bioline HIV Combo test.

Click here for info on the Rapid Anonymous HIV Combo Test

12. The doctor will ask you a few pertinent questions then conduct the test for you.

13. You will need to wait 20 minutes for the results.

If you test Negative for HIV

1. The doctor will advise you on when to come back for a repeat test if you are in the window period.

2. This is another chance for you to ask whatever questions you have with regards to HIV or any other STDs.

3. You can then leave the clinic but please remember to come back for your repeat test if required.

If you test Positive for HIV

1. The doctor will draw a blood for a confirmatory Western Blot test. This test is also anonymous.

2. This test might take up to 2 weeks for us to get the results.

3. Because you tested at our clinic, there will be no notification requirements.

4. You can leave a contact number or email for us to contact you with the Western Blot results. Or you can contact us after 2 weeks.

5. Our doctor will then discuss with you the next steps.

6. All of this still remains anonymous.

Do not hesitate. Come for a test now.

Video on HIV Signs and Symptoms

Please post any questions you have with regards to Anonymous HIV testing in the comments section below.

Also, if you have had HIV testing at our clinic and have any feedback on our service, please also post in the comments section below.

If you have any questions, visit our free online forum on sexual health, HIV and STDs.

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If you had a high risk exposure to HIV within the past 72 hours, you can take medicines to reduce your risk of actually contracting HIV. Find out more on HIV PEP Treatment.

If not read more about HIV symptoms.

Can’t wait for 3 months to find out? Find out more about Rapid HIV Combo test at our clinics.

Your are welcome to visit Our Doctors at Our Clinics anytime during our opening hours.

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About Dr. Tan
Dr. Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2001. His residency was in the two largest public hospitals in Singapore; Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Singapore General Hospital.

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  1. Hi dr i would like to know my status. Dr i had protected sex expose at 4 weeks ago. I am not sure condom broke but i nvr saw condom slip or tear. I had tested myself on 28days from the post expose which is came bck nonreactive. Before tht, i meet the girl and had combo test together at 27days both nonreactive.
    1. Dr is my result conclusive? Cn i move on and need further testing?
    2. Dr combo test at 27days is good as conclusive for the girl?
    3. Dr i plan to get another test on 5weeks after exposure. Cn it be conclusive?
    Thks dr

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      In general, if your HIV test was a 4th Generation HIV test, then it is conclusive. However if you are still concerned, you can consider repeating the 4th Generation HIV test 3 months post-exposure.

  2. Hello Doctor – a quick question. I had visited an ENT Doctor about 2 weeks back. He had seen my throat through a flexible laryngoscope on the video and took some pictures. I did not see any visible blood on the. Scope. Is there any HiV risk if the scope is not cleaned properly and some microscopic blood is left on the scope. He did not prick me and there was no bleeding. The whole procedure was done in a about 2 minutes. The reason for this question is that exactly 10 days after this, I have been having a fever for about 5 days with some sore throat, cold and some cough as well. There is no rash and very little body pain on 1st day alone. Can you please tell me if there is any HiV risk from this?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      It is highly unlikely that you would have been infected with HIV. If you have any concerns about the “cleanliness” of the scope, please see the doctor who did the procedure for you.

  3. Worried

    Hello Dr,
    Please reply to this post.
    Tridot -14days negative
    ESR and CRP -17 days post exposure negative
    Tridot -24 days negative
    Australia antigen – negative
    RNA quantitative PCR – 27 days post exposure negative
    Western blot – 42 days negative
    Tridot – 92 days negative
    Australia antigen -92 days negative.
    These tests are conclusive or not?
    Or should I go for further testing?

  4. Depressed yam

    I did HIV P24 AG ABS COMBO TEST AFTER 5 months expousre with Non-Reactive result , my case was just oil hand-job from non csw , without any Intercourse .

    I heard online that it is very unlikely might be infected but what i am asking how much is the pill per month cost if someone infected , i know i am going to far but I don’t know what to do i even think to see a Psychologist but i am so Depressed . please advise

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      Please see a doctor if you are still concerned. Yes, HIV transmission via handjob is virtually negligible.

  5. Charles

    Dr i had protected sex (protected vaginal sex) with a single mother. The exposure is at 13 march. For your information, i got taking one day pep but discontinue pep after that. Dr below is my test:
    1. Hiv rna pcr rt at 10days from the exposure undetected
    2. 27days from the exposure hiv 1 and 2 ag/ab with the lady that i had protected sex together: non reactive.
    3. 28days from the exposure hiv 1 and 2 ag/ab: non reactive.
    All three test: undetected and non reactive.
    My question:
    A. Dr do the peps can affect my result accuracy? If taking only 1 days?
    B. Dr is my test conclusive? Should i retest?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      PEP does not affect the HIV Ag/Ab results. Your tests are conclusive. If you have concerns, you may consider retesting after 3 months.

  6. Concerned

    Hello Doc.

    Today, I went for an MRI at a local public hospital. Only at the end did I realise the nurse who helped me insert and remove the catheter (the tube thing inserted into a vein for injection of contrast agent), and apply the plaster had a red wound on her finger.

    I am concerned because blood from that wound may have gotten onto the inserted part of the catheter or the fresh wound on my arm left behind from the removal of the catheter. For one, I distinctly remember her thumb touching the pad of the plaster, which goes over my open wound. The wound is open to the vein as well, which makes me more concerned.

    I am not sure about the employment rules of nurses in Singapore, such as whether they have to be HIV-free. In the event that she has HIV (e.g. maybe she is not yet due for her next screening), is there any cause for concern for me?

    Thank you very much for reading. I would deeply appreciate your reply.

    • Concerned

      I would also like to add that I had that plaster on for a few hours, which means extended contact. I am not sure if this will change your answer.

      • Concerned

        Correction: I had that plaster on for half an hour? But after I remove the plaster, I covered my long sleeve back over. The inside of my long sleeve had also been in contact with the outside of the plaster, which she definitely touched with her thumb and which is in prolonged contact with my plaster-less wound. I believe it had stopped bleeding, although I didn’t check.

        Sorry. I just wanted to make the details clear.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      The risk of HIV transmission is high if there was blood in the cannula (I believe that was what you are referring to) and the same cannula had pricked you as well. In all likelihood, it is unlikely in your situation that there is significant exchange of blood to pose as significant risk. However if you are still concerned, please visit a doctor for further evaluation.

      • Concerned

        Dear Doc,

        Does your answer change after reading my additional comments? Thanks!

        • Dr. Julian Ng


          No. I have already taken in to account your added comment when I replied to you.

          • Concerned

            Hi doc, sorry to trouble you further, but just to check, both additional comments right?

          • Dr. Julian Ng


            Yes. Both comments taken into account.

  7. Yaqwb Asd

    Just simply Dr.Julian,

    I Thank you for your efforts but it seems you never want to take responsibility which myself and believe other is not asking for it in your answers , we just feel panaic that we contracted HIV ,

    Most of Other Dr’s and other websites saying that handjob and fingering not low risky and its Zero risk ,

    HSA RECALL was Ag Combonand Affected only , is it correct ??

    If So what if the COMBO TEST been done after 5.5 months from the last expousre and with result Non REACTIVE needed to be repeated again ,

    Thanks and i am just terrified and your site one of my website channels to chilling me .

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      I have replied to your query on multiple occasions and stated clearly that whether your HIV results is conclusive is dependent on whether the test that was used was affected by the recall and I have advise you that you will need to contact the clinic who did the test for you whether your test results was affected as I have no knowledge of which company or batch number that was used for testing for you. Only the clinic which did the test for you will have the information and can advise you accordingly. I do understand that you are concerned which is why I have repeated my advise to you on multiple occasions.

      • Yaqwb Asd

        Sorry Dr.Julian And thanks for All your support ,

        Just two last things here ,

        Why you consider even my handjob case without intercourse is Risky.? When you Advise me to retest 3rd time ? My last test was exceeded 5.5 months Already and now passed. 17 months, shall i test now ?

        The below paragraph from your site for to Advise to retest after 3 months as the abs combonand is fine even the test was from the batch affected, please advise?

        While we await further instructions from the HSA, we would advise any patient who has been tested using the SD BIOLINE HIV Combo test within the period in question, and who has not performed a repeat test three months or more post-exposure, to consult our doctors for a consultation or retest.

        • Dr. Julian Ng


          There is no reason for you to apologize. The advise you see on our website is for patients who visited us before. If you did not visit our clinic for the test, then you still need to talk to the clinic you went to. As for handjobs the risk is virtually negligible. My answers to you on testing has always been that if the you are not affected by the recall the results are conclusive. If you are affected by the recall then you may have to discuss with the clinic if you need to be retested.

  8. Hi doc,i had intercourse with prostitute with condom,but i have somthing like small wound on my penis base,in its not covered by condoms,how its risk doc,thanks

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      It is difficult to know for certain the risk of HIV transmission in your case based on your description. However, I would believe it would be extremely low. However there is still possibility you could be infected with other STDs like herpes and syphilis due to the presence of the wound. If you are concerned, please visit a doctor for further evaluation.

  9. Hey, I have the following characteristics of the rash. Can you participate in a differential diagnosis?

    Erythematous eruption
    Macules and papules
    Non puritus
    Indurate plaques
    Residual Hyperpigmentation, scaling
    Could be a pimple or something worse. Before i take a hiv test and skin biopsy, i want your opinion on the characteristics of hiv rash.

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      It would not be possible to determine if the rash is HIV related or not. The rash you are experiencing could also be due to eczema or psoriasis. Please visit a doctor for further evaluation of the rash.

  10. Hi Dr Julian, I’d like to make an appointment and come and visit you. However, just for a consultation (no test) will they ask my personal particulars? or can i come and consult you and make the payment without revealing my personal particulars?

    • Dr. Julian Ng


      You can visit Robertson branch clinic if you are interested in Anonymous HIV testing. The rest of the branches do not offer anonymous HIV testing.

  11. Hello Dr,

    I received/performed unprotected oral sex with a sex worker and protected vaginal sex last month end. I know the risk is low but I’m bit worried because exactly after 10 days i got a sudden flu kind of a symptom. No fever, only cold, bit of a running nose, sore throat and night sweat. But all these didnt last for more than 3 days because i had fever/cold medications.

    1) If it’s a HIV symptom, normally how long it will last? will it go away within 2-3 days or will it last for more than a week etc (try to figure out of its a normal cold or HIV Symptom)

    2) I know some won’t have any kinda symptom, lets say i had cold, night sweat etc but I had no fever? that means it’s normal? HIV symptom will definitely accompanied by a fever or?

    3) Question reg swelling lymph nodes – can you tell me where exactly i should inspect for these swelling?

    The thing is i had a small tooth abscess and sometimes it will bleed and also the girl was wearing braces. I didn’t notice any blood anywhere while having oral sex but my symptoms making me worried.

    I’d really appreciate your advise.


    • Dr. Julian Ng

      Generally, HIV transmission via oral sex is very low. It is not possible to know if the symptoms you experience may or may not be due to HIV infection (it could just simply be a usual cold/ flu). My suggestion is to seek further evaluation with a doctor. If you like, you may visit us at: http://www.drtanandpartners.com/where-to-find-us/

      • Thank you doctor.

        3) Question reg swelling lymph nodes – can you tell me where exactly i should inspect for these swelling?

        Can you advise please? i don’t want to get confused with mastoid bones near my ear. I still need to wait for a while and then only I can do the test. so in the meantime i’m trying to evaluate the symptoms

        • Dr. Julian Ng


          Lymph nodes are spread out on various parts of the body – neck, armpits, elbows, groin, etc.

          • Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I’d like to arrange an appointment and come and visit you doctor. However, just for a consultation (no test) will they ask my personal particulars? or can i come and consult you and make the payment without revealing my personal particulars?

  12. Dr jonanthan i would like to ask that:
    1. How accurate is the hiv rna pcr done at 10days?
    2. Can the 4th gen or combo test done at 27/28 days is consider conclusive? As my girl friends and i plan to do the combo test at 27/28days however result might take 2 days to come out.
    3. If both of us negative and we dont hv any secual contact within this 4 weeks is tht conclusive?

  13. Hi Dr , Lets say i go to your client and do a anonymous 4th Gen test after a month of exposure, and the result is positive/infected, will I be forced to reveal my identity or can I just walk away.

    another one more question, can i buy one of the test kit over the counter?



    • The result will remain anonymous. We will send for confirmatory Western Blot testing under your anonymous account number. The test kit is not available over the counter.

  14. Hello, i just have 1 question.

    Do hiv symptoms appear again? It has been one year since my exposure. I recently have an acne breakout, is this a sign of hiv?

  15. Hi,

    If i take the anonymous HIV & STD tests and found positive of either, and decide to take treatment. Would you take my details such as IC, contact number and complete name? Holding long term permit here.

    Thank you.

  16. Worried

    Hi doctor,

    A month back a escort did a blowjob for me and she had accidentally left a small cut on my penis and it bled. After a few weeks, the wound healed and the scar looks like a bump with a couple of white spots!! Is there a likelihood of contracting Syphilis or STD? What kind of test should I go for?

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